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Sanicon Energy Solution is the leading specialist in providing turnkey solution for the water comfort management services which provides the user comfort & energy efficiency at the same time. Our philosophy imbibes the core values of Energy, Efficiency & Expedite in each and every project. COLD WATER

a) Pressurised Systems b) Distribution c) Retention of Cold water temperature during summers; thus preventing the water becoming unbearably hot during summers



a) Generation: Solar, Gas, Electric & Heat Pumps b) Distribution: Energy efficient, non-corrosive flexible & maintenance free distribution networks c) Maintenance: So that user gets the hot water within 5 seconds of opening up of the fixture

Bungalow Penthouse Condominiums Farmhouse Any 4BHK or higher configuration

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Guesthouse Non Star Category Star Category Resorts


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Schematic Diagram

Green Insulation Are your air conditioners in-effective during summer? Get your roof & wall insulated. Feel Difference in cooling effect of your air conditioners, reduce electricity consumption. Increase users comfort. Reduces the maintenance of air conditioners. Temperature inside and outside a building is different. Heat passes rapidly through brick & concrete. These material also stores the heat and then release during night time. Which causes discomfort in the building during the night time, higher cooling time for the airconditioning to become effective, consuming higher electricity.

USE Green Insulation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Reduces Cooling time. Saves enormous amount of electricity cost. Significantly increases comfort in a building. Provides a healthier environment. Non Toxic Fire Retardant. Water Resistant. Light Weight.

Pre-insulated Overhead Water Tank Are you getting hot water in Summer??? • Get “Pre-Insulated Water Tanks”. • Prevents water from getting uncomfortably hot even when the temperature outside is 500C. • UV Resistant. • High Mechanical Strength. • FRP Cladding for extra protection. • Expected life of 10 years. • 1 year Warranty.

One Stop Solution SANICON ENERGY SOLUTION 38 Dharamkunj, Sector 9, Rohini, Delhi-110085 (India) +91-9717098200


Turnkey Solutions Provider for Water Supply Services

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