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These are the sketches for the Monday challenge ‘Pencil’. The sketches that I came up with uses pencils for physical uses such as hanging up your jewellery.

1.Jewellery Holder

2.Compass Pointer

3.Scroll Holder

4.Coffee mixer

I find a lot of my personal work revolves around stencilry, as you will see on the following pages I enjoy making canvases, t-shirts and jumpers, patches and other decorational pieces with stencils.

These stencils were used for a commissioned decoration of a London music venue called Native Tongue. The design in these pictures is not one that I have created, I was just asked to stencil it onto the wall. The piece photographed on this page was the main branding for the venue as it is visible from outside and it is in front of the entrance stairs, the other main branding piece is behind the stage. On the next page are a few photos from a stop-motion of me putting up a piece at the same venue on the landing by the stairs. It is meant to resemble the venues love of music and musicians, this one is 100% my design.

Stage backdrop in the Native Tongue in Epsom.

Part of the stencil.

Some of my stencil work is more complicated than the rest. I decided to buy some canvases to paint to decorate my lounge. On this page you can see that actually to create the final image that i did I had to use a lot of different stencils of the same thing. On the following page is another canvas alongside the real stencil.

These are the stencils i used to make the canvas.

The main thing that started me off on stencils was when i started a band and wanted t-shirts and patches. I decided to start making stencils of my bands name and then other bands started to get interested too so now I make a lot of band merchandise with stencils.

A stencil of Marylin Monroe with her legs modified to create a stance of ‘peeing’.

Stencil of a pair of lips, made with the idea of kissing our town.

Mallorca on a rainy day.

Kite-surfing on the Brauersdam, Holland

Sunset on Newquay

Sun setting on Cornwall

Rocky River in Lynton

Catching a Breath of Air

Independent Practice portfolio  

Independent Practice portfolio

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