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Linkedin: Twitter: Firstly, I really hope you liked (I mean loved) our cover page! With our Guinness Book event just around the corner, we are busier than ever but my team and I are enjoying the ride. We have four important topics addressed by the panel this edition and you can also find the full length discussions on our Nifnex TV channel on YouTube.

component built into it. We have a laser coaching event ‘Coaching Extravaganza’ in early September with WA Chapter of International Coaching Federation (ICF) to help small business operators. In October we will be organizing an ‘Elevator Pitch’ competition partnered with Rostrum’s WA Chapter. Three free public speaking sessions will be included for participants at any Rostrum Club and will conclude with a peoples’ choice and judge’s awards.

The next panel discussions and networking lunch takes place at the Crowne Plaza on 15th August from 12noon. Moving from a studio set up to live audience with a Q&A Stay tuned for these events on our p a g e session has been truly fabulous. F a c e b o o k ( or More info on page 15. subscribe to Nifnex Over the next few months we have ( some very interesting events which are again focused on small to Looking forward to hearing your medium sized businesses. They feedback from this edition. have an educational and also a fun


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16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014

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Telephone: +61 89266 4555


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16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014

16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014


To engage Andrew Christopher to take a closer look at your business and assist you, contact Andrew from RFBE Consulting at 0419197558

SMEs do not always organize things in terms of planning, management, bookkeeping etc. Running a business requires assistance and uses a system. According to Andrew Christopher from RFBE Consulting, “The system any business enterprise needs is called Business Excellence, which is applied in 85 countries and guides businesses in the fundamentals of organizing and managing a business key principles and guidance on categories you need to understand and manage.” The uniform convention that a good business functions on includes 7-10 categories: 1. Leadership 2. Strategy and planning 3. Info and knowledge 4. People 5. Customers 6. Business and operational processes 7. Business and financial reserves

Shannon Bush brings to this case study her leadership perspective having worked in the corporate world and with many small to medium sized business owners. According to Shannon, many business owners wear multiple hats and usually it is to do with cash flow. In which case Shannon says, “Understand the things that you really struggle to do & where you really have to hire an expert” Shannon also suggests business owners get the right people to help them from the beginning or generally they will end up spending a lot more time and money 5 or 10 years down the line to go back and reset foundations. Shannon reinforced that businesses document everything. This can be in a simple format using tools like videos. A systematic documentation will grow the business and improve efficiencies of the staff

For a detailed and customized accounting solution, contact Sonja Pilkington from Asset Financial Accounting at 1300 880 961

remarkably. From an accounting and books perspective, Sonia Pilkington says, “Usually businesses delay things to quarterly and they put off entries like expenses, which can be a problem. Do it weekly or at least monthly. If you cannot do it yourself then hire someone. You will not know when someone owes you money and cash flow is the key to success of your business. Missing financial information will prevent you from taking steps in business.” To e n s u r e p r o p e r bookkeeping, give your staff the tools to manage it and provide accounting information correctly. Tell your staff to stick to 'business' and not get into 'busy-ness' They are two different things, where 'busyness' means the staff keeps itself busy with other things and would not pay attention to the business.

To avoid 'busy-ness' make sure they are accountable, give them tasks that train them, and tinge them. Guide them when they do not know what to do, teach them that they are valuable to you.

5 tips for business excellence by Andrew Christopher: 1. Seek to understand what the business is about (seek advice from experts) 2. Educate and secure your leadership commitment 3. S e t t h e b a s e l i n e o r framework to understand where the business is going to be 4. Develop a plan and integrate it with you corporate strategy and driven with accountability 5. Engage your people and enable them with knowledge and skills to understand and apply system unleashing their potential.

For a detailed and customized leadership solution for your team, contact Shannon Bush from Creative Possibility at 0403 270 196

5 Tips for better Efficiency by Shannon Bush 1. Have a plan 2. Keep it for 12 months ahead 3. Focus on 4 key areas: business/wealth growth, expertise growth and self growth 4. Track your success and celebrate it 5. Take a time out from business to stay fresh and undivided since you may carry many hats

5 tips on book keeping by Sonja Pilkington 1. Do whatever you do consistently to have great bookkeeping 2. Embrace technology 3. Scan documents to keep electronic copies 4. Work smartly 5. Give the staff the right tools

Send us your business challenges & we will get them addressed by an exper t panel.

There's a direct correlation between coffee chats and business growth. How many coffee chats should you be having? Depends. If your role has a sales or business development focus then you should have at least 10 coffee meetings each week. More if possible. If you're a professional or business owner and you need to balance meeting your chargeable hour targets, getting the work done and taking calls from clients, then

you need to find the time to fit a minimum of 2 coffee meetings into your weekly routine. The point is you've got to take the time to build relationships. It's how you keep the revenues flowing. If you only reach out to people when you want something or have something to sell, you build feelings of resentment towards you and the 'atmospherics' of the conversation are uncomfortable. If your coffee chat ends with no next steps (or action items) then

the meeting is really a failure. Big question: Which 10 prime people will I have a meaningful coffee chat with? Action step: Get on the phone or shoot off an email inviting those people to have a coffee with you. So yes, I'm a big fan of regular one-to-one coffee catch-ups. And, as I've just said, the idea is to make these meetings worthwhile and not merely 'social'. It pays to put some thought (planning) into your coffee chats with networking contacts, clients and potential customers. Here's why. Those coffee chats

you have with people help them form their opinions of you and the work you're capable of. You should take that very seriously. That said, here's a few more ideas to help you make the most of your networking coffee chats: - Prepare for each meeting like a job interview. - Be ready to answer the "What's new with you?" question. - Try to find out what is really important to the other person. - Finish your meeting with an offer to help and a request. · Be sure to follow through.

Referred to as “That Networking Guy” by many organizations, Ron Gibson provides in-depth networking training and coaching, focusing on business growth and development. Get Ron to speak at your next conference or sales meeting about how to bring in more business, more consistently and more often. Call Ron on 0413 420 538 or email:


and resourcing businesses that have made it past the tough start up stage and are now ready to push through to the next level in their business adventures. The Stirling Region has not been immune to the end of financial year – beginning of new financial year rush to get everything done. Businesses are madly looking to source the necessary resources to boost sales, improve marketing cut through and improve the bottom line. The centre is part of a broader push towards growing, developing

informed about issues, resolutions and developments in the area. The Malaga & Districts Business Association (MDBA) works with businesses located in and around the Malaga area, helping them to gain contacts and advertise, as well as keeping them

16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014

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Over the past few months the MDBA has grown in size, gaining more members each month. We're currently planning the Malaga Business Excellence Awards Night, which will be held on Friday 31 October at the Mulberry on Swan. This year,

The TCF Australia ONLINE ENERGY EFFICIENCY Training & Mentoring Project offers an extensive range of specialist energy efficiency services to small businesses across Australia to help businesses be more energy efficient. This program has been made possible via funding from the Department of Industry as part of the Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program. One of the FREE ONLINE WEBINARS or RECORDINGS that small business owners can access on their PC, laptop, tablet or iPhone is, 'Lighting in your Business'. Improving energy efficiency can help businesses save money on their operating costs while also lowering Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. Webinar presenter of 'Lighting in your Business' Craig Benporath from Greenhouse International said, “Lighting accounts for a significant portion of energy costs in a business and is one of the easiest areas to make changes and save money. Often, if small businesses can have the opportunity to work with an energy auditor and a licensed electrician about 50% of lighting costs can be saved through energy efficiency. In some cases the savings are even greater!” Craig Benporath said, “According to NSW Office of Environment & Heritage,

The centre has recently appointed a new mobile resource able to visit business in the region to assess problem areas and provide possible solutions to many common situations that business owners find themselves

our awards will be judged on a national level with new categories and a revamped j u d g i n g p r o c e s s . The Awards Night Launch will be held on Friday 11 July at the Malaga branch of the Commonwealth Bank starting at 6pm. If you'd like to attend or sponsor the event please call the office on

energy use associated with lighting systems can be reduced by up to 82% if energy efficient lighting practices are adopted. However, sometimes lighting terminology can appear complex and confusing. Before upgrading lights a small business should be aware of key lighting terms, most of which can be found on the packaging or specifications of light bulbs and fittings. A load assessment or energy audit will help a small business determine which changes are profitable their business.” Carol Hanlon, Project Manager for the TCF Australia ONLINE ENERGY EFFICIENCY Training & Mentoring Project said, “Our free webinars are available for all small businesses, and for those that cannot make a scheduled webinar, it is possible to request a recorded session. Via this project, we have been able to assist small businesses to become more energy efficient in their business.” Participants in the Project also have access to a FREE Online Energy Mentor. Mentors are readily available to assist with guiding you through energy efficiencies in your business, or assistance with your financial management of energy bills. To register to receive FREE Energy Efficiency advisory services visit or email

immersed in. Our new appointment is Roger Stevenson who is equipped with many tools designed to quickly and efficiently assess your business in the areas of marketing, sales, finance and HR. We hope business in the area can take advantage of this personalised service designed to further resource them along with our regular seminar series. We

the number listed below. To find out about what the MDBA can do for your business or for further information on becoming either a member or a sponsor, please contact us on (08) 9248 2526 or at Alternatively you can visit our Facebook page or connect with us on LinkedIn.

encourage business in the region to access or our sister brand to gain the tools, tips and tricks to make you stand out in the crowded business world. Thanks and regards Evan MacRae CEO

16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014


Digital Newsletters can be annoying yet they are an important communication tool. How can SMEs handle receiving emails & newsletters, and also on the flip side manage their own newsletters effectively to compile, send and track effectiveness.

For a detailed and customized time management solution, contact Chee Wong from Expert Messaging at 0423 267 517

For a detailed and customized CRM solutions for your business, contact Anton Menkveld at 0420 975 033


Digital newsletters are an important marketing tool and most companies just have to use them. However, on the other hand, they can be very annoying although we may have subscribed and double opted in ourselves. Anton Menkveld supports the use of newsletters and tells us how to make them more effective to build customer-client relationships via email marketing, without being marked as spam, junk mail, or phishing tools. He also addresses how one can use them to ensure the receiver reads it, compiles it and how you can keep track of it. On the other hand, Chee Wong tells us how we can minimize the inflow of newsletters and such emails to improve time management and to manage email productivity without wasting time. This puts these two speakers at loggerheads, and makes the case study worth watching. Scan the QR code on the top right corner of the page or visit NifnexTV channel on YouTube. According to Anton, “Our aim is not to clutter the mails with

newsletters, but give them valuable information they can use later. What we teach our clients is to use the newsletters to build a relationship with their clients rather than just send out emails.” “We encourage people to use applications to build relationships by giving them options, understanding what interests the target audience, know if they are opening the mails or not, their level of engagement and give them topics they like reading” "SME's spend 28% of their time on their inbox management. Newsletters are the most problem for people, so we advice people that if they do not make use of it within 7 days, send it to the junk." Says Chee Wong from Expert Messaging. Chee suggests if you are not doing anything useful with the email/newsletter, just ditch it, because it is not actionable, even if it is interesting to read. You can create folders where you can send such mails automatically using apps such as Pocket and Ever Note to filter mails you would read later.

Curtin's Centre for Entrepreneurship offers a number of programs for businesses in the star t-up phase (Cur tin Ignition to those with established businesses (the Cur tin Growth Program

5 tips from Anton Menkveld 1. Build relationships 2. Ask for permission 3. Make it useful 4. Make it personal 5. Track and measure which content works and which doesn't 5 tips from Chee Wong 1. Delete anything you are not actioning to within 7 days 2. If you consistently are not actioning from a newsletter you received 7 times, unsubscribe from it 3. Set up a read later system (Ever Note and Pocket)

The Curtin Growth Program is designed for small to medium business owners and managers and is delivered as practical workshops with mentoring, which help the participants to build up a toolkit of skills to maximise their potential and that of their business. It is offered over the course of a year and averages one full day per three weeks. The Program is taught & mentored by specialists, business owners and consultants who deliver dynamic and practical workshops, backed up with one-on-one mentoring. Here is what one graduate of the Growth Program had to say. “The Curtin Growth Program has given me the confidence in myself, understanding of our figures, which in turn has given me more confidence to, as they say, 'take our business to the next level',” said Fiona Skilbeck from Bunbury City Glass. “We have become more entrepreneurial - stepping back from the floor, delegating more often and looking at new opportunities to increase sales.” The Centre was established in 1995 to provide development programs to owner managers. It is the only facility of its kind in Australia and has trained over 4,000 business owners in WA since its inception.For more information on these programs, visit w w w. b u s i n e s s . c u r t i n . e d u . a u / c o u r s e s / c e n t r e - f o rentrepreneurship.

The next Curtin Growth Program commences on September 18. For further information about the Program, you are invited to attend a free Information Session on the following dates.

4. Process the email through the apps

Wednesday, August 6 - 12-1pm

5. Read them later at leisure times

Thursday, August 7 - 4.30-5.30pm Friday, August 8 - 8-9am Please email with your attendance

Send us your business challenges & we will get them addressed by an exper t panel.

Nifnex is compiling a list of offers for our business MASSAGES SHOES subscribers. If you would like us HOLIDAY TRAVEL APPS to promote your business and CAR SERVICE IT offer them a discount, add-on or GOLF CLUBS DESIGN freebie of any value, please EVENTS WEBSITE email us your offer on SUBSCRIPTION TAX or visit: SEO BUSINESS COACHING COFFEE FOOD STATIONARY




16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014

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The Department of Industry's Single Business Service is streamlining the way businesses access industry information and services by putting their needs first – reducing red tape and providing quality, consistent services at the lowest possible cost. Single Business Service assistance is universal – available to all Australian businesses – made up of a consolidated online presence accessible anytime and anywhere, a contact centre and a face-to-face business facilitation network to link interested businesses with relevant programmes and services. Practical support includes:

- Textile, Clothing and Footwear Corporatewear Register

Innovation and R&D - R&D Tax Incentive

- Clothing and Household Textile Building Innovative Capability Scheme

Training and Mentoring

- Certain Inputs to Manufacture

- Industry Skills Fund

Regional Innovation Funds


- information for businesses that is easy to find and understand - tailored advice for businesses when they choose to access it - direct links to services provided in the Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure Programme, and - seamless connections with other Australian Government programmes or services like the R&D Tax Incentive and the Industry Skills Fund. Business management, research connections and commercialising ideas - Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure Programme

From time to time the Australian Government introduces support for a specific region. This normally occurs via a structural adjustment process. For information about programmes currently open for applications visit

- Cooperative Research Centres Venture Capital - Venture Capital Limited Partnerships - Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships Small Business - Small Business Advisory Services

Import and export - Tradex - Enhanced Project By-law Scheme

- Growth Fund - Automotive Diversification Programme - Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme - Regional Infrastructure Programme

Manufacturing Industry - Manufacturing Transition Programme - Automotive Transformation Scheme

Scammers don't only target consumers – they target small businesses too.

this scam – an increase of 45 per cent from 2012 – and almost $725,000 was lost.

Scams can reach any business, regardless of its size, age, location or industry sector, and cause that business to lose money.

This type of scam targets small businesses by tricking them into paying for unwanted or unauthorised listings or advertisements in magazines, journals, business registers or directories.

The ACCC's Targeting scams report 2013 reveals that over 90,000 Australians reported scams to the ACCC last year, with almost $90 million reported lost. The most common scam affecting small businesses is the false billing scam, which includes advertising, directory and domain name scams. In 2013, over 3,600 reports were received about

Common scam tactics are to send a business a subscription form disguised as an outstanding invoice to get the business to sign up for unwanted ongoing advertising services. Scammers also falsely claim that the directory or publication is well known or has a high readership. Another common false billing approach used by scammers

involves sending invoices for the renewal of domain names. Scammers will send businesses an invoice to renew their current domain name registration, however the domain name will be different, such as '.com' instead of ''. Other scams that target small businesses include office supply scams, overpayment scams and investment scheme scams. If you run or work in a small business, protect yourself from scammers by following these golden rules: - Ensure you have clear procedures for verifying, paying and managing accounts and invoices. Limit the number of people authorised to place orders or pay invoices. 13 28 46

- Make sure the business billing you is the one you normally deal with. Check whether all the details on the invoices you receive are the same as usual or whether some are subtly different. - Never provide personal information and banking details to anybody you don't know and trust. - Don't let anyone pressure you into making decisions involving payments or ongoing contracts. If you are unsure, always seek independent financial or legal advice. - Install reputable computer protection software and a firewall – and keep them up to date. To learn more about false billing scams, watch this SCAMwatch

warning video. To keep aware of common scams and current scam trends, visit the SCAMwatch website, sign up for SCAMwatch radar alerts, and read the ACCC's Small business scams factsheet or 2013 Targeting scams report. And if you become aware of a scam or are scammed, report it to the SCAMwatch Infocentre on 1300 795 995. Your report helps the ACCC to monitor scams and take action where appropriate, including to educate other small businesses on new or emerging scams.

16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014


A business owner needs to consider many aspects and ensure there is minimal intellectual property that leaves the business with the staff when they move to a competitor's organization or leave to set up their own business (in the same field). Many SMEs underestimate the importance of time, effort and intellectual property.


Business owners have to consider various aspects to ensure that minimal intellectual property leaves the business when a staff leaves to join a competitor's organization or leaves to set up his/her own business in the same niche. Ironically, most SMEs undermine the importance of intellectual property, time, and efforts. Let us look at the case study from three perspectives: 1. T h e s i g n i f i c a n c e o f intellectual property addressed by Dominique Engelter from a legal perspective 2. How an entrepreneur thinks when leaving an organization addressed by Daniel Jovevski; Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 3. What one can do to retain entrepreneurs and staff addressed by Hament Chavda; a well renowned transformational coach. According to Dominique Engelter, “From a commercial litigation

For a detailed and customized personal tranformation solution for your team, contact Hament Chavda from Coach26 at 1300262241

For a detailed and customized solution from an entrepreneurial perspective, contact Daniel Jovevski from Switch My Loan at 1300 307155

For any legal business advice, contact Dominique Engelter from William & Hughes Lawyers at 08 9481 2040

perspective and legalities, there can be a lot of problems. You need to know what step to take first, quit first then find employment or find work before quitting. There are contracts where people cannot find a job while working with some firms.” In the absence of any contractual terms, there is an employer duty on their employees that during their employment they will not solicit any existing customers of the business. It is all about duty and loyalty. When people leave, they take sensitive information and trade secrets, like a customer list. “From a personal and business transformation perspective good people do not leave organizations. They leave because they are not feeling fulfilled, they are not growing, they are not part of a team, they are not recognized. People need to connect to the "Why." Why are they coming to work, what are their missions and values? says

Hament Chavda. “People lose heart in what they do and this can lead to other issues like commitment. People should be rigorous and not ruthless” Th is is an in ter es tin g discussion as Mr. Chavda, goes on to giving an example which is worth watching on the NifnexTV Channel on YouTube or Scan the QR code on the top right corner of the page. According to Daniel Jovevski, “From an entrepreneur's perspective starting a new SME is a challenge. Do you want to start a business and then leave the job, or leave the job and then leave? You need to do some research before taking a step. The Entrepreneur Drive sometimes over powers everything and this will embellish the points to dominate.”

only meet over phone and email. How can a SME control their IP in that situation? Make the terms clear and be conscious of the value of what you are sending out to the third party consultants to know what they are doing with your property, and to know how to protect it. Do our local laws apply in different countries? Depends on what country you are dealing with. You may not always be able to take overseas action. Should volunteers sign a contract or NDA when they'll be dealing with your company's IP? Yes. They should if it involves confidential or sensitive information.

Q&A More and more SMEs are using overseas freelancers and consultants that might

Tips by Daniel Jovevski 1. Maintain transparency 2. Don't burn bridges when leaving 3. Make sure you leave a good legacy 4. Deliver the pay forms 5. Keep your support at work with people you knew Tips by Hament Chavda 1. Know your identity, vision, mission and values 2. Hire the right people 3. Invest in the health and well being of the team 4. Look at what the team loves and what they are great at 5. Lead by example Tips by Dominique Engelter Business owners can take certain measures safeguard their intellectual property: 1. Formalize your employer's contract with your employees. Determine and define what information is confidential in your contract depending on your type of business 2. Make employees use your own personalized email servers to keep an eye on correspondences and to have access to their documents 3. Knowledge is power, so know what your employees are doing and what their position in life is

Send us your business challenges & we will get them addressed by an exper t panel.

The buzz catch phrase in financial circles over the last few months is the term “Business Financial Planning”. The truth is that the better advice businesses have been giving advice to their SME clients for quite some time now but now “the banks” have cottoned on and are now advertising and hiring for Business Financial Planning Advisers. The benefit of working with a business savvy financial professional are numerous but mostly helping weld together your perception and reality as usually they are vastly different as we can see from the diagram :

Financial goals

s Actual Financial Gap

Perceived Business Value Actual Market Value (less tax)

Time Start of business


So to ensure you meet your financial goals, it's a good idea to have a financial plan in place.

So how do you know that you need advice? If you find yourself juggling competing f i n a n c i a l considerations and not being able to focus on the real task at hand easily, and that is to build your business, I think you might need some professional help, maybe start by asking yourself these important questions now: Do you have outside

investments, or is all your money tied up in your business? Do you have any contingency plans in place for your business if you were unable to work, or if you died? Do you know what will happen to your business when you retire? Are you sure you will have enough money for your retirement? Do your employees have the most tax-

effective salary arrangements? If you have a financial plan, have you reviewed it recently? If you are uncertain about any of these questions, you should consider contacting myself at Inspired Money on 6222 7909 or seek input from an experienced financial adviser that you are comfortable with.


Zeeshan Pasha of Nifnex interviews Doc Casely (Certified Practicing Conveyancer) of Thane Conveyancing.

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Doc: Up to $600,000 for a house and land. Vacant land is unchanged. ZP: How does a buyer know whether the old or new rate applies? Doc: The date of execution of the contract (usually acceptance of the offer by the seller) will dictate into which period it falls

ZP: What are the changes that came into effect on 3 July 2014? Doc: When a home buyer is eligible for the First Home Owner Grant, the buyer is entitled to a concessional rate of transfer duty if the value of the property is below certain thresholds.

If the property includes a home: Dutiable Value Rate of Duty $0 - $430,000 Nil $430,001 - $530,000 $19.19 per $100 or part of $100 above $430,000

ZP: What are the current values? Doc: Up to $530,000 for a house and land or $400,000 for vacant land.

If it is vacant land: Dutiable Value $0 - $300,000 $300,001 - $400,000

ZP: What was it previously?

16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014

Rate of Duty Nil $13.01 per $100 or part of $100 above $300,000

"Generally with vacant land, duty will be charged at the general rate. Once a house is built, a refund will be available." Doc can be contacted on 0430 733 061 or 9409 4412 for more information

16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014


We live in a digital age with clutter and there are misconceptions of social media advertising. Each platform has its benefits to target various segments of one's target market. How can businesses target their digital marketing & advertising better.


For a detailed and customized digital media solution, contact Rajab Karume from NeedlenHay at 0434586087

For a detailed and customized social media strategy for your business, contact Douglas Lim from Alyka at 08 9200 4429

For a detailed and customized solution from a CRM/SEO perspective, contact Dale Carter from GTP iCommerce at 1300 856 533


digital is ambiguous, but

traffic to you, and Facebook

Facebook offers a lot more

Business owners cannot

misconceptions about social

from a business perspective,

is one of the platforms that

features to help you target the

abdicate the responsibility to

media advertising. There are

you need to be able to know

can help. He said, “I am a big

audience, unlike LinkedIn”

find keywords to a third party.

various platforms, and each

the developing position and

fan of Facebook ads, purely

comes with its unique

look into the client proposing

because they have

benefits and each targets a

the value and see if you can

innovation, and that's what

specific segment of its target

marry that in a frictionless

Facebook does”





“You need to work out your

Google Adsense is there for Dale Carter adds to the case study looking at it from the perspective of online marketing and tools to improve it, through SEO and

commercial intent. It is more expensive, but you also get a good return on investment. Google Adwords is for both B2C and B2B setups.

Rajab Karume from

You need to work out

target demographics, because

NeedlenHay Digital is

channels that are conducive

if you are a business to

concerned with the

for you and the client to have

customer person Facebook is

disruptions taking place with

a successful engagement.

the best platform, and for

Dale Carter from GTP Hub

watching on the NifnexTV

B2B setups, LinkedIn is the

added, "I think the reality is

Channel on YouTube or Scan


that over the coming years,

the QR code on the top right

most peoples' marketing

corner of the page.

current technologies. He

Web sites.

discussion that is worth

looks at business models and

Douglas Lim; the social

sees what is lacking and

media expert from Alyka

improves them in digital.

looks at this from an online

Moreover, most people login

spend will be on Google

marketing, SEO, Digital

on websites using their

Adwords in the future” So my

He says, "From our

campaign and Social media

Facebook accounts and it is

key points are that any micro,

perspective you need to


perfect for marketers.

Small or medium business

Facebook is less expensive

owner needs to take control of his Google Adword."

understand your valuable position before getting into

Once you have an online

than LinkedIn based on pay

digital space. The word

presence, you need to drive

per click business.

Th is is an in ter es tin g

Send us your business challenges & we will get them addressed by an exper t panel.

Book now for only $12 per ticket, with promo code “NIFNEX”, at


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The Property Council of Australia recently surveyed office tenants across a broad range of businesses to understand the sentiments of tenants regarding their current office spaces. The findings produced some startling results suggesting flexibility is crucial in times of uncertainty. It is worth looking at the implications for any business that is reviewing leasing arrangements.

16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014 space has changed considerably since they signed their lease. 86 percent of respondents can't predict their office space requirements beyond 24 months – and almost half said they can't predict beyond 12 months. Yet we also see that almost 70 percent say they'd still lock in a

conventional lease for three or more years. It makes no sense. Maybe it's because decision makers aren't aware of short to medium term options like serviced and managed offices – where the cost is comparable and the terms are flexible.

Some of the key findings of the survey confirmed that the Perth CBD is the location of choice for business and the importance of providing a quality working environment in order to attract and retain staff. But beyond these findings, the survey findings highlight a massive disconnect between current circumstances and planning for the future. Frankly the survey results are astonishing. We see that around a quarter of respondents are currently subleasing space; which demonstrates that they got it wrong last time they acquired office space, only a third said their office space is the right size and the same proportion say their usage of

Work smart - call today on 1300 235 879 or visit

Alicia Menkveld is an international, inspirational speaker and courage-builder who helps people and companies to be more courageous.She's an entrepreneur and co-authored a book called “In the Spirit of Abundance” with world class leaders such as Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. Join her FREE Program to Build More Courage + Confidence: Keynotes and Training: Contact Alicia on 0425 177 897 or

Imagine fearlessly launching programs and reaching your dream clients with ease, doing business the way you love to do it, having freedom to live life your way, taking action and knowing exactly what you want and how to get it. This is possible for your business if you have the courage to fully commit to the following four steps this new financial year. Show courage and watch your business fly. - Lead Don't Follow Leadership is about inspiring the people in your business and personal life to take a risk and try something new, to move in an unknown direction, to help them to accomplish more than they thought possible and to help them grow into someone they may otherwise not have become. In return, you'll have a team of loyal followers who will

support you, advocate for you and help you build a business bigger than you thought possible.

people and things that inspire you most in life and dare to build your business and personal life as big as you can imagine it.

Find the leadership courage to become the leader you are capable of being and lead those around you into a future filled with possibility. Every day presents you with opportunities to be a leader. Choose to lead without a title.

- Bold Action Life rewards action. Step boldly from your comfort zone to make the changes and take the chances that will propel you forward to fulfilling your full potential.

- Dream Bigger You'll never truly fly in your business unless you find the courage to create an exciting, grand vision for your business and personal life, that in equal parts scares and excites you. What can you do this financial year to propel you to success? Will you enter a new market? Launch a new product or service? Take your business online or will you aim to double your revenue or profits? Dare to create a vision that is far bigger than the one you've had until now. Connect with the

Swap excuses for commitment and become the person who is willing to do what it takes, to realise their grand vision. The greatest risk in life is to take no risk at all. Fear regret more than failure. - Perseverance Any goal worth pursuing will need a huge amount of determination and perseverance to succeed. Be determined to stay the course. The greatest sense of achievement comes from the inner growth required to overcome setbacks on the way to your goals instead of money or the end destination.

16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014


Running a business has many challenges and it can take a toll on the business owner and their families. Thoughts of giving up on their venture is a common occurrence, yet there is a lot at stake to give up.


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There are many challenges that come with running a business, and there are times they take a toll on the owner and the families as well. People often consider giving up their ventures but then there is a lot at stake and giving up may not be ideal. According to Alicia Menkveld from a courage ambassador's perspective: "Success is not final and failure is not fatal. It's the courage to continue that really counts." Every business owner knows that there will be challenges and there will be good and bad times. Owning a business is like a rollercoaster and things get out of hand. There are five things that you can do to avoid the urge to jump ship and keep going with the business. 1. Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, and the purpose of the business. Think about the impact of achieving what you wanted to achieve. 2. Surround yourself with

positive people (friends and family) 3. Do not get overwhelmed. Learn to say no and learn to share the load of duties. You cannot handle everything yourself, so ask for help to help yourself to get where you want to be 4. Do not become a victim, become a victor 5. There will always be new challenges to face and new objectives to achieve. So find a coach to help you fast track your journey to success From a business wealth educators/business coach perspective, Rueben Taylor adds that, "People can control action and attitude. You can choose your approach to the problem and what actions you would take." One of the first things you need to do is take a decision. Commitment is the first step. Ask yourself if you are committed to the business or not. Have a plan for what to do if

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things are not happening for you. In business, numbers tell the a story, so get a clear idea about where you stand and why things are not working according to plan. Usually, the problem is cash flow or poor planning. Target the problem and find solutions. Make decisions quickly, wasting time will not help so make the call right away and take measures. There will be tough decisions, but you must make them. According to Craig Lampard from financial planning and growing wealth perspective, financial planning plays an important part in businesses and coaching clients is important. He said, "I think it is very important that if a business is experiencing problems, it should know what the real cause of the problem is." You need to get clarity about what is happening using a consultant, and discuss the problems of the business and find solutions. You have to find ways to make things work.

Businesses need a marketing plan, cash flow budget and keep monthly check on your progress. It is true that numbers are important. If your business is struggling, you need to finetune the weaknesses and strengths. Look at the processes involved and systemize them. Customer satisfaction is important; hence, y o u n e e d c o n s i s t e n c y. Therefore, you need to educate and train the staff. Use technology to improve efficiency. Find more clients, as they can help find better opportunities and build your business. Do not be afraid to expand the business or shrink the business depending on what you need to make the business work. Watching the video will help you connect better with what the panelists have to say. Scan the QR Code at the top right hand corner of this page or visit

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5 HOT TIPS Alicia Menkveld: 1. Start with 'Why' 2. Get support 3. Get someone to talk to 4. Do not give up 5. Get an expert mentor Rueben Taylor: 1. Make a decision and commitment 2. Know your numbers; it helps you know what is working and what is not 3. Work a plan on paper 4. Get the support you need 5. G e t m e n t o r s a n d connections to connect you to the market and focus on the market Craig Lampard: 1. Find a mentor 2. Make a business plan. Have a marketing plan and cash flow check 3. Review your processes and look for information 4. Connect with clients to grow your business with opportunity 5. Don't be afraid to review your service offering

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"It isn't just what you know, and it isn't just who you know. It's also WHO KNOWS YOU and knows what you do." Networking is hands down the best way to build mutually beneficial contacts and referrals to your business. Contacts and referrals mean more business which means more profit. So your networking needs to be done right. And networking begins with your Elevator Speech – how you introduce yourself and your business to other people.

When you get that right it makes the whole networking experience easier and more beneficial. Here's four ways to make your Elevator Speech work well for you: - Prepare your Elevator Speech in advance. Know what you want to say and how you want to say it. Practice it, but not so much it sounds pat and rehearsed. You don't need to say exactly the same words in exactly the same way every single time. - Know your audience and tweak the Elevator Speech to fit. You

wouldn't speak to an individual in exactly the same way you'd speak to a crowd of 100. If your audience is a group of business people you'll use different wording tailored to them than what you would use to a group of employees, for example. - Be solution focused. Your business solves a problem, tell us what your solution is. Sure, you may be a mortgage broker, but what you do is help young couples buy their first home sooner and save tens of thousands in the process.

- Remember that your Elevator Speech is only the first part of the networking process. It doesn't end there, that's just the introduction. Networking is the building of mutually beneficial contacts. Use your Elevator Speech as a launch pad to build relationships and get to know people one on one. Melinda Brennan is a World Class Certified Speaking Coach who specialises in helping small business owners speak confidently about their business and get their message across clearly. If you would like to know more about putting together an effective Elevator Speech and receive some great networking bonuses, sign up to the free webinar "Network Confidently: Get Your Elevator Speech Right" on 1 August.


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Unleash Your Greatest Potential Transformation Workshop) and ask yourself, 'how would I and m y T. E . A . M . ( To t a l l y Empowered Awesomeness in Motion) perform, in this state of empowered mindset?' Today, people management is not an option. Managing the team can be an illusion of control. Trying to 'manage people' is dealing with the effect not the cause. The cause stems from our thoughts filtering through our beliefs, values and our state in that moment.

1. Limiting Beliefs E.g. I'm not as good with customers as others in the team. 2. F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). E.g. fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough. It's not often a team member will want to discuss their fears. a. Because it's unconscious

The first step of transformation is to inspire people to choose to live at cause and out of the 'effect of what we refer to as 'the five constipating enemies' that can hold us back in life. The first two are

b. Their running patterns of behavior or habits that keep them 'safe'. Now, Watch the results when we challenge and breakthrough the 5 constipating enemies (

What you just saw is example of what happens when you shift the internal environment especially around what's possible by taking people through a process of letting go of those 'constipating enemies' and empowering people to choose to live at cause. This is not just about being positive, it's about instilling true leadership within every T.E.A.M. member. Each person Empowered, accountable and consistent. You can read more about fire walking, one of the many tools

16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014 we utilise in this process of transformation by clicking the link(http://www.natureandhealt

Transformation Coach: Hament Chavda Since arriving in Australia in 2010, Hament has co-authored the best seller You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams, founded Coach 26 (Personal and Business Transformation) and Perth's premier 'fire w a l k i n g e v e n t ' U n l e a s h Yo u r G r e a t e s t P o t e n t i a l ( and has recently with his partner and Soul mate, Sonal, acquired and transformed the long established health store Natures Harvest into a holistic Health Destination. He has reached thousands of people through business training workshops, personal coaching and breakthrough events. The mission to bring to light the magnificence in people one person at time and the vision to positively impact over 20 million people by 2020.


16 JULY – 15 AUG 2014


First impression is a lasting impression. When submitting a proposal to a prospective client or a tender, a number of factors need to be considered. Overall image of a business is at stake.

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Before submitting a proposal to a prospective client there are several things you need to consider, because the first impression is a lasting one. Diann Bates from Creative Fruition addressed this topic from a creativity and design perspective said: A professionally designed tender can help deliver results by creating a positive reflection of your business! Content is extremely important, but not at the expense of a visually lack luster tender or creating a personal connection, which is critical to making sure your submission works hard for you. Faced with a pile of documents, a reviewer will be looking for a wow factor within the scope of the tender. Creativity will help grab their attention and make you stand out. This can also help you be taken more seriously, if you are not the cheapest or the most experienced. You can prepare tenders yourself, but professional

creative input is a worthwhile investment, even if it is to just get a template designed which can be reused. Plan ahead and take the time to get it right, you only get one chance to make a first impression! Clever use of professional photography, section breaks, colour, typography, tables, diagrams and client testimonials, will help set you apart from others. Finally and most importantly, make sure your branding is up to scratch compared to your competitors, after all, your brand is the essence of who your business is and what you are trying to sell to the reader! Jamie Vine From an overall image perspective added that, "Perception is reality, and what the tender has represents the business." There is a lot of risk in business; it is risky for anybody to use a new supplier. So credibility is an important aspect for your business and people need assurance that you can

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deliver. While making tenders it is important to keep the documents logical. Write content section first, beginning with headers to get things in the right order. Don't get carried away while writing. A proposal offers more freedom than a tender so content is king. Make sure your logo tells about your brand and mirrors your goals and values. Avoid buzzwords, and acronyms unless they are appropriate and stand for what you are talking about without confusing the reader. Most importantly keep to deadlines and deliver tenders on the right time. Sue Findlay from a component of a tender perspective said: We should first think about the reader: what is it they want? 1) They want to be able to read it easily. So keep it short, punchy and concise. Use lots of headings so they

If you are interested in submitting tenders and need help, contact Sue Findlay at 0417920149

can navigate the document easily. Keep the “blah blah” about your company out of it. Perhaps you might like to include a company profile at the back they can refer to if they need to. However, you should have a good enough relationship with the buyer that they already know you and your company so no introductions should be necessary. Spend some time ensuring your grammar and syntax are of professional quality. You don't want your proposal to go to a “grammar nazi” who gets upset when they see the English language used incorrectly. 2) They want to be able to see your value proposition: so ensure you are very clear on what separates you from the other. Put your value proposition up front. Be sure to tell the reader why you should be given the work, and make sure you sound different to everybody else.

Give them a price breakdown so they can see the detail and thought that has gone into preparing your costings. They may also see what your competitors have missed when they provide a cheaper price. What do You want? Well, obviously you want to win the work, so content is king. But you also want to remain memorable. For your proposal to be memorable: Wow them with a catchy but not too slick presentation. If you look too slick and expensive, you risk turning them off because your company may come across as cold and arrogant. Include photos of your work, your people, your premises, and anything else that provides a personal touch. Lastly, the ultimate convincer is what others say about you. Include some testimonials as subconscious convincers.

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Nifnex perth guinness book edition 14  

Four business challenges addressed in this edition on business efficiency, newsletter marketing, intellectual property, social media adverti...

Nifnex perth guinness book edition 14  

Four business challenges addressed in this edition on business efficiency, newsletter marketing, intellectual property, social media adverti...