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ROSE Narayanan Krishnaswamy

Roses are always fascinating and intriguing. Roses are named in many ways, including the names of celebrities. They have endured almost all the civilizations of humanity and never lost their charm. They attract one and all, including all classifications of humans and insects. In the history of human kind, no flower rivals that of rose in cultivation of variants. And this continues till date with the introduction of hundreds of new roses every year. Rose is indeed, passion personified.

ROSE Narayanan Krishnaswamy 2020

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Manas Ranjan Mohanty &

Bhuttu Da (Satadal Acharya)

Why This Book? This book is about idea, visualization, concept, plan, execution, maintenance and public benefits. There existed a barren land adjacent to the main administration building, which had been used as a disposing yard for anything imaginable. A very few people wondered on this and it occurred to them that something to be done as it is a prime plot at the entrance to an institution of national importance. There born the idea of a garden of roses. It was not about this idea are how much it would cost to execute it or the availability of resources at disposal. It is about its relevance to the field of operation in which the institution was in. Here comes the statesmanship of the leader managers in making this into a reality. A dedicated and passionate team did execute this project to the dot and sustained it. This garden of roses with 307 rose plants with 61 varieties of roses are being maintained in top condition for since its creation for more than a decade. As an avid observer and a person who is involved in gardening and landscaping, I can vouch for this rose garden as one of the best in this part of India, if not in India as a whole. The work of maintenance is to be one as a clock work, sticking to meticulous seasonal schedules to optimize the annual results, scrupulously. As a partner in this whole project since its inception, I was at loss to know the names of the rose variety which is blooming. It was not of much use talking to the well experienced gardeners available nearby are those with whom I was in contact. I was not able to identify, even a single rose flower. Taking recourse to innumerable books and internet sources put me into much discomfort than resulting in any revelation. This predicament remains so till date. It was a tedious work of not researching but searching for the names of roses as roses comes from different cultivars, geographies and through varieties of development stages from innumerable developers. Also, it was astonishing to find that there were thousands of rose names and indeed thousands of varieties of roses.

In fact, what I have attempted to do is to identify the roses in the garden with their name, which I had searched through books, gardeners, experts, onlookers and Internet. I believe, I have reasonably succeeded in my endeavour. I would like to state clearly that I had no intention nor the competency to write on, how to cultivate rose or how to take care individual rose varieties nor in developing new roses. This book is intended to be a guide to rose enthusiasts and visitors of this garden to know what they are looking at and give a visual treat of the roses one can see there. As a student of nature, I find roses impressionistic as they come in such varieties, developed innumerable varieties and the fascination of human kind in this king of flowers. Last but not the least, I take pride in being part of the team which made this garden possible, with gratitude to the number of individuals who had and has been contributing in making this sustain. The photographs are shown here in the sequence of their physical location as identified by the gardener to enable the visitor to walk through the garden. All the photographs were taken by the author using his OnePlus 6T (Model ONEPLUS A6010) mobile phone camera during the flowering season of 2019-2020 and the photograph of the author by K. Jayashree. Hope these photographs makes one interested in not only knowing the names of roses in the garden, but visiting the garden in person.

Zéphirine Drouhin


Pope John Paul


Artistry Rosa


Melody Parfumee

Arctic Blue

Costa Rica


Sunrise Sunset

Sun Goddess



Thank You


Pensioner’s Voice

Papa Meilland

Blue River


Lovely Lady

Carpet Ruby

Winchester Cathedral

Mardi Grass


Black Baccara

Frau Karl Druschki

Old Blush China - Light Pink

Ruby Wedding


Madame Boll


Mayra’s Fantasy

Cesar E. Chavez

Deja Blue Lavender Mauve


Amber Queen

Love and Peace

Pink Rose with Speckles


Party Hardy

Old Blush China - Crimson


Preserved Pure White

Sparkle and Shine

Alexander Mackenzie


Duchesse d’Angouleme


Our Last Summer

Neil Diamond

Easy Going

Knockout Old Blush Red

Angel Face

Pink Polyantha

Guy Savoy

Dainty Bess

Royal Jubilee

Miss All American Beauty

Archiduc Joseph

Baron Girod de L’Ain

List of Roses The following is the alphabetical list of roses found in the rose garden and shown in this book. Alexander Mackenzie Amalia Amber Queen Angel Face Angela Ann Archiduc Joseph Arctic Blue Artistry Rosa Ascot Baron Girod de L’Ain Black Baccara Blue River Camaieux Carpet Ruby Cesar E. Chavez Costa Rica Dainty Bess Deja Blue Lavender Mauve Duchesse d’Angouleme Easy Going Frau Karl Druschki Guy Savoy Iceberg Intrigue Keepsake Knockout Old Blush Red

Love and Peace Lovely Lady Madame Boll Mardi Grass Masquerade Mayra’s Fantasy Meibrelon Melody Parfumee Miss All American Beauty Montana Neil Diamond Oklahoma Old Blush China - Crimson Old Blush China - Light Pink Olympiad Our Last Summer Papa Meilland Party Hardy Pensioner’s Voice Phaedra Pink Polyantha Pink Rose with Speckles Pope John Paul Preserved Pure White Radtkopink Royal Jubilee Ruby Wedding

Sun Goddess Sunblest Sunrise Sunset Thank You Winchester Cathedral Zéphirine Drouhin

References William A. Grant, Botanica’s Roses, Laurel Glen Publishing, United States, 2000

Dr. N. Krishnaswamy is a design thinker and designer. He has been in the printing and graphic arts and design industry for about four decades. He has published papers on economics, design identity and design management. He is a designer, painter, teacher, sculptor, photographer and writer. He is passionate about colour, shape and walking.

Narayanan Krishnaswamy 2020

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This book is about idea, visualization, concept, plan, execution, maintenance and public benefits. There existed a barren land adjacent to t...

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This book is about idea, visualization, concept, plan, execution, maintenance and public benefits. There existed a barren land adjacent to t...