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you success with the book and hope you might sign a few copies at reunion! Annie also shares that she and her family visited Molly Goggins Talbot and her family in New York City. As Molly said, “Our 12-year-olds picked up right where they left off [more than] four years ago. They are truly their mothers’ children!” • Paige Ackerson-Kiely also has had great success as an author. She published her third book of poems, Dolefully, A Rampart Stands, with Penguin Publishing. However, I am not sure we properly congratulated her on her first two books, In No One’s Land and My Love Is a Dead Arctic Explorer, so let’s do so now! Congratulations, Paige! What an accomplishment! And similarly to our above-mentioned author, Paige visited with Molly Goggins Talbot and had a great time catching up! • Robin Erthal Corrozi and family welcomed a new member to the family, Charlotte (Charlie), born on 3/18/17! Welcome, Charlie! We hope you bring mom and the rest of the family up to NMH this June! We can’t wait to meet you! • Thank you to those who have shared info with us! I always read the class notes section of the magazine first because I love reading about the goings-on in our class and the classes we shared our time with at NMH. Many people share information with me via our “NMH Class of 1993” Facebook group. If you are not a member of the group and would like to be, please let me know. Additionally, if you are not on Facebook, don’t let that slow you down from sharing! Just send me an email to let me know what adventure, triumph, tribulation, or simple doings you are up to. We would love to hear from you! May you all be well … see you in June! — Susannah Sprong Cahillane


Northfield Mount Hermon Carol Koldis Foote carol.foote@gmail.com • Dan Furlong furlongtime@gmail.com Bryan Nesteriak shared, “I am still in Seymour, Conn., running my land surveying and professional engineering company. We mainly work in Connecticut and New York. Family couldn’t be better! Emma is 7 now, and we had another girl 18 months ago named Sara. Having two girls has brought on lots of new challenges for me … it’s an adventure, and I am enjoying every bit of it.” • Kathy Ownby took a year off from teaching at a bilingual school in Taiwan to attend the University of Glasgow in Scotland. She wrote, “It was an amazing year, and I have recently earned my master’s in education in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers


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of Other Languages) with merit. [Last] fall I returned to Taiwan to continue teaching, which makes this year five living in Taiwan. Amy Adams ’95 came to Taiwan on business [last] fall, and we managed to meet up for an evening. It was great seeing her and, hopefully, we’ll catch up again soon.” • Amos Whiting has been living in Aspen, Colo., since 2001 and working as the head guide for Aspen Expeditions Worldwide, a mountain guide service and retail ski shop. In March 2017, he purchased the 40-year-old business with another longtime fellow guide. In February 2017, by random chance, Amos guided Kris Fraser ’88 and her family on a multi-day backcountry ski hut trip in the Elk Mountains outside of Aspen. He guided a trip to Japan backcountry, powder skiing this February 2018, with Justin Demers. Amos is happily married to Alyssa Whiting; they have a 5-year-old son, Caspian, and two older stepsons in high school. The whole family enjoys mountain adventures together. Amos is looking forward to making our 25-year reunion. • Be like Amos and plan to return to NMH in June 2019 for our 25th reunion! If you have ideas for our celebration or want to help plan the event, send an email message to George Tiggle (gtiggle@nmhschool.org).


Northfield Mount Hermon Caroline Leonard carolinecleonard@gmail.com I recently had the pleasure of seeing Audrey Bethel ’96 in Boston at a Dead and Company concert. Tom Feeley and his wife, Alexis Burgdorf Sullivan, were there, too, and we had a great time catching up after the show. • Last summer, Laura Astor Mauldin and I stayed with Jocelyn Leary Lavallo in Maine on Sebago Lake. Our daughters, ages 5, 6, and 7, are good friends; it was fun and meaningful to watch them play together.

From left: Laura Astor Mauldin ’95, Jocelyn Leary Lavallo ’95, Caroline Leonard ’95, and their daughters relaxed at Lake Sebago, Maine, last summer.

These friendships we all share deepen with each passing year. It is always great to see old NMH friends! Jocelyn is still in New York City, working as a project finance lawyer focused on developing and financing renewable energy projects. She and her husband had a baby boy on 12/30/17, and their 7-year-old daughter was very excited. • Nils Tristan wrote, “I miss NMH. Best year of my life!” He is living in New York City and interested in connecting with classmates at any NMH events in the city. • Alison Odell has been living in Marin County just north of San Francisco for the past 15 years. She’s a freelance graphic designer and has two boys: Miles (7) and Collin (4). Alison spends a lot of time volunteering in the schools and most of her free time is spent running or biking the nearby trails. • Thea Oculato Silva De Souza is living in Charlotte, N.C., with her husband and 2-year-old son. They own the Gracie Barra Charlotte Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School, and Thea is working full time as a psychology postdoc fellow. She earned her national license in December 2017. She exclaimed, “Missing my NMH family regularly!” • Nadja Bareis Roderburg lives in Cologne, Germany, in a house she built with her husband, Georg. They have twins, Elisabeth and Benedikt, who started elementary school in the fall. Their youngest addition is baby Katharina. Nadja wrote, “The past year was stressful, but also blissful with the baby. Looking forward to going back to my job as a lawyer in development aid when the baby is a little older. Greetings to everyone!” • Tomoko Yamazaki moved to Singapore with her daughter six years ago. She is working as a journalist, heading up Asia’s emerging-market team at Bloomberg News, where she has been working since 2000. Her daughter is now 11. “I am feeling how the passage of time is getting faster

Thea Oculato Silva de Souza ’95 (center), her husband, and her son enjoyed a day out in Charlotte, N.C.