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Northwest Minnesota Foundation ~ Developing Community Assets ~ Serving 12 Counties SUMMER 2008

Number 46

NMF Annual Dinner

Celebrating Leadership, Vision, Change and Impact On April 15, the Northwest Minnesota Foundation board and staff hosted the annual celebration dinner, held in Crookston at the Northern Inn. Nearly 200 people attended the event. Eric Bergeson, NMF board chair, delivered the keynote message. The theme for this year’s celebration, “Leadership: Vision, Change, Impact” was the basis of remarks by Bergeson. He discussed how the foundation has seen the new strategic plan envisioned, made major changes in programming, and a hired a new president to lead the organization into the next phase of development. Bergeson said, “It seems that leadership has been the focus of our entire year at NMF. We have a new leader. We have a new leadership program. We’re more ready than ever for the exciting future that lays ahead for all of us in the region.” NMF President Nancy Vyskocil made the opening remarks and introduced board and staff members. Also in attendance was her predecessor, John Ostrem, who was recognized through a photo presentation of his history with the foundation and presented with a gift. The group was entertained by C. Willi Myles, whose stories and anecdotes about life as a newcomer to Minnesota raised the roof with howls of laughter. Tribute was given to the designers of the new NMF LeaderImpact program. The foundation contracted with Dr. Okokon Udo, together with DeAnna Murphy of Northland Community and Technical College as the design team. The foundation expressed its thanks and gratitude to Okokon and DeAnna for creating a program that is different from any other in existence, designed to be a leadership experience that transfers the lessons learned back to real life.

Anne Sand, NMF board vice-chair (seated) with Nancy and Rick Vyskocil

Their vision, hard work, dedication and, most of all, great passion for the complex project made it all possible. Thanks were also given to Northland’s Bonnie Stewart and Pat Balstad, without whom the work would not have been possible. Stewart talked about the pilot program, held last winter, being characterized by participants as a uniquely powerful experience, described by many as “life-changing.” They reported that they had developed an awareness of their own gifts and talents. They felt better able to understand and utilize the talents of others, and grew more confident in their own leadership abilities and potential. The highlight of the evening was the pleasure of honoring the work of partners through the presentation of awards. (Continued on page 4)

A Message from the President Nancy Vyskocil

The Northwest Minnesota Foundation invests resources, creates opportunities and promotes philanthropy to make the region a better place to live and work. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Eric Bergeson Chair Fertile Anne Sand Vice Chair Bemidji Gary Purath Secretary Red Lake Falls Dean Johnson Treasurer Mahnomen Terri Anderson Ogema David Bergman Thief River Falls Mark Hewitt Park Rapids Roger Malm Hallock Kim Wilson Fosston Robert Hager Greenbush Laurie Wilson Crookston

The past six months have gone by incredibly fast. It seems each day I find out many new and exciting things, but still only scratch the surface of all there is to learn about the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. The annual celebration dinner on May 15th provided another great opportunity for learning. Following along the theme of leadership, vision, impact and change, we were able to shine the spotlight on true leadership in the great job John Ostrem during his years at the helm of the foundation. It was a wonderful chance for us to honor Mary and Robert Johnson from Thief River Falls, who are showing great vision and leadership through their generous giving to the future of their community. Excellence and Quality of Place Award recipients Steve Muzzy and the Wee Care Early Learning Center, along with Northwest Minnesota Mental Health Center, are shining examples of the visionary leaders and organizations that make northwest Minnesota a tremendous place to live and work. They strongly impact the region as partners in our mission to create opportunities, invest resources and promote philanthropy. Eric Bergeson, our board chair, could not have been more pleased to see his home town of Fertile be recognized for its stellar accomplishments and the impact of volunteer commitment recognized through the Community Philanthropy Award. Their NMF component fund helped to make the Veterans Memorial a reality. Please see the photos and read the article in the Philanthropic Services column for more about their worthy endeavor. We were very pleased to have so many of our recent graduates of the LeaderImpact pilot cohort and several members of the current cohort. It was exciting to visit with them and hear the life-changing impact the program is having. A fantastic example of this impact is happening in the NMF family: Ann Beck, NMF board member, cited the influence that participation in LeaderImpact training had on her life. She has notified the board that she is moving on to a wonderful new opportunity in Duluth. Unfortunately for us, it means that she has resigned from the board. Ann indicated that the skills she learned through the program have helped prepare her for new challenges. We will miss you Ann.

NMF Donates Computer Equipment to Nonprofits NMF periodically upgrades computer workstations and then makes some available for free to nonprofits Computer & Monitor......Bagley Family Crisis Center, Bagley

Dear LaRae an d Northwest Min nesota Founda tion, Thank you for the computer fo r Clear Waters Life Center. W e are putting it to use in our youth office an d appreciate ha ving another computer to us e!

Computer & Monitor......Clear Waters Life Center, Clearbrook Computer & Monitor......Shalom Clinic, Bemidji Monitors.........Heartland Christian Academy, Bemidji Computer & Monitor......Heartland Homes, Inc., Park Rapids

Thank you! Sincerely, Becky Dorman on behalf of Clear Waters Li fe Center

Computer & Monitor......Bagley ECFE, Bagley


Philanthropic Services

Donations To the Fertile Area Veterans Memorial Fund Create Lasting Legacy for Vets apply a product called LuminOre. We are a licensed applicator of LuminOre, which is a patented cold-sprayable process that allows a layer of metal to be applied over almost any substrate, in virtually any configuration or design.” The results look, feel and act just like hot-cast metal, but without the weight and expense. A gazebo and flag pole have been put on the lot at the corner of Mill Street and Washington Avenue. Eight war monuments are completed and ready for delivery from a concrete company in St. Michael. Engraved panels for the war monuments, entrance monument, KIA/MIA monument and donor walls are being made. Three of eight granite benches have been installed. A 16-foot high KIA/ MIA monument is under construction. Donors at various levels, starting at $100, will be recognized on a donor wall. Donors can choose to dedicate their gift to honor an individual veteran. The dedication will take place on Saturday, July 12, during the Polk County Fair. Donations can be sent to Fertile Veterans Memorial, P.O. Box 627, Fertile, MN 56540 or dropped off at First State Bank of Fertile. For more information, call 218-945-3330 or 218-945-6946.

Community volunteers in Fertile have made a lasting impact, and through their work and commitment, are honoring people from the Fertile area who have served our country’s military since Civil War times. The outstanding Fertile Veterans Memorial Plaza is located at the corner of Mill Street and Washington Avenue in Fertile. Fertile-Beltrami graduate Troy Erickson, now an engineer in Fargo, submitted the design, which includes plantings, lighting, stone work, benches and sculpture. Keith Bolstad, fund advisory committee chair and volunteer, said the four major features will be an entrance memorial; a killed-inaction, prisoner-ofwar/missing-in-action memorial; conflict memorials; and a donors’ gazebo. “The conflict memorials will start with the Civil War but we’re not certain how many will be put in,” he said. “The memorial park will commemorate all veterans from the Fertile area, in peacetime or war.” The stars and stripes will wave long after the generations of veterans have faded. A metal sculpture of the American flag is a focal point of the Fertile Veterans Memorial Plaza. The two-sided sculpture is 11-feet, six-inches wide, five feet tall and six inches thick. “The material used to construct it is steel,” according to Brad Bohl of Bohl Iron Works in Jamestown, N.D. “We then 3

“The memorial park will commemorate all veterans from the Fertile area, in peacetime or war.” Keith Bolstad

Annual Dinner

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Community Philanthropy Award

The Community Philanthropy Award was created to recognize a component or community fund that is helping to build and strengthen the culture of philanthropy in the region.

For the third year, the Northwest Minnesota Foundation has given the Community Philanthropy Award, which was created to recognize a component or community fund that is helping to build and strengthen the culture of philanthropy in the region. Along with an original sculpture award for display, the fund’s endowment receives a $1,000 donation from Northwest Minnesota Foundation. The fund receiving the award has shown substantial growth. The fund advisory committee is a cohesive group that meets regularly, promotes the fund and the culture of philanthropy in their community. They have worked hard to achieve the mission and goals of the fund. This year’s recipient is the Fertile Area Veterans Memorial Fund. A group of dedicated community members established the fund in 2006. Keith Bolstad, advisory committee chairman, said the four major features are an entrance memorial; a killed-in-action, prisoner-of-war/missing-in-action memorial; conflict memorials and a donors’ gazebo. “The conflict memorials start with the Civil War but we’re not certain how many will be put in,” he said. “The memorial park commemorates all veterans from the Fertile area, in peacetime or war.” The cost of the memorial is about $100,000. To date, over $114,000 has been raised, of which $9,000 has been designated to the endowment for a lasting legacy of support. For more about the memorial, please see page 2.

Community Philanthropy award recipients (front) Bob Norland, Carole Larson, Karen Cyr, and Chairman Eric Bergeson, who is also from Fertile, (back) Chuck Vind, Wayne Thorson, Keith Bolstad, Paul Reese

Ann Beck with Leadership Award recipient Steve Muzzy and Chairman Eric Bergeson

Development Program and then returned to their job, their volunteer activities and their community actively using the skills they learned. The Ruth Edevold Excellence in Leadership award was presented first to Steve Muzzy.

Excellence Awards Since 1993, the foundation has been recognizing the contributions of individuals and organizations in northwest Minnesota. Sixty-one excellence awards have been given, with an unrestricted grant from the Foundation to the nonprofit of the recipients’ choice. This represents $61,000 in grant making to our partners to develop assets in our communities and improve the quality of places throughout the region. This award is given to individuals who have participated in the Foundation’s Leadership

Excellence in Leadership Steve Muzzy of Thief River Falls is this year’s recipient. He is currently employed as the Controller for Central Boiler, the premier manufacturer of quality outdoor wood furnaces in North America. Central Fireplace, a division of Central Boiler, is the hearth products division dedicated to the design and manufacture of efficient, high performance gas fireplaces. The Central Boiler plant in Greenbush, is one 4

of the largest manufacturers in northwestern Minnesota. Steve oversees the corporate structure, accounting functions, human resources, safety, insurances, and international marketing and sales as well as daily decisionmaking throughout the company. Steve is a lifelong resident of the region, growing up in Thief River and then Argyle, always involved in farming. He graduated from Northland College of Thief River with a degree in Business Administration and has stayed in the area to enjoy the outdoors and all the activities that it has to offer. Steve began as a farmer and commercial crop sprayer and continues to do those things today. As a pilot, he belonged to a group involved in the University of Minnesota’s development of agricultural cash flow analysis software. Farming then took a back seat in the early 80’s when wheat prices fell. He has served on the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Local Harvest States Board and is very involved in his church where he is now board president. He is a member and past president of the Northwest Minnesota Manufacturer’s Association. Steve has demonstrated leadership in all facets of his involvement with the foundation’s Ingenuity Frontier program. He has been a member of the advertising sub-committee, and was instrumental in establishing the branding of the region as THE place for applied engineering. He has been a definite leader in getting others on board and showing the merit of Ingenuity Frontier to others. Steve is a person of high integrity and shoulders his responsibilities. In addition, as if that is not enough, Steve is on the steering committee for the Western Minnesota Truck Route and the Highway 59 Initiative, which involves both Highway 32 and 59 in Minnesota and Manitoba. He is a board member of the Highway 2 West Manufacturers Association and has been involved with coalition meetings of the Minnesota Manufacturing Association. Steve volunteered to attend the pilot for the foundation’s new LeaderImpact adult leadership development program. The participants all agreed that we now have a unique and “on the edge” program. It uses self-awareness tools and activities to enhance leadership capabilities. Steve said he thought the training is on the

(L-R) Lori Ranisate and Keith Larson, Wee Care board members, Ellen Boyd, executive director, and Terri Anderson, NMF board leading edge of what is available, covering a wide gamut and structured to get the most out of the time commitment. He felt that each person contributed to other’s learning.

Organizational Excellence The Ruth Edevold Organizational Excellence Award is presented to an organization or agency whose staff or board members have attended a foundation sponsored training program, participated in the Nonprofit Excellence Program, or received a grant from the foundation and as a result, made changes to significantly improve the effectiveness of their organization or services to the people of the region. Wee-Care Early Learning Center is this year’s recipient. Wee-Care is a private, nonprofit child care center located in Bagley and serving mostly Clearwater County. It was founded in 1999 so that the County’s only center-based childcare facility could remain open and providing service. From the start, the emphasis was placed on giving children a strong foundation by designing learning opportunities with which the children would be academically, socially and emotionally ready for school. In the early days, the center worked successfully for many families, despite being located in a County fairground building, where they were made to move out – lock, stock and barrel - every summer during the time of the fair! The Wee-Care board made a decision that if the center was still running after two years, they would begin to explore ways to have their own building. (Continued on page 6)


“The LeaderImpact program is on the leading edge of what is available, covering a wide gamut and structured to get the most out of the time commitment.” Steve Muzzy

Annual Dinner

After an NMF organizational assessment, “The board became more confident in the work that they have done as a board and more aware of the challenges in their important role.” Wee Care Board of Directors

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After hard work on a capital campaign, their dream became real with the construction of the Early Learning Center, moving in August 2005. Ellen Boyd is the Executive Director of the center, which since incorporation has cared for over 350 children and now has 20 staff. Ellen’s vision and leadership have brought much of the success that the organization has earned over the years. Since she began directing the organization, Ellen has participated in 13 of the Individual Excellence workshops, Cultural Competency, and Leadership Development, for which she earned a certificate and grant funds for executive coaching. Just recently, she graciously volunteered to assist with the pilot sessions for LeaderImpact, our new adult leadership program. The Center has a very active and involved board. Ellen and board members Anna Larson, Wendy Laroque and Lori Ranisate all completed the Organizational Effectiveness workshops. Afterward, the organization requested an assessment that was conducted in the fall of 2006. They stated, “The board became more confident in the work that they have done as a board and more aware of the challenges in their important role.” The foundation is very proud of their effort and the way they have demonstrated the transfer of learning back to organizational strengths. The foundation has been a partner with Wee Care in several grant projects and the center is greatly involved with the foundationsponsored Bagley Early Childhood Initiative coalition. Ellen has surrounded herself with excellent staff that truly cares about their work with the children. The elementary teachers in area schools say that they can tell when children have attended the center because they are well prepared in every way; their organization’s vision is that all children in their care have a good strong start to a lifetime of learning.

Quality of Place award recipients Dan Wilson, NWMHC executive director, Board Members Bill Montague and Curtis Carlson, with NMF Board Member Dave Bergman.

rely solely on their natural resource base for their future. To succeed, rural areas need to be able to attract and train knowledge workers. These people can choose to live almost anywhere these days. They will likely choose to live in attractive communities that offer the amenities they desire. Following along these lines, the foundation created the Quality of Place award two years ago. The purpose is to recognize the foundation’s partners, grantees, training participants, and loan clients who have helped to develop community assets. Through their work, they enhance the quality of places in the region. This year, Northwestern Mental Health Center of Crookston received the Quality of Place Award. Northwestern Mental Health Center is a private, nonprofit corporation owned by the counties of Kittson, Marshall, Mahnomen, Norman, Polk, and Red Lake. The Center provides an array of services to individuals and families in response to the mental health needs in northwestern Minnesota. The purpose of their services is to prevent the emergence of mental health problems; to provide early intervention to limit the impact of problems, and to treat serious mental health problems. With financial support from the Northwest Minnesota Foundation and others, the Center has been the crucial resource for the past 20 years for people needing mental health

Quality of Place Awards The foundation’s newly completed 5-year strategic plan for programs and development will again focus on Quality of Place. We have learned that rural economies can no longer


care in times of flood disasters and agriculture crisis. Rural Life Outreach was an essential program that responded to issues related to the farming crisis. The Center was able to build upon and expand direct services, using grant funds provided by the foundation. They were then able to attract an additional $260,000 from various sources. Their staff was particularly effective in coordinating the diverse organizations and interests working to alleviate the crisis. They provided direct mental health counseling to over 1,000 individuals who were uninsured. Recently, another collaborative project funded by the foundation involved the Center as the significant partner in the Northwest Minnesota Council of Collaboratives. Their goal with this project, led by Tri-County Community Corrections, was preventing the emergence of or reducing the impact of problems experienced by children and families. They did this by coordinating administrative and programmatic services and resource sharing. The school districts, county social service agencies, community corrections, public health, community action agencies and law enforcement, along with the Center, became active partners. As a result, the members proved that they can develop a systems-wide, strengths-based, efficient system of care to benefit youth and families. With the help of $500,000 USDA and USDA/Bremer Rural Development loans, along with others sources, the Center has expanded into a new long-awaited facility with space necessary for staff and programming. As recently stated by USDA State Director Steve Wentzel, “This Center is without question the closest to what we believe in when it comes to one-on-one, person-to-person interactions that improve lives, especially with your children’s initiatives,” Wenzel said. “This meets our quality of life goal, immeasurably.” The foundation couldn’t agree more.

Mark Hewitt (left), with Circle of Vision recipients Mary and Robert Johnson or will bequests of $100,000 or more made in direct support of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation or any of its component funds. A donor advised fund has been established with a gift of $100,000 by Mary and Robert Johnson, who have recently connected with the foundation. Their goal is to provide funding for a variety of nonprofit programs in and around Pennington County. With the assistance of their attorney, Paul Ihle, their wishes for supporting causes in the region became possible with the Robert J. and Mary L. Johnson Charitable Fund. Simply stated, a donor-advised fund is a charitable vehicle in which a donor contributes cash or assets to create a fund with NMF as the “sponsoring organization.” The donor makes recommendations to the foundation about how the funds should be used. The Johnsons believe that they have been very blessed in life. “We are so grateful to God,” they wrote in a note to the foundation. “He has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. It is only fitting to give back to help others.” The Johnson’s main interests are in helping the Northland Community and Technical College Foundation, St. Bernard’s Catholic Church, and Thief River Falls Education Foundation in areas such as scholarships, tuition assistance, and musical program needs, along with others not typically financed by the schools. Also of interest is the Rydell National Wildlife Refuge, Erskine; Pioneer Village, and Pennington County Humane Society, Thief River Falls.

Circle of Vision Award The Circle of Vision was established to recognize those people who see the possibilities of tomorrow by acting today; who believe in their communities, and, who say “yes” when asked to share of themselves and their resources. The award is presented in recognition of current gifts, planned gifts 7

“It is only fitting to give back to others.” Mary and Robert Johnson

ECI Adds Two New Communities

“Studies continue to show quality early education programs prepare children for learning.” Nancy Vyskocil

The Minnesota Early Childhood Initiative has received a third round of funding from the McKnight Foundation for the purpose of expanding and continuing the work of ECI throughout the state. The total number of coalitions statewide will grow to 80. NMF’s ten regional coalitions will be joined by two more communities, beginning in the fall, with help from the Caring Communities grant program. NMF continues to offer a very high level of technical assistance, along with generous coordinator stipends and on-going support to our ECI coalitions. Their positive outcomes in offering effective action projects to the young children, families and early care and education providers in their communities is testimony to the effective use of their grant funds. This record of good work is sure to continue into the next three-year ECI phase and beyond, with NMF support for local fund raising. “Studies continue to show quality early education programs prepare children for learning,” said NMF President Nancy Vyskocil. “This makes them more likely to perform at grade level, graduate from high school, and more likely to get and keep a job.” Groups from two new communities have committed to working with the Early Childhood Initiative process. Both communities are consolidated school districts in very rural areas with significant needs and significant passion for the well-being of the young children who are their future. Clearbrook-Gonvick has been interested in working with ECI since its inception. Their time

has come in terms of readiness, with a new school, increased collaboration among early childhood programs and work completed on behalf of young children. They will be an excellent partner. Norman County East includes the communities of Twin Valley, Gary and Flom. This will be NMF’s first coalition in Norman County and the region will be better served from the ECI’s work in this new area. The focus of ECI’s statewide and regional work will be in these specific areas: Kindergarten transition – assuring kindergarten readiness and a smooth transition to the school setting for all young children and parents through planning between early childhood and school professionals. Infant and early childhood mental health – promoting healthy social and emotional development from birth, practicing prevention of problem situations and improving access to intervention services for families with young children. Early literacy – providing parents, child care providers and everyone who interacts with young children with the information necessary to build the pre-reading skills children need to become good readers. NMF’s current group of 10 coalitions had already chosen early literacy as an area of focus and has begun the process to design local action projects that address early social and emotional development.


Grant Program Changes

NMF will still be using a two-step application process, which has been streamlined to speed up the grant review process. Pre-proposals are accepted at any time and reviewed regularly. Applicants should know in about two weeks if their applications are invited for a full proposal or, if not invited, what other options may be recommended. Full application requests of $10,000 or less may also be expedited, but requests over $10,000 will still be reviewed and approved by NMF’s Board of Directors. As before, applicants are encouraged to contact NMF staff to discuss potential projects before submitting a pre-proposal.

The cornerstone of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation’s (NMF) grant making is the philosophy of “Quality of Place.” This concept refers to the different types of amenities and assets within our region, including buildings and infrastructure, natural resources, social networks and the economy. When all of these pieces are working together, the result is much greater than the individual parts, creating a quality place to live and work. NMF’s grant programs were created to improve the “Quality of Place” in northwest Minnesota by promoting the development of the region’s assets. Recent grants awarded through NMF’s Community Planning, Caring Communities and Natural Resource Programs helped to improve communities, protect natural resources, assist children and seniors and build the economy. These three grant programs will remain basically intact under NMF’s new strategic plan, which goes into effect on July 1st. Some have been slightly modified to reflect recent regional and global issues. The changes are subtle, but still significant for NMF and the region. During the process that led to our new plan, we learned that communities are very interested in creating attractive public spaces that promote healthy living activities, such as walking and bike riding. To address this issue, the Community Planning Program will now place a stronger emphasis on planning for local parks and trail systems. NMF will also be promoting community planning that encourages growth management, shared services and sustainable development practices. Northwest Minnesota is blessed with multiple natural resource amenities, including wildlife refuges, world-class fishing, productive forests, native prairies, and massive bogs. However, many of these natural assets are relatively unknown. One of NMF’s goals is to create a greater awareness of these treasures and improve access to them through our Natural Resource Program grants. NMF is also interested in promoting the sustainable development of the region’s renewable energy resources, including wind, biomass, biogas and biofuels. To address this critical issue, NMF will be awarding grants for renewable energy planning projects, value-added agriculture/forestry feasibility studies and community-based energy conservation plans. In the past, NMF’s Caring Communities Program supported collaborative projects that provided services for at-risk children and elderly individuals. These strategies will still be encouraged, but will be expanded to emphasize projects that serve the entire family, including elderly individuals.

Business Development Activity Business Loans

Four loans were recently made from the Revolving Loan Fund totaling $333,500 McIntosh Machine and Manufacturing For purchase of an existing business. Ada Building Center                              For purchase of an existing business. EXB Solutions, Bemidji For a new business providing engineering services and development of testing software. Pine to Prairie Angel Fund, LLC For an equity fund that will invest in businesses locating in the region.             

Microloans Business counseling and loans are available to help entrepreneurs develop small business and selfemployment opportunities. One loan was recently made totaling $10,000.

Big Bear Sealcoating & Striping, Wilton

Technical Assistance Six businesses from Bemidji, Park Rapids, Crookston, Newfolden, Ada and Warroad received $8,217 in outside consulting for management and technical assistance. 9

NMF’s grant programs were created to improve the “Quality or Place” in Northwest Minnesota by promoting the development of the region’s assets.

Grants Grants Totaling $498,767 were made from April – June 2008 Caring Communities... Total: $72,000

Ralph and Ruth Shoemate Fund...... $2,589 For cat kennels Bemidji Area Arts Endowment & Project Fund (3)................................. $2,151 To Bemidji Community Arts Council, Inc., Bemidji Symphony Orchestra Mask and Rose Theatre Collective for arts-related programs or projects Everett Wilimek Endowment for Orchestral String Studies (2).............................. $526 For violin lessons Frederick Marshall Fund................. $1,500 For administrative support at Headwaters School of Music & Arts H.B. and Ina T. Roholt Family Fund for the Arts ....................................... $617 For BCAC Gallery Shop Pilot Project North Star Arts Fund...................... $1,800 For Arts Programming for REM Homes Residents Richard and Pam Nelson Family Fund for the Visual Arts............................. $232 For BCAC Gallery Shop Pilot Project Bemidji Area Early Childhood Initiative Fund (2).................................. $8,198 For children’s programs Bemidji Area Parks and Trails Fund First City Lights Fund...................... $2,350 Freedom Defenders Veterans’ Memorial Fund.............................. $31,080 Bemidji Area Public Library Foundation Fund........................... $17,233 For library equipment and renovations Bemidji Lumberjack Foundation Fund All School Reunion Fund (2)......... $11,996 First National Bank Bonspiel Fund.. $8,132 Security BankUSA Lumberjack Scramble................... $16,511 Clearwater County Humane Society Fund........................... $1,000 For general operating expenses Crookston Early Childhood Initiative Fund (2) ............................... $1,570 For children’s programs Fertile-Beltrami Early Childhood Initiative Fund (3) ................................... $907 For children’s programs Fosston Area Community Fund (4) ....... $2,900 For community activities and projects Fourth & Robbins Fund (6) . ................. $6,000 To Bemidji Area Habitat for Humanity; Bemidji Community Soup Kitchen; Bemidji Food Shelf; Boys and Girls Club of the Bemidji Are; Ours to Serve House of Hospitality; People’s Church for general support

Children & Families Northwest Minnesota Foundation (2)..................................... $50,000 For support of the Clearbrook-Gonvick and Norman County East early childhood community activities

The Elderly Northwoods Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers........................... $22,000 For caregiver assistance, respite, and education in Clearwater County

Community Planning Total:.. $13,900 Economic & Community Development

City of Park Rapids............................... $5,000 Park Rapids Comprehensive Plan Update Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe................... $2,500 For Northern Minnesota Reservation Economic Development Conference

Housing Bridges Medical Center......................... $6,400 To perform market research, planning, and a feasibility study in the Ada service area

Training Total:........................ $6,760 Individual Effectiveness

Wee Care Early Learning Center............ $1,220 For executive coaching - Ellen Boyd

Nonprofit Excellence Program Peacemaker Resources............................. $540 For financial management consultation

Organizational Effectiveness Beltrami Humane Society..................... $5,000 For organizational development project

Component funds are established with the Northwest Minnesota Foundation for a specific purpose. A donor or group of donors helps to build a permanent endowment from which interest earnings are used to fund projects, programs or activities that support the mission of the fund. A local fund advisory committee recommends distributions based on specific purposes and criteria. The NMF board, for purpose of IRS regulations, approves the advisory recommendations for grants, but the component funds are the source of the grant dollars.

Component Fund Total:...... $406,107 Bagley Early Childhood Initiative Fund (3).................................. $3,600 For children’s programs Beltrami County Humane Society Fund... $296 For cat kennels


Lake of the Woods Area Industrial Development Fund.............. $25,000 For loan payment LOW- Industrial Park Development Fund........................ $20,000 For loan payment Lake of the Woods Early Childhood Initiative Fund (2) ............... $7,030 For children’s programs Laporte Education Endowment and Project Fund Tonia Johannsen Memorial Fund........ $134 For basketball equipment Marshall County Early Childhood Initiative Fund....................................... $4,125 For professional training for Marshall County early educators Northwest Minnesota Women’s Fund (3).................................. $7,158 For Gold Pine Home-Women of Wisdom; for Warroad Women of Today-Leadership and Public Achievement Program for Girls; TrekNorth High School - Student to Student Female Mentor Program Ole and Ruth Tweet Family Fund (8)...... $5,582 For Challenger Preschool Early Childhood Coalition Family Advocacy Program; Minnesota Historical Society; St. Benedict’s Senior Center Hospice Rooms and Heartland Home Health Care and Hospice Donation in Memory of Aslaug Marie (Ronnie) Flatgaard; Pennington County Humane Society-donation in Memory of Milo; Thief River Falls Community Arts Council; and Thief River Falls Education Foundation Park Rapids Area Community Fund Heartland Homes Endowment and Project Fund (2)......................................... $12,000 For repairs and equipment Park Rapids Early Childhood Initiative Fund (2) ................................ $3,505 For children’s programs Park Rapids Revolving Loan Fund ...... $10,000 To Hubbard Regional Economic Development for operating expenses Roseau Area Community Fund (5) . ...... $1,297 For community projects and activities Roseau Parks & Recreation Fund....... $173 For Westside Park tree planting in the City of Roseau Ruth Edevold Endowment for Excellence Ruth Edevold Awards for Excellence (4)................................. $4,000 To American Legion; Fertile Area Armed Forces Veterans Fund; NAMI-Minnesota; Wee Care Early Learning Center St. Mary’s Mission School Fund.......... $40,000 For Kindergarten, technology, playground, copier, and windows Thief River Falls Early Childhood Initiative Fund..................................... $20,000 For early childhood family support worker/home visitor

Upper Mississippi Watershed Fund........... $250 For Beltrami County shoreland buffer restoration guidebook Warroad Area Community Fund (3) ...... $6,500 For Warroad Women of Today-Leadership and Public Achievement Program for Girls; Warroad Lost River Sportsmen Complex electricity service; Warroad Public Schools theater renovation Gaylord A. Gunderson Education and Scholarship Fund (2) .................... $11,000 For school programs and departments Margaret Ann and Paul Samuel Johnson Family Charitable Fund (9)............ $19,930 For donations to Warroad Veterans Memorial Fund; Waipa Foundation; Warroad Care Center Fund; Warroad Education Endowment and Project; Warroad Heritage Fund; Warroad Lost River Sportsmen Complex; Warroad Memorial Arena Fund; Warroad Point Restoration & Community; Zion Lutheran Church NAPA Ride to Reading Fund............ $1,292 For library books Warroad Education Endowment and Project Fund............................. $5,443 For elementary school playground equipment Warroad Memorial Arena Fund...... $20,000 For equipment and maintenance Warroad Point Area Restoration and Community Recovery Fund............ $12,500 For picnic shelter at the Warroad Point Warroad Swim Program Fund........ $48,000 For swim program support The Foundation has administered funds that award scholarships since 1994. The top ten schools attended by recipients are: University of North Dakota, Bemidji State University, North Dakota State University, Northland Community & Technical College, Minnesota State University-Moorhead, University of Minnesota Duluth, Concordia College, Northwest Technical College of Bemidji, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and St. Cloud State University.

Scholarships ............... Total: $4,800 Bagley Education Endowment and Project Fund . Bagley General Scholarship Fund (2)... $300 Bemidji Lumberjack Foundation Fund . Bemidji Lumberjack Foundation Fund General Scholarship Fund (3)............ $1,500 Ray F. Breen Scholarship (1) ............ $1,000 Laurel Capistran Murphy Scholarship Fund (1)............................ $500 Mahnomen Education Endowment and Project Fund (2).......................... $1,250 Warroad Area Community Fund . Justin Knebel Memorial Fund (1)........ $250


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- participants must attend both sessions Session I: September 10, 11 & 12, 2008 (11:30 a.m. start time on the 10th through 4:00 p.m. on the 12th Session II: December 4 & 5, 2008 (Starts with dinner on December 3) Location: Swenson House, Thief River Falls Spring 2009 dates Session I: March 25, 26 & 27 Session II: June 17(evening), 18 & 19 Become A Great Leader. Make An Impact On Your Business. Success starts with your leadership, and NMF LeaderImpact will help you to become better at what you do. Through two transformational leadership retreats and twelve weeks of integrated Action Learning Lab, you’ll arm yourself with critical leadership skills and strategies to improve the efficiency of your business.

NMF LeaderImpact is a one-of-a-kind training program Whether you measure success in profits, community impact or success stories, your team will benefit from the improved leadership that you will display. Learn to lead, and you’ll find success in business, community and life. For more information or to download forms, visit Events & Workshops at, or contact Jane McKelvy (218-759-2057 email

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