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she is at peace now, and with her loved ones in their hearts and memories.”


Northfield Mount Hermon Carrie Niederman thedoc@txequinedentist.com • Cathy Abraham Hopkins cathy.hopkins@gmail.com Edna Armstrong Montague and Paul Montague’s son, James Montague ’08, has completed his Ph.D. at the University of Vermont in environmental engineering. His research was on the environmental impacts of hydro-fracking.

Mike Wise ’79 and Wendy Mauser ’79 ran into each other at an NMH Boathouse fundraiser.

John Spence, Anne Howson, Jeff Aliber, Judge Arcaro, and Angela Lambert ’83. In this

church where Pamela had been so active and cherished by many, loving tributes, memories, poems, and stories were shared by husband Patrick, Polly Moore, and Rev. Bonnie Steinroeder, among others, with hymns and prayers for her. • Mary Murphy shared thoughts on Pam, and remembers her “for her enormous heart, all the ways she loved and nurtured her family, her tenacity, her sharp mind, her practicality, her many contributions to the arts and to her community, the deep connections she made wherever she went. A hard, heartbreaking day honoring a brave and multifaceted person who, as her husband, Patrick, assured us, would have been saying, ‘What’s all the fuss about?’ I can clearly see our 16-year-old selves in endless conversation, sitting on hills, leaning against walls, or at the dinner table. Some nights we would walk up the hill from the library, return to our different dorms, and Pam would call me on the pay phone so we could keep talking! How lucky were we to have NMH and each other. How lucky that many of us still do.” • Anne Howson added, “I did not know Pamela at NMH when we were there. I became friends with her through John Spence and through our class reunions over the years and sporadic dinners in Boston, and always enjoyed her company. She was graceful, thoughtful, a keen conversationalist, good-humored, and always seemingly engaged with people or involved in activity. In listening to her husband Patrick’s brilliant eulogy, I learned about her other roles in her family and her community, and wished I had gotten to know her better still. She had the inborn trait of giving back, something that I felt was also echoed to us at NMH. I would like to think


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Northfield Mount Hermon Paige Relyea Lehman Paigerelyea@Yahoo.com • Caryn Liebowitz Bonosevich Bonosevich@Hotmail.com From Caryn: Jennifer Beever married Jim Causey on 9/30/17. “We now live in Simi Valley, Calif.,” wrote Jennifer. “Jim is a biomedical engineer and a private pilot. I still work as a marketing consultant for business.” • Estelle Dorain Burgess shared, “I have seen many alums at different local events on the waterfronts in Vermont. Definitely worth attending! I also have seen Paige Relyea Lehman a couple times. She visited Vermont in the fall for the beautiful foliage, and I have been fortunate to visit her in sunny Florida. Unfortunately, my dad passed away the day before Thanksgiving last year. He was surrounded by his family, and I was fortunate to say goodbye. To all our ’79 classmates, make plans to attend our reunion in 2019. Believe it or not, it is just around the corner!” • After a 36-year absence, Mike Wise moved back to New England last year with his wife for work. Subsequently, Mike spent a vacation week last summer in the NMH archives, assisted by NMH archivist Peter Weis ’78, researching D.L. Moody for a future biography focusing on Moody’s purpose for founding the schools. Mike and Peter found some amazing stuff. Mike also met with Julia Bachinski Wiggin ’81, the director of the new Moody Center on the former Northfield campus. Then later in the fall, he met with Wendy Mauser at the new NMH boathouse fundraiser at the Head of the Charles Regatta. They made plans to crash the ’78 reunion next summer. • And from me (Caryn), I am rehabbing from shoulder surgery. My family has been truly supportive. Hoping to return to work in Fort Worth sometime in 2018. As Estelle Dorain Burgess mentioned, 40th reunion will be here before you know it. Please consider joining us for the awesome fun!


Northfield Mount Hermon Jack Farrell jack@jackfarrell.org • Antony Pang aa1105@yahoo.com • Lynelle Kucharski lynelle@lynellekucharski.com • Kristin Kellom kkellom@nmhschool.org From Kristin: The campus is blanketed by a beautiful snow as I write this, and will be a palette of greens by the time you read this! The likes of Instagram and Facebook keep us connected in a more timely fashion now, but I suspect we all still turn to the class notes column first when receiving our magazine. Some of this information, therefore, may be a repeat. • In May, a number of us were present for the dedication of NMH’s new Bolger Center for Early Childhood Education. In attendance from our “era” were: Lori LaChance, Chris LaChance ’78, Sue LaChance ’79, Kathryn Piscuskas ’79, Bob Compton ’78, Joe McVeigh ’76, Peter Weis ’78, Lydia Perry Weis, Jeff Leyden, and Carrie Niederman ’78, who is also a current trustee. Visiting from Australia during June was Debbie Leavitt Longman ’79, who swung through campus with retired faculty members Dick and Louise Schwingel after making a summer-time stop at the Northfield Creamie. • Attending the Pie Race was Felicia Bianchi — a fun surprise as she peeked out from her hood to say hello on that chilly November day! Dan Martin also ran; he is parent to Anna ’18 and returns regularly to campus with his wife, Susan. Lee Coykendall made a quick visit to campus while passing by (we tried to convince her to stay for the race!). Paul Caliandro offered a fun surprise catch-up when he returned for Christmas Vespers on campus, as did Charity Smith Gray ’81. Anne Shepard also made a return to campus for Alumni Council. Though her term was up, she was recruited again, as she is a great asset to reunion planning. Tom Poole ’81 sometimes makes it back to NMH to see his son, Caleb ’20. • Lydia Perry Weis had lovely visits with Mark Sheinkman, Stephanie Ackler, and John Canavari ’78 while in New York City for Vespers. In Washington, D.C., Lydia and Cab Dempsey were able to attend the release of a new book by Sarah Browning. • Manny Kokotakis wrote, “Aimee and I will be married 25 years in June, and we have two children: Nicholas is a freshman at Georgetown University studying history and philosophy, while Julia is a high-school sophomore who plays soccer. I was an academic physician for about 10 years before becoming one of the original