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And a 17-year-old son; he is awesome! Still in touch with Karen Lacrosse Wallin, Vickie Smith, and Lisa Motyl, and Mark Lessard on Facebook.” • Vicky Wolf Rosenfield lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and is a realtor with Liebowitz Realty. Her daughter, Emily, is a musician in Los Angeles, and her son attends Trinity College in Hartford. • “My daughter, Olivia, and I had so much fun at reunion last summer,” said Amy Price Lutz. She had not been back since attending summer school there a couple of summers ago and really enjoyed herself. “We also used the location as an opportunity to visit University of Connecticut, which is on her list (she’s a high school senior). Clyde and I purchased what is currently a vacation home, but will soon be our permanent home, in Costa Rica. The house has several bedrooms and bathrooms, a pool, and is about a 60-second walk to the beach in a lovely neighborhood. We love visitors!” Contact your class editor for Amy’s email address, or find Amy through Facebook to get in touch. • It’s been great to be in touch with so many of you! Keep those class notes and Facebook updates coming. I’m loving life in eastern Massachusetts with my husband, Craig, and daughter (13). I’m embracing my “sandwich generation” identity with the completion of an accessory apartment on my home and my parents’ move into the new space. I feel lucky to have them so near, and it makes me feel young (for better and for worse!). I’m working hard at On The Rise, Inc. in Cambridge — a day program for homeless and formerly homeless women, and am energized to see our work expanding with women who found housing. It’s a tough housing market around here, so it feels great to make a difference. Had lunch with Marian Vaillant Wrobel in Cambridge; she works nearby doing economic policy research. As usual, great to catch up.

former teachers Dick and Louise Schwingel earlier this year. Leslie also lives in Colorado. • David Goldman is making and shipping more natural and organically nutritional and cosmetic raw materials in Boukombé, Benin (atacora.com). • Sarah Redfield DelVecchio attended her first NMH event in Ojai, Calif., in November and continues to teach history and coach track and cross-country at the Thacher School in Ojai. She has three kids and has traveled to China several times with Thacher. • Rob Hodgkins lives in Northeast Kingdom, Vt., and is the director of resort sales at Jay Peak. He has an adorable chocolate Lab named George. • Dave Hendricks and Jennifer Rocco moved from London to Austin, Texas, with their three teenagers. Dave started a new company, and Gautam Gujral is an advisor. Great to keep it all in the NMH family! • “I am still a morning person, as Merrill-Keep and Crossley people may remember with irritation,” said Amy Golodetz. “We moved to the village of Underhill (Vermont) at the base of Mount Mansfield five years ago. I work at the middle school. Our girls are in ninth grade and fourth year at St. Lawrence. Lots of room — come ski!” • Allyson Goodwin and Mark Short bumped into David Hiler and Brian Rooney ’82 at the Pie Race on campus in November. Both David and Brian ran and received pies. They regaled their Weston boys’ reunion last year with Jim Shoemaker, Mark Pollard, and host Tim Lam. Allyson’s travels brought her to San Francisco at an NMH event, where she ran into Phil Springer, a builder in the Bay Area, and Jon Heinemann, who is in pharmaceutical sales in San Francisco and living in Silicon Valley. • Angela Lambert and her

beau, Judge Arcaro ’77, were on the NMH campus to see friends Grace Mauzy ’77, Nat Thompson ’77, and Grace’s daughter, Jilly ’19.


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Northfield Mount Hermon Jennifer Buell Horschman jenhorschman@yahoo.com Molly Sterner has been fortunate to spend time with Kevin Walker twice last year exploring southern Florida and then visiting Alden Wallace at his place in Connecticut. She also visited Rosey Rosenau Most and Jim Most as well as Steph Madoff in Vermont. “I am beyond grateful for the friendships of 30-plus years,” said Molly. • Cindy Epstein Monger moved from Tucson, Ariz., to London, Ontario, to be closer to husband Jeff’s family. Their daughter, Molly, is now attending the Rock Academy of Dance in Philadelphia to study ballet and finish high school. Their son, Ethan, is in sixth grade. They continue to market real estate with their team in Arizona and are working to get licensed in Canada. Cindy’s permanent residency is almost complete. • Steffani Bartlett Bennett, Kevin Walker, Ethan Garber, Alex de Toulouse-Lautrec ’84, Alden Scott Wallace, Buffa French ’86, Rob Dowling, Rachel Berman, Leo Mascotte, Melissa Karter ’84, and Keith Finney gathered for a New York City brunch to bask in the memories of youth, love, and togetherness that NMH left them with. • Faith McClure posted on the class of ’85 Facebook page, “I spent six months backpacking the East Coast


Northfield Mount Hermon Allyson Goodwin agoodwin@nmhschool.org • Angela Lambert drangela@mac.com It’s the year of our 35th reunion! We expect to collect a lot of notes from what we know will be a fun and fabulous weekend with classmates in June. • Robin Hirshberg Jobe’s daughter, Meryl, is a sophomore at University of Colorado, Boulder, and embarked on “Semester at Sea,” traveling to Asia, Africa, and Europe. Daughter Austine is a junior in high school. Robin lives in Denver and encourages visits. • Leslie Jackson Kabotie and her husband, Paul, visited with longtime

An ’80s NMH mini reunion included brunch in New York City with (from left ) Alden Scott Wallace ’85, Ethan Garber ’85, Mark D. Sullivan ’85, Rachel Berman ’85, Leo Mascotte ’85, Kevin Walker ’85, Rob Dowling ’85, Keith Finney ’85, Steffani Bartlett Bennett ’85, Melissa Karter ’84, Buffa French ’86, and Alex de Toulouse-Lautrec ’84.

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