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The Siren Song of Puerto Vallarta Travel to this Mexican paradise and be captivated by its beauty and charm

Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico PUERTO VALLARTA PRESENTS A POWERFUL PULL ON THE SENSES. The waves of the Pacific lap on golden shores, flowers of many colors sprout amid sun-splashed structures steeped in history, and tame iguanas the size of small cats consume pizza and other people food when not begging to have their tummies rubbed. By day, white sails strike photogenic poses against azure blue skies, which blend into fiery sunsets in the shank of the Mexican evening. Even after dark, the seaside air is heavy with humidity and the constant chirping of tropical birds and tree frogs. Puerto Vallarta may not be paradise on earth but it’s pretty darn close. 40

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A small fishing village where people made a living diving for pearls, Puerto Vallarta evolved into a port for commercial vessels and cruise ships, attracted by the benign climate and diverse culture. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton not only made Night of the Iguana there in 1964 but ignited their own romance in the mountain-shrouded seascape. Many others have followed suit, enjoying the lagoons, coves, and bays that beckon lovers of water sports. There are 174 miles of Pacific beaches, stretching like a natural welcome-mat to a town both steeped in history and blessed by natural attractions. Founded in 1851, Puerto Vallarta is the primary tourism destination

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