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CURRICULUM GUIDE 11 DAN 120 Contemporary Dance Forms Half credit. Prerequisite: None. In this class you will be immersed in learning jazz and modern dance techniques. While gaining a deeper understanding of the anatomy of the moving body, you will explore how dance conveys meaning about the past and present. In addition to expanding technical vocabulary and learning choreography, you will also generate original movement through improvisation and composition. DAN 441 Honors Ballet: Advanced Technique and Theory Half credit. Yearlong course. Prerequisite: Audition with instructor. Honors Ballet offers the experienced dancer the opportunity to study classical and contemporary ballet in a year-long, academic class. In this technique class, you will receive training with emphasis on placement and alignment while working to improve your technical proficiency and anatomical awareness. Through your training, you will work on musicality and performance quality and you will also learn about the history of ballet. To be accepted into this class you must have prior ballet training and you must be ready to perform complex movement sequences of longer lengths. As a member of this class, you will also participate in two or three terms of a dance company. You will earn one half credit over the year-long course. This course may be repeated by the student who wishes to continue developing ballet technique.

AUDITIONED GROUPS DAN 002 NMH Dance Company DAN 005 Junior Dance Company As a dancer in dance companies, you will receive advanced instruction in modern dance and jazz techniques with emphasis on the development of your creative process through student choreography. The two companies share three major concerts a year as well as performing for Fall Family Days.


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Intermediate Jazz Beginner Jazz and Hip-Hop Beginner Modern and Contemporary Intermediate Ballet and Pointe Dance Composition Beginner Ballet Beginner Tap Intermediate Hip-Hop Beginner Hip-Hop—Dance for Athletes Stepping West African Dance

Private Lessons are offered once a week, for a charge of $45 per lesson. The dance program arranges the instructor to work with the individual students.

MUSIC The NMH Music Program offers you an opportunity to experience artistry in your music making at any level. You will learn about music from all over the world. The academic course offerings provide exploration in new areas if you have no musical training as well as courses for the advanced music student. If you want to develop essential music reading and listening competencies, there are academic classes that teach these skills. If you are involved in the performing groups, you will have the opportunity to hone your musical skills as well. All courses are half credit except for MUS 511 and REL PFA 458, which are full credit. In addition to the academic offerings, you can take advantage of extensive cocurricular opportunities for performing in ensembles. MUS 112 The History of Jazz Half credit. (not offered in 2019–20) Prerequisite: None. How did jazz evolve as a musical genre, and how has it influenced popular music? In this extensive study of the music and lives of well-known jazz musicians from the late 1800s to the 21st century, you will learn about the people, as well as the music and social issues, that shaped this quintessentially American music. MUS 211 Electronic Music Studio Half credit. Prerequisite: Open to students who have reached an intermediate level on any instrument (or voice), who have basic music-reading and keyboard skills. How is music recorded in studio and concert hall settings? How are songs put together in a studio? How do composers translate their musical ideas into final products? In this class you will learn to use recording equipment, soundboard mixers, synthesizers, and drum machines as well as notation and sequencing programs. You will create projects in concert halls and in the electronic music studio. MUS 213 World Music Half credit. Prerequisite: None. In this course you will explore traditional music from around the world by learning about the styles, instruments, and cultural contexts of music from all the continents. Through extensive listening and research, you will discover the beauty and excitement of music from many cultures. Demonstrations with live performers enrich the class; you will attend occasional concerts. Your work will be documented through creating a portfolio of research, journals, papers, and listening reflections.

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2019 Curriculum Guide  

Guide to courses and academic requirements at Northfield Mount Hermon

2019 Curriculum Guide  

Guide to courses and academic requirements at Northfield Mount Hermon

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