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Health Benefits

Providing Innovative Solutions and Healthier Outcomes for Kentucky Businesses Dan Cahill, Ph.D.

Vice President Market Leader Kentucky

What matters most, each and every day, is helping our clients address one of life’s greatest challenges – obtaining access to quality, affordable health care. HORAN works with employers across Kentucky to minimize costs and improve health. As the landscape continues to shift, HORAN will help Kentucky employers develop strategic plans that address financial concerns, plan design and effective communication with their employees. We are committed to developing innovative solutions that address health care concerns for new clients while continuing to advise our valued clients in Kentucky. For more information about how HORAN can help with your benefits strategies, please contact Dan Cahill, at 859.572.4501 or DanC@horanassoc.com.



JANUARY 2019 VOLUME 38, NUMBER 2 4 Chair’s Letter

24 Fit for Work

6 President’s Letter

30 How a Healthy Workforce Affects Your Bottom Line

8 Getting Fit with the Family at Silverlake 12 Leadership Updates 14 Assessing Your Financial Fitness

PICTURED: Top: At the Bircus Brewing Company ribbon cutting, owner Paul Miller severs the ribbon circus-style by breathing fire with his own beer. Bottom: Miller serves up a pint of Bircus's Kölsch, The Bearded Lady. Photos by Ben Gastright


20 Anti-Smoking Campaign Targets Covington & Gallatin County 22 Members Saving Thousands with New NKY Chamber Health Insurance Program

32 If We Don't Care, Why Should Lawmakers? 34 Around the Chamber 38 Ribbon Cuttings 43 Member Milestones 46 Events COVER PHOTO: Silverlake family fitness center is undergoing a massive expansion, including the pictured ropes course photo, provided by Silverlake.


CHAIR’S LETTER From a cost standpoint, unhealthy employees are less productive and negatively impact a company’s bottom line. For most businesses, personnel costs represent the largest percentage of its overall operating costs. Having an unhealthy workforce leads to less productivity, increased use of sick time, and increases the cost of employee benefits, particularly the cost of employee health benefits. These increased costs not only impact the business, but also impact the employees themselves, particularly in the area of increased employee benefit costs that By Jim Parsons are paid in part by the employee. Partner, Keating Muething & Klekamp PPL To encourage a healthier workforce, Chair, NKY Chamber of Commerce many businesses have instituted health and wellness programs for their employees and have created any number of incentives to encourage employees to THIS ISSUE OF THE BUSINESS Journal is devoted to health and wellness participate. These programs range from smoking cessation programs, to weight which may not seem like an expected loss and ongoing fitness programs theme for a NKY Chamber sponsored sponsored by the employer. Many publication. In reality, businesses employers have also started programs recognize the importance of having to address mental health issues for a healthy workforce, and support their employees and have confidential measures to address health and wellness programs where their employees may for their employees, and support the receive mental health services. removal of impediments that may be a The Northern Kentucky Chamber barrier to having a healthier workforce. actively works to promote the health — and wellness initiatives of our members For most businesses, – and for good reason. We realize that personnel costs represent to meet the workforce challenges of today and tomorrow, we need more the largest percentage people available to work. To encourage of its overall operating new business and expansion of existing businesses, we need to be viewed as an costs. area devoted to improving the quality of the health of our residents. As part of our workforce initiatives, we have an active robust committee related to health, wellness and safety. The NKY Chamber also emphasizes the need for a healthier workforce


— Supporting measures for a heathier workforce are part of our effort to lead, connect and advocate on behalf of the Northern Kentucky business community. through many of our advocacy positions. We have been at the forefront of promoting legislation and programs to combat the addiction crisis that is having such an impact on our region. We have actively supported a syringe access exchange program as one strategy to deal with the addiction crisis as a measure to prevent the spread of disease. In the most recent legislative session, we supported a significant increase in the cigarette tax – not as a revenue measure, but as an incentive to reduce smoking. For years we have supported eliminating smokers as a protected class of citizens in the Kentucky Civil Rights Acts. The impact of smoking on a person’s health and the cost this creates for businesses cannot be denied. We are encouraged by the actions of KY State Senator John Schickel, who has pre-filed a bill to be considered by the 2019 Kentucky General Assembly to amend the Kentucky Civil Rights Act to remove the current protections afforded smokers. The NKY Chamber recognizes that having a healthy workforce helps us meet our goal of promoting the development of strong businesses and a vibrant economy for the Northern Kentucky region. Supporting measures for a heathier workforce are part of our effort to lead, connect and advocate on behalf of the Northern Kentucky business community. NK Y



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— If we are to progress as a region, we must first agree on who we are, and recognize we are stronger together.

By Brent Cooper President and CEO, NKY Chamber of Commerce OVER THE PAST YEAR AS NKY Chamber President, I’ve noticed people don’t seem to agree about what makes up Northern Kentucky. Not even our top elected officials, business and civic leaders. If you asked ten people what Northern Kentucky is, you might get ten different answers. We are a direction - Northern. We are the south side of Cincinnati. We are a collection of small towns. We are a thriving urban area. We are a mix of urban and rural. We are either three counties, four counties, six counties, or even eight or nine counties.

— If you asked ten people what Northern Kentucky is, you might get ten different answers.


It surprised me to learn that most organizations that have NKY in the name, don’t define the region the same way. In my opinion, because we aren’t one big city or county, we lose influence, on both sides of the river. We struggle, more than we should, to get our fair share of recognition and resources. From time to time, you’ll hear folks lament, “Most in Frankfort think of us as Cincinnati, and most in Cincinnati don’t think of us at all.” The good news is, we have strong Judges/Executive leading our counties, passionate school superintendents, and civic leaders that embrace regionalism. Over the years, they’ve garnered a strong reputation for working together. It’s one of the things we are known for. But we could do better. Consider this: there are 400,000 people in our three northernmost counties alone. If Cincinnati was Minneapolis, we’d be St. Paul. Actually, we’d be bigger. St. Paul is only 300,000 people. In the most recent election, Jefferson County boasted nearly 600,000 registered voters. Fayette had 230,000. If we combined our three northernmost counties, we would have over 300,000 registered voters, and would become the second largest county in the state overnight. But would you limit Northern Kentucky to just the three northernmost counties? The Northern Kentucky Area Development District (NKADD) is defined by the state to be eight counties in the Northern Kentucky region: Boone, Kenton, Campbell, Carroll, Gallatin, Owen, Grant, and Pendleton.

The Northern Kentucky Health Department has four counties. Northern Kentucky Planning, NKY Water District, NKY Education Council, NKY Education Cooperative, Northern Kentucky Tri-ED, and the United Way, all consider Northern Kentucky differently. A strong case can be made that someone in Newport should care about what happens in Grant County, if for no other reason than thousands of Ark Encounter visitors stop at Newport on the Levee and the Aquarium. People in Covington should care about Gallatin County, because some of the 100,000 visitors watching the NASCAR race at the Kentucky Speedway will stay in Covington and visit Braxton Brewery, Blinkers Tavern and the Gruff. People in Pendleton County should care about what happens in Boone County, because many of their citizens are making the trek to work there every day. Regardless of the current definition, I think it is time our community has a serious conversation about what makes up the Northern Kentucky region. At the end of the day, it could be that we still have multiple definitions depending on the audience and the situation, and perhaps that’s okay. My hope is that by talking it through, we’ll do a better job singing from the same hymnal, and ultimately be more effective in achieving our collective goals. The NKY Chamber is going to be fostering dialogue on this topic in the coming months as we approach our 50th anniversary and look toward the next 50 years. We invite you to be part of the conversation. If we are to progress as a region, we must first agree on who we are, and recognize we are stronger together. NK Y


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Contact The Carnegie Box Office, open Tues-Fri 12pm – 5pm, in person or by phone at (859) 957-1940, or online at www.thecarnegie.com. Patrons seeking group or student tickets should call to make arrangements. 6% KY sales tax applicable on all ticket purchases

The 2018-19 Carnegie Theatre Series is presented by the Otto M. Budig Family Foundation. Additional support comes from the Kentucky Department of Tourism.


Getting Fit with the Family at Silverlake



The new year always brings with it resolutions of getting healthy and spending more time with family. Pairing the two together can make exercising more enjoyable for mom and dad while instilling healthy habits at a young age. Silverlake, “The Family Place,” has everything you need and more to make your New Year’s resolutions a reality. By Katie Louis Senior Account Executive Scooter Media

PICTURED: Silverlake patrons doing BOGA yoga on the water. Photo by Teah Longland



Gastrights by the indoor pool, photo by Lara Gastright.

If you are not familiar with Silverlake in Erlanger, it’s far more than a nice workout facility with an outdoor waterpark. Yes, Silverlake does have a nice gym, a 50-meter Olympic-sized lap pool, and the waterpark comes complete with slides, diving boards, and a lily pad walk. Silverlake is dedicated to offering something for everyone so families can spend time together while being active and living a healthy lifestyle. The $9 million Silverlake 4.0 expansion now provides families with more options than ever before to get fit together – all under one roof (in a 55,000 square foot) multiplex – year-round. Silverlake member Lara Gastright (Leasing & Sales Representative at Zalla Companies), and her family have been members for two years. She explained that, being a full-time working mom, it was hard to come home just to turn around and put her kids back in childcare while she worked out. Her kids have such a great time at the Silverlake Kids Club that they ask to visit, making it easier for Lara to go to the gym. “At Silverlake we have the opportunity to spend time together as a family and still get the exercise we need,” Gastright explained. “We swim together as a family at least twice a week, we’ve enjoyed swim lessons, basketball and soccer leagues, and gymnastics at very reasonable prices.” Gastright and her family have even more options to spend quality time together with Silverlake 4.0. In addition to all the current amenities, the new facility has a ropes course with two ziplines, duckpin bowling, the nation’s tallest Clip ‘n Climb, a trampoline park, pickleball, a bar & grill, and more. “The beauty of the expanded Silverlake is that we have this passion for health and fitness and getting families active, we can now offer them a multitude of fun ways to be active and healthy,” said Jenny Kammes, Marketing Director for Silverlake. “Exercise and healthy choices are so much easier when you get to have fun while doing it and not even realize you’re ‘working out’ and getting fit. Kids can climb, jump, and laugh and be none the wiser that what they’re doing is great for them physically and mentally – same for the adults!”

Sports Director Bryan Fusco instructing the youth, photo by Teah Longland.

"Exercise and healthy choices are so much easier when you get to have fun while doing it and not even realize you’re ‘working out’ and getting fit." Jenny Kammes Marketing Director, Silverlake

The outdoor waterpark, photo by Teah Longland. PAGE 10


Clip 'N Climb rendering for Silverlake 4.0

Trampoline Park for Silverlake 4.0

Winter family time can include challenges on the clip ‘n climb, which is essentially 16 wacky rock walls that everyone in the family can attempt. There’s “Face to Face,” where two people climb a plexiglass wall facing each other, and “Stairway to Heaven,” where you climb poles until you’re 30 feet in the air. The state-of-the-art auto belay system ensures everyone reaches the ground safely. If the adults want some time to themselves while the kids are exploring the ropes course, they can head into the adult gaming area complete with Golf Simulator, the World’s Largest Pacman, Golden Tee, and shuffleboard table. The adult area is next to new Discovery Play, and the new bar and grill featuring fast-casual food and adult beverages. The Discovery Play will also have interactive play screens, dress up area, gas station and play kitchen/grocery store for children to explore in pretend play. Silverlake 4.0 isn’t just about adding new activities, it’s also expanding on what makes the facility great already. Silverlake 4.0 houses an expanded Silverlake Academy, a new multipurpose gym, outdoor playground and four reservable party and activity rooms and other member activities. The popular Kid’s Quest area moved to the new building, opening up space for the fitness area to expand. While details of the fitness center’s expansion are still being finalized, Silverlake continues to offer members a wide selection of equipment for any type of workout from strength training to Pilates and everything in between. The Fitness Center currently includes three lines of circuit machines, free weights, cardio equipment, a cardio theatre, and an indoor walking track. For those who might need a little guidance getting started on their New Year’s Resolution, Silverlake offers group exercise, team training, and personal training. Families can easily spend an entire day at Silverlake focusing on fitness and fun. The new Silverlake 4.0 makes it the perfect place to spend a winter Saturday sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions by entertaining the whole family while getting fit. NK Y


301 Kenton Lands Road Erlanger, KY 41018 (859) 427-777 www.SilverlakeFamily.com

MEMBERSHIPS Single: $59/month Couple: $97/month Family: $149/month Senior Single: $48/month Senior Couple: $72/month Bar area rendering for Silverlake 4.0 WELLNESS 2019 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 2



Regional Youth Leadership

Northern Kentucky Young Professionals

Leadership Northern Kentucky

Regional Youth Leadership students spent their November session examining the many aspects of healthcare and wellness at the St. Elizabeth Training and Education Center, and SUN Behavioral Health. Students were faced with the question of whether access to quality healthcare is a privilege or right as they experienced (simulated) real-life medical situations and spoke with a variety of medical professionals. One of those professionals was Ashel Kreutzkamp, emergency department nurse, who shared her first-hand experience with the impact of the heroin epidemic on our community. Students defined her presentation as “eye-opening”, adding that they had underestimated the full impact heroin has had on our region and the even larger implications on hospitals and firstresponders. As part of the sessions’ focus on wellness, students learned the importance of CPR and automated external defibrillators (AEDs). They put that learning to the test as they were confronted with a ‘patient’ (robot) that had flatlined and stopped breathing. Students were able to practice CPR, insert a breathing tube and use a defibrillator to bring the patient back to life. Know a current high school sophomore that would benefit from this experience? Applications for RYL Class of 2020 are now available! To learn more, contact Ann Marie Whelan, amwhelan@ nkychamber.com.

In November, NKYP partnered with the Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) on a Giving Circle supporting a selected NKY non-profit. After hearing several worthy presentations, the contributions from NKYP donors including a $1,000 match from GCF, were presented to their organization of choice – the Women’s Crisis Center Northern Kentucky at their Covington Counts: Green Dot Kick Off event. With a renewed focus on health and self-care in the new year, NKYP’s first event of 2019 will highlight a variety of options to help young professionals reach their wellness goals. Join NKYP for a roundtable conversation with companies that are making fitness and healthy habits fun. The NKYP: Wellness and Self-Care Roundtable will take place on January 17 at Braxton Brewing Company in Covington. Throughout the year, NKYP organizes a variety of opportunities for networking, professional development and community involvement. NKYP Passport Holders are invited to participate in all events at a one-time annual rate and encouraged to serve on planning committees and in leadership roles. Not only is this a great option for young professionals that want to make just one ask to their employer for the year related to personal growth, but also a great way for senior leaders to motivate and engage young talent! To learn more visit nkychamber.com/ NKYPPassport or contact Amanda Johannemann at ajohannemann@ nkychamber.com.

The theme for the 40th Leadership NKY class is "Making Meaningful Connections." The program helps participants to do this both in our community and with one another. The class overnight retreat at Camp Joy in September was a powerful experience for many of the class members, just as it was for so many alumni in years past. Here are some reflections from class members on the experience: “I couldn’t ask for a better way to kick off our year and begin to truly get to know each of you. Thank you all for your kindness, support, humor, strength and leadership. I am so proud to be a part of our class and can’t wait to see where this year takes us.” - Holly Mazzocca, Bartlett Wealth Management “As we came to an end on Friday I realized that something special had happened, 51 classmates had become 51 friends.” - Andrew Kearns, Hummel Hatfield Agency “My heart is so full, and I am just so, so thankful to have gotten to know each and every one of you as we shared such an amazing experience with such incredible group of people.” - Emily Cochran, Graydon The experience was so impactful that this year’s class raised $1,800 to give back to Camp Joy for scholarships. Additionally, the class has experienced great sessions focused on education, transportation, workforce and human services. Nominations for the next class will begin in early 2019. For more information on LNK contact Dawn Denham at ddenham@nkychamber.com. NK Y



People from across Northern Kentucky come to the Y to make more time for family, become stronger inside and out and create lasting relationships with our welcoming community of members! CAMPBELL COUNTY YMCA R.C. DURR YMCA

Ft. Thomas, KY 859.781.1814 Burlington, KY 859.534.5700

through January 31, 2019

Join Online | MyY.org


Assessing Your Financial Fitness By Jamie Holtzapfel Core Consulting Group

AT THE START OF A NEW YEAR PEOPLE NATURALLY GET excited about a blank slate, new beginnings and the unveiling of life’s next events. This fresh start for 2019 also inspires lifestyle changes. From career to health, and everything in between, resolutions are in full swing. While wellness often falls at the top of a resolution list, proper nutrition and exercise are not the only things to consider in the formula for healthy living. When is the last time you assessed your financial wellness? According to Forbes, the Stress in America Survey has consistently reported money-related stressors at the top of the charts. While this is probably not a surprise, the side effects of poor financial health can’t be ignored. Illness, decreased work productivity, marital discord, depression and anxiety are among some of the things impacted by financial stress. Christine Luken, the Financial Lifeguard, and author of "Money is Emotional: Prevent Your Heart from Hijacking Your Wallet” has some great advice to assess and improve your financial wellness in the new year. Luken shares, “If you are feeling stressed or anxious about your finances, that's usually a sure sign there's a problem.” These feelings usually manifest in two ways: avoidance or obsession. “Some people will bury their head in the sand and only deal with issues when they blow up,” says Luken, whose business is located in Covington. “Others constantly check their accounts or credit scores.”



Either behavior shows a lack of balance and signals there may be an issue with excessive debt or spending. On the other hand, someone who has achieved financial wellness will have minimal debt, adequate savings, a monthly spending plan and a sense of peace about their finances. If you want to quickly assess your financial wellness, you can take a two-minute quiz at bit.ly/moneyquiz2mins. No matter the state of your financial health, once you’ve decided to make improvements, you can consider the following.


LEARN: SEEK TO UNDERSTAND How well do you understand your current financial state, spending habits, net worth or investments? If you aren’t feeling strong in your knowledge base, consider seeking counsel or working with a trusted advisor.


PLAN: DEVELOP GOALS Have you thought about your financial goals? Establishing goals, and a clear financial action plan, will help you live a more fulfilling life. Goals are important whether you want to cut back, invest more or secure proper coverage. With a clear financial plan, you can proactively do things like pay off debt, plan for retirement or save for a home renovation project.


ACT: STAY CONNECTED Check in weekly with your money by putting a standing appointment on the calendar. Pick a time when you are alert, yet relaxed. Use this standing appointment to check accounts, make transfers, pay bills and file receipts. If you do this weekly, it should only take 15 - 20 minutes. If something is amiss, you have time to course-correct before the end of the month.


REVISIT: MOVE THE NEEDLE If you feel confident in your current financial wellness, consider ways to continuously push yourself and your goals. Find a few blogs, podcasts or email newsletters that offer practical money wellness tips to keep yourself in top financial shape. Understand your investment options or diversify your approach. You can move your financial needle by staying connected to financial trends and understanding your needs and wants.

This year, as you map out your resolutions, remember that financial wellness is more than retirement plans, credit repair or debt management. True financial wellness focuses on your relationship with money and how it supports your desired lifestyle. NK Y



Ultimate Workshop

TAX, Succession, and Estate mistakes made by Business Owners and how to avoid them Presented By: NKY Chamber of Commerce

William E. Hesch, Esq., CPA, PFS • Amy E. Pennekamp, Esq.

Thursday, February 14, 2019, 8:00 am – 11:30 am Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce 300 Buttermilk Pike, Suite 330 Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017

Register at www.nkychamber.com/events Members: $30, Non Members: $45

Benefits of Attending the Workshop: • Identify action steps for your business which become your 2019 road map for success! • Protect the value of your business and its long-term success. • Avoid major business problems that would arise if you died or became disabled. • Get answers to your CPA and legal questions. Forward your questions to Bill prior to the workshop! • All attendees receive a one-hour complimentary follow-up consultation with Bill. 8:00 am • Session 1: Top 10 Tax Planning Mistakes • Choice of Entity-Sole Proprietor, S or C Corporation • Maximize retirement plan deductions • Maximize your tax deductions • Avoid IRS audit problems

9:15 am • Session 2: Top 10 Succession Planning Mistakes • How to Plan for: *Death, *Disability, *Retirement • Secrets For a Successful Business Succession Plan • Planning for disability of owner

10:30 am • Session 3: Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes • How to use a Trust and buy-sell agreement in estate plan • How to protect family and value of business if owner dies or becomes disabled

William E.Hesch Law Firm, LLC

Personalized • Experienced • Service-oriented After you meet with your attorney, CPA and Financial Planner, contact Bill on his cell phone at (513) 509-7829 to get a second opinion and see what he can do for you. 3047 Madison Road, Suite 205, Cincinnati, OH 45209 | 513-731-6601 | www.heschlaw.com This is an advertisement | Legal work may be performed by others within the firm.

Young Professionals Roundtable

Wellness & Self-Care in the New Year Thursday, January 17, 2019 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Braxton Brewing Co. 27 W. 7th Street Covington, KY 41011 Join NKYP for this motivating event that will offer insight from local companies that are making fitness fun, including their unique approach to wellness and how they’ve been successful at growing their companies! NKYChamber.com/Events

Title Sponsor:

Event Sponsor:



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8/23/18 11:17 AM

LOCAL SALES: Tom Reusch Commercial Sales Manager P: 859-371-8191 X 5143 C: 859-802-9551 E: treusch@kerrynissan.com

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Whether you want to finance a development project or business expansion, purchase new inventory or cover unexpected expenses, our primary goal is to help you achieve yours.

Member FDIC


300 Buttermilk Pike, Suite 103 Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017


Members Saving Thousands with New NKY Chamber Health Insurance Program By Michael Monks Publisher & Owner The River City News THE COST OF AN EFFECTIVE HEALTH CARE PLAN for the employees of a small business is an important consideration for a business owner. The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce offers two distinct health insurance options for members, both of which represent potential for significant costs savings, said NKY Chamber Chief Operating Officer Gene Kirchner, who oversees the program. “The majority of our membership represents small business. As such, it is very important that we have a great option for members with less than one hundred employees,” Kirchner said. The NKY Chamber’s Humana Health Solutions program allows small organizations to gain the advantage of largegroup pricing by joining a professional association connected to their standard industrial classification (SIC) code. “We currently have two associations open: Professional Services and Mining/Manufacturing/Construction,” Kirchner said. “Any business or non-profit that falls into one of those two broad categories has the option to participate, so long as they are NKY Chamber members. “Currently, we are working to open two additional associations, Retail and Finance. We hope to have these options available to members in the near future.” For larger organizations with more than 100 employees, the NKY Chamber offers Elite Health, which utilizes direct contracting with participating providers like St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Tri-Health, and Cincinnati Children’s to provide better price points for employer-sponsored health care. “This innovative approach represents a high quality alternative to the traditional insurance model,” Kirchner said.

SAVINGS ARE ADDING UP Chris Vogt, a project manager at Hahn Automation, which uses the plan for smaller businesses, said that employees and the business are seeing around 20 percent savings on health insurance costs. “Along with cheaper co-pays and prescription plans, the program is cheaper for everyone,” Vogt said. Hahn Automation, located in Hebron, was brought into the new insurance program about a year ago, at its inception. “The terms looked better than any health insurance proposal we had seen previously and we agreed to be part of the pilot program,” Vogt said. Vogt would recommend the insurance program to other small businesses.


“As a small business, we were previously unable to receive the health care discounts afforded to companies twenty times our size,” he said. “Our company and employees have saved 20 percent in health care costs and have far better coverage than before.” Savings have also been realized by non-profit members of the NKY Chamber, including 7 Hills Church, located in Florence. “The savings with the new Humana health insurance plan are monumental for us,” said Evan Cromer, Pastor – Business & Operations at 7 Hills Church. “We cut our total health insurance costs more than half! The savings will allow us to get a greater return on investment to help us further the vision of the church and reach more people.”

HOW IT WORKS Kirchner explains that the Humana Health Solutions program offers small groups the opportunities to come together to form a single large group, giving NKY Chamber members access to more competitive pricing and better coverage. The Elite Health option reduces costs and provides better coverage by creating a direct connection between employers and a controlled network of providers. An additional advantage of this approach is that the direct connection allows for better communication between employers and providers, leading to better care for employees, according to Kirchner.

REVIEWS ARE POSITIVE The NKY Chamber members enrolled in the program are responding positively. “When we consider these types of opportunities, the first question we ask ourselves is, will it be of value to our members?,” Kirchner said. “There is little doubt that is the case with these offerings.” Members are sending thank-you messages, Kirchner said. Seven Hills Church was so excited about the cost savings, it hosted a catered lunch for the entire NKY Chamber staff. “It is a great opportunity for large savings, without reducing the quality of insurance. The entire team loves the new Humana plan and we are beyond thankful that the NKY Chamber offers this special access,” said Cromer. “Any time you can realize a greater return on investment with your resources, without your people sacrificing in benefits, that’s a really special thing.” “There have even been a few hugs along the way,” Kirchner said. “It is very gratifying to know that the work we are doing is making a difference for our members and adding value to their membership experience.” NK Y


40% 40% NKY Chamber is partnering with Humana to help businesses with one of their largest expenses: health insurance. NKY Chamber HealthSolutions is a new health insurance association exclusively for NKY Chamber members with 2+ employees

8 employees, 19 covered members

With HealthSolutions, many NKY Chamber members will see savings between 5-40% on health insurance premiums .*

Contact your NKY Chamber Broker to start 8saving employees, 19 covered members

NKY Chamber is partnering with Humana to help businesses with one of their largest expenses: health insurance. NKY Chamber HealthSolutions is a new health insurance association exclusively for NKY Chamber members with 2+ employees

The savings with the new Humana health insurance plan are monumental for us. With We cut our total health insurance costs more than half! Yes, that’s right. HealthSolutions, many NKY Chamber Thismembers is also because the prior company increased 2019 rates by 20%. If you will see savings between 5-40% take the into account (where onincrease health insurance premiums .* we would be without Humana), then total savings are more than half. The savings will allow us to get a greater return on investment to help us further the vision of the church and reach more people! Evan Cromer sd

Health Contact your Solutions NKY Chamber Broker to start saving

Pastor – Business & Operations 7 Hills Church

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Northern Kentucky: A Center for Health Innovation & Solutions St. Elizabeth Leading the Region Toward Good Health By Garren Colvin President & CEO St. Elizabeth Healthcare



PICTURE YOURSELF LIVING IN A VIBRANT town – where people are relatively healthy and fit. Cancer and heart disease rates are low. You get preventive healthcare. If you have substance use disorder or a behavioral health illness, you have access to intensive therapy. If you have a physical disease, you get new, innovative medical treatments. At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, that’s our vision for Northern Kentucky. We want to lead the region to become one of the healthiest communities in America. Sound ambitious? Sure, but the entire St. Elizabeth team is already working toward that vision each day by providing comprehensive, compassionate care for our patients. And, we are seeing this success daily within our hospitals and physician offices.


When we opened the St. Elizabeth Heart & Vascular Institute in 2015, we set an ambitious goal to reduce heart-related deaths in Northern Kentucky by 25 percent by 2025, and we are on pace to achieve this important goal. Improvements in patients’ lifestyle choices, prevention strategies, and treatment options have contributed to our heart patients living longer and enjoying more time with their families and friends. So, what’s next? We have several major strategies in the works – all designed to tackle Northern Kentucky’s most pressing health issues. Here are some highlights ...


A NEW, COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CENTER To combat our region’s high cancer rates and help residents live longer, we have broken ground on our new, stateof-the-art cancer center, right on the St. Elizabeth Edgewood campus. We’ve always offered outstanding cancer care, but now we’re building a place where patients can receive comprehensive services under one roof – diagnosis, leading-edge treatments, psychological and pastoral care, nutritional and financial counseling, and access to more nationally recognized research trials. There’s no need for patients to travel and seek cancer care elsewhere. Right now, roughly 5 percent of our patients are in clinical trials for many types of cancer, including breast, colon, lung, ovarian and uterine cancers. In our new cancer center, we hope that as many as 20 percent of our patients will take advantage of new treatment options through clinical trials. When patients are involved in research, they get new medications, devices and treatments faster. We also plan to use genetic testing and other methods to help us identify cancer sooner and tailor treatments more precisely. If we can identify cancer earlier, while it’s still at stage one or two, we can save lives and help people live longer.

MARKEY CANCER CENTER AFFILIATE NETWORK To bolster our quest to fight cancer, St. Elizabeth has joined the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center Affiliate

Network. The UK Markey Cancer Center is one of the leading cancer care and research centers in the country. Markey is designated as a “cancer center” by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and patients have access to new drugs, treatment options and clinical trials offered only at NCI centers. Through this affiliation, we will offer our patients in Northern Kentucky even more high-quality cancer treatment options – close to home.

UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY MEDICAL SCHOOL ON NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY’S CAMPUS Kentucky is dealing with a shortage of physicians right now, particularly primary care physicians. To help address the shortage, St. Elizabeth is partnering with the University of Kentucky and Northern Kentucky University to create a regional medical school program on the NKU campus. In this program, students will earn a four-year medical degree from the UK College of Medicine. They will study the same medical curriculum that is offered in Lexington, and they will perform their clinical work at St. Elizabeth and at medical practices throughout the local community. As these students learn and practice in our community, they will dually be establishing roots and relationships that will hopefully have them remain here to practice. St. Elizabeth has provided a gift of $2.5 million to support a tuition scholarship for the new program at NKU, which will begin in fall 2019.

CLINICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE Whether you have cancer, heart disease or another illness, your opportunities to get innovative care are growing thanks to our physicians and associates who conduct research and work with clinical trials through St. Elizabeth’s Clinical Research Institute. Many physicians have a strong desire to incorporate research into their practices. With support from the institute, they can evaluate the effectiveness of new medications, devices and treatments. For example, researchers with the St. Elizabeth Heart & Vascular Institute are exploring: • A smaller leadless pacemaker that can be placed directly inside the heart and does not require bulky wires. • A wearable vest that uses infrared technology to measure the amount of fluid in the lungs and helps manage symptoms of heart failure. St. Elizabeth’s Clinical Research Institute provides a strong foundation to support research that will create significant differences for patients and families.

MAYO CLINIC PARTNERSHIP For the past five years, St. Elizabeth has been raising the bar for healthcare in our region through our collaboration with Mayo Clinic Care Network (MCCN). Our collaboration with Mayo Clinic has been an invaluable resource for our associates, physicians, patients and community, helping to advance programs and cultivate relationships that will improve PICTURED: Artist's rendering of the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center Next page: Groundbreaking for the new Cancer Center Photos provided by St. Elizabeth



health outcomes through the delivery of high-quality services and evidence-based medical care. This partnership gives our expert physicians the opportunity to consult with specialists at Mayo Clinic. We can obtain second opinions, discuss best practices and confirm that we’re on the right path to treatment, which provides patients extra assurance and peace of mind without the need to travel to a different city or incur additional cost. St. Elizabeth care teams have been extremely involved with Mayo Clinic in both patient care and research studies.

ACTIVATING HOPE AND ESTABLISHING SUCCESSFUL LINKS TO TREATMENT At St. Elizabeth, it is our goal to integrate a trauma-informed and recovery-oriented medical response for substance use disorder across all departments in the healthcare system and within our community. By aligning all substance use disorder services within the continuum of care, we are able to expand specialized treatment services and provide comprehensive medical services. Last year, St. Elizabeth Physicians opened the Journey Recovery Center, a 12,000-square-foot facility that is solely dedicated to bringing additional resources to combat substance use disorder.

This center was created in conjunction with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s 12-step programming and focuses on several addiction treatments, including alcohol, opioids, narcotics and more. Roughly 1,000 patients are receiving care here, and lives are being saved as this work is bringing a continued sense of hope for our community and patients who have been affected by this disease. In addition to the work of the Journey Recovery Center, our Baby Steps Program is providing critical care, education and support to pregnant women with substance use disorder since more than 200 babies are born each year in our community who are exposed to opiates. We understand the challenges a pregnant woman can face when she is struggling with substance use. This can be an extremely scary time for pregnant women because they don’t know if it’s safe to stop using the substance, who they can trust, and they fear legal problems or even losing their baby. St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s Baby Steps Program specializes in working with pregnant women and new mothers who used substances during their pregnancy. Our nurses work closely with expectant mothers by developing a trusting relationship, finding treatment and establishing and continuing OB care.

To help patients and families who are struggling with behavioral health and/or substance use disorder, St. Elizabeth has partnered with SUN Behavioral Health to open a new, short-term inpatient treatment facility. This is significant because the facility allows us to give patients highly specialized and personalized care that they desperately need for depression, substance dependency and other behavioral health issues. When the time is right, these patients will transition to outpatient care where they can continue to receive intensive treatment for their illness.

LEADING NORTHERN KENTUCKY TO GOOD HEALTH As St. Elizabeth Healthcare leads the region to become a healthy community – one of the healthiest in America – something else will happen. Northern Kentucky will become known as a center for good health and a destination for innovative medical solutions. That’s a reputation worth working for. NK Y


Fit for Work When Wellness Programs Pay Off “Veggie Bingo,” “Beat the Boss,” “Rethink Your Drink” … what the heck? If your workplace memos are more likely to be entitled “Submit Expense Report,” or “Quarterly Review,” the thought of posting “Meditation Monday” on a company-wide email may seem fluffy and weird. But there’s nothing peculiar about improving the bottom line. Studies show workplace wellness programs like Humana’s Go365 do pay off in reduced health care costs and absentee rates. They can also help attract top talent. A Gallup poll of nearly 200,000 American employees shows work-life balance/better personal wellbeing is the second most important factor when considering a new job… above even increased income.

By Kit Andrews Communications Specialist Divisions Maintenance Group



At Fidelity, when weather permits, managers are encouraged to use a nearly 2-mile trail for outdoor meetings. It is paved or graveled and beautifully landscaped to make walking both productive and enjoyable. Photo provided by Fidelity WELLNESS 2019 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 2


RETURN ON INVESTMENT Among American companies with at least 50 employees, more than half offer some type of wellness program. According to a RAND study, lifestyle management programs lessen the health risks of smoking, obesity, and lack of physical activity. That’s important when you consider an estimated 70 to 90 percent of healthcare costs derive from preventable diseases. Changing bad health behaviors is a long-term investment, but it is a wise one. The same RAND study concludes when companies target both lifestyle management and disease management in their wellness programs, they see a return of $1.50 for every dollar invested. The key is understanding that execution matters.

DEFINE YOUR GOAL Step challenges, water tracking, healthy potlucks; these activity-based perks keep things interesting and can promote team-building while offering quick rewards. However, one challenge, once a year does little to motivate new behaviors long term. Using company health programs strategically for effective change should be the goal. Fidelity Investments Senior Vice President of Relationship Management Jennifer Bennett says her company takes a holistic approach, targeting physical and emotional wellbeing on Fidelity’s Covington campus using walking trails, an on-site gym, and the cafeteria to help employees make better choices.

AIM FOR ENGAGEMENT At Fidelity, when weather permits, managers are encouraged to use a nearly 2 mile trail for outdoor meetings. It is paved or graveled and beautifully landscaped to make walking both productive and enjoyable. In addition, there is an

on-site 24 hour fitness center. It’s not free… it’s human nature for individuals to be more committed when more invested… but it’s very affordable: $15 a month, which includes aerobics, Zoomba and yoga classes. In the Fidelity Café FIT, healthy meals are subsidized. A cheeseburger is more than twice the price of the salad bar option or made-to-order meals from the grill. “Fitmeals” all meet predetermined dietary standards for calories and fat. Plus, eating right can help employees earn points toward free meals, and they can gift those meals to others. Last year, Fidelity gave nearly 1,200 meals to the Freestore Foodbank Kids Café. An onsite wellness center gives Fidelity associates convenient access to medical services; flu and allergy shots, health screenings, and nutritional guidance. Wellness coaching is offered to those who want to say, quit smoking or take mindfulness training to relieve stress or improve sleep. Bennett says Fidelity attempts to engage employees of every age and interest, investing not only in their financial security but in their physical and emotional security as well, knowing all are critical to the company’s employees, their families, and their business.

SHOW THEM THE MONEY Smaller companies can’t likely compete with those perks, but they can offer an incentive that appeals to everyone: discounted rates on insurance premiums. Organizations of every size can offer points toward prizes and gift cards by participating in blood testing and physicals on site. Through the program, Go365 Bucks are available too when participants link to a fitness tracker to verify their daily steps, or volunteer in the community.

In the Fidelity Café FIT, healthy meals are subsidized. A cheeseburger is more than twice the price of the salad bar option or made-to-order meals from the grill. “Fitmeals” all meet predetermined dietary standards for calories and fat. PAGE 28


Responsible employers will help employees make wise choices for themselves and for the future of a healthy workforce. Plus, wellness programs are becoming an expected benefit. To attract the best people, help make them fit for work. Keep in mind your contests don’t have to be physically challenging: have coworkers share healthy eating recipes for a month, vote for the favorites, then offer a prize for the one chosen in a company cook-off. It’s SO much better when the boss joins the fun. Beating him or her at anything can be a goal in and of itself. The prize might be as small as lunch at a nice restaurant. Having the boss’ ear in a relaxed atmosphere could be worth its weight in gold. It’s important to note that the reverse is also true; when the boss doesn’t join in, it’s easy for employees to assume he or she simply doesn’t care, or doesn’t approve of the initiative.

POINTS FOR CREATIVITY In November, why not have a “Planksgiving” challenge? Communications and Training Manager for The Urology Group, Robin Vallandingham says their health-minded employees love a good plank competition (to strengthen core muscles), a water challenge (increasing daily water intake), and “Maintain, Don’t Gain” weight comparison. With 12 locations spread across the Tri-State, including Crestview Hills and Williamstown, the Urology Group must find activities that appeal to everyone and unify a diverse population. They rely on the honesty of staff to track individual progress and find cash is the best reward, with prizes ranging from $200 to $1,000. But the 300 employees of The Urology Group also like giving while competing. They have great representation at an annual 5K to benefit prostate cancer research. Non-cash reward ideas include: recognition at company meetings, special parking spaces, earning tickets in a company raffle. Know what entices involvement at your workplace, then get creative. Raffle off a jet ski for the water tracking challenge, a trip to WrestleMania when folks who are wrestling with WELLNESS 2019 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 2

weight meet their goals. Too pricey? Offer tokens that can be redeemed for company logo wear or attendance at a lunch with a special speaker.

PERFECT TIMING Just make sure the duration of the contest is longer than a week or two. Reversing bad choices and incorporating healthy behaviors takes time. In fact, studies show it takes anywhere from 21 to 66 days to change a habit, largely because individuals and their levels of resistance vary greatly. It’s safe to say, making your health challenge last at least one month, or as long as a three, can have more lasting health benefits. Remember, you don’t need to make every wellness activity a contest. Offer CPR classes during Heart Health Month (February), or guided meditation on Mondays during May (Mental Health Awareness Month). Sponsor weekly yoga classes during National Yoga Awareness Month (September). Google “health awareness calendar” and see if some of those suggestions spark ideas for your company initiatives. It’s estimated that poor diet and lack of exercise kill more people in America than just about anything else – including smoking, drinking and drug use. The problem is not ours alone. A United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization study warns by 2030, the number of overweight and obese people will grow to 3.3 billion globally if we don’t turn things around. As one study author points out, “It’s not fate or destiny. These are choices.” Responsible employers will help employees make wise choices for themselves and for the future of a healthy workforce. Plus, wellness programs are becoming an expected benefit. To attract the best people, help make them fit for work. NK Y


Struggling with a mental health or addiction concern?

We can help.

1.844.YES.CHNK (937.2465) www.chnk.org/get-help gethelp@chnk.org


859-905-5556 Crestview Hills • Ft. Mitchell • Florence Member FDIC



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Anti-Smoking Campaign Targets Covington & Gallatin County Quit For Good Kentucky leads the nation in the rate of adults who smoke at 24% Covington’s smoking rate is 38% The national average is 16% Understanding the health impacts of smoking, multiple Northern Kentucky organizations joined together to reduce the number of smokers, primarily targeting the region’s smokiest corners, Covington and Gallatin County, where the smoking rates are twice the national average. By Michael Monks Publisher & Owner The River City News



According to the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, each employee who smokes costs an employer an average of $5,816 annually above the cost of a person who never smoked. In Kentucky, smoking costs business $2.7 billion in lost productivity. The BUILD Health Challenge to Reduce Smoking in Northern Kentucky, a local spin-off of the Washington, D.C.-based national organization that works to foster and expand meaningful partnerships between health systems, community groups, local health departments, and others, is made up of the Northern Kentucky Regional Alliance, Interact for Health, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, the Center for Great Neighborhoods, Three Rivers Health Department, and the Northern Kentucky Health District. The campaign titled “Quit for Good,” is a $500,000 grant, funded with half from BUILD, with Interact for Health acting as the local funder, and the other half from St. Elizabeth. “Our goal is to improve data-driven decision making, overcome barriers to pass tobacco-free policies and reduce tobacco use in the city of Covington and Gallatin County,” said Stuart Zorn, a project manager for the NKY Regional Alliance. There is a first of its kind data-sharing agreement in place between St. Elizabeth and the Northern Kentucky Health Department, and the campaign is providing free nicotine replacement therapy to residents of Covington and Gallatin County. The Center for Great Neighborhoods is expanding its nano-grant program through the campaign to offer small rewards to community members to implement creative projects, Zorn said. “We will offer tobacco-focused grants for individuals in Covington and Gallatin County to promote cessation resources and tobacco-free spaces,” he said. So far, more than 600 doses of nicotine replacement therapy have been handed out, Zorn said, noting that the campaign initially had a goal of 350 for both targeted communities. “We have been very impressed by the demand in the market for this project,” Zorn said. The program launched in August of 2018 and will run until August of 2019. The Quit for Good program provides a two-week supply of nicotine patches to residents and workers in Covington and Gallatin County. Available from participating local pharmacies, the patches help aide those who are trying to quit smoking. In addition to the nicotine patches, pharmacists at participating pharmacies can help those interested in quitting smoking connect with other cessation resources including Fresh Start classes provided by St. Elizabeth. Participating pharmacies include St. Elizabeth, Walgreens, Ruwe Family Pharmacy, Save Discount Drugs, Blanks, and Berringer Drug Center. The program could expand, though currently the campaign is looking at ways to sustain its current targets. The redemption rate has proven that there is a market for nicotine replacement therapy in Northern Kentucky. Those outside the targeted communities in Boone, Kenton, Campbell, or Grant counties can call 1-800-QUIT-NOW to receive a free nicotine replacement therapy. “Tobacco use and second-hand smoke is directly attributed to many of the health issues currently facing Northern Kentucky, including lung cancer and asthma,” Zorn said. “Through smoking cessation and tobacco policy, we can help the rates of cancer and allow people to live healthier lives.” Anyone interested in getting involved with the project can contact Stuart Zorn at szorn@nkregionalalliance.com. NK Y




How a Healthy Workforce Affects Your Bottom Line By Bill Powell Franchise Consultant, FranNet MidAmerica

EMPLOYEE WELLNESS IS VITALLY IMPORTANT TO AN ORGANIZATION FOR MANY reasons, including contributing to a healthier bottom line. Today, companies face both marketplace competition for their products and services, as well as significant competition for the best employees. By some measures, Americans are becoming less healthy, while at the same time they’re living and working longer. This presents real challenges to employers in recruiting and retaining the best employees. Many companies make wellness a part of their culture, and a significant number of prospective employees see that as a real benefit for themselves and their families. Employees who value wellness are often more productive on the job and more cost-effective in terms of helping employers control their health insurance costs. So companies’ investing in their employees’ wellness is a win-win. The Business Journal asked two area experts to share their insights into this issue: Geralyn Isler, president/benefit advisor for Business Benefits in Ft. Mitchell, and Mike Sipple, Jr, president of Centennial and founder of the Talent Magnet Institute in Cincinnati.



and productive. They may just not feel From a talent attraction standpoint, good. Although those conditions are how difficult is it for companies to often not enough to keep employees off find healthy employees in our region? the job, they can definitely impact their And how does that play into the hiring performance and attitude while they’re decision? there. Employers can help minimize the “Employers are looking for healthy impact of presenteeism through wellness employees — people who make their education and screenings that encourage own health a priority,” said Sipple. employees to recognize and better “The healthier someone is, the better manage their conditions.” employee they can be. People need “The best employers care about the to take care of themselves physically, whole person, know that many physical mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and problems are caused by mental or we as a society need to help each other emotional issues, and seek to proactively do that. Organizations that are known address those issues,” Sipple said. “For for caring for the whole person are example, they may offer benefits that attractive to job seekers.” include a discounted gym membership “To some degree actual wellness and even time to use it, encouragement is largely an unknown in the hiring and to participate in fitness events such as a employee management process because 5k run and mental health days. employers can’t discriminate in regard to “Another development we’re seeing health and there are many things such as tobacco use that they can’t ask about,” is companies offering onsite life coaches for their employees,” continued Sipple. commented Isler. “At the same time, “A coach offers expert, confidential employers are always thinking about advice that helps employees navigate how to hire and retain the best, most issues that impact them in the workplace productive employees, so encouraging and their personal lives such as stress, and promoting wellness helps promote financial insecurity, and caring for those goals.” children or elderly parents. Companies that offer coaches know that if they What’s the relationship between having help an employee be a healthier, more unhealthy employees (including their effective person, they receive the children) and a higher absentee rate? “Absenteeism can be measured,” Isler benefit of a more effective, focused and explained. “Larger companies, defined as engaged employee, as well as reduced absenteeism and turnover. Of course, the those with 50 or more employees, must employee benefits by becoming healthier comply with the Family Medical Leave and more successful at both work and at Act (FMLA), so they know the impact home.” of the health of employees and their families on absenteeism. How are a company’s insurance costs “Perhaps a larger issue is determined by the health of their presenteeism,” she continued, “which is employees? an employee bringing an illness such as “There’s a direct correlation between migraine headaches, depression or other employees’ health and a company’s — and chronic diseases into the workplace. employees’ — insurance costs in a group Illnesses like those often prevent an health plan,” Isler said. “Companies with employee from being optimally focused

What’s the biggest thing employers can do to encourage employee wellness? “Employers should encourage employee wellness to demonstrate that they care about the whole person — not just for insurance or financial reasons, but for human reasons,” Sipple commented. “Put your employees first.” “Employers should use their leadership to encourage employees to get preventive screenings and exams, and make lifestyle changes, as well as to provide them with appropriate health education tools and resources,” Isler concluded. “Our benchmarking material suggests that employees are motivated by decreases in insurance premium payroll deductions for those that achieve the desired thresholds. Doing things well in this regard generally rewards employers in terms of enhanced employee productivity because employees are healthier. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to gain significant results.” NK Y

Employers are always thinking about how to hire and retain the best, most productive employees, so encouraging and promoting wellness helps promote those goals.

The best employers care about the whole person, know that many physical problems are caused by mental or emotional issues, and seek to proactively address those issues.

— Geralyn Isler


— Mike Sipple, Jr.

healthier employees present less risk to the insurance companies, and therefore have more attractive pricing. Based on geography, demographics, plan design, claims and known diagnoses, health insurance underwriters estimate claims payout by the plan for the upcoming year to calculate required premiums to charge the employer group. The greater the projected and actual claims payout due to health risk, the higher insurance premiums will be.” “Good employers and good insurance plans incentivize employees to take good care of themselves,” Sipple explained. “When a company selects an insurance plan that offers incentives for better health, the employer is really helping both the employees and their organization.”

Employers should encourage employee wellness to demonstrate that they care about the whole person — not just for insurance or financial reasons, but for human reasons. — Mike Sipple, Jr.



If We Don’t Care, Why Should Lawmakers? NKY Voter Turnout Ranks Near the Bottom Across the State By Kristin Baldwin VP, Public Affairs and Communications NKY Chamber KENTUCKY LEGISLATORS ELECTED in the 2018 midterm elections are taking office right now, ready to get to work on setting policy at the local, state and federal levels. As they begin to set the agenda for what they want to accomplish, will Northern Kentucky be a focus for them? We have a concern that the answer is likely not. Why? Northern Kentucky has one of the lowest voter turnouts in the Commonwealth, with Campbell County showing best with a ranking of 81 out of 120 counties. Boone and Kenton Counties were ranked 107 and 108, respectively, in the 2018 midterm election. Seven races across Kentucky last fall were decided by less than seven votes – including one which ended up in a tie, resulting in a coin-toss to decide the outcome. In less than five months, Kentucky voters will return to the polls to elect our constitutional officers, including Governor and Attorney General. The last time Kentucky voters went to the polls to cast a ballot for statewide offices in the May 2015 primaries, a disgraceful nine percent of voters came out to vote in Northern Kentucky. The overall turnout for the state was 12.5% in the 2015 Primary Election. Low turnout means fewer people decide the results. Based on our dismal voter turnout, it appears the citizens of Northern Kentucky simply don’t care enough to come out and cast a ballot, especially in the primary. It begs the question, then: why would any candidate for a statewide office campaign in our region? And, more importantly, why would they care about our region’s issues? Yes, we have a large population, but if another area has more participating voters, statewide candidates and political parties will likely devote their attention there. PAGE 36

Our region’s economy is critical to the overall success of the Commonwealth, and all too often, our citizens complain we are forgotten by Frankfort. I can’t blame lawmakers for forgetting us. Why would they care about us? We don’t care enough to cast a ballot to support a candidate or party. Think about all the policy decisions which are made in Frankfort by our statewide elected officers: economic development incentives provided to industries, prioritization of infrastructure projects, air quality standards and regulations, lawsuits related to association provided insurance or challenging the pension reform passed by the Legislature. Don’t you want your voice to be heard? The next election is Tuesday, May 21. What are you going to do to help encourage your colleagues, neighbors, friends and family to get out and vote? As a business community, what can we do to encourage more voters to cast a ballot in May? Did you know by law, employers are required to provide employees with four unpaid hours to vote on Election Day? Does your employer include information about voting in your employee newsletters or weekly staff meetings? Can the business community do more to encourage interest in our civic duty, perhaps with events like candidate forums? The Northern Kentucky Chamber will lead discussions across a wide variety of platforms in the coming months to encourage registered voters to come out on May 21. If we all do our part, our region will no longer be considered an afterthought for any candidate running for elected office in the Commonwealth. NK Y

NKY VOTER TURNOUT 2018 v 2015 BOONE COUNTY 2018 General Election 40.8% 107th out of 120 counties 2015 Primary Election 9.3% 101st out of 120 counties

CAMPBELL COUNTY 2018 General Election 46.1% 81st out of 120 counties 2015 Primary Election 9.0% 106th out of 120 counties

KENTON COUNTY 2018 General Election 40.5% 108th out of 120 counties 2015 Primary Election 9.2% 102nd out of 120 counties

STATEWIDE 2018 Turnout 47.4% 2015 Turnout 12.5%


Business Impact Awards Title Sponsor:

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 4:00 - 6:00 PM Drees Pavilion 790 Park Lane Covington, KY 41011 Register NKYChamber.com/Impact Award Sponsors:














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8. 9.

Emily Oster, Ellen Bates & Sami Dada Jeremy Schrand, Nick Humrick & David Kay 10. Nate Shields, John Wood & Travis Gybegem 11. Nathan Chick and Ross Emerson 12. Ellen Bates, Katie Massa & Rachel McCarthy 13. NKYP Party Posse

























PICTURED: 1. The crew at November's Women's Initiative CONNECT Hour at The Farmstand Market & Café 2. The Northern Kentucky International Trade Association (NKITA) & The Indian-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) at the Cincinnati Art Museum for "How to do Business in India" 3. NKITA & Women's Initiative welcomed Women Entrepreneurs from the U.S. Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program 4. Brooke Cason, Jose Contreras, Cheyenne Epperson & Cal Frank 5. Jamie Dickey, Ali Othman & Ted Hunt 6. JR Schneider & Greg Schmidt 7. Dan Heisterkamp & James Hogan 8. Josh Avery & Andy Kelley 9. The NKY Chamber hosted a trip, through Aventura World, to the Tuscany region of Italy in November.





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CHARLES SCHWAB 285 Buttermilk Pike | Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017 | (859) 308-1438 | schwab.com/fortmitchell PICTURED: Kevin Richardson, Addiction Services Council-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Sharmili Reddy, City of Ft. Mitchell; Gene Kirchner, NKY Chamber; Bill Hennessy, Charles Schwab Northern Kentucky; Crystal Mann, Charles Schwab Northern Kentucky; John Mann; Mary Burns, City of Ft. Mitchell; Adam Fuller, City of Ft. Mitchell; Debbie Krueger, City of Ft. Mitchell; Sgt. Bill Zerhusen, City of Ft. Mitchell; Ryan Strittholt, 777 Computers-NKY Chamber Ambassador

EXCEL EXCHANGES 221 East Fourth St, Suite 2500 | Cincinnati, OH 45202 | (513) 357-5291 | exceltitleservices.com/services PICTURED: Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Dan Hammons, Shared Wellness-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Kelly Holden, DBL Law; Jim Dressman, DBL Law-ExcelExchanges; Ryan Whitaker, DBL LawExcelExchanges; Patrick Hughes, DBL LawExcel Title Services-ExcelExchanges; Betsy Weber, DBL Law; Paul Meier, City of Crestview Hills Mayor; Brendon Cull, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber; Becky Vaughn, Full Throttle Indoor Karting-NKY Chamber Ambassador



RIBBON CUTTINGS FEEDERS SUPPLY 13270 Towne Center Drive | Walton, KY 41094 | (859) 493-4017 | feederssupply.com PICTURED: JR Schneider, Allied Financial Services-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Tim Hughes, Deputy Executive Director of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture; Dave Bolen- Feeders Supply Board member; Pam Longwell, President and CEO of Feeders Supply; Gabe Brown, City of Walton Mayor; Gene Kirchner, NKY Chamber; Colleen Bray, Director of Boone County Animal Control; Ryan Strittholt, 777 ComputersNKY Chamber Ambassador; Ashley Aldridge, Feeders Supply; Savannah Miller, Feeders Supply

FFR WEALTH TEAM 50 E. Rivercenter Blvd. Suite 1225 | Covington, KY 41011 | (859) 445-0550 | ffrwealthteam.com PICTURED: Rich Frommeyer; Bill Funke; Rita Funke; Grace Frommeyer; Sherry Ems, USO of Central and Southern Ohio; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Shelley Funke-Frommeyer, FFR Wealth Team; Lisa Kessler, FFR Wealth Team; Jim Stapleton, Montgomery Chamber Board; Scott Reynolds, FFR Wealth Team; Gary Pottebaum, Montgomery Chamber; Jim Meyer, Montgomery Chamber; Carol Gorley, Montgomery Chamber; Andy Johnston, BB&T-NKY Chamber Ambassador

GUARANTEED RATE 2131 Chamber Center Drive | Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017 | (513) 301-0295 | rate.com/coreygrace PICTURED: Andy Kelley, Receptions Inc.-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Korey Yelton, VP Guaranteed Rate; Tony Piper; Myron Fears, Ron Ermann; Shelly Davis, VP Guaranteed Rate; Ravi Patel, VP Guaranteed Rate; Corey Grace, VP Guaranteed Rate; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber President; Lynne Arnold, Guaranteed Rate; Mary Burns, City of Ft. Mitchell; Adam Fuller, City of Ft. Mitchell; Kim Nachazel, City of Ft. Mitchell; Col. Andrew Schierberg, City of Ft. Mitchell; Rob Hageman, Edward Jones Investments-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Spl. Shane Best, City of Ft. Mitchell; K-9 Tony



RIBBON CUTTINGS HERITAGE BANK 1911 Dixie Highway | Ft. Wright, KY 41011 | (859) 344-9205 | heritagebank-ky.com PICTURED: Ellen Barnett, L&N Federal Credit Union, Sponsor; Pam Goetting, Heritage Bank; Jim Lokesak, Skyline Chili; Lytle Thomas, Heritage Bank; Chris Caddell, Heritage Bank Board Chair; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber President; Christie Rogers, NKY Chamber; Dawn Denham, NKY Chamber; Shane McQueary, Heritage Bank; Jill Bailey, City of Ft. Wright

HILTON CINCINNATI AIRPORT 7373 Turfway Road | Florence, KY 41042 | (859) 371-4400 | cincinnatiairport.hilton.com PICTURED: Sarfarez Alam, Hilton Cincinnati Airport; Kori Wendt, Hilton Cincinnati Airport; Lori Fahey, Hilton Cincinnati Airport; Ibrahim Measher, Hilton Cincinnati Airport; Imran Hussain, Hilton Cincinnati Airport; Frank McFadden, Hilton Senior Director Southeast Region; Diane Whalen, City of Florence Mayor; Eric Summe, meetNKY; Beth Farrer, NKY Chamber; Ellen Barnett, L&N Federal Credit Union, Sponsor; Ryan Strittholt, 777 Computers-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Gene Kirchner, NKY Chamber; Jodi Webster, Travel Leaders; Andy Kelley, Receptions Inc.-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Craig Rashid, Front Office Manager

NOTRE DAME ACADEMY 1699 Hilton Drive | Park Hills, KY 41011 | (859) 261-4300 | ndapandas.org PICTURED: NDA Student Council Representative, Julia Hughes; Amy Quinn, NDA Board Chair-Republic Bank; Sr. Mary Ethel Parrott, Provincial Sisters of Notre Dame; Laura Koehl, Notre Dame Academy; The Most Reverend Roger J. Foys, D.D, Bishop of Covington; Jack VonHandorf, Notre Dame Academy; NDA Student Council Representative/RYL alumna, Elly Piatt



RIBBON CUTTINGS PROSCAN IMAGING 350 Thomas More Parkway, Suite 170 | Crestview Hills, KY 41017 | (859) 331-5300 | proscan.com PICTURED: Gene Kirchner, NKY Chamber; Jaclyn Klare ProScan Imaging, ProScan Imaging Employees; Amy McCabe, L&N Federal Credit Union, Sponsor; Dan Hammons, Shared Wellness-NKY Chamber Ambassador

RAISING CANE'S 3614 Alexandria Pike | Cold Spring, KY 41076 | (859) 838-7120 | raisingcanes.com/ohio

PICTURED: NKU Cheerleaders; NKU Mascot Victor; Prescott Osterbrock, Waddell & Reed-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Ellen Barnett, L&N Federal Credit Union, Sponsor; Raising Cane’s Family of Employees; Will Weber, Campbell County; Brian Painter, Campbell County Commissioner; David Penque, City of Cold Spring Mayor; Cincinnati Reds Mascot Gapper


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We want to help you promote and celebrate your ribbon cutting ceremony for your new facility, expansion, anniversary celebration or open house! We’ll bring our trademark giant blue scissors, a group of Chamber ambassadors, and a camera to capture the excitement of your special day. Call Lynn Abeln at (859) 578-6390 to schedule your FREE ribbon cutting today! WELLNESS 2019 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 2

ST. ELIZABETH FT. THOMAS RADIATION ONCOLOGY 85 N Grand Avenue | Ft. Thomas, KY 41075 | (859) 572-3100 | stelizabeth.com PICTURED: Karen Mrusek, Manager Radiation Therapy; Shayna Hamilton, Nurse Manager; Gene Kirchner, NKY Chamber; Kim Wolpert, Director Radiation Oncology; Nicole Rapier, Nurse Manager; Dr. Bradley Huth, Radiation Oncologist


RIBBON CUTTINGS VECTOR SECURITY 2498 Dixie Highway | Ft. Mitchell, KY 41018 | (800) 875-3960 | vectorsecurity.com PICTURED: Jimmy Beatrice, Business Benefits InsuranceNKY Chamber Ambassador; Mary Burns, City of Ft. Mitchell; Adam Fuller, City of Ft. Mitchell; Vector Security employees; Sharmili Reddy, City of Ft. Mitchell; Gene Kirchner, NKY Chamber; Becky Vaughn, Full Throttle Indoor Karting-NKY Chamber Ambassador, Debbie Krueger, City of Ft. Mitchell; Debby Shipp, NKY Chamber; Ryan Strittholt, 777 Computers-NKY Chamber Ambassador

ZOE GRACE SALON 287 Buttermilk Pike | Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017 | (859) 250-6827 | zoegracesalon.com PICTURED: Ryan Strittholt, 777 Computers-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Debbie Krueger, City of Ft. Mitchell; Jim Hils, City of Ft. Mitchell; Mary Burns, City of Ft. Mitchell; Jude Hehman, City of Ft. Mitchell Mayor; Ella King, Zoe Grace Salon; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber President; Zoe Grace Salon Family and Friends; Beth Farrer, NKY Chamber; Angie Wormald, NKY Chamber; Dan Hammons, Shared Wellness-NKY Chamber Ambassador

777 COMPUTERS 3220 Dixie Highway | Erlanger, KY 41018 | (859) 777-COMP | 777computers.com PICTURED: Barney Creevy, CPC Exterminators-NKY Chamber Ambassador; Matthew Kremer, City of Erlanger; Tyson Hermes, City of Erlanger; Ryan Strittholt, 777 Computers Owner; 777 Computers Family & Employees; Corine Pitts, City of Erlanger, Gene Kirchner, NKY Chamber






Celebrating 25 years, Answers in Genesis, operators of the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum attractions, was incorporated by founders Ken Ham, Mike Zovath, and Mark Looy on December 27, 1993. Today, this non-profit employs over 1,100 staff (including seasonal and part-time) who work out of four locations in Northern Kentucky. The full-size 510-foot-long Ark, dubbed by some guests as the “8th Wonder of the Modern World,” and the high-tech museum now collectively welcome over 1.6 million guests a year to Williamstown and Petersburg. These attractions continue to grow: a state-of-the-art 4D theater opened at the museum last August and a 2,500-seat auditorium near the massive ship will open in April. The world’s media frequently visit the Ark and the museum, and reporters have filed several hundred stories. AiG, which employs several full-time scientists with PhD degrees from Ivy League schools and other well-known universities, has sister offices in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, and Peru. About 30 million people visit one of AiG’s websites every year.

Dr. Chad Robeck is our newest optometrist at Vision One. He received his doctorate of optometry from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry in 2018, and was a recipient of a merit scholarship while attending school, as well as a number of other accolades, including being on the Dean’s List of Honors. He is a member of the Kentucky Optometric Association, and the American Academy of Optometry. Dr. Robeck joins Drs. Lynn Shewmaker, Jennifer Mercado, Karen Manko and Amy Press in delivering exceptional eyecare and eyewear in Northern Kentucky. As a family-friendly practice, we provide comprehensive eye exams and first-rate, compassionate treatment for patients of all ages. We’re interested in getting to know you, your personal condition and your unique requirements. No matter what you need to see clearly, we’ll provide it at Vision One Eyecare Center in our modern and comfortable offices, located in Fort Mitchell and Dry Ridge. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 859-341-2566 (Ft. Mitchell), 859-824-4415 (Dry Ridge), or through our website at www.visionone2020.com.


All NKY Chamber members are invited to share announcements & personal achievements in the Milestones column. Send Milestones to bgastright@nkychamber.com




Change Your

Smile . . . Change Your Life!

The Difference Is In Our Experience! Our mission is “Beautiful Smiles, Lifelong Health and Unique Care”. Out of our mission grew our name --Dental BLU. We want our practice name to reflect our team’s approach to your health. Dr. Depp and Dr. Arlinghaus are committed to providing an exceptional patient experience. Our calming environment, female dentists and seasoned staff help ease nerves of those who find dental visits stressful. Not only are we leading dentists in Northern Kentucky, we are a fullservice practice providing for all of your dental needs. Some of our services include:  Digital X-rays  Crowns & Tooth-Colored Fillings  IV Sedation  Implants & Implant-Supported Dentures  Cosmetic Dentistry  Invisalign Treatment  ZOOM Tooth Whitening  Botox & Fillers  Sleep Apnea Treatment  Early and Evening Appointments We specialize in dental procedures that keep your smile healthy and offer the cosmetic options to help our patients achieve a smile that reflects who they really are.

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PEI Supplying SOLUTIONS in the Supply Chain for over 25 years

Premier Expediters Inc. is a full service, domestic & international freight forwarder headquartered in Stockbridge, GA. Anything over 100lbs moving anywhere on the globe, we can handle. By offering superior customer service & giving the best shipment visibility we save companies money in labor cost by reducing back office administration which leads to a better experience for you & your customer. A happy customer equals a return customer. Just ask some of ours...  

Truckloads–Local & Long Hauls

Flatbeds/ Special Equipment

LTL & Partials

Ground Expedite

Local Cartage

Reverse Logistics/ RMA Trade Show Services

Intl Airfreight

Air Charters

Ocean Freight Warehousing & Cross-docking


Employer Best Practices Symposium Be the Change in Your Organization Tuesday, February 19, 2019 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM Boone County Enrichment Center 1824 Patrick Drive Burlington, KY 41005 NKYChamber.com/Events

White Glove Delivery

Domestic Airfreight

Packaging/ Crating

10K sqft Warehouse

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Dynamic Supply Chain Solutions an exclusive agent of PEI

Keynot eS Candac peaker e McGr aw, CEO CV G

Host Sponsor: Boone County Enrichment Center

859-331-SHIP cvgops@shippei.com

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Women’s Initiative Presents:

20 1 9 AWA R DS

2019 Awards Luncheon Tuesday, May 15, 2019 St. Elizabeth Training & Education Center Erlanger, KY Join us we honor and celebrate outstanding Northern Kentucky women. Nominations must be received by Feburary 8, 2019. Nominees must live, work or volunteer in Northern Kentucky. For questions, email gbath@nkychamber.com.





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We have storage and more! Business & Personal Storage

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NKY Chamber Board Chair Jim Parsons in front of the Torre del Mangia tower in Siena, Italy on the Chamber's Tuscany Trip in November.




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Data Analytics via Health Intelligence Platform Biometric Screenings Lifestyle Coaching Employee Wellbeing Portal Onsite and Near Site Clinics Direct Contracting Strategies For more information call 859-533-2205 or email info@icws-wellness.com

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