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§ NYC § Chesapeake Bay § Bermuda

§ Mazatlán § Cozumel Lake Chapala § § Belize

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EXPLORERS So many NMH alums travel the world, but we couldn’t help noticing that it’s especially true for those who graduated in the 1960s. From Greenland to Antarctica, from Hawaii to South Africa to Japan, whether for work or leisure exploration, here’s a sampling of your global journeys.

said the apple pie, one of hundreds baked by staff and students, was delicious, and she is looking forward to next year! • Talking about campus makes me think of warm Bishop’s Bread with butter melting down the sides. Sue Chapman Melanson makes and eats that specialty and was pleased to find it on the menu when she attended the annual Maine School Board Conference last fall. Both she and her husband, Art, are on the school board in South Hiram, Maine, and this year Art was elected chairman. Last year at Oak Hill Farm they made 430 gallons of maple syrup and were featured in the nationally distributed Maple News. Sue continues her artwork (I have one of her paintings on my bureau). She also shared that her stage IV metastatic breast cancer remains dormant. • Karen Holvik Deitemeyer and husband Bill remain active with volunteer work


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d § Chile

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§ Port Elizabeth, South Africa


k § Antarctica in Florida, such as decorating, cooking, serving, and cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner for 150. Karen continues her COPD advocacy work and received the COPD Foundation’s first annual Advocacy Award at the Annual Awards Celebration in New York in November. Congratulations, Karen! • Dana Hastings Murphy wrote, “I’m still living in Norfolk, Va., on the Chesapeake Bay. The winds howl and the rains slam onto the windows … like a scene out of The Tempest.” Dana works on behalf of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the neighborhood Episcopal Church. She would like to know if anyone from Northfield is living in or near Norfolk. She thinks it would be a treat to swap life stories “or even quotidian anecdotes” with a fellow alum. • I, Pam Street Walton (and my husband, Ken), stay busier than we would like. Ken argues pro bono landlord

tenant cases for the New Hampshire Bar Association, is the chairman of the trustees of our local library, maintains a trail in a local forest, and still finds time to assist his wife with her endeavors. I belong to eight boards and committees. My first priority, outside of keeping Ken healthy and happy, is playing tennis at least five times a week to raise my endorphins. • Do you know Ed Sheeran’s popular song “Thinking Out Loud,” which has the lyric, “I will be loving you ‘til we’re 70”? Since most of us have passed that milestone, I wonder what happens regarding love after 70? We might discuss this matter at our 55th reunion in 2019. Until then, email me some news and send our ’64 Scholarship Fund some of your “required minimum distribution” funds. And do remember to forward any updated contact information to addressupdates@nmhschool.org.