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ANATOMY OF A HIPSTER The hipster subculture is a movement that steers away from mainstream relevance.






The difficulty of identifying them is their individualism, which ironically contributes to the hipster label as a whole.

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Imagination, productivity, and hypnosis may not be three things you would associate together.

Tom Deluca may help you connect the dots. p. 6

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Students light up



Disney makes dreams come true Sarah Obeid

The university area has accepted a new kind of store into its many shopping centers. Its smoke shops or “head shops” have been quickly popping up around campus within the past few years. Infinity’s End, High Life Smoke Shop and One Stop Smoke Shop are the three closest to UNC Charlotte. Each specializes in a variety of smokerelated paraphernalia including traditional items like cigars and pipes. However, they also carry a number of hookahs and water pipes. One Stop Smoke Shop distinguishes itself as the oldest of the local shops, having opened more than 11 years ago. Sitting along the strip mall by Plato’s Closet, Dominos and the ABC liquor store, the shop’s location has lead to student related discounts. They offer a student discount card that’s good all year round and selected times where a student ID card can get students a 10 percent discount. UNC Charlotte student Bo Hendley says One Stop is his stop for all things smokingrelated. In particular, he purchases roll your own tobacco, premium cigars and incense. “The staff here is quicker to help than most the others, and they are more knowledgeable than most,” said Hendley. “They were the nicest employees I dealt with out of the shops in the area. They also manage to keep my attention with new specials every month.” Hendley also says he thinks they’re even up to par with recognizable shop names like Tender Box. The other two head shops are a more recent addition to the university area.

“ They love the smoke shop, t-shirts, jewelry... glass pipes are probably the favorite items

- Frank Pietras

Previously, Infinity’s End had only two shops open in Charlotte at their South Boulevard and Independence Blvd. locations. Infinity’s End opened up last September with a grand opening following in November. Unlike One Stop Smoke Shop Infinity’s End offers a variety of products. Their walls are covered with different trinkets from disc golf, body jewelry and tSMOKING p.2


Erection of the new statue behind the Student Union, “Ascend,” was completed Saturday, Nov. 12. Sculptor John Hair posed between his two figures which represent overcoming the obstacles of college academics. Photo by Corbin Peters

UNC Charlotte senior Lorraine Healy, a communications major, goes by the Walt Disney saying, “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” These magical words signify that anyone can do anything they want as long as he or she never gives up in striving to succeed, which any of the Disney characters would especially agree with. The UNC Charlotte Disney College Program allows students to have the time of their lives and gain educational and career opportunities all at once at Disney World in Florida. Healy, a Disney cast member working as a campus representative for the program, was actually a participant in the 2006 fall program where she worked merchandise in Magic Kingdom. She also is an alumnus of a summer 2009 college only program where she was a lifeguard at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. “The Disney College Program is a semester long paid internship with housing, at the Walt Disney World Resort - Orlando, DISNEY p.2

Honoring those who protect the land of the free Ciera Choate


In honor of those who have served, are serving and will serve the United States the College Republicans and College Democrats teamed up with the Veteran’s Club for the 3rd annual Veteran’s Day Banquet to thank those in the U.S. Military for their dedication to our country. The event took place in the Harris Alumni Center Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011, which also was the 236th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps. ”Veterans make the ultimate sacrifice. Like the speaker said past, current and future ones make the ultimate sacrifice to defend this country and I just think that’s important for people to get a chance to honor those people that have made that sacrifice,” said Andrew Kenny, the president of the College Republicans. Col. Kevin McDonnell was the speaker at the event. He spoke on many things including the comparison between the military 50 years ago to now. “Being in the military in the United States is a privilege. It’s changed significantly over the last 50 years. At the end of World War II lasted four years and people came home and they ran for public office. They were senators. They were congressmen. They were mayors. They were city councilmen. They got it. They understood

All of the veterans who have served, will serve or are serving gathered together for a picture at the banquet held in their honor. Photo by Ciera Choate

the sacrifice of putting on the uniform,” said Col. McDonnell. “I’m worrying about what is happening to this generation’s kids. I’ve got soldiers in the Special Forces unit who have been gone since October of 2001. Seven or eight months on and about four months back. Ten years. They have kids that they don’t really know, not in the way they knew their kids 10 years earlier. What we have done

in the last ten years has changed the next two generations, and we’re not quite sure yet how.” Col. McDonnell also spoke on what young men and women needed to do when they join the military, in any branch. He urged them to leave their ego at home, leave everything they are involved with better than they left it and replace VETERANS p.2




Police Blotter LARCENY Nov. 4

• Martin Village, property removed without permission.

Nov. 6

• Student Union, secured bicycle was taken from bike rack.

Nov. 7

• Laurel Hall, property removed without permission. • Storrs Building, secured bicycle was taken from bike rack. • Student Activities Center, unsecured property was removed without permission.

Nov. 9

• Hawthorne Hall, unsecured and unattended book bag removed.

Nov. 10

• Student Activities Center, unsecured property removed.


• Hawthorne Hall, bench seat removed from open area.

Nov. 10

• East Deck, vehicle damaged by an unknown subject.

FRAUD Nov. 7

• Football Field Construction Zone, property was taken without permission.


• Oak Hall, acquaintance removed currency and property without permission.


• Prospector, robbery committed with a firearm. • Oak Hall, property was forcibly removed.


• McCall, drug violation.

Nov. 9

• Smith Building, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. •Cameron Blvd., subject found trespassing


•University Terrace, officer responded to a call of a person who had ingested serveral types of medication with alcohol; cleared by arrest.

Nov. 7

• Fretwell Building, iPad was removed in public area and never returned.

VETERANS from p.1 themselves with talent that is better than themselves. “Recruit talent everyday based on capability. If you do that the armed forces gets better and better and better,” said Col. McDonnell. He also touched on the number of men and women serving the U.S. now compared to during World War II. According to Col. McDonnell, during World War II about 15 percent of Americans wore a military uniform and about 40 percent of Americans were involved with the industrial aspect of the war. Now there are less that 1 percent of Americans wearing a uniform. “The entire United States shifted to fight the war,” said Col. McDonnell.

DISNEY from p.1 Fla. or Disneyland Resort - Anaheim, Calif. Thousands of students countrywide are involved in the program,” said Healy. Two types of programs are offered, a regular program and an advantage program. The regular program starts in the spring from January to May or in the fall from August to January. The advantage program is an extended program that can start in either spring from January to August or in the fall from May to January. Students are recruited into the program the semester before they begin the Disney internship. “As Disney College Program participants, students will have a part in our show as an entertainm e n t company. We are all cast members. You will have a paid role while you are on the Disney College Program which you will select in the application process,” said Healy. There are a wide range of roles to pick from. Some of these include merchandise, attractions, lifeguarding, quick service food and beverage, hospitality, vacation planning, recreation and character performer. To be a character performer, an entertainment audition is required. No matter what major, a student can apply to the Disney Internship. There are several application requirements. A GPA of 2.5 is mandatory and the student must be enrolled as fulltime or part-time. “College freshmen may apply during their first semester of school to participate during their second semester. The Disney College Program cannot serve as your first semester of school. College seniors may apply for the program and participate immediately after graduation, but must be enrolled in school at the time of their interviews. Seniors graduating in April are eligible to apply for either the fall advantage or fall programs,” said Healy. Students also need to acquire unrestricted work authorization and pay $60

dollars to maintain the position of a full-time student while on the Disney College Program. This money will replace tuition so full tuition will not need to be paid. “UNC Charlotte does not require students to take classes while they are on the Disney College Program. However, if a student wishes to stay ahead in their course work, they can do so through distance learning or online classes through a UNC system school in order to transfer the credits back to UNC Charlotte. [You will have to pay for those in tuition by how many classes that are taken],” said Healy. The Disney College Program does provide free

courses for students. Students are taught in classrooms at the resorts and theme parks. The Leadership Speaker Series is a course that deals with networking and speaking with Disney executives and leaders about their challenges and successes as leaders. Another course is the Exploration Series and Professional Development Series. This course is designed so that students can learn about how Walt Disney World Resort runs in terms of management, leadership, marketing and finance. “You get real world experience working for a

Fortune 100 company. No volunteer work is involved in the program, however, as with most companies, Disney offers many cast member only programs and ‘VountEAR’ opportunities, including Give Kids the World,” said Healy. The Disney College Program has an endless number of benefits. Participants receive free park admission in any Disney Park, hotel discounts, family and friend complimentary tickets and discounted food and merchandise. Plus, there is a lot more added fun to the free admission. “With your free admission you are allowed to go into the theme parks and meet the characters, ride the attractions, watch the shows and enjoy the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort,” said Healy. “Being on the Disney College Program is beneficial because it offers a foot in the door to the Walt Disney Company. Most internships today are unpaid and do not have housing for their interns, which makes it hard to move your life 500 miles away and get an internship.” The Disney College Program takes care of housing and ensures transportation. An extra perk to the program is that if students are looking for some kind of work with ABC and ESPN, having participated in the Disney College Program is essential when applying to work with them, considering that Disney owns ABC and ESPN. “Disney is a Fortune 100 company. When employers see ‘Walt Disney Company’ on a resume they know the name - it’s a company with a tradition of excellence and innovation. I recommend the program every time someone asks me about it. I made some of my best friends on the Disney College Program. It’s an internship opportunity unlike any other,” said Healy.

Eden Creamer


There was a time when those who received an education were the minority. Now, the UNC Charlotte Teaching Fellows are focusing on the courage individuals had to apply in order to make education an equal opportunity right through the New Courage Project. This project is part of the New Courage campus forum, which was created by Crossroads Charlotte and Susan Harden, who works with Crossroads Charlotte. Students began by visiting the Levine Museum of the New South, specifically to learn from the COURAGE exhibit. The Teaching Fellows closely studied the social issues that have affected education in the past and how courage played into this history. Tori Brasher, graduate assistant for the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program, created an assignment for the Teaching Fellows in order to explore the concept of courage in education. This is the first year that the Teaching Fellows have participated in the New Cour-

SMOKING from p.1 shirts to coasters, tapestries, “hippie clothing” and incense. They can also brag about a celebrity spotting in their South Boulevard shop, as Woody Harrelson stopped by over the summer. Infinity’s End boasts a much closer connection to UNC Charlotte in that its president, Frank Pietras, is a UNC Charlotte alumnus. They offer discounts to students on all products except tobacco. “Business has been pretty good,” said Pietras. “It’s been well received. People are glad we’ve finally moved up into the university area.”

Courage at Charlotte

As for student customers, Pietras says they’ve had a good turnout from the campus but many decided to move to the university area for the growing professional community. “They love the smoke shop, t-shirts, jewelry, basically all the things we specialize in,” Pietras said about students favorite products. “Glass pipes are probably the favorite items.” Infinity’s End has been Charlotte family owned and operated since 1969, an accomplishment they claim gets them a step ahead of the other shops. “We feel like we’re the original with the concept and feel like we still do it the best,” said Pietras

Schools are the change agents for legislation that impacts society or societal events - Tori Brasher

age Project. “In the past the teaching fellows have completed exercises and activities about dealing with various issues in education such as equity, cultural diversity and poverty but nothing to the extent of this project,” said Brasher. Those who see the finished result will learn a lot about the history of education, according to Brasher. Changes in education serve as a catalyst for other changes. “Sometimes schools are the change agents for legislation that impacts society or societal events dramatically impact school,” said Brasher. Other students interested in learning about the New Courage Project may contact Susan Harden, or visit the New Courage exhibit at the Levine Museum of the New South. “People are also welcomed to view our exhibit, Social Issues in Education, November 30, 2011 at the campus forum,” said Brasher.



Behind the scenes: UNC Charlotte deans Compiled by: Olivia Stott


If you could have one super power, what would it be?

“Power to heal.” What is your favorite TV show?

“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Do you have a celebrity crush? Who?

“Power to fly like an eagle. I used to be a pilot and I miss it.”

“Colin Firth.” What Disney character would you choose to be?

What is your favorite TV show?

“Sleeping Beauty.”

“30 Rock.”

M ar y Cal houn THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Do you have a hobby or interest?

“Broadway musicals.”

Do you have a celebrity crush? Who?

“Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman.” What Disney character would you choose to be?

“Genie in Aladdin.”

Bo b Jo hnso n

If you could have one super power, what would it be?


“Zen Focus.”

“Sailing and riding my boogie board in good surf.”

What is your favorite TV show?

“I don’t watch TV.”

Do you have a celebrity crush? Who?


What Disney character would you choose to be?

If you could have one super power, what would it be?


Do you have a hobby or interest?

Ke n L ambl a

“Power to eradicate poverty.”

“Bicycle technology.”


What is your favorite TV show?

“Old British sitcoms.” Do you have a celebrity crush? Who?

“I don’t have one.”

Nanc y F e y - Ye n s a n THE COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES What Disney character would you choose to be?

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Do you have a hobby or interest?

“Power to read minds.”

“Play electric bass guitar.”

What is your favorite TV show?

“Jeopardy.” Do you have a celebrity crush? Who?

Do you have a hobby or interest?

“When I was young, Farrah Fawcett from the original Charlie’s Angels.”

“Gymnastics while I was in college. Wakeboarding, water skiing, snow skiing, snow shoing, kayaking and cooking.”

What Disney character would you choose to be?

“I like the honor, bravery and commitment of Mulan.”


St e ve Ot t The deans of the College of Liberal Arts and Science and the College of Computing and Informatics were unable to respond to questions by the time this went to print.





OPINION Walkway congestion can lead to student tardiness and irritation in the morning Olivia Stott


You fell asleep a little later than normal last night, and your bed was extra cozy this morning. As a result, you slept in later than you should have to get to that 9:30 a.m. class. With your hair plastered to one side of your head and still wearing fuzzy slippers, you zip out the door and power walk across campus to your class. Thanks to over sleeping you hope to get to class on time. But what happens of course? You get caught behind one of them… a slow walker. As if in a traffic jam on the highway, you pick up speed and ‘tailgate’ the slow walker in front of you in a hope that this will make them walk more swiftly. It never works, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to try. Of course, you are late for class because and only because of the slow walker in front of you. Surely almost everyone on campus has had a similar situation. You are running

late for something and are trying to gain back some time by going faster than normal, and suddenly you are hindered by someone who takes time to smell the roses. Some people just don’t get it. They walk so slowly that a ‘build-up’ of people forms behind them, and they don’t even realize it. And to top it all off, they never walk in a convenient place either; they are always in the way without fail. As college students, we have things to do and places to be. Can’t everyone be courteous enough to pick up the pace just slightly? Not everyone needs to power walk across campus, but walking at a normal pace is not too much to ask for at all. What’s even worse? When slow people walk together in mobs, which clogs up all traffic on campus. They either will just walk around in a huge mixed up group, or they will walk in a long row so nobody can cut between them. If I had the nerve to just charge through the crowd as if playing a huge game of red rover, I would in a heartbeat.

I guess people who walk slowly know how annoying they are to the rest of us, so they stick together. Safety in numbers I suppose. Now of course there is an appropriate place for slow walking. Places for leisurely walking would be around the mall, on a casual stroll through the park, on a trip to the grocery store or down the wedding aisle. And that pretty much wraps up the time suitable for a super slow walk. There is not much other time allotted for slow walking in my book. People need to walk at a reasonable pace as common courtesy. Especially while they are on a college campus. So for all of those slow walkers out there, move a little quicker or at least step aside just a little so the rest of us can get through. And for all of those fast walkers, cut the slow walkers some slack once in a while; that’s not too much to ask from anyone.

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Thankful to be in college Joshua Wood EMAIL

As a college student I find myself constantly in a rush. Trying to meet project deadlines and studying for my classes I tend to slip into a pattern of sleep, school, eat, study, and repeat. It has come to my attention that I needed to just slow down and smell the roses. Most of the time I can’t even tell what I was doing last week because it all seems blurred into one day. I’ve realized that I let the days fly by me without a second thought, and I take many things for granted. It’s the month of November and only one thing comes to mind, Thanksgiving. One of the long-standing traditions of Thanksgiving is to count your blessings and say what you’re most thankful for. I’ve compiled a list of the top five things

I am most thankful for as a college student. Monthly Allowance: It has come to my attention that not all students are as lucky as me to receive a monthly allowance from their parents. Having this extra money in my bank has definitely saved my hide on several occasions. Elevators: As a student who doesn’t own a car I walk everywhere. So at the end of the day when my feet are tired and my calves burning it’s a really comforting thought to know I don’t have to take the stairs up to my dorm room (even if it’s the third floor.) My Roommate: I’ve heard countless stories about students not getting along with their roommates. I am very grateful for mine because even though we don’t talk much, we get along great. One of things I was worried about when getting a roommate was that he might turn out to be a slob. Needless to say he turned out to be the complete opposite.

Decent Food: Even with a monthly allowance I still find myself to be a classic broke college student, leading me to cut back on fine eating and having many lunches and dinners at the Resident Dining Hall. As much as I appreciate the hard working staff of the RDH, there are times where I could really go for a number two combo meal at Arby’s. The Cleaning Staff: When sharing a bathroom with twelve other guys things tend to get a little bit messy. I can’t even imagine cleaning that bathroom myself. So to whoever cleans the bathroom on the third floor of Holshouser Hall, you have my thanks. In light of this month I am going to try and slow down and really appreciate more things that I have taken for granted. I invite you to send us what you are most thankful for as college student and realize how much there is to be appreciative of.

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Rising college costs and debts are crushing the best and brightest McClatchy-Tribune News Service

Not all that long ago in the American experience, a million was a big number. Then it was a billion. Today the word “trillion” is thrown around casually. The number is so big and so hard to comprehend that it has a certain cachet. Deficits and debts seem to matter when trillions of dollars are at stake. When they were in the billions, not so much. Which was a mistake. Which brings us to the latest trilliondollar-baby: America’s student loan debt. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported last month that the debt owed by U.S. college students has topped $1 trillion for the first time. That figure doesn’t even

Above: Duke graduate student Ken Ilgunas is avoiding debt by living in his van. MCT

take into account the loans owned by parents on behalf of students. This number is not just the result of inflation or population growth but of a fundamental shift in U.S. policy toward helping our next generation reach for the same dreams the previous generation had the opportunity to achieve. Students are borrowing twice what they did a decade ago, partly because states have reduced their support for higher education. In the meantime, with ever more kids wanting to get in and willing to borrow to pay for it, colleges keep raising prices. In 1984, tuition was less than 25 percent of the overall revenue for the nation’s colleges and universities, according to association known as the State Higher Education Executive Officers. By 2009, tuition accounted for 37 percent of higher education revenue. The same study found that per-student state appropriations for public colleges and universities was lower in 2009 than at any time since 1984. America’s middle class is being priced out of an opportunity to succeed. But smart kids know that their lifetime earning potential is significantly increased by obtaining a college degree. So they saddle themselves with debt to keep alive the hope that comes with an education. That hope is being crushed by bills that outpace post-graduation jobs, if the jobs even exist.

So it’s not hard to understand why, in many cities, a major source of the anger fueling the Occupy Wall Street movement comes from students seeking student loan relief. Slowly but surely, the threads of the tapestry of the American dream are being pulled away. First came the homeownership bubble, which in some ways contributed to the original Tea Party anger. Now comes the student loan debt bubble. About two-thirds of graduates with a bachelor’s degree have student loans, according to the College Board, with the average debt about $24,000. The promise was that you’d get a good job coming out of school, so you could handle that. But not if no one’s hiring. Not if you’re working at Starbucks. Congress, President Barack Obama and state legislatures must get beyond the political battles of left and right and see what is happening to the next generation of Americans. Most of them don’t yet have any political allegiances, only a desire to start building their own nest egg. Mr. Obama reached out to the students dragged down by debt last week. For six months, beginning in January, borrowers with both federal loans and federally backed loans can consolidate them at a sightly lower interest rate. It’s a modest start, but far more serious work needs to be done.

Preachers on the quad Olivia Stott


If you’ve walked by Belk Tower in the afternoon, then you know exactly what I am talking about. You will hear loud preaching, yelling and even mocking in the background. Students normally refer to this as the “crazy preaching on campus.” The Belk Tower is the First Amendment area on campus, in other words , the free speech area. Given that it is an area of free speech, I guess we cannot really complain too much about people speaking freely there even if what they are saying seems absurd. There are a few different preachers you may see there, but it seems to me that the most “popular” are the husband and wife who often come. Their preaching is not your usual sermon on God’s love and salvation. It is about legalism and damnation. Legalism is often a sticky word within most churches. It refers to having incredibly strict rules that seem impossible to live up to for anyone, and if you do not abide by the rules, then an eternity in hell is in your future. This is exactly what the preachers are telling the students. “Girls, if you show your knees, then you’re going to hell. Boys, if you give a hug to a girl who is not your wife, then you are going to hell,” they may say. That is legalism in essence. Give a rule that is absurd and in no place found in the Bible or you are damned to hell. After one of the preachers claimed that girls who show their knees are going to hell, another preacher in the group read a verse in the Bible saying that girls should be modest. I completely agree with that fact that girls should be modest; however “modest” is an open term that can be taken many ways. For those preachers, showing knees does not fall under “modesty.” But for most of American today and even for most Christians, modesty has a totally different meaning. This is just one example of how these preachers take good, righteous principles out of context completely. With the preachers talking the way they do, students on campus are stirred up to say the least. People will mock and laugh, nearly run into them with skateboards, play music right near them and kiss and strip in front of them. Some of that is a little much if you ask me. I completely disagree with what they are saying, but I think there are more intelligent ways to behave. It is the freedom of speech area after all. I think a better approach is to debate them, ask them questions and share your own beliefs. That seems a whole lot more intelligent than doing what some people do in front of them. But after all, this campus is composed of 25,000 different students with different cultures, backgrounds and religions. I am a Christian, so it kind of hurts me to hear what they are preaching because its not true. They are completely misrepresenting the God that I put my faith in. I do not put my faith in a god who sits up in Heaven and strikes people to hell and has so many absurd rules that it is impossible to follow. My belief is that of course there are some rules that must be followed, but God is loving, who wants us to have the best out of life and who is forgiving. I know I speak for the vast majority of Christians when I say that what they are preaching is not Biblical, and if you really want

The Belk Tower on campus is where many of the visitng preachers gather. Photo/Olivia Stott to know what Christianity is all about, then do not listen to their preaching. Every college and university in the country has some sort of policy on free speech whether it is spelled out of not. Some seem extremely strict while others are more lax. UNC Charlotte falls somewhere in the middle; however, the policy is not clearly stated on the website either as it is for most universities. Take a look at the policies of some other universities here; these are policies of some more extreme campus. Compare it in your own mind to what you see at UNC Charlotte. There are, of course, some similarities and some big differences, most notably the time restraint at the University of Massachusetts. Take from this that yes, there are people preaching at Belk Tower who the vast majority disagree with, but there are better ways to stand up for what you believe in than just acting foolish and mocking. If we do that, it shows that we don’t know what we’re talking about and we don’t have an educated opinion. Let’s instead try to talk, debate and reason with them to clearly convey our own thoughts to the person preaching and to all the people listening.


Freshmen Fireside:

Freshmen, stay on campus for the weekend Jordan McSwain J M C S WA 1 7 @ U N C C . E D U

Barren wasteland accurately describes every place on campus during the weekend. Campus clears out of any living soul once Friday arrives. Why? Why is it necessary to go to another college or even worse, home, every single weekend? Countless emails are sent and hours of work are put into the organization of Niners on the Weekends to form and construct fun on campus activities that are pretty much always free to students. Somehow, these events are over looked by most of the population here; the exception being the few eager freshman and devoted upperclassmen who are spirited enough to bleed green. Leaving campus seems horrifying because people worked 18 years to get away from home and now they return every chance they get? Missing family is understandable but there is a point where one should cut the cord. Who could possibly pass up free glow in the dark putt-putt or free laser tag? Granted these things don’t supply free alcohol to under age students so it’s understandable how they lose appeal. Sarcasm. If someone can’t have fun without drinking, they’re an alcoholic and lucky for them UNC Charlotte has just instated an AA organization on campus. Walking through the Lynch/Laurel courtyard is like being in a horror movie. Trash is out, tables are turned over, silence is overwhelming, and the sound of one’s own heartbeat echoes off the walls. It’s sad for a lot freshman to come into college expecting classes during the week and raging scenes on campus during the weekends. Freshmen want a movie style college experience and who can blame us? Images of weekend parties and gettogethers are poured out of the media, set our expectations, and then we have to readjust them once we arrive. Which for some isn’t a big deal, some enjoy the weekend efforts and stay to take part in free activities because isn’t that one of every college student’s motto? If it’s free, take it. Free games, food, make your own sunglasses, t shirts, water bottles; the list goes on. If someone is paying a substantial amount to attend an institution, that someone should be filled with school spirit and therefore want everything free with the logo on it possible. Our campus is located in one of the greatest cities in the world, if one is going off campus at least go enjoy the city in which we live. With all the money that is being pumped into UNC Charlotte by our wonderful funders and supporters, this campus has become the fastest growing campus in the UNC system. The fire for football is rising even more rapidly the McColl-Richardson field itself. It’s apparent that the upcoming football season will also usher in a group of students who stay on campus. Removing the title “Suitcase School” is a process but is starting with the abundant events taking place on campus, including free shows from local bands. If one stays on campus then that person’s friends will stay and the branch will stretch and stretch until a movement of turning this campus into a regular college will be even greater than the Occupy movement. I stay on campus during the weekend; I am the 1 percent.







Method Man, Wed., Nov. 16 Amos’ Southend, 8 pm

Hypnotist Tom DeLuca, Cone Center Thurs. Nov. 17, 7 pm

Autumn’s Blood, Thurs., Nov. 17 Tremont Music Hall, 8 pm

Union Unplugged, Rotunda Wed. Nov. 16, Noon

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Musician sets up “Shop” in NoDa

Davie and Lisa Dirt, Chop Shop newlyweds. Photo by NoDaNites Ryan Pitkin


Music lovers in Charlotte now have a new place to go to catch their favorite local bands in a trendy, homey spot. The Chop Shop is the newest addition to the NoDa art district’s list of popular concert venues. In the spirit of NoDa’s roots, the new bar/performance area is a bit off the beaten path. It was built within the old Newco Warehouses, also now occupied by Ultimate Gym and Hackerspace Charlotte. To find it, curious concertgoers must traverse past Cabo Fish Taco on 35th Street and cross over the train tracks. While the chain link fence you must enter to get to Chop Shop

might not be the most welcoming thing in the world, it definitely adds to the feel that you’ve found something special. The first thing one notices when entering The Chop Shop is the open space. There is a lot of room to move around. The stage is in the front and the bar is in the back. Between the two, there are a few tables, bars to keep your drinks on, old-kegs-turned-stools and a couple pool tables. Other than that, the huge room is yours to dance in as you please. The bar was opened in mid-2011 by Jay Tilyard, with help from others, after not getting exactly what he wanted while playing around town with his band, a 20+ member group named Iron Cordoba. “We would come and just take a place over. We would redecorate it. We’d bring a crowd of heavy drinkers. After doing a couple of those just rolling around we begun to get more detailed. We really needed a place of our own.” Although Iron Cordoba has only been able to get together and play once since Tilyard set up shop, their inspired ideas are what builds the communal feeling within The Chop Shop. “I wanted a place that has an atmosphere as opposed to coming in, looking at the stage and leaving. Just like Cordoba, it’s about getting as many people who are strange and might not usually get along to hang out and realize that they can get along.” Perhaps the best additions to that atmosphere are the gigantic projection screens behind the stage. Nothing could be cooler than watching one of your favorite local rock bands kill a set with two humongous versions of Reservoir Dogs playing behind them. “When bands are playing they have free reign over what is playing behind them. When nobody’s on stage the staff just throws on whatever. We play everything from oddball movies nobody’s heard of to blockbusters,” said Tilyard. Some movies seen playing in the last few months include the 1996 cult classic “The Craft”, the bowling comedy “Kingpin” and just about everything Tarantino. “It’s like that feeling I’ve had since I was a kid. If I could just build the coolest stage ever. Now we invite bands to hook up to our stuff, plug into our projectors,” said Tilyard. “I wanted to build creative output for musicians.” Along with the indoor stage that has always been

there, Tilyard had a stage built in the outdoor yard area for a Trinumeral show that was held there Nov. 11, 2011. Scott Padgett, drummer for local band Dirtbag Love Affair (DLA), thinks that Tilyard’s background is the reason bands like playing his shop so much. “He’s a musician himself so he knows exactly what we need,” he said. Padgett also likes the assurance that Tilyard, who gives bands 100 percent of the money made at the door after expenses, has the band’s best interests at heart. “It’s the little things they take care of that make it good for us on our end. A lot of the other guys are just focused on selling liquor.” “I don’t know anyone else who [gives the band all of the door money] anywhere,” said Tilyard. “If you’re bringing people into my bar, I’m not the one entertaining them, so I shouldn’t take 20 or 30 percent of your earnings.” DLA likes The Chop Shop so much that guitarist Davie Dirt decided that he would marry his longtime girlfriend, Lisa, there on Oct. 30, 2011. “Jay is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met at any venue,” said Dirt. Other factors also played a part in his decisionmaking. “They have clean bathrooms, and that’s pretty important when you’re getting married.” Five bands played throughout the day during the wedding, including DLA. “I loved it. The wife didn’t like that we were going to play our own wedding at first but she ended up having a great time.” Other bands that played included Evelynn Rose, Ultralush and Chapel Grove. “Every set went perfect. This wasn’t their first barbeque so they all showed up and brought their A game.” Dirt wasn’t simply using an expression. Barbecue and other food was brought in from the neighboring Jack Beagle’s. As for what’s next, Tilyard is just trying to get the word out that The Chop Shop is not only there for concerts and performance art. “Just because there’s not a show doesn’t mean there’s not a bar down here,” he said. He is quick to point out that the projection screens are perfect for Panthers games and the atmosphere is comfortably laid back. “As long as you’re wearing shoes and you cover your privates, that’s really all I ask.”

Be spellbound by Tom DeLuca Barry Falls B FA L L S 4 @ U N C C . E D U

Imagination, productivity, and hypnosis may not be three things you would associate together, but corporate hypnotist Tom Deluca, who is set to perform on campus on Thursday, may help you connect the dots. When you hear the word “hypnotist,” several things will probably come to mind- a tall man with a goatee and a mysterious trenchcoat dangling a swinging pocketwatch in order to convince his subjects to do embarassing things that they would not ordinarily do. What hypnotist Tom Deluca’s reputation may suggest is that while a hypnotist’s show can be entertaining, it can also be poignant. After earning a masters degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois, DeLuca began performing before local civic groups while working as a therapist. Since then, DeLuca has continued to perform around the states emphasizing the importance of imagination in re-training your brain to be more effective. Along the way, DeLuca has developed several performances including the Corporate Hypnosis show, Power Napping for Less Stress Workshop, and imaginAction! The spontaneity and warmth of his live shows have made Tom DeLuca a frequent guest on television talk shows. Deluca has been featured in Elle, The Wall Street Journal, People Weekly, Rolling Stone and Variety. While most of these workshops have been aimed towards corporate employees mainly salesmen, DeLuca has also begun touring America’s colleges, making stops at Duke, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech.

In the past, DeLuca has worked one-on-one with college students intructing them to take 20-minute power naps that he claims will help them be more productive throughout the day. Many students have reported feeling as though they had just slept for seven hours after taking one of DeLuca’s hypnosis-induced power naps. For those who may have reasonable reservations about DeLuca’s work, keep in mind that many universities have continued to feature DeLuca’s performance often time making it a consistent part of their yearly activity calendar. Winthrop University has featured DeLuca on campus every year for the past fifteen years. Colleges around the nation have had a similar reaction to DeLuca’s work, often time describing it “facinating” and “thrilling.” Different hypnosis acts have featured unique subject reactions. DeLuca has been able to convince subjects under hypnosis that the subject was an assassin who was hired to assasinate DeLuca with a water gun. DeLuca was kind enough to talk to me about what his past experience has been like in Charlotte as well as what he hopes to happen this Thursday. “I go to Charlotte often,” DeLuca said after admitting the last he had been to the UNC Charlotte campus was four years ago. “But I don’t know [the city] well. I’m looking forward to performing. I want there to be a good turnout. That’s what makes makes the show- the energy.” DeLuca is also currently scheduled to make a stop on the UNC Charlotte campus. The performance will

begin at around 7pm this Thursday Nov. 17 2011at McKnight Hall in the Cone Center. “It’s a different type of show,” DeLuca said. “It’s not your typical cruise ship hypnosis show. I’m not going to make you get on your hands and knees and bark like a dog. It’s different. That’s why it’s sustained itself so well. Come out to the show or be the show.”



Emmerich creates “convoluted” retelling of history

Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures


Directed by Roland Emmerich and written by John Orloff the movie “Anonymous”, centers on a fictionalized version of Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford’s life, as well as those of playwrights William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson. Historical inaccuracies aside, the film remains confusing and hard to follow. Intent on telling all sides of its argument, the film constantly jumps backwards and forwards in time, so much so that the audience is barely left with time to question if the story makes much sense at all. Poor Jonson, a struggling playwright, finds himself roped into a scheme that he feels would be untrue to his artistic integrity. Edward de Vere wants to be Jonson’s ghostwriter because theatre is considered to be too dirty and sinful and he cannot risk his reputation as a nobleman. Not knowing what to do, Jonson vents his dilemma to his friend Shakespeare, who is an actor. Enticed by the large amounts of money that would be earned from this gig, Shakespeare decides to take on the role of a playwright and accepts credit for the Earl’s well-received plays. Just when you think that that’s enough of a plot for an audience to follow, there’s more. Let’s just say that Edward de Vere seems to be quite apt at keeping himself busy in this re-telling of history. From a technical standpoint “Anonymous” is very Hollywood in the sense that it is rife with special effects, including sets constructed using CD technology in order to recreate London. The film also does not hold back from abusing pathetic fallacy with its use of lightning and rain effects that come in every time a dramatic moment presents itself: when the old man in the

present-time is delivering his speech in the theatre, when Ben Jonson is running from the authorities so he can hide de Vere’s manuscripts, when de Vere feels like crying because it feels like the whole world is trying to stop him from writing his precious words. Most of the scenes including de Vere showcase his hands, blackened by ink. Because the audience couldn’t already figure out that he’s obsessed with writing. It’s not as if that couldn’t have been inferred by de Vere’s stern wife and father-in-law constantly rebuking him for his stubbornly uncontrollable urges to create poetry. And then there is Robert Cecil, de Vere’s brother-in-law, who, along with the rest of his family, does not hold back from letting de Vere know just how much he’s messed up his life. The difference with Robert Cecil is that he has even more insight, a piece of news that serves as a blow to the Earl of Oxford. It’s the type of news that is right out of a telenovela. Emmerich, known for directing “Independence Day” and “The Patriot,” has been criticized before for his lackluster scripts, weak plots, and over-reliance on special effects. It seems as if he insists on sticking to the same formula. The film does have its good moments. Joely Richardson gives a charming performance as the young Elizabeth I and Edward Hogg portrays an easy-tohate, hunchbacked Robert Cecil. As is the norm with most period films, “Anonymous” is also visually stunning. While this film is clearly a historical fiction, there are those who would argue that there is some basis in the Earl of Oxford theory. These same people would have to reckon with the assertions of incest and secret love children in this film. Then there are the claims that Shakespeare was completely illiterate along with his portrayal as a person of complete incompetence. Shakespeare is depicted in this movie as a complete buffoon that is incapable of even putting a quill to paper and etching out a simple “I”. Somehow the audience is supposed to believe that this version of Shakespeare is that unintelligent. If anti-Stratfordians wanted a movie to support their theory, this certainly is not it. “Anonymous” is convoluted at best, but it certainly tells the whole Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth story in a fresh way.

SNL finishes the year with a bang Patrick Bogans PBOGANS@UNCC.EDU

The jam-packed schedule for Saturday Night Live this month may make you reconsider leaving your dorm room on Saturday nights. The sketch comedy show that has been making America laugh since 1975, has an amazing line-up for the rest of 2011. Already this season, some hilarious celebrities and talented artists have made their mark at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Alec Baldwin opened the season on the 24th of September with his 16th time hosting the show. Melissa McCarthy, Ben Stiller, Anna Faris, and Charlie Day have hosted this year as well. Radiohead, Lady Antebellum, Foster the People, Drake, and Maroon 5 have respectfully paired up with these hosts throughout this season. For Charlie Day’s first hosting gig, UNC Charlotte sophomore Matt Heintz thought he did pretty well, along with the rest of the cast. “I really thought the Bill Hader’s impression of Governor Rick Perry was hilarious,” he added. Perry was parodied on the show because of his seemingly intoxicated speech he gave in New Hampshire at the end of October. Heintz calls Hader his favorite SNL cast member, and likes his “Stephan” character that appears on Weekend Update the most. The episode also included a cold open with Fred Armisten playing the ghost of Muammar Gaddafi and a guest appearance by Danny Devito in Day’s opening monologue. One spoof of Kim Kardashian’s recent divorce had entertainment shows talking for the following week Freshman Merideth Wardwell really liked the Kardashian skit. “It was surprising that the show actually had a cast member that really mocked each Kardashian very well,” said Wardwell. On November 12th, delightfully hilarious actress Emma Stone hosted the show for her second time in just two years. Stone, from Easy A fame, has made a


CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE. Directed by: Glenn Ficarra and John Requa

Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone

✭✭✭✭✭ Barry Falls BFALLS4@UNCC.EDU

“I’m going to help you rediscover your manhood,” says Gosling to Carell in Crazy Stupid Love. “Do you have any idea where you could have lost it?” “Crazy Stupid Love” takes what would seem like an over-crowded storyline and makes it charming and witty. While the five-star cast lends to the film’s allure, it is the screenplay’s fresh honesty that makes the film better than the typical Hollywood romantic comedies. “Crazy Stupid Love” revolves around three different story lines – one based on the relationship between Cal (Steve Carell) and his wife (Julianne Moore), one on Cal’s relationship with his new well-intentioned womanizer friend Jacob (Ryan Gosling) and one final story line based on Jacob’s relationship with his new girlfriend Hannah (Emma Stone). At first glance, trying to fit several stories into one movie to cram in


Photo courtesty of MCT

more stars looking for a quick paycheck (New Year’s Eve) seems to be what “Crazy Stupid Love” is trying to do. But it really isn’t. “Crazy Stupid Love’s” story and style almost approaches indie, without becoming too indie and drifting into melodrama. “Crazy Stupid Love” is engaging and heart-felt. Though many would agree that the romantic comedy genre has grown hackneyed with poor acting and over-formulated plot progressions, “Crazy Stupid Love” is one of the best exceptions to this trend this year.

mark this year as well in Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Help. She teamed up with the internationally successful alternative rock band Coldplay, whose album Mylo Xyloto, released October 24th, debuted at number one on the iTunes album chart its opening week. That show relied heavily on recurring charachters but Stone brought a fresh angle to most of the skits. Even recycled ideas like the goofy upside down Spiderman repelling during her monologue seemed fine with the likable Stone. The rest of this year for SNL looks especially hopeful to match the hilarity that has been so apparent so far this year. Jason Segel, best known as Marshall from How I Met Your Mother on CBS, will be hosting the show for the first time the week after Stone. Segel’s hosting gig on the 19th will promote The Muppets movie that he stars in and will be released Nov. 23. Florence and the Machine will be the musical guests for this show, promoting their new album, Ceremonials, which was just released in the United States on the first of this month. This sophomore effort by the band has been met with very positive reviews. And finally, in December, Jimmy Fallon is expected to host. Fallon is a former cast member of SNL from 1998 to 2004, and now has his own late-night talk show on NBC. This will be Fallon’s first return to the set that made him famous. This episode, airing on December 17th, will be a Christmas-themed episode with jazz artist Michael Bublé singing from his Christmas album, released in October of this year. Since its inception, Saturday Night Live has been consistently criticized for being “hit-or-miss” each episode, but Heintz and freshman Shawn Linnen both have enjoyed every episode they’ve seen this season. “This season compared to last season has been much better so far. There seems to be more political stuff to parody this time around, and just better writing for the skits,” Linnen added. Saturday Night Live airs at 11:35 pm on NBC.




LIFESTYLE Campus trend alert:

Fashion phobias Haley Twist HTWIST@UNCC.EDU

For all you fashionistas out there, are there any trends you are too scared to try? It seems like as more and more time goes by, the more I am willing to try. In high school I never would have gone near a fedora, high-waisted trousers or chunky menswear watches, but now I cannot get enough of them. It’s funny how much my taste has changed over the past few years. I become more and more willing to try new things to push my style limits. But as bold as I want to go, there are still those few trends, both in beauty and fashion, that I am terrified to try. It doesn’t matter how much I want to experiment, I am afraid of the failures that might come along with them. So I have listed my top two biggest beauty and fashion fears. These are my two favorite trends I am too scared to try. For those who are braver than I am and have tried these, I hope you have had great results. The pixie cut. The transition from longer, flowing hair to this short ‘do is definitely intimidating. Yes, Emma Watson pulled it off beautifully, but can the haircut have the same effect on everyone? I really don’t know. I honestly have not seen a pixie cut that I do not like, but I am still afraid to go through with this bold haircut. While a pixie cut is ultra-short and virtually requires you to cut off most of your hair, this look is elegant and empowering. Instead of taking away that femininity that comes with short hair it appears to do the opposite. As much as I love this look I am terribly afraid of what a cut like this would look on me. White jeans. Especially with the winter months approaching, I think white jeans are a gorgeous addition to a sweater and boots look. Many people tend to buy a lot of black and gray during the winter, so it makes a world of difference to pair a dark-colored comfy sweater with a pair of crisp white jeans instead of the standard blue jeans. It brightens up one’s whole look. White jeans can also be great for more professional atmospheres, such as job interviews or programs on campus. They dress-up an outfit and are perfect if you feel like wearing jeans but want to appear a little fancier. As someone who is accident prone, I am afraid to go anywhere near these pants because I feel like anytime I wear something white I instantly get a stain on it and then I’m stuck trying to cover it up for the rest of the day. I really hope to one day be able to walk into a hair salon and instruct the stylist to give me an adorable, choppy pixie cut and then to go purchase a clean, crisp white pair of skinnies, but I’m not sure when that day will be.

Anatomy of a hipster


The hipster subculture is a movement that steers away from mainstream relevance and toward a revival of nostalgic pop culture and liberal antics. Hipsters are a pretentious bunch who believe themselves to be progressive and localized. The difficulty of identifying hipsters is the hipster’s individualism, which ironically contributes to the hipster label as a whole.

Characteristics Underground More often than not, hipsters are allergic to the mainstream. They grimace at the sound of the radio, unless it’s NPR. The average hipster’s iTunes consists of local music and ironic band names. If a hipster’s favorite artist becomes too popular, the musician is deleted. If you talk to a hipster about movies, he or she will likely start off with, “You probably haven’t heard of it, but…” and begin discussing an obscure foreign film. Retro If you ever hear someone say the words “lomography” or “Woodstock,” you are likely listening to a hipster. Hipsters are nostalgic in nature and have no problem borrowing his or hers parents’ old Polaroid camera or 8-track player. Female hipsters tend to style their hair after old icons such as Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn. Males gravitate toward the James Dean and Bob Dylan cuts. Pretentious Hipsters are convinced that they are more knowledgeable than the rest. They enjoy reading classic novels, especially “The Catcher in the Rye.” Hipsters are too informed to purchase processed food, so they buy organic at Trader Joe’s and fresh markets and look down upon commoners whom shop at regular markets. Political Hipsters are solely responsible for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Next time you watch coverage of a protest, play “Spot the Hipster” and see how many thickrimmed glasses you can count. Urban Hipsters are drawn to metropolitan areas, such as Seattle and New York City, though many can be found in small liberal cities like Asheville, N.C. They generally use Schwinn bikes to get around town and found in abundance at local coffee shops. Ironic The most notable trait of all hipsters is irony. Hipsters are paradoxical - almost hypocritical. They love Apple products but hate corporate America, they seek individualism but shop at Urban Outfitters and they model European culture but only drink Pabst Blue Ribbon. Hipsters do not admit to being hipsters and, in some cases, do not understand the term. Without irony, hipsters could not exist.

Hangouts Snug Harbor Across from Lunchbox Records, this tiny little dive bar doubles as a popular music venue for local bands and smaller bands passing through Charlotte. There is limited seating and it is incredibly small, but if you are looking to mingle with some locals or obsess about the most popular “unpopular” bands hipsters tend to like, this is the perfect place to go. The Common Market This deli/general store in Charlotte is a common stop for many hipsters to get a bite to eat and get their PBR fix. Self-described as quirky and eclectic, the Common Market also has a patio area consisting of four tables for those who wish to hang out in a quieter place. Dharma Lounge This self-described “new approach to nightlife” is a club that is complete with a large Buddha statue, wooden tree cutouts along the bar and couches for hipsters to rest on with their friends. Known for playing mostly trance music, the Dharma Lounge has many different “bed” areas with a frighteningly large number of pillows for those who wish to get cozy with one another. Amelie’s French Bakery This quirky bakery/café is normally full of hipsters in during all hours of operation. The décor is quirky with paintings and statues reminiscent of “Friends” character Phoebe Buffay’s Gladys creation. With an assortment of coffees, sandwiches, soups and baked good, Amelie’s is quite the hipster hangout. Jack Beagle’s Jack Beagle’s, one of the newest bars in NoDa, is hipster-friendly and inviting. They even serve breakfast to those who wish to begin their oh-so-retro days early. With constant drink and food specials, Jack Beagle’s is racking in on the hipster return rate.

Attire Shirts Hipsters can often be seen in loose fitting tops and sweaters. If they’re wearing graphic tees, the image will feature an obscure quote, band or image on. Hipsters can also be seen in button up flannel shirts and shirts with intricate patterns. Pants Tight fitting trousers or skinny jeans usually rolled up to create a cuff Shoes You can usually spot a Hipster rocking old school sneakers, TOMS, a subtle colored low-top converse sneaker (brown, maroon, grey, classic white), Moccasins, P.F. Flyers and the “easy to spot” Vans slip on. The most recent thing to come up on their trend list is lace-up above the ankle boots for both men and women. Accessories The hipster go-to accent to make the perfect outfit is a pair of thick rimmed, wide framed glasses. The idea of not looking intellectual is daunting to a hipster. Females of this tribe are often seen with lots of woven bracelets paired with rings on a least three out of five fingers. Males and females often carry tote and messenger bags. Playing dress up On a formal occasion, a Hipster girl will be seen in a vintage baby doll dress with tights and a combat style boot such as the Doc Marten - or maybe even a ballet flat. A Hipster boy will most likely be in a button up with suspenders, a bow tie and cuffed trousers. Outerwear During colder months, hipsters are seen in pea coats, fingerless gloves, baggy cardigans and thick knitted snowcaps.

Elizabeth Billiards As opposed to a club or bar, many hipsters choose to congregate at this Charlotte pool hall. If one prefers darts, Elizabeth Billiards has the equipment to suit those desires in addition to always being well stocked with PBR. For the hipster smokers and for those who prefer to congregate outside, there is an outdoor patio.

“My style is nonexistent, I don’t like to stereotype [it].” - UNC Charlotte hipster Laura Phipps Photo by Matthew Dentremont

“You wouldn’t understand.” - UNC Charlotte hipster Corbin Peters Photo by Haley Twist

Compiled by Lee Pham, Haley Twist and Scarlett Newman



Sir Edmond Halley’s This vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant is a fun and delicious choice for students

Photo by Tricia Bangit

Even though the restaurant closed in 2010, lovesick fans pushed for Sir Edmond’s to open its doors again. Tweaks were made to the establishment’s menu, which had primarily boasted English pub fare, including fish and chips, Irish potato cakes and shepherd’s pie. Now one can also enjoy satay, spring

Living on the standard college diet of ramen and pasta can get boring at times. Couscous, a cross between pasta and rice, has a slightly nutty flavor and can be a healthy food adventure in the form of a dinner side dish or packed lunch. It’s not heavy on the wallet either. While there are many ways to prepare couscous, the recipe below is a personal favorite. This recipe was developed based on ingredients that were available in my herb garden and kitchen pantry, so don’t be afraid to modify it according to your tastes and whatever you’ve got in your cabinet. Ingredients (to make 4 servings):

Photo by Tricia Bangit

rolls and edamame to name a few additional choices. Sharing plates range from $4 to $9.25, while main meals go for $11.95 to $14.50. Sir Edmond’s also offers a selection of sandwiches and burgers for around $8. Do you have friends or a significant other that doesn’t eat meat? A quick glance at Sir Edmund’s menu will reveal that the establishment is vegetarian-friendly and proves that vegetarianism is not always synonymous with tasteless. The herbivorous selection includes, but is not limited to, butternut squash croquettes served with a creamy brie fondue, goat cheese croquettes served with thinly sliced apples and a red wine sauce and black bean burgers. Vegans, fear not. They serve vegan black bean burgers as well. Although Sir Edmond’s offers no dessert menu, many customers and servers will recommend the Bailey’s chocolate pudding. Small-portioned, but scrumptious, it’s not a bad way to get your chocolate fix. Drink specials are available everyday, including $4 for 20 ounce pints on Mondays and Fridays, $3.50 for flavored vodkas on Saturdays and half-price off appetizers after 10 pm. On Mondays, Sir Edmond hosts Trivia Night. First prize is a $25 gift certificate for the restaurant, and it’s not a bad idea for double dates. Second and third place teams fetch prizes as well. If you’re looking for some additional fun before hitting up the restaurant, Sir Edmond’s happens to be conveniently located in the same complex as the Regal Park Terrace movie theatre and Park Road Books, an independent bookstore.

To repair or replace? Eric Gwinn CHICAGO TRIBUNE

We talked here recently about whether to buy refurbished electronics, concluding that it’s a good idea, as long as you’re purchasing from the original manufacturer or an authorized repair or resale shop. Otherwise, beware. But what if you’re wondering whether you should repair your gadget or buy a new one? The long-held formula is to divide the cost of a new item by two. If the repair cost is more than the quotient, then you’re better off buying new. So if you accidentally cracked the display of your phone (as I once did), find out the cost of repair (in my case, $80). A replacement phone would have been $150, and since $150 divided by two is $75, I figured that paying $80 to repair my old phone would have been a waste. I popped for a new model, which incidentally had more features, and I didn’t have to be phoneless while waiting for the repair. And remember, a repair shop usually charges a one-time fee just to diagnose the problem, so don’t forget to add that to the cost of a repair.

Couscous salad Tricia Bangit

Tricia Bangit

The dining area inside Sir Edmond Halley’s.

Niner Times recipe: TBANGIT@UNCC.EDU


Quietly tucked in the back of the Park Road shopping center is a vegetarianfriendly and beer-endowed restaurant with several eating options called Sir Edmond Halley’s. Outdoor seating on the patio is available, and inside you will find a dining room with dim, intimate lighting and dark walls. Touching the dining room and the bright, dart-board filled pub room is the bar. This leaves its visitors with many options as to where they can enjoy their meals and drinks. With a full menu available until closing at 2 a.m., the award-winning pub has a lot to offer. Founders Svend Deal and chef Tobin McAfee have been supplying Charlotte with an international selection of beers and spirits since 1996.


For its August “Repair or Replace It?” issue, Consumer Reports magazine surveyed 27,404 subscribers, who responded with tales of their troubles with 53,218 broken appliances, electronics, lawn equipment and more. You can get an idea of how often certain electronics and appliances break, how long in their life cycles they will break, and what brands are more reliable by subscribing at, which lets you read old and future issues on your computer. Q: Just saw your column regarding VHS transfer to DVD and was wondering what additional options are available to copy miniDV videotapes to DVD. A: If your PC has a DVD burner, and your camcorder has a USB output, you can use software from companies such as Honest Technology ( and Pinnacle Systems ( to easily transfer your video to your hard drive so you can edit it and burn it to DVD. If you have a Mac, the built-in iMovie software will do the same thing, but you’ll import your movie into iDVD to make a DVD.

• 1 cup Moroccan couscous • 1 tablespoon olive oil or margarine • 1 tablespoon orange juice • 1 tablespoon lemon pepper • 1 teaspoon freshly chopped parsley • 1 tablespoon freshly chopped basil • ½ teaspoon paprika

Possible add-ons: • ¼ cup tangerine slices • 2 tablespoons craisins • 1 tablespoon bacon bits (add bacon bits right before serving, otherwise they will get soggy)

Instructions: 1. Prepare couscous according to directions on package. 2. Mix in remaining ingredients. 3. Add more olive oil or margarine if couscous is too dry, one tablespoon at a time. 3. Enjoy! Photos/ Tricia Bangit







“Where in the World?” Trivia Contest

International Coffee Tasting

Plaza between COED and CHHS 11:00am - 1:00pm







Advanced Storm Water Modeling Approaches

Workshop: Introduction to Endnote

9:30am - 11:00am

8:00am - 4:45pm

10:00am - 11:30am

Expresso: Informational Meeting

Exploring Our Social Perceptions

Iranian Culture and Music

Atkins Library Cafe

Cone Center Rm 113 6:00pm

UNC Charlotte Center

Cone Center Rm 113 7:00pm

Atkins Rm 124


Explore | Open House SAC Lobby

9:00am - 2:00pm

Student Union Multipurpose Room



Opera Workshop: The Pirates of Penzance 2:00pm

Spades & 9 - Ball Tournament

Robinson Hall Anne R. Belk Theater

Student Union Norm’s 5:00pm



Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

November 14, 1851 Moby-Dick published

November 15, 1867 First stock ticker debuts

November 16, 1532 Pizarro traps Incan emperor Atahualpa

November 17, 1558 Elizabethan Age begins

November 18, 1991 Terry Waite released

November 19, 1863 Lincoln delivers Gettysburg Address

ACROSS 1 Onetime VHS rival 5 Like honed knives 10 Relaxed 14 The Earth turns on it 15 Swiss calculus pioneer 16 Hebrides hillside 17 Rules, in brief 18 Grassy Southwestern tract 19 “Mike and Mike in the Morning” radio station 20 On-the-go morning snack 23 Flight that may be round 24 Craft stabilizer 25 “No __!”: Mexican’s “Enough!” 28 Story spanning decades 31 St. Teresa’s home 33 Matador’s cloak 37 Cash for a sandwich 40 Tenth of a sawbuck 42 Tailgaters’ beverage carriers 43 Waiter’s handout 45 Dorothy’s dog 46 Run the show 47 Vidal’s Breckinridge 49 Actress Sandra 50 Moan and groan 53 Browning work 57 Familiarly, nutritious trio found twice in this puzzle 61 Dubai big shot 64 Medium’s card 65 Part of a float 66 Take it easy 67 Bacteria in rare meat 68 Footnote word 69 Biblical heirs, with “the” 70 Barber’s chair attachment 71 Corporate __ DOWN 1 Farm fence feature


By Pam Klawitter

2 Put into action, as effort 3 LSU mascot 4 Very, musically 5 __-centered: egotistical 6 Luau entertainment 7 Sarah Palin, notably 8 Yvonne’s income 9 Legislative investigation 10 “Good buddy” 11 Horace’s “__ Poetica” 12 Comfy spot for some cats 13 Guys 21 GI mess crews 22 Memorable Texas landmark 25 “Giant” actor Sal 26 Ready for whatever 27 Final authority 29 Old apple spray 30 Frances __: Judy Garland’s birth name 32 Battery unit 33 Encrypted 34 Japanese cartoon style 35 Pound divisions

Monday’s Puzzle Solved

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36 Adolescent woe 38 Manhattan campus, for short 39 Rush __ 41 Bloodsucker 44 Invisible-clothes wearer in an Andersen tale 48 “The Simpsons” storekeeper 51 José’s humanities


52 Show one’s feelings, say 54 Kalahari refuge 55 Wear away 56 Jason jilted her 57 Taxing trip 58 Go it alone 59 You may stick it in your ear 60 Dan’l’s cousin? 61 Street shader 62 Ginnie __ 63 Special ending?




Charlotte soars past the Eagles Ed Niser


Charlotte men’s basketball came out of the gates looking a bit sloppy turning the ball over seven times early in the first half and trailed by as much as 13 points early in the contest against the NC Central Eagles. The 49ers took charge at the end of the first half and never looked back as they soared past the NC Central Eagles 73-57. Charlotte found themselves in a bit of a rut as the NC Central Eagles got out to a 21-3 run to begin the game. “I was really happy with the way we started the second half, I was really happy with the scoring balance as well, we had four guys in double figures,” said head coach Alan Major. Georgia transfer DeMario Mayfield provided a spark plug for the 49ers, shooting three-of-three from beyond the arc, finishing the game with 17 points and five rebounds. Junior center Chris Braswell held his own against an undersized Eagles team, recording a double-double, finishing with 19 points and 12 rebounds. Braswell’s double-double is the sixteenth of his career, moving him to ninth all time in 49ers’ history. Senior forward Javarris Barnett also recorded a double-double, contributing ten points and ten rebounds.

E. Victor Nickerson adds another dimension to the 49er bench Photo by Chris Crews “I adjusted to how they were playing me, I knew they were 6-foot-6, 6-foot-5, they were a bit shorter than me, I went to my hook-shot and was able to finish around the rim,” said Braswell Pierria Henry showed great awareness on the offensive side of the ball showcasing

a strong put back with 6:13 left in the first half, giving Charlotte the 29-26 lead. Kansas State transfer Dominique Sutton struggled from the free-throw line, shooting an abysmal one-for-11. Charlotte held Sutton to 15 points. In the latter stages of the first half, the 49ers brought a completely different animal onto the hardwood as Charlotte quickly regained the lead, going into the locker room up 35-34. The 49ers extended their lead to nine, when 6-foot-8 freshman forward, E.Victor Nickerson made a strong cut to the hoop with 8:05 remaining putting Charlotte out in front 57-48. Henry possesses great floor awareness as he caught Mayfield in stride to the basket with 5:06 remaining, giving Charlotte the 63-48. Coach Major commented on his team’s ability to distribute the ball around; “It was a great team win, we need to hold onto the ball more, we had sixteen assists it is encouraging that we have players who are willing to share the ball.” Two dunks by Sutton closed the game as the 49ers defeated the Eagles in their home opener. Charlotte begins their road trip tonight at Central Michigan, tip-off slated is at 7 p.m.

Head coach Cara Consuegra and the 49ers go 2-0 on the weekend Ed Niser

fourth in the conference, coming off their ENISER@UNCC.EDU WNIT Final Four loss to Toledo last season. The 49ers shot 22-of-59 from the Head coach Cara Consuegra’s team field and four-of-eight from behind came out the gates a bit sluggish in the first the three-point-line. Forward Katie half, as did the Presbyterian Blue Hose, but Meader contributed two from threethe 49ers began to hit their stride in the point land, with a pure shot from the leftsecond half. wing with 3:35 remaining in regulation. Charlotte opened up the half on a 17-0 Meader finished the game with 10 points run, headlined by Epiphany Woodson with “We needed to play better defensively, 12 points. Consuegra and her team picked their team was up the 58-42 win over very comfortable Presbyterian. running their “It is always good to get your Consuegra commentstuff, I was very ed on getting her first first one under your belt” pleased how we win as a head coach: came out in the “It’s exciting, I don’t second half”, Said look too much into it, - Coach Consuegra Consuegra. “We it is a long season, it is came out and always good to get your played very well, it was good to see, now first one under your belt, it’s an uphill we want to be able to do that consistently battle early on in November, we just need through the 40 minutes.” to work on getting better.” Junior forward Amanda The 49ers ladies played the early game Dowe contributed six points and 10 in the double-header with the men, who rebound, second on the 49ers behind tipped-off their season with the NC Central leading rebounder Gabby Tyler who Eagles in the 7:30 p.m. contest. contributed 12 boards and eight points. Gabby Tyler dominated the boards, Freshman point guard, Ayanna Holmes tearing down 11 rebounds and contributing dropped 10 points in her collegiate debut, eight points from the field. giving 49ers’ a glimpse into what life is Consuegra inherits a group of ladies who like following the graduation of Kendria were successful under former head coach Holmes. Karen Aston, the 49ers Preseason Atlantic Holmes penetrated the paint strong, 10 polls predict that the 49ers will finish showcasing her abilities off the dribble, she did not seem nervous in her début. Both teams had a hard time hanging


Tuesday Men’s Basketball @ Central Michigan 7 p.m.

Wednesday Women‘s Basketball @ Virginia Tech 7 p.m.

Saturday Women’s Basketball vs. Elon 7pm Men’s Basketball @ Lamar TBA


LOSS vs. Xavier

1-2 OT Volleyball

WIN vs.



Women’s Basketball

WIN vs.


58-42 Men’s Basketball

WIN vs.

NC Central

73-57 Epiphany Woodson led the Niners in scoring against the Blue Hose Photo by Chris Crews onto the ball in the season opener as Charlotte and Presbyterian turned the ball over 19 times. Charlotte picked up their second win of the year against the Arkansas State Red Wolves on Sunday. The 49ers dominated the boards with 61 rebounds in their 78-48 win. The 49ers’ performance on the glass ranks 8th all time in school history.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK Chris Braswell #35


Cross Country

#10 vs.

NCAA East Regional


WIN vs.

Rhode Island


Junior Chris Braswell had his thirteenth double-double with 19 points and 12 rebounds in the 49ers’ win over NC Central this past Friday. Braswell’s efforts helped propel the 49ers to a 73-57 win.




Niners fall for the second year in a row to Xavier Ed Niser ENISER@UNCC.EDU

The three seed Charlotte 49ers’ men’s soccer team fell in overtime to the six-seed Xavier Musketeers 2-1 Thursday in their opening round of the A-10 Tournament. Aidan Kirkbride tallied his third goal of the season. Xavier’s season-leader in goals, Luke Spencer provided the equalizer in the 32nd minute on strike from just outside the 18yard box. Charlotte’s main questionmark going into the NCAA Tournament is whether or not they will host a first round game. Redshirt senior T.J. Beaulieu had the 49ers final shot of the half but it was blocked by Xavier goaltender Justin Marshall. Charlotte had their best scoring chances in the second half, outshooting

the Musketeers 9-2. Kirkbride came back looking for another goal in the final ten minutes of regulation, but Musketeers’ goaltender Marshall made another save. The Musketeers wasted no time as Will Walker dialed up the game winning shot just three minutes into the overtime period, closing the door on Charlotte for the second straight A-10 tournament. Charlotte finished with a 14-6 shot advantage, Kirkbride led all 49ers with four. The 49ers are ranked ninth in the latest College Soccer RPI polls and should be a lock to secure a spot in this year’s men’s soccer College Cup. Prior to their loss in the A-10 tournament, Charlotte was thought to be a lock for hosting a game in the NCAA, following the loss where they will play is still yet to be determined.

Aiden Kirkbride scored the 49ers lone goal during their A-10 opening round loss to Xavier last Friday. Photo by Chris Crews

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