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Nieshoff Design is a Massachusetts-based design studio that has been in business for over 22 years. We are a full-service graphic design firm providing sophisticated, engaging design communications. We embrace each client’s mission as our own and wholeheartedly commit ourselves to the client’s success over the long haul. The result of our dedication is that many of our client relationships are measured in decades. Our recent projects have ranged from an interactive timeline website commemorating the 50-year history of Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) to a combined web and print fundraising campaign for the Tufts Dental School. Selected client relationships include more than 18 years of working with Perkins School for the Blind (during this time we have designed over 55 annual reports and educational publications), 16 years of designing the marketing materials for the Brandeis International Business School, as well as 10 years of design work for Tufts University. Our expertise also extends to designing trade books such as Garden of Memories: A Guide to Historic Forest Hills (Forest Hills Educational Trust) and the award-winning Wilderness First Aid Handbook (Jones & Bartlett), as well as exhibition catalogs for the McMullen Museum of Art at Boston College. While we specialize in addressing the communications needs of universities, nonprofits, and cultural institutions, we apply the same thoughtful approach to all of our projects. We listen carefully to fully understand the objectives of each client—then we work together to create compelling designs that achieve their goals with impact and style.

Nieshoff Design // Recent Work



W e bs i t e s

Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) Interactive Timeline and Video to commemorate EDC’s 50th anniversary The Afghanistan Literacy and Community Empowerment Program (LCEP)

Congregation Dorshei Tzedek

Johnson String Instrument (JSI)

10 Pri n t Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) Annual Reports Brandeis International Business School (IBS) Marketing Catalogs Program Brochures Perkins School for the Blind Annual Report The Lantern Newsletter Tufts University Event Invitations Johnson String Instrument (JSI) Marketing Catalog Commissioned Assemblage + Card Set

28 Ide n t i t y

Grand Circle Gallery

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, Inc. (NEEP)

Congregation Dorshei Tzedek



Websi t e s


123 Ed uc ation Dev elo p m e nt C e nt e r, I nc. ( EDC ) : In ter ac tiv e time l i ne and V i de o

To celebrate and commemorate EDC’s 50th anniversary, we designed an interactive, web-based timeline. Each timeline section highlights one of EDC’s programs. Most sections included video content and website links. The timeline also incorporated a seven-minute video about EDC’s mission, including interviews with vice presidents, and ending with a message from the new president on plans for the future.

Darkened screen for playing timeline video.



Edu catio n Developme nt C e nt e r, I nc. ( EDC ) : Th e Af ghanistan LCEP W e bsi t e

Our website design utilized EDC’s stunning documentary photography and incorporated the bold colors and architectural patterns that are an integral part of the cultural environment in Afghanistan, where the EDC program operates.







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123 11.16.11


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92""-&P@-%/,*&-(&2&@#@$=2*&%,26+,*&#A&6#$*(,(&#4&<$02-(5&240&,6#4#5-6& X$(%-6,E&9,6#4(%*$6%-#4-(%&<$02-(5E&4,8&2@@*#26+,(&%#&%+-41-47&2"#$%& d#0E&240&%+,&@*26%-6,&#A&-4%,7*2%-47&<,8-(+&(@-*-%$2=&240&,%+-62=&& %,26+-47(&-4%#&02-=3&=-A,:&P+,&+2(&8*-%%,4&-44#>2%->,&6$**-6$=2&A#*&& 6+-=0*,4&#4&%+,&e##1&#A&]F#0$(&240&#4&%+,&9,6#4(%*$6%-#4-(%&@*23,*&

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<#-4&$(&A#*&P$11#%&240&P-56+2%&.#*2+& ,>,4%(Z&P,,&#$*&!&A#*&0,%2-=(Z .+$&?6%&BV[&P$11#%&J#*4-47&P,*>-6,E& C[VD\BB[VD25 Y*-&?6%&BS[&!==I!7,(&]*,>&P+2""2%& -4&%+,&P$112+E&N@5&0-44,*E&N[ST@5& (,*>-6, P$4&?6%&BN[&P$11#%&P$4023[&O2*>,(%-47& ^&O,=@-47&GJ,5",*&P-74$@(H

O#=3023(&240&#4&#%+,*&#662(-#4(:  .+,&b=26,&;+,*,&;,g*,&b,*A,6%& Gb)YH&]*,>&9#(+&O2(+242+&TUUR  .8#&b2%+(&Gb)YH&&&9#(+&O2(+242+& TUUR&&!&P#$=&!66#$4%-47&Gb)YH&& f#=&Q-0*,&TUUR  c,((#4(&Y*#5&d+242&Gb)YH&a#5& f-@@$*&TUUR  !4&i4>-%2%-#4&%#&b*23,*&Gb)YH& GJbV&2$0-#H&&&]*,>&9#(+&O2(+2I 42+&TUUB


 !%&%+,&<$07,(g&.2"=,&Gb)YH&GJbV& 2$0-#H&9#(+&O2(+242+&TUUB




 Y*#5&!4F-,%3&%#&!7-%2%-#4&Gb)YH& GJbV&2$0-#H&a#5&f-@@$*&TUUB

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 &P,>,4&.+-47(&!"#$%&.,(+$>2+& .+2%&i&c,2*4,0&A*#5&%+,&d25,&#A& e2(,"2==&Gb)YH&]*,>&9#(+&O2(+2I 42+&TUUD  P2*2+E&O2442+E&240&%+,&b*23,*A$=&

92""-&P@-%/,*&-(&2&0,>#%,0&240&*,=2%->,=3&@2%-,4%&9,0&P#F&A24&240&2=(#& +2(&2&=-A,&7#2=&#A&"#8=-47&-4&2==&TD&(%2%,(:&P+,&+2(&VB&0#84&(#&A2*Z a#$&624&6#4%26%&92""-&.#"2&P@-%/,*&"3&,52-=&2%&*2""-W0#*(+,-%/,0,1:#*7



<= 200&,>,4%(&%#&3#$*&62=,402*




Congr eg ation Dorshe i T z e de k W e bsi t e :

After redesigning the temple logo, we carried the fresh, contemporary look over to the website. The new design highlights news and events more prominently and also allows for easily updating web content on a frequent basis.



Joh n son String Ins tr um e nt ( J SI ) : W e bsi t e

We worked with JSI to analyze, restructure, and redesign the site architecture for both the “bricks-and-mortar” store pages and their online catalog. Sections were differentiated using color, as well as by making use of closely cropped details from a custom assemblage created for JSI’s 30th anniversary.



“Nieshoff Design has played a key role in the development of the JSI brand. For more than 17 years they have worked on the production of our catalogs, advertisements, and marketing materials. When it was time to redesign our website, I knew they would bring their refined approach to design and apply it to

I could not be more impressed with their results, attention to detail, and commitment to client satisfaction.” the web.

— Adam Johnson, Owner Johnson String Instrument



E d u c a t i o n D e v e lo p m e n t C e n t e r , I n c . ( EDC ) : 2007 Annual report

The 2007 Annual Report focused on personal stories that illustrate the impressive achievements of EDC’s domestic and international programs. The cover was printed on an uncoated textured stock to literally give the publication the feel of “tangible” results.


123 “For more than 20 years, I have relied on Patricia Nieshoff’s expertise.

the rare ability to combine impeccable design with effective communication. Nieshoff Design has

Their projects are beautiful, but more importantly, their design decisions evolve from the message of the content, and therefore become critical assets towards meeting my overall communication goals.” — Allison Daskal Hausman, Communications Manager Education Resource Strategies (ERS) Former Co-Director of Communications Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)



E d u c a t i o n D e v e lo p m e n t C e n t e r , I n c . ( EDC ) : 2006 Annual report

EDC wanted to explore a new direction for their 2006 Annual Report and asked us to develop a wide range of design concepts. The selected design was a dramatic departure from previous conventional annualsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;utilizing a bright color palette, landscape format, and colorized photography. Transforming Lives also announced the arrival of the new president, and visually captured the bold nature of EDCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s global mission.





E d u c a t i o n D e v e lo p m e n t C e n t e r , I n c . ( EDC ) : 2006 Annual report

Proposed concepts


123 “ Nieshoff Design listened carefully and then offered us

a beautiful

variety of options for our annual report. We would have been happy with any one of them. The designers were very responsive during every phase—from concept to printing.” — Daphne Northrop, Director of Communications Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)



Brandeis International Business School: 2008/09 Catalog

IBS needed a fresh contemporary look for their 2008 catalog and program brochures. We created a cool color palette and commissioned stylized student portraits with a modern feel. The landscape format catalog design is a departure from more conservative business school materials and reflecting the unique, dynamic nature of the Brandeis IBS. Our relationship with Brandeis IBS spans 17 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;allowing us to design materials based on years of experience and an intimate understanding of the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s history and evolving global mission.





B rande i s I nt e rnat i o n a l B u s i n e s s S c h o o l: 2 0 0 7 / 0 8 P r o g r a m B r o c h u r e s

The IBS program brochure series reflects and expands on the feel of the catalog. The commissioned cover photography was art-directed to incorporate movement to reflect the active nature of the IBS environment visually.





Perkins School for the Blind Annual Report 2 0 0 7

P e r k i n s s c h o o l fo r t h e b li n d : 2 0 0 7 a n n u a l r epo r t

The 2007 Annual Report focused on the impact and global vision of Perkins School for the Blind. The beautiful, sensitive portraits of Perkins students and staff capture the depth of the ongoing dedication that Perkins has to all who are part of the Perkins family. For this Annual Report, the cover strives to portray a modern-day Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller. We have provided design services to Perkins for over 18 years. This long-standing relationship is a testament to our commitment and passion for the meaningful work of the school.


123 Message from the Chair and the President Perkins School for the Blind truly is everywhere. We are a beautiful campus with classrooms, a training center for professionals and a special program for infants and toddlers and their families. We produce the Perkins Brailler on our campus and in assembly plants in South Africa and India. We send teachers to help students in public schools across Massachusetts. Our library enables people throughout New England to read. We are helping develop programs for children in over 62 developing countries. On campus, in the community and around the world, Perkins is doing what we have done since before the days of Helen Keller. We sent Perkins alumna Anne Sullivan into the community, to the Kellers’ house in Alabama, and later educated Helen as a full-time residential student. Today we continue Helen’s commitment to helping people all over the world. As it was in Helen’s time, it is today. It is a pleasure to reflect upon the tremendous accomplishments of 2007, our 178th year, and the vast number of people who have come together to ensure that Perkins continues to transform lives. We thank staff, trustees, volunteers, donors, and friends for their commitment to helping over 90,000 people on campus, in the community and around the world. Thank you for the commitment that makes dreams come true today and that plants seeds for an even greater future — everywhere. Sincerely,

Janet B. James Chair of Perkins Board of Trustees

Steven M. Rothstein President

Everyone everywhere has the right to an education. A right to develop to one’s fullest. This was the call for Helen Keller personally and for her international work. This is the call that Perkins is answering throughout the world today.

we are

around the world 2007 highlights

• Through the Hilton/Perkins

Professionals from developing countries study for a year in the Perkins Educational Leadership Program before returning home to develop and lead programs for children who are deafblind or blind with multiple disabilities. We celebrate the current class from:


Bulgaria Chile China Colombia Croatia Indonesia

Lebanon Panama Russia South Africa Ukraine

Program, we helped develop programs in 62 countries for 38,000 children who were deafblind or blind with additional disabilities, their families and teachers. • Committed to increasing the

ability of local populations to provide their own services, we trained 6,900 professionals working with blind or deafblind children.

• We sponsored the Africa

Forum in Kenya, the only continent-wide conference on blindness, bringing together 300 professionals, government officials, consumers and families from 35 African countries. • The U.S. Commerce

Department recognized Perkins for supporting braille literacy through Perkins Brailler® sales in 143 countries. • We expanded assembly capacity

of our Brailler partners in India and South Africa.

• We developed two large

projects with USAID for training hundreds of teachers of children with visual impairments and additional disabilities in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and the Philippines. • In cooperation with the

Government of China, Perkins professionals led a training for administrators and teachers from 50 schools for the blind in the country.

• Over 10,000 individuals,

schools and other agencies received Perkins Braillers®, training and other materials that build literacy around the world. • We have begun work in the

Middle East, sponsoring workshops in Bahrain, helping programs in Israel and Jordan, and distributing 1,000 Perkins Braillers® in Saudi Arabia. 7

During our 18 years of working together, each and every project has far exceeded my expectations. One of our books won an “The work of Nieshoff Design is impeccable.

international award, which I am convinced was given as much for the beauty of the work done by Nieshoff Design as for the content. The staff are total professionals who are tremendously accommodating of their clients. I would definitely give them a five-star rating.” — Marianne Riggio, National Education Consultant Perkins School for the Blind



Lantern THE

“I never thought

I could

do it.”

– Ethel Pierce Elder Learning Program

P E R K I N S S C H O O L F O R T H E B L I N D | F all 0 7

« This Issue Boston Celtics Arts at the Pru Middle East Kilimanjaro

This Issue

2007 Graduation Summer Success Harry Potter African Forum


Proposed cover

Lantern the


“Where I Love to Be” Michael Brown (depiction of Perkins Track) 2005 Deafblind Artshow

“I do my own dishes and

I can still touch

my toes.” – Catherine Holt


Boston Celtics Arts at the Pru Middle East Kilimanjaro

Proposed cover

Inaugural issue with new design.


123 L etter F R OM T H E P R E S ID E N T As we start our 178th year of service, I see the faces of children learning, achieving and growing everyday at Perkins School for the Blind. I see the hard work of our dedicated and talented staff and volunteers. I meet children and parents in the community who have new experiences that Perkins has provided for them. I visit children who are deafblind and blind with multiple disabilities in developing countries who are making important steps toward independence. Every day, I am humbled by the achievements of the devoted members of the Perkins family. In this issue of The Lantern magazine, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll meet Mike Pedone, a high school student on our campus; Kaylene Sheran, a girl attending a Boston public school and coming to Perkins for weekend programs; Galina Epifanova, one of our international partners helping us transform the lives of children who are deafblind and blind with other disabilities in Russia and many others.

Volume LXXVII Number 1â&#x20AC;&#x201A;

nationally and 61 countries around the world. Then you get a sense of the core 87,000 members of the Perkins family we serve every year with your help and support.


But that 87,000 is only the start. On behalf of the students, staff, families, alumni, volunteers and trustees of Perkins School for the Blind, thank you for being part of the Perkins family. The future creates so many opportunities when we strive together.

Chair of the Board Janet B. James



Again, thank you for helping us to do so much. With your involvement, each tomorrow will be a day of achievement and possibilities for all those we serve.




Steven M. Rothstein President Perkins School for the Blind


Multiply their achievements in all of our campus programs and in all of the ways we reach people in New England,

Officers of the Corporation & Board of Trustees*


Dr. Andrew W. Chapman** Frederic M. Clifford** Vice Chair of the Board William J. Edwards Linda DiBenedetto** Brenda J. Furlong Paul S. Goodof Chair of the Corporation Corinne Grousbeck C. Richard Carlson Loretta Warner Holway Philip L. Ladd Secretary William A. Lowell Charles A. Cheever Julio Marenghi Andrea Lamp Peabody Treasurer W. David Power Charles C.J. Platt Paul A. Raia**


Meet Mike Pedone Boston Celtics Massachusetts Inaugurations Arts at the Pru


08 09 09 10 11

Meet Kaylene Sheran Babies in New Bedford Braille Challenge Vision 5K Spanish in the Library

Aro u nd the Wo rl d

12 13 14 

Galina Epifanova The Middle East Eric Weihenmayer & Kilimanjaro

P er k i ns

15 16 17

Family Trust Reflections

 s of November A 6, 2006

** A  ppointed by the Governor of the Commonwealth

04 05 06 07


For more information on these or other stories or to receive the Lantern by email, go to www.Perkins/

Pe rk ins s choo l for t he bl i nd: T he L ant e rn new s le t t e r

We designed The Lantern for over 15 years, then we were asked to create a new contemporary look for 2008. The redesign included the addition of vibrant four-color photography and a slightly smaller trim size. The new format resulted in a savings of nearly $60K annually in printing and mailing costs.



t u ft s u n i v e r s ity : E v e n t i n v i t a tio ns









J o h n s o n S t r ing Ins tr ument: 2 0 0 8 / 2 0 0 9 C a ta lo g c o v er 2008/2009

The 2008 Catalog announced JSIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s acquisition of an exceptional collection of 350 American-made

johnson string instrument

violins. The catalog also included a poster and a tipped-in brochure for The American Collection. We have worked with Johnson String Instrument for over 17 years. We are continually inspired by their dedication to excellence and by their exceptional instruments.




Johns on Str ing I nst rum e nt : Co mmiss ioned Asse m bl age + C ard S e t

For JSIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 30th anniversary, we commissioned Karen Watson, a Lexington-based fine artist, to create an assemblage of fine instruments and memorabilia from Johnson Stringâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rich 30-year history. The full assemblage was printed as a poster. Details from the assemblage were used as website headers and were also made into a commemorative card set.





“Our projects all have high visibility nationally and the presentation of the materials has to meet a high standard of excellence. We’ve worked with Nieshoff Design on multiple projects over the past eleven years. They provide outstanding design

services, meticulous attention to detail and quality, and a real ease of collaboration. We are very pleased with the relationship and will continue to use Nieshoff Design in the future.” — Bill Slotnik, Executive Director Community Training and Assistance Center (CTAC)

Selected Client List Consulting Cambridge Hill Partners Community Training and Assistance Center (CTAC)  Education Development Center (EDC)  Education Resource Strategies (ERS) Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) Harvard Institute for International Development Retail/Travel Johnson String Instrument The Omni Parker House Overseas Adventure Travel VBT Deluxe Bicycle Vacations

“Nieshoff Design has an approach that is exceptionally thoughtful and sophisticated. They really listened to our needs and came back with a design that captured perfectly the essence of our institution.” — Susan Diller, Interim Head of School Touchstone Community School

Education Archives for Historical Documentation Atrium School Boston College John J. Burns Library McMullen Museum of Art The School of Education Brandeis International Business School  (IBS) Elliot Montessori School Forest Hills Educational Trust Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

“In her work with us, Pat always balances our need to be responsive to our clients’

expectations and our desire to have the most beautiful design possible.

It is a balancing act that she pulls off gracefully every time.”

Jason Foundation for Education The Levin Institute UN Research Centre for the Global Compact Newtowne School Nichols College Northeastern University

Universal Recycling Symbols

Perkins School for the Blind 1

Recycling Symbol for Type-1 Plastics (polyethylene terephthalate)

Tufts University


Recycling Symbol for Type-2 Plastics (high density polyethylene)

Wheelock College


Recycling Symbol for Type-3 Plastics (vinyl, polyvinyl chloride)


Recycling Symbol for Type-4 Plastics (low density polyethylene)


Recycling Symbol for Type-5 Plastics (polypropylene)


Recycling Symbol for Type-6 Plastics (polystyrene)


Recycling Symbol for Type-7 Plastics (other plastics)

Universal Recycling Symbol Rashi School  (Used as a generic symbol for recycling or to indicate that material is recyclable)

— Dave Nuscher, Director of Editorial & Creative Services Boston-area university

Black Universal Recycling Symbol

Recycled Paper Symbol (Used to indicate 100% recycled paper content)

Our Eco-friendly policy: We make it a priority Partially-Recycled Paper Symbol Recycling Symbol for Generic Materials

(Percentage of recycled paper together with other text and tocontent work with Forest Stewardship Council(used (FSC) indicated in overlay or labels to indicate type of material to next to this symbol) certified vendors. This print piece meetsbeEPA recycled) standards for post-consumer recovered fiber, is produced by a carbon neutral paper company, and uses Courtesy of Heather Castles paper made using a totally chlorine free (TCF) process.


Nieshoff Design 15 Depot Square, Suite One Lexington, MA 02420 T 781.862.9991 For more information: Patricia Nieshoff

Recent Projects  

2012 Design Work: Nieshoff Design

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