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With the recent “gunbrella” scare at East Carolina University many students are left wondering if their campus is ready for the worst.

UNC Charlotte’s SWAT team recently ran drills to prepare for oncampus emergencies.










UNC Charlotte’s men’s soccer advanced to the third round of the NCAA tournament Sunday after their win over UAB.


NINERTIMES Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Woman New student fees raise concern uses roofie $0 $20,000 $5,000 $10,000 $15,000 6 as defense 200 Fall Resident

Lauren Dunn

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A woman arrested over a year ago by campus police now claims that her drink was spiked, leaving her unaware of her surroundings and situation. Campus police found her lying in her car wearing only her underwear with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. Police arrested the woman back in May of 2009 when they found her sitting in her car wearing only a black bra and noticeably drunk, police said. She was spotted by UNC Charlotte police lying in her car outside of a utilities building on the northwest side of campus. Her blood alcohol level was reported at .24 and .23, and legally drunk in North Carolina is .08. For a woman of her height and weight a blood alcohol level of that magnitude is equivalent to consuming just under two six-packs of beer within a couple of hours, according to online blood alcohol level calculators. The vehicle was parked with the engine running and an open container of alcohol located inside the car. She was charged with DWI and possession of an open container, according to arrest records.

“ It’s scary to think about, that you can be in a bar somewhere and someone puts something in your drink. - Bill Powers

She was not a student and she was unable to tell police where she had been drinking the night before, police said. “We’re not sure why she came to the campus; however, she was very intoxicated,” said Lieutenant Josh Huffman of campus police. “She was unable to recall

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Graphic by Eden Creamer

UNC Charlotte Student Tuition and Fees Fall 2006 through Fall 2012 Eden Creamer ECREAMER@UNCC.EDU

Last week’s Tuition and Fees Advisory Board meetings have UNC Charlotte students in an uproar over the fees which the board approved Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011. The board approved an increase of $78 in athletics-related fees, while only approving $25 for education. The board approved less than half of the original proposed fee for education and technology, while 92 percent of the fees proposed by the combined athletic fees (athletics, football operation, playing field maintenance and recreational services) were approved. The fee for football operations, $50, makes up the majority of the athletic-related fees increase, and also has caused the most uproar among students. Taylor Bishop, a Ph.D candidate in health psychology, feels that the percent of academic fees approved compared to the athletic fees approved shows the priorities of those on the board.

“The athletic fees are kind of disproportionate, and we pay a substantial amount for athletics compared to other colleges,” said Bishop. “I think that that is kind of ludicrous, because we are an academic institution, you know. We’re not supposed to be paying for entertainment, and if you want entertainment then the Panther stadium is right down the road.” Bishop, who attended last week’s meeting and only has two years left at UNC Charlotte, has strong opinions about the proposed fees. “I think that I have a different perspective, kind of because I’m a [graduate] student, because I know that I’m not going to be here to watch the football stadium, and it’s kind of interesting that so many students do support it,” said Bishop. “I just feel like I’m not here for [football]. I don’t see why I should spend so much for football each semester that I’m not going to watch.” Bishop also heard rumors from others in the audience at the meeting that the football operation fee could be raised to $300 or more in the coming years as foot





Side by Side: Local Charlotte


band, Side by Side, comes to the Saloon at the N.C. Music

Factory Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 9 p.m.


Student speaks to a professor about the assumptions of talking during class.

Mighty Q.C. 5: The Mighty Q.C. 5 comes to the Double

Have students really grown up


Dress for the season with warm, fall-inspired colors.

UNC Charlotte’s men’s soccer advanced to NCAA quarterfinals

Holiday Hours: Check our

Tuesday after they defeated University of Alabama-Birmingham Sunday. They are scheduled to play

Niner Times Recipe: Stuffed cheddar bacon burger.



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pus locations during break.

still acting like we are children?



the hours of on and around cam-

since elementary school or are we

Door Inn Friday, Nov. 25 at 9

Ryan Pitkin




their third round match against Akron.

Mummies visit Uptown



As I walked into Discovery Place’s “Mummies of The World” exhibit, I tried to act like a serious member of the media and pretend that I wasn’t in the midst of a complete nostalgia trip induced by walking through the kids museum to get to the entrance. As I stood in line, I convinced myself that the lack of adults surrounding me who weren’t responsible for one or more child could be attributed to the fact that it was Saturday. Any sane, independent human over 18 would stay far away from such a place on a weekend. Even the employees seemed to be in high school. “It’s O.K.,” I told myself. This is a perfect place for anyone with any intellectual pride. Then I heard the Halloween music. It’s hard to watch an intro film that tells viewers to treat all of the mummies with the same respect that you would treat any dead person, since they were all truly “living people with friends and family at some point,” when you can already hear the ghostly synthesized music playing in the next room. MUMMIES p. 8

Professor receives grant to preserve tissues Ashley Dorrell ADORRELL1@UNCC.EDU

UNC Charlotte professor Gloria Elliott was awarded a $50,000 research grant to help finance her studies in stabilization technology for biologics. The mother of three has been researching ways to help keep the living tissue and organisms in suspended animation allowing for easier transport. This will come in handy for the preservation and transport of things such as viruses and vaccines. “We want preservation without injuring it. We want to try to move away from freeze and cold systems,” said Elliott. The process, which Elliott also has had patented, microwaves and dehydrates the organism or tissue to allow for better travel and for better control over the water content. This is different than the current technique known as “cold chain,” where scientists maintain samples in a cold environment to prevent decay. GRANT p.3






Police Blotter LARCENY Nov. 12

• Cameron Blvd., debit card and vehicle were used without consent.

Nov. 13

• Laurel Hall, unsecured and unattended bicycle was taken from bike rack.

Nov. 14

• Student Activity Center, unsecured and unattended property removed.

Nov. 16

• Friday Building, unsecured and unattended book bag removed.


• North Deck, elevators spray painted with graffiti. • Lot 8A, vehicle was dented while parked and unattended.


• Laurel Hall, subject found in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.


• Union Deck, vehicle damaged while parked and unattended.

Nov. 13

• High Rise Road, vehicle damaged while parked and unattended.

Nov. 14

• PVA 8, vehicle damaged while parked and unattended.


• Holshouser Hall, secured and locked scooter removed.

GRANT from p.1

TUITION from p.1

“I want to eradicate cold chain and replace it with dry chain,” said Elliott. Elliott studied Applied Chemistry for her undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo in Canada, she later attended Michigan State University to receive her masters and Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering. “So even my training is interdisciplinary, you can also see it in my work here. I work with biologists, chemists, physicists and zoologists from UNC Charlotte to around the world,” said Elliott. Elliott began working at UNC Charlotte seven years ago and enjoys the work she does among the other staff members. “I like that it is a very interdisciplinary subject. It requires the bringing together of science and engineering. And I’ve always enjoyed interdisciplinary,” said Elliott. Elliott works with UNC Charlotte virologist Valery Grdzelishvili concerning the use of the technology to transport vaccines. “The nice thing about UNC Charlotte is that we are small and it fosters friendly collaborations that can be lucrative,” said Elliott. In addition to using the stabilization techniques for vaccines and viruses, Elliott has also been using the technology in collaboration with the Smithsonian in an attempt to preserve the eggs of rare cat species for later in-vitro fertilization. In addition to the $50,000 research grant, Elliott was also awarded a $1.4 million dollar five-year grant for next generation stabilization agents. “When it comes to the future of medicines, bio-based medicine is the future. We are moving from small molecules to protein therapeutics, stem cell transplants and stem cell therapies. There is an immense needs and opportunities. An immense way to contribute,” said Elliott. Elliott also added that the line of research that she was doing would help the economy of the state. “If we want to prepare for a future of preserved biologics, we need to prepared in our preservation technologies,” said Elliott.

ball begins to operate. “I said, ‘Are you serious? That’s crazy.’ And I think part of that is that students are having to fund this program that they don’t really have the money for. I don’t know that that was in the bargain whenever students voiced that they were interested in having a football team,” said Bishop. “I don’t know that anyone was like ‘yeah sure, I’ll pay $300 a semester for football, in addition to the fees that are already in place.’” Will Styka, a freshman at UNC Charlotte, feels that the fees towards football are a waste of his money, which could be put towards his education instead. “Football games could be fun and all, but I came to this school to get a degree and a career in the future. I have no reason to be invested with the football team at all,” said Styka. “They should just have an organization to take donations from people who actually do want to be invested with the team.” A private donor is exactly what the team needs, according to Bishop. “This kind of thing would be best if we had some private donors, instead of hiking up student fees. In this kind of economy, it just doesn’t make sense to make that kind of push for something that’s not really going to have a payout.” The board also approved a 6.5 percent increase for in-state tuition, which was the maximum tuition increase which would be allowed by the state of North Carolina. Styka feels that the board did wrong by their fellow students by unanimously approving the tuition increase. “Aren’t they supposed to be representing the students? What student wants to pay more money? I don’t understand why they approved this,” said Styka. “They should have asked around or something, found out what students really wanted.” Styka, who did not attend the meeting, says that he feels if he had attended, it would have been a waste of his time. Bishop disagrees, and feels that a greater student turn-out could have made the board think differently on certain issues. “In general I thought the meeting was kind of confusing, because, you know, it was open to the public but they didn’t exactly do a very good introduction for the public,” said Bishop. “You know, it’s too bad that more people don’t go, because I feel like there could be a larger impact if there were more people. But it’s not really surprising to me.” Bishop’s confusion at the meeting was prompted by the way the meeting was run, more-so than the content of the meeting. “They were like ‘Does anybody have any comments?’ and I’m thinking ‘No, I don’t actually know very much about this debate yet.’ All I see is that little white board, and it’s not even really clear what it’s saying.” The white board Bishop saw listed the fee increases the departments had requested during Monday’s meeting. The white board was placed in the back corner of the stage where the advisory board sat, and was not addressed until the end of the meeting when they began to vote on the increases, at which point the time for student com-


• Sanford Hall, property removed from unsecured room.


• Lynch Hall, harrassing emails sent through Facebook.

ARREST Nov. 11

• Mary Alexander Road, driving while license revoked.

Nov. 16

• Lot 8, subject removed property from vehicles and fled the scene. • Martin Village, drug violation. • Martin Village, trespassing.

ROOFIES from p.1 where she had been previously in the evening.” Her attorney, Bill Powers, who specializes in DWI cases, is now claiming that the accused was drugged, making herself unconscious of her decisions. The trial begins January 2012. Though Powers could not comment on this specific case, in an interview with WSOC he claims that similar ones are not as rare as some would think. “These cases are ones where people don’t want to admit that something happened to them,” Powers said in the interview with the news station. “It is scary. It’s scary to think about, that you can be in a bar somewhere and someone puts something in your drink.” Though common drugs used

Professor Gloria Elliott works in her UNC Charlotte lab to improve the method for transportation of organs and tissues. Photo courtsey of Ashley Dorrell

to spike drinks, like Rohypnol or “roofies,” do not have any effect on your blood alcohol level, UNC Charlotte professor of biology Nishi Bryska says the mixture of such drugs with alcohol could be fatal. “[Rohypnol is] a very potent tranquilizer similar in nature to Valium, but many times stronger,” said Bryska. “The drug produces a sedative effect, amnesia, muscle relaxation and a slowing of psychomotor responses. Sedation occurs 20 to 30 minutes after administration and lasts for several hours. Rohypnol, particularly when mixed with alcohol or other drugs, may lead to respiratory depression, aspiration and even death.” For such an allegation to hold up in court, the defense would have to claim automatism, said Powers.

In legal terms, automatism is a state in which the accused is unaware of what he or she is doing and, hence, not responsible for their actions. UNC Charlotte criminal justice senior lecturer and former prosecutor Kathleen M. Nicolaides says that would be difficult to prove. “Bottom line is that the defense will have to put on some evidence, either through an affirmative defense i.e. witnesses and such, or do effective cross examinations of the state’s witnesses to show that the ingestion of the alcohol or drugs was not intentional,” said Nicolaides. “Since this may be the theory of the case for the defense. They have to introduce evidence to persuade a jury her drink was spiked without her knowledge or consent.”


Tuition and Fees


$515 $50 $181 $401 $34 $63

Athletics fees. Increased from $503 last year.

Football operations. Constant, pre-approved fee of $50.

Health services. Increased from $178 last year.

Education and Technology. Increased from $376 last year.

Playing field maintenance. Increased from $31 last year.

Recreational Services. Increased from $50 last year.

ments and come and gone. “[They] should have a school-wide vote to see who all would accept the fees and who wouldn’t, then go by a majority,” said Styka. “There are other ways to [fund departments] than a blanket fee for all students.” While Styka believes that asking the student body would be an appropriate way to determine the fees, Bishop merely wants to know exactly what the fees make up. “I guess I don’t really understand where what has already been done comes from. Why is it that we spend so much for athletics already? Maybe if it was more clear, I might either get more upset about it or maybe it would just provide more clarity,” said Bishop. “First, I would like to know what that athletic fee goes to. I would also be interested in understanding what [Dave Craven, student body president] feels about the fees.” As students across campus search for answers, the fees are not yet set in stone. Chancellor Philip Dubois still needs to approve the fees accepted by the Tuition and Fees Advisory Board, and while students are speaking out about the currently accepted fees, they are still subject to change.




OPINION Bring on the umbrellas Jordan McSwain J M C S WA 1 7 @ U N C C . E D U

Both those who are critical or those just cracking a joke often refer to East Carolina University with a parody of their acronym or some other crack at their mascot. I’ve heard, “you can’t spell ‘parties’ without Pirates,” but with the recent event on East Carolina’s campus, a new one has been added to the repertoire; “Everyone Carries Umbrellas.”

On Wednesday, Nov. 16, two 911 calls were made a few minutes before 10:00 a.m. reporting a man walking on and around campus with an assault rifle sticking out of his backpack. Police responded in force with multiple armed teams, and a police helicopter. Police swept classrooms and various buildings, boarding buses, surrounding a house, and even place snipers on the roof. With school shootings like that at Virginia Tech and the recent scare at UNC Wilmington, police surrounding colleges stay on high alert and are always ready to react in the most radical way to protect the students. Even middle and high schools in the surrounding area were put on lockdown. The question posed after the event is this; is UNC Charlotte prepared for a scare such as this? The same day as the ECU scare, an email was sent to UNC Charlotte students explaining that a simulation, taking place in Woodward Hall on Friday, Nov. 18. would test the preparedness of campus security. This simulation tested a new technology said to help with surveillance and response time. UNC Charlotte’s newest addition, the SWAT team, played a major role in the test. In the past month, armed robberies

have taken place @NinerOnline campus tweets: on campus so the attention to safety How do you feel about campus saftey? Do you think other is much higher schools overreact or does UNCC not do enough? than normal. Some blame campus police via Facebook and other blogs complain that police can give tickets at all times of day and night, but can’t stop a robbery. Yet, tickets are given out by parking services and the main job of police is to maintain safety on campus. Scattered robberies are nearly impossible to stop without constant patrol and even within this scenario, it is almost guaranteed the same people would complain that the police presence is through the courtyard between COED and oppressive and a nuisance. Even with this change, the cost CHHS brandishing a firearm is almost of the police department hiring numerous unimaginable. ECU’s scenario was the fourth this more officers and paying for extra hours would upset another group of concerned month in North Carolina. The other three students. The effort put forth by our campus were UNCW, Campbell University, and police is clearly noticeable and respected by Wake Technical Community College North Raleigh campus; the difference being the other universities. Emergency contact poles are placed gunman was never found in the UNCW or all over campus with technology to WTCC. Based on many of the methods used immediately contact help when needed. by campus police, UNC Charlotte takes What most do not know is that if one it seriously, and has taken extensive believes someone is following them, simply preemptive steps to protect students, staff, hit the button on a string of emergency poles and the police will meet you by judging and faculty. A possible future safety step for UNCC your direction through the notifications. ECU’s latest incident is of course Administration to think about: Issue every humorous now, but it is different to student a UNC Charlotte umbrella so that think how people would react if it were no one can be confused. on our own campus. The fear that would consume campus if someone walked

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Forget debt, let’s fix college tuition A new proposed bill might ‘forgive’ students of their college debt, but will this solve the problem?

unable to pay back their debt, and some believe that the students should be relieved of their loans. Many would argue that students know

Joshua Wood JWOOD75@UNCC.EDU As college students many of us share one thing, and that is debt. Many of us worry that we might not be able to pay off that debt, but that may not be a problem anymore. A new topic seems to be the buzz as a student debt forgiveness program is being proposed; but is it the solution that we’re looking for? Formally known as Resolution 365, the proposed bill allows the debt that students have accumulated to be “forgiven.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that the debt disappears; it will just be distributed amongst the taxpayers to pay off. The reason this new bill is being suggested is because so many students are unable to find a job post-graduation. In recent studies, it is shown that only 56 percent of graduates were successful in finding a job after graduation. With this in mind, many of the other 44 percent are

Graphic Courtesy of MCT Campus

what they are getting themselves into when they accept these loans and should be responsible for paying them back, and quite frankly I have to agree. As wonderful as a debt forgiveness program sounds, I would have to vote against it. To tell you the truth, I have had countless sleepless nights worrying

about how I’m going to pay back my student debts, but having a student debt forgiveness program does not solve the fact that colleges are just too expensive. According to College Board, 28 percent of students attend four-year universities that charge $36,000 per year for tuition. Tuition of schools is twice as much now as compared to when our parents went to school. Clearly the problem isn’t students taking out so many loans, it’s students taking out so many loans because colleges have such high tuition, and are continually being raised. This semester at UNC Charlotte, tuition was once again increased by 6.5 percent for in-state students along with an increase in several fees for all students. This increase eats away at me, because I know that my student loans will increase with each of these increases every year. Are they really fixing anything by raising tuition, cutting financial aid, but wanting to ‘forgive’ our debt? Even though a debt forgiveness program sounds pretty great, I believe that it is just merely covering up the true problem. I hope that a solution that actually fixes the reason why student gain so much debt is discovered.

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Please, quit the chit chat Have college students really changed since elementary school? Olivia Stott OSTOTT@UNCC.EDU

Think back to your childhood, to elementary school exactly. First, I remember the “good” kids, who would always sit in front of the class and listed to every word the teacher had to say. Then once again think back to your elementary classroom. There were always the group who did not seem like they realized they were even in the classroom, judging by all the banter and conversations occurring. Now think about your classes at UNC Charlotte. Is it really any different than that snapshot memory in the elementary classroom you just thought of? No, not really. Nothing has changed. We have just grown up a little and lost the cooties. What should change between elementary school and college is a rapid realization of courtesy; classroom courtesy in particular as we are speaking of here. In college we are all adults, and we should be expected to act in a courteous, mature manner in the classroom. Unfortunately, classroom courtesy is virtually nonexistent for the majority of the student population. In your typical college class, there’s that front row of students listening to all the professor’s lectures, and there’s a majority of the class taking part in the endless chitter chatter. I was sitting in a class last week paying attention as best as I could with the professor’s strong accent and quiet voice,

but kept losing the little focus I had because of the people in the rows behind me. All I heard was meaningless conversation. What were they speaking about? I don’t really know, and I don’t really care. All I know is that they were chatting in the middle of a lecture. Maybe they were providing a commentary to the lecture, or the more likely, they were talking about their plans for the weekend or class

you are commenting on every other word, or carrying on your own conversation, and your classmates are not getting as much as they could out of the lecture either. Nobody is winning here, so to all you talkers out there, be courteous and either close your mouth or do not come to class. It’s really just that simple. But what do out professors think about this? Communications professor Jon Crane said, “At the risk of sounding like a testy grouch, the Abe Simpson of Communication Studies, talkers are annoying. Thankfully, their numbers are soon culled after a test or two. The vast majority of students know and do exactly what it takes to make a large lecture class successful. Midway through the term, the talkers have flown and we are left with a strong body of unified learners who make teaching a great pleasure. Until that time, I confess to occasionally singing Bruce Cockburn’s “If I Had A Rocket Launcher” under my Graphic Courtesy of MCT Campus breath.” It does not surprise me at all registration. But they were talking during that professors think talkers are annoying, a lecture, and that is all that matters. The and it makes sense to say that talkers are last time I checked, lectures are meant to slowly diminished from class leaving be a time when the professor spits out as behind the “unified learners.” much information as possible in an hour Unfortunately, I have not experienced and fifteen minutes, and the students are this in my own classes, that is, seeing supposed to soak in as much as they can the talkers leave class but it is a hopeful without losing their sanity. thought that the talkers will quit coming to It’s hard enough paying attention with class eventually. a professor who you cannot hear very well, The whole point of this is not that you or one you cannot understand, or even one should be the nerdy little kid sitting in who is just plain boring, but throw on top of the front row with no friends or relation that students who won’t shut their mouths, to the outside world, but my point is to be and it is hopeless. courteous. Paying attention is a lost cause. If you Finding a courteous college student is are just going to talk all through class, it hard to find, and we should at least try to be would be better to just skip class. You’re respectful in class, respectful to our fellow not getting anything out of the lecture when students as well as to our professors.

Cartoons Courtesy of MCT Campus

State laws hinder Penn State investigation THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER The child sex-abuse scandal at Penn State has revealed a serious flaw in Pennsylvania’s open-records law that should be corrected immediately. The law mandating public access to records should apply to any institution that gets taxpayer money, but it doesn’t. Penn State and three other universities _ Lincoln, Temple and Pittsburgh _ are exempt because they are only partly funded by the state. The exemption has allowed Penn State to block access to information about former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, who is accused of sexually abusing young boys on campus. Documents that could reveal what university officials knew and what steps they took to protect innocent children remain hidden. Given the need for openness in this case, it is also important for Gov. Tom Corbett to provide a more thorough explanation of his

actions as attorney general in investigating sexual-abuse allegations against Sandusky. The Harrisburg Patriot-News reported that local prosecutors referred Sandusky’s case to Corbett’s office in March 2009, but it didn’t begin directly investigating until fall 2010. Corbett spokesman Kevin Harley said Tuesday that the delay was due to the time it took to identify victims and make a case. He said protecting children was a priority for Corbett. Were it not for loopholes in the Sunshine Law, there would be no grounds for Penn State to withhold campus police reports, emails, and other records concerning Sandusky. Penn State received $272 million in state funds this year. That kind of cash from taxpayers should give them the right to see Penn State’s paperwork. There’s still a chance that the state Office of Public Records could rule that the Sandusky records aren’t subject to the exemption, but a ruling isn’t expected until next week. “It is my belief that any time

taxpayers put in a dime, there should be transparency,” said Terry Mutchler, the office’s executive director. Some state lawmakers, stunned to learn about the law’s exemptions, are talking about eliminating them. That makes sense. The four schools can’t really claim to be independent with so much of their budget coming from taxpayers. But the law currently requires only that they issue an annual report and disclose the salaries of their officers, directors, and 25 highestpaid employees. For years, Pennsylvania had one of the worst public-records laws in the country. The current law, passed in 2008, was an improvement, but it hasn’t been the sea change that had been hoped for. The Penn State scandal shines a light on the law’s flaws. It is not that the public has a prurient desire to know the scandal’s details. The truth must be revealed to keep it from happening again.

File Photo

Freshman Fireside

Jordan McSwain J M C S WA 1 7 @ U N C C . E D U Different people have different situations in which they feel more comfortable studying or completing schoolwork. In Atkins Library almost every one of them can be found somewhere on the ten expansive floors. With a number of computers and endless seats and tables, there is enough space for any amount of work to be done. The collections vary from simple classic literature to vintage documents and works from the University in the past. On each floor nooks and holes can be found where students can find a spot to claim as their own during their collegiate years; an area that the student constantly returns to and studies consistently. On the ground floor, white boards line the wall with couches and coffee tables for group studies as well a table on the end that has a television with the capability to connect a laptop so a Powerpoint or any other screen can be displayed so more than one person has visual access to it at once. Quiet Zones are placed throughout to provide areas of relative silence for students who cannot focus without distractions. All of Atkins has complete access to wireless Internet on the school network and 24/7 access to printers, with a small cost per page. Peet’s Coffee Shop is placed on the ground level with large bay windows that give an open and panoramic view of the lower campus and the woods behind. Right outside of Peet’s, a large patio with furniture and chalkboards are placed for group studies outside during warmer weather. The library doesn’t always have to be for studying. Students can be found playing hide and seek, freeze tag, sardines, and a more inventive game, The Gauntlet. On the ground floor long shelves can be found that are set on tracks so they can easily glide and save space when not in use. On the ends of each shelf are wheels that move each one. If one person starts running through the shelves and the other closes them as quickly as possible, The Gauntlet is created. Another little known idea is going to the highest floor open in the middle of the night and sitting in one of the wide window sills to appreciate your campus at night, plus getting some alone time is never a bad idea.

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Psychic turns skeptics into believers Anna Leatherman A L E AT H E 5 @ U N C C . E D U

On Thursday, November 17, 2011, Tom DeLuca traveled to UNC Charlotte with hopes of wowing students with his humorous, mind-blowing show. Tom DeLuca first began practicing hypnotism while he was studying Psychology in graduate school. His professor felt that he was extremely gifted and encouraged DeLuca to pursue a career in hypnotism. DeLuca started the show by asking the audience for volunteers to be hypnotized. Because I had always found hypnotism fascinating, I raised my hand and was picked to be one of the 21 that joined him on stage. We were instructed to sit in the chairs that lined the back of the stage with our feet flat on the floor and our hands on our legs. Deluca then asked us to clear our thoughts, relax and focus solely on the sound of his voice. We were then asked to count backwards from 300 by three which was apparently supposed to make us go to sleep because at 210 the guy that sat beside me fell over into my lap. DeLuca then asks us to imagine that we were fishing and to cast out a “line” and later reel in a “fish”. DeLuca then snaps and walks to every one of us and puts our heads down. The two people on either side of me are completely passed out while I was yet to feel any effects of the so-called hypnotism. I somehow missed the part when he told everyone that at the count of five we would burst out into laughter. When everyone around me started laughing, I looked up with a facial expression that I’m sure portrayed absolute confusion. It started to become clear that the hypnosis was not working on me, so DeLuca asked me and three others if we wanted to leave the stage. We all did. He continued with creating the image of a beach body contest. DeLuca asked the remaining 15 or

Anna Leatherman (left) tries to get focused. Photo Courtesy of Barry Falls

so students on stage to extend their arms with their palms up so he could place imaginary 100-pound dumbbells in their hands. The subjects on stage seemed to struggle to lift the imaginary weights but pushed through as DeLuca began to encourage them to work harder. The next step was to show off their muscles but not before they were glistening with body oil. Yes, they lathered their bodies with oil then stood up and flexed while “Too Sexy” was blaring in the background. This was the last thing they did as a group. DeLuca began splitting the volunteers up in order to do specific individual hypnotic suggestions. Marketing major Cameron Sloop, the one who fell asleep on me, was his first victim. He was deeper asleep than any of the other volunteers and at times he was completely unresponsive, which limited DeLuca’s ability to influence Sloop. However, the things Tom did manage to get him to do were absolutely hilarious. He convinced Sloop that fruit had feelings and told

him that all fruits were his friends. After making him believe this, he presented an apple and pretended to eat it in front of him. Sloop immediately screamed “No!” When DeLuca asked him why he seemed so upset, Sloop pointed and said, “he didn’t do anything to you!” Sloop was later handed an apple and an orange and decided that they were “talking junk” to him so he crushed the orange. Moments before the apple was going to meet the same fate, DeLuca turned the tables on Sloop and once again made Sloop sympathize with the fruit. Sloop began performing CPR on the apple and saved its life. DeLuca dubbed him a “good guy” and a “fruit hero.” I spoke to Sloop after the show and learned that he participated in Deluca’s show last year as well. He only remembered being really mad at the fruit. DeLuca began incorporating colors as cues for actions. Green, for example, would cue four of the volunteers to believe that DeLuca was the worst teacher they had ever had. So when he said “green,” they immediately began mocking him. One girl went as far as to flip him off. When DeLuca said “red,” a girl who was instructed beforehand stood up and screamed, “I am Tinker Bell!” She then created a story in which she murdered Peter Pan with a knife because he cheated on her with Wendy. The final star is a student by the name of Vincent StLouis. DeLuca hypnotized him into becoming UNC Charlotte’s most dedicated cheerleader. Whenever DeLuca said UNCC, Vincent jumped up screaming, “UNCC, UNCC, UNCC!” St. Louis then proceeded to cheer, “We will smoke you” after putting his hand to his mouth in the shape one would make if they were smoking. DeLuca wrapped up the show by luring the volunteers out of their hypnotic state and back to reality. DeLuca is used to a much larger audience, but he admitted to me after the show that he had a lot of fun.

Local soul band ready to rock doors off “Inn” Barry Falls B FA L L S 4 @ U N C C . E D U

Utilizing raw elements of blues, gospel, and funk, The Mighty Q.C. 5 is breaking out into the Charlotte music scene with force and vigor. The five-piece group is set to perform Friday, Nov. 25, 2011 after long months of producing what the band calls “soul music.” Lead singer Gregoria D'Voldre was kind enough to talk to me about the formation of the band as well as their collective goals. D'Voldre’s cousin Reginald Funderburke had played alongside him in a gospel quartet for many years. D'Voldre met guitarist Kevin Gill through a local Charlotte news ad when D'Voldre was sixteen and then bassist Dustin Hofsess who was Gill’s roommate. After the group’s first show, they were introduced to drummer Adam Snow. While the line-up currently consists of only guitar, drums, and bass, this was not always their intentions. “We originally wanted a keyboard player who could sing, play the B3 Hammond and other synthesizers as well. However, that hunt was taking way too long and we wanted to get some music out quick. Maybe later, maybe not,” D'Voldre said. Charlotte music fans may already associate D'Voldre’s name with a rock group called Whicked Jones, which was heavily inspired by classic rock and grunge genres. With The Mighty Q.C. 5, fans will see a different side of D'Voldre whose musical sound is rooted in gospel. While the band has cited Bobby "Blue" Bland, John Coltrane and Al Green, among others, as influences, D'Voldre admitted that Sam and Dave

served as the original blueprint for the band. The Mighty Q.C. 5 is still creating new music and developing a fan base. Many musicians try to connect themselves with a label at this point in the band’s process. While The Mighty Q.C. 5 is currently independent, the band admits that finding a label simply is not a priority right now. “As long as we can build a great team of management, public relations, radio, grassroots and booking that will allow us to solely focus on our music, we will remain independent,” said D'Voldre. “However, if the right deals come along that will not affect our creativity and earnings in a negative way, we may consider label support.” Because the guys of The Mighty Q.C. 5 have been active members of the Charlotte music scene for many years, they know the industry inside and out. And with the rise of digital media, D'Voldre has been around to see the industry adjust to these changes. “Yes and no,” D'Voldre replied when asked whether or not he felt these changes were positive. “Yes, because in many ways it has leveled the playing field for unsigned artists to distribute their music online. I specify ‘online,’ because many independent artists still don’t have the money to distribute to physical stores.” “No, because the talent level has gone way down and everybody thinks they can be a rock star overnight [without] the skills. It’s pretty pathetic… And with that being said, the majority of new artists signed or unsigned have no idea of what is all involved to successfully analyze and market a new release.” Featuring such songs as “Stroking My Ego,” “It Takes Two” and “Dirty

Nasty, Dirty Dog,” The Ego Demo v.1 is available in several online stores. With each track, it becomes apparent that each of the five experienced members of The Mighty Q.C. 5 brings a unique sound to the table. And the band has big plans for the future. “Our long term goal has already started with our family, friends and fans who love our music enough to help us build a grassroots campaign beginning with word of mouth. “We hope to build a loyal following for our music similar to ‘Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.’ That band is our blueprint regarding live shows, because even if all media outlets are not showing us heavy rotation, we will still be able to play to sold out crowds. “

“Please trust and believe every member in The Mighty Q.C. 5 loves to play live,” he said. The Mighty Q.C. 5 will be performing with special guests Jesse Thomas and Circumstantial Evidence Friday Nov 25, 2011 at the Double Door Inn. Tickets are $10 and can be found at www. I asked the Charlotte music veteran what advice he would give to UNC Charlotte students who hope to pursue a life in the music scene. "Be honest with yourself; learn the history of music and the business of music before jumping in to this.” “In order to be successful in this music business you will learn to love the good and the bad about the music business,” he said.

Photo courtesty of The Mighty Q.C. 5


MUMMIES from p. 1 All jokes aside, “Mummies of the World” is a great exhibit. With 150 specimens and objects (not sure calling someone a specimen is “respectful”), it’s the largest collection of mummies and related artifacts in the world, according to the website. It knocks down the stereotypical image of mummies being purely Egyptian and wrapped up in something that resembles very tough toilet paper. The exhibit features mummies from


had no idea that Trader Joe’s was even around then. As I made my rounds and tried to act like an adult amidst the dark, gloomy halls of the dead, I came across a mummy with a fully erect penis, fully preserved. I decided this was my test of maturity and tried to handle it responsibly. As I took notes about the history of this find, I heard a woman laughing uncontrollably behind me. I glanced back to see an adult woman. No kids. Here with

A living family checks out a dead one at “Mummies of the World.” South America, the Netherlands and Egypt, among others. Some mummies were preserved intentionally and some naturally through scientific processes that were too complex for a Liberal Arts major like myself to grasp. Interactive features throughout the exhibit include time-lapse videos of a rabbit, a rat, a pumpkin and strawberries decomposing. A knob under the screen governs the time lapse, and I’m pretty sure the five-year-old boy who hijacked the controls for about 15 minutes is still having nightmares now. One unexpected emotion I felt from viewing all of the mummies was a content feeling regarding the fact that I was born in the late 20th century. The oldest any of these people were when they died, whether naturally or not, was between 30 and 50. Also, one would be hard-pressed to find a body in the exhibit taller than 5 feet 6 inches. I know I didn’t see one. If I was alive in ancient Egypt I would be a giant looming over everyone as I dealt with a midlife crisis. Scientists working on these mummies use CT scans and other new technology to discover things about the mummies that would never be known unless you were to tear the “specimen” apart. A woman with crossed arms was found to be holding a baby tooth in each hand. “The Zweeloo Woman,” found in a Netherlands peat bog, had such wellpreserved intestines that her last meal of porridge of millet, rye, barley, oats and blackberries could be discerned. I

Photo Courtesy of Discovery Place

a friend. She even looked like someone with a social life, who doesn’t spend every Saturday in children’s museums or at a movie theater by herself. Seeing this woman giggle as if she was the same age as most of the bored kids around us lifted a weight off of my shoulders that let me enjoy the rest of the exhibit with no insecurities. This woman, however, is not the one I fell in love with. My love story begins with an ancient Peruvian woman with long black hair, still intact. She had mysterious tattoos below her lips and above each breast. She was wearing some sort of tunic that I’m sure would have smelled great if she wasn’t behind glass. I have a thing for hipsters. One of the most prized pieces of this collection is the Detmold Child, a mummified infant that was somewhere around eight to ten months old when he or she died. The mummy is 6,500 years old. It looks like something out of a horror movie, with it’s skin seemingly melting off of it’s forehead. I’m contemplating keeping a picture of it in my wallet for the next time someone tries to show me their baby picture. “Mummies of the World,” is a great way to spend a couple hours. The exhibit will run until April 8, 2012. While Discovery Place as a whole has lost some of its flair since my days as a child, their exhibitions are consistently some of the most interesting and educational events in Charlotte.


Side By Side set to perform at the Saloon Patrick Bogans


Charlotte’s own pop-rock trio Side by Side is performing at the Saloon at the NC Music Factory Wednesday, November 30, 2011. The band, formed in early 2010, is made up twin brothers Michael and Joey Pepe and lead female vocalist Joelle Kittrell. Once they got together, the band spent the rest of 2010 working on an EP, which was released in February 2011. The self-titled, five track indie pop rock band’s debut EP bravely mixes meaningful sultry, soulful vocals with beautiful rock melodies. The jazzy singing background of Kittrell definitely allows Side by Side to stand out from the crowd of unsigned bands. Quick success erupted for the band soon after the EP’s release. Billboard Magazine named them one of the top six unsigned bands in the nation in 2011. They have recently been touring with Billboard across the United States. Side by Side has also been featured in two independent films, one ABC television movie and have had four songs licensed to VH1 and MTV for network use. After exposure from Billboard Magazine, the band has been collecting a highly enthusiastic fan-base and promoting their music. They have been touring across the East coast during the summer and fall of 2011 and will continue to do so through 2012. Their next stop in Charlotte will be

Earlier this year, Niner Times was able to speak with Side by Side about their future. Niner Media: What changes have you made since your last album? Side By Side: Playing live so often this year has taught us about each other as musicians, ergo allowing us to have a newfound chemistry that is tenfold what we had 8 months ago. Our refined chemistry allows us to record songs quicker and more collectively from our hearts than our EP. We’re sure that our new songs will reveal this new chemistry and allow our fans and audience to see our vision even more clearly than before. NM: Do you prefer playing to fans or people who have never heard of Side By Side? Side By Side: We always love playing for our family and friends who have supported this band from the beginning. But we get a whole new sensation out of exposing new people to our music and picking up fans and friends along the way. As long as we’re playing music in front of people we tend to be very happy. NM: What recreational things do you three do during downtime while touring? SBS: Finding new food in the area is always a priority and we’re nerds so lots of iPhone video games are played. Meeting the locals and sightseeing all these awesome places we get to go to are some of our favorite things as well. Getting new fans in unorthodox and old school ways is so much fun. [Mike and Joey] recently played beer pong with a group of college kids at a local bar to get them to the show in Philly. They came, and they brought friends. Worked like a charm. NM: Only a year after the release of your debut album, the band was voted best unsigned musical act in the southeast by Billboard. How would you describe your experience with Billboard?

Michael Pepe, Joey Pepe and Joelle Kittrell (from left to right). Photo Courtesy of Side By Side their first show since an Atlanta gig on Nov. 16. Joey, the guitarist, is a UNC Charlotte graduate who studied photography and art. He has said that this has helped him hone in on his creative abilities to help his music. More success is inevitable for Side by Side, and being an unsigned band will not be their status for long. To find out more details about Side by Side, visit

SBS: Literally a dream come true. We could go on and on about how amazing the experience was and how it’s open so many doors. Although playing Vegas to thousands of people has been a definite career highlight so far. NM: Coming back from playing with the most trusted music trade magazine in the world, what would you say is the next step for the band? SBS: Staying in that magazine! Exponentially growing our fanbase nationally and getting representation to put out our future releases and support future tours.

NOW PLAYING BREAKING DAWN BITES Directed by: Bill Condon Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner

✭✭✭✭✭ “I will bite you,” screamed an irritated lady behind me to the movie-goer in front of me who was texting in her seat at the Breaking Dawn premier. The movie had not even started yet. I had not seen this much enthusiasm for a movie since the final Harry Potter film earlier this year, though the Harry Potter crowd had a certain sense of sophistication. The difference between hero-based fantasy adventures such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings is that those films are about resisting evil and sacrificing yourself for the betterment of others.

Stephenie Meyer goes in the opposite direction. Instead of creating characters who resist their destructive urges, they indulge them. Then they whine for hours about the consequences. Breaking Dawn Part 1 is melodramatic where it should be romantic and laughable for all the wrong reasons. Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattison are undeniably talented. It is unfortunate that their abilities will be forever associated with such a terrible series of films.-Barry Falls B FA L L S 4 @ U N C C . E D U




LIFESTYLE Campus trend alert:

5 Fun Thanksgiving


Warm colors & gentle hues

to keep off that holiday weight


As November is passing by us, Thanksgiving is approaching and more and more red and orange leaves are piling up around campus. The fall season is inspiring my wardrobe, and not just by how cold the weather is. When I think of fall, especially around November and Thanksgiving, I think of brilliant warm hues. Magnificent reds, copper browns, royal purples and soft maroons and mauves are all I can seem to add to my wardrobe. I am drawn right to these colors in every store I enter. While these colors are some of my favorites year round, this time of year accelerates how much I crave them. And not just in my wardrobe, but elsewhere. These colors have shown up everywhere for me lately, whether it is in a newly-purchased winter blanket or even in my Twitter background. Sporting these colors is a great way to spice up our daily outfits. And while these colors may not be the brightest we could go for, they add their own soft flair to any look. Start with the bag, that’s what I always do. If I am unsure about how a color would look on me in the form of clothing, I usually purchase a purse in that color to help me make up my mind. While all summer I stuck with smaller saddle bags in bright colors, such as a teal blue and a glittery taupe, when I went shopping for a new fall bag I decided to go with a copper brown messenger-style bag. It is perfect to carry to class, can fit everything I need inside of it and almost has a studious feel to it because of the borderline briefcase style. The warm color along with the simple cut of the bag brings an effortless look to my outfit every time I carry it. Next let’s jump to the shoes. As I mentioned in a previous column, I recently purchased a pair of amazing maroon high-heeled booties. These have allowed me let my shoes be the statement piece. I love to let my shoes speak for themselves, so when I decide to wear a colorful pair of shoes I normally tone down the rest of my outfit. If you are a shoe person like me, try picking a pair in a nice fall-ish color like the ones I described above, and wear them with neutrals so they will stand out. And now you need something to keep you warm! Again, as I discussed in a previous column, there are so many choices out there for someone who wants to get a colorful winter jacket. This year try getting one in dark purple, burnt sienna or maybe even golden brown. Peacoats are my favorite. This splash of warm color will get you in the mood for the holiday season.

Lee Pham



mericans will consume more calories this Thursday than any day of the year, but don’t think you can get away with just one day of feasting. Turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce add up, no matter the occasion. Furthermore, you are likely to have a week’s supply of leftovers. Many people get caught up in the holiday and have limited time to spend with extended family, much less have time to worry about exercising. With the right attitude, you can spend time with family and friends and participate in annual traditions while maintaining a moderate level of calorie burning activities.

Rake leaves

With about one month of autumn left, leaves are committing suicide by jumping off of trees faster than ever. Your lawn is likely to be littered with foliage, allowing the perfect opportunity to work off that Thanksgiving lunch while helping your parents rake if you’re home for the holiday. Rake vigorously to get the most burn. After you pile up the leaves, bag them up and carry them to the curb. Add sticks and stones for more effective results.

Family photo shoot

With daylight permitting, head over to the nearest park with your family for a stroll. Remember not to forget your camera because it will give you and your family the best chance to take holiday photos. Try to cover every corner of the park for a diverse selection of photos and extra cardio. Be creative with your active photoshoot. Perhaps climbing a tree will make an interesting photo while working your arms.

Christmas decorating

Ornaments, lights and tinsel won’t hang themselves! Dust off those boxes in the attic and haul them down the stairs because Christmas is right around the corner. Decorations aren’t as light as you’d expect, so be prepared for heavy lifting. Climbing ladders and reaching hooks are great for stretching and can work up a sweat. Stay hydrated with low fat holiday drinks, such as apple cider.


Early Thursday morning while the turkey is roasting, go outside and play a pickup game of football with family and friends to get hyped for the Packers vs. Lions NFL game at 12:30 p.m. An active game of football will surely burn off those pre-Thanksgiving lunch/ dinner calories. By the time you hit the pecan pie you will feel sore but guilt-free.

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is one of the scariest and most stressful events of the year. Ungodly large crowds, high traffic and predatory shoppers make the competition tough to get the best deal. With the right attitude, you can be the one to score the lowest price while burning off the five extra servings of stuffing you forced yourself to eat. To optimize Black Friday exercising, park at the far end of the parking lot and opt for shopping at a mall rather than a one-stop shop to add additional walking distance. Be sure to stretch your arms and legs before rushing into the store and reaching for the doorbuster sales. No one wants a cramp!

Holiday shopping and Thanksgiving hours UNC Charlotte (including dining halls) Closed Thursday & Friday Concord Mills Thanksgiving: Closed Black Friday: 12 a.m. - 12 p.m. Northlake Mall Thanksgiving: Closed Black Friday: 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. SouthPark Mall Thanksgiving: Closed Black Friday: 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. Target Thanksgiving: Closed Black Friday: 12 a.m. - 11 p.m.

Walmart Thanksgiving: Open Black Friday: Sales begin at 10 p.m. Thursday Kohl's Thanksgiving: Closed Black Friday: 12 a.m. - 12 a.m. (Open 24 hours) Early bird specials 12 a.m. - 1 p.m. Harris Teeter Thanksgiving: Close at 2 p.m. Food Lion Thanksgiving: 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. Lowe's Foods (Harrisburg) Thanksgiving: 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. Photos courtesy of MCT Campus and jonny.hunter



Niner Times recipe:

stuffed cheddar bacon burgers Lee Pham


Although the season may be too cold for grilling out, the weather should not stop anyone from having homemade mouthwatering cheeseburgers. Burgers are relatively cheap, easy to make and can feed many people. And what can be better than a burger made with bacon and cheese cooked right into the patty? “Nothing,” says sophomore Dan Freeman, who came up with the all-in-one cheeseburger. ”Bacon and cheese can come on top of a burger, but what’s better than oozing cheese and a lot of meat?”

Ingredients (makes 6-8 patties):

• 4 pounds of ground beef • 2 eggs • 1 bag of bacon bits • 1 box breadcrumbs • 1 block of cheddar cheese • 1 package of McCormick Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Potatoes seasoning

Photos courtesy of Lee Pham


Goodwill in Cornelius

After many months of not shopping, my mom and I went to Goodwill in Cornelius, our go-to for clothes, shoes and accessories. The employees recognize and describe us as a tag team dividing the store in half rummaging through all that Goodwill has to offer. There is a wide selection of jeans and shirts for women, and if you’re lucky you can catch them on a day when stores such as Target donate clothes. Goodwill is not just for financially tight people, but also for people that just want something different.

In need of a new job? Rosemary Kahihu RKAHIHU@UNCC.EDU

Courtney Hill is just like any other college student here on the campus of UNC Charlotte. At twenty-one she is a second semester junior majoring in Business management with a minor in Women’s Studies. She enjoys shopping and traveling and, like many students with an already busy schedule, still manages to find time to make some extra cash. However, Hill has made some smart moves by finding a job that will benefit her right now and give her teaching skills that will give her an edge in the future business world.


1. Add eggs, bacon bits, breadcrumbs and seasoning into mixing bowl and stir together with wooden spoon. 2. Using your hands, mix in the ground beef to the bowl and evenly marinate. 3. Once all of the beef is marinated in seasoning, begin shaping burger patties, leaving a small pocket on the side of each one. 4. Cut several slices of cheddar cheese and fill the pockets. Be sure to leave enough space to massage the pocket close. 5. Spray PAM onto frying pan and heat to medium-high. 6. Throw two patties at a time onto the pan and cook for several minutes until the outside is well done. From here you can finish pan-frying the burgers, using a knife to check the inside until the meat is no longer pink, or move the patties to a George Foreman grill. Caution: Cheese is extremely hot and can cause burns if eaten right away. Let sit for five minutes.

Thrift stores, anyone? Last week, Niner Times featured a frugal shopping guide. Now here are some of our favorite bargain stores around the Charlotte area.


Goodwill in Pineville

Over the summer I stumbled upon the Goodwill in Pineville. This Goodwill gives off an antique, antediluvian type of feeling. Once you get over the wood paneling and out-of-date decorations, the store is nice and has a lot of good finds. On my last visit, I fell in love with a lime green polo Ralph Lauren sweatshirt that I wouldn’t give up for the world. Most of my tops are acquired from this store, though the selection of Plato's Closet is a great place to swap clothes for cash and find discounted brand name apparel. jeans is limited. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

Plato’s Closet

Although not a thrift store, you can bring in your name brand clothes to Plato’s Closet in exchange for money. It is beneficial for struggling college students so that he or she can make a few extra dollars while keeping up with the latest trends. The downside is that Plato’s Closet doesn’t have the vintage stuff you would stumble upon in a regular thrift store.

Tips for bargain shopping: 1. Head directly to the sales rack. 2. If you have to ask yourself, “Should I buy it?” don’t buy it. 3. Compare prices with other stores. 4. Wait until the item goes on sale.

5. Check online before purchasing. 6. Check for rips and tears.

UNC Charlotte junior Courtney Hill raves about the perks of selling Mark beauty products. Photo courtesy of Courtney Hill

A Representative for Mark makeup products, Hill says that her job is very flexible and easy to do. She can easily make up to $600 a month although there’s no limit to how much you can make she says. It all really depends on how much work she is willing to put in every month. Mark also does not require a monthly quota from their sale reps making it easy for Hill to balance her job with classes and homework. Like any good salesperson, Hill knows how to market her product well. She lets her prospective customers know that Mark products are affordable, even on a college budget, while still being good quality. Mark offers various make-up products and has people in New York city known as “trend watchers” who observe different styles in order to create a brand that is appealing to the masses. Hill recommends becoming a Mark sales rep to anyone who is interested in earning some easy cash. To begin with the starter kit is only $20 and comes with $60$70 worth of products. As opposed to other companies such as Avon and Mary Kay, Mark is cheaper to start selling. Hill says that finding customers is not difficult, admitting friends are the best customers. From Hill’s experience friends will be the ones more willing to refer sellers to other people. Other Mark reps are also willing to help with recommendations. “As long as you love the product and you show it off, other people are going to want it.” said Hill. “[Mark] has your back; they want you to succeed,” said Hill, who once won a dream trip to New York where she attended three days of national sales meetings and was given tips on how to better market the brand. Through her job Hill has learned the importance of improving communication skills and cannot help but admit she loves the employee incentives. She receives 30 percent off Mark products which is a lifetime deal, even if she decides to stop selling. Sales representatives also know about new releases before anyone else and receive 35 percent off those items.







Mallard Creek Chorale & The Charlotteans

8pm Anne R. Belk Theater $4-$6




Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break

- No Classes

-No Classes -University Closed

Part of the UNC Charlotte Department of Music Student Ensemble Concert Series. Features Broadway hits, folk songs and other musical styles.




-No Classes -University Closed

9 9



See the answer to the sudoku puzzle by scanning the code with your smartphone.

November 27, 1095 Pope Urban II orders first crusade

November 24, 1859 Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species published

November 26, 1922 English archaeologists enter King Tut’s Tomb in Egypt

November 23, 1936 First issue of Life published

November 25, 1952 Agatha Christie’s “Mousetrap” opens in London

November 22, 1963 Presendet John F. Kennedy assasinated



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1 7



9 4

6 9







7 9

1 7



9 4

6 9







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Thanksgiving Break

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2 6

The answers:

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break







9 7


6 1




SPORTS Jennings Rex scored in Charlotte’s second round victory over UAB Sunday, the 49ers advanced to the third round where they will face defending National Champion Akron. Photo by Chris Crews

Sweet 16

UNC Charlotte men’s soccer joined the NCAA Tournament’s final field of 16 teams Sunday after a second round victory over No.11 UAB Ed Niser

with a brilliant cross to Wickham, who had a lot of space to work with and headed the ball home. Charlotte is advancingto the third round In the final 30 minutes of regulation, the of the NCAA Tournament after defeating Charlotte defensive backline was peppered No. 11 University of Alabama-Birmingham with shots, but goaltender Klay Davis and sunday 3-1. They are now part of the field his defenders held their ground, with most of 16, where defending national champion shots being taken from inside the 18 yard Akron awaits them. box. Charlotte is making their first The Blazers had two chances during the appearance past the second round in 15 barrage that were pushed aside by Davis years, when they fell to Wake Forest back and there were also a few nice stops by the in 1996. Charlotte defensive players. Senior Evan James tallied the first goal “We were smaller but we had the passion of the match just 43 seconds into the match, and composure to keep challenging. What giving Charlotte their quickest advantage was really good the last ten and fifteen, of the season. we showed great composure under the Charlotte kept their foot on the pressure, they had those spells they got accelerator, leading by three goals in the a bit up and game and threw more at pulling away us, every time with the 3-1 they had a few “You never know when the next goal decision. minutes I felt is going to come. It was fantastic for Gentile we settled the the boys. It was just great movement advanced the ship well and and a great cross and we just buried ball into the we said that we 18 yard box were in charge it.” and James of this game, a buried the phenomenal job shot from by the players,” -- Head coach Jeremy Gunn pointblank aid Gunn. r a n g e , Charlotte burying it in almost scored a the mesh giving Charlotte the 1-0 edge. fourth goal in the 78th minute, when “When you come on the road to a place Bealieau struck a shot in the open field like this, against such a great team, to score that ricocheted off the post. Tyler Gibson so early in the game it is a message, you gathered the rebound but airmailed the never know when the next goal is going to attempt over the crossbar. come, it was fantastic for the boys, it was Both teams appeared evenly matched. just great movement and a great cross and The contest was what you would expect we just buried it,” said head coach Jeremy from a second round NCAA matchup, a Gunn on the first goal of the match. very physical one where each team knew The Blazers silenced Charlotte for 45 what was at stake. minutes following the goal by James, until “The guys’ attitude was amazing, that Jennings Rex connected on a tremendous team was a big strong team, they were cross off the foot of T.J. Bealieau. Bealieau throwing everything with us, Chuck and then managed to beat UAB keeper, Carl number seven went toe to toe for 90 Woszczynski one-on-one, hammering minutes, I think at the end of the day, we home a shot into the back of the net. had a feeling they were struggling to throw Just three minutes later they found the anything at us, at the end of the game we back of the net once again when Redshirt looked strong fit and resolute,” said Gunn junior Issac Caughran threaded a throughBoth the Blazers and 49ers registered 10 ball to Bealieau that he buried past the shots a piece, while UAB had a two corner keeper on the right side of the goal. This kick advantage over Charlotte, 4-2. gave the 49ers some extra breathing room James and Bealieau led the 49ers in with a 3-0 advantage. shots each tallying three in the match. The The Blazers didn’t go down quietly as 49ers played very stout on defense with they were able to get one back on a goal by Davis recording three saves. Chase Wickham in the 51st minute, bringing Charlotte will square off with Akron UAB to within two, 3-1. next Sunday, time and location have yet to Kofi Gwayu was the catalyst on the goal be determined. ENISER@UNCC.EDU





Men’s basketball 72-54 loss to Lamar snaps win streak

Men’s Basketball vs.East Tennessee Halton Arena 7:30 pm

Minus the presence of junior center Chris Braswell, Charlotte was unable to fend off the Lamar Cardianals on the road Saturday. Braswell is averaging 20 points per game and 11 rebounds. Charlotte was trailing 29-10 by the end of the first half. Braswell’s replacement K.J. Sherrill played exceptionally well shooting 5-of-8 from the field, but he played just seven minutes due to foul trouble. The 49ers had their chances down the stretch cutting the lead to as little as six, but the Cardinals went on a 14-5 run to end the game. Green led Charlotte with 19 points.

Women’s Basketball @ VCU RIichmond,VA 7 pm

Lady 49ers soar past Phoenix 89-58 Head coach Cara Consuegra picked up her fourth straight win Saturday evening over the Elon Phoenix 8958. Charlotte had five players in double figures, with Paige McCallum notching her first double-double of her career. The 49ers’ bench tormented Elon all night, torching them by a margin of 40-20. On the glass Charlotte outrebounded the Phoenix 51-29, and has grabbed 132 rebounds in their past two games. Charlotte shot six-of-13 from threepoint land, Epiphany Woodson led the 49ers offense with 12 points.

Friday Women’s Basketball Courtyard Laguardia Turkey Classic Long Island,NY 2 pm

Sunday Women’s Basketball @ Florida State Tallahassee,FL 2 pm Men’s Basketball @ Wright State Dayton,OH 7 pm




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