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Welcome to the world of Nilorn

Nilorn is an ­international company,­established in 1977, which is focused on adding­value to its clients' products by presenting branding and design in the form of labels, display packaging, trims and a­ ccessories. Our clients are principally from the ready-to-wear fashion sector. Nilorn offers an imaginative,

Satisfied customers are our principal asset and it is therefore imperative that we establish, maintain and enhance customer relations through first-class service and attention to detail. Nilorn is the leading i­ndependent business serving this sector worldwide, with an annual turnover in excess of SEK 610 m.

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innovative approach to branding, design, product development and logistic solutions.

Strategic direction VISION To be the best label and branding company worldwide. BUSINESS CONCEPT Nilorngruppen's mission is to design, manufacture and sell labels and label programmes in order to assist clients in the fashion and textile industry to strengthen their brand presence in international markets. Nilorngruppen offers a complete line of branding services, from design to manufacturing, sales, logistics and service. The process Page 06

includes branding identity and differentiation through design, product development, integrated logistics and other services within the supply chain. Nilorngruppen's mission can be summarised as "Adding value to your brand". STRATEGY Nilorngruppen's strategy is based on achieving growth through innovative design, products and services that add value and attract consumers to the Company's clients' brands and products.

NILORNGRUPPEN'S COMPETITIVENESS IS PRIMARILY DEMONSTRATED IN TWO SPECIFIC AREAS: • Creative expertise in branding and design of labels, packaging and accessories. • Logistical solutions to ensure deadlines are met in a market where customers demand an increasingly high level of service.

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The growing global market In order to compete on major branding and design projects, it is necessary to be close to customers, since decisions on strategic issues are made at headquarters. Labels, packaging and accessories have become increasingly important for the brand and are therefore increasingly a matter of the highest management for our customers. By contrast, our customers' productions are mostly located in low-cost countries such as Asia and Eastern Europe. As clients' companies expand into new geographic markets, both in sales and manufacturing, the branding and design industry has become increasingly global.

FROM LOCAL TO GLOBAL their goods. To strengthen Nilorn's branding, design

design companies need to be close to customers and their

and product development a joint product development

suppliers and to be able to fulfil global timescales. The

organisation has been built up.

garments are designed and sold in Western Europe, but

For high fashion garments, which are purchased in the

production is mainly in Asia. While branding and design

middle of the season and have extreme demands for short

concepts are developed in close cooperation with brand

lead times, Turkey has become an increasingly important

owners in Western Europe, the vast majority of labels,

sourcing market for European clothing companies, a trend

packaging and accessories are delivered directly to the

that has become even stronger in recent years.

manufacturers, particularly in Asia, where China is still an important purchasing market for the fashion industry.


Nilorn's main customers, the brand owners, concentrate

Nilorngruppen has operations in Sweden, Denmark,

their resources on branding and design, brand development,

Norway, Finland, UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland,

marketing and sales, but subcontract all the production.

France, Portugal, Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, India and Turkey. A partner company is located in Switzerland.


Nilorn's presence in Europe is important, because that

This development requires that Nilorn are represented in

is where the major decisions for purchase are made and

these countries, through own companies or by a network

it is there where branding, design and concepts for both

of strategic partners. Through collaboration with partner

garment, labels, packaging and accessories are designed.

companies, Nilorn has access to high-quality production in

Access to in-house production combined with external

emerging markets in Asia, where Nilorn East Asia in Hong

partners enables the Group to maintain the highest quality,

Kong is an important hub of activity with distribution

flexibility, adaptation to the customer and to meet the

centres in China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Turkey.

demands for competitive prices. The availability of own

An important part of Nilorn's strategy is to continue

production creates advantages for product development

to build strong and professional partners to the Group's

and sample handling - it takes a short amount of time to

network. The aim is to offer efficient logistics services

make a real sample of what just a few days previously was

no matter where in the world the customer produces

only at the conceptual stage.

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Continuing development means that branding and

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THE NILORN VISION To be the best label and branding company worldwide.

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Customised solutions Nilorn has the broadest range of branding and design products in labels, packaging and accessories. The Group offers brand consultancy and design expertise with focus on the fashion and clothing industry, control of the production providing high quality, and IT and logistics solutions that allow customers to get control of the workflow regarding their labels, packaging and accessories. This means Nilorn can guarantee timely delivery worldwide.

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THE BRAND IS INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT Most of Nilorn's customers are in the fashion and

most important asset - the brand. Customers should know

textile industry where branding enhances the garment's

that Nilorn strives to always work to achieve the best

identity and image. Some even argue that brand is the

possible solution for their needs. A collaboration always

most important part of the garment. In order to achieve

begins with listening to customers, to identify and to

success, and to sell well in stores, brands require a clear

understand their desires.

profile that stands out from the crowd. Branding and

marketing is more important than ever - from advertising

clearly communicating the products in store. Business

campaigns to branding and design concepts that enhance

relationships are long term and based on close cooperation

and profilesthe products in the store. This creates the

between Nilorn and the customers' various departments,

opportunity to combine important information with

where both management, marketing, sales, design and

value-added profiling. It is here that Nilorn stands out

logistics departments are involved.

from the competition.

continuously offer customers new ideas that simplify and

Nilorn has specialist knowledge when it comes to

Nilorn create 'added value' for the customers by

To be at the forefront also requires Nilorn to

branding, both on the clothing and in store.

streamline the customers' operations. The Group was early

Nilorn's customers demand high quality, flexibility,

to develop comprehensive solutions based on efficient IT

great branding and design content and advanced logistic

systems. However, you can never be complacent. Nilorn has

solutions. To meet these demands, Nilorn invests in

the experience, expertise and capacity required to lead the

providing a high level of service with the goal to be our

development of branding and design industry in the future.

customers' best partner when it comes to the branding and design of labels, packaging and accessories. Nilorn has vast experience and knows what it takes to build, maintain and develop strong brands. CLOSE CO-OPERATION TO BE ON SPOT Nilorn always strives to develop close partnerships with customers to develop unique branding and design concepts that help to differentiate and strengthen their

NILO RNGRUPPEN'S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • Close cooperation with many of the world's leading brands. • Expertise in branding, design and product development of brands. • Logistics and IT systems on a global platform.











MEETING PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PRODUCT Meetings between client DEVELOPMENT LOGISTICS and Nilorn. In close cooperation

clients needs identifies and results in a design brief.

UniqueDESIGN design skills create tailor-made concepts for different customer segments.



Based on LOGISTICS design and high quality technical solutions.





OwnPRODUCTION manufacturing combined with a network of partners in strategic markets throughout the world.







Electronic web-based ordering system allows delivery within 48 hours.






End user of the long chain from idea to product.


Production location where the labels are sewn into the garment.




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Design & branding concept Designers and branding consultants, who specialise in the development of graphic ­concepts for fashion and fashion related products, work in the d­ esign o­ ffices of Nilorn in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom. Nilorn offers expert ­assistance in finding a unique and distinctive brand ­appearance for their clients' products through the ­design of ­labels, packaging and accessories. As with all effective visual communication, it is important to attract attention. Moreover, labelling should also serve the function of conveying useful information; for example, technical features in sportswear.

over one hundred labels, packaging and accessory ideas. There should be a unifying theme running through all these elements. Logos, graphics, c­olours, patterns and materials can be used to give a consistent ­impression, in a way that fosters strong communication. The most common elements in a concept are woven labels, tabs, leather labels and swing tags. These can be made of paper, plastic or

function are an important part of the concept. Our clients ­appreciate this expertise and often ask us to take part in their own design process from an early stage. Innovative graphic design combined with exciting ­materials must convey unique values that form an entity with the brand/trademark and the product. The thought of a ­consumer ­appreciating the label so much that it ends up on display, i­ nstead of the wastepaper basket, gives impetus to all our designers.

textile materials. Latex, metal, foam plastic and ­composite materials are also commonly used. Other i­mportant elements in a concept are packaging, boxes, wrapping, tissue paper and accessories. By deploying a variety of different printing techniques, material finishes, textures and embellishments, the options are limitless! In addition, Nilorn Design also focuses on the placement of the labels. Innovative placements that surprise and create

ECOLOGICAL FACTORS We are all conscious of the environmental impact of our purchasing decisions, which means choice of material and country of origin are subject to closer scrutiny. ­Consumers are purchasing with greater awareness and fair trade has become a watchword. Nilorn endeavours to be at the forefront of ethical product development.

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A concept may contain anything from a handful to well

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Market & trends The European and global markets for branding and design are growing. Brand owners are increasing their investments in measures that will help them to strengthen their brands where labels, packaging and accessories are important branding and design elements.

MARKET IN TRANSITION CREATES OPPORTUNITIES Nilorn co-operates mainly with customers who have high

more and more resources to differentiate themselves. The

demands on the development of concepts that enhance

market for labels, packaging and accessories follows the

their brands. By working closely with customers, Nilorn’s

development in the fashion industry for colours, fabrics

understanding of the factors driving the respective

and material combinations. More and more trends are

customer's brand in the market are strengthened. On that

present simultaneously and the fashion collection cycles

basis, Nilorn develops concepts that help to differentiate

become shorter as trends change quickly.

and strengthen the customers' most important asset, their

New regulations are affecting demand, such as those the

brands. This creates value for both Nilorn customers, the

EU introduced a few years ago requiring products in the

brand owners and their customers, the end user.

textile market to be labelled according to specific standards. In the long run, demand in the fashion and garment industry is affected by overall economic development, such as GDP and private consumption growth. The increased awareness of brands has contributed to a positive development as clients want to strengthen their profile. Demand is on the rise both in Europe and in other

MARKET TRENDS • Increased investment in branding. • The market for branding and design concepts follows fashion trends.

markets as more and more customers call for integrated

• A growing number of trends are present simultaneously.

concept offers from Nilorn with branding, design, product

• Technological advances are creating new opportunities.

development and professional logistics solutions. CUSTOMERS WITH HIGH DEMANDS Nilorn has a long history of co-operation with the fashion and garment industry and our market leading specialists has extensive experience in branding and design development.

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Both discount brands and premium brands are investing

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through innovative design, products and services that add value and attract consumers to the Company's clients' brands and products.

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Nilorngruppen's strategy is based on achieving growth

Logistics WORLD CLASS LOGISTICS In a fast paced, worldwide industry, getting your trims

direct and continuous control. Real-time support is offered

to the right factory at the right time can be challenging,

through the global presence that Nilorn provides.

especially when time differences, local holidays and

This system supports both internal and external

language barriers are taken into consideration. That is why

communication handled by the Nilorn IT system. Our

Nilorn has a philosophy of being close to our clients. We are

clients may integrate this service into their own systems,

strategically located in all major garment-manufacturing

enabling clients and manufacturers to order and monitor

countries around the world, giving us the means and ability

order placement as well as distribution.

to deliver labels to our customers within 48 hours*

Our web solution also offers a comprehensive set of follow-up and report generating options.


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• Efficiency • Cost effectiveness • Worldwide distribution • Short delivery times

THE NILORN AUTO ORDER SYSTEM The Nilorn Auto Order System provides total control through the supply chain as well as huge labour savings. When a production order from the client is sent to the manufacturer, Nilorn simultaneously receives a label request from the client's system in a fully automated process. The order is handled automatically by Nilorn and within 48 hours* everything from woven labels to price and barcode labels are delivered to the manufacturer. THE NILORN WEB SOLUTION The Nilorn Web Solution was designed with both the client and the manufacturer in mind. This unique tool provides a complete overview of order, warehousing and distribution, allowing both the client and manufacturer to order labels and check/control their delivery. Our web solution, which is available in several languages,

THE NILORN WEB SOLUTION IS A UNIQUE TOOL PROVIDING COMPLETE CONTROL OF: • Stock • Order • Distribution PRODUCTION Nilorn produces most of its labels through partners. In addition, own production is important in order to ensure delivery, quality and flexibility. Nilorn has production through partners worldwide and own production in countries such as Portugal, Hong Kong, England, Turkey, Germany and ­recently Bangladesh, which now is fully up and running. A large proportion of the barcodes and care labels are ­produced in our own units - Portugal and Bangladesh also have own production of woven labels. Through its established network of production partners and its own production, Nilorn is able to contract medium and large clients with a presence in several markets, which generally requires local supply. The most common production process used is the Nilorn web order solution, this generates automated production orders for both internal and external production.

is tailored to the needs of each client and serves as a tool for *Dependent on location and relevant stock levels.

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Hong Kong







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RIS is the perfect solution for variable data A key part of our business service is that we simplify the handling of your labels. We have the best web solution on the market which provides a wide range of options to handle orders with ­variable data in an efficient and secure way. We provide solutions that are both cost effective

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and which have global distribution alternatives.



An important aspect of labels with barcodes, care

You will be satisfied because we have the knowledge and

instructions and RFID is that all of these labels contain

experience when it comes to production and distribution.

information that varies constantly. Labels are often

We work with both global companies and small, local

distributed to manufacturers in allcorners of the world

ones. Our solution is unique and we will make sure that

and time is usually of the essence. Our global network and

you get what you want.

solutions makes the process much less challenging and it could not be easier for you. All the information you need can be found on our web order system, 24 hours a day and in six different languages. No matter where you are, or where your manufacturer is, we guarantee we can oblige.

COMMON ORDERING PROCESSES: Preloaded orders: Order information is uploaded to our web solution where your manufacturers easily confirm them when they need the labels. Automatic ordering: Order information is uploaded to our system and orders are automatically confirmed, produced and shipped to your manufacturers. Manual ordering: Customised order forms for your labels are filled in by your manufacturers on our web solution, with agreed validation and format control. Easy-to-use repeat feature allows efficient ordering.

COMMON VARIABLE DATA LABELS: • Price/barcode stickers, adhesive paper • Price/barcode tags • Care labels









data file

production order


carelabel barcode - RFID



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NILORN CORE VALUES Passion • Innovation • Respect Common Sense • Responsibility Execute • Teamwork

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Security & Anti-counterfeit Naturally, all the companies we work with are proud of their brands and products and want to protect them. Our first ­priority is always customer security. Because of that we have developed and produced a set of successful ­security ­techniques. UV-yarn, UV-printed holographic yarn, ­holograms, sequential numbering/coding, ­watermarks, QRcodes, ­Nilorn Secure and radio frequencies are ­methods that can be applied to your products as a means of p ­ rotection.

RFID of radio frequency waves to automatically identify ­objects, without direct contact or line of sight. An RFID tag ­consists of a microchip equipped with an antenna. This chip can ­contain both a serial number (EPC code ­containing 96 bits) and customer programmable data, which identifies an ­object or event. When this antenna communicates with an interrogator, the code is read and can be transferred to a database, in which the object information is stored. RFID OR BARCODE? RFID is not necessarily better than a bar code, but can be used for different purposes and in many different types of applications. The greatest difference is that barcodes ­require each object to be scanned individually, whereas the RFID­ interrogator automatically scans all tags within a ­certain ­radius. In addition, barcodes can be damaged, which ­makes RFID tags extremely useful in tougher environments. Another advantage is that RFID identifies each unique ­object, while the barcode only stores information on a ­product class. Smart RFID applications can also create ­intelligent systems that work with the minimum of human involvement.

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RFID is a general term for a variety of devices that make use

Business conduct At Nilorn sustainability means working towards meeting the needs of people and society without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs – acting in the long-term interests of many people. The core values are the practices a Nilorn employee should be guided by daily, in all work situations. They form a common platform, strengthen the teamwork, ­explain who we are and why we act like we do. Together with our Code of Conduct and other ethical guidelines, they guide how we conduct business.

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• Responsibility

• Innovation

• Execute

• Respect

• Teamwork

• Common Sense

CODE OF CONDUCT Nilorn’s Code of Conduct lays out the overall ethical approach for us and our suppliers. It is part of the contract that we have with suppliers. NILORNGRUPPEN CODE OF CONDUCT • Legal requirements

• Workers’ rights

• Child labour

• Wages and working hours

• Health and safety

• Environmental protection

GLOBAL COMPACT Nilorn is signatory to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

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“Adding value to your brand”

Environmental commitments The customer, and end consumer, should feel secure in the use of Nilorngruppen’s whole product range. Sustainable products, for us, implies finding better materials. Once recycling loop for as long as possible. But for us it is important to work to be genuinely better all round, not only from the product perspective. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of everything we do - designing a product, choosing production processes, choosing a supplier, planning the logistics etc. Our aim is to be a genuinely ­­­environmentallyfriendly company, not just selling eco-friendly products when we are asked for them. Both materials and mode of transportation are almost always decided by the customer. Our role in guiding the customer in finding better alternatives is becoming more and more important and we see an increased interest from our customers.

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chosen and used, those materials should be kept in a

Sustainable materials and certifications bluesign®


The bluesign® initiative puts the whole production chain

FSC stands for 'Forest Stewardship Council', an inter-

in focus. This is something that we at Nilorngruppen have

national non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting

found to be very well aligned with our own ambitions, and

responsible forestry. Products carrying the FSC label

as of 2013 we are a bluesign® system partner. The bluesign®

are independently certified to assure consumers that

system focuses on resources, people and the environment.

they come from forests that are managed to meet social, economic and ecological needs. Nilorn offers the option of

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THE FOCUS AREAS ARE: • Resource productivity • Consumer safety • Water emission • Air emission

FSC certified paper products. RECYCLED MATERIALS We are always scouting for new, more sustainable materials for our products. Recycled polyester is a material that we can offer for different uses such as woven and printed

• Occupational health and safety

labels, felt and embroidery. Recycled polyester can also be


organic cotton. Recycled materials are something we see an

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is an independent test and certification system for textile raw, intermediate and end products at all stages of processing. Examples of products that can be certified are yarns, woven and knitted fabrics, accessories such as buttons and labels and readymade articles etc. Nilorngruppen holds an ­­­OEKO-TEX® certificate for textile production and accessories, produced both in our own factories as well as suppliers’ factories. We hold certification for product class 1, the highest level.

blended, with a warp in polyester and a weft in, for example, increasing interest in from many customers and we will continue to develop our ability to offer such materials.

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“Adding value to your brand”

The Nilorn offer Nilorngruppen take pride in being a development hub for both brand owners and manufacturers MEETING alike. We aim to add value through offering innovative design, products and services. MEETING MEETING





Unique design skills create tailor-made concepts for various customer sectors. An experienced and multi-skilled team deliver creative, intelligent and original solutions.




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Based on DESIGN design and high quality technical solutions, we develop PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT

products using the latest materials and techniques in all areas of branding as labelling and packaging.


PRODUCTION Own manufacturing combined with a network of partners in strategic markets throughout PRODUCT the world ensures the best quality, flexibility and DEVELOPMENT


timely delivery.


SUSTAINABILITY KNOWLEDGE Knowledge and competence are integrated into Nilorn operations, in product development, production and logistics. We are signatories of UN Global Compact and participate in various local and international initiatives. PRODUCTION



GLOBAL LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS We are global but act locally, close to the main markets as well as being strategically close to where the production of the labels are applied to the garment. LOGISTICS



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Headquarters NILORNGRUPPEN AB Wieslanders väg 3 Box 499 501 13 Borås SWE DE N Tel. +46 33 700 88 88 Fax +46 33 700 88 19

Subsidiaries & partners NILORN AB Wieslanders väg 3 Box 499 501 13 Borås SWE DE N Tel: +46 33 700 88 00 Fax:+46 33 700 88 48

NILORN BANGLADESH LTD. Millennium Castle, 12th fl. House 47, Road 27 Block A, Banani Dhaka -1213 BANG LADESH Tel: +88 02 8835912 Fax: +88 02 8835913 NILORN BELGIUM NV Brusselsesteenweg 525 9090 Melle B E LG I U M Tel: +32 9 210 40 90 NILORN DENMARK A/S Vestergade 48 5000 Odense C DE N MAR K Tel: +45 70 23 16 23 NILORN EAST ASIA LTD Unit 1701, 17/ F, Westley Square 48 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong Kowloon HONG KONG Tel: +852 2 371 2218 Fax: +852 2 371 2629

NILORN INDIA PVT. LTD Plot no. 9c, Sector – 3 Parwanoo – 173220 (H P) I N DIA Tel. +91 1792 235232 Fax +91 1792 233176 NILORN ITALY Via del Bramante 34 41012 Carpi (MO) ITALY Tel: +39 3381611351 NILORN PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD 2nd Floor, Yasir Chambers Gulshan –E-Iqbal, Block 13A Main University Road P.O. Box 75300 Karachi PAKISTAN Tel: +92 21 349 92151 Fax:+92 21 349 92153 NILORN PORTUGAL – INDÚSTRIA DE ETIQUETAS, LDA Rua Central de Barrosas, 304 4585 - 902 Recarei – Paredes PORTUGAL Tel: +351 22 411 95 80 Fax: +351 22 411 95 99

NILORN SHANGHAI LIMITED Rm 701, 288, Chengjiaqiao Road. Minhang District, Shanghai, CH I NA Poastal Code 201103 Tel: +86 21 345 512 90 NILORN TURKEY Mimar Sinan Cad. Ünverdi Sok. No:50. Kat:3. 34540 Günesli Istanbul TU R KEY Tel: +90 212 657 76 76 (pbx). Fax: +90 212 657 75 10 NILORN UK LTD 1A Acre Park Dalton Lane Keighley West Yorkshire B D21 4J H U N ITE D KI NG DOM Tel: +44 1535 673 500 NILORN USA LLC 3499 Meier Street Los Angeles, CA 90066 U N ITE D STATES Tel: +1 888 315 1875

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BALLY LABELS AG Schachenstrasse 24 CH-5012 Schönenwerd SWITZ E R LAN D Tel: +41 62 855 27 50 Fax: +41 62 855 27 59

NILORN GERMANY GMBH Itterpark 7 40724 Hilden G E R MANY Tel:. +49 2103 908 16 0 Fax: +49 2103 908 16 99