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Newington, Conn., with his girlfriend. He’s sorry he was unable to attend the second half of reunion last year and hopes to catch you next time! • Becky Gillig married Willis Kennedy on Martha’s Vineyard in September 2018. Her sisters, Sarah Gillig Sunu ’05 and Beth Gillig ’11, were matron and maid of honor, respectively. The ceremony included singing “Jerusalem,” a brief history of the hymn and the significance of the lyrics by Becky’s grandfather, Phil Dietterich ’50, who also officiated. It was, by all accounts, a jolly good time, indeed. Congratulations, Becky and Willis! • Jeroen Fabricant has moved from Burlington, Vt., to Rotterdam, Netherlands, and he wrote, “I am working at the hospital here in the [operating and emergency rooms]. It’s been a busy few months getting settled, but I’m enjoying the Dutch culture and getting back into swimming and [am] biking everywhere. I’m missing (and jealous of ) the snow and skiing in Vermont, though. In the coming months, I plan to start a master’s as a physician assistant in the Netherlands, with a focus on preventative health.” • As for me (Emily), I’m still living in Berkeley with my partner, Jake Wood, and working for the nonprofit Earthjustice. Last fall, I joined the Oakland Symphony Chorus (OSC) and the OSC Chamber Choir, and I have begun to re-indulge my teenage love of Victorian fashion by taking up vintage waltz and sewing myself a new ball gown to wear to re-enactment events. Do let me know if you’re ever in the Bay Area, and keep sending your news to Sarah-Anne Tanner and me. We love hearing from you! •


 Northfield Mount Hermon Daisy Letendre • Eshalla Merriam • Pamela Chen • Fayette Phillips • Anna Stevens • Galen Anderson From Anna Stevens, written in December 2018: “I am writing from Nepal, where I have been living and working for the fall [2018] for the gap-year organization, Where There Be Dragons. I will remain in Nepal through the spring, but spending winter exploring New Zealand. My sister, Pauline Stevens ’07, visited Nepal for a few weeks and we explored the tea plantations and mountains. When not in South Asia, I lead hiking courses for the National Outdoor Leadership


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School in Wyoming and Alaska. This transitory lifestyle has allowed me to catch up with fellow Hoggers this past year, like Natalie Norton ’10, Ellen Hallman ’13, and others at the Rocky Mountain meet-up in Denver.”


Northfield Mount Hermon Eli Spector • Jed Kundl From Jed: Becca Daen has been working in Chicago for the past five years and currently works in education reform and education policy. The idea of going back to school for business or policy is starting to percolate for Becca, so that may be in the works for her in the next few years. Outside of work, Becca competes in a couple of recreational soccer leagues and was training for her fourth marathon. • Eli Spector is back to school, working on his M.B.A. at Harvard Business School. • Florida has taken Katie Beauvais Filer captive, and she believes she won’t ever be able to return to the cold of New England — at least not permanently! Katie lives with her wife in Clearwater, and they absolutely love the endless summer and beach vacation they call life. Their rescue puppy, Murph, has completely taken over as king of the house! Katie is a speech language pathologist in a private pediatric practice. She mostly works with children who have autism spectrum disorder or childhood apraxia of speech. Both disorders make learning how to communicate very difficult. She hopes all is well for NMH alums, especially her friends from 2010! If anyone is ever in the Greater Tampa area, she’s always up for a coffee or a drink! • Jahyun “Jay” Song lives in the Big Apple. By day, she works in finance crunching numbers in Excel and making PowerPoint presentations. By night, she laughs or heatedly debates various subjects with fellow NMH (and collegiate) classmate and roommate, Nora Donovan. Weekends are filled with brunches, celebrations, and workouts with other NMH classmates, such as Casey Woo, with whom

Jay Song ’10 (left) and Casey Woo ’10 in New York.

Jay fondly reminisces about our time as Cottage Five student leaders and the laughter-filled dinners in Alumni Hall. Life in one of the world’s greatest “concrete jungles” has its ups and downs, but Jay is grateful she has her NMH friends to enjoy the ride. If you happen upon Midtown and want to say hi or learn more about finance, please hit her up on LinkedIn. • As for me (Jed), I’m still living and working in the Boston area. My improv troupe was cast in Studio 40 at Improv Boston, and we’ve been having so much fun performing in their space! I also spent a couple of weeks in Iceland hiking, seeing the sights, and immersing myself in the local culture. It was a transformative experience, and I highly recommend visiting should you have the opportunity. Wishing you all the best.


Northfield Mount Hermon Olivia Wolpe From Olivia Wolpe: In the usual call for updates, I asked classmates to expand on some of their failures from this year, and to no one’s surprise, 2011ers produced them in spades. Rather than viciously divide the class between those who are proud of what they’re doing and those who are a mess, I’ve sprinkled them together, and the reader can attempt to differentiate the groups. • Geneva Jonathan is in the middle of her Ph.D., and still crushing on her NMH beau, Tommy Carpenter ’12; the two will move in together this year. • Bo Martin has moved back east from Oregon after getting fired. Twice. • Hanson Cheng is getting his master’s in product design and engineering at Imperial College London. Similarly, Ashley Grevelink soiled her pants during an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru (which Henry Ault called a “classic,” and Adam Bunnell called “goals”). • Matilda “Tilly” Brown is halfway through her master’s in ancient history at the University of Edinburgh and is focusing her research on empresses of the Severan dynasty. Mackenzie King asked about any “cool/dope empress facts,” but Tilly never responded. • Edward Barthelemy is in Japan and claims that it’s “chill.” • Leeanne Hadsel finished her master’s and certification for applied behavior analysis at Penn State, and bought a house next door to NMH English teacher Bob Cooley! • Deenie Schlass is currently interviewing dog walkers in New York City. I begged, but she wouldn’t give me the job, claiming I had to be “in the same state, at least,” and she also mentioned something about a lack of dependability. • Morgan Wilkinson refuses to submit updates,

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