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APR. 17, 2018


BUILDING CONNECTIONS Alumnus Charles Trowell attempts to bridge the gap between professional and undergraduate world


By Daniel Watson

Students from architecture course pose for an on-site photo at the RailYard project. Photo courtesy of Charles Trowell

At the base of every great building is a solid foundation. For a considerable number of employees at The RBA Group, Inc., that foundation is UNC Charlotte. Charles Trowell, an associate architect at the firm, received his bachelor of architecture from UNC Charlotte in 2017. Trowell is staying true to his 49er roots with his latest inception. “Coming out of school, because architecture is kind of a studio-based thing, a lot of the work that you do is really just on paper. So there’s sort of a gap between academia and then trying to translate that to the actual workforce,” said Trowell. “You kind of get thrown to the wolves, essentially, when you get out in the field. I still have good ties with UNC Charlotte, so I just told them like, ‘Hey, I see the opportunity that you all are missing. Give these students something that I didn’t get or we didn’t get when we were in undergrad.’” Trowell’s blueprint hopped right off the page and

into action. On March 13, David Thaddeus and students from his Structure of The Everyday course visited The RailYard project. Thaddeus, also a registered architect, has been a professor of structures and architectural design at UNC Charlotte since 1999. The RailYard is one of the most anticipated commercial spaces under construction in the Carolinas. The eight-story, two building project will include 300,000 square feet of creative office space, an outdoor plaza, rooftop park, ground-level restaurants and incredible views of Uptown, South End and Dilworth. The $100 million project is expected to open in January 2019. “The most important thing is they get to see what they’re drawing,” Thaddeus said. “Getting to see the stuff and how it goes together is just an invaluable lesson that they don’t get in school. RBA is giving back to the community in many ways by hiring UNC Charlotte students and mentoring students. Their engagement and involvement in

the professional community is the true definition of leadership.” The site visit consisted of a brief overview and on-site view of the project, in which students were able to meet with the contractor and see steel going up. The visit ended back at the RBA office where the staff held a networking open house for the students to ask questions and learn more about what the architecture firm does. UNC Charlotte senior Maura Witzel appreciated the real world interaction. “The opportunity to engage so fully with the professionals in and around our intended field has been both invaluable and relevant,” said Witzel. “Not only have we seen the physical nature of architecture and its construction, we’ve learned so much about the collaboration that brings it all together. It’s really important in deciding the next step in our education and careers.” Fellow classmate Shane Zimmerman thoroughly enjoyed the inner workings of a large-scale building. “Having the opportunity while in school to visit job sites is extremely beneficial in understanding the process of construction,” said Zimmerman. “It also makes it very clear to see all the parts that we as students heading into the workforce will be drawing and detailing. What better way to learn and understand a connection than by seeing it be put together.” Trowell believes his initiative will improve the network between the collegiate and corporate world for years to come, especially for 49ers. “We’re primarily creating a bridge and getting a little more notoriety for UNC Charlotte,” he said. “Now their architecture program is bigger than NC State’s and we’re in a city that is growing crazy fast, so really making that connection is sort of a no brainer for me. We have a company with all these UNC Charlotte grads, so why not cultivate these relationships and get a little more strategic about giving the new students better resources and better access to opportunities that they wouldn’t get otherwise?”


APR. 17, 2018




CHHS, officer took a report in reference to a professor receiving a threatening email.


Martin Hall, officers issued a campus appearance ticket after marijuana and drug paraphernalia were discovered in a residence hall during an administrative search conducted by Housing and Residence Life.


Martin Hall, officers issued a campus appearance ticket after open alcohol containers were discovered in a residence hall during an administrative search conducted by Housing and Residence Life.


Sanford Hall, officers issued two campus appearance tickets after two pocket knives were discovered in a residence hall during an administrative search conducted by Housing and Residence Life.

For more information on Mecklenburg County arrests, visit


APR. 17, 2018


FED UP SGA passes bill to extend dining hours By Megan Bird Students are fed up with dining hall hours, or at least that’s what a recent survey indicates. A Student Government Association (SGA) survey of 1,254 people conducted during the spring elections found 96 percent of students are in favor of extending dining hall hours. SGA passed a bill to recognize these grievances. The legislation, sponsored by freshman at-large senator Jacob Baum, calls for Crown Commons and SoVi to extend their hours until 10 p.m. starting in the fall semester of 2018. Sahithi Meduri, sophomore class president-elect, was a sponsor of the bill alongside Baum. She said current dining hall hours are not fair to students with late classes. “Many students have things going on until 9:15 p.m. and dining halls close at 8:30 p.m,” she said. “[We] didn’t think it was fair and wanted more options [for students] than fast food.” While Chic-fil-A is open until 10 p.m. on weekdays, Atkins café until 11 p.m. and Wendy’s until 12:30 a.m., SoVi and Crown Commons dining halls both close at 8:30 p.m. Next semester, classes will run as late as 11:15 p.m. SGA believes students should have access to healthier foods throughout the day. Meduri thinks students have the right to the extra hours because other UNC schools have better dining options. “I believe it should already be included in what we already pay in our tuition because other schools in our system have longer hours and

more dining food options,” she said. UNC Charlotte’s cheapest meal plan is $1,185, although students must have 90 credit hours in order to qualify for this option. The cheapest meal plan for freshmen is $2,125. UNC Chapel Hill’s cheapest plan is $1,378, but their latest dining hall is open until 12 a.m. NC State’s cheapest plan is $1,750 and their dining halls are open until 9 p.m. The cheapest plan at East Carolina University is $1,925 and their last dining hall closes at 11 p.m. Although UNC Charlotte does offer the cheapest meal plan, that plan is only available to upperclassmen and freshmen have to pay the most expensive plan of these four schools. In addition, Charlotte offers the shortest dining hall hours. Freshman Soleil Maynor disagrees with many of her classmates about extending the hours. “I wish they wouldn’t do it,” she said. “I feel like it might mess with the dining hall employees’ shifts in a very undesirable way and I’m sure they already get home late because they have to clean up afterwards.” Meduri said she is unsure whether dining hall employees would be paid overtime for working past the current closing times. The bill is a formal suggestion and does not ensure dining hours will be extended. However, Meduri is confident that the university and the regional district manager of Chartwells Dining — our longstanding catering company — will collaborate to meet student demands.

Defense of Insanity A justifiable reason or a convenient excuse By Conner Boothe Imagine you’ve been summoned to serve your civil duty as a juror in a high-profile court case. Trial day rolls around, you find your seat in the jury box and you watch as sobbing spectators, some family of the victims and others family of the perpetrator begin to file in. The judge hammers his gavel and the lawyers continue into their procession. The person standing trial is a middle-aged man in a three-piece suit whose charges consist of fifteen counts of murder. Ever since his adolescence, the perpetrator was bestowed with the predisposition to mutilate and dissect living beings. It began in his ninth-grade science class with the dissection of a pig fetus. While the majority of us would proceed apprehensively and greatly anticipate the conclusion of such an activity, this particular individual was so fascinated with what laid under the hood of the fetus he carried the remains of it home and toyed with them in his room, a smile burgeoning on his face. The urge within him to kill and pick apart animals steadily grew, working his way from squirrels to cats and dogs and eventually, human beings, until it was uncontrollable. He went on to rape, kill and dismember seventeen men and boys in a span of thirteen years. states the definition of insanity as a person who cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct his/her affairs due to psychosis or is subject to uncontrollable

impulsive behavior. With that being said, would you, as a juror, be in favor of a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict? It seems to me the characteristics of the killer align perfectly with the latter part of the legal definition of insanity and so by the book he should be deemed insane and given a lesser sentence with the possibility of release. Luckily, this jury denied his plea. The man standing trial was the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer and before the judge struck his gavel to symbolize the conclusion of the trial, Dahmer was sentenced to fifteen consecutive life sentences. Now imagine a slightly different scenario. Enter the courtroom an unspectacular man by the name of John. John grew up a rich kid in the state of Texas, child to the owners of an oil company, and appeared to have an All-American upbringing. He played every sport his school had to offer in high school and was even elected the president of his class on two occasions. However, this seemingly promising young man’s success began and ended in his adolescent years. While back home after dropping out of college, John became obsessed with the newly released film entitled Taxi Driver, in which a disturbed protagonist plots to assassinate a presidential candidate. Playing in the movie as a child prostitute was Jodie Foster, who John fell head over heels in love with. When Foster moved to New Haven, John followed along to stalk her, regularly slipping poems and letters under her door in attempt to extract a response from her. When these attempts failed, John plotted a plan to win her attention. He settled on an attempt to assassinate the President of the United States and outside of the Hilton Hotel in Washington DC, he did exactly that. John fired off six bullets from his revolver in the direction of President Reagan, injuring a police officer, a secret service agent, White house press secretary James Brady and the president himself. While initially all victims survived, James Brady was hit on the right


side of his head, and he died in 2014, which was ruled a homicide. John Hinckley Jr. pursued the not guilty by reason of insanity plea and won. He was admitted to a mental hospital in 1983, where he was gradually allowed to roam among the general population for weeks at a time until his full release was actualized in 2016. In the wake of the ever-increasing quantity of mass shootings, the guilty by reason of insanity plea is an increasingly popular term being tossed around pretty regularly. Is it a valid argument in shielding the mentally insane from capital punishment, or simply a cop out for a lesser sentence? In the two examples outlined above, it is my belief both men standing trial were mentally insane, cut from different yet similar cloths and that neither of them, or any like them, should ever be granted the luxury of rejoining society and be given the chance to target new victims. In fact, I don’t believe either of them should be granted a life in any form, not even one in which their days rot away behind the ironclad bars of a six by eight-foot prison cell. The taxpayer need not be burdened with supporting a life without a cause. Besides, what do we do when there’s a growth of disruptive (cancer) cells in our bodies? We vaporize them with chemotherapy. Our societal body shouldn’t be any different. Nowadays there are sophisticated tests and an expert opinion is required to make a not guilty by insanity plea even feasible, but even then, won’t it always boil down to someone’s word against another? The way I see it, insanity isn’t a disease that can be diagnosed like the common cold or the flu. Its foundation is not built on the presence of a virus or bacteria, but rather on the opinion of a PhD. Besides, isn’t insanity a prerequisite of a person possessing the capability to commit a capital offense? In closing, I leave you with a final thought. As a participating member of the jury in the above trials, how would you feel if you were on the side of the not guilty by reason of insanity plea and Mr. Dahmer or Mr. Hinckley were eventually released and reverted to killing another man, woman or child? If you’re in favor of ever allowing these untrustworthy beasts to roam and wreak havoc on the general


APR. 17, 2018


SPORTS Story by Grant Hughes Photo by Chris Crews


On a cool and overcast Friday afternoon, junior Tai Martin once again found I could have done better. I’m just a perfectionist in everything I do.” herself playing the game she loves in a home match against Davidson. Though her sole focus is playing at the top of her game, winning almost “Three dribbles before I serve and two leg slaps before I return,” Martin said always comes as a result of her best performances. Complacency has ruined about her favorite rituals. However, these gestures are more second nature the careers of many gifted athletes, but not Martin as a team-first mentality than superstition for a player with her experience. lights a fire under her prior to every match. Martin has been playing the game since the youthful age of six when she “I love playing for my team. I push my hardest for my girls and even in begged her mom for months to take her to tennis lessons. Martin’s mother tough losses I feel it still brings us closer together.” Martin said. Tami was reluctant at first, for her young daughter was an inside child whose She has the backs of her teammates and her teammates and coaches return love of the game sprouted from Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64. However, the favor. The team does everything for each other and that is what gives each she took the chance that her daughter could swap a game controller for a huddle a family-like atmosphere. Just like a real family, Martin says there are racquet and turn an indoor activity to a healthy hobby. She signed Martin up plenty of times where everyone cuts loose and has fun. for lessons and the rest is history. “All of the young players on the team have such great games. If they believe Since then, her childhood passion has turned into a success story at the in themselves I have no fear that when I am gone they will take over and do college level. Martin has been a consistent bright spot on the women’s great things.” Martin said. team since stepping foot on campus her freshman year. She recorded seven She said as much when asked about her personality on the court versus out and eight singles wins her freshman and sophomore years playing of Halton-Wagner Tennis Complex. predominantly as the one seed. Martin is now building off her past “On and off I am loud. I am really energetic, it’s just magnified when I success and rounding out her best season yet. am playing. My teammates will tell you I am very animated. I can usually As well as being a star athlete, Martin is also an exemplary control my mouth but my face stays very animated,” Martin said. student. Named to numerous Dean’s and Chancellor’s Lists, she is Her intensity was palpable if you watched her battle in her single’s finding a way to balance her academic and athletic lives. match against Davidson. Hustling to every ball, Martin was able to sweep “I have had to plan out my day better, made sure to her opponent in two hard-fought sets. Her win helped propel her study and have spent many late nights team to a crushing 4-2 victory that was never close. The victory working, but it has snapped Davidson’s ten game win streak. been worth it. I When I mentioned this she couldn’t help, am a perfectionist,” but revel in the fact she also helped snap the Martin said. Wildcat’s record 16-game home win streak the Though It hasn’t year before. always been easy, Martin has found a way to Beating a team whose riding a hot streak is no easy task and be a dually successful student-athlete. She is a perfectionist in the can only be done with an aggressive style of play. The 49ers classroom and also back on the tennis courts, where she is setting came out with the win due to a blend of power and control lofty goals for the rest of her career. which is a hallmark of Martin’s game. “As a team, we definitely want to win conference, that is number From the fans to her teammates, coaches and her mother one. I also would like to make it through the regional tournament who took a chance many years ago; Martin will continue in the fall and eventually into the NCAAs as an individual or to receive support from those around her. Through playing doubles. Making it to the NCAAs is my number one goal,” handwork, she has built a legacy at Charlotte. Martin loves the game of tennis and no one doubts Martin said. These are high aspirations for any player, but never bet she will continue to set new against an athlete who loves the game like Martin. While heights and reach the goals most collegiate athletes play for the perks of being a campus she sets out to accomplish on celebrity, Martin plays because she loves the game. the tennis court and beyond. “I just love playing tennis. I am really Tai Martin goes for the ball in a match. Martin is the one-seed for competitive and hate to lose.” Martin said. the tennis team. “Even if I win and don’t play my greatest, I know


APR. 17, 2018


Story by Zach Timmons Photo by Chris Crews March Madness has just ended. Villanova won the title on the men’s side, while Notre Dame hit two consecutive buzzer beaters in the Final Four to win the title for the women. At Charlotte, the offseason women’s basketball workouts have started up and there’s a familiar face in the gym: Tanisha Wright. However, Wright is now on the floor working out, instead of being on the sidelines. Wright, a member of the 49ers’ coaching staff this past season, is returning to the WNBA after a year off and recently signed with the Minnesota Lynx as a free agent. And, while she didn’t suit up to play this year, it’s clear she’s still got it. “I think I stepped away to figure out things, to see what other opportunities that were out there,” Wright said. “I like to stay in shape. I stay in shape and I work on my game as much as I can because I like to grow and get better. I never really stopped doing that. I took some time to get in shape to be able to prepare myself for a training camp. And once I felt like my body was okay and mentally I was okay, it’s just a matter of getting out there and doing it.” This year, Wright was a part of the coaching staff that oversaw a young Charlotte team. The 49ers had a few growing pains early on, losing multiple games in the non-conference slate by three points or less. However, the team rebounded in the conference portion of the schedule, scoring 10 conference wins before falling in the first round of the Conference USA Tournament to finish 14-16. Now, as the semester nears its end, Wright will be preparing to join the Lynx, the franchise that won the WNBA Finals last year on the strength of Sylvia Fowles and Maya Moore.

“Joining a group that already has championship pedigree, being able to bring that and because it is a veteran group who’s been together for years, they already have a cohesiveness about them… really, it’s about adding on and being a support system to the rest of the people that are there,” Wright said. “Obviously, I wanna perform up to my abilities, but it’s really being a servant leader at this point.” Wright is no stranger to the spotlight. A stellar collegiate athlete at Penn State, Wright played for the Seattle Storm from 2005 to 2014 and won a ring with the Storm in 2010 alongside Swin Cash, Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson. She averaged 9.2 points that year, helping the squad bring the title home and she’ll be looking to reach the pinnacle again this year. “It does not matter; you can be the best college player at that level, but when you get to the League, you’re gonna find someone who’s bigger, somebody who’s faster and somebody who’s stronger. So really, it’s just about developing your game, continuing to get better year in and year out. And if you do that, the sky’s the limit,” Wright said. For Wright, the relationships she has built as each level have been priceless. Head coach Cara Consuegra was a graduate assistant at Penn State when Wright was playing and the two stayed in contact throughout her career. Wright noted the pointers she’ll take from Charlotte when she reports to Minneapolis. “The main difference is you see the game completely different. You’re no longer out there performing it. When you’re on the court, you have all the ability in the world to make plays happen,” Wright said when explaining the differences between playing and coaching. “When you’re on the

sidelines, you don’t necessarily have those abilities, so you try to impart that on the players that you’re coaching. The perspective of the game is probably the main [thing]… and what I can take to [the League] is the perspective… the understanding everything that leads up to coaches preparing players for a game.” While she played for Penn State, Wright agreed that C-USA is a sleeper for talent. Redshirt senior Nyilah Jamison-Myers was invited to two pre-draft camps for the WNBA and Wright says that there are more players in the conference who could make it to the next level. “You can be a good talent that wasn’t seen— Conference USA, we’re a smaller conference so we’re not seen as much as the Power 5 schools,” Wright said. “You can be a kid who’s not seen as much, but if you’re put in the right situation when you go to the professionals, your game can blossom, you can get better and become somebody who people ‘slept on.’ At the end of the day, we’re all basketball players. It’s what you’re willing to do to grow your game, to get better each and every day and the amount of time you’re willing to put into it.” Wright will once again have the ability to make plays on the floor for Minnesota. In 2016, she averaged 6.7 points, 3.6 rebounds and 2.3 assists in 28 starts for the New York Liberty. She’ll undoubtedly look to add to those numbers again. And, while her stay in Charlotte was short, Niner Nation will be sure to cheer on Wright when she suits up this year. Minnesota’s season tips off on May 20 as they will take on the Los Angeles Sparks in the Target Center.


APR. 17, 2018



THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE Looking back at the great Prince hits by Aaron Febre Graphics by Warner Bros. Records It’s been two years since the music world lost Prince. An artist who fully believed in creative control over his music, Prince did what he wanted and his attitude was met with great respect and influenced many other musicians such as André 3000 and Frank Ocean. Rather than mourning his loss, let’s celebrate his music by presenting ten of his greatest songs. “Let’s Go Crazy” from “Purple Rain” (1984) You cannot kick off this list without including one of the most exciting and explosive openings to an album ever. An organ opens and Prince delivers a sermon about letting go of the stresses in life and losing yourself in the madness; we’re all going to die at some point so we might as well live while we can. This track feels like Prince is hypnotizing you with his sermon and his presence, making it hard for you to resist. And then the thudding and dry drums pull further and further until the crunchin’ guitars and bombastic synths provoke you to get on the dance floor and sing along with him. “Let’s Go Crazy” also displays how incredible of a guitarist Prince was. He often improvised with fire and passion, playing as if was the very last thing he would ever play and destroying the competition around him. Not a bad way to kick off this list eh? “When Doves Cry” from “Purple Rain” (1984) One of the greatest hit singles of the 1980s, “When Doves Cry,” is so recognizable because of its drum beat and synthesizer melody. Even if you didn’t know it was Prince, you have heard that synth melody somewhere at some point in your life. This is one of Prince’s finest vocal performances; the passion is spine-chilling and it shows the presence Prince makes when he is at the microphone. The lyrics also take a peek into his background--his father was abusive and controlling over his mother--and how it seems to have an effect on him as he is doing the same thing to his lover. That’s backed up by his tense vocals and intimidating drum beat that give you the same


APR. 17, 2018


emotions when you sit down and analyze the song itself. That’s a great twist in my opinion; I love it when you have pop songs like this. The 1980’s were a decade filled with twisted but great pop songs that leave you surprised when analyzed closely (See The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” or Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”). “When Doves Cry” is no exception. “Purple Rain” from “Purple Rain” (1984) To complete the trio of songs from the “Purple Rain” album, the epic title track that closes the album comes into play. “Purple Rain” has everything a power ballad needs: a soulful voice, love-related lyrics, an epic guitar solo, arenasounding drums and the infectious chorus, all of which is done in the best way possible. There is no holding back in this performance; this track gives the album a grand finale. It was created to have lighters held up and fireworks setting off at the end, giving listeners a bittersweet feeling as the song winds down to the very last note. This song was the perfect way to end Prince’s appearance during halftime show of Super Bowl XLI. The lighting and atmosphere, his performance and the context behind it is testament to how amazing of a musician and performer he was. How much more could I say about this iconic track? This is a song that speaks for itself when you listen to it. “1999” from “1999” (1982) “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. I only want you to have some fun,” says the robotic voice before the grand party of “1999” begins. Much like “Let’s Go Crazy,” “1999” encourages people to live their lives while nuclear war prompts the apocalypse and destroys everything--don’t be all doom and gloom about it; enjoy your life. In an interview with Larry King, Prince said he wrote this after he and his band (the Revolution) watched a TV special about the year 1999 and what it could bring. He found it ironic they were dreading that year despite their usual positive outlook. “I

just wanted to write something that gave hope,” Prince said, “and what I find is people listen to it. And no matter where we are in the world, I always get the same type of response from them.” The meaning of the lyrics is provided by the blaring synths, the grooving drum beat and the backing vocals from the others in the band. Thus creating the party atmosphere in a more controlled manner. It is more discolike than rock-infused “Let Go Crazy.” “Little Red Corvette” from “1999” (1982) From one hit to another. “Little Red Corvette” received heavy rotation on MTV and made to the Billboard Top Ten. At the time this was a major success for Prince and it brought him public attention. Musically, what makes this song work is the great build up to the chorus, with soft vocals and synths that explode once you get there, making it exciting to listen to. On top of that, it’s hard to resist the adlibs in the backing vocals that make you feel like you’re part of the show. This highly stimulating song brings metaphors of cars and lovemaking, showing Prince’s sensuality in his vocals and lyrics: “I guess I should’ve closed my eyes when you drove me to the place. Where your horses run free.” “Kiss” from “Parade” (1986) One of the funkiest tracks on this list, “Kiss” begins with a guitar riff and moves into the foot-to-the-floor drum beat. This is certainly one the catchiest tracks in Prince’s catalog. I love the falsetto chorus that will be drilled into your head and the funk chords makes it a staple on the “Parade” album. The song is about Prince wanting someone regardless of their appearance, someone who doesn’t follow the cliché love tropes and someone who lets him to the work. “Kiss” is no stranger to showing the artist’s desire for love. This was a third number one hit for Prince at the time (following “When Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy”) after his record label, Warner Bros. didn’t think this would be a hit single. This was crucial for Prince because the material after “Purple Rain” was not as successful. So this took some pressure off of the record company. “The Cross” from “Sign O’ the Times” (1987) And here comes a deep cut from “Sign O’ the Times.” “The Cross” is a track with religiously imagery. The idea that despite our circumstances, good or bad, there is a greater being that will come down to save us in time. That presence is built by a silent guitar riff that slowly erupts into an anthemic rock anthem. Every instrument is trying to make the Earth shatter, and Prince’s vocals get gruffer as the song progress. It climaxes with a choir-like refrain of “The Cross” as if you are ascending to the higher Heaven. Prince always had this spiritual side of him, and “The Cross” is part of a long list of songs that tackle the ideas of spirituality and religion. Later in his life Prince was a Jehovah’s Witness and was often active in the faith. But Prince created a sort of deity persona to the public. His style, attitude, musical taste and image gave people the impression that he saw himself as a God. And now after his passing, the presence is still felt and will continue to do so for generations.


ACROSS 1 Sounds showing revelation 4 Actress Winger 9 Beer, casually 13 Speedy shark 15 Bars between wheels 16 Travel aimlessly 17 Angling method using hand-tied lures 19 Bar orders 20 City recaptured from ISIL by Iraq in 2017 21 Sincerely 23 Hunk of concrete 25 Tic-tac-toe diagram 26 Memorization technique 29 One doing the Electric Slide, e.g. 34 Brian of ambient music 35 DDE’s WWII command 36 Renter’s document 37 Stinging comment 39 Complains

42 Like the Magi 43 What the beverage cart blocks 45 Sellout letters 46 Brit. pilots’ squad 47 Hamburger meat 50 Beach or Backstreet follower, in music 51 At any point 52 Subway charge 54 Mark McGwire rival 58 IHOP handouts 62 Furthermore 63 Beatles’ Shea Stadium performance, e.g. 65 Casino card game 66 Steinbeck migrants 67 Jekyll’s alter ego 68 Little League airer 69 Nervous 70 One of an inning’s three, which can follow the first word of 17-, 29-, 47- and

DOWN 1 Bedside toggle switch 2 Angel’s overhead circle 3 “The __ the limit!” 4 Prosecutors: Abbr. 5 Prosecutor’s first piece of evidence 6 Russian pancake 7 Back out 8 Home of primary 30-Down gods 9 Fresh from the factory 10 Part in a play 11 Nights before 12 __ Virginia 14 Handy 18 Down with the flu 22 Yemeni money 24 Knighted Guinness 26 Pack again, as groceries 27 “We’re live!” studio sign 28 Human trunk 30 Like Odin and Thor 31 Egypt’s capital 32 Op-ed piece, say 33 Often submerged shipping dangers 38 Lunar symbol for a very long time 40 Books’ opening sections 41 Couch 44 Green-eyed monster 48 Absolute ruler 49 Actress Shields 50 Tree that sounds like a summer vacation spot 53 Pres. pardoned by Ford 54 Jewelry protector 55 “Sadly ... “ 56 Car sticker fig. 57 Whirl around 59 “So Sick” R&B artist 60 Pakistani language 61 “Cancel that deletion” 64 Sugar suffix


APR. 17, 2018


10 APR. 17, 2018




By Katherine Hererra Photo by Pixabay

Being in a relationship does come with a price, literally. Right when you start dating you start spending money on them or for both of you. You spend money on food, activities, gas, gifts and some other things you can think off. So who’s paying for all of that? We say without thinking about it, “THE MAN SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING!” Well of course, at least from what I learned and from experience its great. At least that’s how it used to be. Years ago, it would be the responsibility of the man to provide everything for the women and even when they are married the man still pays for everything. Women did not spend a dime and really, they didn’t even have to worry about it. But we have moved way past that. I asked a few men in relationships and high school kids if men should be the ones to pay for everything. They all literally said the same thing, “no, it’s not fair” and when I asked why they all said, “GENDER EQUALITY.” Honestly ladies, we are in times where we are pushing for the same thing and now we all aspire to have good jobs and be independent. We are in a generation where it’s different. There are some couples out there that still follow the tradition where men have to pay for everything simply because we are all taught that it is part of being a man. From personal experience and hearing other stories everyone is different, but it goes in a couple ways in who does pay for what. The first thing which is where the money is mostly spent on is food. To determine who pays when it comes to buying food, whether it is eating out or buying groceries is who invited who? If your man invites you out to eat, then he pays for the food because he decided to take you out and it goes the same for women, too. Whoever invites the other is the one who pays. Now if the man is comfortable in being the one to pay all the time that’s okay, too. Sometimes ladies, it is nice to show appreciation in taking your man

out to eat. As you heard before “A way to a man’s heart is his stomach” and that is still true to this very day. It’s also good compromising the food bill sometimes. Whichever partner may be struggling on their own, it becomes helpful when you help each other split the bill in half or one could take care of tip. I do that occasionally if we are being honest here because like every other woman out there I have pretended to look for my wallet until my boyfriend decided to just pay. Yup, I am guilty. For dates like going to the movies, carnivals, parks, road trips or any activities of some sort, usually the man does pay for all of it. As I said before if he invited you he is paying. On that note if you just met the person and your going out on dates, the man is paying period. Although, most men if not all of them actually don’t mind paying for first dates or special occasions. They want to pay for the dates, but if you have been in a long-term relationship, the idea may change just a little. He may start asking you to help pitch in here and there and start calculating how much more he spends then you. Five years later I am in that stage. He will say, “Kat, 95 percent of the time I pay and you continue to ask as if you contribute more than me.” Blah blah blah at the end of the day he still loves me and I will stick to contributing five percent. Don’t get me wrong I do offer to help or take him out once in a while. I love and trust him so much I am willing to contribute and split the bill because if I didn’t, I would not be offering and I’ll be finding ways not to pay. So ladies, time has changed just a little. Its okay to help your man out and take him out on dates because they do feel special. And being in a long-term relationship, I suggest taking your man out and doing more things for them. We hold our men to such high standards that it stresses them out and they feel unappreciated. I feel like your relationship would be a little better if we took care of our men a little more. I wouls day the man should pay for things, but women can definitely come forward to contribute too.


APR. 17, 2018


By Lea Thompson

“At the beginning of this spring semester, I transferred to UNCC from CPCC. I didn’t realize how different the two would be but it was definitely a wakeup call. I went from being in classes of 25 students to classes with 100 students or more. At CPCC I had a lot more online classes than I do now, plus I am now entering classes that pertain to my major. Transferring into a four year university with an associate’s degree benefited me in the long run because I got my general educations classes out of the way and I’m actually graduating a semester early.”

-Madison Herman

12 APR. 17, 2018


Niner Times: April 17, 2018  

Niner Times: April 17, 2018

Niner Times: April 17, 2018  

Niner Times: April 17, 2018