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What matters most, each and every day, is helping our clients address one of life’s greatest challenges – obtaining access to quality, affordable health care. HORAN works with employers to develop innovative solutions to minimize costs and improve health. As the landscape continues to shift, HORAN helps Kentucky employers develop strategic plans that address financial concerns, plan design and effective communication with their employees. For more information about how HORAN can help with your benefits strategy, contact Meg Groeschen at 859.572.4500 or MegG@horanassoc.com.

Our working relationship stretches beyond the scope of business and makes our partnership even better. Timothy Schroeder, Chief Executive Officer CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services, Inc.


MAY/JUNE 2019 TOURISM EDITION VOLUME 38 NUMBER 4 4 Letter From Leadership 6 Paris in Kentucky 10 Here's the Dish: NKY's Culinary Delights 14 NKY Festivals and Events


24 Hotel Growth Continues to Soar 26 Welcome to the Center of Baseball's Universe 30 The Team Behind The Team 32 Outstanding Women of NKY 38 Business Impact Award Winners 40 Leadership Update 42 Around the Chamber 45 Ribbon Cuttings 46 Member Milestones


50 NKY Chamber Events

PICTURED: (Top) One of the 20+ Mr. Redlegs Benches throughout the Cincinnati area, featuring various throwback uniforms to be worn by the Reds during the 2019 season, photo provided by The Cincinnati Reds. (Bottom) The 2019 Outstanding Women of NKY Honorees & Nancy Janes Boothe Scholarship Recipients, photo by Ben Gastright. ON THE COVER: Mr. Redlegs atop the Reds' float in the 100th Findlay Market Opening Day Parade, photo by Ben Gastright.




THIS EDITION OF THE NKY CHAMBER’S Business Journal is devoted to tourism and the important venues across the region that contribute to the impressive growth of Northern Kentucky’s tourism industry. The importance of tourism dollars to the growth of our economy can’t be overstated, as tourism imports dollars into the region that support our restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, and other service businesses. Jim Parsons Partner, Keating Muething & Klekamp PPL Chair, NKY Chamber of Commerce

Brent Cooper President and CEO, NKY Chamber of Commerce


If we were writing this article 20 years ago, we would primarily focus on the tourism venues in Cincinnati, such as the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals, the Cincinnati Zoo, and the Cincinnati venues that support arts and culture in the region. However, today, Northern Kentucky boasts numerous tourism attractions that literally draw millions of visitors each year to our region. These attractions include the Newport Aquarium, Hofbräuhaus, Kentucky Speedway, Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, and the growing number of bourbon related tourist venues. As a result of these new tourism attractions, Northern Kentucky has become one of the major regions that draw tourism dollars to Kentucky. Our region represents twenty percent of Kentucky’s total tourism industry. Based on 2018 data, every dollar that is spent on marketing for tourism generates $23.52 in return. In 2018, direct visitor spending has increased to $450 million, and today 77,000 persons work in the tourism industry throughout the Cincinnati region. Hotel occupancy rates have never been higher, and it seems like every month a new hotel opens or is announced in Northern Kentucky.

Our region represents twenty percent of Kentucky’s total tourism industry. Based on 2018 data, every dollar that is spent on marketing for tourism generates $23.52 in return.



New Riff Distilling


The NKY Chamber works to foster our growing tourism industry by supporting legislation to encourage its growth, and to develop workforce initiatives to meet the needs of our tourism industry. With the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, Northern Kentucky has become a leader in religiousthemed tourism in Kentucky. Ark Encounter in particular, with nearly one million annual visitors, has greatly expanded the growth of tourism in our region. The visitors to Ark Encounter, and the money they spend in our region, has increased room nights among the area’s hotels and has contributed to the growth of the region’s other tourism venues. Instead of competing, our tourism venues work together to complement each other and expand our tourism reach across the nation and the world. In addition, with the growth of the bourbon industry, new venues have been developed or are being developed, such as New Riff, and new marketing efforts like the B-Line are working to make Northern Kentucky the gateway to Kentucky’s vast bourbon network. In October, Northern Kentucky will celebrate the growth of the bourbon industry with the new Kentucky’s Edge event.

The NKY Chamber works to foster our growing tourism industry by supporting legislation to encourage its growth, and to develop workforce initiatives to meet the needs of our tourism industry. Some of these initiatives include supporting the construction and expansion of the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, supporting expanded historic tax credit legislation to encourage new investment in our historic architecture and neighborhoods, and our work to keep the Kentucky Tourism Development Act incentive in place. For the past fifty years the NKY Chamber led, connected and advocated on behalf of all of its members. Our efforts to support and expand our tourism industry has paid-off in a big way. NK Y

Paris at Home




YOUR ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO HAVING FRANCE RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR. FOR AS LONG AS I COULD REMEMBER, I'VE WANTED to visit Paris. Not Paris, Kentucky, Paris, France. I envisioned strolling the cobblestone streets, sitting for hours at a café, people-watching and indulging in croissants and baguettes all day. A year ago, my friend and I decided that we would finally go to Paris to celebrate my 38th birthday. After months of planning and saving for the perfect trip, the time had finally arrived to travel across the pond to live my Francophile dreams. Needless to say, the trip was everything and more. When our eight days came to an end, I remember flying into CVG and tearing up a little thinking that I had just experienced the most amazing adventure of my life. Weeks later, and still feeling Paris withdrawal, I set out to find tiny vestiges of our amazing area that would remind me of my time in Paris. Without many expectations in finding some local gems, I was shocked to realize that European influences are all around us. And although Northern Kentucky isn’t quite like Paris, France you can certainly find many cool places and spaces that make you feel like you’re in a European city.

By Kelly Rose Welcome House of Northern Kentucky

Travel Buddies

A Parisian Street

Kelly Rose at The Louvre, the world's largest art museum.

The Effiel Tower

PICTURED: French Macarons from Taste of Belgium at Findlay Market, photo by Ben Gastright. TOURISM 2019 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 4


LES RESTAURANTS, PETIT DEJEUNER & ET LES BOISSONS (RESTAURANTS, BREAKFAST & DRINKS) When I think of quintessential Paris, the first thing is the food. French food is rich. It’s bread, cheese, butter, oysters, mussels and frites. I also think of breakfast. The French love their petit dejeuner! Typically it’s eaten later in the morning, but it’s usually a silky omelet, flaky pastries, rich quiches and other breads with preserves and butter. Eating breakfast in Paris usually can sustain you for the entire day. 1


Hands down, the best place to get a French breakfast is Jean Robert’s French Crust Bistro at Findlay Market. In all honesty, Findlay Market is the best local place to get that true European feeling. After having brunch at French Crust you can pick up fresh groceries for the week and treat your sweet tooth to a crêpe or some macarons from Taste of Belgium.


PICTURED: 1. Findlay Market 2. Parisian patio seating 3. French Crust Bistro at Findlay Market 4. Souflee 5. Oysters 6. Macaron Party 7. Savory Crêpe 8. French cheeses at Findlay Market 9. Notre Dame exterior & interior (Paris)




Chart House for oysters Agave & Rye, Keystone, and The Gruff for quintessential outdoor eating Kremer’s Market and Butler’s Pantry to pick up odds and ends Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar for happy hour 6




11. 12. 13.

Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption exterior & interior (Covington) Fresh Produce at Findlay Market Mother of God Church View of Cincinnati from Covington's river walk

Paris photos by Kelly Rose. Local photos by Ben Gastright.




DES SITES, DES SONS & DES ATTRACTIONS (SIGHTS, SOUNDS & ATTRACTIONS) I promise that I did more than just eat and drink my way through Paris. There is so much to see when visiting the City of Lights that we did not get to go to every touristy spot, but we did see a lot and walked a lot. Some surprises are that the Mona Lisa is actually a tiny portrait, once you start climbing the 400 stairs in the Notre Dame, you can’t turn around and go back, and waiting two hours in line for the Eiffel Tower is totally worth it. I can definitely see where visiting popular European countries can be stressful, you want to take it all in and literally visit every single place you can.


Luckily we kept a nice balance of seeing the sites, but for the most part we just strolled around to find unique and fun spots that epitomized French culture. When I returned from Paris, I wanted to walk everywhere. Being in a car was completely foreign to me at that point. Similar to Paris, most of the River Cities are flat and extremely walkable. While enjoying some of the early spring weather I found myself wandering to some amazing parts of town that reminded me of the corridors and alleys of Paris. The Madison Avenue business district is alive with fun sights and


sounds of a bustling city; the Pike Street corridor offers unique spots to meet up with friends and family like Braxton and Alto; and Main Street in Mainstrasse takes you back in time with little shops, bars, restaurants, and parks which make it perfect for strolling around. Also, there is nothing better than a nice evening walk along the Ohio River. Historical homes and statues line the riverfront offering a glimpse into the history of our unique area. And really there is nothing more beautiful than the city skyline with the Roebling Bridge acting as the gateway into Ohio. NK Y Editor's note: This article was written prior to the tragic fire at Notre Dame on April 15, 2019. We are saddened by the damage to this historic landmark.

OTHER NKY MUST-SEES Trails along the Ohio River - take the time to read the historical landmarkers Mother of God Church - the looming spires of the church are exquisite The Carnegie - beautiful art, shows, and performances The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption Take a tour of one of our region's greatest historical landmarks (the outside is modeled after Notre Dame)




Here's the Dish: NKY's Culinary Delights Our region is not only home to some incredible local attractions, professional sporting events, and hidden gems, but also some celebrated and historic regional delicacies. With flavor influences coming from European immigrants, our regions flavors are cherished favorites. By Charley Wayman Building Industry of Northern Kentucky



Three-ways, Coneys & Crackers The ultimate must-try and best-known food in our region is Cincinnati-Style chili. Slightly sweet and souplike, it is far from what the rest of the country considers traditional chili. In fact, it is not often served in a bowl. You will find it ladled over steaming piles of spaghetti and served the “way” system, ranging from the “twoway” (chili spaghetti) to the five-way (spaghetti, chili, beans, onions, and cheese). Don’t even think about swirling this onto your fork like traditional pasta. Cut into the pasta with the sides of your fork to create bite sized mouthfuls. You can also find Cincinnati chili on a “coney,” which is a hot dog topped with chili, mustard, onions and a mound of shredded cheddar cheese. The preferred side dish for chili your way, or a coney, is a bowl of oyster crackers topped with hot sauce. The Mediterranean spices found in the chili are what gives this chili its special flavor. Cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cumin, chili powder, bay leaves and sometimes even dark chocolate are the spices used in traditional Cincinnati chili. There are dozens of different restaurants in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati that serve their own Cincinnati-style chili, including Skyline Chili and Dixie Chili. Every local has their favorite and will passionately tell you why their preferred parlor is the only one worth eating. PICTURED: Chilli Cheese Coneys and a Three-way from Skyline Chili, photo by Ben Gastright









Porkopolis, Flying Pigs & GOETTA GOE TTA


A quick check in the encyclopedia will tell you that livestock farmers transported hogs to Cincinnati for meat processing starting in the early 1800’s. Before long, Cincinnati was filled with slaughterhouses and pork-packing plants (and the occasional pig running through downtown). In the 1850’s, Cincinnati lead the country in pork processing. The city then became known throughout the United States as “Porkopolis,” the city of pork. In 1997, creators of our Flying Pig

marathon used this history to create the name of our most beloved city marathon. It is no surprise that a popular pork dish dominates the list of “must try” foods in our region. Goetta (pronounced “GET-uh”) is a cherished crispy-fried meat and grain pork dish, most likely brought to Cincinnati by German immigrants. The ingredients allude to intentions of stretching out the meat in the dish to feed a larger family. Goetta is made with pork, oats, and flavored with seasonings such as rosemary, salt, pepper, thyme, and bay leaves. Occasionally you will see it mixed with onions or other vegetables. Albeit many home cooks have their own unique recipe, perfected over time. Goetta is often served in our region as a breakfast food (or hangover cure), but many local restaurants, like Izzy's, give it their own spin by adding it to sandwiches, pizzas, mac 'n cheese, sliders and nachos (to name a few). Goetta is so popular, that a local festival is held in its honor. Glier’s Goettafest takes place August 1-4. The festival will feature Goetta dishes of all types, as well as traditional German inspired treats. The event will feature live entertainment, beer gardens, games, activities for the kids, and even a booth to showcase the history of Goetta. Visit www.goettafest.com for complete details on this summer’s festival.

Izzy's Goetta Reuben, provided by Izzy's



n, s

Graeter's famous Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

The French Pot Method, Raspberries & Cheese Crowns After having goetta for breakfast and Cincinnati-style chili for lunch or dinner, you should treat yourself to one of our region’s sweetest treats at Graeter’s. Serving ice cream, bakery treats, and assorted candies, Graeter’s has been a beloved staple of local delicacies in the Cincinnati region since the mid 1800’s. According to Graeter’s website, Louis Graeter began selling ice cream in Cincinnati in 1868. The first official Graeter’s store opened in 1900 at 967 East McMillan Street. Today, Graeter’s is the only manufacturer in the world to use the French Pot Method to create their ice cream. When asked why their ice cream is especially delicious, Graeter’s Vice President of Marketing Tim Philpott explains, “One of the main reasons is the absence of air introduced to the process. The French Pot method allows us to make very dense ice cream with very little air. This helps produce the unique mouth feel of our ice cream. Also, the French Pot method allows us to make our chocolate chips the way we do. Each batch is truly handcrafted and hand packed.” TOURISM 2019 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 4

One of their most famous flavors of ice cream is Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip. Why is this ice cream so popular? Philpott comments, “I think it is both unique and delicious. Yes, it's hard to imagine anyone, other than maybe Smucker's, who uses more of the black raspberry crop than we do. The combination of the fruit flavor, with our signature bittersweet chocolate chips (chunks), have made it a guest favorite in Cincinnati and throughout the Midwest.” As if having the most amazing ice cream and being part of a beer collaboration with Braxton Brewing on a delicious stout isn’t enough, Graeter’s also mixes up some buttery, flaky, and creamy treats in their bakery department. According to Philpott, Dick Graeter, third generation of the Graeter family, created the cheese crown in the 1960s with ingredients that he happened to have "left over" (danish dough, cream cheese, etc). Those ingredients have become the centerpiece of Graeter’s daily bakery offerings ever since. Cheese crowns currently are not part of the everyday

The French Pot Method. Photos provided by Graeter's.

flavor lineup, available in the Fall and Winter months. The next time you are feeling hungry or need a snack, be sure to check out one of these regional culinary delights. NK Y PAGE 13


May Sun, May 12

The Building of the Ark Encounter 3:00 PM Creation Museum 2800 Bullittsburg Church Road, Petersburg, KY 41080

In this fast-paced new documentary, you will see the thrilling “backstory” of the building of the Ark Encounter. From the first brainstorming plan in 2004 to the Grand Opening in July 2016, watch how this immense project came together. The video features behind -the-scenes interviews, beautiful fly-over footage, a time-lapse video of construction, a visit by former President Carter, and many other landmark moments.

Sun, May 19 Zoo Babies 10:00 AM — 6:00 PM

Kentucky Career Center

Fri, May 31

Florence Freedom Super Firework Show 6:05 PM

Cincinnati Zoo 3400 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45220

UC Health Stadium 7950 Freedom Way, Florence, Ky 41042

Help us celebrate our newest arrivals at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden during the month of May. Six-foot-tall stork statues displayed throughout the Zoo will lead visitors to all of the cutest little baby faces.

While every Friday home game is a Fireworks Friday at Florence Freedom, this is the only game that boasts double the fireworks! Come out to cheer on Florence Freedom as they face the Evansville Otters and stay after to enjoy an extra intense firework show.

Sat, May 25

Summer Opening of Aquatic Center 11:00 AM — 7:00 PM Florence Family Aquatic Center 8200 Ewing Blvd, Florence, KY 41042

This premier facility contains a lazy river, competition pool, zero depth pool that is ADA accessible, two spray grounds, a spiral and a speed slides, sunbathing areas, shelters, “funbrellas,” bathhouse, and concessions area. Not only do swim lessons start in June, but there are fun family events scheduled over the course of the entire summer.



e r b Off m a h i ce C

rk Pa

l l a


Fo o

d T R k ruc

Thursday, May 16, 2019 Wednesday, June 19, 2019 Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Wednesday, August 21, 2019 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM | Chamber Office Park | 300 Buttermilk Pike | Fort Mitchell, KY

June Sat, June 1

Joe Morgan Bobble Head Giveaway Night 4:10 PM

Thurs, June 7

CurioCity: Duke Energy Children’s Museum 6:00 — 10:00 PM

Great American Ballpark 100 Joe Nuxhall Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Cincinnati Museum Center 1301 Western Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45203

As part of the 150th Anniversary celebration, this commemorative series features six Reds legends who are enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Morgan is 1 of 2 players representing the Riverfront Stadium era. Free to the first 20,000 fans. Presented by PNC Bank.

Who says you have to grow up? The Duke Energy Children’s Museum is turning 21 and we’re going to party like it’s 1998! CurioCity is a 21+ social series that gives community members a fresh way to see our collections, meet our curators and engage with experts.

Fri-Sat, June 7-8 Coaster Campout at Kings Island 5:00 PM — 8:00 AM

Kings Island 6300 Kings Island Drive Mason, OH 45034 Who would want to settle for sleeping under the stars when you can also camp out under roller coasters! This unique experience allows guests not only to camp overnight but also to enjoy exclusive ride time at night before returning to your tents and in the morning once you get up. Don’t miss this!

Sat, June 15 Rabbit Hash River Sweep 8:00 AM — 12:00 PM Rabbit Hash General Store 10021 Lower River Rd, Rabbit Hash, KY 41005 Rabbit Hash will be hosting a Boone County location of the annual ORSANCO River Sweep. Spend your morning helping keep our river banks beautiful and clean! Volunteers are encouraged to dress accordingly in boots or tennis shoes and pants.


Tues, June 18

Women’s Initiative Golf Outing & Golf Clinic 11:00 AM — 5:00 PM

Summit Hills Country Club, Inc. 236 Dudley Road, Crestview Hills, KY 41017 Join us for a delicious buffet lunch followed by a shotgun start. Enjoy 9 holes of golf or golf clinic before you retreat to the Clubhouse for the 19th Hole Social. Nibble on complimentary appetizers, sip on beverages from the cash bar and shop several specialty vendors.



July Thurs, 4th of July City of Edgewood 4th of July Extravaganza All day!

Celebrating its 42nd year of the event, the day will be packed with activities! It starts at 7:30am with a 5K presented by TriState Running Spot, followed by a 9:30am parade marching from Caywood School to President’s Park. There will also be an address from the Mayor, a 7:30pm concert by the 70s band Gee Your Band Smells Terrific, and the busy day will conclude with a firework show at dusk. Chairs, blankets, and coolers welcome at this day of family fun! Sisters of Notre Dame 4th of July Festival 1:00 — 6:00 PM 1601 Dixie Highway, Covington, KY 41011 This celebration of Independence Day has been running since 1922 and features a range of food and games for children and adults. Proceeds from the festival go toward supporting the many missions of the Sisters of Notre Dame, including their education ministries, young adult outreach, and work in Uganda and East Africa.

Thurs, July 25 Music@BCM Concert Series 7:00 — 9:00 PM

Behringer-Crawford’s outdoor amphitheater 1600 Montague Road- Devou Park, Covington KY 41011 This concert series returns for another summer of good music and good company. These concerts will be on Thursday evenings starting on May 16 and going until August 8. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children. Food is available for purchase.

Sat, July 13 Quaker State 400 7:30 PM

Kentucky Speedway 1 Kentucky Speedway Blvd, Sparta, KY 41086 The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series doesn’t get any more competitive, any harder fought than at Kentucky. The Quaker State 400, presented by Walmart, is recognized as one of the best battles on the circuit, and returns for the ninth time. Sun Valley (Bluegrass) Music Festival 4:00 — 10:00 PM AJ Jolly Park 1501 Race Track Rd, Alexandria, KY 41001 Sun Valley Bluegrass Festival will feature the region’s best in Bluegrass! There will be food and drinks, including beer. Crafters and other vendors will be on site as well as kids activities. Bring your blanket, lawn chairs and or shade canopy.



Headquartered locally, First Financial Bank is committed to Greater Cincinnati. We strive to strengthen the community where we live and work by offering sophisticated financial solutions in a flexible, reliable, consistent, and responsive manner.

We go beyond banking, By putting you first. Visit us online or stop in to your local banking center! bankatfirst.com


PEI Supplying SOLUTIONS in the Supply Chain for over 25 years

Premier Expediters Inc. is a full service, domestic & international freight forwarder headquartered in Stockbridge, GA. Anything over 100lbs moving anywhere on the globe, we can handle. By offering superior customer service & giving the best shipment visibility we save companies money in labor cost by reducing back office administration which leads to a better experience for you & your customer. A happy customer equals a return customer. Just ask some of ours... 

Intl Airfreight

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Warehousing & Cross-docking

Domestic Airfreight

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10K sqft Warehouse

Reverse Logistics/ RMA

Truckloads–Local & Long Hauls

Flatbeds/ Special Equipment

Trade Show Services

LTL & Partials

Ground Expedite

Local Cartage

Dynamic Supply Chain Solutions an exclusive agent of PEI

859-331-SHIP cvgops@shippei.com


August Thurs-Sun, August 1-4

Glier’s Goettafest 5:00 — 11:00 PM, 12:00 — 9:00 PM Newport Riverfront below Newport on the Levee A weekend stuffed from top to bottom with live entertainment, family-focused goetta games, and super inventive food. What makes it all so grand is the gathering of the goetta-loving community who travels from all corners of the country, to decorate with festivity and joy Northern Kentucky’s Newport on the Levee at the breathtaking Ohio Riverfront.

Fri, August 9

Summer Concert Series: Rumours (Fleetwood Mac Tribute) 7:45 — 11:00 PM Crestview Hills Town Center 2785 Dixie Highway, Crestview Hills, KY 41017 With the third and final event of the 2019 summer concert series, the City of Crestview Hills presents Rumours, a Fleetwood Mac tribute band, plus Shut Up & Drive. This is a free family concert and open to the public. Bring your blanket/lawn chairs, and come out with your friends, family, and neighbors for a fun night of music.

Tues, August 13

Annual NKY Chamber Golf Outing 7:30am — 7:30 PM Summit Hills Country Club 236 Dudley Road, Crestview Hills, KY 41017 Spend some time networking with clients and customers while working on your golf game at the NKY Chamber’s Annual Golf Outing! This is a must-attend event for all businesses in NKY and one of the best traditions in the area.

Sat, August 17

NKY YMCA Golf Outing 8:00 AM Twin Oaks Golf and Plantation Club 450 E 43rd St, Covington, KY 41015 The Campbell County, Kenton County, and R.C. Durr YMCAs are able to ensure that nearly 6,000 youth, adults, seniors, and military veterans in our area have access to much needed resources. The proceeds from the golf outing enhance the Y service and make our community stronger. Shotgun start at 9:00am and reception at 3:00pm.






G 20 10 19 2 5



N 2011 20 26 ,

The 2019-20 Carnegie Theatre Season is filled with twists and turns sure to please audiences of all ages!

V 20 2 19 17


M AR 2 2 1-

02 AP 0 R5


The 2019-20 Theatre Series has Full and Pick Three subscription packages available. Subscriptions and single tickets may be purchased through The Carnegie Box Office at (859) 957-1940 or at thecarnegie.com.


DRIVING RESULTS p u bli c r e lat ion s • s oc ia l m e d ia covington, ky | www.scootermedia.com | (859) 414-6882 Cincinnati PRSA 2018 Small/Mid-Sized Agency of the Year

40% 40% NKY Chamber is partnering with Humana to help businesses with one of their largest expenses: health insurance. NKY Chamber HealthSolutions is a new health insurance association exclusively for NKY Chamber members with 2+ employees

8 employees, 19 covered members

With HealthSolutions, many NKY Chamber members will see savings between 5-40% on health insurance premiums .*

Contact your NKY Chamber Broker to start 8saving employees, 19 covered members

NKY Chamber is partnering with Humana to help businesses with one of their largest expenses: health insurance. NKY Chamber HealthSolutions is a new health insurance association exclusively for NKY Chamber members with 2+ employees

The savings with the new Humana health insurance plan are monumental for us. With We cut our total health insurance costs more than half! Yes, that’s right. HealthSolutions, many NKY Chamber Thismembers is also because the prior company increased 2019 rates by 20%. If you will see savings between 5-40% take the increase into account (where we would be without Humana), then total on health insurance premiums .* savings are more than half. The savings will allow us to get a greater return on investment to help us further the vision of the church and reach more people! Evan Cromer sd

Health Contact your Solutions NKY Chamber Broker to start saving

Pastor – Business & Operations 7 Hills Church

Health Solutions


September Sun, September 1 Riverfest 12:00 — 10:00 PM

Newport Riverfront below Newport on the Levee This free event on the Kentucky side of the action features food and live entertainment leading up to the bombastic main event. In 2017, there were more than 250,00 visitors — were you one of them? Join Newport in celebrating the 43rd year of the Western & Southern/WEBN Fireworks featuring Rozzi’s innovative pyrotechnics.

Thurs, September 5

NKY Chamber Annual Dinner Presented by Fifth Third Bank 5:00 — 8:30 PM

Northern Kentucky Convention Center One West RiverCenter Blvd, Covington, KY 41011 Join us as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Northern Kentucky Chamber! The Annual Dinner will recognize the accomplishments of individuals and the business community in making our region a great place to live and work.



Hotel Growth Continues to Soar By Julie Kirkpatrick meetNKY

Aloft Newport

A ROBUST HOTEL INVENTORY IS A HALLMARK OF A growing destination. Northern Kentucky continues to see tremendous growth in new hotel openings as well as major investments in our current hotel inventory. The historic heyday of hotel building in Northern Kentucky was in the late 1990’s as CVG International Airport continued to create a memorable amount of demand in the region, and new companies relocated to Northern Kentucky. An amazing fifteen hotels opened in the region between 1995-1999 and created the hotel inventory that still succeeds in the market today. Hotel development slowed in the early 2000’s as major changes came to CVG Airport after the decline of Comair and the terrorist attacks of 9/11 slowed the economy. Prior to 2016, the last hotel opening in Northern Kentucky was the Hampton Inn in Wilder in January 2010. For the next six years, and in reaction to one of the worst economic recessions in the nation’s history, no, new hotels would open in the region. In fact, several closed during this time. As the economy has strengthened in NKY, there is a renewed interest in hotel development in the region. The Hotel Covington opened in September 2016, and was the start of a slew of new hotel openings. “We have done phenomenal things at Hotel Covington since our opening in September 2016,” said Jack Olshan, General Manager of the Hotel Covington. “We have embraced our home in Covington, in every facet of what we do, and the community has embraced us as well.” Hotel Covington, now it its third year of operations, has become a catalyst for redevelopment around the hotel, and was recently designated the number one hotel in the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky from TripAdvisor. PAGE 24

Demand for accommodations has continually grown in NKY as the region has emerged from the economic slowdown of 2009. New demand generators have developed such as the reinvigorated and wildly successful rise of CVG Airport as the #1 rated midsize airport in the country with the lowest regional fares, the new attractions at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter as well as a renewed interest in visiting, living and working in the Cincinnati region. Since the Hotel Covington’s opening in 2016, six additional hotels have opened in NKY including the Aloft at Newport Levee, Hampton Inn & Suites in Newport and the Home 2 Suites by Hilton in Florence. In addition to these new hotel openings, nearly every hotel in the region has undertaken major capital investments in their product. The Cincinnati Hilton Airport recently underwent a multi-million-dollar improvement plan,along with the Cincinnati Marriott Airport and many more. “It takes a lot of careful thought and investment to plan on opening a hotel in a destination,” said Eric Summe, President & CEO of meetNKY, the region’s tourism bureau. “We know that when we see new hotels opening and current hotels investing in their product, you can feel confident, owners sense the long-term sustainability of demand and occupancy.” One of the fastest growing cities for development is Florence, with seven hotel projects in construction or planning. Florence is on a meteoric path for hotel growth in 2019 and 2020 and is another testament to their thoughtful city planning and economic development teams. Florence anticipates another record year of hotel occupancy in 2019 as the new hotels begin to open later this year.

We know that when we see new hotels opening and current hotels investing in their product, you can feel confident, owners sense the long-term sustainability of demand and occupancy. Eric Summe President & CEO meetNKY Hilton Cincinnati Airport

The region’s tourism organization, meetNKY, operates on occupancy taxes paid by visitors that stay in regional hotels. As the region’s hotel occupancy continues to top 72%, meetNKY is focused on building marketing programs that encourage new visitation like The B-Line, NKY’s bourbon experience. The organization is also focused on the visitor experience for escorted group tours visiting the Ark Encounter, BB Riverboats and the Newport Aquarium. In 2019, the organization began a growth study for enlarging one of the largest meeting demand generators, the NKY Convention Center, and will be developing a plan to move into an expansion phase in the next five years. NK Y


THANK YOU FOR BEING A HERO!!! Congratulations to Garren Colvin, President & CEO of St. Elizabeth Healthcare, on receiving the 2019 Charity in Action Award from Children, Inc. We are fortunate to have you as a leader and partner in our community. With your help we raised over $120,000 for kids and families throughout our region at this year’s Raising of the Green gala! Lori Zombek, Garren Colvin and Shawntay Rucker

Thank you to our generous event sponsors!


Children, Inc. | 333 Madison Ave. Covington, KY 41011 | 859.431.2075 | www.childreninc.org


FOR THE 150TH STRAIGHT YEAR, SPRING HAS SPRUNG IN OUR REGION WITH TWO SIMPLE WORDS: “PLAY BALL!” By Rick Robinson Former NKY Chamber Board Chair THE FRAGRANCE FROM SPRING FLOWERS, the bright, sunny flowering forsythia, or the sumptuous pink blossoms of tulip trees means little to a community that judges the time of the equinox by the smell of freshly mown, green grass on a perfectly groomed baseball diamond. The song of a red-breasted Robin has nothing on the crack of a bat and the snap of leather. Other lesser enlightened metropolitan areas look to a pre-determined day on the Gregorian calendar to arbitrarily declare when winter is in the bag. But the Gregorian Padres never won a pennant – likely because their player development system was lacking direction – and they never had a float in the Findlay Market parade. The Gregorian’s and their calendars be damned. Spring begins when the ceremonial first pitch is tossed out at Opening Day for the Cincinnati Reds. Baseball season teases all our senses, replays memories of our youth, and compels us to create new ones for our children. And so, it has been for generations. The love of baseball in our town is passed on like a bequest in a will, read with solemn sincerity, and accepted with gratitude.

PICTURED: The Cincinnati Reds 150th Opening Day, Great American Ballpark, March 28, 2019, photo provided by The Cincinnati Reds.


OPENING DAY & THE FINDLAY MARKET PARADE I am lucky enough to have attended baseball games at Crosley Field, Riverfront Stadium, and Great American Ballpark; and opening day games at the latter two. In our area, Opening Day is a holiday to be celebrated with a passionate love of nothing more than a child’s game. Spring is all about new life. On Opening Day in Cincinnati, with no one in first place and none in last, last year’s record is for the history books and hope of a pennant-chasing year springs eternal. While the Reds are celebrating 150 years of professional baseball, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade. In my formative years, the elementary school teachers used Opening Day as a highly effective behavior modification device. If we all shut the hell up, they’d turn on the game. Thus, my earliest memory of baseball itself is sitting quietly at my desk watching Leo “Mr. Automatic” Cardenas complete the front end of a double-play on a black and white television. As soon as the last class ended, I’d run home to catch the final innings. The first Opening Day I attended in person was April 4, 1974. I skipped school, took the Number 3 bus to the Dixie Terminal and scalped a ticket in the first row of the green seats, along the first base side of Riverfront Stadium. That game will not be remembered for the Reds 7-6 win over the Braves in extra frames. No, that game is remembered for something very special. One of my favorite Reds pitchers of all-time, “Cactus” Jack Billingham, was on the mound for the Reds. In the first inning, Hank Aaron walked up to the plate for a moment of baseball history. Billingham quickly got behind in the count. With two on and one out, Billingham let a sinker ball get away from him. Aaron went yard. And it wasn’t just any homerun. It was number 714 of Aaron’s career – the one where Hammerin’ Hank tied Babe Ruth as the all-time (and still all-time; eat it Barry Bonds) Home Run King.


2019 Findlay Market Parade Ambassador Johnny Bench and Parade Grand Marshal Rob Manfred, Commissioner of Major League Baseball, photo provided by The Cincinnati Reds.

R 10

1974 Opening Day in Cincinnati: Johnny Bench, Vice President Gerald Ford, Hank Aaron and Pete Rose, photo provided by The Cincinnati Reds.


2019 Opening Day in Cincinnati: The sea of Reds fans at The Banks, photo provided by The Cincinnati Reds.



Reds' starting pitchers Sonny Gray and Anthony DeSclafani greeted fans and posed for pictures before the 100th Findlay Market Opening Day Parade, photo by Ben Gastright.

Reds fans waiting for the gates to open at GABP on Opening Day, photo provided by The Cincinnati Reds.

The next time you go to Great American Ballpark here are five tips to remember: First, spend some time outside the ballpark. Take a close look at the statues of those larger than life figures that made the last 150 years of baseball so special. If you’re from out of town and possibly unfamiliar with names like Ted Kluszewski or Ernie Lombardi, just ask anyone wearing a red hat with a wishbone C on the front. They could probably educate you right down to batting averages. Second, once you’re inside, visit the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum. In those friendly confines the last 150 years of America’s pastime come to life. Truly. The last time I was there, I ran into Mr. Automatic at the front door. Third, walk around the interior of the stadium before the game. Not only does Great American Ballpark have some fantastic sight-lines of the diamond, but also has stunning views of the Ohio River and Kentucky. Fourth, buy a scorecard. When I attended my first game, my dad bought me a scorecard and taught me how to pencil in each at bat. I passed the tradition along to my kids. It not only kept them busy for at least five innings, but it also taught them the finer points of the game. One of my proudest moments was when my then pre-teen daughter had to explain to three much older men the intricacies of the Infield Fly Rule. Finally, throw everything low-fat, vegan, gluten-free and healthy to the wind. Buy a game dog, load it up and woof it down like you’re competing in a Coney Island food eating contest and buy a salty bag of peanuts. After you’ve done all that, come find me in the stands. I’ll be the one keeping score and arguing with my daughter about the Infield Fly Rule. NK Y

The award-winning novels of Rick Robinson (like Alligator Alley) can be found on Amazon and at bookstores across Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

2019 Opening Day in Cincinnati: Record attendance at GABP, photo provided by The Cincinnati Reds.


The Team Behind The Team The Castellini Group of Companies have been a rich part of the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky community for years. By Sydney Cooper NKY Chamber Intern THE CASTELLINI COMPANY, A FOURTH-GENERATION company owned by Bob Castellini, is one of the oldest members in the produce industry and was originally part of the Cincinnati produce terminal market. Today their headquarters is in Wilder, Kentucky and have facilities throughout the region. The history of the company dates back to its founding in 1896 by Bob’s grandfather, Joseph John (J.J.) Castellini. The business originally started with the name of “House of Castellini” and quietly became a major force in Midwestern produce distribution. In 1927, J.J. Castellini handed over the business to his son, Robert Castellini who then went on to form the Cincinnati Produce Growers Association, which included many Northern Kentucky growers, that were crucial to the wholesaling business. Through specific business strategies such as trucking, fresh-cut produce, and service wholesaling, the business became one of the few commission merchants that thrived through the 1990s. Today, the company has more than 3,000 employees and is one of the largest distributors of fresh produce in the United States with more than 2,500 fresh fruit and vegetable products. Castellini Company has added affiliates to address the ever expanding needs of their customers, including Club Chef, Crosset, General Produce, Grant County Foods, Interstate Trailer, ITDS, Merchants Cold Storage, RWI Logistics, Transport Specialists and Truckway Leasing. These companies have been major contributors to the local economy for many years. The Castellini Company is one of the largest companies in the area according to Cincinnati Business Courier, with 2017 revenue of over $1.4 Billion. Over the past five years, The Castellini Group of Companies have been recognized with various awards including the PMA Carey Award, The Outstanding Workforce Collaboration Award, Safety Director of the Year and Recent Deal Maker Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree. PAGE 30

Bob Castellini has been a lifelong fan of the Cincinnati Reds and since 2006, has been Chief Executive Officer of the Reds. He has also been involved at various times in the St. Louis Cardinals, the Texas Rangers, and the Baltimore Orioles. Bob’s son, Phil Castellini serves as the President and COO for the Cincinnati Reds. The Castellini Group of Companies remains family owned and community focused. Bob and his wife, Susie have four children: Beth Robinson, Bob Castellini, Phil Castellini and Tricia Headley. All of the family members have contributed to the success of the company as well as being significant contributors in the community. The Castellini Family is involved with the Cincinnati Board of Park Commissioners, Cincinnati Squash Academy, Board of Trustees for the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. Phil recently served as the two-year chairman of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. Bob also serves as chairman of the Joint Banks Steering Committee which is leading the cooperative efforts to finish development of Cincinnati’s riverfront. He is a board member of 3CDC and the Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios, chairman of the Cincinnati New Equity Fund and New Markets Tax Credit Fund. He is a member and past president of the Cincinnati Commercial Club, the Commonwealth Club and the Cincinnati Business Committee. Some of his past civic involvements include board memberships of the Xavier University, Babson College and Denison University. He also served as president of the Queen City Club, Cincinnati Zoo and chairman of the boards of TriHealth, Inc. and Good Samaritan Hospital. With incredible contributions to the community and the region, the Castellini Group of Companies has helped make the greater Cincinnati area more economically profitable and an incredible place to go and watch a baseball game. NK Y NORTHERN KENTUCKY BUSINESS JOURNAL


NOW OPEN IN UNION. 859-905-5556 Crestview Hills • Ft. Mitchell • Florence • Union Member FDIC



Outstanding Women



n of NKY

By Katie Louis Scooter Media

THE OUTSTANDING WOMEN OF NORTHERN Kentucky Awards were established in the fall of 1984, when the late Nancy Boothe, wife of then-NKU President Leon E. Boothe, invited several faculty and staff members to a luncheon for a discussion of ways to involve more women from the NKY area in the University community. At the first award celebration, five women were honored. Since then, more than 200 women have been recognized for blazing trails, opening doors, or demonstrating leadership in their homes, their professions, their communities or their state.


Geralyn Isler Outstanding Woman Honoree Laura Koehl 2019 Helen Carroll Champion of Education Honoree Jessica Taylor Outstanding Woman Honoree Caroline Weltzer Outstanding Woman Honoree Barbara Stewart Outstanding Woman Honoree Holly Mazzocca 2019 Emerging Leader Honoree Eva G. Farris 2019 Henrietta Cleveland Inspiring Women Honoree presented by St. Elizabeth Healthcare (not pictured) Photos by Ben Gastright at New Riff Distilling. TOURISM 2019 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 4





The Outstanding Women of Northern Kentucky Awards celebrates its 34th year of honoring women who exemplify notable achievement; outstanding service in their professions or to the Northern Kentucky community; and the qualities of personal integrity, perseverance, and leadership. These women — who live, work, or volunteer in Northern Kentucky — represent the great diversity and extraordinary accomplishment of today’s women. All of the honorees represent ideal role models for the young women who follow in their footsteps. In the spring 1985, the first Outstanding Women of Northern Kentucky Awards luncheon was held with The Kentucky Post acting as a co-sponsor. Thomas More College later joined as an additional sponsor. After the newspaper closed in 2008, Toyota became the major sponsor, assumed responsibility for event production and supported the scholarship program. With the 2014 announcement of Toyota’s headquarters consolidation and eventual relocation to Texas, the program was again in need of a champion to carry the torch. The Women’s Initiative of the NKY Chamber of Commerce has adopted this program and will continue its remarkable legacy.

Geralyn Isler was named president of Business Benefits Insurance Solutions, a local community-oriented family business with large-scale capabilities, effective July 1, 2018. Geralyn’s commitment to innovative employee benefit solutions, customer service and community-mindedness are evidence that her role as president ensures Business Benefits’ 34-year legacy of excellence and dedication to the employer community continues. In addition to her leadership duties, Geralyn continues her work with employers to develop customized and sustainable employee benefit packages as she has during her two decades with the agency. With 22 years of experience, Geralyn is well respected within the community for her research and understanding of changing laws and how they impact employers and their employees. Geralyn has served on Humana’s Broker Advisory Council, the Health Collaborative’s Gen-H Committee, and is the current secretary of the Board of Directors for the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. Since graduating from Leadership Northern Kentucky in 2007, Geralyn has been involved in several NKY Chamber programs including business advocacy, employer solutions, and the Women's Initiative. As 2012 and 2013 chair of the Chamber’s health care policy committee, she played a vital role bringing attention to the effect heroin was having on the region.

For more than 32 years, Barbara Stewart has been a driving force behind workforce development in Northern Kentucky. With a bachelor’s in social work from the University of Cincinnati and a master’s in business administration from Xavier University, she began her career under the Job Training Partnership Act. Barbara ultimately became the director of the Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board (NKWIB) and was key in local Career Center implementation. Per the strategic plan of the NKWIB, Barbara has been instrumental in focusing the work of the Career Center system on providing valuable business services to meet the needs of employers, designing a robust sector-focused model to enhance utilization of allocations and resources, and making significant connections between the workforce development system and the education and economic development partners in Northern Kentucky. Through her efforts, the NKWIB was the first Workforce Investment Board in the state to receive designation as a “High Impact WIB.” The NKWIB has strategically designed a service delivery model through its Kentucky Career Center system that connects employers and job seekers. Employers get qualified candidates that meet their hiring needs. Job seekers gain employment that allows them to support and take care of their families. It is a win-win that elevates everyone.






Jessica Averitt Taylor is the Director of FUEL NKU, the campus food pantry and community center at Northern Kentucky University (NKU). She also serves as an associate professor of social work in the College of Education and Human Services at NKU. Through her focus on community engagement and commitment to social justice, Dr. Taylor works to support educational access for a diverse student community. Engaging and supporting communities is a central motivation for Dr. Taylor, and her work focuses on projects including FUEL NKU (Feeding the University and Enriching Lives) that impact student persistence and empowerment. FUEL NKU recently expanded capacity through partnership with the Kroger Zero Hunger|Zero Waste initiative to offer holistic support for students. Dr. Taylor currently serves as both a board member of the Food for Thought pantry at Gateway Community and Technical College and an editorial board member for the Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship. Dr. Taylor completed the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development in 2018 and was selected as a “Wise Woman of NKU” that same year. She completed her PhD in social work at The University of Alabama, with a concentration on social support and public health.

Caroline Weltzer is the Vice President of finance for Viox & Viox. She has been with the civil engineering, surveying and landscape architecture firm for 19 years. As a leader within a small business, her job encompasses many different aspects, but her primary responsibility is to manage the company’s finance and human resource functions. She is also the Treasurer of the company’s Board of Directors. Being able to volunteer and contribute to the Northern Kentucky community has been an added perk of her position. Going through Leadership Northern Kentucky in 2006 ignited Caroline’s passion to get involved in the community. This newfound passion led her to accept a position on the Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home Board and eventually become chair. Hoping to steer programs to help other small business leaders such as herself, Caroline also became involved with the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. She is serving her third term (non-consecutive) as a board member for the NKY Chamber. Caroline has especially enjoyed being a part of the Chamber’s Women’s Initiative program, and feels strongly about the effort to empower women to be financially independent and supported through programs and education.

An educator for 35 years, Laura Koehl is finishing her 13th year at Notre Dame Academy, currently serving as the school President. In her first four years at NDA, Laura taught biology and chemistry and then served as the Principal for five years prior to becoming the President in 2014. Laura’s professional experience also includes five years in college admissions, six years as Vice President for Student Development and three years as VP for Enrollment and Planning at Thomas More University. She has done consulting work in science education for the University for Cincinnati, Miami University and the Ohio Department of Education. Laura’s lifelong passion for education has focused especially on opportunities for young women. In her work at Notre Dame Academy, she finds great reward in working with a dedicated faculty and staff to create a supportive environment that empowers young women to embrace their gifts and become women who excel in community service, family life and professional achievement. Laura describes NDA as a mission driven institution, embracing a rich heritage as a school sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame (SND) and dedicated to educating women who will make a difference in the world.







Holly Mazzocca is a wealth advisor and principal with Bartlett Wealth Management. In her role, Holly focuses on combining her two passions – her love of finance and desire to help others. Holly provides investment management and financial planning services to individuals, families and non-profit organizations, helping them identify their goals and create an action plan to make those dreams a reality. Holly also oversees the firm’s marketing function and is the youngest member of Bartlett’s Management Committee. She is a CFP® professional. Holly is a native of Northern Kentucky who returned home in 2015 after spending seven years in Chicago working in the investment industry. Holly earned her B.S. from Indiana University and her M.B.A. from the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management while working full-time and was a recipient of the Dean’s Service Award. In the community, Holly is a board member of the DCCH Center for Children & Families and Chair of the Audit Committee and Vice Chair of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Women’s Initiative Regional Women’s Summit. She is a proud member of the Leadership Northern Kentucky Class of 2019. Holly also volunteers with the UC Economics Center StEP Store, the Cincinnati Community ToolBank and coaches her son’s basketball team.


Eva grew up in Havana Cuba where she later received her master’s degree in commerce from the University of Havana before enrolling at Columbia University in New York City. During one of her trips from Columbia to Havana, she stopped in Miami and met Oakley Farris. Eva was a savvy businesswoman. She encouraged Oakley to turn a duplex into an apartment building and rent out rooms as furnished studio apartments. Soon, the two set a goal and typed up a contract that stated by a certain date they would own 20 apartments. Before that deadline, they had more than 20 apartments. At one point, they owned more than 40 rentals. Oakley Farris has always credited his wife for his success, and it is the reason why so many of their charitable endeavors bear her name. Eva and Oakley worked closely together in business and invested wisely, particularly in their Covington community. Their investments grew and paid tremendous dividends over time allowing them to supplement Eva’s long standing and remarkable community and charitable work with strategic cash investments. The Farrises have donated more than $10 million to organizations. Eva made it her business to help others, especially young people, meet and exceed their fullest potential.

The OWNK education partners are Toyota, Gateway Community and Technical College, Northern Kentucky University and Thomas More University. Each year, Toyota and the three schools fund one $2,000 scholarship for each recipient. These scholarships are designated for a deserving female college student who exhibits the same qualities as the Outstanding Women honorees. The three financial awards constitute the Nancy Janes Boothe Scholarship program, named posthumously in honor of Nancy Janes Boothe, the founder of the awards program and wife of former NKU president, Dr. Leon Boothe. As “first lady” of NKU, she worked tirelessly alongside her husband to build the fledgling institution, championing education, and contributing to the community. Off campus, she served on the boards of the NKY Salvation Army, NKY Heart Association, NKY United Way and Community Chest, and Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church. Shortly before the Boothes moved to NKY, Nancy was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She never let her disease slow her down. Her goal, according to her husband, was to ‘’to live life to its fullest and to be with people.’’ Nancy Janes Boothe: a determined leader, a phenomenal volunteer, a gracious friend. Outstanding indeed.





Rebecca began her college career in her late forties. She finally felt ready after raising her children and overcoming significant obstacles in her life. She lost her father at age nine to a coal mining accident, and the demands of a family member’s poor health interrupted her dreams of beginning college classes during her senior year of high school. At age 32, Rebecca was widowed with a small child. Neighbors and co-workers observe her commitment to her work, education, and community. They recognize her integrity and tenacity, and her collaborative nature through her work at the WEDCO District Health Department & Home Health Agency. Rebecca plays a significant role in her community. When Falmouth was devastated by a deadly flood that left 80% of the town under water, Rebecca spent hours helping others get back on their feet by giving out supplies, cleaning debris, and offering assistance. She helped a family by painting, drywalling, replacing flooring, and helping them move. Rebecca regularly volunteers at a local bingo hall and other events to raise money for the public school to purchase supplies. She is pursuing an associate of science degree at Gateway and will transfer to NKU for her bachelor’s degree.

Emily Lowe has demonstrated a commitment to the health and wellbeing of Northern Kentucky’s future generations, first as an elementary teacher, and now in pursuit of her registered nurse license through Northern Kentucky University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing program. Emily graduated Summa Cum Laude from NKU in 2012 and worked as an intervention teacher for two years. In 2015, with the birth of their second child, Emily’s world and career were turned upside down. Emily’s daughter was born with multiple congenital heart defects that were found to be inoperable. After eight short days, her daughter passed away in her arms. It was the exemplary care from the nurses in the Cardiac ICU at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital that fueled Emily’s intent on becoming a nurse. In addition to her nursing program, Emily has worked as a clerical technician in the Neonatal ICU at St. Elizabeth, volunteered as bereavement support coordinator with the Pediatric Congenital Heart Association, organized community fundraisers for CHD research, advocated on Capitol Hill for funding for the CDC and NIH, and spoke before multiple organizations about nursing impact on patients and their families.

Patti Watters is a registered nurse with St. Elizabeth Healthcare, currently earning her bachelor’s degree in the science of nursing from Thomas More University. Patti’s passion for the medical profession began when, at 11 years old, she experienced a monthlong hospital stay following surgery for a ruptured appendix and subsequent development of severe peritonitis. She began her nursing career as a home health aide while earning an associate degree in the science of nursing from Northern Kentucky University. The plan had been to continue and earn a bachelor’s degree, but getting married and having children put those plans on hold. Following graduation, Patti worked for five years on a medical/ surgical unit and then transferred to the PACU where she spent the next 26 years. In addition to medicine, Patti has also had a keen interest in forensic nursing and earned an associate’s degree in paralegal studies from Beckfield College. Armed with this and her medical knowledge, Patti began a dual career: providing patient care at the hospital on a PRN basis while serving as a full-time nurse consultant for a medical defense law firm. Patti has returned to the hospital on a full-time basis working in the Quality Management Department. NK Y

Learn more about the NKY Chamber Women’s Initiative at NKYChamber.com/WomensInitiative TOURISM 2019 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 4



2019 Winner's Circle Staff Contribution


PICTURED: Kevin Jones, Huntington Bank; Maggie Frye, Core Consulting Group; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Connor Cleves, Cushman & Wakefield

MEDIUM BUSINESS | INTRINZIC THE NORTHERN KENTUCKY BUSINESS COMMUNITY gathered on Wednesday, March 27 to honor local businesses at the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Business Impact Awards, presented by Huntington Bank. The Business Impact Awards recognize businesses - small and large, new and long-standing, which are impacting the Northern Kentucky community through innovation, creativity, strong business practices, and leadership. It is a celebration of success and a way to showcase the strength of the Northern Kentucky business community. Five finalists were selected from each of the nine Business Impact Award categories. More than 190 applications were received. “We have a lot of businesses in our region that are doing innovative, creative things for both employees and customers,” said Katrina Ward, Business Impact Awards Chair, and Senior Vice President with Huntington Bank. “The response this year was by far our biggest, and it was a challenge to narrow it down to just one business per category. I think that says a lot about the caliber of companies in our region.” “This awards program grew out of a belief that we needed to come together to celebrate the wonderful work Northern Kentucky businesses do every day. At the NKY Chamber, our mission is to promote and support the development of strong businesses and a vibrant economy,” said Brent Cooper, President and CEO of the NKY Chamber. “As a small business owner myself, I know how hard these companies work every day, not only to ensure their own success, but that of their customers and the Northern Kentucky community, and we are honored to be able to recognize them for their hard work.” NK Y


PICTURED: Kevin Jones, Huntington Bank; Wendy Vonderhaar, Intrinzic; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Connor Cleves, Cushman & Wakefield


PICTURED: Kevin Jones, Huntington Bank; Jamie Johnson, Dorman Products; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Beth Vice, VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm



PICTURED: Kevin Jones, Huntington Bank; Tammy Weidinger, Brighton Center; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Beth Vice, VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm



PICTURED: Kevin Jones, Huntington Bank; Amy Wright, reSettled Life; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Alex Perkins, Global Business Solutions



PICTURED: Kevin Jones, Huntington Bank; Shannan Boyer, Scooter Media; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Richard Crosby, Strauss Troy Co.


PICTURED: Kevin Jones, Huntington Bank; Alex Weidner, Rudler; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Richard Crosby, Strauss Troy Co.


PICTURED: Kevin Jones, Huntington Bank; Londa Knollman, Rosedale Green; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Alex Perkins, Global Business Solutions


PICTURED: Kevin Jones, Huntington Bank; Chris Dove, Complete Forklift Repair; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber


Talent & Leadership Development In order to ensure our region will continue to develop, attract and retain talent, the NKY Chamber remains focused on programming which enhances our leadership development and elevates the next generation of professionals.

Regional Youth Leadership

PICTURED: RYL 2019 graduation at Launch @ 20 Grand on March 17, photo by David Zombek.

Regional Youth Leadership (RYL) students, family members, and friends gathered at Launch @ 20 Grand, the new Professional Studies Center for Ft. Thomas Schools, to celebrate the graduation of forty-five young leaders from the Regional Youth Leadership program. The class of 2019 is the twentyfifth class to graduate from the program which started in 1995. Graduates of this year’s class represent high school juniors from thirty-three different Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area schools.


Over the past eight-months, the students have participated in sessions and activities which have advanced them as young leaders. The curriculum of the program is geared to help students discover their leadership strengths, develop their awareness of issues and challenges facing the region, explore the resources and opportunities available in our communities, cultivate a commitment to their current and future roles and responsibilities as young leaders, build relationships/collaborate with students across state lines, and encourage a life of community involvement. For more information about Regional Youth Leadership, please contact Ann Marie Whelan at amwhelan@nkychamber.com.


Northern Kentucky Young Professionals

Northern Kentucky Young Professionals (NKYP) represents the next generation of leaders in our region. As part of the NKY Chamber’s GROW NKY talent initiative, NKYP encourages young leaders who embrace the principles of meaningful participation, effective citizenship and extraordinary imagination to enhance the quality of life and well-being in NKY. NKYP jumped into Spring with a lineup of programming that provided professional development, access to business leaders and a connection to the community. NKYP Passport holders enjoyed a tour & tasting experience at the award-winning New Riff Distilling featuring owner, Ken Lewis, a visit to Great American Ballpark with professional insight from Karen Forgus, Senior VP of Business Operations for the Cincinnati Reds, and heard from a group of community changemakers about the importance of civic engagement, alongside a hardhat tour of the new Kenton County Administration Building in Covington. The 2019 NGLA Celebration is full speed ahead after receiving 70 applications from young professional leaders vying for this year’s coveted Next Generation Leader Awards. The finalists were announced in April highlighting the accomplishments of YPs in 9 industry-focused categories, and award winners will be revealed at the event on July 18 at the Newport Aquarium. Does your company have YPs that are looking for ways to be engaged at the Chamber and beyond? The NKYP Passport is an all-access pass available to young professionals that offers a one-time flat fee to attend all NKYP events, opportunities to serve on NKYP planning committees, and discounts and exclusive invites to select Chamber and community events.

Leadership NKY (LNK) uses the community as a classroom to develop leaders who will effectively serve the region. Now in its 40th year, this nine-month long program for emerging and existing leaders, meets monthly for a day-long session on different topics such as Education, Economic Development, Government and Community Vibrancy. The 51 members of this year’s class learned about local government and made the annual trip to the state Capitol in Frankfort in February. In Frankfort they participated in a mock Senate and Supreme Court Session. In March the class participated in a local economic development session at NKU and then traveled for an overnight experience in Lexington. The class learned about healthcare, entrepreneurship and agriculture and their impact on the economy. The highlight of the Lexington experience was Ryan Quarles, Commissioner of Agriculture opening our session on Thursday morning. LNK 2019 will wrap up their experience learning about the health of our region, law and justice and community vibrancy. Commencement for the 40th class will be held on May 17 at New Riff Distilling. NK Y TOURISM 2019 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 4

PICTURED: (Top) NKYP Behind the Scenes Tour at Great American Ballpark; (Middle) Karen Forgus, Duke Guy, Amanda Johannemann at GABP; Emily Wolff, Gary Moore, Ben Baker & Jordan Huizinga discussing civic engagement, photos by Ben Gastright.

Check out NKYP’s upcoming events or contact Amanda Johannemann at ajohannemann@nkychamber.com to learn more!

Leadership Northern Kentucky

PICTURED: The LNK class at the State Capitol building in Frankfort, photo by Dawn Denham.






























PICTURED: 1. Yannick Schilly & the Global Supply Chain crew 2. Kristen Smitherman-Voltaire 3. Davis Robinson, Mic Cooney, Daniel Rajaiah & Marilyn Baker 4. Larry & Chris Dettmer 5. Emily Romer & Emmi Abel-Rutter 6. Samantha Fedor & Caitlin McCall 7. Dani Schwarz & Jena Mason-Spanyer 8. Colin Kremer $ Kevin Speed 9. Emily Oster & Mikayla Williams 10. Colin Mayfield 11. Paul Miller, Matt Hollenkamp & Sarah Giolando 12. Meg Groeschen & Amy Pelicano 13. Kate & Kevin Kleist 14. Elizabeth Yellman, Jeremiah Martin & Henry Yellman 15. Kelly Snyder & Jamie Smith 16. Oliver Lawal & Wes Morin 17. Dee Martir, Michelle Reid & Alecia Webb-Edgington 18. Moulay Essakalli & Blake Perkins 19. Amanda Schmitt, Amanda Tavernelli, Michele O’Brien, Melissa Decker & Nicole Parker 20. Samantha Osborne, Mike Coltrane, Cathleen Snyder, Sam Lickert, Tarah Cook & Robin Throckmorton 21. Mike Sipple, Jr., Jennifer Panepinto & Leisa Mulcahy on the Eggs 'N Issues panel for Talent Attraction & Retention 22. The CONNECT Hour crew at Kitchen 1883 23. 2019 NKY Day in Frankfort All photos by Ben Gastright




DON’T MISS OUT! Check page 50 for the next three months of events, or for the full list go to nkychamber.com/events







RIBBON CUTTINGS BLUEGRASS CARE NAVIGATORS 51 Cavalier Blvd, Suite 200 | Florence, KY 41042 | (859) 441-6332 | bgcarenav.org PICTURED: Chief Scott Knoll, City of Florence FD/EMS; Chief Tom Grau, City of Florence; Gene Kirchner, NKY Chamber; Melissa Pryor, First National Bank-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Denise Burton, Bluegrass Care Navigators; Vicki Merrill, Bluegrass Care Navigators; Kim Mills, Bluegrass Care Navigators; Starlette Engelhardt, Bluegrass Care Navigators; Kimberly Heestand, Bluegrass Care Navigators; Barb Chapman, Bluegrass Care Navigators; Andy Kelley, Receptions Inc.-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Diane Whalen, City of Florence Mayor; Ellen Barnett, L&N Federal Credit Union, Sponsor; Jamie Dickey, ITA Audio Visual Solutions-NKY Chamber Ambassador, Captain Greg Rehkamp, City of Florence; Captain Eric Bowles, City of Florence

BOONESPRING SKILLED NURSING AND REHABILITATION 10250 U.S. 42 | Union, KY 41091 | (513) 943-4000 | carespring.com PICTURED: Jimmy Beatrice, Business Benefits-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Judge Executive Steve Pendery, Campbell County; Kim Moser, Kentucky State Representative; Adam Koenig, Kentucky State Representative; Sal Santoro, Kentucky State Representative; Ralph Alvarado, Kentucky State Senator; Kentucky State Senator John Schickel; David Eppers, Carespring CFO; Chris Chirumbolo, Carespring CEO; John Muller, Carespring Health Care Management; Kimberly Majick, Carespring Chief Development Office; Judge Executive Gary Moore, Boone County; Erin Overla, Carespring Corporate Nurse; Dr. Art Gendleman, Carespring Chief Medical Officer; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber President; Ellen Barnett, L&N Federal Credit Union, Sponsor

FIRST NATIONAL BANK 1515 Calvary Drive, Suite 101 | Florence, KY 41042 | (859) 918-5447 | fnbkentucky.com PICTURED: Chief Scott Knoll, City of Florence FD/EMS; Josh Wice, City of Florence; Kevin Richardson, Addiction Services CouncilNKY Chamber Ambassador; Cara Miller-Aliff, Re/Max Affiliates-NKY Chamber; Diane Whalen, City of Florence Mayor; Greg Goff, President/CEO of First National Bank of Kentucky; Lora Beth Sadler, Vice President First National Bank of Kentucky; Gene Kirchner, NKY Chamber; Melissa Pryor, First National Bank-NKY Chamber Ambassador; JR Schneider, Allied Financial Solutions-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Captain Eric Bowles, City of Florence; Chief Tom Grau, City of Florence; Captain Greg Rehkamp, City of Florence


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Member Milestones DBL LAW


DBL Law has named Robert (Bob) Hoffer as its new Managing Partner. He succeeds James Dressman III who held the Managing Partner position from 2012 thru Feb. 2019. Hoffer joined DBL Law in October 1978. His employment law practice covers all issues impacting employers on a daily basis, including compliance with state and federal employment laws. He has represented employers of all sizes, including some of the largest throughout Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area, and has represented hospitals and physicians for over 30 years on employment and medical negligence issues. Hoffer was recognized by Kenton County Fiscal Court as a 2018 Pioneer Award honoree for his outstanding community leadership and demonstration of the highest standards of personal integrity. He was selected to Super Lawyers for 2013-2019, and was named the 2012 Distinguished Lawyer of the Year by the Northern Kentucky Bar Association. Bob is a graduate of Covington Latin School (1972), Xavier University (1976) and Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law (1980). He is chair of the St. Elizabeth Healthcare Foundation and a member of the St. Elizabeth Healthcare Board of Trustees. Bob and his wife Diane reside in Fort Mitchell, KY. They have four children and four grandchildren.

Intrinzic, a Newport-based brand development and integrated marketing firm, recently added an account director and content strategist to the team. Deanna Hengge joins Intrinzic as an account director, where she will provide strategic direction for our clients. She comes to Intrinzic with more than 20 years’ experience leading client relationships. Most recently, she was a partner at Topic Design. She also has worked on the client side, with senior marketing roles at Huff Realty and U.S. Bank. Hengge is a proud alumna of the University of Cincinnati where she serves on the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences Board of Advisors. When not at work, she is active in many community organizations and enjoys spending time with her family. Kristina Caligaris joins Intrinzic’s creative team as a content strategist. Her experience includes work with some of the region’s top brands, and she will using her verbal skills to helping our clients solve their branding and marketing challenges. When not at work, Caligaris is a dedicated yogi and during basketball season can be found at home rooting for the Golden State Warriors with her two dogs and chinchilla. Kristina holds a B.A. in English from the University of Cincinnati.





Scooter Media is pleased to announce the hiring of Jamie Glavic as Account Supervisor. She brings more than 10 years of marketing and communications experience to the role. Prior to joining Scooter Media, Glavic was the Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Communication at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center where she received the C-Suite Award, Class of 2018, from Lead Tribune Media Group. She has also served on the Ohio Travel Association Board of Directors and the Ohio Museums Association Board of Trustees. Glavic is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, and is a resident of Walnut Hills. Scooter Media is a full-service communications agency located in Covington specializing in PR and social media, For more information, please visit www.scootermediaco.com.

Nick Dokich and Doug Goodwin are both are extremely excited to put down roots in this region. “We made a conscious choice to move operations across the river. We are committed to help growing businesses and communities in this area.” Dokich said. Since founding the company last year, Dokich has seen the need for practical technology solutions only grow for manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics. “I’ve worked in the cross-section of HR and Tech my whole career, I was tired of the antiquated processes and decided to build something better. Intelligent digital assistants and voice-enabled chatbots will revolutionize the way we work.” Ulimi looks to grow its operations substaintaly within the next year. Ulimi recently hired Goodwin on as VP of Strategic Partnerships. It was crucial to hire someone with Goodwin's 20 years of progressive experience in business development with Fortune 500 and early stage technology firms. “We aim to change the way we work, and put the human back in human resources.” Goodwin said. He is passionate about correcting the issues that inhibit business growth joining Ulimi to be a part of the organization that will propel the future of work and HR in NKY. Ulimi is a voice-first workforce solution provider helping companies/employees perform, engage and recruit better while giving valuable time back to the workforce. Tech is part of our daily lives yet we continue to operate HR with bad solutions. The way we work is not working and Ulimi is here to change that.






C-Forward has been recognized as one of the Top 250 IT Companies in America by CRN. This marks the fifth straight year that C-Forward has made this prestigious list. CRN’s 2019 recognizes North American IT solution providers that have cutting-edge approaches to managed services. The MSP Pioneer 250 have largely built their business model around providing managed services to the SMB market. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that remotely manages a customer's IT infrastructure and/ or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model. C-Forward is celebrating their 20th year as a leader in IT and Managed Services. We are network administrators. We install, configure, and support a variety of computers and computer related software and equipment. Anything that touches a computer network we support. PCs, servers, firewalls, switches, and all the related software. C-Forward employs professionals that share a vision of providing quality IT solutions to their customers.

Wiseway Supply, founded in 1972 by Biz and Jackie Cain, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Kentucky Lighting & Supply. Wiseway Supply, with seven branches located in the Greater Cincinnati market, is based in Northern Kentucky. Kentucky Lighting & Supply, with three branches, is based about 75 miles down I-75 in Lexington, Kentucky. This acquisition expands Wiseway Supply’s service area, now encompassing ten branches, from Central Ohio to Central Kentucky with many key customers beyond that geography. John Cain, Wiseway Supply’s owner and President noted, “This acquisition brings together two great teams with very similar cultures and a laser-like focus on customer service. Keeping the staff and vendors in place will ensure that our Central Kentucky customers receive the same products and great service they have been accustomed to from the terrific Kentucky Lighting & Supply team recently lead by Paula Minton. The acquisition of Kentucky Lighting & Supply fits well with our longterm plan of strategic, profitable growth.” Paula Minton, Kentucky Lighting & Supply’s former General Manager will join Wiseway’s Executive Team as Vice President, Showrooms. She will be the face of Wiseway Supply in Lexington, KY. Paula provided that, “John and I have known and respected each other for over 25 years. I am confident that the Wiseway Supply Team will continue our business in much the same manner we have done for more than 60 years. Wiseway Supply will be able to service our very diverse customer base, perhaps even driving faster growth in our footprint with their innovative solutions and processes. We feel very comfortable handing over the reins to Wiseway Supply.”

Celebrating 15 years, the R.C. Durr YMCA has been an integral part of working to improve healthy living options for rapidly expanding Boone County. As a leading nonprofit, the Y provides a rich variety of programs that support individuals and families as they learn, grow, and thrive. All are welcome at the R.C. Durr YMCA. From wellness needs to youth development, residents look to the Y as a resource for guidance, programs and assistance. Each year the R.C. Durr YMCA provides over $350,000 in subsidy to individuals who need access to their programs and services but otherwise could not afford them. Their youth development programs prepare children for success in school and life. Every year, more than 250 children get ready for kindergarten through their Early Learning Child Care Centers. Their Before and After School Child Care, in partnership with local school districts, serves over 700 schoolaged youth by supporting academic achievement, fostering health and wellness, and instilling positive life skills. Healthy living programs at the R.C. Durr YMCA instill healthy lifestyle habits and foster wellness for people of all ages and abilities. “On behalf of the board and staff of the R.C. Durr YMCA, we are honored to carry on the legacy of Mr. Durr by serving our community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility initiatives. The Y is here to help you and your family achieve goals, connect with your community and find a true sense of belonging,” said Jacob Brooks, Vice President of the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati. NK Y


All NKY Chamber members are invited to share announcements & personal achievements in the Milestones column. Send Milestones to bgastright@nkychamber.com




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NKY Chamber Business Journal May/June 2019  

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NKY Chamber Business Journal May/June 2019  

Tourism Edition Volume 38, Number 4