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of a mutual friend in the Washington, D.C., area. He remembers meeting Lillian at our 60th reunion. Her brother, John Hann ’61, lives across the border from Northfield in Winchester, N.H. Carol and I knew John’s children, Sarah ’91 and Stephen ’93, quite well during our NMH faculty days. • As we move further into our eighth decade, we find that a number of us have made the move to some type of senior living location. Some have had to move to an assisted living situation for either physical or mental reasons or both. And of course, sadly, some of us have died. The most recent death that I am aware of as I write this in mid-December is our class president, Bob Conly, on 9/26/18. • As I have mentioned in my recent class email, Carol and I are in our own downsizing-andpreparing-to-move phase. The house was put on the market in October 2018, although we think it will be spring before anything might happen. It must go before we go. The upper levels of our barn are close to empty, but the ground level is still fairly filled. Some larger pieces of furniture and other various items have been sent off to a “higher end” auction house and other things disposed of via several tag sales. When these approaches fail, items go to our local survival center in Turners Falls, Mass., or the “free” location by the road in front of our house. Our destination will hopefully be independent living in a cottage at a senior living complex in Colorado Springs near Garden of the Gods and old Colorado City. Our Colorado family will be about a half hour away, and we plan to spend several months (our winter/their summer) in New Zealand with our Kiwi family.


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Hello, classmates. Where are you? My email box was pretty empty as the December NMH class notes deadline approached. What I did learn is that many of you are dealing with all the changes and challenges of aging, including major health issues and the loss of our loved ones. • Betsy Howlett (Revell, Crane, Hillside, Wilson) is entering a new era with her first move in 26 years to a lovely apartment in a complete care retirement complex, Applewood, in Amherst, Mass. “I’m absolutely loving life here,” wrote Betsy, “even though I haven’t yet dropped any of my Amherst responsibilities and have added several here at Applewood! Hiking all around us is wonderful, as are the dinners, the company, and the plethora of activities we can join or not as we please! Try it, you’ll like it!” • In August 2018, Joyce

Moore Arthur lost her husband, Bob. They’d been together for 58 years. And in November 2018, Malcolm Peck lost his wife, Aida. Our deepest condolences go out to Joyce, Malcolm, and their families. • Sixty-fifth class reunion leaders Joyce Moore Arthur and Steve Springer are counting on as many of us as possible to be functioning and able to come to “Reunion 65” in 2022. Joyce and Steve are staying well connected with NMH alumni staff to make sure we are housed on the first floor of a dorm, with toilet facilities at the same level, and that we get our classmates scheduled on the workshops/ presentations! • Our New Hampshire Class of ’57 Fall Fling was so successful that those in attendance agreed to gather annually for Fall Flings in New Hampshire, with a similar three-day schedule and overnight facilities much closer than the 2018 accommodations. Here’s who did make it to 2018’s Fall Fling: Joyce Moore Arthur, Joe Harrington, Bruce and Marsha Johnson, Ginger Roe Lang, Bob and Judi Mansfield, Sarah “Terry” Drew Reeves, Steve and Barbara Springer, and Dave and Pat Williams. Retired NMH faculty members Marilyn and Dick Kellom spent one whole day with us. Joyce traveled from Wisconsin, Barbara and Steve flew in from Oregon, and the rest were already in New England! By prior arrangement, the group talked by phone with Lloyd Mitchell, Darrell “Coop” Cooper, Paul Reyes, Barbara Tuttle, and Martha Johnson while we were gathered. Health issues kept all of them away. Those who gathered in New Hampshire also agreed to get and/or stay connected with all the classmates we can find. The goal is to keep us informed of regional gatherings and to encourage those of us in other parts of the country to do similar gatherings to Fall Fling. To help us do this, please notify NMH about any changes in your lives, addresses, health, etc. There is no other class as well connected as we are, and we want to make it even better! So please help us keep you in touch! • For every classmate dealing with health issues, I echo Barbara Tuttle in saying, “Our hearts go out to you, and hope each day finds you stronger, healthier, and on the mend.”


Northfield Mount Hermon William Hawley • Helen Engelbrecht Ownby From Helen: Mariamne Zipp Boothby, “I am experiencing steady but slow recovery from an August [2018] right shoulder replacement. My focus now is physical therapy and limited exercise. Seeing family, friends,

occasional musical or other social activities add spice to an otherwise quiet life in Vermont.” • Joan Millett Walker wrote, “Last January [2018], we made our annual trip to Pennsylvania for Cabin Fever, at which Steve [Walker] exhibits some of his steam engines. I care-take them while he checks out other exhibits … In February [2018], we jumped into ecological heaven with a Chevy Bolt, and I gave up my 17-year adventure in manual shifting for a whole new experience. Now to plan for charge station locations! (Fortunately, home charging works, just not as quickly.) March and April [2018] brought fun with kidney stones, but a very bright spot: along with warmer weather came a visit with Helen Engelbrecht Ownby and Dennis! Loved sharing the dome with them and a little more work on our 60th reunion. In May, we headed back to Rhode Island for what would prove to be a very hot, muggy, wet summer. Missed Sacred Concert due to aforementioned stones’ aftermath, but we thoroughly enjoyed Trinka Craw Greger’s and John Stone’s beautifully planned and executed 60th reunion! We already hope to do another in 2020. The monthly phone calls and class support were invaluable. The poor summer weather led to more kayaking than sailing, unfortunately, but we did have time for family visits and Steve’s train weekends.” Last fall, Joan’s daughter, Joanna, was diagnosed with breast cancer, but caught early. Joanna’s recovery is going well. Meanwhile, Steve will document the boat he is building in the garage. Joan had cataract surgery before their January 2018 Pennsylvania trip. Joan and Steve were planning to attend the 125th Sacred Concert in May. In closing, Joan encouraged her classmates, “Do consider being a part of another reunion as you are able. Returning to be with our NMH friends is wonderful.” • Sharon Hutchinson Hosley and husband Leigh are still living in their motor home full time, spending summers in Maine, winters in Texas near son Scott ’82, and a few weeks of spring and fall in Amherst with son Colin ’88. They had a wonderful time at the 60th reunion! • John Quenell wants our class to know: “We have a few books commemorating our 60th class reunion left. You can have one for only $15. Also, we still have some remainders of the 50th reunion book, at 670 pages, the all-time heavyweight champion of NMH class reunion books. This can be yours for only $5 to cover mailing expense.” Please write to your class editors to reach John for a reunion book. • We’ve decided to travel as much as possible for as long as we are able, so we spent 20 days on a tented safari in

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