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Providing Innovative Solutions and Healthier Outcomes for Kentucky Businesses Dan Cahill, Ph.D.

Vice President Market Leader Kentucky

What matters most, each and every day, is helping our clients address one of life’s greatest challenges – obtaining access to quality, affordable health care. HORAN works with employers across Kentucky to minimize costs and improve health. As the landscape continues to shift, HORAN will help Kentucky employers develop strategic plans that address financial concerns, plan design and effective communication with their employees. We are committed to developing innovative solutions that address health care concerns for new clients while continuing to advise our valued clients in Kentucky. For more information about how HORAN can help with your benefits strategies, please contact Dan Cahill, at 859.572.4501 or DanC@horanassoc.com.


CONTENTS NOVEMBER 2018 VOLUME 38, NUMBER 1 4 Chair’s Letter 6 President’s Letter 8 Kentucky Supreme Court Bans Mandatory Arbitration Agreements 10 What to do Before Hiring Your First Employee 12 Does Your Business Rise Above? 14 Cementing Our Future Lynee Miller is excited to get the racing underway at the Women's Initiative CONNECT Hour at Full Throttle in Florence.

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L to R: Laura Lyons, ATech Automotive Tech; Pamela Davis, McLane; Diana McGlade, NKY Chamber

COVER PHOTO: New Riff Distilling recently released their signature bottled in bond bourbon, produced in Newport. Photo by Jeremy Cramer. SMALL BUSINESS 2018 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 1


CHAIR’S LETTER Small businesses face most of the same management and regulatory compliance challenges as large businesses, but must do so with less staff dedicated to handle the myriad of reporting and compliance responsibilities. An owner of a small businesses will likely have multiple roles including the overall business management, human resources, marketing, accounting and sales. As a result, it may be difficult for a small business owner to keep abreast of the ever-changing regulatory landscape that impacts business. While your Chamber represents all By Jim Parsons of its members, it has developed specific Partner, Keating Muething & Klekamp PPL programs to assist its smaller businesses. Chair, NKY Chamber of Commerce The NKY Chamber’s advocacy efforts keep our members informed and connected to local, state and national leaders and issues that impact business. AS THE NEW CHAIR OF THE For instance, the NKY Chamber has Northern Kentucky Chamber, I express worked for years to make occupational greetings from your Chamber. tax reporting for businesses easier This issue of the Business Journal across the various units of local is devoted to small businesses and government in Northern Kentucky. Our start-ups. While it is the larger work on workers’ compensation reform businesses that commands the attention and our successful efforts to eliminate of the press and region, small business Reformulated Gasoline will produce big represents a significant part of our savings for all businesses. Our support region’s economic output and most of of tax modernization reduced Kentucky’s the region’s total employment. From business and individual income tax your Chamber’s perspective, small rates and greatly improved our areas businesses (50 employees or less) economic competitiveness. Programs represent 76% of the NKY Chamber’s like Eggs ‘N Issues and Government membership. A significant number of Forum inform our members on our active members and volunteers important issues, provide opportunities come from small businesses. Therefore to hear from local, state and national much of the NKY Chamber’s and region’s governmental leaders, and provide success are dependent upon having business to business connections. strong and active small businesses.

— A significant number of our active members and volunteers come from small businesses. Therefore much of the NKY Chamber’s and region’s success are dependent upon having strong and active small businesses.


— Our programs are designed to not only advocate, inform and assist our members, but to provide the important connections that businesses need from a social standpoint. Your Chamber has developed specific training programs to benefit small businesses such as its Monthly Sales Essential workshops, the Small Business Academy programs, HR 100 Programs and its SCORE Counseling/ Mentors program. We have member discount programs to allow our members to save on office supplies, insurance, credit card processing and air travel. We recently unveiled new programs to save our members on the costs of health insurance. We also work to market businesses through such programs as the Member of the Day and the NKY Spotlight. Our programs are designed to not only advocate, inform and assist our members, but to provide the important connections that businesses need from a social standpoint. Programs like Business After Hours and Pints and Perspectives not only inform, but they are fun and entertaining. Your Chamber each day Leads, Connects and Advocates on behalf of its members to promote and support the development of strong businesses and a vibrant NKY economy, though leadership and advocacy, resulting in a better quality of life for all. We look forward to continue our work for you over the next year, and encourage and welcome your involvement and support! NK Y


Drowning in insurance costs? Join our pool. It’s no secret that insurance costs have become downright burdensome for employers and employees. To help with that challenge, Erigo invites you to join our large group insurance pool and realize substantial savings for your business and employees by spreading risk. It’s a simple solution. You join other small businesses in the Erigo group and we negotiate rates based on the larger pool, leveraging economies of scale and delivering more manageable premiums. Business Benefits, a tristate insurance agency with more than 30 years of experience, partners with Erigo to evaluate the options that best serve the employers’ interests and employees’ needs. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Erigo also solves problems and issues related to human resources, workers’ compensation, risk management, employee benefits, and payroll administration. For a proposal, contact Connie Flynn at 859.414.0776 or email cflynn@erigoes.com.

Erigo Employer Solutions | 859.905.0092 | ErigoES.com Business Benefits Insurance Solutions | 859.331.3232 | BusinessBenefits.com

Insurance Solutions


By Brent Cooper President and CEO, NKY Chamber of Commerce

— While the knowledge that you gain for your business is always helpful, it’s the face-to-face connections you make at the NKY Chamber that makes all the difference. You never know if you’ll come across a business owner with good advice, a new vendor that can help solve a problem, or a new customer that will also be a reference.


PERHAPS I’M A FAN OF THE thriving startup culture in our region because, well, I was a startup at one point. You see, I started a business back in 1999. Over the years one of the places that helped my business grow, the E-Zone, grew into the NKY Innovation Network and is now NKYInnovation. We can now see the economic impact of years of startups and UpTech classes that have gone through that organization. Just look at the hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars invested in the urban core from companies like TiER1 Performance Solutions, and you quickly see the value. Today, we have an ecosystem of startups that includes not only the NKYInnovation, but also organizations like Centrifuse and Aviatra (formerly Bad Girl Ventures), as well as a number of investment groups like the NKY Growth Fund and CONNETIC Funds, who focus on investing in NKY startups. I’m always one of the first one to champion startups, because I’m one of them, and I’ve learned first-hand that we need innovative ideas and new jobs and talent that come from a startup culture. Startups are a key ingredient for long term economic success for any region. At the NKY Chamber, we are providing memberships and mentoring opportunities for startups. We also do our best to make connections whenever possible. If you’re interested in helping, please let us know. Now, it is true that my business grew out of the startup phase, but we never stopped being a small business. Perhaps that is why I’m also so passionate about our small business members. For the 85% of you that consider yourselves small businesses (100 employees or less)… know that your Chamber President is one of you! Read through some of the articles in this Business Journal, and you’ll see that our NKY Chamber is always thinking about ways to help startups and small businesses grow and thrive.

— I’m always one of the first one to champion startups, because I’m one of them, and I’ve learned first-hand that we need innovative ideas and new jobs and talent that come from a startup culture. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of our outstanding NKY Chamber Small Business programs. Over the years what I’ve found is this: While the knowledge that you gain for your business is always helpful, it’s the faceto-face connections you make at the NKY Chamber that makes all the difference. You never know if you’ll come across a business owner with good advice, a new vendor that can help solve a problem, or a new customer that will also be a reference. So get involved. All of your employees are also NKY Chamber members, so bring them along, or have them represent you when you are unable to attend yourself. We’ll make sure the connections and knowledge gained from NKY Chamber events and programs, more than make up for the time invested. Helping small businesses and startups succeed is our business. Join us, keep giving us feedback, and I promise you, things will continue to improve our overall economy! NK Y


One-stop theatrical supply shop.

400 W 3rd St.; Covington, KY ph: 800.827.2414 | fax: 859.431.1837 | We accept PO’s .



DRIVING RESULTS p u b l i c r e l a t ion s • social m ed i a covington, ky | www.scootermedia.com | (859) 414-6882 Cincinnati PRSA 2017 Small/Mid-Sized Agency of the Year


KY Supreme Court Bans Mandatory Arbitration Agreements By Nick Birkenhauer Partner, DBL Law EMPLOYMENT ARBITRATION AGREEMENTS, WHICH require an employer and employee to arbitrate their disputes rather than litigate them, are a common practice in the private sector, as arbitration oftentimes is far more economical than litigation. On September 27, 2018, however, the Kentucky Supreme Court issued an opinion effectively banning both private and public employers from requiring employees to agree to arbitrate as a condition of being hired or remaining employed. The decision makes Kentucky the first state in the nation to prohibit employers’ use of mandatory arbitration agreements as a condition of employment. In Northern Kentucky Area Development District v. Snyder, the Kentucky Supreme Court held in a unanimous opinion that the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”) does not preempt KRS § 336.700(2), a Kentucky statute which bars employers from conditioning employment on a current or prospective employee’s agreement to waive any legal right. The case began when the Northern Kentucky Area Development District, a public entity funded with federal monies, discharged an employee for allegedly uncovering evidence of fraud and mismanagement. The former employee sued in Boone Circuit Court under the Kentucky Whistleblower Act and the Kentucky Wage and Hours Act claiming that NKADD had terminated her employment in retaliation for uncovering such evidence. The NKADD denied the former employee’s allegations. Despite having signed a clause in her employment contract conditioning continued employment on agreeing to arbitrate any disputes instead of litigate, the former employee argued that such a clause violated state and federal whistleblower laws and was therefore unenforceable. The Boone Circuit Court agreed and denied NKADD’s motion to compel arbitration. The decision was later affirmed by the Kentucky Court of Appeals. The Kentucky Supreme Court also affirmed, reasoning that the FAA does preempt any state law specifically regulating arbitration. However, because KRS § 336.700(2) does not single out arbitration agreements specifically, but rather bars employers from conditioning employment on an employee’s waiver of any legal right, the Court found the statute is not preempted by the FAA. Therefore, the Court analyzed the case under Kentucky law and held that neither public nor private employers may require an employee to waive any legal right as a condition of employment, including the right to pursue a legal claim in court before a judge and jury.


Specifically, the Court found that any contract which conditions employment on the employee’s agreement to waive any legal right – including mandatory arbitration provisions which waive an employee’s right to a jury trial – is invalid. The Court succinctly stated the key holding of the decision as follows: “KRS 336.700(2) does not prevent NKADD, any state entity, or any private entity, from agreeing to arbitration. KRS 336.700(2) simply prevents NKADD from conditioning employment on the employee’s agreement to arbitration.” The Court did note that employees and employers may continue to voluntarily enter into arbitration agreements and that any such voluntary agreement would not violate Kentucky law. Currently, this decision seems to be in contrast with a 2018 U.S. Supreme Court decision, which expressly upheld mandatory arbitration agreements in the employment context. It would not be at all surprising if the U.S. Supreme Court eventually accepts review of the Kentucky case for purposes of resolving this inconsistency between Kentucky and federal law. Indeed, NKADD filed a Petition for Rehearing with the Kentucky Supreme Court on October 17th asking that court to reverse its decision. If the Kentucky court declines to do so, then NKADD will have to decide whether it will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the case. And given that Kentucky law is now at odds with the law of all 49 other states, not to mention federal law, there would be a good chance that the U.S. Supreme Court would accept review of the decision. Assuming that the case ultimately winds up before the U.S. Supreme Court, the earliest the Court could hear the case would be during its term running from October 2019 through June 2020. In the meantime, the Kentucky General Assembly may be asked by business and industry groups to address this issue during the 2019 General Assembly. One solution would be the outright repeal of KRS § 336.700(2). Another alternative would be an amendment to the statute creating a carve-out which would permit mandatory arbitration provisions, while continuing to protect the other worker rights encompassed by the statute. The Kentucky Supreme Court’s decision to ban mandatory employment arbitration agreements ultimately may be overturned. But for the time being, at least, Kentucky employers must be mindful that their existing employee arbitration agreements may be invalid and unenforceable. Kentucky employers should review their employment arbitration agreements as soon as possible to determine their validity and to take necessary steps to bring them into compliance with the new law. NK Y NORTHERN KENTUCKY BUSINESS JOURNAL

UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL IN 2019 Do you struggle with setting personal and professional goals and making a plan to achieve them? Join Core Consulting Group to ANALYZE, ACTIVATE and ACHIEVE your greatest core intentions in 2019. Register for program by November 16, 2018. To learn more, visit bit.ly/CoreIntentions2019.

What to do Before Hiring Your First Employee By Charlie Vance JD, SHRM-CP, Chief Executive Officer, Erigo Employer Solutions

OFTEN TIMES BUSINESS OWNERS ARE ILL PREPARED FOR ALL OF the responsibilities that come along with being an employer. The decision to hire the first employee is arrived at after operating for months as a lean, one-man or woman shop and the business owner has become exhausted by wearing all the hats that entrepreneurs are forced to wear during a business’s infancy. However, the essential judgment of when to pull the trigger and go from an overworked business owner to an overworked employer should not be entered into hastily. There is more to consider than just what tasks can be relieved by adding an extra set of hands to your business. Be aware that becoming an employer brings additional paperwork, liabilities, expenses, training time, and legal obligations once this transition has been made. Additionally, there are several steps to be taken prior to hiring an employee to be sure your business is compliant and not subject to unnecessary liabilities. Once you have a candidate in mind, here is a non-exhaustive list of items that you will need to check off your to-do list before your new employee’s first day. OBTAIN WORKERS’ COMPENSATION INSURANCE I’ve placed this task first because, depending on which state your employee will be located in, you may have to jump through several hoops before coverage is established. I speak from experience when I say it may take some time. All Kentucky employers with one or more employees are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance through either a commercial carrier or on a self-insured basis. It is best to get the process started by contacting one of the many competent and knowledgeable insurance agents in the area.

APPLY FOR A FEDERAL EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER Commonly referred to as a Federal Tax Identification Number, you’ll need to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The EIN will be required when you eventually deposit taxes, file a return, or communicate with the IRS or Social Security Administration (SSA). Most businesses can submit an application online quickly and easily. Once you’ve submitted the SS-4 application, an EIN will be issued immediately during the same online session.





In Kentucky, non-exempt businesses are required to register for an unemployment insurance (UI) account if $1,500 or more is paid in gross wages in a single calendar quarter or if the business has at least one worker performing services during any part of 20 different weeks out of a calendar year. In other words, if you plan on hiring someone, it makes sense to register for a UI account and pay the taxes correctly. Most states, including Kentucky, require employers to submit contribution and wage reports on a quarterly basis. Kentucky businesses can register online at kewes.ky.gov.

A good job description is detailed and fully explains to employees what you expect from them and what they should expect from you. It should plainly describe the tasks to be performed, how the work is to be completed, and the purpose of the job as it relates to other positions and the overall objectives of the company. Job descriptions commonly include the following sections: job title, duties, requirements, skills, qualifications, and compensation. Please note that job descriptions can have liability implications if a claim is brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Fair Labor Standards Act so consider seeking advice from a professional to be sure you’ve included all of the necessary elements in this important document.

REGISTER WITH THE NEW HIRE REPORTING PROGRAM All employers are required to report new employees or rehired employees to their state’s new hire reporting center within 20 days of the employee’s hire date. The new hire reporting program is a state directory that aids agencies in locating parents, establishing child support orders, and enforcing existing child support orders. You must register as a reporting company before reporting your first employee. Registration can be done online (ky-newhire.com) and is quick and easy but will require an EIN number so be sure to complete that step before moving on to this one.

PREPARE THE REQUIRED FEDERAL AND STATE FORMS Before your new employee’s first day, you should have a few documents printed and ready for him or her to complete: Form I-9, Form W-4, and your state’s tax withholding form. Form I-9 is required to document verification of the new employee’s identity and right to work in the United States. Newly hired employees must complete and sign the employee section of the Form I-9 no later than the first day of employment. Likewise, employers must do their part by completing Section 2 of the form within three business days of the employee’s first day of employment. Federal and state tax withholding forms must be kept on file by the employer for each employee. Information completed by the employee is used to calculate the correct amount of federal and state income tax to withhold from each employee’s wages.

ESTABLISH A PERSONNEL FILE Start a file for your new employee and be sure to keep his or her signed tax documents, job description, application, and resume. Personnel files should be kept confidential and access should be limited to only those with a legitimate business need to view the files. In the future you’ll want to keep records of performance evaluations, compensation changes, disciplinary actions, and other documents germane to the employment relationship. The Department of Homeland Security recommends that you keep all I-9 documents in a separate file to facilitate inspection in the event of an audit. Also, if you have the need to keep medical information for your employee(s), please note that special rules apply to the handling of this information and these documents should be kept separately.

BEGIN A RELATIONSHIP WITH AN ATTORNEY AND CPA If you haven’t established a relationship with an experienced attorney and accountant by this stage in your business, now is the time to consult with these professionals. They will be able to help you ensure that you’ve taken all the necessary steps to prepare for this shift in your business. Additionally, you are likely to have questions and/or problems arise in the near future requiring guidance. If you already have an established relationship then you’ll know exactly who to call when the time comes.

DISPLAY MANDATORY POSTERS Employers are required by both federal and state laws to clearly and conspicuously display official labor and employment notices regarding worker rights. The required postings can be obtained at no cost to the employer directly from the applicable agency websites. Alternatively, there are several companies that provide a single, laminated poster that includes all required postings. The posting requirements vary by statute and some employers, particularly those with few employees, may not be required to post notices that other employers are required to. Check the Department of Labor’s website for information about which posters you must display in your workplace.


The decision to become an employer is a big step and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make sure you go into this new phase of your business with your eyes wide open and a strong understanding of the preparatory steps you’ll need to take.

The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only and not intended to be legal advice. Nothing in this article is intended to substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you require legal advice, please consult with a competent attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.NK Y



Does Your Business Rise Above? Apply Now for the 2019 Business IMPACT Awards Staff Contribution EACH YEAR THE NORTHERN Kentucky Chamber of Commerce recognizes local businesses through its Business IMPACT Awards, presented by Huntington Bank. The awards recognize businesses - small and large, new and long-standing - impacting the Northern Kentucky community through innovation, creativity, strong business practices, and leadership. The NKY Chamber is currently accepting applications for the 2019 Business IMPACT Awards which will be presented on March 27 at Drees Pavilion in Devou Park (790 Park Ln, Covington, KY 41011). “This is an excellent opportunity for our region’s business community to showcase their organizations and the people that make them excel,” said Brent Cooper, President & CEO, NKY Chamber. The Business IMPACT Awards recognize businesses in nine categories – Small, Medium, and Large Businesses, Community Champions, Cool Place to Work, Heritage Award, Start-Up, Innovation, and Business Growth: Small (1-10), Medium (11-50), Large (over 50) Business Award: Recognizes companies that are industry leaders in their respective markets and represent NKY to the broader region by providing outstanding goods or services. Qualifying organizations must exemplify strong business and civic leadership, community involvement, good management practices, and financial soundness. PAGE 12

Community Champions Award: Recognizes a business that not only engages and gives back to the community, but values a strong diverse and inclusive workforce as part of the culture and values of the organization. These companies are truly of, by, and for their communities. Whether nonprofit, for-profit, or government, these employers continuously work to help engage and empower their neighborhood, city, and region. Your organization supports workplace giving and employee engagement programs to improve NKY. Cool Place to Work Award: Recognizes a business that is a fun place to work that impacts the level of growth. Demonstrates innovative initiatives to discover, grow, maintain, and retain its workforce while fostering a culture where employees value their jobs and enjoy going to work. Heritage Award: Recognizes a business that has shown consistent stability and has been an economic contributor to the Northern Kentucky community. Has been actively involved in serving and offering employment opportunities. And, has stayed relevant in the community through good and bad times. Must be in business longer than 25 years. Start-Up Award: Recognizes a business that has been in operation for at least one year but less than five. This business has shown proven growth and demonstrates sustainability.

Innovation Award: Recognizes an organization that has inspired and delivered new thinking in the marketplace. In a world of sameness and business as usual, this business has bravely stepped into the unknown and delivered their unique point of difference. They’ve raised the bar and showcased Northern Kentucky as an area of thoughtful, innovative industry leaders. Business Growth Award: Recognizes companies that have shown the greatest success in revenue growth over the past three years. Selection is based on revenue growth. NK Y

2019 BUSINESS IMPACT AWARDS Applications are online at bit.ly/BusinessImpact19 The deadline to apply is Friday, December 21, 2018 Finalists will be announced January 2019 Winners will be announced during the awards celebration in March. To learn more visit nkychamber.com.




Member FDIC

859-905-5556 Crestview Hills • Ft. Mitchell • Florence


Cementing Our Future

By Kelly Rose Welcome House of Northern Kentucky

Chris McDaniel, president of McD Concrete and Kentucky State Senator in the 23rd District, aims high to create a vibrant region in Northern Kentucky.


Founded by Mike and Dan McDaniel, McD Concrete began operations in June 1980 on the principle that dedicated labor and quality workmanship are the keys to a successful business. In 2008, Chris McDaniel, Dan's son, took over the role of President. Today, Chris is dedicated to the mission of providing excellent service to not only his customers, but to the region. What did your journey look like to get to this point? Chris McDaniel: I am originally from Taylor Mill and my dad and grandad started this business in 1980. The first summer I worked here was in 1989. After college and a tour in the US Army, I started full-time with McD Concrete in 2001. Since 2008 I have owned the company and in 2012 I ran for state senate and won my first election. Now we are here! In your opinion, what does it mean to own a small business in Northern Kentucky? CM: At McD we have 45 employees and we operate mainly in the I-275 loop. We do concrete construction. A good way to explain it would be we put the form work in place for the concrete, we don’t actually make the concrete. Running a small business like this takes really great people, our employees are really good at what they do. They give us the ability to perform day in and day out. What most people want and expect from a small business is a quality product in a good time frame. We strive every day to accomplish that. Can you explain some of the opportunities or room for improvements that exist for small businesses? CM: Our biggest opportunity, and a place where we really have room for growth, is with workforce development, specifically in the skilled trades sector. We have seen a decline in the workforce rate for these skilled workers and it’s really started to impact us. Therefore we diligently work to stay engaged with the trade schools and the community to find people who want to work in this industry. Do you have any suggestions on improving workforce issues? CM: There has to be a recognition that college is not the only career path out there. The skilled trades industry pays very well and the opportunity to rise from a GED or high school diploma, to a well-paying job where we train you on the job or provide employer based training is vital to growing the workforce. As a society we have too long neglected the fact that there is a very solid place for people that work with their hands and they don’t necessarily need a classroom. How did you transition from small business owner to politician and small business owner? CM: I got into politics on the periphery by working with former Congressman Geoff Davis’s campaign. From there I just got more and more involved and when a previous state senator was announcing his retirement, I decided to run and the rest is history!


Chairman Chris McDaniel speaks with Senate President Robert Stivers in the Senate Chambers. Photo credit: KY LRC

How do politics and being a small business owner mix? CM: Politics gives me a perspective on the industry and vice versa. All things from prevailing wage, to medical marijuana, to a multitude of other issues help me see the bigger picture and hopefully shape policy that reflects the need of those who create jobs and how we do that. Luckily, we are a part time General Assembly and working at McD is my primary job. You were in Leadership Northern Kentucky, how did growing as a leader influence your future and where you are now? CM: I have interacted professionally with 17 out of my 42 classmates just in the last year. Over the course of the last five years that number would go up to the 35 out of the 42. My class was a great group of folks that I have developed great personal and professional relationships with and they have also helped me expand my network even more. So what’s next for you? CM: Work my best to be a good dad, which is my most important role. Try to keep growing McD by providing good opportunities for my community and for the future of our regional workforce. I also aspire to take the lessons I have learned here and at home and make good policy in Frankfort. This is a good solid vibrant region and we are going to continue to grow and have challenges. We need more people to help move this area forward, which I am happy and proud to help in that arena. I have been blessed beyond what I deserve and hopefully I can return that to our community. NK Y


Ultimate Workshop

TAX, Succession, and Estate mistakes made by Business Owners and how to avoid them Presented By: NKY Chamber of Commerce

William E. Hesch, Esq., CPA, PFS • Amy E. Pennekamp, Esq.

Thursday, November 29, 2018, 8:00 am – 11:30 am Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce 300 Buttermilk Pike, Suite 330 Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017

Register at www.nkychamber.com/events Members: $30, Non Members: $45

Benefits of Attending the Workshop: • Identify action steps for your business which become your 2018/2019 road map for success! • Protect the value of your business and its long-term success. • Avoid major business problems that would arise if you died or became disabled. • Get answers to your CPA and legal questions. Forward your questions to Bill prior to the workshop! • All attendees receive a one-hour complimentary follow-up consultation with Bill. 8:00 am • Session 1: Top 10 Tax Planning Mistakes • Choice of Entity-Sole Proprietor, S or C Corporation • Maximize retirement plan deductions • Maximize your tax deductions • Avoid IRS audit problems

9:15 am • Session 2: Top 10 Succession Planning Mistakes • How to Plan for: *Death, *Disability, *Retirement • Secrets For a Successful Business Succession Plan • Planning for disability of owner

10:30 am • Session 3: Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes • How to use a Trust and buy-sell agreement in estate plan • How to protect family and value of business if owner dies or becomes disabled

William E.Hesch Law Firm, LLC

Personalized • Experienced • Service-oriented After you meet with your attorney, CPA and Financial Planner, contact Bill on his cell phone at (513) 509-7829 to get a second opinion and see what he can do for you. 3047 Madison Road, Suite 205, Cincinnati, OH 45209 | 513-731-6601 | www.heschlaw.com This is an advertisement | Legal work may be performed by others within the firm.

561 Napa Valley Lane ∙ Suite A ∙ Crestview Hills KY 41017 859-341-3360 email: info@liveatvalleyview.com

Amenities include: • Fully furnished: 2 BR/2 Bath Condos, with full kitchens and all linens. • Secure wireless internet • Washer/dryer in each Condo • Cable TV with DVR • Package acceptance at our office • Clubhouse with fitness center and pool

Bourbon Branding Leader to Keynote 10th Annual Breakfast By Krystan Krailler Scooter Media




FOR THE LAST DECADE, THE Northern Kentucky Chamber Women’s Initiative has made a significant impact on how professional women connect, grow and achieve in all career stages as they work toward business and professional success. The 10th Women’s Initiative Annual Breakfast, sponsored by PNC, will celebrate a decade of professional development and networking on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. This popular event will bring together hundreds of Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati women and men to network and hear directly from keynote speaker Heather Howell. Howell is Director of New Product Development in the United States and Canada at Brown-Forman Corporation, most known as the parent company behind iconic brands such as Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve, Finlandia, and Old Forester. The Emerging Brands Department was formed under her leadership. This department builds the future brands of Brown-Forman for generations to come. Howell has been recognized numerous times on a local, regional, and national scale, including Ernst & Young’s E.D.G.E. award, naming her as an emerging entrepreneur delivering, growing, and executing new and innovative products and services. Business First of Louisville honored Howell with the Enterprising Woman to Watch award and named her a finalist for the Business Leader of the Year award.

Howell’s keynote Surround Yourself with the Best to be the Best will address how people within your teams influence you in negative and positive ways, and how to evaluate life and those you select to be in it. “Our lives are enriched by those in which we share our true selves,” Howell said. “The type of person you become is threaded together by the people you select to be in your inner circle, so it’s important to evaluate how they will shape your path to success.” “Heather has a breadth of experience in entrepreneurial growth, human resources, workforce development, diversity and talent outreach throughout her impressive career. The Women’s Initiative team believes her expertise, coupled with her insights make her the perfect fit for our tenth anniversary celebration,” said Allyson Cook, Stites & Harbison, PLLC, and 2019 Women’s Initiative Annual Breakfast Chair. The Women’s Initiative will also award the Debbie Simpson Spirit of Achievement Award to honor a woman who has made a significant impact upon the progress of the Women’s Initiative, had career success and has been active in the community. Nominations for the award are now being accepted at nkychamber.com/wispirit. NK Y

10th ANNUAL BREAKFAST "Surround Yourself with the Best to be the Best" Heather Howell Brown-Forman Corporation Tuesday, January 15, 2019 7:00 – 9:30 AM NKY Convention Center NKYChamber.com/WIBreakfast19 Tickets are $50 NKY Chamber Members; $75 Future Members Tables of 10 are $500 for NKY Chamber members and $750 for future members Sponsorships for the event are available

“The type of person you become is threaded together by the people you select to be in your inner circle, so it’s important to evaluate how they will shape your path to success.” — Heather Howell Director, New Product Development, United States and Canada Brown-Forman Corporation

Photo by Amanda Cain, Eastern Kentucky University



HR 100

Navigating the Holiday Season in the Workplace By Charley Wayman Sales and Marketing Director Building Industry Association of NKY

The holidays are intended to be a holly-jolly time of giving and spending time with those that you hold dear. But it is also full of time-consuming obligations, dishing out money you don’t have or want to spend, and trying desperately not to disappoint your friends, family, and coworkers with bad gifts or not attending their soiree. We all know that at home we might be watching Liberal Lauren and Conservative Casey duke it out between mouthfuls of mashed potatoes during the family feast, but work provides its own set of stressful challenges to overcome. The intention of this article is not intended to be a “bah-humbug” throwdown by any means, but there are some elves in this holiday story that are wound a little tight and need some advice to help make their season bright. Charlie Vance, Chief Executive Officer at Erigo Employee Solutions helps to steer these elves in the right direction so that everyone can make it on the nice list this holiday season.



My office is hosting a holiday party and it is open bar. I have heard stories of past years where it has gotten a little crazy. I am still new at the office, so I am not sure what to expect. What can I do to make the best of the party without appearing too naughty or too nice? “You know your limits best. Even though this event is intended to be a fun celebration with co-workers, it is still important to remember that these are your colleagues and, as such, it is best to treat it as a normal work function.” Vance suggests setting a one to two drink limit for yourself ahead of time to alleviate some anxiety regarding what to do.

I have planned to jingle my single self all the way down south to an all-inclusive with my jolly elf buddies, but another coworker is requesting off at the same time to spend the holiday with their children. I feel that I deserve to experience the holiday in my own way but feel guilty about taking time away from their children. How should I express my feelings with my co-worker and how should Human Resources (HR) decide who gets the time off?

The office has decided to do a Secret Santa exchange between departments and I am not interested in participating but have been made to feel that if I do not, my coworkers are going to judge me. How can I excuse myself from participating without coming off like a Scrooge? “You can’t control how people treat you or how they act toward you, but you can control your reaction to them,” Vance believes. “First, talk to HR about your concerns. They may suggest that you explain your reasoning as to why you do not wish to participate in the exchange to the organizer in a one-on-one setting. Having that one-on-one time may allow him or her to consider your perspective, rather than making assumptions about why you don’t wish to participate. Having an ally can help you frame your perception of how people feel about your lack of participation. Try not to overthink it, people are more gracious than you think.”

I am the only person in my office who does not celebrate Christmas. I would like to celebrate my faith’s traditions but feel like I may be ridiculed or judged. If the rest of the office is free to express their freedom of religion, shouldn’t I feel comfortable enough to do so as well? How can I express my faith while feeling safe and supported at work?

“The holidays are a popular time for employees to request time off. Additionally, for some industries, particularly retail, the holidays are the busy season. As such, you should expect there to be some competition for time off," said Vance. He recommends “Yes, you should feel comfortable enough to openly express that you “should not express your feelings with your co-worker. your religious beliefs to the extent it does not interfere with It doesn’t sound like your co-worker is the decision maker in this the organization’s ability to conduct business," said Vance. He situation, so there’s no reason to create any unnecessary tension. cites Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which “prohibits You have submitted your request. Now let management or HR disparate treatment, job segregation, or harassment based on make the decision as to who will get the requested time off.” religious belief or practice (or lack thereof), as well as retaliation Vance states that HR “should look to the employee for the exercise of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) rights. handbook to see if any policies are relevant in this situation. If If your company has an HR department, talk to them about the scenario is that only one employee can take time off during your concerns. They are likely to be understanding and will also the requeted time, HR might consider when the time off request understand the dynamics of your particular workplace and can was submitted, the roles of each employee and the current offer advice as to how to express your faith in the workplace internal demand for their time, and other considerations as to without feeling judged or ridiculed.” how the time off might affect the business as a whole.” This year take the time to follow these suggestions so that you can focus on those things that make the season brightest. Focus on the ones you love, celebrate your way, and relax. Save your stress for those New Year's resolutions come January 1st. NK Y




Making The Most of Your Investment By Kelly Rose Welcome House of Northern Kentucky

According to Giving USA 2018’s Annual Report, total giving to charitable organizations was $410 billion in 2017 which is an increase of 5.2% from 2016. As millennials become more engrained in the workforce, the trend of charitable giving is predicted to only increase even further as the years go on. As donors, or potential donors, it’s important to understand the ways you can give to a non-profit organization. We sat down with Nancy Grayson, President of the Horizon Community Fund, to discuss the various ways to give and why someone should give. For many, donating can be something that is held close to their heart because they believe in the agency’s mission or it has touched their lives in some way. For other’s it could be more of a general foundation that they start to cover sweeping issues like education, human services, or animal rights (just to name a few). What is the best advice you would give to someone just starting to get into donating to non-profits and/or community organizations? Nancy Grayson: Although creating a plan for charitable giving might seem daunting when you are just starting out, it can be quite easy when you consider the following tips: 1.

Find your match with a cause that resonates with you. The internet is a great resource! 2. Understand where your donations are going. Make sure the charity you are supporting is in good financial healthlook online at their IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search database. 3. Stretch your dollar further by seeing if your employer has a matching gift program for donations that you make to your charities of choice. 4. Be creative with your donations. Consider making a donation to your charity in honor of a family member or friend to show you care. Donations to charities make terrific holiday gifts! How important is giving to non-profits? What are some benefits? NG: Millions of people make donations to non-profit organizations each year to support causes they care about, as well as for the positive effect it has on them personally. The benefits of giving are immeasurable, if you give to an IRSPAGE 22

approved, tax-exempt charity, you can write off donations on your tax return and you are giving to those most in need. You might also inadvertently motivate others in your life to start donating as well. Giving can be contagious. What exactly is a donor-advised fund? NG: Donor Advised Funds provide you with ongoing involvement in the distribution of your charitable gifts. This is a good option for donors who have a broad range of charitable interests, because once the Fund is established, you can add to it at any time and make grants immediately or in the future. The tax deduction for a gift to your Donor Advised Fund takes place up front, but you can still choose your schedule for giving as your money grows tax-free. How do you know it’s the right time to give to a non-profit? What advice would you give to someone trying to find the best place to donate to? NG: Many people tend to think about donating to a charity at the end of the year, as they wish to reap the tax benefits from their donations before the close of the tax year. You can commit to spread your giving throughout the year so that you are able to better budget your charitable donations, have time to select causes that matter the most to you, and research the non-profit organizations that you believe can best address those causes.

At Horizon, what are some of the options for giving? NG: Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky has options for the full spectrum of donors, from those who want to give to a general community fund to those who want to choose what charities benefit from their gifts. Investing through Horizon Community Funds has substantial tax advantages while simultaneously providing a way for you to participate in larger scale projects to meet the social needs of the community and to change the future in a lasting way. Anyone can check our website or contact us directly for more information.

Nancy Grayson 859.757.2552 ngrayson@horizonfunds.org NORTHERN KENTUCKY BUSINESS JOURNAL

Striving for New Heights in Service & Innovation We are committed to being a leader in aviation while continuing to elevate the experience of ight. Visit CVGairport.com/Next.

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Our dedicated team of Business Bankers and Treasury Management are helping small businesses of Northern Kentucky understand what is all about. Reach out to us today to learn more about Forcht Bank and the personalized service you’ll receive from the Bank. Chip Regenbogen Market President

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Retail Shops Need a Lift, Not Last Rites I’m NOT buying jeans without trying them on my backside. I have to feel the denim, see the fit, and ask the opinions of complete strangers in the dressing area. No online jeans purchases for me. You can offer free shipping, easy pick-up, no restock fee… not doin’ it. In the same vein; cars need a test-drive, large appliances need service… these things are best arranged in person. All this to say that while brick and mortar stores no doubt face increasing competition from online competitors, they are far from becoming extinct. At present, only one online store sits among the nation’s top ten retailers: Amazon; number three behind Walmart and Kroger. It should be noted, Amazon bought out Whole Foods and plans to build 115 book stores this year. That tells us even the nation’s largest online retailer is finding a mix of real and web-based shopping is what consumers want. Here’s another bit of good news: a study by customer experience consulting firm Walker shows customer expectations have raised the retail stakes significantly, saying by the year 2020 most of us expect companies to intuitively understand individual needs and personalize the shopping experience. That means immediate consumer gratification on the internet regarding ease of shopping and price are not enough. Amazon is not the only online brand making a move back to physical stores. A tailored customer experience is tough to find in pop-up ads on Facebook or Instagram. So what is the brick and mortar store owner/manager offering that online retailers can’t? Tops on the list should be human interaction and a stimulating, sensory experience. Knowing that more than 30% of retail sales occur between Thanksgiving and Christmas (National Retail Federation), it’s important to take a step back and look, really look at your store and see with new eyes how you present yourself. Pictured The Newberry Brothers Prohibition Bar patio in Newport Photo by Doug Baker SMALL BUSINESS 2018 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 1


START IN THE PARKING LOT Is it free of garbage and debris? Is it easy to access? Is signage clear and readable? Is the asphalt even, the lighting working? Are lines freshly painted? Is the landscaping (grass, mulch, shrubbery, edging) alive and tidy? The exterior reflects how the customer thinks he or she will be treated inside. Friendly, helpful store associates mean nothing if people don’t choose to park and enter. Amy Tobin, Director of Communications at New Riff Distilling in Newport, says their buildings are as much a part of their branding as their biggest product: bourbon. She admits it’s easier to maintain exterior appearances at the newer location, on Distillery Way next to the Party Source. However their renovated barrelhouse on Lowell Street in West Newport was built in 1893 (an old street car maintenance facility), and in a neighborhood in the very early stages of redevelopment. It’s especially important for New Riff to make the landscaping on that campus lovely for those attending tours and invitation-only events. To “create an experience” for customers and help them make happy memories, Amy explains, you have to be able to lure them inside. Bourbon sellers have little online competition, given each state’s alcohol laws as they apply to shipping. Still, the popularity of bourbon, especially in Kentucky, has made competition stiff and presentation, in the form of an attractive exterior, most certainly makes a difference.

New Riff Distilling in Newport, photo by J Miles Wolf

A CLEAN PLACE IS A SAFE PLACE That’s what your customer is thinking. Are the garbage cans visible from the parking lot? Have they been wiped down recently? Are they often overflowing? Especially in a business that sells any type of food, it’s imperative that waste is properly contained and out of sight. A good landlord and/ or facilities maintenance company will address the problem. If not, grab a trash bag. Your business needs to be clean. “I am a firm believer in the personal shopping experience,” said Elizabeth Hughes, owner of Little Flour Baked Goods in Fort Mitchell. “As customers step inside we want them to feel bright, happy, and welcome. Color choices, fixtures, attention to every detail in the bakery elicit these feelings.” Hughes knows customers can get holiday gift items, even baked ones, on the internet. Online they can’t get the sensory experience, the warmth and aromas which make them feel special. “As a cultural hub for sneaker and streetwear enthusiasts, many individuals are visiting this concept for the first time,” said Jacob Cain, owner of Sole By Style in Covington. “Maintaining a clean look and feel creates that trust for our customers and consigners to know we have the professionalism to take care of the products here. For us, it’s all part of the brand.” PAGE 26

Little Flour Baked Goods in Fort Mitchell, photo by Ben Gastright

Sole By Style in Covington, photo by J.J. Berg


THE ENTRANCE CLEARLY MATTERS Access is important. Make sure any outdoor tables/displays are kept far enough away from the door to allow clear entry for everyone, including folks with disabilities. Windows, mullions, screens and awnings must be freshened each season. Sidewalks should be pressure washed to obliterate stains. Hours of operation should be visible on your door or window large enough so drivers can read from their cars. Kim and Peter Newberry, owners of Newberry Brothers Prohibition Bar in Newport, realized from the start they needed to pay special attention to their patio, making it open and accessible to all patrons. Because their small business is off the beaten path, they took pains to catch the eye of potential customers from the curb with attractive awnings, lighting, and signage that both informs and promotes. An added attraction for many, the outdoor area is dog friendly with water bowls provided. Their motto is “Love you, mean it!” and Kim says they do, in a personal way no online entertainment (video games, streamed movies) can provide, making Newberry Brothers a popular date night or group party destination.



Create an easy way for your customers to buy online and pick up at Once inside, properly greeted with your store. A separate checkout line? a smile and welcomed to browse, what A drive through window if possible? do your customers see? Make sure National chains are doing it, turning your displays are creative (holiday stores into fulfillment centers. On a appropriate) and well-lit, featuring smaller scale you can do the same, products that go together, promoting mixing as Amazon does, real and the sale of more items. That’s what web-based shopping. online retailers can’t effectively do: allow Alternately, take a cue from the new buyers to touch and see a product in “Guideshops.” These are stores without context; a skirt with a nubby sweater, stock, or very little of it. Customers can a hand mixer with bowls and colorful see, feel, even try on products which, spatulas. And refreshing the fixtures once purchased, are then shipped to means more than the shelving; how are their homes direct from your supplier. the bathrooms looking and performing? You avoid warehousing and overstock No cracks, no leaks, this is not an issues. abandoned truck stop. Jeff Schreiver, owner of Swan Floral At family owned Herzog Jewelers and Gifts in Erlanger, warns it can be in Fort Mitchell, Ted Koester says it’s difficult to work with the Web when important to have an environment that’s pristine, welcoming, and easy to navigate. outsiders “steal” his business’ name, and his rightful business. It’s easy for a Brightly lit display systems on the florist in say Wisconsin, to buy an ad with showroom floor encourage customers “Swan” in the title, misleading customers to try on, for example, earrings with into thinking they’re dealing with the necklaces. He admits, most customers Dixie Highway business. Schreiver learns will do their initial recon online, but the internet can’t offer the tactile experience about it when he gets a complaint, “You didn’t deliver my flowers!” Still, he they want before buying. relies on his website, as most people go there first to make their selections, then come to his location to personally sign the card, or purchase a gift when the recipient requests no flowers. It’s important that his physical store reflect a well-kept, inviting environment; “If anything less, customers think they’re not going to get value,” said Schreiver. Ultimately, you have what no online retailer can offer: the personal touch. In an age when social media is bombarded with ads which follow us to every platform we use, it’s nice to have a real human care enough to ask what I need, offer a suggestion, and tell me (kindly) that my backside is better off without the bejeweled jeans pockets. Old fashioned customer service in a clean, safe environment that immerses buyers in holiday sights and sounds (carols!), even seasonal smells… really sells. And so will you if you look at your store with fresh eyes and give it the face lift it needs. NK Y

Peter Newberry, Newberry Brothers Prohibition Bar Photo by Jack Gruber SMALL BUSINESS 2018 | VOLUME 38 NUMBER 1



Regional Youth Leadership

RYL Class of 2019 is off to a great start! After an opening retreat at Camp Joy, students examined societal differences through their Diversity Session at Madonna Manor in September. The October Session, Arts & Culture, demonstrated how the arts have the capacity to educate, inspire, entertain and promote our local economy as they visited The Cincinnati Shakespeare Theatre, Findlay Market and rode the Street Car. “What a fascinating and thought-provoking Regional Youth Leadership (RYL) session I experienced in September! I’ve always known a general thing or two about diversity and leadership since I have lived my life experiencing the challenges of one-level of diversity that often yields societal discrimination. The RYL Diversity Session was an eye-opening event that navigated the different perspectives about diversity.” - Madalyn Isbell, Anderson High School “Overall, the Camp Joy retreat was a great learning experience for me and I am extremely glad that I am able to be a part of this amazing group of leaders. Throughout this day, I was constantly stepping out of my comfort zone, something that I don’t tend to do very often. This retreat made me way more outgoing and confident. Finally, the most significant part of the day was when I learned about my own leadership style and how I can improve as a leader.” - Grant Breit, Madeira High School


Northern Kentucky Young Professionals

NKYP is the next generation of leaders in our region! NKYP encourages young leaders who embrace the principles of meaningful participation, effective citizenship and extraordinary imagination to enhance the quality of life and economic well-being in the Northern Kentucky Region. It is the premier organization for young professionals to grow through diverse opportunities for networking, professional development and community involvement. Join NKYP for great events like CEO Lunches and Inside Looks which is a series of events that offer behind-thescenes tours of local venues or our Next Generation Leader Awards which hosts over 300 of our regions leaders. NKYP Passport holders can attend all NKYP events for a one-time flat rate, receive exclusive access to VIP events and an invitation to serve on planning committees for NKYP. You will also receive discounted rates to select NKY Chamber events. Sign up at nkychamber.com/ NKYPPassport Member Individual Passport - $125 Future Member Individual Passport - $150 Corporate Rate – If a company purchases 5 or more Passports, the rate is $100 each. For more information contact info@nkychamber.com

Leadership Northern Kentucky

Leadership NKY Alumni participated in the first ever “Weekend of Giving” October 19-21. Over 50 alumni volunteered to get their hands dirty and make a difference in our region. The projects included the Freestore Foodbank’s Giving fields (pictured above), NKY Emergency Shelter, Lincoln Grant Scholar House Fall Festival, Brighton Center, DCCH and Be Concerned. The Weekend of Giving was the first effort of the newly formed alumni association “LiNK,” that was the class of 2018 project. The mission of LiNK is to provide an ongoing way for alumni to become connected with one another and stay engage with other alumni after graduation. LiNK plans to bring together alumni of the “Best Program Ever” for continued professional development, volunteering and social events. Peggy Casey, Marketing Communication Manager at Arlinghaus Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning will be chairing LiNK. We are currently seeking alumni to get involved in the planning and implementation of events. To learn more, contact Dawn Denham at ddenham@nkychamber.com



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We’re doing exciting things, too. I’m out in our community with you, helping to make our area the best it can be. And I’m excited to create a better team with WesBanco to give you more than before!

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Since 1945 Viox & Viox has been providing civil engineering and surveying services to its clients. In addition to those services Viox & Viox offers landscape architecture, planning, traffic engineering and Global Positioning Services (GPS). With offices in both Kentucky and Ohio, Viox & Viox, is able to assist with commercial, industrial, residential and municipal projects throughout the tri-state region and beyond. For more information please visit

Viox & Viox at www.vioxinc.com or call (859) 727-3293.



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Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Jim Willman, Ashley Quarters; Carri Chandler, St. Elizabeth

Shannon Heroux, Humana; Jeff Loy, Dynamic Supply Chain Solutions; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber

Established in 1968, the Walter R. Dunlevy Frontiersman Award recognizes an individual who has a lifelong history of outstanding service to the Northern Kentucky community, exhibits outstanding service to their profession or industry, and exemplifies the highest standards of personal integrity and family responsibility. This year’s recipient is Jim Willman with Ashley Quarters Hotel.

Named in memory of the NKY Chamber's first volunteer leader, the award recognizes an individual Chamber member who has provided outstanding volunteer service to the NKY Chamber as a committee member, committee chair, or in any other special capacity during the past 12 months. This year’s recipient is Jeff Loy with Dynamic Supply Chain Solutions, LLC agent for Premier Expediters Inc.


Jay Wuest, PNC Bank; Dr. Steven Haist, University of Kentucky; Dr. Ashish Vaidya, Northern Kentucky University; Dr. Larry Kendall, St. Elizabeth Heathcare; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber

Presented to an individual or individuals who have shown leadership in bringing Northern Kentuckians together to address and solve common challenges and issues, and has shown leadership in seeking regional solutions to Northern Kentucky challenges. This year’s recipient is the Health Innovation Center Collaboration with Northern Kentucky University, St. Elizabeth Healthcare and the University of Kentucky. PAGE 32




Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Jeff Berding, FC Cincinnati; David Spaulding, Turner Construction

Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Joan Robinson; Ellen Katz, Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Presented on special occasions to an individual or individuals who have brought national or international attention to the Northern Kentucky community through their achievements. This year’s recipient is FC Cincinnati.

The Northern Kentucky Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation created the Devou Cup to honor the generosity of individuals who make a profound difference in the quality of community life in Northern Kentucky, now and into the future. This year’s recipients are Joan and Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III.



Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber; Mike Sipple, Jr., Centennial; Nancy Grayson, Horizon Community Funds

Kris Knochelmann, Kenton County Judge/Executive; Dan Tobergte; Brent Cooper, NKY Chamber

The Horizon Award recognizes the extraordinary contributions of an individual who exemplifies dedication, integrity, and honorable service to Northern Kentucky through community leadership. This individual has devoted their time, talents, and expertise to serve the public good, and has made significant, demonstrable, and direct contributions to our community’s well-being. This year’s recipient is Mike Sipple, Jr., President of Centennial Talent Strategy and Executive Search.

The Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III Northern Kentucky Economic Development Award is presented annually to the individual, entity, company, or organization demonstrating significant advancement of economic development efforts in Northern Kentucky. This year’s recipient is Daniel E. Tobergte.
















World-Class UV LED Technology Starts in NKY AquiSense Technologies is the World’s largest manufacturer of UV LED disinfection systems with projects that span the globe. Headquartered in NKY, we are proudly bringing the capabilities and ingenuity of this region to the world.

Solving Real-World Problems for Water, Air, and Surface Disinfection Learn About the Future of UV Disinfection www.aquisense.com | info@aquisense.com | +1.859.869.4700

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The mission of the Northern Kentucky Medical Society is to bring together the physicians of Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties by providing the professional and social networking base that promotes advocacy, leadership, and service in the practice of medicine. Speakers Bureau Are you looking for an informational speaker for your next event? Please contact the NKMS office.

Premier Expediters Inc. is a full service, domestic & international freight forwarder headquartered in Stockbridge, GA. Anything over 100lbs moving anywhere on the globe, we can handle. By offering superior customer service & giving the best shipment visibility we save companies money in labor cost by reducing back office administration which leads to a better experience for you & your customer. A happy customer equals a return customer. Just ask some of ours...  

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FLEURS & EVENTS 7500 Oakbrook Drive, Suite 5 | Florence, KY 41042 | (859) 918-1119 | fleurs-events.com

PICTURED: Ellen Barnett, L&N Federal Credit Union, Sponsor; Lynn Abeln, NKY Chamber; Mark Nelson, Owner; Genevieve Nelson, Owner; friends and family of Fleurs & Events




PICTURED: Marc Neltner, Board of Trustees Chairperson, Thomas More University; The Most Reverend Roger J. Foys, D.D. Chancellor, Thomas More University; Dr. Kathleen Jagger, Acting President, Thomas More University; Garren Colvin, CEO, St. Elizabeth Healthcare; Brent Cooper, President, NKY Chamber; Paul Meier, Mayor, City of Crestview Hills; Dr. Maria Garriga, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dena of the University, Thomas More University

THOMAS MORE UNIVERSITY PERFORMING ARTS LAB 196 Barnwood Drive | Edgewood, KY 41017 | (859) 341-5800 | thomasmore.edu

PICTURED: Taylor Walz, President, Student Government Association; Ken Carr, Coordinator of Co-Curricular Recruitment & Director of Choirs; Randy Webb, Director of Bands; Dr. Kim Haverkos, Dean of the College of Education and Health Sciences; Dr. Christine Griffiths, Chairperson, Department of Sport Sciences; Dr. Lisa Torok, Chairperson, Department of Nursing


We want to help you promote and celebrate your ribbon cutting ceremony for your new facility, expansion, anniversary celebration or open house! We’ll bring our trademark giant blue scissors, a group of Chamber ambassadors, and a camera to capture the excitement of your special day. Call Lynn Abeln at (859) 578-6390 to schedule your FREE ribbon cutting today!


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Member Milestones Complete Forklift Repair is pleased to announce effective October 1, 2018 Onsite Lift LLC will merge with Complete Forklift Repair LLC to take care of all your material handling needs. The move combines both companies’ 15-20 years’ experience and excellent reputations. With the merge, we are pleased to offer the customers from both companies a wide array of material handling services: New Equipment Sales and Rentals featuring Doosan, Dock & Door Repair and Sales, Pallet Racking, Training, Forklift and Scissorlift Repair, Planned Maintenance, Parts Orders and Battery Service. This milestone brings together the staff from both companies to form a strong support team for all customers and technicians. Effective October 1, all customers will contact 888-680-LIFT (5438) for dispatch, service inquiries, sales, customer service, and accounting. Additionally, all service will be performed under the Complete Forklift Repair LLC name. The staff look forward to continuing to grow and serving all customers of Complete Forklift Repair LLC.

Republic Bank is excited to welcome Amy Beck! Beck joins the Republic Bank team as a Private Banking Officer at our Florence location. She has nearly 20 years of experience as a successful Residential Mortgage Loan Originator and Commercial Lender in the region. Her primary role will be to develop business relationships, and to grow our residential mortgage presence and commercial lending. She and her family are longtime residents of Lakeside Park in NKY, and Amy serves on several non-profit boards and volunteers actively with Steinford Toy Foundation, Komen for the Cure, and Omega Phi Tau Philanthropic.

PEI Logistics, a freight forwarding company with offices in Ft. Mitchell announces promotions for two team member and two new hires. Valerie Fogle was promoted from Operations Agent to Operations Manager. Fogle started with PEI In September 2017 and in one short year has shown tremendous progress. She has proven over and over again that she will do whatever it takes to get the job done and truly enjoys serving our customers, vendors and employees. Kelly Bass was promoted from Operations Agent to Business development Manager. Bass has been with PEI since January 2018 and has shown major signs of growth. Hired with zero experience in freight & logistics, Bass has shown great communication and relationship skills with customers, vendors and employees. Derek Dant recently joined the PEI team and is stepping into an Operations Agent role. Dant has a marketing degree from the University of Kentucky and experience in logistics, banking and customer service. Ben Williams was hired as PEI’s first full time driver. Williams comes to PEI with experience in material handling and driving and is going to be great for customer relations. He truly is a “jack of all trades” and they are excited to watch him grow with the business. PAGE 42



Strategic HR inc., the award-winning human resources experts known for their consulting on a breadth of HR issues, serving as a company’s HR department or filling in as HR specialists during a vacancy, is expanding its footprint in Northern Kentucky with the addition of Senior Consultant Tarah Cook. Cook brings almost two decades of forwardthinking HR experience in the non-profit, professional services and private industry sectors, including a six-year tenure with a Fortune 500 company. “Tarah is an exceptional HR expert with contagious entrepreneurial thinking who works with a company’s culture and builds a stronger HR division that encompasses the entire employee experience,” says strategic HR Founder Robin Throckmorton. “She has the ability to assist an organization with transformational leadership that positively affects employees at every level.” Cook holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a focus on HR and economics from Miami University and a Master’s degree in executive HR development from Xavier University.

Ziegler & Schneider P.S.C. is pleased to announce that Daniel A. Hunt has recently been named its newest partner, effective July 1, 2018. Hunt obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Louisville and his Juris Doctorate from Salmon P. Chase College of Law, summa cum laude. Hunt started his legal career as an attorney with the firm in 2010 and already has a wealth of experience in his respective areas of practice in business, corporate, and general litigation. He is admitted to practice in Kentucky and Ohio and is also a member of the Kentucky, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky Bar Associations. Ziegler & Schneider is honored to welcome Hunt as a partner, and fully anticipates that he will continue to use the experience, skill, and work ethic he has demonstrated since joining the firm to achieve the best results for the firm’s clients.


Clinical Trial and Consulting Services (CTI), a multi-national, privately held, full-service contract research organization is pleased to announce the promotions of Colleen Colson and Michael Karwish to the positions of Director, Global Quality Assurance and Senior Controller, respectively. "We are proud to recognize Colleen and Michael for their outstanding work, " says Tim Schroeder, CEO. "Their promotions reflect their work ethic and dedication to their roles as leaders within our team. As our business continues to expand, we anticipate them both continuing to play critical roles in the leadership and development." Colson joined CTI in July 2011 and was quickly promoted to roles leading to her most recent position, Associate Director Global Quality Assurance, in which her role was expanded to include leadership of global activities. Colson also supports CTI business development and client management at all stages. In her new role, She will be instrumental in leading many initiatives and ensuring that quality remains at the forefront of all activities at CTI. Karwish started with CTI in 2003 as an Assistant Controller, and has steadily risen within the Finance department. Over his 15 years at CTI, he has assumed primary responsibility for CTI’s global financial reporting, and also oversees the functions of accounts receivable, revenue recognition, and negotiation of payment schedules. In his new role, Karwish will play an expanded role in the management and leadership of CTI's global financial functions.


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