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NINA TORRES | FINE ART ARTISTS AND CURATORS WANTED The NINA TORRES | FINE ART Gallery is a vehicle for artistic expression and as such is always open and willing to accept proposals for possible exhibitions. Our year-round curatorial program was developed to encourage diversity and mentor emerging curators and artists. Â These exhibitions will be part of our regular monthly programs. We have 4 areas of exhibition space in the galleries. Please view our floor plan at We also accept outdoor interventions and installations, which could be situated in our outside area.

PROJECTS AND PROPOSALS In order to exhibit at the NTFA, Curator/Artist(s) must present a detailed proposal with specifics for the show. These specs can include writing, sketches, images and other information regarding work or works to be created for the gallery. If it is a group show, the proposal must include this information from each artist/s and can be submitted either through regular mail, e-mail or in person. NTFA has the right to cancel definitively or to change to the dates and schedules of their activities and programs as well as the concept and materialization of such if it considers it necessary. NTFA shall not be held liable because of the actions of canceling any of the exhibitions, projects, publications or participation by any one directly or indirectly involved in any cancelled or change exhibitions or projects due to the cancellation of the same. In order for consideration of proposals a processing fee must be submitted by the artist/s. A fee of $40.00 must be included within the proposal and can be payed with a check made out to NINA TORRES | FINE ART Gallery. NTFA offers the opportunity to rent out the gallery space for a limited time. Contact the gallery for more information at

MISSION STATEMENT Throughout the year, NTFA has a program of national and international activities, exchange, exhibitions, residences, participation in biennials, fairs, projects, etc. giving participation priority to artists those that have worked and collaborated with the gallery. NTFA generates and holds educational activities aim at promoting and developing artistic abilities as well as the understanding and the appreciation of art by all. The educational activities are also developed through out the year at NTFA facilities as well as in our outreach programs. These activities are also held in conjunction with specific exhibitions. Our artists are invited to give lectures on their work and on topics like, installation of work, promotion of your work and presenting your work.


NINA TORRES | FINE ART ARTISTS AND CURATORS WANTED Curators IMPORTANT: Curators need to have have had prior experience in curating a show before submitting a proposal to NTFA. 1. " 2. " 3. " " 4. " 5. " " 6. " 7. " " " "  

Examples of past curated shows, including images and press. Curator's statement about past exhibitions. A curatorial statement with a description of the new proposed exhibition and an explanation of their idea. Curator's resume. In addition, curators must include images of the artists' work to be included in the exhibition. If new work will be created for the exhibition, send images of their past work. Email proposal to Or send via mail . SASE with sufficient postage for the return of materials. Do not send packages larger than 12" x 18". All packages should be sent by US Mail. Drop offs are welcome but pick ups are not so please include a SASE. Material sent without a SASE will not be returned. Curators will be notified by email.

Artists 1. " 2.  " 3.  " 4.  "

Biography of the artist (short form, paragraph style). Artists statement relevant to work being presented. 10-20 digital images of work not older than 2 years. Proposal for exhibition explaining what work you will exhibit.

NTFA sends out bulk email e-cards, Newsletter, print post card and press releases to its email list. The curator or artists will have to be present. The Curator or artist should realize that we expect a hands-on approach at the gallery. The Curator is expected to be in Miami to make arrangements with the artists prior to the installation days. The Curator/artist is expected to be at the gallery throughout the 3 days of installation and the Curator and artists involved in the exhibition are responsible for the execution and installation of the artwork. The Curator should clarify to all artists when invited to participate that they are responsible for delivering their work to the gallery, installing and de-installing their work. NTFA does not have a full time staff of art hangers. NTFA can assist in installation of work requiring a lift or special mounting. Our gallery staff may also assist artists with installation of other complicated projects but will not be involved in helping the artist to build their work on site. Our technical staff will install all of the equipment (projectors, monitors etc.) belonging to NTFA. It will be the artist's responsibility to install and maintain any equipment that belongs to the artist. Specifics about the installation of artwork and about the equipment that NTFA is able to provide will be discussed after the initial proposal has been reviewed and accepted as a proposal under consideration.


NINA TORRES | FINE ART ARTISTS AND CURATORS WANTED FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Exhibitions are one to four weeks in duration and are selected from proposals submitted to the NTFA. Artists, curators and educators both nationally and internationally are encouraged to submit proposals for projects. Exhibitions are awarded to projects which are of unique social interest, explore new art forms and/or explore the role of art and artists in contemporary culture. What kind of support is available?

• • • • • • • •

A two, three and four week exhibition space in the 2033 NW 1st Place NTFA Gallery (including install and de-install dates) Full time gallery management Maintenance of gallery space and its contents Design, printing and distribution of an exhibition invitation and e-invitation Distribution to NTFAʼs mailing list Distribution of press materials to NTFAʼs media list Installation and de-installation assistance Design, printing and distribution of exhibition support materials as agreed upon with NTFA staff.

Sales • NTFA will take 50% of sales made through the Gallery for a collaborative project. • In case of an independent project where the gallery space is rented, the coordinator is responsible for the full scope of the project, independent but approved by NTFA.The Gallery will take 10% commission from these types of projects. What is the Review Process? Proposals are reviewed bi-annually by the NTFAʼs Exhibition Committee comprised of: • Two Art Professionals (curators, historians, critics, etc.) • A NTFA staff member What are the criteria for exhibitions? NTFA is looking for engaging, ambitious and challenging exhibitions in diverse media. The committee leans toward group rather than solo exhibitions which should fulfill at least one of the following: • Exploration of a traditional and / or experimental concept in art • Expression/ interrogation of one or more thematic ideas • Social and political commentary • Encouragement of interdisciplinary interactions • Group shows developed around a common aesthetic


NINA TORRES | FINE ART ARTISTS AND CURATORS WANTED SUBMISSION AND INFORMATION The gallery accepts portfolios, individual and group projects for review. ARTIST PORTFOLIO (of each artist in case of a group exhibition) Full Name (as well as any aliases used), Address, Telephones, E-mail, Web site, Resume, Artist Statement, Images (JPG) and supporting information. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

13. 14.


The artist is responsible for delivering the work to the gallery, ready to hang. The gallery does not accept glass, only plexiglass. The gallery accepts large format works. We also accept outdoor interventions and installations, which could be in our outside area. The presentations, depending on the size or the project, can last from 1 week to 3 months. The presentations can be either in the whole gallery, 4,000 sq. feet total, or in the middle gallery 800 sq. feet or 600 sq. feet room installation. The gallery fully insures the art work from the moment it enters the gallery for $500. We do not cover transportation insurance nor when it leaves the gallery. The gallery shares with the artist(s) promotion expenses in ArtCircuits, ArtDistricts, Wynwood, ArtPulse, ArtNexus, besides the printing of 1,000 postcards 5" x 7" color. Brochure or Catalog is the responsibility of the artist(s). The gallery is responsible for the promotional campaign through e-mail, mail, newsletters, and phone before, during, and after exposure. The gallery bears the cost of the opening reception and the Second Saturday gallery walk. The gallery is entitled to 50% of the sale of the art work. The artist will be paid 15 days after the purchase, when the money is available in the account. The artist cover the production costs of the projects, artwork, exhibitions or any activity that needs to be cover and which is not within the budget of the institution, as well as for the promotion, publicity, transport, insurances, assembly, storage, etc. in projects within the facilities of the institution or for our national and international programs. Exhibitors are responsible for the removal crates, or any of their garbage created during the installation and removal of their work. The gallery promotes the activities through the different channels of communications (magazines, newspapers, journals, radio, television, Web sites, blogs, etc) postcards, brochures, posters, etc. Each project will be handle individually and we will determine prior to the project the way the project will be promoted. NTFA can ask for contributions or collaboration to cover costs with promotion from the exhibiting, collaborating or participating artist/group. During the opening reception NTFA can provide food and beverage.  The quantity and content of this will be decided on an individual basis. 


2011-2012 Exhibition Proposal  

Nina Torres FIne Art Gallery | 2011 - 2012 Exhibition Season | Artists and Curators Wanted!

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