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Resource Special Giving Edition Northwest Minnesota Foundation Funds:

Protecting Our Legacy

Mission & Values The Northwest Minnesota Foundation is a public charitable foundation dedicated to creating a brighter future for Northwest Minnesota.

Our Mission :

The Northwest Minnesota Foundation invests resources, creates opportunities and promotes philanthropy to make the region a better place to live and work.

Our Values :

Excellence - We strive for the highest standards in all our programs and services. Integrity - We are a trusted resource demonstrating honesty and fairness in our relationships with partners, clients and colleagues. Passion - We are committed to the region and mission-driven in all our endeavors. Innovation - We are forward thinking and proactive in seeking out opportunities. Wisdom - We apply knowledge of the region and historical perspective to make sound decisions. Partnerships - We are most effective when working in cooperation with others.

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Northwest Minnesota Foundation

Protecting Our Legacy The Community Foundation: Protecting Our Legacy The Northwest Minnesota Foundation is anchored by a belief that the people who live and work in rural Minnesota are best positioned to decide how to charitably support their communities and interests. NMF’s board believed that we had the expertise to help build permanent resources to meet future needs for the region. In 1997, that belief led to a name change that would reflect the growing need for an organization that could assist donors. The Northwest Minnesota Initiative Fund became the Northwest Minnesota Foundation, signifying our resolve to serve as a regional community foundation. In 1996, NMF administered 13 component funds with assets totaling a little over $600,000. Since then NMF has committed resources to promote philanthropy in our region by encouraging the establishment of more funds, the continued charitable support for these funds, and perhaps most significant, the use of these funds, through grant awards, to make Northwest Minnesota a better place to live and work. Today, NMF assets total more than $40 million. Fourteen million of that amount represents the endowed and project (spendable) dollars of NMF’s nearly 300 component funds.

NMF Endowment Values

NMF Funds: Protecting Our Legacy


Fund Progress The Community Foundation: Protecting Our Legacy

In the past ten years, NMF’s component funds have awarded nearly 2,000 grants, with a tremendous 75% increase from the first half of that time period. (*Note: the growth in the Environment/Recreation fund category resulted from the addition of funds established for special projects that benefit communities.) $700,000 $600,000

Component Fund Grants by Category

$500,000 $700,000 $400,000 $600,000 $300,000 $500,000

Totals 2000-2005 (All- $1,378,339)

$100,000 $300,000

Totals 2006-2010 Totals 2000-2005 (All - $3,857,336) (All- $1,378,339)


Totals 2006-2010 (All - $3,857,336)

$200,000 $400,000 $- $200,000 $-

Number of Grants by Category 2000-2005

2006-2010 659


2006-2010 659 261



98 38



39 65


98 38

Northwest Minnesota Foundation

117 24

1 11 39 65

102 55

6 27

117 24

1 11


85 34

102 55

6 27

23 11 261 11 85 34

195 11



Donors Make it Possible Letter to Our Donors, Nancy Vyskocil Dear Friends, The Resource Special Giving Edition is in your hands because of the many donors who have given so generously to the Northwest Minnesota Foundation and our family of component funds. We are especially proud of the community and component funds listed that were created by individuals, groups and families throughout the 12-county region. These are people who care about the community. People who want to give something back. People who are your neighbors. People like you. Through your tremendous generosity, NMF and the component funds awarded grants totaling over $1.6 million in 2010 alone. These grant dollars supported: scholarships to area students for college tuition and expenses; parks, community beautification and recreation programs; nonprofit expenses and training; early childhood initiative programs; health care facilities, hospices, and health related activities; youth and education programs, equipment for schools; among many others. The foundation board and staff are extremely grateful to each and every donor who supported the foundation’s funds. You are protecting our legacy. The results of grass roots giving, keeping resources in the region to make it a better place to live and work, are reaffirming our mission every day. Thanks for all you do.

NMF President

NMF Funds: Protecting Our Legacy


Message from the Chair Message from the Chair, Eric Bergeson

Hello, all! In 2008 much to the surprise of many, the people of Minnesota supported a three-eighths percent increase in the sales tax by a 56-44% margin to support nature and the arts.   That’s right: At a time when it was virtually mandatory for politicians to adhere to the “no new tax” mantra, the citizens of Minnesota voted to raise their own taxes by an average of $60 per year per household to support parks, nature trails, clean water initiatives and efforts to preserve our cultural heritage.   It will take time to find out how this new fund shakes out. Our staff at the Northwest Minnesota Foundation is already working to understand how the money will be distributed.   But the larger lesson is clear: Even during difficult economic times, people are willing to pony up cash for community projects as long as they know where the money will be spent.   People are generous, but they want a measure of control over how their hard-earned dollars are used.   Enter the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. At NMF, we specialize in helping donors achieve their personal goals as they support their favorite causes.   On the following pages, you will read the stories of three donors who left legacies that are still bearing fruit, even after the donors passed on.   Two of the donors had very specific goals that NMF helped them meet.   Gaylord Gunderson of Warroad wanted to help average high school students––those who earned C’s–– further their education as tradesmen so they could make a good living in their hometown. After Mr. Anderson passed away, the final $395,000 of his estate was given to NMF to create a fund to do just that.   In her later years, Esther Instebo of Bagley gave money to the Clearwater County Humane Society in a way which 1) earned her a big up-front tax deduction 2) gave her a payment of $5000 per year until she passed away last summer at age 99 and 3) left a large chunk of money to one of her favorite charities.   On the other end of the spectrum, the Warren-Alvarado-Oslo school received a gift of $100,000 from a little-known man named Lyle Engelstad. He left a simple instruction - scholarships. But with NMF’s help, the WAO Education Foundation has turned the gift into 90 scholarships totaling $90,000 over the past twelve years.   Whether you have specific goals you wish to achieve through giving or whether you simply want to make sure your charitable dollars are spent wisely, NMF is here to help.   Our staff is expert at making sure your donations of any size are leveraged to the hilt to have the largest impact on the cause of your choice.   Industrialist Andrew Carnegie once said that earning a fortune is easier than giving it away wisely.   These days, you don’t need a fortune to make a difference. And you don’t need to worry that your charitable dollar will be squandered.   NMF has the tools to help people of all incomes make a difference in the areas of their choosing. 5

Northwest Minnesota Foundation

About the NMF Family of Funds Offering a very personal way for residents and friends of Northwest Minnesota

to make a meaningful and lasting contribution, NMF encourages all philanthropy, with a special emphasis on the establishment of endowment funds where only the earnings are used to support charitable activities. In its role as the regional community foundation for Northwest Minnesota, NMF offers flexible fund types which enable donors to achieve their charitable goals. With as little as $5,000, an agency or field of interest fund may be established to serve any charitable purpose. The fund may be named and added to at any time. Grants from the fund can be made in a person’s name, the name of the fund, or in anonymity. All contributions to the fund qualify for maximum tax deductibility.

Donor Advised Fund: A donor advised fund enables a donor to be

actively involved in choosing which organizations receive grants from the fund. This type of fund provides great flexibility to the donor while avoiding the costs and demands of a private foundation. At certain levels, this fund enables donors to involve heirs in giving during and after the original donor’s lifetime.

Designated Fund: A designated endowment fund is for donors who wish to specify one or more charitable

organizations to receive distributions in perpetuity from their named fund.

Field of Interest Fund: A field of interest fund enables a donor to support a cause they care about, such as health

services, the arts, or child abuse. NMF will make grants to organizations capable of making the greatest impact within the donor’s chosen field of interest.

Agency Fund: Agencies that place their endowment funds with NMF access a well-monitored, community-wide

investment portfolio and planned giving vehicles for their donors. Subject to NMF board approval, agencies receive an annual payment from their fund. They also save on in-house time and budget by cutting down on paperwork and relieving staff from the expense and onus of researching the complexities of planned giving options.

Scholarship Fund: Donors may establish a scholarship fund in their name or the name of a loved one. The

distributions from the fund are used to provide educational opportunities for individuals chosen by an independent scholarship committee.

Community Funds: The NMF Community Funds Program assists communities in organizing and building

resources for the benefit of the community. Working with community leaders, NMF facilitates the establishment of a community fund, which provides a simple, understandable and economical means for helping meet the needs of the community and the charitable objectives of donors. The Community Funds Program creates, builds and maintains sources of local financial support capable of responding to community needs.

NMF Funds: Protecting Our Legacy


Giving Feels Good A

t this time of year, giving feels especially good. It can feel even better if you’re able to make your donation pay off for you too. “Both you and the cause can benefit,” says Stacy Palmer, editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy. “That’s how philanthropy in this country was born.” There are many ways to give and get at the same time. First, you can receive a tax deduction for making a donation. To take this, you must give to a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and you must itemize your tax return. Be sure to keep documentation. You need a receipt from the organization for gifts over $250. Under that amount, you must have a cancelled check, credit card statement or a receipt from the charity. Another simple, common way to get something back is by establishing a charitable annuity Charitable gift annuities have been around since the early 1800s. Over the years they have evolved into one of the most popular charitable life income plans. Typically a charitable annuity is an agreement in which you transfer cash or other assets to Northwest Minnesota Foundation or designated to one of its funds in exchange for the promise to pay you an annuity for life. In both cases, a sizable amount is donated, and NMF agrees to pay you a set sum, every year until your death. Taxes on that income will vary by age and the way the annuity was funded. You take the tax deduction for the donation now. A charitable annuity is easy to set up. Experienced NMF staff can help you with the transaction. Still another, very familiar planned gift is a bequest, a gift of cash or property that you designate in your will. While there are several types of bequests, each gives back to your estate with a gift receipt for the full value of the bequest, and a significant reduction in the tax payable when your final return is filed. We hope you’ll consider including a gift to Northwest Minnesota Foundation in your will or living trust. This type of gift offers these main benefits:

Simplicity. Just a few sentences in your will or trust are all that is needed. The official bequest language for

Northwest Minnesota Foundation is: “I [name], or [city, state, ZIP], give, devise and bequeath to Northwest Minnesota Foundation [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] for allocated to ‘Name of Component Fund’.”


Because you are not actually making a gift until after your lifetime, you can change your mind at any time.

Versatility. You can structure the bequest to leave a specific item or

amount of money, make the gift contingent on certain events, or leave a percentage of your estate to us.

Tax Relief. Your estate is entitled to an estate tax charitable deduction for the gift’s full value.

To learn more about these giving options that give back to you or your heirs, please contact Ritchie Houge (, phone 218-759-2057) Visit the Gift Planning Ideas section of the NMF web site at for great information and answers to many of your planned giving questions.


Northwest Minnesota Foundation

Lyle Engelstad F

or Lyle Engelstad, personal charity and commitment meant remembering his hometown and its young people. He always felt he received a great deal from the teachers and staff at Warren High School. It was his desire to give a gift to the school to help students have some of the kinds of opportunities in life that he had enjoyed. In 1998, Mr. Engelstad made a will bequest of $100,000 to his old high school, now the Warren-Alvarado-Oslo school district. His will bequest is a lasting legacy. To date, 90 scholarships totaling $90,000 have been given to deserving graduates. They are awarded based on a desire to attend college, academic ability, and the need for assistance. According to Marie Goodwin, director of the WAO Education Foundation, there were not clear directions given about how the funds should be disbursed. “If we had just given away the money $10,000 at a time, we would not have been able to keep the scholarship going. I think Mr. Engelstad would be surprised at the result of his gift, with so many students benefiting from the scholarships.”

2010 Engelstad

scholarship recipi ents Brenna Rans Lucas Goodwin, trom, Kristie Novak

Lyle Engelstad was born in Warren on March 28, 1921 to Helmer Luther Engelstad and Helen Theresa (Thorson) Engelstad. After graduating from Warren High School in 1939, he moved to Chicago where he worked in a bakery for two years before enlisting in the Army in 1942. He joined the paratroopers and later served as an instructor and jump master. In 1945 he joined the 11th Airborne Division in the Far East and in Japan until April 1940. Mr. Engelstad described his military career in his 50th WHS Class Reunion Book as follows. “So many good things have happened to me that the space available is going to be just the highlights. As you know I decided to stay in the Army. What a blessing! 1942-1954 were routine assignments, 1954-1957 Allied Forces, Central Europe in Fountainbleu, France. “In 1957-1960 I was in Washington D.C. as assistant SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) liaison officer. This was the most interesting assignment a person could have. I had to go to Congress three or four times a month and to the White House once every two months. Most of my contact with the White House was with the military aide to the President, but in the three years I had to deliver material (four times) to General Goodpasture, who was chief of staff to President Eisenhower. “The first time I met General Goodpasture, the President was out of the office and he took me into the Oval Office. My job also required assisting General Lauris Norstad (head of NATO) with his presentations before Congressional committees. “In 1960 I was assigned to Paris as administrative assistant to General Norstad. General Norstad, while in Paris, introduced me to President Eisenhower. I also met John and Ted Kennedy, Lord Mountbattten, and Alister Cooke. In 1963 I was assigned to Washington as executive to General Creighton W. Abrams. In 1967 I went to Viet Nam and spent five years. I retired in 1973.”  The executor of Mr. Engelstad’s will served with him in the military. He observed that he was probably the only person in the Army who spent five-and-a-half years on the personal staff of Air Force Four Star General Norstad and 10 years on the personal staff of Army Four Star General Abrams.  Over his military career of more than 30 years, Mr. Engelstad received several military decorations including the Legion of Merit with an oak leaf cluster, Bronze Star, Joint Service Commendation Medal and the Army Commendation with an oak leaf cluster. Mr. Englestad retired in El Paso, Texas in 1973, and passed away in 1996. By remembering his youth in Warren, the remarkable legacy of his commitment to community and country will carry on in the lives of the WAO scholarship recipients. NMF Funds: Protecting Our Legacy


Esther Instebo E

sther Instebo, who passed away at the age of 99 in July, 2010, was a well-known figure around the Bagley and Clearwater County area. She was born Dec. 30, 1910, at her family homestead in Bagley, Minn., the second of three children. There was no hospital nearby. Her Scandinavian immigrant folks farmed 160 acres.

Photo: Seattle Times

For transportation, Esther, her brother and her sister — both deceased — rode in a sled that was pulled by a big, white Arabian horse. In the winter, in the snow, that’s how they got to their school four miles away.

Esther with Washing ton State Governor Ch Gregoire (left) and M ristine ichelle Obama and an other unidentified.

Her first job, in 1929, was as a certified country-school teacher, earning $85 a month, which included scrubbing the schoolhouse floor and building a fire to heat the building. She lived with her parents and each day walked six miles round-trip to the school where she taught. Back then, it was written into the contract that female teachers could not be married. “I know what it’s like to be darn poor,” she told the Seattle Times in 2008. In 1937, Mrs. Instebo graduated from Bemidji State Teacher’s College. Three years later, she followed her future husband, Alfred Instebo, a handsome Norweigian immigrant, to Seattle. She attended the University of Washington and began teaching elementary school, retiring from EC Hughes Elementary in West Seattle in 1972. Her husband died in 1995. Mrs. Instebo traveled between Bagley and Seattle, maintaining residences in both locations. She was active in supporting causes she believed in, sharing her talent, time and resources wherever she happened to be. Even as she sped toward the century mark, Esther Instebo, a one-woman political-fundraising machine, barely slowed. Once and always a teacher, Mrs. Instebo, until the very last, continued gathering signatures for a high-earners income-tax initiative she believed would help fund schools. She delivered donations and filled fundraiser tables for Washington’s U.S. senators, Planned Parenthood and near to her heart, teachers. In Northwest Minnesota, she supported her favorite causes, including her alma mater Bemidji State University, and established a fund with NMF to support the Clearwater County Humane Society. She read constantly “mostly about politics and economics” and when she liked a book, she’d buy a crate full and pass copies to friends. Again: once a teacher, always a teacher. When she says her sympathies lie with causes for the poor, she speaks from experience. The way Instebo sees it, “I don’t have any children waiting in the wings. What’s going to happen to your money? I love the idea that a bunch of us can be doing something.” Doing something was definitely in her nature. She was eager to take responsibility. With an initial $10,000 gift in 1997, Esther Instebo was instrumental in establishing the Clearwater County Humane Society Fund at NMF. The purpose of the fund was to provide for an annual income stream to support the needs of the Humane Society. Her goal was for developing a permanent endowment that would grow over the years through contributions from friends of the Humane Society. In 2001, Northwest Minnesota Foundation accepted with deepest appreciation a $50,000 charitable gift annuity from Mrs. Instebo, benefitting the Clearwater County Humane Society Endowment and Project Fund. With this gift, Mrs. Instebo was allowed to claim a charitable tax deduction for $32,200 (the gift portion of the annuity). The annuity agreement guaranteed payments of nearly $5,000 per year, which was paid until the time of her passing in 2010. The remaining principle and interest earnings were then added to the Clearwater County Humane Society Endowment Fund. 9

Northwest Minnesota Foundation

Gaylord Gunderson Gaylord Gunderson lived a quiet and simple life in Warroad. Underneath his unassuming demeanor, he held a strong interest -- a passion -- for education.

Years ago, Gaylord established a trust fund to provide post-secondary scholarships to students from Warroad High School. These scholarships were designated for the “average or ‘C’ student” and to support students attending technical or vocational school programs. Gaylord believed skilled workers and tradesmen were essential to our communities. He also believed young people pursuing education and training in these areas would remain or return to their hometown, when they’re encouraged and presented with the opportunity. Gaylord’s generosity did not stop with the establishment of this one scholarship program. Working with his advisors, Gaylord drafted his estate plan, leaving specific bequests in his will to several close friends and charitable interests. He also added a “residual clause” to his will setting forth his final generous act. In that clause he left the residual of his estate to the Northwest Minnesota Foundation to establish an endowment fund in his name, benefiting students and programs at Warroad Public Schools. That simple act of generosity amounted to $395,000 and the realization of the hope and dreams for many young people. Gaylord’s bequest will continue to help average students who pursue education goals. It will also provide annual funding for equipment and programs at Warroad schools; equipment like a new welder for the tech classes, new computer software and other items that will meet educational needs now and for decades to come.

NMF Funds: Protecting Our Legacy


Funds of NMF Funds of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation

Northwest Minnesota Foundation funds help individual donors, groups and families act on deeply held values and

community commitments. They are established to benefit a specific nonprofit community organization or interest area, and NMF manages the assets. NMF also assists community nonprofits with the important work of building their asset bases and helps organizations further their missions in order to operate with continued success. The foundation has also established Community Funds in key areas throughout the region. These funds maintain a local focus and work to address the same needs as the foundation itself, tailored to benefit the individual communities in which they have been set up. This method of “helping communities help themselves” increases donor involvement, encourages local participation, and builds on hometown pride. It’s just one more way that NMF works to develop community assets. Staff is available to work with community groups, individuals and families interested in establishing these funds. Your fund might support a wide range of charitable activities within a defined area and purpose, or it could be designated to a specific charitable beneficiary. Contact Ritchie Houge at 218-759-2057 or 800-659-7859. You have the opportunity to support one or more of the funds listed in the Resource. We hope that you will identify one of more funds that meet your charitable goals, or you will support the NMF endowment with your gift, using the remittance envelope inserted in the back cover of this Resource. This catalog of funds is organized by county, then sorted alphabetically by fund category. Following are the descriptions of what interest areas the funds support in each of the categories.

Community Funds have been established in key areas throughout the NMF region. These funds maintain a local focus and work to address the same needs as the foundation itself, but in a manner specific to those communities in which they serve. Sub-funds organized as part of the community fund usually fit one of the categories listed below.

Community Service Funds have been established to support agencies, organizations, and groups that serve to enhance the quality of life in communities throughout the region.

Cultural Funds have been established to support organizations or groups that promote and preserve all aspects of the arts and other cultural pursuits in Northwest Minnesota. Donor Advised Funds have been established to enable a donor to be actively involved in choosing which organizations receive grants from the fund. This type of fund provides great flexibility to the donor while avoiding the costs and demands of a private foundation. Economic Development Funds have been established to support organizations that promote business development and expansion in Northwest Minnesota. Education and Scholarship Funds have been established to support school systems, extracurricular activities, postsecondary education scholarships and specific educational programs.

Environmental Funds have been established to support organizations and groups that promote and preserve the environment, watersheds, lake associations, outdoor recreation, and community beautification or vitality.

Health Care Funds have been established to support organizations and programs that provide services promoting health and wellness; that adds strength to the health care systems in the region, and; support medical education.

Regional Funds have been established to support a variety of programs or organizations serving the twelve-county region or an area larger than a county or single community.


Northwest Minnesota Foundation

Funds of NMF

Beltrami County Community Funds

Bemidji Area Community Fund

Bemidji Jaycees Education and Scholarship Fund

Earle and Mariann Dickinson Family Education Fund

Rosselet-Hickey Charitable Fund

Blackduck Area Community Fund

Blackduck Academic and Character Scholarship Fund

Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians Red Community Fund

Nymore Dog Park Fund

Ralph and Ruth Shoemate Fund

Seniors Trust Fund of Beltrami County

Support Our Troops Fund

Thrive Initiative Fund (Bemidji, Blackduck, Kelliher)

Cultural Funds

Beltrami County Historical Society Fund

Bemidji Area Arts Endowment Fund

Bemidji Community Arts Center Fund

Bemidji Community Theater Fund

Bemidji Symphony Orchestra Fund

Ernie Rall Children’s Performing Arts Fund

Everett Wilimek Endowment for Orchestral String Studies

Frederick Marshall Fund for the Headwaters School of Music and the Arts

Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians Education Fund

H.B. and Ina T. Roholt Family Fund for the Arts

Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians Recovery and Renewal Fund

Lake Bemidji Summer Opera Festival Fund

Red Lake Tribal Information Center, Archives, & Library Fund

North Star Arts Fund

Paul Bunyan Playhouse Fund

Youth Initiative Fund

Richard and Pam Nelson Family Fund for the Visual Arts

Sandy Kaul Fund for the Arts

Community Service Funds

Bemidji Area Public Library Foundation Fund

Beltrami Humane Society Fund

Dorothy Breen Fund for the Visually Impaired

Bemidji Area Early Childhood Initiative Fund

Hazel I Shimmin Fund

Evergreen House Fund (Bemidji Area)

Paul Bunyan Playhouse Fund

Headwaters Regional Development Commission

Ruth Stenerson Project Support Fund

Headwaters Regional Development Commission Leadership Fund

HRDC Successful Communities Challenge Fund

Headwaters Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Fund

Kelliher Area Seniors Fund

Donor Advised Funds

Backstrom Family Charitable Fund

Baer Family Fund

Fourth & Robbins Fund NMF Funds: Protecting Our Legacy


Funds of NMF

John and Eloise Ostrem Charitable Fund

Meade Family Fund

Oja Family Fund

Education Funds

Bemidji Lumberjack Foundation Fund

Environment & Recreation Funds

Bemidji Area Parks and Trails Fund

Bemidji City Parks and Trails Operation and Maintenance Fund

Bemidji Community Biomes Outdoor Classroom Fund

Bemidji Curling Fund

Amy Anderson English Fund

Bemidji First City of Lights Fund

Bemidji All School Reunion Fund

Bemidji in Bloom Fund

Buck Robbins Scholarship Fund

Bemidji Sculpture Walk Fund

Bun and Alvera Fortier Scholarship Fund

Bemidji Waterfront-Paul and Babe Maintenance Fund

Des Sagedahl Scholarship Fund

Freedom Defenders Veterans’ Memorial Fund

First National Bank Bonspiel Fund

Lake Bemidji Waterfront Fund

Food Service Fund

Big Bog State Recreation Area Fund

General Scholarship Fund

Grace Lake Charitable Fund

George Pelawa-Calgary Flames Education Fund

Greater Bemidji Outdoor Foundation Fund

Heidi Bitzer McClure Memorial Scholarship Fund

Joe Plummer Music Fund

Healthcare Funds

John F. Breen Scholarship Fund

K.E. “Red” Wilson Athletic Fund

Lumberjack Security Bank Scramble Fund

Pat Campbell String Fund

Clearwater County

Ray F. Breen Scholarship Fund

Community Funds

Rick Lee Memorial Fund

Bagley Area Community Fund

Tom Gardner Memorial Fund

Bagley Area Scholarship Fund

Troy Nelson Memorial “Character” Scholarship Fund

Bagley Beautification Fund

Kelliher Area Health Care Fund

Heartland Christian Academy Fund

Bagley Community Playground Fund

James and Sylvia Sande Scholarship Fund

Bagley Education Fund

Merle and Mildred Rundell Education Fund

Bagley Technology Advancement Fund

St Mary’s Mission School Fund

Nola Ellis Memorial Fund

Wells Academy Fund


Northwest Minnesota Foundation

Funds of NMF

Hewitt Family Charitable Fund

Kinship of Park Rapids Fund

Matthew Spangler Hockey Fund

Park Rapids Education & Activities Fund

Park Rapids Area Drug-Alcohol Awareness Fund

Park Rapids Early Childhood Initiative Fund

Park Rapids Memorial Scholarship Fund

Park Rapids Rotary Charitable Fund

Education Funds

Positively Park Rapids Fund

Economic Development Funds

Community Service

Bagley Early Childhood Initiative Fund

Clearbrook-Gonvick Early Childhood Initiative Fund

Clearwater County Humane Society Fund

Cultural Funds

Clearbrook-Gonvick Performing Arts Fund

Clearbrook-Gonvick Education Fund

Clearbrook-Gonvick Playground Fund

Mary Jo Klinger Scholarship Fund

Olga Peterson Scholarship Fund

Swanson Family Fund

Education Funds

Thorbeck Field Fund

Healthcare Funds

Clearwater Area Health Care Fund

Clearwater County Emergency Services Fund

Clearwater Health Services Hospice Family Room Fund

Clearwater Health Services Cancer Screening Fund

Clearwater Hospice Fund

Clearwater Senior Care Fund

Hubbard County Community Funds

Akeley Area Community Fund

Park Rapids Area Community Fund

Fireworks Fund

Heartland Homes Fund

Park Rapids Revolving Loan Fund

Laporte Education Fund

Laporte-Benedict VFW Scholarship Fund

Community Playground Fund

Tonia Johannsen Memorial Fund

Environment & Recreation Funds

Big Sand Lake Charitable Fund

Hubbard County COLA Charitable Fund

Lake Plantagenet Charitable Fund

Potato Lake Charitable Fund

Upper Mississippi Watershed Fund

Kittson County

Education Funds

Julie Holmquist Memorial Scholarship Fund

Luther Younggren Memorial Scholarship Fund

NMF Funds: Protecting Our Legacy


Funds of NMF Healthcare Funds

Community Service Funds

Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center Foundation Fund

Lake of the Woods County Community Service Funds

Naytahwaush Area Early Childhood Initiative

Education Funds

Mahnomen Education Fund

Gen. Ike and Maj. Bruce Isaacson Scholarship Fund

Lake of the Woods County Humane Society Fund

Leslie Hanson Scholarship Fund

Lake of the Woods Early Childhood Initiative Fund

Milton Hockel Scholarship Fund

Night Riders Sno-Club Scholarship Fund

Cultural Funds

Lake of the Woods County Historical Society Fund

Economic Development Funds

Marshall County

Community Funds

Stephen Area Endowment Fund

Lake of the Woods Industrial Park Development Fund

Lake of the Woods Area Industrial Development Fund

Lake of the Woods Revolving Loan Fund

Robert C. and Mona Rae Johnson Family Charitable Fund

Stephen Area Golf Fund

Stephen Curling Fund

Education Funds

Lake of the Woods Area Industrial Development Fund

Mahnomen County Community Funds

Mahnomen Area Community Fund

White Earth Reservation Area Community Fund


Mahnomen Health Care Fund White Earth Oshki Manidoo (New Spirit) Fund

Northwest Minnesota Foundation

Warren Area Community Fund

Community Service Funds

Marshall County Early Childhood Initiative Fund

Warren Senior Center Endowment Fund

Education Funds

Warren-Alvarado-Oslo Education Foundation Fund

Lyle H Engelstad Scholarship Fund

Music Advancement Fund

Myron and Margaret Carlson Scholarship Fund

Funds of NMF Environment & Recreation Funds

Omdahl Environment and Conservation Fund

Wetlands Pines & Prairie Audubon Sanctuary (Eldor and Stella Omdahl)

Healthcare Funds

North Valley Health Center Fund

Norman County

Polk County Community Funds

Crookston Area Community Fund

Crookston Arena Fund

Fertile-Beltrami Area Community Fund

Fisher Area Community Fund

Fosston Area Community Fund

Arvid Clementson Veterans’ Memorial Fund

Cameron Badurek Peace Award Fund

Dean and Joyce McNelly Vocational Scholarship Fund

Dean Clementson Scholarship Fund

East Polk Heritage Center Fund

First Care Fosston Area Fund

Fosston 21st Century Fund

Fosston Education Foundation Fund

Education Funds

Fosston Livestock Shipping Association Animal Science Scholarship Fund

Jim Miller Memorial Math Scholarship Fund

Healthcare Funds

LuVerne Trogstad Education and Scholarship Fund

Terry Stout Memorial Scholarship Fund

Vikan Scholarship Fund

Community Funds

Twin Valley Area Community Fund

Joseph Urdahl Memorial Fund

Community Service Funds

Norman County East Early Childhood Initiative Fund

Laural Capistran Murphy Scholarship Fund

Bridges Medical Services Foundation Fund

Pennington County

Community Service Funds

Strong Youth Fund

Thief River Falls Early Childhood Initiative Fund

Donor Advised Funds

Ole and Ruth Tweet Family Fund

Robert J. Johnson and Mary L. Johnson Charitable Fund

Community Service Funds

Crookston Early Childhood Initiative Fund

Fertile Armed Forces Veterans Fund

Fertile-Beltrami Early Childhood Education Fund


Donor Advised Funds

Rongen Family Fund

NMF Funds: Protecting Our Legacy


Funds of NMF Education Funds

District #593 (Crookston) Education Foundation Fund

Frances Drivold Special Education Fund

East Polk County Fair Scholarship Fund

Kris Fontaine Scholarship Fund

Environment & Recreation Funds

Rydell Refuge Fund

Healthcare Funds

First Care Medical Services Fund

First Care Hospice Fund

Red Lake County Community Funds

Red Lake Falls Area Community Fund

Kim Knaack Music Fund

Cultural Funds

Two Rivers Area Theatre Endowment and Project Fund

Two Rivers Area Theatre Scholarship Fund

Education Funds

Kyle A. Myhre Memorial Fund

Lester Norris Dale, MD Scholarship Fund

Red Lake Falls Education Fund

Richard Bresnahan “Leadership in the Arts” Fund

Roseau County Community Funds 17

Northwest Minnesota Foundation

Badger Area Community Fund

Badger Education Fund

Badger Veteran’s Memorial Fund

Greenbush Area Community Fund

Greenbush Education Fund

Keith and Ellen Kapphahn Family Scholarship Fund

Roseau Area Community Fund

A.J. and Eleanor Kramer Scholarship Fund

Charles “Nick” Peterson Memorial Fund

Four Season Senior Center Fund

Joseph Schneider Scholarship Fund

Malung PTO Scholarship Fund

Marian Foley Memorial Fund

Marvin LaRue Memorial Fund

Roseau Adult Education Fund

Roseau Area Community & Education Fund

Roseau Area Friends of the Library Fund

Roseau Lions Club Scholarship Fund

Roseau Parks & Recreation Fund

Wannaska PTO Scholarship Fund

Warroad Area Community Fund

Ann and Les Henderson Memorial Fund

Betty Bahnmiller Memorial Fund

Bruce and Ellen Atwater Education Fund

Dorrance H. Johnston Scholarship for Engineering Fund

Edward and Agnes Brandli Scholarship Fund

Farmer’s Union Oil Co. Scholarship Fund

Gaylord A. Gunderson Memorial Fund

Jennifer Grove Memorial Scholarship Fund

Justin Knebel Memorial Fund

Katie Jo Olafson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Funds of NMF Regional Funds

Lee Hafdahl Memorial Scholarship Fund

Margaret Ann and Paul Samuel Johnson Family Charitable Fund

NAPA Ride to Reading Fund

Community Service Funds

Nick Moyer Memorial and Scholarship Fund

Full Stride Fund

Nick Moyer Memorial Fund

Hopes, Dreams and Smiles Fund

Patrick O’Donnell Memorial Scholarship Fund

Rainbow Park Restoration Fund

Donor Advised Funds

Warroad Early Childhood Initiative Fund

Warroad Education Fund

Warroad Heritage Center Fund

Warroad Lost River Sportsmen Complex Fund

Warroad Memorial Arena Fund

Economic Development Funds

Warroad Point Area Restoration and Community Recovery Fund

Warroad Senior Living Center Fund

Education Funds

Warroad Swim Program Fund

Bronko Nagurski Education Fund

Warroad Women of Today Community Project Fund

Leonard J. and Rosemound Kucera Memorial Scholarship Fund

Cultural Funds

Mike Staples Memorial Scholarship Fund

Environment & Recreation Funds

Roseau County Historical Society Fund

Major Robert Olson Memorial Fund

Ruth Edevold Awards for Excellence

Ruth Edevold Endowment for Excellence

Ingenuity Frontier Fund

Healthcare Funds

Eagles Auxiliary Diabetes & Dialysis Fund

LifeCare Health Fund

Healthcare Funds

LifeCare Manor Greenbush Fund

LifeCare Hospice Fund

LifeCare Manor Roseau Fund

Maggie Adams Medical Equipment Fund

Parish Nursing Fund

Think Pink Breast Cancer Fund

Giziibii Resource Conservation & Development Fund

Courage Center Programs and Camps Fund

Regional Programs

Northwest Minnesota Women’s Fund

Northwest Minnesota Women’s Scholarship Fund

University of Minnesota Crookston Women’s Scholarship Fund

Red River Valley Emerging Leadership Fund

NMF Funds: Protecting Our Legacy


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Click this button found on every page at to make a donation to any of funds in the NMF family of funds. Online giving is fast, secure and easy on our new site. Support The Foundation Click this button found on every page at to make a donation to Make a donation

any of funds in the NMF family of funds. Online giving is fast, secure and easy on our new site. Contact us - Phone: 218-759-2057 or 800-659-7859 (in MN) Fax: 218-759-2328 E-mail: info Our new online giving system is easy to use. The forms are simple to

2010 Special Giving Edition  

2010 Special Giving Edition

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