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Branson. • Drucilla North Ekwurzel and Nathan live in a 100-year-old house in Pittsburgh (actually in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood). “We are well and active,” wrote Drucilla, “spending our summers in Maine, and enjoying Pittsburgh the rest of the year. I was able to attend several ‘On the Water’ reunions on Long Lake in Maine and look forward to more.” • Life is easy for Mia Bulgarin Gay in Arizona. “Just right for retirees: lots of diverse culture, plenty of sunshine, affordable living; just counting the Californians moving here,” wrote Mia. The Arizona Balalaika Orchestra, which Mia is credited for founding, gave its 39th annual concert in January. She was planning another reunion with the Tucson NMH gang in February. • “I am sorry to miss you all in June,” says Lori Dingman Wadsworth, “but we will be on an old Norwegian ferry boat converted to a cruise ship for 130 people, meandering up the fjords of Norway far enough north to see a polar bear, if we are lucky. We are still living in Cambridge most of the year, but lucky enough to spend the summers on Cape Cod. Unfortunately, Chris, the love of my life for 55 years, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s two years ago, but he is doing all [that is] possible to slow it down. This means daily workouts at the gym … We continue to travel some and are hoping to go back to our beloved Turkey next summer for a Turkish wedding and a week’s sail with friends on the Mediterranean. Grandchildren are not in the cards for us, but our two wonderful sons have special women in their lives who share their love of the outdoors. Last summer found us all in Tanzania on safari for 10 days, which was the treat of a lifetime. I guess our motto is, ‘Life is uncertain, so eat dessert first!’ I trust the reunion will be fun for all, and I am very anxious to read Soren’s book when it comes out. That is one trip we will not be taking!” • Sandy Magoon Johnson asked, “Is this really our 60th reunion? Only yesterday I came to the 50th when my niece came with me to make sure I didn’t fall over. Ten years on, I am still here on my feet, a dual AmericanAustralian citizen. I have a 5-year-old granddaughter, a not-yet-retired husband, a new house that has taken us almost three years to build from scratch but is our ‘forever’ home, and a boat which we keep in Fiji, where my husband was born — we spend three or four months a year living there.” Sandy is planning a trip to Italy this year, and hopes to get to NMH for the class reunion. • Valerie Parsons Gibson can’t believe that 60 years have passed since we graduated and she is still deciding what she

wants to do when she grows up. She is a full-time art teacher at Mountain Arts Community Center in Signal Mountain, Tenn. When not teaching art, she is painting in her studio or en plein air, or teaching English, citizenship, and life skills to refugees, as well as being a Eucharistic minister and Eucharistic visitor for her local Episcopal Church. After 15 years of mentoring in the Education for Ministry program from the University of the South at Sewanee, and further education, she surprised even herself by becoming a licensed lay preacher for the Diocese of East Tennessee. Her last three years have been spent getting used to her new role as a widow after 53 years of marriage to her husband, Peter. For the first time in her life she has had to rediscover who she is as one person, not as a team member. Recently, through various ministries, her life has been enriched by the advent of a new partner, who brightens an already overflowing life of grace. “Peace to all of the NSFG graduates ... we were blessed to have the mentors we had,” said Valerie. • Sue Wilson King fell in love with the cows grazing behind MerrillKeep. She’s had a farm in New Hampshire for the last 25 years after the longtime suburban Boston routine. As to cows, she just purchased two Scotch Highland heifers this fall. She has a large alpaca farm with many other animals. Sue doesn’t go on cruises, but she’s happy to still contribute to many charitable events with her animals. She does have another life with four wonderful grandchildren venturing into the working world and is excited to see their independence, breadth of knowledge, and experience at their young ages. She’s been to lots of graduations! • Anne Roeser Bloemen has relocated from Broome in northwest Western Australia, 2,400 kilometers south from Perth. The Bloemens now have two of their four grandchildren living nearby. That, plus proximity to specialists, makes their relocation a sensible move, albeit difficult after 20 years enjoying the space, red earth, and turquoise waters of the Pilbara and Kimberley region. Anne’s daughter, Shanta, is in charge of a project called Mobility for Africa in Zimbabwe, which is designed to get women on three-wheeled electric bikes so they can get their goods to market. Shanta’s son is in boarding school near Anne and her husband. • I (Ty Bair Fox) am still braving the New England winters in my house overlooking Buzzards Bay in Marion, Mass. I spend a good deal of time in Boston and joined Donna Hayes Kennedy and Clark “C.B.” Loth at Christmas Vespers. “Dost

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Thou Remember …?” • From Tom: By the time we read this column, our 60th reunion will be history. We will have traveled long distances or, in the case of Randy Foster, not very far. We will have renewed old acquaintances and perhaps found a friend we have not talked to in 60 years. At hymn sing, we will have sung “Jerusalem” and many of our favorite hymns. Old choir members will have joined the choir for Sunday service. Senior Rock will have been found, and we will have had a nostalgic trip across the Connecticut River to the Northfield campus, a visit to the Sage Chapel, and to look at the dorms that were our homes so long ago. A great time at Convocation will have passed, then our class reception on 59th Street, the class meal as well, and our reunion festivities will have come to an end. Some tearful farewells and we are back to present time, planning for our next reunion in 2024. • Kevin Leary and his wife spent 10 days in County Mayo, Ireland, appreciating the beauty of the meadows and wondering why his clan ever left. Last fall, they dined with Steve Cohen and Andrea at

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