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September 2017

Small Businesses Face Lawsuits Over Accessibility Requirements

PLUS: • AASP-MN’s Night Out With the St. Paul Saints Highlights www.grecopublishing.com

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AASP of Minnesota is an association of independently-owned automotive service businesses and industry suppliers dedicated to improving the state’s automotive service industry and the success of its members.


Vol. 25 No. 9

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE ........................................................................4 Keep Your Chin Up! by Wayne Watson, AASP-MN President

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE........................................................................5 Small Businesses Face Nuisance Suits Over Accessibility Requirements by Kevin Walli, AASP-MN Lobbyist

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INSURANCE I.Q. ..............................................................................14 How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations


MEET THE MEMBER ........................................................................17 Collision Care of Willmar by Kristen Dalli COMPLETE HEALTH, ENVIRONMENTAL & SAFETY SERVICES (C.H.E.S.S.) ..............21 Rats. I Have Mice. by Janet L. Keyes, MS, CIH and Carol A. Keyes, CSP

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April 5, 2018 AASP-MN Annual Meeting & Leadership Conference DOUBLETREE BY HILTON BLOOMINGTON 7800 Normandale Boulevard Bloomington, MN 55439

June 19, 2018 24th Annual AASP-MN Golf Outing KELLER GOLF COURSE 2166 Maplewood Drive St Paul, MN 55109

For more information, contact the AASP-MN office at 612-623-1110 or visit the Association’s website, www.aaspmn.org.

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Keep Your Chin Up! by Wayne Watson AASP-MN President

Growing up, my dad would tell me to keep my chin up in a bad situation. Who knew at a young age that advice would transform into a great leadership skill? We all deal with hundreds of customers monthly. You're cruising along and everything is going good, then all of a sudden, BAM! That one negative review kills everything good you have going for the month. You find yourself refocusing your energy into the doldrums of trying to fix a situation that, in most cases, cannot be fixed. I know the feeling; it's like a sucker punch out of left field. Well, I am here to tell you, don't do it. Don't waste all of your time and energy

focusing on one negative when you have hundreds of good things going for you. Why do we do that as owners or managers? One simple answer – pride! If you are in the automotive industry, there is one thing for sure - we all take a lot of pride in the work that we deliver to the customer. When someone takes aim at that pride, it hurts. So, what happens? We take the time necessary to turn around, go back and do whatever it takes to repair the pride and trust that got jeopardized in that one of many customer interactions that happened that day. It is always good to turn around and look at those situations in an effort to see

what we could do differently, and ultimately how we could be better. But do not waste all your time and effort trying to make a situation that has gone wrong, go right. Is it necessary to try to repair those situations? Absolutely, but do not go down with the ship. If you're a member of AASP-MN, we all know that you are a good operator or manager, otherwise you would not be a part of the association. Instead, stay focused on what is going well. Take the time to pat that employee on the back and tell him/her how much you appreciate the great job he/she has been doing for you. Take the time to reach out to that customer who keeps coming back time after time, never complains, pays the bill and always does the work you suggest to them. Let's face it: That is much more rewarding than arguing with a customer who had a bad experience at your facility. Learn from your mistakes and stay focused on your accomplishments. Do not let those negative reviews get the best (or worst) of you.


AUGUST 2017 Clearwater Tire & Auto Clearwater 4 September 2017


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Small Businesses Face Nuisance Suits Over Accessibility Requirements In recent years, we have witnessed the steady rise of abusive litigation brought by unscrupulous attorneys based on claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Small businesses have been the target of lawsuits demanding cash settlements for alleged violations of the ADA. More than 170 such claims were filed against Minnesota small businesses in 2014-2015. One attorney and an associated non-profit organization are behind the majority of the lawsuits. An AASP-MN repair shop was recently the victim of such a lawsuit – which brings this close to home for AASP-MN members. The essential elements of the lawsuits involve minor infractions of the ADA accessibility laws or allegations of committing a bias offense under the Minnesota Human Rights Act. The lawsuits target small businesses threatening damages and fines. They typically make financial demands and settlement offers which set the claims at slightly less than a business owner might expect to pay to retain a lawyer. The financial demands and intimidating language of the demand letters motivate the small businesses to settle and move on rather than spend time and money litigating. These actions have been regarded as “hit-and-run” lawsuits. Judge Ron Abrams, Hennepin County District Court, specifically

by Kevin Walli, AASP-MN Lobbyist

identified the lead lawyer in these suits as presenting “a common problem” which “raises the specter of litigation abuse.” It’s noteworthy that the attorney who has been the focal point of these serial lawsuits has been disbarred for making false statements to a court, bringing frivolous actions, testifying falsely during a deposition and perpetrating a fraud upon the court. Nonetheless, the attorney’s wife continues to sue small businesses in Minnesota for ADA violations. The 2017 Legislature did adopt amendments to the Minnesota Human Rights Act, which makes it more difficult for such suits to proceed. Notice provisions under the Act were amended to allow more time for businesses to implement or make plans to take corrective actions. While the notice requirements for lawsuits under state law have been extended, shops might still be subject to a lawsuit brought under the Federal ADA statute. The Minnesota State Council on Disabilities has recently been conducting training sessions for small businesses across the state with the intention of helping companies comply with accessibility requirements. AASP-MN will be contacting the State Council to see what resources they may have available to inform repair shops of how to avoid legal actions and come into compliance.


September 2017 5

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LOCAL NEWS AASP-MN’s Night Out With the St. Paul Saints 106 people attended AASP-MN’s outing at the St. Paul Saints game on Wednesday, August 23 at CHS Field in St. Paul. The group cheered on the Saints to a 3-1 victory over the Wichita Wingnuts. AASP-MN member Carl Thomas of Lancer Service Auto Care (St. Paul) hosted a tailgate party prior to the game and provided free parking for those that attended. “It’s always fun to get our members and their families out for a ball game,” said Executive Director Judell Anderson. “As always, this event was a big hit!”

AASP-MN to Host Peer-to-Peer Learning & Networking Events In response to member demand for more opportunities to connect and share knowledge and experiences with other members, AASP-MN will host two peer-to-peer learning and networking events this fall - one for collision shops and one for mechanical shops. Participants at both of these events will also receive a report on AASP-MN’s current initiatives and upcoming events. Anyone in the automotive service industry is welcome to attend - membership is not required. Watch your fax and email for details as they become available.

2018 Automotive Aftermarket Calendars Catalogs and order forms are now available by contacting the AASP-MN office at (612) 623-1110 / (800) 852-9071 or online at www.aaspmn.org.

AASP-MN members cheered the Saints on to a 3-1 victory.


New AASP-MN members Barb Carlson and Nick Roers of Rapid Refill.

AASP-MN Annual Meeting & Leadership Conference Thursday, April 5, 2018 DOUBLETREE BY HILTON BLOOMINGTON 7800 Normandale Boulevard Bloomington, MN 55439

AASP-MN Office Administrator Jodi Pillsbury and AASP-MN Lobbyist Kevin Walli.

24th Annual AASP-MN Golf Outing Tuesday, June 19, 2018 KELLER GOLF COURSE 2166 Maplewood Drive St Paul, MN 55109

Over 100 AASP-MN members and supporters represented the association at CHS Field on August 23. 6 September 2017


For more information, contact the AASP-MN office at 612-623-1110 or visit the Association’s website, www.aaspmn.org.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors Sponsorships help AASP-MN deliver the quality programs members expect, and keep registration fees affordable. AASP-MN extends its thanks to the following companies:

GOLD SPONSORS AASP National Auto Value Parts Stores/APH Autoshop Solutions Axalta Coating Systems CBIZ AiA FinishMaster Meadowbrook Insurance PPG Automotive Finishes United Fire Group SILVER SPONSORS aaa Auto Parts Enterprise Rent-A-Car LKQ/Keystone Automotive O'Reilly Auto Parts PAM’s Auto, Inc. Suburban Chevrolet BRONZE SPONSORS Advance Auto Parts C.H.E.S.S. LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE ENTERTAINMENT SPONSOR Dent Impressions MEETING SPONSOR Choice Auto Rental LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE VENDOR SPONSORS 1 Collision Network 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division AmeriPride Services Automotive Training Institute BASF Automotive Refinish Casualty Insurance of Chaska Choice Auto Rental Dentsmart PDR Heartman Insurance Hertz Corporation IDENTIFIX Insurance Brokers of MN Matrix Electronic Measuring MN Dept. of Labor & Industry Monroe, Moxness, Berg, PA Net Driven Rapid Refill Safety-Kleen Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes


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8 September 2017


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10 September 2017


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ASE INTRODUCES UPDATED TESTING PLATFORM The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) announced changes that will offer an enhanced experience for professionals when taking tests to earn ASE certification. These changes to the computer test format were effective at Prometric test sites August 1, 2017. Test questions will look the same as before, but new features have been added. For example, a new list of test question numbers appears on the left side of the screen. These change color when a question is answered, allowing test takers to quickly see unanswered questions and go to them with one click. Other new features include: • Text highlighting and answer strike-out options, helping test takers note important details and rule out known incorrect answers • A progress bar showing the percentage of questions completed, to help with pacing • Answer boxes that change color when selected, allowing at-a-glance confirmation of the answer chosen “We want to bring our ASE certification candidates the best in new testing technology,” said Tim Zilke, ASE President and CEO. “The new platform makes testing more intuitive than ever before, allowing the test taker to more easily focus on the questions and answers.” An online demo of the updated platform can be viewed at www.ase.com/ASEdemo.

NATIONAL NEWS GM noted its 2016 position statement that all collision repairs to its vehicles require diagnostic scanning before and after the work. This aside makes us wonder if GM will take a note from rival FCA and verify the presence of pre- and post-scans on certified shop estimates. GM already has a certified collision repair network in place for the Cadillac CT6, which has an advanced body-in-white made of steel and aluminum. The OEM partnered with VeriFacts and Axalta on that program, but said Tuesday it would work with Mitchell and Enterprise Holdings on its broader certification network. Similar to other luxury OEM collision programs, Cadillac restricts parts and measurements for the CT6 to its certified shops. GM didn’t indicate whether it would do so with the broader certification program, nor did it say whether the CT6 shops would automatically be incorporated into the new certification network in 2018. However, one element of the CT6 program might carry over to the larger network - the use of OnStar to detect a collision and recommend certified shops. GM has promised it would refer drivers to CT6 shops with OnStar, and it said Tuesday it was “looking at ways to incorporate technologies like OnStar into the process, such as providing drivers with information on qualified collision repair facilities based on vehicle location and crash severity.” “With Automatic Crash Response, OnStar is typically the first to know an incident has occurred,” OnStar commercial experience director Brian Hoglund said in a statement. “Depending on the vehicle’s repair needs and driver’s well-being, OnStar has the ability to help streamline the repair process while making the experience more convenient for our customers.”

GENERAL MOTORS TO CERTIFY AUTO BODY SHOPS IN 2018 By John Huetter, July 25, 2017 General Motors recently announced it would “launch a AMi LAUNCHES PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATIONS comprehensive collision certification program in 2018,” adding FOR ESTIMATOR ROLE what Statista calls the nation’s No. 1 automaker to the list of The Automotive Management Institute (AMi), the OEMs developing and recommending customers to auto body industry's leading nonprofit provider and collaborator of shop networks. administrative and management education for automotive collision and mechanical service repair segments, announced the “Today’s certification programs have to evolve to keep up development and launch of two new professional designations for with the rapid-fire pace of technological innovation in the auto the Collision Repair Estimator role. "The new designations industry, especially in areas like safety systems,” GM customer care and aftersales collision manager John Eck said in a represent 14 months of industry work to identify and develop statement. “Our new program is being designed to measure requirements, which include AMi, I-CAR and Information Provider training and ASE B6 Certification,” stated AMi critical behaviors and procedures that will help ensure every collision repair is done to the highest standards, whether the work President Jeff Peevy. "The designations also require elective credit hours from AMi-approved industry training providers, is done at a dealership, an independent body shop or by a multiteaching estimating-related topics." shop operator.” Two levels of designations are available: Eck has said in the past GM would want to verify repair • Accredited Collision-Repair Estimator (ACE) quality should it develop a certification problem - not just • Accredited Master Collision-Repair Estimator (AMCE) whether the shop is on paper qualified in equipment and training to repair the vehicles. The program described Tuesday suggests These new designations require multiple categories of the OEM would indeed check the shops’ work in some fashion. training and professional achievement, including business related “The new GM collision certification program will build on current training- and tools-focused programs, but it is much more and soft-skills, technical damage analysis and Information Provider. Both designations require I-CAR training to satisfy comprehensive, adding standards for pre- and post-repair scanning, calibration and overall repair,” GM wrote in a news continued on pg. 19 release. AASP-MN News September 2017 11

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12 September 2017


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ESTIMATING TIPS Pre- and Post-Repair Scan in Mitchell

How to Add Three-Stage Calculation in CCC One

Mitchell has now included Pre- and Post-Repair Scan to its estimating system software. These lines can be accessed thru the Ref Sheet >>> Additional Operations >>> Diagnostics or Quick Code #931127 for Pre-Repair Scan and #931128 for Post-Repair Scan. It’s still up to the user to input an agreed-upon labor and/or dollar amount for actual labor charges.

For the system to recognize and calculate three-stage paint finish, the user must select “Three-Stage Paint” option from the vehicle options. User must go to the Vehicle Category >>> Options >>> Paint >>> check off “Three-Stage Paint” • First major panel: Add 70 percent to refinish time • Each additional panel: Add 40 percent to refinish time • Each blended adjacent panel or area: 70 percent of blend panel’s base refinish time

How to Add Three-Stage Calculation in Audatex For the system to recognize and calculate three-stage paint finish, the user must select “Three-Stage Paint” option from the vehicle options. User must go to the Vehicle Category >>> Additional vehicle options >>> Paint >>> select “ThreeStage Paint user defined” from the drop-down menu. Hint: You may also enter the color code. The system may recognize and automatically switch over to three-stage. Audatex's three-stage formula is: Setup time of 1.0 hour upon selection of the first major panel, plus 35 percent of Audatex’s estimate refinish labor. Audatex's blend formula is: 50 percent of Audatex’s estimate refinish labor after overlap consideration, including two-stage or three-stage allowances, if applicable, for the panel to be blended. Note: The estimating databases are all intended to be used as a GUIDE ONLY - it is important to remember that the auto body professional performing the repair is in a position to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and identify the methodology and their unique cost of the vehicle damage repair.You can view these tips and others on the DEG website,WWW.DEGWEB.ORG.

How to Add Three Stage Calculation in Mitchell For the system to recognize and calculate three stage paint finish, user must write the estimate as normal with refinish/ blend operations labor added. Click on the “REF SHEET” tab>> Additional Operations>> Refinish>> select “Three stage.” You can also enter quick code 933014 in the upper right corner, and the system will add “Three Stage”. Once you calculate the estimate, a line will appear for Three Stage instead of the clear coat line. • First major panel or soft bumper/fascia cover: Add .7 per refinish hour (70 percent), after time has been added for jamb, jamb and interior, edge panel, and/or underside (when necessary). • Additional panel(s) and/or other refinish area(s): Deduct overlap (if applicable); add .4 per refinish hour (40 percent), after time has been added for jamb, jamb and interior, edge panel, and/or underside (when necessary). • Blend adjacent panel(s): Allow .7 per refinish hour (70 percent) for each panel(s)/refinish area(s) blended.


September 2017 13

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How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations


A workplace emergency can range from a natural disaster such as a flood or fire, accidents like toxic gas releases or chemical spills, or civil disturbances and workplace violence. Whatever the situation, these unforeseen emergencies can not only threaten the safety of your employees and customers, but also disrupt your operations and cause damage to your property. Taking a proactive approach by creating an emergency action plan is the best way to address emergencies, as feeling prepared can help you think logically and clearly if the situation arises. While not all employers are required by law to develop an emergency action plan, creating one can help employees feel prepared and may increase the chances of a favorable outcome should an emergency situation arise. What should an emergency action plan include? According to OSHA, start by considering all of the potential emergencies that could happen in your workplace. At minimum, your plan should include: • A preferred method for reporting fires and other emergencies • An evacuation policy and procedure • Emergency escape procedures and route assignments, such as floor plans, workplace maps and safe or refuge areas • Names, titles, departments and telephone numbers of individuals both within and outside your company to contact for additional information or explanation of duties and responsibilities under the emergency plan • Procedures for employees who remain to perform or shut down critical business operations, operate fire extinguishers or perform other essential services that cannot be shut down for every emergency alarm before evacuating • Rescue and medical duties for any workers designated to perform them

14 September 2017

Although not specifically required by OSHA, you may also want to include: • The site of an alternative communications center to be used in the event of a fire or explosion • A secure on- or offsite location to store originals or duplicate copies of accounting records, legal documents, your employees’ emergency contact lists and other essential records.

According to OSHA, your plan must also include a way to alert employees, including disabled workers, to evacuate or take other action, and how to report emergencies, as required. Those include: • Make sure alarms are distinctive and recognized by all employees as a signal to evacuate the work area or perform actions identified in your plan • Make available an emergency communications system such as a public address system, portable radio unit or other means to notify employees of the emergency and to contact local law enforcement, the fire department and others • Stipulate that alarms must be able to be heard, seen or otherwise perceived by everyone in the workplace. You might want to consider providing an auxiliary power supply in the event that electricity is shut off. Although it is not specifically required by OSHA, you also may want to consider the following: • Using tactile devices to alert employees who would not otherwise be able to recognize an audible or visual alarm • Providing an updated list of key personnel such as the manager or physician, in order of priority, to notify in the event of an emergency during off-duty hours. In addition to creating a plan, there are several other factors you’ll need to consider adding to your plan, such as: determining what conditions will require an evacuation, how to establish evacuation routes and exits and what level of medical assistance you’ll provide during an emergency. For information on those issues and more, consult OSHA publication 3008: How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations. For more information, contact Brad Schmid at CBIZ AiA at bschmid@cbizaia.com or 763-549-2247. Source: OSHA 3088 2001 (Revised) How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations


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September 2017 15

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16 September 2017


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MEET THE MEMBER By Kristen Dalli

Collision Care of Willmar AASP-MN Member Shop Since 2012

Before opening Collision Care of Willmar in 2012, Jim Jacobson worked at a local GM Chrysler Dealership for 36 years. However, when the dealership went out of business, Jacobson then took his entire team to Swenson Motor Body Shop. “After the dealership got sold out, I went to a dealership without a body shop. I decided I was too young to retire, and everybody in the shop needed jobs. From there, we started Collision Care in 2012, and all the technicians came with me. It’s been the same team the whole way through, and we just keep adding to it.” Jacobson prides his business on “quality standards and professionalism,” and offers an extensive variety of services to the automotive community. “We do pretty much everything with frame straightening, paintless dent repair, refinishing, auto body repair, truck repair, watercraft and boat repairs and glass replacement. We also sublet certain frameworks for other shops and we do refinishing. We have an entire reconditioning department where we work with headlights and interiors. However, I’d say we’re most known for our collision repair work.” Jacobson became a member of AASP-MN when he opened his doors in 2012, and says it was the promotion of the auto body field that initially drew him to join the organization. “It’s really nice to have somebody there working for us and helping us through all the regulations and so on. It’s a great support network from other businesses, as well. AASP-MN also gives us the ability to visit about different issues in the automotive industry, and there’s a certain strength we have when working in a group like this. The association works with the

insurance companies and keeps everything in line. It’s nice because we don’t always have the time to be there lobbying and going out doing all the things AASP-MN does for us.” This aspect of the association is particularly important to Jacobson, who considers one of the most pressing issues facing repairers today to arise from insurer relations. “A lot of times we have insurance companies pushing aftermarket parts, and likewise, parts that are just not as good of quality as the OEM parts. That’s a big concern for us, and for a lot of shops in the industry.” As someone who has had a long, successful career in collision repair, Jacobson and his team work tirelessly for their customers. They understand the inconvenience many of their customers are experiencing upon bringing their car to be repaired, and pride themselves on providing high-quality work, as well as keeping their customer as their top priority. “What do I like best about the work I do? Undoubtedly it’s the satisfaction of the customers when they come to pick up their vehicles.” By recognizing that their customers’ happiness is of the utmost importance, Jacobson and his crew have been able to continue doing the work they’re passionate about for over three decades. As he looks towards the future, Jacobson is hopeful for continued business and success as he serves Willmar and the surrounding communities. “I want to be able to keep up with our strong service team, have an increase in profitability and be able to work cohesively with all of the insurance companies.”


September 2017 17

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18 September 2017


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NATIONAL NEWS continued from page 11

technical damage analysis. “The joining of two esteemed professional designations, I-CAR Platinum and AMi ACE/AMCE, strengthens and reinforces the professionalism of the Estimator role, a role that is critical to the collision repair process,” said John Van Alstyne, CEO and president of I-CAR. “As the industry standard for technical training, I-CAR's ProLevel 3 Platinum Estimator/APDA achievement is a logical and robust building block for AMi's accreditation program. This move further builds our relationship with AMi, which started in 2016 with our Production Management coursework as an elective for their collision repair accreditations.” In addition, the master level designation requires successful completion and maintaining of ASE's B6 certification. “The Collision Repair Estimator needs wide-ranging knowledge and skills to serve as the all-important link joining customer, insurance, and repair shop," said Tim Zilke, ASE President and CEO. “At ASE, we are proud to offer the ASE Damage Analysis and Estimating (B6) Certification; it lets the pros demonstrate their proficiency in all job-related areas. The inclusion of this certification in AMi's Accredited Master Collision-Repair Estimator designation is further proof of the pivotal role of estimators within the broader collision repair industry.” For more information about AMi's Estimator Designations and their requirements, visit www.amionline.org/Files/ Documents/Estimator-Promo-Flier-v1.pdf.

EMPLOYERS MUST SOON USE YET ANOTHER NEW FORM I-9 It might seem like just yesterday that employers were told that they needed to use a new version of the Form I-9, the document verifying the identity of new hires to ensure they are authorized to work in the United States. Yet, just eight months after the release of the most recent version, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has released an updated Form I-9. Employers will need to adapt to the change and use the new form by no later than September 18, 2017 or face the possibility of large fines.

Changes to the Form I-9 Are Subtle The new version brings very subtle changes to the form’s instructions and list of acceptable documents, which were created with the theoretical goal of making the form easier to navigate. The easiest way to be sure you are using the new version is to examine the “revision date” printed on the bottom of the form. The previous version of the form, released in November 2016 and required to be used as of January 2017, will contain a notation on the bottom of the page informing you that the document was created “11/14/16 N.” The new version now states “7/17/17 N.”

continued on pg. 20


September 2017 19

AASP0917_AF.qxp_AASP News 8/25/17 4:58 PM Page 20



continued from page 19

Best Practice: Begin Using New Form Immediately You should recycle all older versions you already have printed out, and instruct your hiring managers and human resources representatives to download newer versions of the form for use with new hires from this point forward. On September 18, 2017, all employers will be required to use the revised form, so it makes sense to avoid any delay and begin use of the new version immediately.

facebook.com/ aaspmn

Consequences of Non-Compliance Can Be Costly Although the changes to the Form I-9 are slight, failure to use the new form and comply with the Form I-9 by the September 18 deadline can result in large fines. Just last year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced increases in fines for Form I-9 violations to account for inflation. These increases are as follows: • Simple Form I-9 violations: The minimum fine has increased from $110 to $216 per Form I-9 violation, while the maximum fine increases from $1,100 to $2,156 per Form I-9 violation. Fines for second and third offenses have also increased to a similar degree. • Unlawful Employment of Unauthorized Workers: For the first offense, the minimum fine has increased from $375 to $539, while the maximum fine increased from $3,200 to $4,313 per worker (fines for second and third offenses also increased). • Unfair Immigration-Related Employment Practices: The minimum penalty has increased from $375 to $445, while the maximum penalty increased from $3,200 to $3,563 per charge. Repeat offenders now face a new maximum penalty of $21,563.

Conclusion It is unlikely that the Trump administration will slow down the employer-driven immigration compliance mechanisms. Based upon early actions from the administration to increase enforcement and hire more ICE agents, it is increasingly likely employers will face enforcement actions in the form of ICE audits, workplace raids and employee deportation. 20 September 2017


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Rats. I Have Mice. People will store bird seed in their garage, often in the original bag. The mice thank them for that, then hunt down a safe place to stash the seed and build nests. What’s right at hand? The car. When you need to repair the damage, your technicians are exposed to the mouse droppings. You won’t get rabies from mice. But you can get Hantavirus and other diseases from the droppings. Even the nesting material can be a hazard, because it could have mites or fleas in it. A customer brings in a mousy car. Do you: a. Hold your nose, grab the air blow gun, and blow that sucker away? b. Put the car in the wash bay, turn on the pressure washer, and blast? c. Put on rubber or nitrile gloves, grab the disinfectant, and soak the bejabbers out of that stuff?

The correct answer: C. If you blow all that nesting material, birdseed and detritus around, whether with air or with water, you’re putting it in the air, breathing it in and forcing your coworkers to breathe it in, too. And you’re not eliminating it from the car; you’re just moving it to other parts of the car. Could you vacuum it up? Not with an ordinary shop vacuum. Those won’t capture the very small particles, but will just spread those around. If you have a HEPA vacuum, you could use that. Don’t try using a power washer on it – the force of the spray will aerosolize the particles, spreading them around nearly as effectively as the vacuum would.

What should you do? 1. Let it air out, if you can. If the mouse nest is in the engine compartment, open the hood. That’s most effective if you can do it outdoors, in sunlight (sunlight is a pretty good disinfectant). You still need to clean up the mess, but it will be less of a hazard once it’s been exposed to air and sunlight. 2. Wear waterproof gloves when cleaning up. Nitrile, rubber, latex, or vinyl gloves will work well. You’re working with a strong eye irritant, so safety glasses are mandatory (or better yet, wear chemical safety goggles or a face shield designed to protect against splashing). 3. Disinfect. Spray the area thoroughly with a commercial disinfectant (such as Lysol®). You can also use a bleach solution, made by mixing 1 ½ cups of household bleach in a gallon of water (a 1:10 solution). Don’t make this up in advance, as bleach loses its potency if it sits around. 4. Soft surfaces such as air filters are best disposed of. The carpet can be shampooed or steam-cleaned. You still want to disinfect the materials that you’re throwing away, because that reduces the downstream hazard. 5. If you used bleach, wait five minutes. If you used a commercial disinfectant, read the label. It will tell you how much contact time is required to be effective. Usually, it’s about two minutes. 6. After you’ve soaked contaminated air filters and other expendable materials with disinfectant, remove them, put them in plastic bags, and put them in the trash. 7. Wipe down the areas with paper towels, after waiting the designated time for the disinfectant to work. Put the paper towels in a plastic bag for disposal. 8. Remove your gloves, putting them in the plastic bag. 9. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. And last of all, suggest that the car owner find a better way to store the birdseed – such as in a metal container.


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INFORMATION PROVIDERS Mitchell1 Contact: Mitchell1 Representative 888-724-6742 x 6986 Mitchell1 offers AASP members special savings on Mitchell 1’s ProDemand, Manager SE and Teamworks products. For more information, contact Customer Service at 888-724-6742, ext. 6986.

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TECHNICAL INFORMATION HOTLINE IDENTIFIX 800-288-6220 Members enjoy discounted prices on the industry’s #1 technical information hotline, Direct-Hit. BUSINESS FORMS/CALENDARS AASP-MN Contact: Jodi Pillsbury 612-623-1110 / jodi@aaspmn.org Discount rate on printed business forms and calendars.


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