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Fashion Week driven by Mercedes-Benz.


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Kurfürstenstraße 12 10785 Berlin Tel.: +49 30 27 59 560 40


Jörg Wichmann E DITOR

Ralf Strotmeier FA S H I O N

Mana Zarindast E DITOR IAL TEAM

Andres Damm Thorsten Osterberger ART DI R ECTION


Johannes Grünberg C ONTR I B UTOR S

Annyck Benth Daniel Werner Hannes Wiedemann Heiko Laschitzski Jürgen Müller Karolina Landowski Katrin Weber Laura-Maria Wulff Lisa Maria Wandel Oliver Lehner Simon Schreiner T R A N S L AT O R


Vanessa Vulcano Magdalena Falkner PRINTING

Wagemann Medien GmbH Berlin THAN K YOU

HvH Mietstudios Berlin DRS Berlin COVE R

Photo: Annyck Benth




JANUARY, 16th 2018 - 12 AM AT THE EXPOCENTER CITY LECTURES HALL / HALL 7A SPEAKERS: GUDRUN ALLSTÄDT MICHAEL WERNER (TextilWirtschaft) Doors open at 11:30. Registration is not required. The number of participants is limited. The event will be held in German only. Admission is included in the price of your tradeshow ticket and thus completely free of charge.



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Dear Readers, Taking up the theme of shaping identities, we begin a new season by returning to our focus on the current challenges of the marketplace. Identity (from the Latin idem, meaning “the same”) is everything that characterizes a subject or an object, so PA N O R A M A B E R L I N decided to analyze and reorganize every aspect of the trade show.

Apart from the new and optimized hall and segment structure, which we have adjusted to meet demand, the concept of community is being emphasized because changes in the market affect us all. New community areas in every hall will connect exhibitors with visitors, encouraging casual conversation and emphasizing the basic concept of PA N O R A M A B E R L I N as the event kicking off the new season – where information and inspiration are most important. We have also installed lifestyle areas in all halls to underscore our continued belief that integrating non-textiles and lifestyle products into the segments ultimately invigorates fashion retail.

Digitalization in the industry is and remains an important issue, which is why we are again presenting various suppliers under the heading of fashion tech solutions. Issues that are getting more attention include sustainability, which was long confined to a niche but is now widely accepted. Under the title X O O M , Innatex, Germany’s oldest and most successful platform for sustainable fashion, is presenting a selection from its brand portfolio in Hall 7A for the first time. S E LV E D G E R U N is making its first appearance at Marshall Haus as another key player in the heritage segment. What X O O M has in common with S E LV E D G E R U N and the new Solemart event at the entryway to PA N O R A M A B E R L I N is that they all embody a vital community engaged in a lively exchange with shared values. This notion of what it means to be authentic and the fires of enthusiasm drive us forward. Please join us. Get inspired! Yours, Jörg Wichmann

ANZEIGE DB SCHENKERfairs will suit your needs! A successful fashion fair requires perfectly designed logistics services. As the official trade fair logistics provider we provide the entire logistics services for your fashion trade show. Lean back and enjoy your gathering in Berlin – we do simply everything in logistics, so that everything is simple for you. DB SCHENKERfairs. Schenker Deutschland AG Branch Office Berlin, Servicegebaeude Sued/Einfahrt Tor 25 JaffÊstrasse 2, 14055 Berlin, Germany Dominik Pubolz Phone +49 30 3012995-422, Lara Gischler Phone +49 30 3012995-426,


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all you


OPENING HOURS FOR VISITORS Tu January 16 9 am – 6 pm Wed January 17 9 am – 6 pm Th January 18 9 am – 5 pm NAVIGATION ADDRESS Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin EVENT ADDRESS PA N O R A M A B E R L I N Berlin ExpoCenter City South Entrance (Eingang Süd), Jafféstraße

Entrance N O VA Messedamm, Halle 9 14055 Berlin

SERVICE HOTLINE Hotel rooms, flight or train tickets? Whatever you need for visiting PA N O R A M A B E R L I N Herbst/Winter 2018/2019, our PA N O R A M A B E R L I N Hotline Service is always there for you.


Shuttle runs Tue – Thu from 8.15 am – 6 pm / Departure every 20 minutes – depending on availability Travel time approx. 15 minutes


Shuttle runs Tue – Thu from 8.15 am – 6 pm / Departure every 30 minutes – depending on availability Travel time approx. 30 minutes


Berlin HBF / Steigenberger Hotel, Motel One Ku‘damm, Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin Shuttle runs Tue – Thu from 8.15 am – 10.30 am / Departure every 15 minutes – depending on availability Travel time depending on stop; approx. 15–25 minutes


Shuttle runs Tue – Thu from 11 am – 5 pm / Departure every 15 minutes – depending on availability Travel time approx. 25 minutes


Shuttle runs Tue – Thu from 11 am – 5 pm / Departure every 30 minutes – depending on availability


Travel time approx. 40 minutes


Shuttle runs Tue – Thu from 11 am – 5 pm / Shuttle runs always before and after the shows – depending on availability Travel time approx. 30 minutes

Monday to Friday, 9 am – 6 pm Tel: +49 (0)30 27 59 560 - 33/- 11

LUGGAGE CHECK-IN Professional trade fair visitors to PA N O R A M A B E R L I N who have booked one of our partner hotels will have a special service available to them. In the Welcome Lounge at our trade fair site, your luggage can be dropped off and delivered to the partner hotel that you’ve booked, while you are already holding your first trade show talks.


Shuttle runs Tue – Thu from 3 pm – 6 pm / Departure every 20 minutes – depending on availability Travel time approx. 15 minutes shuttle stops at main entrance and NOVA entrance

BERLIN CITY WEST (Kurfürstendamm)


Shuttle runs Tue – Thu from 3 pm – 6 pm / Departure every 20 minutes – depending on availability Travel time approx. 25 minutes shuttle stops at main entrance and NOVA entrance

BERLIN CITY EAST (Potsdamer Platz)


Shuttle runs Tue – Thu from 8 am – 7 pm / Departure every 10 minutes – depending on availability

NOVA @Marshall-Haus

@Hall 9



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HENRY I. SIEGEL With an ode to founder H E N R Y I . S I E G E L , the iconic Hamburg denim label returns! Initially founded in 1923 in New York, an international team of denim professionals looks back at the brand’s own heritage and innovations – and catapults the jeans brand into the future. With the goal of becoming 100 percent sustainable by 2020, the brand embraces responsibility and reinvents itself. Highlights in the Luxury Premium Collection by H E N R Y I . S I E G E L include iconic black selvedge denim, Candiani Kitotex fabric, bi-stretch denim and various coatings. Tradition meets innovation!

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Oscar Jacobson For Fall 2018, O S C A R J A C O B S O N combines English bovver boy chic and the Scottish Highlands. Quintessentially British colors and shapes by textile-manufacturer Abraham Moon take on contemporary, relaxed looks for the Fall 2019/2019 collection. The silhouette is boxy, with sharp-cut shirt jackets among the core elements. The color-palette ranges from all shades of green to burnt earthy tones, with the shearling coat taking center stage. Coordinated accessories accentuate this fall’s look, linking the hard man to the Highlands. A playful, hi-tech Highlander.



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Rockandblue R O C K A N D B L U E is a dynamic Scandinavian outerwear brand with both menswear and womenswear. The brand stands for a strong rock and roll aesthetic, synonymous with a rebellious and youthful mindset, freedom and Scandinavian sophistication. R O C K A N D B L U E is inspired by the global music scene, urban subcultures and denim trends with a Scandinavian twist. Styling, fit and material selection as well as the finishing of the products stand for authentic and casual looks, made for the daily urban lifestyle. Wash effects and hand treatments are important for us to give a unique look to every style. Our garments are designed to fit you – every day everywhere.

Labels to Watch |


Knowledge Cotton Apparel Danish fashion brand K N O W L E D G E C O T TO N A P PA R E L produces timeless, sustainable products and promotes fashion choices that are as clean and natural as possible. It is the brand’s mission to provide the conscious male consumer with sustainable fashion choices — without making any compromises when it comes to style, comfort or quality. This is why all garments are produced by certified manufacturing partners using sustainable methods and materials. The upcoming 2018 Winter collection is all about passion, quality and the love of colors.



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RÖSCH Curve stands for feel-good fashion that flatters a woman’s curves in sizes 42 to 56. Fabrics specially developed in Switzerland gently drape over the wearer’s curves, creating smooth, slenderizing looks. Designed for mixing and matching, R Ö S C H C U R V E offers a variety of basics in different forms and colors, complementing them seasonally with the latest modern cuts, contemporary colors, and simple, timeless prints. R Ö S C H C U R V E – to feel fully comfortable as a woman.



MADE IN USA With 14 Heritage stores worldwide, the Red

Heritage Women’s Store in Berlin. This is

tradition, craftsmanship, and the resulting

Wing Shoe Company decided to take things

a milestone in the 112-year old company

quality label “Made in the U.S.A.”. With softer

one step further and focus on its female

history. The entire women’s collection is

leathers, lightweight designs, optimized fits

customers. After 50 years, the traditional

presented just a stone’s throw away from

and feminine silhouettes, the women’s models

brand from Minnesota launched a women’s

the Red Wing Shoe Store (Münzstraße 8).

cover a woman’s needs without forgetting

shoe line in September 2016 and – one year

The interior of the store authentically

the brand’s signature DNA. Always true to

later – opened the world’s first Red Wing

reflects the core values of the brand:

the credo: Quality over quantity.





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The cooperation with PA N O R A M A B E R L I N and the change of location bring the Berlin trade fair scene closer together, and it means that S E LV E G D E R U N inten­tionally opens its event to a larger, international audience. It also lays the foundation stone for an ongoing cooperation that will bring long-term growth and development opportunities to the city of Berlin as well as to all participants – while providing industry visitors with optimal service. S E LV E D G E R U N describes the cooper­ ation with PA N O R A M A B E R L I N as an important gesture that will bring about the following: International buyers and media representatives will focus more strongly on Berlin again. “We look forward to the new location and to working with PA N O R A M A B E R L I N ,” says Shane Brandenburg. “As in any good partnership, it is important to remain authentic and maintain one’s sense of individuality. The resulting synergies and mutual respect for each other’s strengths can lead to something that is greater than the sum of the individual parts.”

For the 2018 winter season, S E LV E D G E R U N has selected the motto C O R E C O N C R E T E C R A F T , which unites a unique portfolio of young innovators and strongminded pioneers from the denim and

heritage scene. C O R E gathers core brands such as Fleurs des Bagne, Stetson or Simmons Bilt, as well as concise denim brands such as Indigofera and Pure Blue Japan. C O N C R E T E combines modern design demands with classic-traditional production techniques. Among the brands are Hansen Garments Copenhagen, Crescent Down Works from Portland and Merz B. Schwanen from Berlin. The C R A F T theme combines craftsmanship and traditional production techniques and includes Berlin-based manufacturer Emma Opitz and the label Gold & Baer. Once again, numerous Japanese brands are among the show’s exhibitors, such as Addict Clothes Japan, Momotaro, Orgueil, Pallet Life Story and Stevenson Overall Co. A carefully selected brand portfolio remains a key factor for the success of the show and sustainably carries on the DNA of S E LV E D G E R U N : quality, consistency, tradition and authenticity. International brands appreciate the special atmosphere and the trade show’s unique community feeling and use S E LV E D G E R U N as an exclusive industry meeting place.



Tra d e s how fo r q ua lit y g a r m e n ts a nd c ra f te d go o d s

N° 06 Janary 16 — 18 2018 — Marshall-Haus Messedamm 22 14055 Berlin



Back to the City


Karolina Landowski: The Düsseldorf-based freelance journalist and author has been writing and lecturing on fashion and contemporary issues for the past ten years. She writes for industry magazines including ST E P , S C H U H K U R I E R and L E D E R WA R E N R E P O R T .

Even though it seems that the entire industry is currently dealing exclusively with the ongoing issue of digitization, a small, quiet renaissance is taking place in the shadow of this inevitable future scenario. Bold new store concepts and refreshing generational changes are reviving a terrain that some had long since thought lost: brick-and-mortar retail. The chances of this revival taking off aren’t bad, because people today yearn for unique experiences in all areas of life – experiences that turn into something meaningful. In our inner cities, consumer needs are no longer being met – instead, ideally, they are being awakened! Fewer and fewer customers go downtown just to buy a pair of black pumps. They do this online. They go downtown to look for a black pair of pumps and then come home with a red tote bag, a pair of shiny statement earrings or a box of gourmet licorice. Instead of getting bogged down by the breadth and depth of their own product range, successful retailers now create shopping incentives in the form of wellplaced highlights – and by interacting with their customers in a way that’s highly emotional. More and more inner cities are turning into social hubs. What customers are looking for downtown often has nothing to do with wellstocked shelves or big discounts; instead, they are looking for human warmth, a nice conversation, an honest smile.

However, what they usually find is anonymity and a monotonous product line that looks just like the one from the shop next door. Consumers really want to be entertained. They want to hear a good story or make an exciting discovery. Retailers who are passionate and dedicated when it comes to business and sales concepts that rely on authenticity but still provide variety – these are the factors that quench this silent longing. Exceptional product lines that offer unforgettable surprises and a more knowledgeable sales staff able to tell a compelling story about every single product are indispensable ingredients for the future of brick-and-mortar retail. To awaken emotions, to create experiences and to entertain customers – these are three well-known rules of thumb that nonetheless only a handful of retailers draw on. Just make sure that your customers will have a valuable experience – by inviting them to a fashion breakfast; by showing them pop-up areas that change weekly; by being generous and accommodating. While the whole industry is busy with digitization, the most important thing is often neglected: the product. The new collections are full of stories that are worth telling. Why don’t you start telling such stories tomorrow?

trend update 17THJANUARY WEDNESDAY 11.30 A.M.




PANORAMA BERLIN Lectures Hall / Hall 7A / South Entrance


Goodie Bag |


M O R E & M O R E This is just what you need when you attend Panorama Berlin: The Goodie Bag by M O R E & M O R E is just like the label that makes it – it’s absolute fashion and absolutely wearable! For 35 years, M O R E & M O R E has moved with the times and reinvented itself by releasing new collections every month. With approximately 50 stores in Germany and many other countries, M O R E & M O R E offers fashion fans an all-round fashion program, ranging from high-quality basics to fashion pieces that make your heart beat faster – which is exactly what this cool gym sack does to us.


P R O P E R C O R N is one of Europe’s fastest growing popcorn brands. Founded on a “Done Properly” ethos and belief that there shouldn’t have to be a compromise between health and taste, their award-winning snacks are suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free and made using 100% natural ingredients. All flavors are created by the P R O P E R C O R N team and hand popped and packed on British soil. P R O P E R C O R N ’s colorful collection includes classic Lightly Sea Salted and Sweet & Salty flavors as well as unique recipes like Sweet Coconut & Vanilla and Smooth Peanut & Almond. B E - K I N D bars are simply made from whole nuts and fruits bound in honey. The unique flavor combinations such as “Caramel Almond & Sea Salt” not only taste great, but are also gluten-free, high in fiber and contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. B E K I N D is convinced that ingredients you cannot even pronounce should not be consumed. So you can snack with a good conscience, B E K I N D only uses premium ingredients that are better for your health, without sacrificing quality or flavor.



Goodie Bag |



C O L O R A D O D E N I M stands for authentic, individual denim styles and has for over 40 years. The “blue power” is now available as a bag you can take along with you, because C O LO R A D O D E N I M is Panorama Berlin’s official goodie bag partner. Specially designed for our trade show, the shopper made of washed denim features a contrasting brand logo on the front and a Panorama logo on the back. Selected trade visitors, opinion leaders and fashion bloggers will receive the limited edition denim goodie bag directly at the entrance gates.


V Ö S L A U E R : Always on the go. With the V Ö S L A U E R Clip & Go, you can always reach for a refreshing sip of mineral water. Whether you do sports, go shopping or take a walk – with the beautiful carrying straps you can take your 0.33 or 1 liter PET bottles along to all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities. The Clip & Go is available in grey or coral at the V Ö S L A U E R design shop. V Ö S L A U E R , Austria’s number 1 in the mineral water market, is THE dynamic premium brand with top-quality, innovative strength and long-term know-how. G U H L Shiny hair begins with proper care. The G U H L Silk Gloss Line is ideal for this. It gives dull, dry, brittle hair new shine. With G U H L ’s new silk gloss duo, many women come one step closer to their desire for well-groomed, silky-shiny hair and bouncy, lively ends. After each use, G U H L Silk Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner strengthen the hair’s structure without weighing it down. In addition, the two products smooth the hair surface, giving you radiant hair that reflects light.




Goodie Bag |


treaclemoon T R E A C L E M O O N Feel-good products are doubly welcome as daily companions. Whether it’s your morning shower, in between on a stressful day, or for a relaxing bath in the evening – the T R E A C L E M O O N products care for your skin in every situation, putting a smile on your face right away. As if anything else could happen with such colorful packaging and the intense fragrances with which each product tells its own story. These fun, colorful helpers stroke, pamper and care for your body and soul, making you take a short break from it all. V I S U A L S TAT E M E N T S reaches more than 30 million people every month on social networks, thereby generating 8 million interactions on Facebook and Instagram. The trends and influences from the powerful fanbase are taken up and translated into a product range that features fashion, stationery and home accessories. The inspiring lifestyle products by V I S U A L S TAT E M E N T S have successfully established themselves in concept stores and trend shops. T A O A S I S has made natural fragrances for over 25 years and stands for 100 percent allnatural, high-quality essential oils made from certified organic cultivation. The company doesn’t add anything to these products that isn’t needed, which means: no animal ingredients, no undeclared additions, no synthetic additives. Since TA O A S I S doesn’t just focus on itself, all products are made in a way that is sustainable, fair and environmentally friendly. Because TA O A S I S loves the environment and the people in it – and fragrances too!



Goodie Bag |




2 8 B L A C K Get the absolute energy drink: A B S O L U T E Z E R O G U A V A – the new taste experience by Energy Drink 2 8 B L A C K ! From the trade show to the fashion show to the afterparty. On exhausting trade show days, who couldn’t use an extra shot of energy? Our tip: A B S O L U T E Z E R O G U A V A - PA S S I O N F R U I T , the latest flavor by 2 8 B L A C K with no calories, no sugar – just 100% flavor. Like all 2 8 B L A C K products, G U A V A - PA S S I O N F R U I T is suitable for a vegan lifestyle, contains no taurine or artificial preservatives and is lactose-free, gluten-free.


D E R M A L O G I C A Since 1986, D E R M A LO G I C A products such as Dermal Clay Cleanser, Multi-Active Toner, Skin Smoothing Cream and Skin Prep Scrub are among the bestsellers made by the world’s most sought after professional skincare brand. Named a “cool brand” for eight years in a row by Britain’s CoolBrands initiative, today the products with the innovative formulations are available worldwide in selected skin care centers as well as in its own concept stores in Santa Monica/CA, New York/NY, London/UK, Berlin/Germany, Auckland/New Zealand, Dubai/UAE and Mumbai/India. B A R T R O Y A L B A R T P R A C H T G M B H has been producing high-quality beard care products for real men since 2012. The company focuses on selecting quality raw materials for its products, which are exclusively made in Germany. It’s no surprise that the company is currently the biggest manufacturer of beard care products in Germany. Under the brand name B A R T R OYA L , the company sells top-quality premium products that are available online and in shops nationwide in Germany and Austria.

Bart Royal



Goodie Bag |



P U K K A Green is the new black! At least for herbal expert P U K K A . P U K K A ’s green family consists of organic food supplements made from nutrient-rich green foods such as spirulina or chlorella. This and the brand’s revitalizing organic herbal teas are perfect if you want to get in shape. The high-quality ingredients provide valuable vitamins and minerals to support the body and mind, so you’re off to an easy, carefree start – every day. Our favorites include P U K K A Cleanse Tea and Pukka Essential Spirulina Tablets. A P E S N A C K S Founded by young entrepreneur Zack Nathan at the age of 19, A P E S N A C K S is now the fastest-growing fruit snack brand in the UK. A P E S N A C K S believes that food should always be good for you and positive – both in taste and for your health. So the A P E snack series - Crunchy Coconut Bites - is made exclusively from natural ingredients. It is vegan, gluten-free and contains absolutely no added sugar. The Crunchy Coconut Bites are available in the flavors Natural, Sesame, Chia and more recently also in Chocolate. For happy snacking! S C H A E B E N S Since 1997, the Cologne-based family business S C H A E B E N S has been the market leader in Germany for facial care and face masks. Formulations especially formulated to be well-tolerated by the skin and single-use packages promise exceptional results. With a maximum of creativity and expertise, S C H A E B E N S offers pharmaceutical skin care products that are optimally tailored to meet the needs of customers while reflecting the latest trends. S C H A E B E N S masks largely dispense with problematic, ecologically harmful ingredients such as PEGs, silicones and mineral oils.


Ape Snacks






Brand news |


A-Line F ROM WOMAN TO WOMAN The Portuguese blouse label A - L I N E challenges conventions to create the perfect fit for the 21st century woman. The synergy of minimalist simplicity and sophistication results in unusual cuts that flatter the female body. The brand’s designs reflect the attributes of the A - L I N E woman – elegance, maturity and con­ fidence. With her passion for detail and more than 20 years of fashion industry experience, creative director Alexandra Carneiros pursues her vision of designing the perfect blouse and sharing it with women around the world. The main source of inspiration is women, for whom comfort and distinctiveness are the top priority at all times and everywhere. In doing so, A - L I N E uses the finest natural materials, such as cotton and silk, to produce functional and high-quality pieces. Focused on a palette of neutral tones enhanced by a series of select pastel shades, the wow factor of A - L I N E blouses is their inimitable fit, pliable qualities and unparalleled attention to detail. PE RSONALIZ E D S H I RTS W I T H D E TA I L S T H AT S P E A K F O R T H E M S E LV E S ! With the aim of creating outstanding, comfortable and individual pieces, A - L I N E offers shirts in the Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection that get a really personal touch with embroidered names or initials.

Brand news |




Brand news |



Revivo Candela B R E E presents two Fall/Winter 2018 highlights at this year’s Panorama Berlin: The legendary Stockholm series – here, traditional craftsmanship and sustainable workmanship meet design “made in Germany.” The collection stands for top-quality natural leather and award-winning German design. The trend towards athleisure continues: Under this season’s theme “Champions,” the premium bag manufacturer presents a collection that blurs the boundaries between sports, work and travel, focusing on comfort, movement and sustainability. I C H I Colors like muted clay and faded yellowish tones, combined with caramel brown, represent the complete Fall feeling. There is an optimistic feel to the colors, even though they are a darker palette. Bohemian flowery prints, painted by hand, give the collection a special vintage vibe. With the mix of corduroy, there is a strong tendency towards the ’70s. A chunky knit with ruffles, a layered skirt or a pair of culottes, a signature printed dress and a pair of snake half boots are all you need for the start of Fall 2018. R E V I V O C A N D E L A was founded in 2014. Since then, the brand has been producing high-quality scented candles and room fragrances. Based in Hamburg, every single candle is lovingly poured by hand – sustainably and with respect for nature. The Classic Collection with the cork lid quickly became a customer favorite and the brand’s flagship product. Clean, straightforward and in the unpretentious style of the Hanseatic city, the Classic range has the potential to become a classic candle.

Brand news |



Melvin & Hamilton


M E LV I N & H A M I LT O N The vegetable tanned leather not only meets the highest standards for a sustainable natural product, but is the DNA behind every M E LV I N & H A M I LTO N collection. The two-tone effect of the hand-colored crust-leather gives each shoe its unique character. The highlights of the new collection are shoes with all types of shading – made from a variety of materials including crocodile, lizard and snake. Karim and Olivier Choukair, the brand’s creators and designers, still develop all the products themselves today. M U C H O G U S T O Our designer Monique van Berkel has been creating unique fashion made with high-quality fabrics since 2003. At the heart of every M U C H O G U S TO collection are luxurious silk scarves with uniquely designed prints. Every scarf is an individual highlight. Our inspiration for this Fall/Winter collection was elegant baroque mixed with edgy western touches. The result is a collection where opposites attract and feminine and colorful go hand in hand.


Brand news |



InWear C R E A M sells the love of details. Our collections are feminine and cool mixed with a bohemian vibe. Easy to wear and easy to love. Introducing the main Spring 2018 collection – Romantic moments – our newest color crush circles around the beauty of Mother Nature. Prints are based on the colors of the vintage garden. Soft art deco details take the garments to a higher level of femininity and independence. We’re in love with fluid shapes and romantic fabrics. Mind the details. I N W E A R is a contemporary fashion brand renowned for quality and wearability. Our signature is a feminine approach to design. Each collection is built around perfectly tailored pieces, made to last season after season. We design our collections around pieces that give women styling options that can be combined and matched together. Our focus is on core, year-round product, immediately recognizable by the I N W E A R hallmarks. M O R E & M O R E Volume, prints, color and a new opulence are the major elements in the designs by M O R E & M O R E for the Fall/Winter 2018 season. The trend around special sleeve solutions with soft volumes continues unabated, as does a fondness for floral prints. Fake fur and velvet make the fall very opulent. Colored faux fur vests and fake fur coats are now must-haves and so are many velvet and velour pieces. Dresses are the new darling of the fashion world and a huge range is presented: from opulent panne velvet dresses to Grace Kelly silhouettes to casual sweatshirt dresses – all featuring a special touch added through color and prints.


Brand news |




System Professional



A P O T . C A R E The gentle peeling exfoliant with a smooth, melting jellified texture is perfect for daily use and suitable for all skin types. “Radiant Exfoliating Cleanser” by APOT.CARE | 100 ml | EUR 39 O H K ! Moisturizing gloves with violet extract soothe and smooth the skin. For best results, use overnight. “Violet Flower Hand Mask” by OhK! | seen on | 36 g | EUR 8 Z O E V A The highly pigmented, matte, shimmering pastel tones in the eyeshadow palette are enriched with vitamin E and free of parabens and mineral oils. “Sweet Glamour Eyeshadow Palette” by ZOEVA | seen on | Eyeshadow palette with 10 powder eyeshadows | EUR 21.99 B E A U T Y I S L I F E Long-lasting shine and deep care: Vegetable oils deliver important nutrients to the lips and give them an irresistible, luscious shine. Lip gloss “sacara 28c” by BEAUT Y IS LIFE | 6 ml I EUR 25 T E A M D R J O S E P H Luxury facial care for demanding skin: with moistureproviding hyaluronic acid for timeless beauty. “Ultra Intense Hyaluronic Age Repair Cream” by TEAM DR JOSEPH | 50 ml | EUR 105 S Y S T E M P R O F E S S I O N A L Luxurious anti-frizz hair mask: Polymers smooth the hair so it feels really smooth. “System Professional EnergyCode Smoothen Mask S3” by SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL | 200 ml | EUR 39.90




Brand news |


Stehmann S T E H M A N N Precise cuts, luxurious fabrics, and sophisticated styling details alongside powerful basics – these are the defining characteristics of a S T E H M A N N collection and once again set the tone for the Fall/Winter 2018/2019 season. These pants are for more than just wearing: They create strong personalities while wowing with an effortless, contemporary look. “Passion for pants”: Based on this core value and decades of experience, S T E H M A N N Mode GmbH makes a wide variety of ladies’ pants. S U M M U M W O M A N A Dutch fashion label for the woman with her own mind and a strong sense of style. A woman of the world who makes her own decisions and never passively follows trends but experiments with her own ideas. Summum dares to mix styles, fabrics and colors like no other label to create its own signature style – the S U M M U M W O M A N signature.

Summum Woman



Brand news |


O U I As a specialist for products, O U I focuses its collection on knitwear. Innovation that meshes together perfectly with decades of experience as well as expertise in this area are carefully cultivated and regularly advanced. Of course, other product categories rounding out the range do not remain neglected. O U I has thus also established itself over the last years in shirt, dress, trouser, blazer and jacket segments and has dynamically increased its market share. F R A N S A The F R A N S A girl is interested in trends and wants to look stylish. She is not afraid to try out new shapes, trends and colors when they appear in the fashion picture. F R A N S A primarily focuses on women who like to be feminine and well dressed. Through a great knowledge of trend, shape, quality and look, Fransa fulfils the wishes of the contemporary women perfectly.





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N I L E The N I L E casual look is all about straightforward, easygoing cuts and styles; a distinctive color palette and loving attention to detail; lively textures with lots of craftsmanship – and always with sporty and feminine elements. The company is definitely Swiss and draws lots of inspiration from everyday life and values in Switzerland for a lifestyle that is at home all around the world. R A F F A E L L O R O S S I Under the motto “Celebrate the Bourgeoisie,” creative, stylish looks become the new fashion statement in the new R A F FA E L LO - R O S S I Fall/Winter collection. Classics such as glen check, tartan check and Pepita are uprooted and reinterpreted with lots of love: Lush flower beadwork, beaded insect motifs, fine velvet ribbons, and sport stripes transform these classic designs into a new fashion statement. Royal influences and modern romance are a recurring theme in the collection and make women’s hearts beat faster with ruffles and flounces. “Activewear goes glam” dynamically interprets the current athleisure trend – with sport stripe pants that feature glamorous touches such as floral applications, leather details and velvet elements. G U C C I Flower intoxication: Tuberose, jasmine and rangoon creeper bloom on the skin. “Bloom” by GUCCI | 100 ml EdP |

EUR 119

Raffaello Rossi


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Marc Aurel M A R C A U R E L : Modern is what’s inspiring, what’s real. M A R C A U R E L makes fashion for authentic women – for women who are looking for exactly what suits them. An uncomplicated, unique style, distinguishing the woman who wears it. Trendy, carefree, cheerful, and effortlessly stylish: That’s the impression made by the Fall/Winter 2018/2019 season. Serenity fuses with turbulence. Tonal harmonies build excitement. Colors work like lighting effects: By enriching the various tones and adding different shades, they create harmonious compositions. P A R T T W O The PA R T T W O Fall 2018 collection has a classic Nordic look with exciting design elements and details. The shapes are feminine but inspired by menswear such as checks and classic boyfriend-style pant cuts – all without compromising the feminine details and timeless classics that are part of PA R T T W O ’s DNA. The collection focuses on confident styles such as statement T-shirts, black jeans, jumpsuits and strong animal prints, but also features short skirts, knits with a Scandinavian touch, elegant flower prints and floor-length dresses. The colors are warm orange, pale blue, dusty pink, organic yellow and moss green, which contrast beautifully with the deep, elegant chestnut brown and stylish black.

Part Two

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K Y R A & K O Since 2003, with their label K Y R A & K O , designers Kyra Marcopoulos and Lidwien van der Klei have been dressing stylish, mature women who have class and prefer their own style of fashion. Unmistakably designed by women for women, the two designers know very well which parts of the figure to emphasize and which are to be covered. Classic at first glance, the K Y R A & K O styles turn out to be favorite pieces with subtle details and impeccable quality. True to its style, each K Y R A & K O collection is a fine addition to the existing wardrobe. M A L V I N & O P E N E N D Stylish favorites: M A LV I N and are as unique as people who appreciate extraordinary things and express this in their lifestyle. Fashion for modern everyday life, clothes with selected prints, interesting looks for fashion-conscious women. Distinct, modern prints for a brilliant appearance, but also highlights and tunics decorated with sequins. With individuality and extravagance, NON STOP makes favorite pieces under the labels M A LV I N and O P E N E N D (Curvy Line). OPEN END

Kyra & Ko

E M I L Y V A N D E N B E R G H The contemporary mainstream blouse label E M I LY V A N D E N B E R G H continues its success story. The blouse is clearly the brand’s key piece. E M I LY V A N D E N B E R G H strives to produce collections that will always be in style. Far from monotonous rack concepts, these trends are fun and awaken emotions. Are you looking for the latest trends and hip blouses? Then you’re in the right place at the E M I LY V A N D E N B E R G H stand in Hall 1.


Emily van den Bergh


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H E R R L I C H E R manufactures very fine textiles, combining the best fabrics, sustainability and fairness. The H E R R L I C H E R Fall/Winter collection 2018/2019 captivates with a variety of designs from sporty to glamorous, bringing sporty sweats and bomber jackets to womenswear, as well as elegant blouses and coats in shimmering fabrics, jacquards and velvet. Tweed, glen check and houndstooth give the collection a touch of London street-feeling, and sparkling jacquards round off the collection perfectly. The colorful palette of red, pink, plum, petrol, and glamorous gold and silver tones are bound to put you in the best of moods in the winter. In addition, the bluefabric denims come in various shapes and in great washes – both in the destroyed and cropped looks as well as in the classic versions, so there’s something for every taste. H E R R L I C H E R – as always, timeless, modern and authentic. M A R C C A I N The Fall/Winter 2018 collections feature new silhouettes and a clever play of contrasts, which is essential for the styles’ modern look. Mixing patterns adds excitement and quality fabrics are indispensable for the sophisticated looks. Broad-shouldered masculine glen check suits are celebrating a fashion comeback this season. They are stylishly worn with checkered pullovers or sweaters. Pumps and soft suede ankle boots stylishly round off the look.


Marc Cain

Meet your f avour i te br and s at


DK COMPANY A /S La Cours Vej 6 DK-7430 Ikast // DK COMPANY CPH A /S Kanonbådsvej 10 DK-1437 Copenhagen // DK COMPANY VEJLE A /S Edisonvej 4 DK-710 0 Vejle





Left page: Blouse by B .YO U N G Right page: Jacket and Pants by I N W E A R Blouse by PA R T T W O Flower Brooch by M A R C C A I N


Total Look by M A R C C A I N Shoes by M E LV I N & H A M I LT O N


Top by F R A N S A Pants by R A F FA E L L O R O S S I


Top and Pants by M A R C C A I N


Dress by M O R E & M O R E


Jacket and Pants by PA R T T W O Top by B .YO U N G Shoes by M E LV I N & H A M I LT O N


Jacket by PA R T T W O Bag by S W E E T D E L U X E


Blouse by K A F F E Pants by PA R T T W O


Blouse by M A R C C A I N Pants by K A F F E Bag by B L I N G B E R L I N A C C E S S O R I E S Socks by P I N N E D B Y K


Pants by R A F FA E L L O R O S S I Shoes by M E LV I N & H A M I LT O N


Jacket by O U I Top by PA R T T W O Pants by R A F FA E L L O R O S S I Shoes by M E LV I N & H A M I LT O N


Pullover by O U I Jacket and Pants by K A F F E


Brooch by M A R C C A I N Dress by N I L E


Total Look by F R A N S A

P H O T O G R A P H E R : A N N YC K B E N T H | | S T Y L I S T : L A U R A - M A R I A W U L F F H A I R & M A K E U P : K AT H A R I N A H A N D E L / B A S I C S B E R L I N | | M O D E L : A D E L / S TA R SYS T E M


Wool Jacket by M A R C C A I N T-Shirt by F R A N S A


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RAGMAN R A G M A N The new R A G M A N collection features stylish menswear for any occasion and any weather. Whether in cotton, wool, cashmere or classic merino and lambswool knits, all R A G M A N styles offer maximum wearing comfort and top quality. Sweatshirts are in style and integrated into the Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection with innovative patterns such as all-over print and jacquards. Another focus is on new colors and stylishly combining them. J . P L O E N E S “Real guys wear ties” – young trendsetters are just starting to get into something that established businesspeople are increasingly taking leave of. Real guys like ties – whether it’s a narrow tie or bow tie, smart ties are in fashion. Rustic styles, fabric blends, and prints on washed cotton in fall colors like cognac, berry, olive and navy are setting the tone this coming winter and are anything but a mundane business tie. However, things are changing here too – in places where “exciting” everyday apparel consists of a black suit and white shirt, a nice tie will soon provide a liberating accent. LE LABO The French unisex fragrance classic with cardamom, violet and sandalwood is an expression of pure sensuality. “Santal 33” by LE LABO | 100 ml EdP | EUR 222





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M A N P L A N The M A N P L A N handkerchief holder brought entrepreneur Manuel Planella the deal of his life in 2017 in front of a jury on the German VOX TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen.” Entrepreneur Dagmar Wöhrl was so impressed that she enthusiastically released the handkerchief holder at stores including Wöhrl Moden, Wormland and Ludwig Beck in Munich. Since then, M A N P L A N has grown and so has the product range. The brand now also offers other highquality accessories, including scarves, ties, bow ties and belts: sophisticated and first-rate for men with class, style and taste. A L B E R T O enters the new season in top form. Pants with slender pleats, reduced, sharply cut silhouettes, and slim jackets stand for modern quality cuts as does the entire jeans range by the pants label. The fabrics are also carefully selected: Cozy wool and flannel fabrics meet contemporary corduroy, cashmere or superfit denim. Together with the muted, emphatically masculine mix of chalk strips, checks, salt & pepper or herringbone designs, the result is a confident, easy-to-wear look that combines modernity with cool casualness.




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S4 Jackets

Fynch-Hatton S 4 J A C K E T S Modern, urban, functional: S 4 J AC K E TS remains true to itself in Fall/Winter 2018 but goes one step further with smart outer fabrics, straight cuts and stylish features. With technical, functional fabrics, the apparel is guaranteed to be extremely weather-resistant. Genuine down and PrimaLoft padding ensure uncompromising warmth – even on icy days. Because that’s what S 4 J A C K E T S stands for: consistency, fashionable clothing, self-confidence. S 4 J A C K E T S – 100 percent masculine. F Y N C H - H A T T O N gives you the freedom to love and live your own style. True to the motto: “To live is to explore.” Each piece stands for the highest quality, workmanship, sustainability, and last but not least, attention to detail. F Y N C H - H AT TO N has meanwhile established itself as a maker of modern, casual styles and underscores its high standards with premium fabrics and outstanding workmanship. Color themes in the Fall/ Winter 2018 collection include Spice Market, Red Desert and African Heritage. T H O M A S K I R K W O O D presents a high-quality city collection that is complemented by elegant, smart casual elements. Italian design and elaborate styles give the collection a very fashionable look. With first-rate fabrics, the clothing is very comfortable and easy to take care of. The T H O M A S K I R K W O O D collection looks stylish at the office and during leisure time. An attractive, high-quality knitwear collection colorfully rounds off the entire shirt collection. A never-out-of-stock (NOOS) program for the shirt and knit segments means that these pieces can always be stocked.

Thomas Kirkwood


MEET US IN OUR GENTLEMEN’S CLUB. PANORAMA JANUAR 2018, HALLE 2 / 2.24 - INFO: T. +31(0)23 542 42 18


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NOWADAYS B E N V E N U T O ’s brand message is “engineered style.” As an expert clothing manufacturer, B E N V E N U TO knows how to make fashion look casual. The next winter collection focuses on a synergy between function and cut – a combination that creates excitement. The must-have piece of the Fall/Winter 2018 season will be a short, unconstructed, soft, double-breasted jersey caban jacket – available in a solid color or a striking plaid. B E N V E N U TO increasingly uses fabrics with a specific function: jersey, stretch fabric, breathable fabrics as well as water repellent and waterproof fabrics. The brand makes it a point to select fabrics that give the various models a certain added value. N O W A D A Y S Simple. Modern. Smart. The Fall/Winter collection once again puts the focus on the two pillars of the N O W A D AY S brand: firstly, on very modern looks and a reduced, but expressive visual representation of the brand and, secondly, on integrating modern, sophisticated pieces into the relevant product groups. With its commercial success, the brand’s goal is to boldly expand the budget and the brand’s message. Step by step, we would like to take our retailers and end consumers on this journey with us. Shirts and knitwear are our strongest product groups and we will continue to develop these areas accordingly.

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DIGEL move


BYNACHT D I G E L M O V E In Fall/Winter 2018, D I G E L M O V E is adding a dash of coolness to its fashion statement and is thus distinguishing itself even more clearly from D I G E L – the menswear concept – both in contents and style. The new season’s offerings branch out into two intertwining colorways. Navy, blue, light blue, and olive blend into black, anthracite, grey, silver grey, and white. The overall color palette is very clean, dark, and masculine. It creates the basis for effective structures, patterns, and new styles. A fine Donegal tweed is the theme of the collection and weaves together – like the proverbial golden thread – the jackets, waistcoats, trousers, and suits. The silhouettes are slender, but very easy-fitting. B U G A T T I The new B U G AT T I collection for Fall/Winter 2018 is full of modern new ideas with a high lifestyle factor. A relaxed smartness, authenticity and naturalness characterize the look. Whether fabrics, patterns, material mix, shapes and colors: bugatti meets the zeitgeist. Eye-catchers include coats with oversize checks, chenille shirts or trousers with provocatively large checks. Beside popular winter darks, colors such as brighter neutrals are trending. Wintery yellow, red and green nuances provide suspense. An innovative highlight are the heatable jackets of the EnergySeries. B Y N A C H T Get beautiful skin overnight: The power serum with Persian silk tree extract reduces all visible signs of tiredness and leaves your skin looking plumper and smoother. “Iconic Reborn Radiant Serum” by BYNACHT | 30 ml | EUR 185



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CARL GROSS C A R L G R O S S Masculine elegance and Italian aesthetics are reflected in all the key looks of the new collection. For Fall/ Winter 2018, the business brand focuses even more on wool fabrics by Italian premium weavers such as Zegna or Loro Piana. In addition, grainy velvet fabrics and corduroy celebrate their comeback. In the silhouette, the suits and jackets remain mostly narrow, but the business brand promises uncompromising wearing comfort in all styles. A T E L I E R T O R I N O presents itself as a brand for the modern man under the slogan “Feel Italian,� embedded in an Italian world of taste. The core competence of the collection lies in jackets, suits, mix & match, and the capsule collection AT E L I E R TO R I N O GALA – the semi-festive collection for occasions such as weddings, parties as well as for business. A special highlight is the retro theme, which is created using fabric designs and accessories.

atelier torino

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Friedman Berlin



Heinrich Barth COMME des GARÇONS

MiN New York


Percy Nobleman

U R BAN TRAVE LE R: W ITH TH E S E E S S E NTIALS I N H I S TOI LETRY BAG, A G E NTLE MAN CUTS A FINE FIGURE WHEREVER HE MIGHT BE. F R I E D M A N B E R L I N Skinfood for a man’s stressed skin: Thanks to antibacterial ingredients, the skin’s appearance is visibly clarified. “Face Lotion” by FRIEDMANBERLIN | 100 ml | EUR 49.95 H E I N R I C H B A R T H The scent of the smoothing fig leaf shampoo recalls a Greek summer holiday. The shampoo is suitable for all hair types. “Shampoo No. 07 M YKONOS” by HEINRICH BARTH | 250 ml | EUR 24 L E S S Less is more: This concentrated facial oil is completely free of preservatives, surfactants and alcohol. “Dry Skin” by LESS | 25 ml | EUR 59 P E R C Y N O B L E M A N A hand-carved wooden beard comb for the modern dandy. “Beard Comb” by PERCY NOBLEMAN | seen on | Specially crafted for men with beards at least 2.5 cm | 6.35 cm x 12.7 cm | EUR 24.99 M I N N E W Y O R K Luscious plums, flowers and woods meets sumptuous leather and musk. The perfect companion for strong moments. “Coda” by MIN NEW YORK | 75 ml EdP | EUR 240 C O M M E D E S G A R Ç O N S An ode to concrete: C O M M E D E S G A R Ç O N S reinterprets industrial luxury – with cardamon, rose and sandlewood notes. “Concrete” by COMME DES GARÇONS | 80 ml EdP | EUR 140



Left page: Caban Jacket by S 4 J A C K E T S Right page: Suit by B E N V E N U T O Shirt by O LY M P Vest by B U G AT T I 73


Left page: Suit by B E N V E N U T O Shirt by D E S O T O Right page: Shirt and Vest by R OY R O B S O N 75


Left page: Coat by C A R L G R O S S Pants by R OY R O B S O N Right page: Shirt by O LY M P Suit by B E N V E N U T O 77


Left page: Sports Jacket by B U G AT T I Shirt by C A R L G R O S S Pants by A L B E R T O Right page: Sports Jacket by B U G AT T I Shirt by C A R L G R O S S Pants by A L B E R T O Shoes by R OY R O B S O N



Shirt and Blouson by N O WA D AY S Pants by K N O W L E D G E C O T T O N A P PA R E L Shoes by R OY R O B S O N 81


Left page: Sports Jacket by C O L O U R S & S O N S Shirt by D E S O T O Pants and Shoes by D I G E L Right page: Jacket and Pants by K N O W L E D G E C O T T O N A P PA R E L Shirt by L E R R O S Shoes by D I G E L



P H O T O G R A P H E R : A N N YC K B E N T H | | S T Y L I S T : DA N I E L P W. H A I R & M A K E U P : S A B I N E S Z E K E LY M O D E L S : R E N E G R I C O U R T @ M O D E LW E R K

Left page: Caban Jacket by S 4 J A C K E T S Shirt by B E N V E N U T O Right page: Suit by D I G E L M O V E Shirt by D I G E L Shoes by M E LV I N & H A M I LT O N



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PLEASE SisterS Point K L E I N I G K E I T True to the motto “A little something for everyone and no problems for anyone,” the brand K L E I N I G K E I T presents a straightforward street style and special textiles made from a refined mixture of the finest cotton, secret ingredients, a shot of luck, a maximum shot of problem-free attitude, and a special feeling for life. By running a never-out-of-stock (NOOS) program, the young label de-problematizes the retailer/region/clientele issue. Joie de vivre, freedom, a joy of being alive. Meet the problem solvers in Hall 3, Stand 3.47! P L E A S E In the coming six months, the P L E A S E F E S T I V A L S U M M E R collection presents a special fashion selection inspired by the famous festivals Coachella, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza and Burning Man. P L E A S E additionally offers a limited edition that wows with elaborate embroidery. There’s also a new NOW program ensuring that retailers are always stocked. The new P.L.S. capsule collection is bound to surprise you. Made 100% in Italy, P L E A S E delights today’s strong woman! S I S T E R S P O I N T Since its launch in 1994, S I S T E R S P O I N T , a Danish-owned company, has experienced nothing but growth. We believe there is only one way of doing business: to do our very best, and if that is not enough – to do even better. We have built our business on our ability to spot today’s trends and transform them into styles that trendy girls want now. We deliver today’s fashion – today. Do it with passion or not at all.



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Imperial Fashion

I M P U O M O B Y I M P E R I A L The denim line of the world-famous Italian label I M P E R I A L inspires individualists and the trend-conscious man of today. All eight collections that I M P U O M O brings out every year are 100% made in Italy. Cuts and materials are characterized by experimentation, which characterizes the unconventional, cool but wearable look of­ I M P B Y I M P E R I A L ! Men and boys be I M P E R I A L ! I M P E R I A L F A S H I O N is enjoying growing fame – the result of a functional style and high fashion value. The brand knows how to add a new touch to each collection by fusing tradition, innovation and 36 years of experience. A mix of energy and positivity meets an eye for the gentler side of contemporary style. I M P E R I A L FA S H I O N – modern, elegant, expressive. I M P E R I A L T A I L O R I N G The unique style of the brand combines a striking variety of prints, fabrics and colors with classic tailoring. I M P E R I A L TA I LO R I N G impresses with its typical Italian-modern expression, which is infused by an elegant and aesthetic look. Whether at the office, at dinner or at the theater: I M P E R I A L TA I LO R I N G ensures for the perfect performance of every man.

Imperial Tailoring

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BROADWAY NYC FASHION B R O A D W A Y N Y C F A S H I O N Let’s get loud! Bright colors like Galaxy Blue and Fuchsia Purple and strong contrasts in black-and-white patterns and floral prints call the tune and give the new collection a fresh and modern touch. Shiny side stripes, embroidery and jacquard patterns highlight slacks and pants turning them into true eye-catchers. Elaborate washes and finishes and raw seams give classic denims a new edge. Special details such as ornate lurex flaps, romantic flounces or clever cut-ins make blouses and sweaters to statement pieces. Sweatshirts come as casual as always yet show off a new boxy style with prints and badges. M O S S C O P E N H A G E N is a Danish fashion brand that focuses on simplicity and ready-to-wear clothing. It is known for clear, minimalist lines, complemented by contemporary prints. The focus is on fit and a very good price-performance ratio. Four collections annually round off the key words “simplicity” and “ready to wear.” Together with the retailer, M O S S C O P E N H A G E N creates additional express collections, which are offered along with the main collections. This makes it possible to implement and offer short-term fashion styles.

Moss Copenhagen



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Pep B LU T S G E S C H W I S T E R Since 2001, B L U T S G E S C H W I S T E R has been stirring up fashion monotony and attracting customers with its individual creations. The feminine collections for self-confident women are made directly in the brand’s Berlin atelier in accordance with triedand-tested tradition: specially designed, colorful patterns – combinable across all collections. Timelessly chic, the high-quality, feel-good couture is suitable for everyday wear. Sustainably and fairly made, the brand is committed to ecological production conditions and is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. P E P For the cooler autumn days, you wrap up warm in P E P ’s cableknit jumpers and soft, chunky knitwear. You also enjoy bringing out your feminine style with everything else that P E P has to offer: great quality and value, materials with lovely designs and a fabulous floral universe. You put on your new woolen coat by P E P when you’re going out, and you smile and look forward to fun get-togethers this autumn, wearing your new P E P outfit in shades of deep red, dark camel or bottle green. P E P captures the strongest autumn trends with stylish checks and sporty stripes. For this season, the eye-catchers feature prints inspired by outer space and a glowing universe of stars, moons and planets. P E P – It’s all about you. F R E E Q U E N T This season F R E E Q U E N T draws inspiration from the earthly colors and prints of Scandinavia, combining them into beautiful creations such as wrap dresses and cozy knitwear. F R E E Q U E N T is always following the latest trends: The popular Prince of Wales checks and tape stripes on both tops and bottoms will also be seen this Fall. This season, the brand welcomes colors starting with a wide range of blues, spicy colors and different reds. Not least, this collection will feature a wide selection of faux fur jacket and formal yet functional jackets.


Brand news |



B S B Dynamics, attitude, opinion. These three words give life to the whole concept behind the brand. We cherish and celebrate femininity and this is an all season thing. Precious fabrics, handembroidered embellishments and attention to detail are what separate the B S B winter 2018-2019 jeans collection from all the rest! The coming winter is bringing an exotic winterland feel with oriental inspiration, dressy pieces with historical references boosted by rock accents, and hip-hop inspired wardrobe with sexy retro streetwear, among others. R I N O & P E LLE The foundation of R I N O & P E L L E began with the belief in craftsmanship and creating timeless classics. A strong ethos in durable pieces that eventually become wardrobe favorites has shaped the brand into what it is today. Clothes that we love to live in become an extension of our emotions, which makes them part of our precious memories in life. Since 1987 the main source of inspiration comes from old city centers that juxtapose the vibrant mix of both classic and modern elements. By bringing a concept that combines classic details with a clean aesthetic, R I N O & P E L L E delivers garments that are suitable for that effortless chic style.




Brand news |



R E . D R A F T – urban, simple, natural: A laissez-faire lifestyle inspired the new summer collection by R E . D R A F T. Simplicity paired with fresh trend details and lively fabrics give the apparel its light look. Printed, crinkled crepe blouses, floral maxi-dresses and modern midi skirt silhouettes are the feminine highlights and contrast with the paper-bag pants and cool cotton tops in a modern way. Bright lemon yellow, ocean blue and soft greens abound with refreshing touches of flamingo and watermelon pink. A N N A J U S T P E R – “Life is about the moment”: With this philosophy in mind, the new label A N N A J U S T P E R , from Milano Fashion in Hamburg, dresses its customers. With high-quality fabrics such as silk, cotton and viscose, sporty and casual-elegant outfits, as well as detail-loving single pieces, the items in this collection for the modern woman are easy to combine over and over again for every occasion. The fits are well conceived and offer high wearing comfort. With looks that are exceptional and individual, the sophisticated international collection reflects the contemporary zeitgeist, making it easy for the A N N A J U S T P E R customer to choose between inspiring, harmonious outfits available in many colors. The woman who wears A N N A J U S T P E R is interested in culture, knows what she wants, and loves life.

Anna Justper






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Mellow Yellow M E L L O W Y E L L O W Whether or not Bruno Van Gaver, founder of the M E L LO W Y E L LO W brand, knew what he was creating when he founded the colorful shoe label in 2004, is unknown. On the other hand, it is clear that M E L LO W Y E L LO W quickly created a sensation in the fashion world with its Parisian flair. Always edgy and on trend, the brand reflects the zeitgeist like no other with its affordable and comfortable shoes. S A I N T T R O P E Z When S A I N T T R O P E Z premieres its Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection, retailers and participating partners will experience the full impact of the brand’s relaunch. Together with new CEO Sofie Lindahl-Jessen, the Danish brand is launching a new visual identity. The new collection is rich in delicate, feminine details, wonderful floral artwork, flattering fabrics and sensual knitwear. Sustainability also plays an important role in the form of new water-saving denims and organic cotton T-shirts. M . O . D 2017 was a successful year for M . O . D : 45 never-out-of-stock (NOOS) styles in the women’s and men’s segments ensured a positive inventory turnover rate for existing retailers and a high margin. In 2018, the NOOS program will be expanded to include shorts, shirts and sweaters. Super stretchy fabrics in various fits are guaranteed to feel good on. The womenswear offers different waistlines and cuts in the latest looks. For men, X-slim to comfort styles are available. Casual washes and destroyed looks give retailers the opportunity to set up points of sale in junior and teen clothing departments – for young women and men.


Saint Tropez







Pants by P L E A S E Bag by B S B


Quilted Velvet Jacket and T-Shirt by 97

Left page: Top, Shirt and Bast Shopper by M O L LY B R A C K E N Long Dress by M O L LY B R A C K E N Right page: Quilted Blouson by R I N O & P E L L E Socks by P I N N E D B Y K Shoes by M E L L O W Y E L L O W




Left page: Track Suit by P E P Right page: Jeans Jacket and Pleated Skirt by B R O A D WAY N YC FA S H I O N T-Shirt by G R E YS T O N E Socks and Shoes by P I N N E D B Y K


Left page: Top and Pants by R E . D R A F T Socks by P I N N E D B Y K Shoes by M E L L O W Y E L L O W Right page: Bomber Jacket by M O S S C O P E N H A G E N Dress by B L U T S G E S C H W I S T E R



Left page: Top by M O L LY B R A C K E N Pants by Y. A . S Shoes by P I N N E D B Y K Right page: Skirt by V I L A Pullover by P L E A S E




P H O T O G R A P H E R : R F S | | P H O T O A S S I S TA N T : M I C H A S C H U LT E H A I R & M A K E U P : TA N T H A I M A K E U P M O D E L S : S TA M / A P P L E M O D E L M A N G E M E N T

Left page: Total Look by B S B Shoes by M E L L O W Y E L L O W Right page: Raincoat by R I N O & P E L L E Long Dress by S A I N T T R O P E Z



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Confessions of a Dandy C O N F E S S I O N S O F A D A N D Y With high-quality accessories for men and women – ties, bows, pocket handkerchiefs, scarves and shawls – the new Berlin label confesses its passion for excellent design and very fine fabrics, combining tradition with zeitgeist. The first collection by C O N F E S S I O N S O F A D A N DY interprets the classic houndstooth pattern in a distinctive, contemporary way. Top-notch craftsmanship: designed in Berlin, manufactured in Como, Italy. C I N Q U E , the contemporary premium label, reflects the essence of the Italian lifestyle: inwardly passionate and emotional, outwardly always smart and casual. The Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection is about contradictions. The speed of society today and increased digitization meet a longing for romance, tradition and reflection. This is reflected in a trend-setting C I N Q U E collection with lots of heritage and retro influences. Urban looks and casualness meet retro patterns, technical fabrics and modern clothing.





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J.LINDEBERG J . L I N D E B E R G The Scandinavian Fashion House J . L I N D E B E R G was founded in Stockholm 1996 with the vision to build an international brand for modern and aware consumers. The company bridges fashion and function, offering outstanding products for a modern active lifestyle. The collections consist of menswear and womenswear offering fashion, tailoring, active, golf and skiwear. Today distribution covers more than 35 countries, and there are 90 J . L I N D E B E R G stores in cities, including Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Munich, New York, Miami, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. J . L I N D E B E R G is sold in over 900 stores worldwide. N O E X C E S S continuing along the successful path it has followed in recent seasons. That means focusing heavily on innovative materials, with particular attention to details and a cleaner look. The collection consists of three delivery programmes starting in January with light relief knits and multi-coloured sweats in attractive pastel tints. Old pink and burgundy are combined with steel greens in stretch shirts with digital prints on satin fabric and oxfords in shiny yarns. There are trench coats in peached nylon/cotton and bomber jackets in nylon with metallic yarns.

No Excess


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camel active

redpoint C A M E L A C T I V E Contrasts are brought together in the Fall/Winter 2018 camel active looks. Newly interpreted, tailored classics meet innovative sportswear materials and heavily treated workwear. The look is clean and combines casual tailoring with functional details, different material combinations and hybrid solutions. Mix & match is an important stylistic device for outfits: A traditional checked blazer is worn with a campus sweatshirt and faded patched denims. Statements are made by reduced duster coats together with intarsia sweaters, accessories or blanket scarves. Modernized slim-cut worker cargos meet blousons in a leather-nylon mix and thick cabled knits. R E D P O I N T Authentic, comfortable designs by R E D P O I N T defy wind and weather. So for the Fall/Winter 2018 women’s collection, the label focuses on feminine cuts, comfort and functionality. For the men, the modernity aspect gets more attention: new fabrics, innovative surfaces and special fabric combinations. All in all, this season is about resilience and innovative technologies: wind- and weather-resistant styles designed for optimal heat retention.


Scandinavian Edition

S C A N D I N A V I A N E D I T I O N is inspired by Scandinavian design as it emerged in the 1950s – characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. We like the idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should be made available for everyone, and strive to create products with great value for money – without making any compromises. Dedicated work and research have been put into details – for you to feel, discover and appreciate when you start wearing a Scandinavian Edition product. Designed with integrity in Scandinavia. P M E L E G E N D Inspired by an aircraft art project, the P M E Fall/Winter 2018 collection is a continuation of the concept behind the brand to date: P M E L E G E N D makes collections that pay tribute to cargo pilots of past times. With courage and dedication, these men transported cargo from continent to continent in their propeller planes – the iconic aircraft of aviation history. P M E L E G E N D pays homage to these pilots and designs strong, functional collections for authentic men: men who have both feet on the ground, adventurers who push boundaries, who set out for new horizons, and for whom freedom is as important as the air they breathe. LEGEND

PME Legend


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Schott NYC S C H O T T N Y C Founded in 1913, S C H O T T N Y C is a family-run business that stands for tradition, authenticity and quality. The American company attained cult status with its famous Perfecto leather jacket: Stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean became forerunners for a whole generation in the 1950s and are still recognized worldwide as fashion trendsetters to this day. The iconic bomber jacket, which S C H O T T N Y C originally designed for the US Air Force, is a statement piece in every collection. C G – C L U B O F G E N T S : The new Fall/Winter 2018 collection follows the look of the last two seasons and remains true to the Brit pop lifestyle of the ’80s and ’90s. That’s why a lot of the suits and jackets are made from checkered fabrics – these originally come from the English Kingdom. In terms of fit, slim fit continues to be the measure of all things, although a slight trend towards longer sports jackets and wider pants can be seen.




MW by


Left page: Rain Jacket by D I D R I K S O N S1913 Right page: Suit and Shirt by O S C A R J A C O B S O N Shoes by D I G E L 117


Left page: Coat and Pants by C I N Q U E Bag by B L I N G B E R L I N A C C E S S O R I E S Scarf by O S C A R J A C O B S O N Right page: Suede Biker Jacket by R O C K A N D B L U E



Left page: Blouse and Skirt by M O R E & M O R E Right page: Suit and Shirt by C G – C L U B O F G E N T S 121


Left page: Trench Coats by R O C K A N D B L U E Right page: Jacket by C G – C L U B O F G E N T S Nylon Blouson by R E D P O I N T 123


Left page: Denim Outfits by H E N R Y I . S I E G E L Right page: Quilted Nylon Jacket by P M E L E G E N D Pants by C I N Q U E Backpack by C A M E L A C T I V E



Left page: Blouson by C A M E L A C T I V E Right page: Suit by C I N Q U E Jacket R E D P O I N T Bag by H E N R Y I . S I E G E L

P H O T O G R A P H E R : A N N YC K B E N T H | | S T Y L I S T : L A U R A - M A R I A W U L F F H A I R & M A K E U P : K AT H A R I N A H A N D E L / B A S I C S B E R L I N | | M O D E L S : P O L I / P M A A N D J A R I / P M A



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NORTON N O R T O N “Life is hard, cozy up!” The motto behind this year’s collection is once again perfect for Hall 5. Known for is winter accessories, the brand N O R TO N from South Tyrol delivers outstanding workmanship and soft wool textures simply topped off with a pompon. “Manufattura Italia” is the company’s credo. Glamour can be so cozy. C O D E L L O Live bold. Love more. For its Winter 2018 collection, presents themes with strong messages that revolve around the factors that define the label: Happiness and sympathy, a love of details, colors and patterns. There is a desire for more love for ourselves, for others, as well as for nature and the world. The scarf acts as a pleasant mediator: Quotes are used for communication purposes and also as a style element. Themes like “Save the Planet,” “Happy Pandicorn” and “Peanuts WM – Fair Game” underscore this. Colors are big in Winter 2018: Strong colors are important such as red, yellow and purple. Warm camel is an important basic. The accents are in new lilac and blue variants. Silk becomes more important and can be seen in new formats and textures. Soft fabrics and materials are decisive: plush, bouclé, faux fur and knitwear are behind the winter’s new all-rounder styles.



I X X X I J E W E L R Y Surprisingly different: I X X X I J E W E L R Y – cheeky and rocking or chic and elegant? I X X X I J E W E L R Y surprises and inspires! Every day you want something new, something different. Pure seduction. That’s what the Dutch label I X X X I J E W E L R Y stands for with its highquality jewelry creations. I X X X I J E W E L R Y offers fashionable, unique accessories with added value. The successful concept is based on the desire to express one’s own style every day. With I X X X I J E W E L R Y , no two days are the same. The pieces of jewelry can be put together individually according to your mood. Today cheeky and rocky, or instead chic and elegant? The I X X X I ring fulfills all wishes and always takes on a new look.


Brand news | E M I LY & N O A H Performance, passion and reflection are the three main themes of the E M I LY & N O A H Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection. Performance is the theme of the future: There are no limits to the visions in terms of technology and design – sportswear remains a strong topic. In addition, retro sports, old school, college, campus and cottage are key words, as well as retro alpinism, hiking and trekking. This combines the typical classic sportswear colors such as red and blue, yellow, green as well as neutral tones such as natural brown and grey. The topic of reflection stands for new sheen and innovative finishes for shoes and accessories.


E M U A U S T R A L I A Models in rich earth tones and exciting metallic shades especially appeal to the following target group: female millennials who love to travel. Whether at home or in the office, at après-ski activities or on off-road terrain – the 2018 Fall/Winter collection has the motto “wild at heart” and focuses on functional, fashionable footwear. Australian merino wool and Australian lambskin, combined with waterproof upper materials, form the heart of the 2018 winter collection.

EMU Australia




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Joma Jewellery J O M A J E W E L L E R Y Katie Loxton’s original vision in 2008 was to create high-quality pieces that are beautiful, delivered in pretty packaging and still affordable. That’s still the case today for the brand which has since developed into a complete lifestyle brand with fashion and home accessories. From jewelry to bags, soy candles, scarves and stationery. Katie Loxton creates and designs every product in the collection with her team, while her husband Geoff handles the business and brand development aspects. Her vision has always been to offer her creations worldwide and to promote a sense of well-being with nice sentiments and gift ideas – in the hope that her customers will love them as much as she does. Z W E I presents many new products and bright colors for Spring/Summer 2018. The focus is on the play with surfaces, which are interpreted in a fashionable way, in particular through the use of various colors and structural diversity. Celebrating their premiere, the C H E R I E , L I S E T T E and M . W A L L E T collections are made of high-quality synthetic leather.



= Endless switching and combining, iXXXi JEWELRY, your taste, your combination.

For international sales, please contact our head ofďŹ ce :

Watchit11 International B.V., De Schacht 15, 5107 RD, Dongen, The Netherlands + 31 162 311 557,,


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A D A X The Fall/Winter 2018 collection originates from the idea of expressing ourselves through new shapes and unlimited combinations of colors and materials. Notice the playful combinations of different leather qualities, colors and textures, creating trendsetting looks and designs. Textures such as metal are to be noticed along with colorful suede and embossed calfskin. O T T O K E S S L E R “Product first� is the core value behind the fine leather gloves made by O T TO K E S S L E R . Traditional manufacturing processes ensure that the gloves fit like a second skin, transforming them into something that is much more than just a functional product. The 2018/2019 collection features flattering leathers in a wide range of colors, putting a stylish spin on any outfit. With gloves by O T TO K E S S L E R , something personal shines through in the urban world.

Otto Kessler

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My Jewellery


M Y J E W E L L E R Y A comprehensive, unique, and on-trend jewellery label from the Netherlands. Over the last six years, M Y J E W E L L E R Y has become one of the most important and well-known jewellery brands across the country. Owner Sharon Hilgers designs all of the jewellery together with an in-house graphic design team. The combination of high-quality materials (e.g., stainless steel) and fine prices make M Y J E W E L L E R Y a great success – both online and offline!  F I L A is one of the oldest sportswear brands in the world with more than a century of history. World-famous champions like Björn Borg, Boris Becker and Monica Seles already wore outfits by the brand. Current trends and a retro revival have revived the Snow White of sportswear. In addition to the well-known logo prints, the Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection features new trendy fabrics such as velvet, velour and fake fur, which play a major role. The same thing applies to pastel shades.



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Magnolia Charm M A G N O L I A C H A R M Jewelry for the free spirit: stylish handmade jewelry with a loving attention to detail by M A G N O L I A C H A R M . Made in Germany with a good shot of boho chic for the urban hippies among us. Founded in 2009 by designer Alice Knorz, the designs by M A G N O L I A C H A R M are an exciting combination of the relaxed and natural lifestyle of her native Australia and the exciting and vibrant cultural life in the heart of Europe. The result is a sophisticated collection of necklaces and bracelets, which is playful yet timeless. The new season’s motto is “delicate materials” such as finely polished hematite beads that sparkle like diamonds combined with pure, rough diamonds in black or white. The necklace collection features exclusive one-of-a-kind, hand-carved jade pieces. As always, only natural, very high-quality materials are used. S W E E T D E L U X E As always, S W E E T D E L U X E delivers the perfect accessories: whether it’s a necklace, bracelet or brooch – the possibilities are unlimited. Details such as bee applications for the spring and large tassel earrings for the summer make YOU wallow in anticipation. Whether in gold, silver or rosé, there’s a personal piece of jewelry here for everyone. L . C R E D I The cult label L . C R E D I Munich stands for Italian elegance and style, fashion-philosophy, craftsmanship, and durability with a special focus on price-performance – a congenial fusion of Italian design, German precision and Munich tradition. The bag makers and the brand’s creative designers have, in fact, been dedicated to the art of handbag making since 1953. More than 60 years of expertise goes into every single masterpiece in the trend-conscious collections that are also known for their diversity. It is the special attention to design and trends, the quality of the leather goods and materials, as well as the well-conceived, organized interiors that make these handbags so special.

sweet deluxe L.CREDI

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munda:rt P A V E M E N T With quality and perfected design, the Danish shoe label PA V E M E N T has made a name for itself as a strong Danish brand. Solid workmanship and unique details characterize every single collection of the stylish Fashion Forward brand, which is currently represented in more than 400 stores in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. With a strong respect for the material, the shoes with a Nordic twist are made by carefully selected manufacturers in Portugal and Spain. K A N G A R O O S doesn’t just set new standards in sneaker style. All models also feature exceptional technical innovations that sustainably strengthen the lifestyle brand’s position. These not only include WMS-certified shoe lasts and R O O S Fit insoles for children’s shoes, but also memory foam and OrthoLite insoles for women’s and men’s models. R O O S tex and SympaTex ensure dry feet even in the wet and cold months. Thanks to a special shock absorption system, Dynacoil technology does a great job of preventing tired, aching feet. Every shoe brand faces the same challenge: how to combine high wearing comfort with contemporary style. K A N G A R O O S aspires to wow the whole family with casual styles – also with special highlights in Fall/Winter 2018. M U N D A : R T The German sneaker label M U N D A : R T stands for a modern lifestyle and extravagance that doesn’t look affected. makes expressive footwear and is not interested in short-lived trends. The brand focuses on individuality instead of mainstream ideas, without overshadowing its wearers. That’s what makes the sporty fashion sneakers by M U N D A : R T perfect for any outfit. This credo is reflected in the Fall/Winter 2018 collection, which plays with the usual high-quality materials and, in this case, fall colors. M U N DA:RT


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C H I L L O U T S Twice a year, C H I L LO U T S develops high-quality accessory collections under the slogan “It all begins in your head.” In addition to cool caps, trendy hats and sporty hats made from functional yarns, the brand also features elegant caps made from very fine fabrics such as cashmere and merino wool – always in the latest trends. The label attaches great importance to not using real fur and is proud to be part of the Fur Free Retailer program. A R T C O M P A N Y With over 30 years of shoe manufacturing experience, A R T C O M PA N Y today has three manufacturing units and more than 1,000 employees. In general, the A R T C O M PA N Y , which created a consciously young and cheerful line with the A R T brand, is all about company values – a community based on passion and high-quality standards. Furthermore, innovation and humor are among the cornerstones of the corporate philosophy.

ART Company

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V A G A B O N D shoemakers is one of the leading shoe manufacturers in Europe. The Swedish brand focuses on style and strategy in every collection. V A G A B O N D is, above all, a label that constantly evolves, enjoys being daring, and isn’t afraid to explore new avenues. As a result, the brand stands for shoes for the modern vagabond. The Fall/Winter 2018 collection is all about “creative professionals” – people who express themselves through their work like gallery owners, photographers or urban craftsmen. The collection thus presents very distinctive styles – with striking heels, long silhouettes and square-toe shoes. The men’s collection features new versions of classic V A G A B O N D models and a wide range of loafers. In the Fall/Winter 2018 collection, the color palette mainly showcases red tones, putting more emphasis on brown than black. New additions include purple tones, chestnut brown, green and beige. N E O S E N S Each shoe by the brand N E O S E N S , located in Northern Spain’s La Rioja region, breathes the spirit of the country – the aesthetic power and emotion of the region, the magic of the nature, landscapes, fields and forests. Along with a strong passion for quality – a blend of tradition and innovation – N E O S E N S creates shoes made from natural materials. Techniques such as the artificial aging of leather and hand-dyeing give the shoes a vintage look that distinguishes the wild yet sophisticated personality of all N E O S E N S styles.



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BUFFALO B U F F A L O Always on the cutting edge, the cult label B U F FA LO has been inspiring the glamorous look since 1979 with stylish all-rounders and high-fashion creations. How cool, feminine and “edgy” the Fall/Winter 2018 collection is, B U F FA LO proves at Panorama Berlin. The perfect day-to-night look is created with sexy pumps and overknees, trendy sock boots and kitten heels. Biker boots and western-inspired styles highlight the brand’s heritage, while wedges and V-necklines add fashion statements. K M B For the Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection, K M B combines sophistication with comfort. Heels in architectural shapes, transparency and variety of colors characterize the design of the new collection, which also presents more unconventional materials such as vinyl, fur, technical fabrics, tartans and felt. Colorful and elastic embroidery gives a touch of folk. Platform boots with marabou feathers, and knitted sock-boots are the highlights of this collection. V A N Z E T T I The V A N Z E T T I label is part of BGM, a company that has been producing trendy collections in Metzingen for over 30 years. For the upcoming season, V A N Z E T T I focuses on new materials: If you like a bit more of a sporty look, then the new camouflage or leopard styles are perfect. The summerylooking floral belts are available in tapered and doubled styles that can be worn in different ways. The Cruise Collection features one more theme: filigree closures with captivating graphic elements.


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TOM TAILOR T O M T A I L O R The new TO M TA I LO R bag collection for Fall/ Winter 2018/2019 offers a wide range of soft leather imitations, fine velvet and high-quality gold or dark shiny metal-fittings. Extravagant shades are deep blue, intense red, warm khaki, cool grey and seductive black. Brilliance is evident in soft cognac, champagne-colored gold and intense old silver tones. Metal details such as filigree rings, fine pearls, decorative rivets and zippers symbolize luxury. Tassels and loops serve as effective decorative elements. Whereas the TO M TA I LO R D E N I M bag collection convinces with its high-quality look, the Tom Tailor Denim Bag Collection surprises with fresh, clean charm. Shoppers in horizontal shapes, satchels, casual bags and backpacks are the key styles of the Denim Bag Fall/Winter collection.






Ring by I X X X I J E W E L R Y


Pineapple Bag by LY D C L O N D O N


Blue Shoe by E M U A U S T R A L I A


Silver Purse by T O M TA I L O R


Green Sneaker by K A N G A R O O S


Purple Shoe by VA G A B O N D


Ring by I X X X I J E W E L R Y


Shawl by P - M O D E KO N T O R


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R Ö S C H C U R V E stands for feel-good fashion that flatters a woman’s curves in sizes 42 to 56. Fabrics specially developed in Switzerland gently drape over the wearer’s curves, creating smooth, slenderizing looks. Designed for mixing and matching, R Ö S C H C U R V E offers a variety of basics in different forms and colors, complementing them seasonally with the latest modern cuts, contemporary colors, and simple, timeless prints. R Ö S C H C U R V E – to feel fully comfortable as a woman.


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ADIA A D I A With variations of green, blue and strong red shades, the Danish plus-size label A D I A reflects the colors of nature for the new winter collection. Delicate floral prints, nonchalant denims and washed twills as well as attention to detail characterize the new Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection. Other design elements are botany-inspired prints in combination with strictly graphic elements such as dots and stripes. The wide range of fabrics with lively surfaces puts an emphasis on the feminine silhouette. Z H E N Z I The Danish plus-size label Z H E N Z I starts the Fall/Winter 2018 season with a red mixed with dark plum, together with delicate lavender, dusty navy blue and a warm mustard yellow for cuddly fake fur coats, delicate wrap dresses, leopard print and slim fit jeans. Leather biker jackets over cool rock T-shirts and brightly colored chunky knits are the must-haves of the new collection. A wide selection of outerwear against the cold winter weather completes the collection skillfully.


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H I P S TA R 151

seeyou S E E Y O U , the plus-size label from B I G G I M , stands for sophisticated fashion that reflects the zeitgeist of younger and youngat-heart plus-size customers. Every season, the chief designer, Brigitte Merz, and her team are inspired by the latest trends and implement them in the collection. The perfect fit and fashion statement speak for themselves. For the Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection, a variety of materials and fabrics were selected and combined, creating an innovative, appealing collection. Z I Z Z I was established in Denmark in 2000 and quickly became one of the leading fashion brands for plus-size women. Our main goal is to always be on top of trends and create amazing styles with a perfect fit at an attractive price point. Not only do we have 120 stores in Scandinavia and the Netherlands, we also have a strong omnichannel-based strategy focusing on the future behavior of consumers. We believe in diversity and we are here to offer equal opportunities for women in fashion.



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NAVIGAZIONE N A V I G A Z I O N E From a Mediterranean lifestyle, the plus-size label N A V I G A Z I O N E stands for light, chic and at the same time sporty fashion, which makes all types of figures appear slimmer through perfect fits. Designed in Italy, N A V I G A Z I O N E dresses men and women equally stylishly in casual looks, whether on the Riviera, in Milan or Munich, at home or on the road – so they always look modern and good. M A T . F A S H I O N Creating trendy, funky fashion in plus sizes, M AT. FA S H I O N was founded in Athens 29 years ago. Its motto: Real Size. Its mission? To set new standards in the women’s fashion business! Having successfully accomplished this goal from the very beginning, M AT. FA S H I O N soon became one of the fastest-growing brands in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Wonder what M AT. girls are like? Trendy, always in a happy mood, extroverted, sexy, passionate about fashion and life in general. The M AT. FA S H I O N creative team designs pieces that follow the mix-and-match concept, gets inspired by the latest trends, loves experimenting with new materials and fabrics, and designs collections and pieces that stand out from the very beginning as the season’s absolute must-haves.

Mat. Fashion


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BESSIN: Fashion for Heroines

Interview R A L F



I’ve always been interested in fashion. For me, fashion is expressive and I love beautiful things. Touch is especially important for me. I have often seen girlfriends dress in clothes that I would have liked to wear, but they were never available in my size. That’s why I decided to design my own collection. That plus size women bemoan the limited selection of fashionable clothing in their size is nothing new. What is it exactly that you saw was amiss? Was it primarily an absence of correct fit, that is, suitable sizes, or stylistics?

Simply both of these! Frequently, plus-size fashion is cut like a formless sack, without any structure, more like a poncho and less appealing on the level of design, because the designers probably always think that this or that style won’t work for plus sizes. In your opinion, what are the greatest sins resulting from this assumption?

Designer I L K A B E S S I N aka Cindy from Marzahn

There’s an utter lack of style, because it seems that no one can actually imagine a real plus-size figure as the crucial pivot of a collection, and

likewise for the practical translation of this idea into a dress that begins with the cut. Even full-bodied women have a waistline or a nice bust that wants to be accentuated. Is there or was there something that you had to observe again and again in the plus-size fashion world and that made you angry?

It’s less about seeing than hearing, like, for example, that fat women can’t wear black or some such nonsense. All this blather is about telling plus-size women what won’t work for them. But there are also some things that in my opinion are simply misconceived, because they ignore the problematic areas that do exist. Do you believe that plus-size fashion should take its cues from predominant fashion aesthetics, which are obviously based on very slender people? Or would it require its own aesthetic vision?

I often get the impression that designers would prefer to cover up and hide the full-bodied woman. To have a concrete vision, a real sense for the issues at hand is of course always a big advantage, but it’s often enough to simply respect the facts as

Interview |

R E TA I L N E W S 155

they are and many pieces of clothing that are also available in larger sizes don’t do that. I see way too many sleeveless pieces that I think don’t work at all. You did not go to fashion design school, so how do you develop your collection?

I go to textile expos and look around. Then my designer and I select fabrics, colors and styles that we like and want to include in the collection. That could mean things that I saw while I was on vacation, such as these black, folkloristic dresses that I found in Portugal and that inspired me to create blouses decorated with delicate flower embroidery. Or these Norwegian sweaters which we turned into long, cuddly cardigans. So, you don’t have a big-name partner in the industry?

No, we do everything ourselves, from design to production, distribution and financing. B E S S I N is a completely independent fashion label. Our approach is very hands-on! Do you have a role model, a designer whom you admire very much?

No, I don’t! I don’t have any designer role models, because my approach is much too organic and pragmatic for that. I’m all about offering women plus-size fashion that works, i.e., that looks good, that accentuates the plus side of their bodies, and that feels good to put on and be in.

What advice would you give to full-bodied women when it comes to fashion?

I tell women, especially those who are overweight, to wear what they want to wear. Authenticity is more important than dressing up in disguise. Generally, we only look good when we feel good about – or in! – what we are wearing. Everybody should use fashion as a way to wrap themselves up like a present and make themselves happy. Positive vibes are always the basis for any great look! For real? Instead of taking the trouble to launch your own fashion label, you could also have made a whole lot of money by simply doing commercials for dietary supplements.

Correct, and I get such proposals all the time. But B E S S I N wants to present full-bodied women with an alternative that allows them to be beautiful and to feel good instead of opening up old wounds. A little while ago, Inga Griese of the Welt newspaper occasioned a shitstorm when she said this about overweight people: “Being overweight is a problem – not an achievement.” (Welt, Dec. 2, 2017). What do you think about that?

This statement needs to be parsed correctly and judged accordingly. If we’re talking about obesity, then there’s nothing to sugarcoat. Then we’re talking about an illness. It’s one thing to live with a few more pounds on your hips and another to have grave health problems due to obesity. Health is what’s most important in any case. Fat people should exercise too and keep fit. Those who are healthy and who feel good, regardless of whether they’re fat or skinny, will not have any problems with their state of wellbeing and that’s the principal basis for looking good!




Left page: Scarf by C O D E L L O Short Trench Coat by M O L LY B R A C K E N Dress by A D I A Bracelets by M Y J E W E L L E R Y Boots by B U F FA L O Right page: Scarf by C O D E L L O T-Shirt, Jacket and Jeans by Z I Z Z I Boots by B U F FA L O


Printed Top by N AV I G A Z I O N E Necklace by J O M A J E W E L L E R Y Pants by A D I A


T-Shirt and Jeans by Z H E N Z I


Dress by Z H E N Z I Symbol Bracelet by J O M A J E W E L L E R Y Bracelets and Rings by M Y J E W E L L E R Y


Jeans Jacket and Dress by A D I A Rings by M Y J E W E L L E R Y


Left page: Jersey Top by M AT FA S H I O N Necklace by J O M A J E W E L L E R Y Right page: Leather Jacket and Pants by A D I A Sequin Top by N AV I G A Z I O N E Lace-Up Boots by R E D W I N G S H O E S


P H O T O G R A P H Y : R F S | | P H O T O A S S I S TA N T : H A N N E S W I E D E M A N N | | S T Y L I S T : M A N A Z A R I N DA S T H A I R & M A K E U P : S T E FA N I E S C H N E I D E R | | M O D E L : L I S A S PA H N / M O D E LW E R K H A M B U R G WE WOU LD L I K E TO THAN K PR EI SS LER M US I C B ER L I N AN D DRS B ER L I N


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Project manager Alexander Hitzel




Mr. Hitzel, INNATEX is Germany’s oldest and most successful trade fair for sustainable fashion. They’ve been doing it for 20 years now. How did everything get its start and what was the reason behind it?

In 1997, a few ambitious fashion brands started the “Ökotex” textile trade fair. At the time it was more like an experiment, with pioneers embarking on a project. Everyone agreed that natural textiles needed a voice. You see, back then, artificial fibers, which were usually cheaper and easier to clean, were on the rise. Ökotex presented a countermovement back to more nature and a sense of naturalness. When you began a trade fair for sustainable textiles in 1997, sustainability was not yet mainstream. Were you ridiculed or seen as a true pioneer?

Back then, natural textiles were a total niche and its presence in the textiles market was absolutely minuscule. There was a select group of sellers that exhibited to customers at the first I N N AT E X trade fairs. It was all very straightforward. No doubt, a few outsiders made fun of the group. But they were the very pioneers that laid the cornerstone and paved the way for today’s green fashion market. A lot of new fashion brands appreciate this at I N N AT E X .

What’s changed over the years?

The image 20 years ago was that of hippies, but the market has quite naturally gone mainstream over time. Nowadays every city has at least one – and often several – stores selling sustainable and fair-trade fashion. You can’t distinguish the designs from traditional fashion anymore and there’s now a wide variety of items being sold in the market where a lot of young labels are committed to going “green.” What do you think still needs to change in the future for sustainability to play a greater role in fashion?

The significance of sustainability has grown enormously and overall is on a good trajectory. Technical innovations, new materials, and increased recycling management have diversified the green fashion world. But we need to bring the issue out of its niche, and major brands need to become amenable to change. That would help establish green fashion in traditional specialty stores.

You often hear the criticism that sustainable fashion is a niche product serving a specific clientele but is not fashionable enough for the mainstream to be widely accepted. What do you say about that?

Those are preconceived notions that unfortunately are slow to go away. At this point, I don’t understand what people mean by “not fashionable enough.” Sustainable fashion covers almost every facet – from denim and streetwear to womenswear and avantgarde. No doubt, in the early years of the movement it was more likely that a “political agitator” would wear natural textiles than a respectable manager or fashion-conscious person in their late 20s. But those times have definitely passed. And the argument that “green fashion” is always more expensive than traditional brands is simply wrong to me. What are your hopes in partnering with Panorama Berlin? I N N AT E X is the leading platform

for sustainable fashion in Europe. With X O O M , we enable our exhibitors to network mainly with traditional fashion retail. Conversely, Panorama Berlin gets robust exposure for the issue. The partnership offers great long-term potential to bring sustainable fashion further out of its niche.






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Alma & Lovis

LOVJOI A L M A & L O V I S is green fashion made with passion and a zest for life! The brand is committed to fashion – and to people, animals and the environment. A L M A & LO V I S loves working with exquisite natural materials and conjures up favorite pieces that are bound to delight you for a long time to come. Appealingly contradictory – with casual and business fashion, delicate and untamed elements, designs that preserve values and a progressive spirit. Fashion to live and love. L O V J O I is a young, authentic fashion label that combines pure design with sustainable fabrics in two women’s collections per year. The focus is on social responsibility and transparency from the initial design to the point when the apparel reaches the shopper’s closet. LO VJ O I Organic Clothing is a lifestyle. Embodying fairness, the brand hires refugees to help make the clothing in an in-house production facility in Southern Germany. For high-wearing comfort and longevity!


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Degree Clothing D E G R E E C L O T H I N G combines contemporary streetwear silhouettes with high-quality fabrics that are made ecologically and fairly within the EU. With an uncompromising spirit, the desire for independence and freedom drives the womenswear and menswear – like a solar-powered engine. As a result, the brand has made a name for itself in quality, style and authenticity. V A T T E R The Munich underwear label V AT T E R proves that the terms “organic” and “sexy” are not mutually exclusive. All products are GOTS-certified and thus sustainably produced. This pleases both your skin and your conscience. The company places great emphasis on design for its underwear. V AT T E R uses a portion of its revenues to support various environmental and social projects. The brand calls the whole thing V AT T E R – “cotton with attitude.”



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recolution R E C O L U T I O N Catchy fabrics, fluffiness ahoy: sustainable streetwear and knitwear for Fall/Winter 2018 and – OMG – a brand that loves details! Eternal love at second glance: minimal prints, small fine embroidery, relaxed allover prints, cheeky artwork, and Hanseatic understatement. Straightforward basics and the right it-pieces – casual, smart and adult enough to be casual. Urban style from Hamburg, 100 percent fair. Microplastic-free and cruelty-free. P O S . S E I . M O is a green fashion company. It is known under the label “P O S . S E I . M O New Zealand Knitwear,” which makes exceptional warm knitwear from possum hair, merino wool and silk. The knitwear is made exclusively in Germany using yarn from New Zealand. This year the company is launching a new label: “Summit by P O S . S E I . M O .” It stands for the ultimate meeting of luxury fibers. Here, exquisite possum hair and silk fuse with precious cashmere, creating a first-class luxury product – a featherlight, soft fabric that seduces the senses with timeless design in the colors “Bloom” and “Silver.”

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Crabtree & Evelyn Carthusia



S T Y LE T H E B OT T LE S A N D J A R S I N YO U R B AT H R O O M I N Y O U R FA V O R I T E C O L O R . C O L O R B L O C K I N G I S A LLOW E D ! T H E B A T H R O O M C H R O N I C L E S Top secret: 100 women let you take an exclusive peak into their bathroom and reveal their beauty secrets. “The Bathroom Chronicles – 100 Frauen. 100 Bilder. 100 Geschichten,”­ by Friederike Schilbach | Hardcover | 15 x 21.5 cm | 222 pages | Gift book with 100 color photos | EUR 18 | suhrkamp taschenbuch 4823 | ISBN 978-3-518-46823-4

The Bathroom Chronicles

C R A B T R E E & E V E LY N Spotted in London: A gentle body scrub with natural granules for softer, smoother skin. “White Cardamom Body Scrub” by CR ABTREE & EVELYN | 300 g | EUR 28 O L I V E D A The invigorating tea blend of ground olive leaf, matcha, guarana and cinnamon boosts the metabolism, giving you power for the whole day. “OliveMatcha Mindpower” by OLIVEDA | 30 g | EUR 29.95 C A R T H U S I A Italians do it better: This refreshing citrus soap makes your hands silky smooth. “Bergamot Liquid Soap” by CARTHUSIA | 250 ml | EUR 16 Z A R K O P E R F U M E Spray it on your skin and the compressed fragrance molecules start unfolding a fragrance of jasmine, peach and fine wood notes. “Cloud Collection” by ZARKOPERFUME | 100 ml EdP | EUR 239 B A I M S Mineral pigments, natural vitamin E, and high-quality apricot and avocado oil keep the skin young and elastic. “Satin Mineral Blush Plum” by BAIMS | 8 g | EUR 30



by H E I KO L A S C H I T Z K I

She: Top by L E T E M P S D E S C E R I S E S Dress by PA D D O C K ’ S Sneakers by A D I D A S Baseball Cap by O N LY & S O N S He: Shirt by C O L O R A D O D E N I M T-Shirt by O N LY & S O N S Jeans by G U E S S


He: Nylon Blouson and T-Shirt and Pants by S O L I D She: Jacket by F U N K Y B U D D H A Skirt by D E E L U X E E S T. 74


Dress by G U E S S Parka by F U N K Y B U D D H A Bag by B L I N G B E R L I N A C C E S S O R I E S


Parka and Pants by L E T E M P S D E S C E R I S E S Tank Top by F U N K Y B U D D H A


Top by C H I E M S E E Dress by F U N K Y B U D D H A Shorts by A L I F E & K I C K I N Bag by S W E E T D E L U X E


Hoodie by B E N C H


She: Sweatshirt by D E R B E T-Shirt by L E T E M P S D E S C E R I S E S Pants by A L I F E & K I C K I N Shoes by C H A AYA He: Jeans by G U E S S Polo Shirt by J A C K & J O N E S P R E M I U M Leather Jacket by G U E S S


Pullover by G U E S S Shorts by C O L O R A D O D E N I M


Shirt by C O L O R A D O D E N I M T-Shirt by J A C K & J O N E S P R E M I U M Jeans by PA D D O C K ’ S


Pants and Sweatshirt by B E N C H Hooded Blouson by I N D I C O D E


Dress by D E S I G U A L Leather Jacket by G U E S S


Sweatshirt by C H I E M S E E Brooch by S W E E T D E L U X E Sweatshirt by S O L I D


P H O T O G R A P H E R : H E I KO L A S C H I T Z K I | | P H O T O A S S I S TA N T: M A R I E R I E G E R H A I R & M A K E U P S T Y L I S T : PA B LO R I V E R A / A R T I S T M A N AG E M E N T M O D E L S : M O R G A N / T H E SY N D I C A L A N D M I L E S / F R O N T M A N AG E M E N T



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was born in 2013 in the Danish city of Brande as a part of the Bestseller family. The cornerstone of this young and ambitious brand with roots in denim is affordable fashion that is unpretentious yet daring in style. O N LY & S O N S

CUSTOM I Z E! Under the motto Customize, O N LY & S O N S will be offering an individualization workshop for the first time at Panorama Berlin for Fall/Winter 2018, where attendees will receive a free O N LY & S O N S denim article which can be personalized on site with sandpaper, paint, washes, scissors and other tools. Vouchers for the free workshop will be given to those who visit O N LY & S O N S at stand 9.32 in the N O V A Hall, where the Danish brand presents its new Fall/Winter 2018 collection, which promises to lift denim to a whole new level. With its new loungedenim collection, O N LY & S O N S is revolutionizing the market with styles that look like authentic jeans but feel like a pair of sweatpants. Whether for cycling, climbing stairs or just to relax, never again will a pair of jeans restrict your freedom of movement. Thanks to the dual-core denim technology, a unique combination of polyester, spandex and cotton, the new O N LY & S O N S denims are dimensionally stable and will never loose their shape. Used-look washes and 3D treatments give the lounge denim collection a cool authentic look. Don’t miss it!


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COLORADO DENIM C H A A Y A A good outfit starts and ends with the right footwear. With high-quality materials and unmistakable designs, C H A AYA has been bringing trends to the streets since 2015. A unique feature is the blue wave brand-monogram on the sole, which is reinterpreted for the winter collection in the form of raised lettering on the sole’s grid. The handmade leather stretch insert, which thanks to the use of high-quality leather always returns to its original shape and now adorns all C H A AYA models, ensures that the shoes feel great on. C O L O R A D O D E N I M In C O LO R A D O D E N I M ’s new Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection for women, men and kids, there’s a touch of western influence in the air. Earthy colors, purist patterns and organic textures create a relaxed Fall/Winter look. In addition to jeans in various cuts, colors and washes, the collection features casual styles made of natural fabrics, such as GOTS-certified organic cotton and high-quality natural fabric blends. Complemented by a comprehensive NOS program, which is augmented by additional models in the area of tops. E D G A R Minimal lighting design for the big city for a feel-good atmosphere. “BASE Lamp Mission Grey” and “A19 Mirror Top Classic” by EDGAR | burns up to 30,000 hours | EUR 59, EUR 24



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Royal Shaving

Chiemsee S O LI D A global take on denim. S O L I D draws its inspiration from the colorful ethnic patterns of Mexico and fuses a clean-cut Nordic style with Japanese city trends. The overall look signals imperfection. This is a worn style, and the worn aspect is brought out by elements including raw cut edges and oil dye. The fit is primarily slim, and necklines are cut a little deeper. Generally, the color palette sticks to a base of grey and navy combined with burnt colors such as olive, burnt yellow and brown with an intense dash of red. The Denim Journey universe unfolds in a tough city environment. The trend of mixing old and new fabrics is particularly strong for this theme: Granddad’s classic Prince of Waleschecked overcoat is teamed with sneakers and sporty styles in technical fabrics. C H I E M S E E Ice cold and cool: That’s the brand-new C H I E M S E E Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection. The colors: hot and cold. The fabrics: warm, snug and sustainable. The details: functional. It’s clear from many outfits that clever technology combinations are becoming easier, adding to the clothing’s performance. The Defrost line makes a comeback, featuring a 100% recyclable Sympatex membrane. A compact power package, the new C H I E M S E E collection offers plenty of choices for mountain and city. R OYA L S H AV I N G Royal beard care for an invigorating feeling after shaving. “After Shave Splash” by ROYAL SHAVING | 100 ml | EUR 18


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Le Temps des Cerises

D E S I G U A L The aesthetic language of D E S I G U A L is based on unexpected combinations: sport and street, tailored and athletic, masculine and feminine, tradition and futurism. D E S I G U A L does not offer fashion. It celebrates identity and inspires exchange, sharing a singular perspective on the world of style through the lens of modern bohemia. D E S I G U A L is a style, an energy, and a subculture that fuses color, texture, and pattern to present a fearless vision of contemporary dressing. LE T E M P S D E S C E R I S E S was born in the heart of the cradle of denim – from its founder’s passion for this blue fabric. It was in the Mediterranean Basin that the brand acquired its unique expertise in manufacturing jeans and developed its own processes to perfect its stonewashing. Over the seasons, L E T E M P S D E S C E R I S E S has become the reference for jeans – jeans that “enhance the derriere” and a fashion adviser for women, men and children via its collections, Glam’Rock & Chic. G O L L A The Finnish smart casual bag brand G O L L A was founded in 1995 with the idea that a positive outlook and dedication to innovation can create beautiful products and elevate everyday life. G O L L A ’s designs have captured the imagination of customers around the world, from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to the Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo. G O L L A stands for smart casual bags and accessories for the modern commuter. Design, functionality and a positive outlook continue to inspire.

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BE […] MY FRIEND JACK & JONES PREMIUM I N D I C O D E Being a Denmark-based brand, we know how to keep warm and dry without compromising on personal style. With our Fall/Winter 2018 collection, we give you the freedom of expression through one brand. Our styles are functional and well-designed with details that inspire confidence. As a part of the collection, we have designed a small capsule consisting of jackets, sweatshirts and jeans made from recycled ocean plastic, to raise awareness of the growing issue of plastics in our oceans. J AC K A N D J O N E S P R E M I U M The J A C K & J O N E S P R E M I U M line represents the true essence of the label and forms the DNA that builds the brand’s other lines. Under the motto “Back to Work,” J A C K & J O N E S P R E M I U M will be presenting styles at the start of the season that offer men the opportunity to seamlessly switch from working to leisure or to the nightclub while always maintaining a modern look. In addition to those contemporary looks, the collection includes a wide selection of outerwear. B E [ … ] M Y F R I E N D This stinging nettle tea cleanses your body, soothes, and contains no artificial flavors. “ be pure my tea” by BE […] M Y FRIEND | 100 g | EUR 22




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Petrol Industries C H A S I N ’ Dutch jeans brand C H A S I N ’ was established in 1992. C H A S I N ’ creates quality jeans and fashion for men, inspired by the ‘can-do’ attitude of today’s rock stars. The brand brings a cool lifestyle to the world of men’s jeans. The Fall/ Winter 2018 collection revolves around jeans and sportswear and is geared towards a celebration of nightlife culture, balanced with urban energy. Expect great denim and high-quality winter jackets. P E T R O L I N D U S T R I E S Since its founding in 1989, the Dutch denim and vintagewear specialist has been consistently inspired by heavy industries, such as mining and oil production, in order to create authentic male workwear denim styles. P E T R O L knows the power of denim and the secret to perfect jeans. Whether tapered, slim fit, tight fit, straight cut or with a carrot shape, P E T R O L has it, the ideal jeans. Perfect fit, a sublime finish and attention to detail make P E T R O L “true denim” for true jeans lovers.



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Pepe Jeans London

PADDOCK’S P E P E J E A N S LO N D O N Welcome to the P E P E Members Club! The P E P E J E A N S LO N D O N Fall/Winter 2018 pre-collection invites you to the private member clubs of London around the 1970s. Eclectic wallpaper prints and neat stripes meet dresses with butterfly prints, denim, motif T-shirts and modern tailoring. Embroidered oversized jackets, cropped hippie jeans, dungarees and shirts make the “denim part” of the P E P E J E A N S LO N D O N collection its very own member club. P A D D O C K ’ S Fall/Winter 2018 collection presents a new look: one that is fresh and modern. A whole new appearance for a brand with over 40 years of denim experience, featuring innovative details, expressive washes and the very latest fits. The Fall/ Winter collection is inspired by life itself. Everyday jeans meet first-rate details and top-quality workmanship – a great companion in any situation. Blue blood – true love. G U E S S J E A N S The new G U E S S J E A N S Fall/Winter 2018 collection is loaded with urban, street and nineties influences, revisited in a contemporary key. A fusion of suggestions that celebrate the freedom of creating a personal and unique style. Even denim fails to pass unnoticed, focusing on iconic revisitations, like bustier tops and contrasting stitch accents, emphasizing the assertive spirit of the G U E S S woman. Meanwhile, high-performance, structured, sports denim, accented with embroidered American symbols, make for streetwise, retro-inspired looks for the G U E S S men’s style.



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Bench B E N C H offers fashionable yet functional lifestyle clothing for men, women and kids. Unique in its design approach, the B E N C H collection focuses on developments in fabric and construction to create clothing that equips the wearer for a 24-hour lifestyle. B E N C H has maintained its uniqueness, developing iconic products such as the hoodie to remain in tune to the cultural zeitgeist. The Fall/Winter 2018 collection is inspired by “Urban Playgrounds.” The styles represent true and authentic 90’s streetwear which is paired with outstanding technical sophistication. L I E B E S G L Ü C K Headed by a group of young, innovative minds and designers from Mannheim, the fashion brand L I E B E S G L Ü C K expresses an everyday, yet personal and feminine clothing style and way of life. The casual fits, flowing cuts and highquality cotton blends are unconventional, easy to care for and versatile, giving the wearer a fashionable, cheerful look that is filled with joie-de-vivre.


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N O V A 199



G A N T is the original American lifestyle brand with a touch of European cultural diversity, offering quality clothing, accessories and homeware for men, women and children. The G A N T Spring/Summer 2018 collection celebrates classic pieces of preppy American sportswear with a new take. For the everpopular shirts with Tech Prep, the designs in seasonal colors such as bayberry green and rosé pink take center stage alongside outerwear that’s perfect for transitional seasons. F O R N A R I N A is a global brand with Italian soul. Made for the rule-breaking yet feminine girl, there are no limits to F O R N A R I N A ’s style. “Mix” is the keyword for the new Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection. Recalling the ’90s, the colorful prints are mixed with more traditional silhouettes. F O R N A R I N A is streetwear with a romantic appeal that is designed for a rebellious, ironic and positive woman. F O R N A R I N A brings the athleisure trend into its own world, creating a very bold and feminine sportswear collection.


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GO FOR GOLD V I V I E N N E W E S T W O O D ’ S zero-waste bottle for 2 4 B O T T L E S not only saves CO2 with every use,

but also looks damn sexy. Bring it on!

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ALL ELECTRIC C O B O C sets the standards in e-bikes and wows with minimal design and a “Made in Germany” seal of quality – a perfect symbiosis of technology, design and sensuality!

L I F E S T Y L E 201


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FOREVER MORE Real eye candy and not just for tattoo fans. F O R E V E R M O D E celebrates the unknown heroes of the tattoo scene and presents a comprehensive narrative of this dynamic scene between today’s passion for tattooing and palpable tradition. Get inked!

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L I F E S T Y L E 203

SUSTAINABLITY DELUXE Hand-poured scented candles made from vegetable-based waxes and the best natural fragrances – all made in Germany in 100% recycled glass. It does not get any better!


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PAPER LOVE A total must-have! The G M U N D Project Books in the linen collection feature innovative formats and are made from naturally grown raw materials. 180 years of paper culture at its finest!

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TO O L ATE Graphic silicone bracelets in bright colors that have it all. Briefly touch the bracelet and it quickly turns into a watch with a digital display. Never be too late!

L I F E S T Y L E 205


VOGUE Paris, May 1970 © Guy Bourdin Estate, 2017 / Courtesy Louise Alexander Gallery

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GUY BOURD IN – I MAGE MAKER H E L M U T N E W T O N F O U N D AT I O N J E B E N S S T R A S S E 2 | 10 6 2 3 B E R L I N U & S S TAT I O N : ZOO LOG I SC H ER G A R T EN D A I LY : 11A M - 7 P M A D M I S S I O N : E U R 10 | E U R 5 R E D U C E D

Guy Bourdin (1928-1991) revolutionized fashion photography in the 1960s and 1970s. Apart from the obviously timeless elegance of his work, he developed the idea of the so-called “radical chic.” The H E L M U T N E W TO N F O U N D AT I O N is exhibiting select commissioned works for the first time. Under the title I M A G E M A K E R , Bourdin is represented by photographs from a variety of publications. In particular, his pictorial icons and the imaginative advertising images for shoes by Charles Jourdan, along with lesser-known works, vintage prints, and layouts from French V O G U E .

G U Y B O U R D I N – U N T O U C H E D In U N TO U C H E D , Steidle has published an excellent book that gives insight into the development of Bourdin’s photographic eye with early, largely unpublished work. The carefully constructed images, which were initially conceived of as an exhibition series, show his artistic motivation years before he was commissioned by French V O G U E . G U Y B O U R D I N – U N TO U C H E D Cloth binding | 24.5 x 30 cm | 256 pages | 200 illustrations | EUR 55 | ISBN 978-3-86930934-7 | Publisher: Steidl Verlag| Edition: English

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B O O K S 207



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The Travel Series Monocle reports from around the globe in print, on radio and online. As our editors and correspondents dart from city to city they get to know the best places to rest their heads, stretch their limbs and kick back with a contact in a hard-to-find cocktail bar. That information is now available in Monocle’s Travel Guide Series; a line-up of titles that speaks to you in an informed but informal way about everything from architecture to art, late-night bars to earlymorning markets. These are books that go beyond the traditional tourist beats to make sure you get the best out of a city no matter how short your stay. Designed to be compact and collectable, they are also discerning; we won’t list a hundred places to eat but we will tell you where’s best for everything from some tasty fast food to something truly celebratory. Cities are fun. Let’s explore.


Juten tach! Here’s to an epic journey through the city’s outposts of good food, design, retail and more. Prost!




M Y T H O L O G Y Berlin in the 1920s – that vibrant, fast-paced metropolis brimming with outrageous joie de vivre while, in the background, the dark clouds of the looming global financial crisis and the Nazi regime takeover are taking shape – is one of the great myths of the 20th century. Collaborating with author Boris Pofalla, illustrator Robert Nippoldt has captured the mood of that era by creating a complex portrait of the city and its atmosphere. A music CD containing 26 rare original audio recordings turn the book into a Gesamtkunstwerk (“total work of art”). E S W I R D N A C H T I M B E R L I N D E R W I L D E N Z W A N Z I G E R (Night is falling in wild

1920s Berlin) | Robert Nippoldt, Boris Pofalla | Hardcover with CD | 23,5 x 37 cm | 224 pages | EUR 49.99 | Publisher: TASCHEN Verlag | ISBN 978-3-8365-6319-2 | Edition: German

C O M P E N D I U M The Wende Museum in Culver City (Los Angeles) houses one of the world’s largest collections of East German artifacts. This volume presents more than 2,000 of them – stylish design objects as well as everyday things, Stasi relics, propaganda posters, adverts and commercials, fashion styles, objects symbolizing national loyalty or dissident views, whimsical things and tragic things that speak to this state of socialist workers, farmers and bigwigs. Based on the folio edition (which presents the most comprehensive survey of East German visual and material culture to date), this affordable new edition gives us a glimpse of the fascinating remnants of a world that has vanished. D A S D D R - H A N D B U C H (The East German Handbook) | Justinian Jampol | Flexicover, cloth, with ribbon bookmark | 16.5 x 24 cm | 816 pages | EUR 29.99 | Publisher: TASCHEN Verlag | ISBN 978-3-8365-6520-2 | Multilingual edition: German, English

G U I D E From historical to hip – Berlin is a city full of palpable creative energy seasoned with a healthy dose of cultural relevance. Berlin is more than just its nightclubs and a bad hangover the morning after – even though a night out and about around here is still rarely a disappointment. It’s a city always in motion and always able to reinvent itself. We guarantee you that this Berlin guide, edited by the Monocle crew, will show you that there’s always much more to discover. B E R L I N : T H E M O N O C L E T R A V E L G U I D E S E R I E S | Hardcover | 14 × 21 cm | 148 pages | EUR 15 | Publisher: GESTALTEN Verlag | ISBN: 978-3-89955-679-7 | Edition: English

Dinner is served. Berlin Guide |


What goes into the making of a good food blog? Sure, for one there’s the selection of restaurants to be presented, also an absence of bias and a commitment to fairness, and then – in the true sense of the word – the good taste of the food critic. S T I L I N B E R L I N , though, adds to this yet another important component. The founder of the blog – Mary Scherpe – reveals in every one of her contributions that, when it comes to gastronomy, it matters to her personally to know what’s going on in her elective home city of Berlin. It’s not enough for her to just report on the texture of a parsnip purée and to berate staff for poor service. The foundation of her work seems rather to be the happy confluence of her genuine love for Berlin and for good food, as well as her interest in the development and processes of the capital’s food scene. A chef ’s menu may be as brilliant as they come, but if he is an ill-tempered crank full of contempt for his co-workers, then he won’t receive the certificate of “Seriously recommended” that she created.

Like no one else, Mary Scherpe also discusses the ills of gastronomy, such as poor labor conditions and lousy wages or things like congresses and rankings where once again not a single woman in a key position is represented. Another characteristic that reveals this blogger’s unique and solitary position? While the desperate print media are looking for shelter and success in the digital world, she dares to go in the exact opposite direction. The Internet is her professional home, but with her printed map – its newest edition just published – she puts her money on a product that can be picked up and held in our hands to help us discover Berlin in its most delicious aspect. For us, Berlin’s No. 1 food blogger prepares a winter menu composed of her most favorite dishes made by her most favorite restaurants. Cook it yourselves or try it directly at the restaurant – S E R I O U S LY RECOMMENDED.

Photo: Mary Scherpe by Marlen Stahlhuth


Just out: The S T I L I N B E R L I N map shows 100 places to eat as well as the most exciting shops, bars and cafes in Berlin. Buy online at or in the following stores: Do you read me?!, Auguststr. 28, 10177 Berlin; Voo Store, Oranienstr. 24, 10999 Berlin.

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F O O D & D R I N K S 209


LODE & STIJN’s Snacks

Actually, we wanted to present a threecourse menu at this point, but those little snacks served as hors d’oeuvres at LO D E & S TJ I N , along with their homebaked sourdough bread and salted butter – these are simply among the best Berlin’s gastronomy has to offer. That’s why we can’t leave them out as appetizers. An absolute highlight are the “Bitterballen” – Dutch meatballs created by Lode van Zuylen – and the chickpea panelle Sicilian fritters. By now, word’s gotten around that at Lode & Stijn one highlight follows another in course after course of its five-course-meal, which is why it is of the essence to reserve your spot several days in advance. LO D E & S T I J N

Lausitzer Straße 25 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg +49 30 65214507

PA N E L L E CH ICKPEA FR ITTE RS WITH LE MON Stir 250 grams of chickpea flour into 650 ml of boiling water with an egg whisk. Boil briefly and then remove from heat. Add salt as desired, allow briefly to thicken while stirring every 30 seconds with egg whisk so that no skin will form. Roll out the mixture between 2 layers of baking parchment until it is about 0.5 cm thick. Let cool for an hour. Cut into strips about 5 x 1 cm long (best is to vary the length of the strips just a bit). Fry at 190° Celsius until the strips are crisp. Mix in a bowl with salt, pepper and the juice of one lemon.


KIN-DEE’s glass noodle salad

In Berlin, the corner Thai place has to be one thing for sure: cheap. On the face of it, that’s an okay imperative. However, we shouldn’t expect any explosive taste bud revelations from a 5 euro curry dish. Thus, with K I N D E E ’s arrival last spring in Berlin, we finally get the chance to celebrate authentic-modern and highquality Thai cuisine. The menu offers meals served “family style” on large platters, which means a variety of dishes shared by everyone at the table. Totally brilliant: The glass noodle salad, made by chef Dalad Kambhu with mushrooms in three different styles: fried, raw or ground up. It’s served with a dressing that’s also ideal for pickling radishes, daikon or other root vegetables! KIN DEE

Lützowstraße 81 10785 Berlin +49 30 2155294

Put vinegar, salt and a pinch of sugar into a cup or glass along with onions cut into small cubes. Add fresh mint and chopped chili peppers. Mix well. Fold in glass noodles.


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KANAAN’s Humshuka

Point well taken, a hearty German winter meal can soothe the soul, although it is just during such gray days of winter that we may also yearn to escape to more southern climes by way of our taste buds. Because of this (and because Mary Scherpe is a vegetarian), you will not find a recipe here for the typical holiday roast. Instead, you’ll find one for a delicious combination of Palestinian hummus and Israeli shakshuka: humshuka! Those who’d rather have meals cooked for them instead of cooking themselves should by all means go and visit K A N A A N , since this is the exact place where this dish was invented. K A N A A N also offers cooking classes and has products such as spices and tahini for sale. It’s always a win to take a little trip and check it out! KANAAN

Kopenhagener Straße 17 10437 Berlin

HUMMUS 500 grams of dried chickpeas 200 grams of Kanaan’s tahini 2 tablespoons of lemon juice Salt Soak the chickpeas in water for at least ten hours. Then rinse and cook for four hours. When the chickpeas are soft (secret tip: see if they stick to the wall), mash them into a fine yellow paste. Add tahini and lemon juice, salt as desired and again mash to form a homogenous paste.

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SHAKSHUKA 950 ml regular oil 950 ml olive oil 1 onion garlic 1 red, 1 green and 1 yellow pepper 1 tablespoon of hot paprika powder 1 tablespoon of hot, Moroccan chili powder 1 tablespoon of black pepper salt 4 ripe, sweet tomatoes 4 eggs

Cut onion and peppers into thin strips. Peel tomatoes and cut into cubes. Mix olive oil with regular oil and heat in non-stick pan or pot. Sauté onion. Add salt and fry onions for 15 more minutes. Stir constantly. Raise heat and add pepper strips. When strips are soft, add all spices. Then add tomato cubes and let everything simmer for another 20 minutes at low heat. Now let four raw eggs slip gently into the sauce and grill in pan inside oven for ten minutes. Switch oven or convection oven to 200° Celsius. When serving, spread hummus on plates and then place shakshuka on top right in the center.


BICHOU’s Tarte Tatin Mary Scherpe is a self-confessed dessert fanatic. That’s why, for her, every meal means: The best is saved for last. B I C H O U , a charming bistro in Neukölln, offers a different lunch menu every week with a small selection of quiches, salads and a soup. As luck would have it, the two desserts usually include the tarte Tatin as an option. Freshly baked, the warm, caramelized apple tart has the potential to be acutely addictive. BICHOU

Schönstedtstraße 14 12043 Berlin +49 157 35189256

B I C H O U ’s tip: When making a tarte Tatin, always use apples that are tart, such as a Belle de Boskoop, so as to create a nice contrast to the caramel.



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Night Kitchen


K A R L O F F At Karloff Lokalino, the chef uses traditional ingredients to make Southern Italian delicacies, so-called “sfizi” – which are served in the form of a four-course meal. Definitely try what’s probably the best tiramisu in Berlin. This truly genuine insider tip out of Kreuzberg does not only constitute a culinary highlight; its purist design also serves to visually distinguish Karloff Lokalino from run-of-the-mill Italian corner restaurants – and it does so in the most pleasant of manners. Italian | Reichenberger Str. 152, Berlin-Kreuzberg N I G H T K I T C H E N So-called gastropubs – bars where food is not just a side dish but rather served as a culinary delicacy – are by now de rigueur components of the New York and London restaurant scene. With Night Kitchen, Berlin, too, has now acquired a suitable equivalent. Cooks in its open show kitchen create Mediterranean dishes that have no trouble matching the exciting and excellent in-house cocktail creations on the level of palate technē. Mediterranean | Oranienburgerstr. 32, Berlin-Mitte | Tel. 030 23575075

S P I E G E L S A A L It’s one of the most beautiful spaces the capital has to offer. This is the place to have decadent parties, to shoot photo shoots for glossy glamour magazines, and to give concerts. What space we are talking about? The Spiegelsaal (hall of mirrors)! All remodeled, you can now indulge in a luncheon in its dreamy-nostalgic Art Nouveau environment under an ornate chandelier. The menu offers traditional homestyle cuisine such as a wondrously crispy duck or an onion pot roast at a fair price. Traditional homestyle cuisine | Auguststr. 24, Berlin-Mitte | Tel. 030 2829295

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S U M O S A N KaDeWe is enjoying a resurgence, which is reflected in the delicious foods served on the department store’s restaurant floor. Sumosan is the latest addition here. Jetset sushi lovers are already familiar with the name, because the restaurant’s specialties like Wasabi Shrimp or Albermarle Roll are already available in glamorous cities such as Moscow, Monaco, London and Dubai. When seated at the counter, you can peak over the sushi masters’ shoulders and watch them practicing their art – a very special treat. Japanese | food and restaurant level in KaDeWe, Tauentzienstr. 21-24,

Berlin-Charlottenburg | Tel. 030 21210

Alte Milch

G Ä R T N E R E I Berlin’s gastronomical scene has become even greener! At “gärtnerei” (nursery), health-conscious sister to gourmet restaurant “fleischerei” (butcher shop), the focus is on light vegetarian and vegan fare. The vegetable and salad dishes created by Sebastian Radtke (awarded 14 Gault Millau points for his achievements at Eins44 Restaurant) are so sophisticated that it is easy to do without meat and fish altogether. Even so, the restaurant does serve a small selection of fish and poultry dishes for those who remain firm anti-vegetarians. Focus is vegetarian | Torstr. 179, Berlin-Mitte | Tel. 0160- 96423834

A LT E M I L C H Curated cheese – the concept behind Alte Milch is as simple as it is brilliant. Matthias Becker, the person behind this idea takes his time when it comes to finding his treasures and even visits the people who make them, and that pays off. The selection includes an absolutely sensational Comté Réservation from the French Jura region as well as a mountain cheese washed with white wine. Thursday evenings are grilled cheese sandwich night at Alte Milch – part of Streetfood Thursdays at Markthalle Neun – and calories aren’t the only thing that make them bombastic. Cheese | Eisenbahnstr. 42, Berlin-Kreuzberg (in Markthalle Neun)


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Clärchens Ballhaus

Pauly Bar

EINSTEIN C L Ä R C H E N S B A L L H A U S If you’re in luck, a dance class will be taking place at Clärchens Ballhaus while you sit enjoying a leisurely beer or delicious cheese Spätzle. That means you can watch enthusiastic dance students dancing a waltz or tango. Other highlights include various concerts and singalong evenings. This is probably the place in Berlin with the most music-oriented activities going on during dinner. Live music | Auguststr. 24, Berlin-Mitte | Tel. 030 2829295 P A U LY B A R A lot is written about Pauly Saal, one of the best restaurants in Germany. But the bar inside the gourmet temple is also something to be proud of. The interior design revolves around warm brown tones that accentuate the coziness of the loungy leather armchairs, while the drinks are all about conjuring up world-class cocktails. The Whisky Sour – of course made with egg white – is worthy of a prize. Auguststr. 11, Berlin-Mitte | Tel. 030 330060 E I N S T E I N U N T E R D E N L I N D E N The term cult is used a bit too much in the food world these days, but Einstein Unter den Linden is a real institution in Berlin’s culinary landscape. The coffeehouse isn’t just a visual homage to its Viennese namesake, the menu is also very Austrian with Tafelspitz (boiled beef ) and Backhendl (fried chicken) with potato salad. The selection of excellent wines is also impressive. Upscale Austrian cuisine | Unter den Linden 42, Berlin-Mitte | Tel. 030 2043633

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F O O D & D R I N K S 215



What schnitzel is for Vienna, currywurst is for Berlin – a true original that isn’t just eaten for breakfast! Legend has it that the currywurst was invented in Berlin by Herta Heuwer on September 4, 1949. Locals eat it at all times of the day and night – preferably Berlin style without the skin. A currywurst with a bottle of beer is currently all the rage internationally where it’s being touted as the Berlin breakfast. It goes without saying that currywurst isn’t necessarily currywurst, so here are the best in the city:



C U R R Y 3 6 has been an institution in the city for over 30 years. The lines in front of the snack bar speak for themselves. With or without skin, always with Berlin attitude! Mehringdamm

W I T T Y ’ S The dishes are all made in-house and are 100 percent organic. The meat for the currywurst comes from animals that have been fed in a species-appropriate manner. The fries and frying oil are also 100% organic. Wittenbergplatz, Tempelhof-

36, Kreuzberg | U6 Mehringdamm | daily 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

ALL-TIME CLASSIC K O N N O P K E ’ S The snack bar under the viaduct at the subway station “Eberswalder Strasse” is the home of Konnopke’s, a legendary East Berlin currywurst dynasty and place of pilgrimage for international Currywurst fans. Schönhauser Allee

Schöneberg | U Wittenbergplatz | , daily 10 a.m. to midnight

GOURMET D O M C U R R Y Part of the Hilton at Gendarmenmarkt, Dom Curry offers real gourmet currywursts, including homemade sauces, homemade organic fries, and lemon-scented mayonnaise.

44a, Prenzlauer Berg | U2 Eberswalder Straße | Mo.-Fr. 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Mohrenstraße 30, Mitte | U Stadtmitte | noon to 6 p.m. daily



B E R G M A N N C U R R Y If you don’t eat meat and still don’t want to miss out on this classic Berlin snack, then head to Bergmann Curry and order an ‘Extra Wurst’ – the contemporary vegan form of the currywurst. Bergmannstraße 88, Kreuzberg

K R E U Z U N D K Ü M M E L Chaitanya Singh, cook and owner of the cozy bistro in Prenzlauer Berg, offers a delicious Indian-inspired version of the original Berlin currywurst – unique!



C U R R Y B A U D E For years, butcher Lehmann has been delighting currywurst fans with fresh sausage at the entrance to the Gesundbrunnen underground station. Made according to his own recipe, the toppings are original creations too – for example, the “special topping” with corn and bell pepper. Badstraße 1-5 am

C U R R Y 1 9 5 Right on Kurfürstendamm in Charlottenburg, Curry 195 is a true West Berlin classic that is open until sunrise. The currywurst is served on a porcelain plate – often with a glass of champagne. Kurfürstendamm 195, Charlottenburg | daily

Gesundbrunnen Center, Wedding | S+U Gesundbrunnen | Mo.-Fr. 6 a.m. to midnight

Christburger Straße 13, Prenzlauer Berg | daily 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.

11 a.m. - 5 a.m.



Retail trade: market rising Fashion business: market falling It’s a paradox. Germany is experiencing an economic boom rarely before seen. The economy is humming. Business activity is not just profiting from exports. Domestic demand, as well, has deve­ loped into a major economic linchpin. Employment numbers are at a record high; interest rates are super low; and consumer demand is thriving accord­ ingly. For about 8 years now, the German retail trade has been registering turnover gains: From 2009 through 2016, turn­ over has increased by more than 20 ­percent. As per Germany’s trade associ­ ation HDE, there should be another 3 percent increase in 2017.

value decline are bolstered. Only those who offer believable prices can profit from such a situation – especially discounters and lowball retailers. The ensuing impov­ erishment of product lines and goods will surely not pique consumer interest either. Cautionary appeals to the industry, though, are a dime a dozen. Price wars are a symptom of a market that’s glutted. They will only stop when demand and supply are back in sync. No such thing is in sight, though, at this time. On the contrary: Digitization will only further exacerbate competition.

‘Pure players’ like Amazon, Zalando or About You, however, keep on growing as The fashion industry, though, seems before – as though they were small quite immune to this boom. For fashion start-ups. Because they can, but also, retailers, 2017 resembled a roller-coaster because they have to. And this doesn’t ride. The first two quarters of the year only relate to investor demands. Size and were nothing short of a catastrophe. scalability are essential factors for success Except for March, every month ended up on the web, much more so than is the case in a deficit. After a bad July and a medi­ for brick-and-mortar fashion stores. For ocre August, many retailers all across the chain­stores, size can even become a country even succumbed to apocalyptic ­problem, because it often makes organi­ feelings by the end of the summer.­ zations slow and unwieldy. Size when A much too cold September, however, purchasing thus often presents less of an rekindled hope with a 20 percent increase advantage for brick-and-mortar shops in sales – such growth rates are usually than speed and customer service when only reported by online start-ups. But the selling. As such, the ‘Garhammer’ fashion upswing did not last very long. In ­October shop in ­Waldkirchen could pretty much and November, sales went downhill ignore the market share owned by ‘P&C again. In the end, the entire industry had Düsseldorf.’ On the web, however, tech­ once again performed at levels that were nology provides for speed, flexibility and lower than last year’s. It’s hard to imagine ­customer-friendly approaches. And that what would happen if Germany’s overall requires know-how and capital – invest­ economic performance were to dip once ments that are more easily shouldered by a sizable firm (which is why many small more into the red. online shops will continue to go belly up). One effect of such a market decline is the price drop in fashion. This year was worse Online claims are being staked right this than many a previous year. The weeks that minute. It’s like in the old days during the experienced regular sales can meanwhile Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon. Then, be counted on the fingers of both hands. as now, it was the first one out who got to And everyone knows full well that a race- grab the biggest nuggets. As its size to-the-bottom for discount ­bargains leaves increases, so does the probability that a nothing but losers in the arena – because vendor’s business becomes a preferred spot confidence in price ­performance is lost and to shop and that a platform becomes a wait-and-see attitudes and brand. In the future, this will be especially consumers’ ­

Jürgen Müller is the author of P R O FA S H I O N A L S . With over 8,000 subscribers, P R O FAS H I O N A LS is the leading German-language fashion business blog. Müller worked for T E X T I LW I R T S C H A F T for over 20 years, lastly as editor-in-chief. Today, with his HR consulting firm S U I T S . , he fills top positions in the fashion and lifestyle business.

critical to success. As it is, a smartphone touchscreen offers brands less space than a shopping mall. The rapid rise of the online channel propelled brick-and-mortar businesses ­ into a crisis concerning their own ­legitimacy. What kind of surplus value do shops have to offer, if the web can offer a larger selection of products, lower prices and a more comfortable delivery option? Finding a convincing answer to this ques­ tion, that’s the great strategic challenge for retail in the coming years – next to the task of making good use of the opportuni­ ties proffered by digital tools with respect to business organization and processes. More than any other, the fashion business has the chance – but also the responsi­ bility – to adjust to a changing market in a new way, again and again. It’s about shaping one’s own company’s business activity. With a clear concept that draws a line and distinguishes one’s own range of products and company image from the competition. With competitive cost structures and efficient tools that, in spite of everything, allow for profitable budg­ eting. And, finally, with creative marketing that energizes customers and stimulates demand. There are, after all, many more possibilities than simply cutting costs.

Panorama Berlin | Fall/Winter 2018/19  
Panorama Berlin | Fall/Winter 2018/19