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teaching math to Reid was like pulling teeth. He suspects that certain talents skip generations! • Valerie Malter and husband Stuart moved back to New York City in the spring of 2018 after a decade in the suburbs of Connecticut. Their company, Matarin Capital Management, founded in 2010, is growing and thriving. Their office is now in the Graybar Building next to Grand Central Terminal. Son Matt is a junior at Carleton College. Daughter Arin is a sophomore at American University in Washington, D.C. In July 2018, Valerie celebrated her 60th birthday with a fabulous golf trip to Ireland with some friends. But the real celebration was a four-and-a-half-month cruise around the world! Val keeps in touch with Mary Worthington and Cathy Campione Stein, both of whom are grandmothers! • Matt Kennedy frequently visits the NMH campus. Daughter Anna ’18 graduated from NMH last year and is a freshman at Union College, where she competes on the varsity swimming team. Daughter Clara ’21 is a sophomore at NMH. In March of 2018, Matt’s family took a vacation to Israel and Jordan, including the foothills of Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights. Matt celebrated his 60th birthday in April 2018. Chuck Knirsch, Bill Bodie, and Addison “Bill” Cook ’77 were in attendance. They had a great time catching up and sharing memories. • Sophia Ng has opened her own chiropractic clinic in the Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong, where she is a member of the Hong Kong Chiropractors Association. She would be glad to hear from NMH friends. • David Schwartz spent most of his career working in sales and trading operations for various banks in New York City, Japan, and Singapore. He lives in New York City, where he is a senior partner at Sugar Hill Capital Partners, a private equity firm focusing on real estate, which he helped found 10 years ago. David and wife Gina have

Matt Kennedy ’76 (center) with daughters Anna ’18 (left) and Clara ’21 near Mount Hermon in Israel.


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been married for 31 years. One of their kids lives in New York City, and the other is finishing her M.B.A. in Boston. David is in touch with Nate Aldrich, Don Boyden, Scott Silverstein, Andrew Wedeman, and Bruce Goodnow ’77. • John Muggeridge lives in Rhode Island. After 33 years, he finished his formal career at Fidelity Investments as a vice president of public affairs, which allowed him to engage with the community at a high level, including as a lobbyist. “Not what I would have imagined when I left NMH,” said John. He has begun a new enterprise, MuggVentures, which involves a variety of activities, including consulting, working with startups, nonprofit board service, and other interesting projects. His company motto is, “Interesting Projects with Good People.” “So far,” he reported, “it’s working.” • Darlene King-Jennings owns and operates King Realty in Campton, N.H. She has two adult children whom she raised mostly as a single parent; she lost her husband Jonathan in a work accident when the kids were young. Daughter Hallie (29) is a nurse in Manchester, N.H., and son Austin (30) works for Darlene in the real estate business. Darlene and significant other Wally enjoy a large home on a hill. They’re working on converting part of the house into a space for an Airbnb apartment. Darlene welcomes old friends and encourages anyone looking to buy or rent in the area to give her a shout. She would love to hear from Katie Ogren Beebe, Summer Hookanson Sheeley ’75, and Kathy Hood ’77. • Sue Picard lives in Oregon and loves the Pacific Northwest. She’s been married for 24 years and is happily retired from a career in information technology. She raises golden retrievers who compete in agility and obedience trials. • In 2017, Sarah Livingston and husband John left Washington, D.C., and retired to Williamsburg, Va., where Sarah has family. Sarah takes Italian lessons and volunteers as a tutor of elementary students and adult ESOL learners. Meanwhile, her husband is developing his painting skills. They both enjoy soaking up the beauty and history of Colonial Williamsburg. Give her a shout if you come to town! • Ellen Baum finished college at Colgate University, then graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. She has been a chef in restaurants and hotels and has run her own catering business. In December, she retired from 25 years of teaching culinary arts and 33 years in her field. Ellen has lived in San Diego, Calif., for 32 years. She is looking forward to traveling, taking classes, and doing some volunteer work in this next

chapter of her life. Ellen would love to reconnect with Lisa Mosczynski and Ellen Lawrence Vann ’75. • Dave Perry and wife Sue traveled to Cairo to visit Alison and Adam Saffer in January 2017. The Saffers, along with Kinter and Rich Lennon, then attended the wedding of Dave and Sue’s daughter, Liz, in October 2018. The same couples enjoy New Year’s celebrations in New Hampshire. Dave has five daughters and four grandchildren. • Steve Smith and wife Liz live in Rochester, N.Y. Their daughter, Sarah, is a newly minted CPA and works for PriceWaterhouse in Buffalo. • Charlotte Bacon Holton is now a teacher for the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, the granddaddy of American square dance and contra dance. In addition to her regular drapery business, Curtain Call Custom Sewing in White Plains, N.Y., Charlotte has a new specialty thanks to Dongsok Shin. Dongsok has requested harpsichord and fortepiano covers for moving his own and his customers’ instruments. These covers have special padding for protection, straps for wrapping and handling the instrument, and custom pockets for legs and music desks. • Ken Hughes has lived in Nome, Alaska, since 2006. He runs a gold-buying office, operates his own placer mine, does some commercial salmon fishing, and in his spare time plays hockey, scuba dives, and enjoys photography. Ken has four children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. • Mark Caprio is a professor in Japan, where his research focuses on the challenging relationship shared by Korea, Japan, and the U.S. Mark is looking ahead to one final sabbatical before retirement. He wonders if anyone knows where Peter Brown disappeared to. • Mary Stull Gibbons lives with husband Jim in Olympia, Wash. Mary is a retired family physician and member of the University of Washington faculty. Mary and Jim own Seattle Shellfish and grow geoduck clams and oysters. Daughter Katie (24) graduated from the University of Denver and is an elite rower in Oklahoma City. Son Lucas (22) is a senior at Western Washington University majoring in management information systems. Son Ian (18) is a freshman at Western Washington also. Mary is involved in philanthropy and has taken up rowing again in Olympia! She keeps in touch with Adam Saffer and Laura Durgin Corl, and would love to hear from folks! • Claire Gutekunst and husband Art Perlman left Manhattan for a large home in Yonkers, N.Y., in 2013. Claire served a term as president of the New York State Bar Association and was pleased to successfully persuade the state

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