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Northfield Mount Hermon Summer Session June 30 to August 4, 2018

Earn credits to advance in school. Build skills and accelerate academic progress. Sample boarding school life or come as a day student.

nmhschool.org/summer One Lamplighter Way, Mount Hermon, MA 01354 413-498-3290 summer_session@nmhschool.org


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Center in Lebanon, N.H. “So, come sign up to use some tools and make some sculpture,” said Jennie. • Nora Hanke shared, “Last year I left the security of my longtime home and medical practice in western Massachusetts to embark on a midlife career change. I have been studying conservation biology in Antioch University’s environmental studies program in New Hampshire, and am hoping to make myself marketable to the conservation community sometime late next year.” In November, Nora ran the Pie Race and was pleased to bump into Claire Rodman and Jim Bailey. She also visited with Alison Mandaville (of Seattle and Northern California) in New Hampshire last fall. • Shelagh Connelly worked on an interesting project for NMH! Her company was hired to recycle the biosolids from the wastewater lagoons on campus down by the lower playing fields. The lagoons have to be cleaned out every 15 years and, fortunately, Resource Management, Inc. (RMI) was hired to do the job. Shelagh explained, “NMH’s commitment to sustainability is aligned with this neat opportunity to recycle the biosolids rather than incinerate them, as was done in the past. NMH’s sustainability director, Becca Malloy, was so excited for RMI to be working with NMH to do this recycling project that she had several students come down and tour the lagoons and learn about how their daily flush is managed. The final biosolids product will be turned into a fertilizer for use on farm fields. In addition to my visiting campus for this project, it was made all the better to also visit our daughter, Liza, who is a senior and graduates in May 2018!” • Kory Apton is executive producer and partner of Conglomerate Media in Miami, Fla., producing movies, comedy specials, and creating animated TV series for kids. Happily married to Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, they have two awesome kids who are graduating from Duke and the University of Miami. “Been living in New York City forever,” said Kory. “Sharing laughs with Suzanne Smith Prosser in South Carolina and watching sports with Scott Sherwood in New York.” • Beau Lendman shared, “I’m living in Reston, Va. Married. One son, 15 years old. Currently working on an LP Gas distribution venture in India.” • Life in Israel is full of surprises for Gene Yona Triestman. “Last summer I hit milestones when my son was recruited to the [Israeli] army as a combat soldier and my oldest daughter graduated high school.” • Lynn Janis Schwarz and husband Richard spent an October day with Toby Green while in New York City. “We went to the 9/11

Memorial & Museum and had a long, boozy lunch together,” wrote Lynn. “Toby is living back in Rhode Island, and Richard and I are living the dream in Port Hadlock, Wash. Hoping all my NMH buds are happy and healthy. Howdy to Beany, Brady, Chilla, Braley, Creamcheese, Schultzy, Protos, Kory, and everyone else not mentioned!” Lynn also met with Suzanne Smith Prosser in Cabo San Lucas for a week of marathon backgammon rounds, sun, fun, Crosby Stills & Nash, and other Wallace nostalgia. • Alison Mandaville reported, “I’m now tenured at California State University, Fresno, where I love my remarkable students, many becoming teachers themselves. I’m lucky to be on sabbatical back in Seattle this year working on translation projects with writers in Azerbaijan and my own poetry. Great to reconnect in October with Nora Hanke — a pediatrician, she’s taking some time to pursue a degree in sustainability. My daughter, Marlys (25), is an artist. And I’m still together with my partner of 35 years.” • Dan Ferstenberg spent over a decade working in geospatial information systems and organization development in local government. He started his own consulting practice in accounting technology and small-business development, covering cloud accounting technology setup and third-party application integration, process improvement strategies, and business planning. Dan is certified in public management and is finishing his certification in bookkeeping. “The way NMH most influenced my life was to set me on a path of lifelong meditation and spiritual practice,” wrote Dan. “I have been a student of yoga and Advaita Vedanta for the last 30 years and a student of Vedic astrology (Jyotish) for the last 20 years. I have traveled throughout India a few times. On a trip in 2007, I was recognized as a yogi and received Upanayanam Samskara — investiture of the sacred thread and initiation in the Gayatri and other mantras. The world is changing very quickly now; we are emerging from a very dark period and I am most optimistic about humanity’s future.” • Brett Jacobs Axelberg and husband Marc are enjoying the retired life in Carlisle, Penn. “I think I may be busier now than when my husband was on active duty,” wrote Brett. She caught the volunteer bug as an Army wife, and now enjoys being a dog walker as well as working the info table at her local farmers’ market. The Axelbergs adopted a deaf dog named Noah and find caring for him interesting, fun, and rewarding. • Jane McCutcheon wrote, “I’m in Florida with a 13-year-old daughter; she is magnificent!