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proud dads of embarrassed sons. They had the sensational pleasure of hosting their dear friend, O’Shea Gifford, last month. With some folks, there are no beats skipped. All three are prepared to be with their NMH friends at the next reunion. • Chuck Linton is doing well in Houston, Texas. His two daughters are now ages 10 and 12, and he is happy to report they are doing well in school and “not in jail.” Chuck is keeping busy at work and trying to figure out how to turn his house into a smart home. • Imran Qamar continues to live in Katy, Texas, just outside of Houston. He bought a house last summer and spent the fall remodeling it. Imran would love to hear from friends and welcomes visitors to Houston: “Y’all come visit, ya hear!” • Jackie GreethamRobbins Smith has been busy helping her senior daughter with college applications and can hardly believe she has a daughter about to graduate from college. Last spring, Jackie ran into Jamie Walters while skiing, which was a nice surprise. Jackie would love to connect with any NHMers in L.A.! • Jason Rosamond, having not run since cross-country junior year at NMH, has taken up running again. After a year in training, he will be competing in the Boston Marathon in 2019 and hopes to run it in two hours, 24 minutes. • Jennifer Seavey moved to Kittery, Maine, last summer. She reported, “They say Kittery is the Brooklyn of Portsmouth, N.H. I’m not sure about that, but it sounds cool, so I’m sticking with it.” She is still enjoying her job as executive director of Shoals Marine Laboratory (Cornell and University of New Hampshire). She talks regularly to Merritt Carey (“rock star of the Maine seafood industry”), Lisa Wise Slade (“who is making many of us jealous of her recent move to L.A.”), and Meg Clews (“who keeps impressing us with long backpacking trips”). • Tamson Smith and her husband, Shannon Scott, have cried uncle on Midwestern winters and moved back to New Mexico to thaw out. They look forward to reexploring the Southwest after being away for nearly 10 years. • Antonio Tambunan is doing well considering he survived a heart attack last July. Thankfully, there was no permanent damage, and, ever the rebel, he still went to Burning Man to bring his camp’s 747 plane out to the desert. He’s made a few changes to his diet since then, and even helped launch a healthy sweet potato puff brand called “Spudsy” that hit stores nationwide in January. • Geoff Weed is still in Chicago, but gets out to Maine to see his oldest once in a while. He also helps his junior through the ups and downs of junior year, while the little one is intent on becoming the next Stephen Curry. Geoff hopes everyone is enjoying their 50th

year and saying yes to everything. • Rich Phillips thinks 50 has been pretty nifty, aside from being asked if his 4-year-old kid is his granddaughter and feeling enticed by the free fanny-pack offers from AARP. Highlights have included getting to watch his beloved Sox win the World Series at Fenway (after eating sushi with Christina Wright Defranceaux in Boston), and being promoted to full professor of biology at Indiana University, which he attributes to his grade-inflating, millennial-coddling skills. In the past year, Rich has gotten together with (Last Man Standing) Rick Burtt, who came out to Boston for a Guided By Voices show, and Jen Gessner (dinner in New Orleans). For those stopping through Bloomington, Ind. (kids on the college circuit?), he hopes that you’ll look him up. He notes that John Cougar Mellencamp and Meg Ryan live in town, so there’s really no better way to relive the 1980s. When he’s not visiting his family in Boston or in-laws in L.A., Rich spends most of his time trying to keep up with his precocious girls (4 and 1), who, thankfully, still think streaking is something you do with paint brushes.


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Northfield Mount Hermon Chris Roof • John Carroll • Caryn Crotty Eldridge From Caryn: Greetings from London. I am looking forward to reunion in June and hope to see as many of you as can attend. Esther Bhotiwihok Abbe, Bridget Bryan Mooney, Jessica Pitt Tramuta, Cordelia Aitkin, Alicja Trout, Gretchen Goller, Laine Alston, Jess Stewart Manley, and Risa Narita: Please come! It has been far, far too long. • From Chris: The class of ’89 is gearing up for our 30th reunion this June. Members of the planning committee are excited and hoping to see the biggest crowd yet. I just celebrated

Chuck Murphy ’89 returned to NMH for the Pie Race.

Chris Roof ’89 at the 2018 Pie Race with his younger son.

25 years working for a research group in the U.S. Department of Transportation. I still love the work, even if it’s a pretty challenging time to be working for the government, especially in the environmental field. I was lucky enough to run the Pie Race this year with my younger son. Chuck Murphy also made it to NMH for the race. • Alie Watson and Kristin Wyckoff had so much fun at the Sting concert in Boston last winter that they decided to see him again at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. They brought Alie’s 5-year-old son along, who wasn’t wildly impressed by Sting but loved the Rod Stewart show the next day, and sang “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” for the next several months! • Abbe Wertz is living and working north of Boston. She’s been an emergency room nurse for 16 years and loves it. Her youngest twins started college, and one of her oldest twins had a baby last year, so Abbe is working on being the coolest grandmother ever! • Kara Seager moved to the West Coast and continues to rub the amazing weather in the face of her East Coast friends. • Frankie Baker took a trip to Africa that, by the look of his photos, was incredible. • I’m hoping that my senior-year roommate and close friend since the second grade, Nat Simpson, will make it to reunion this year. • Mac Richie continues to record and perform in a number of musical groups spanning many genres. He’s become quite proficient with woodworking and gardening as well.


Northfield Mount Hermon Robbianne Mackin • Travis Lea • Kristin Steele • Toryn Kimberley Stark From Toryn: As noted in the previous issue of NMH Magazine, Kathy Lalazarian passed away. Her close friend, Danapel deVeer, wrote this special tribute to Kathy’s life: “Hi, Hogger friends. Kathy passed away

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