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Collection Baking with My Daughter by Joseph Robert Mills I want to do it, she says at each step of the recipe, and I try to let her even if it means broken eggs on the counter, too much salt, and too little flour. She splays the dough onto the cookie sheet, using the wooden spoon as if itʼs a combination snow shovel and mallet. When she turns away, I try to perform a kind of cookie triage, finding those blobs with a chance at survival and nudging them into a vague roundness. After theyʼre finished, she holds one aloft like a medal and tells her mother, I did these all by myself, right Daddy? I nod, saying nothing, and, for the first time, wonder how many of my own victories were smoothed into shape behind my back. Source: www.josephrobertmills.com


Artist Suzanne Ervin




Linda is a wife to the most amazing husband a woman could ask for, a mother to three beautiful albeit crazy/silly/active children who also love to stand on the stool and help her bake and daughter and sister of the best family in the world. “I like to eat, I’m good at it!” (Meryl Streep as Julia Child) http://instagram.com/thepurplespoon


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Denny's Crockpot Barbeque Pulled Pork

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.5 x 2.5 in. Small enough to be used as a sauce dish but, large enough to be used as a decorative spoon rest.


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Letter from the Editor

We've been having so much rain lately in Florida, our canals are full and the other day several of our streets were flooded. Luckily the weather has a mix of warm sunshine and the water has receded Our prayers go out to those families in the world that have had so much flooding and lost their homes. It's back to basketball season for the boys and Liz has cheerleading. I love seeing them play! The driving back and forth to town is something we coordinate daily and thank God for Grandparents! Looking forward to the holidays now that summer is officially over. My favorite holiday is Christmas with all the shimmering lights and joyful music. This month's giveaway is from Naples Clay Place. Please make sure to visit the Giveaway section on our website for more details.


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This month's cover is provided by Brooklyn McDermott Photography. Emma and Presley were photographed in this beautiful vintage style. Read more in the Vintage Designs story on page 8. e


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Lee Heyward - Style with Lee Shelly Aristizabal - You Asked & We Answered Beth Gatrell - Tech Tip of the Week Cheryl Flothe - Heart of Travel, Recipe Corner

by Lee Heyward StylewithLee.com

xRecently I’ve noticed that many of my clients are all challenged by the same problem—Settling! Settling looks like this. You wake up one day and you realize that you don’t actually like most of the clothing in your closet. It’s a hodgepodge of what you’ve acquired instead of a collection of things that make you feel fantastic. The funny part about style and clothes is that most people never have a real education on what works for their body shape and personality (unless of course you’ve worked with me!). So it’s pretty easy to settle into what you think is easy to wear instead of what makes you feel like a million bucks. Looking great doesn’t come from having a lucky style gene. It’s simply about having the right knowledge about what to wear in order to look and feel great.


Fall Trend to Try: The Smoking Slipper

Fall Trend to Try: Modern Casual Loafer

This Fall, dainty ballet flats are making room for the smoking slipper. This unique shoe, once reserved for the bedroom, can add character and fun to any outfit. Plus, it’s the perfect on the go shoe that looks chic with almost any outfit. I’m loving the smoking slipper in bold color or pattern to really impact an outfit. (Image taken from Nordstrom.com)

The fastest way to update your style is with a great shoe. Update your classic loafer to one with modern styling in a versatile color. This shoe by John Varvatos (featured on Nordstrom.com) is a great option paired with jeans or dress slacks.

The Children's Fashion Blog Outfit and Kids Style

I was very happy to have participated in the party, TUTTI I COLORI DEI BAMBINI, presented here in Florence by the Noi per Voi per il Meyer Onlus. It was a fashion show where all the proceeds were donated to a charity for underprivileged children who are struggling to live every day. Here’s my outfit. “To help is good for the heart.” - Fiammisday.com Blogger Simona from Florence, Italy


by Cheryl Flothe Asked where she wanted to go for her 60th Birthday trip, my sister said, “Charleston!” “Why Charleston?” you may ask. Over 200 hundred years of our family history is centered in South Carolina---and of course, there’s the beach! My sister’s talked about a big family beach trip for years. With its perfect combination of history, beach, and attractions, Charleston, with nearby Isle of Palms was the ideal location for our getaway. The seven mile long, one mile across island had six miles of accessible beach on the Atlantic Ocean! Our four bedroom, 2 bath pool home was a five minute walk or golf cart ride (the golf cart came with the house) to the beach. My niece used Events on Face Book for the invites to family members. Since we’re all on, it was a perfect way to RSVP and communicate dates, times, and plans. The Atlantic was bathtub warm! 2.

The great pool area was a bonus!

Isle of Palms Cottage. Our mini-family reunion was informal with our active household of thirteen people (including a three year old and a one year old) coming and going all the time. On any given day people were at the beach, in the pool, or taking in the sights. Meals were a family affair with some delicious eating. Some amazing recipes were cooked up in that kitchen! A local farmer’s market provided us with all the fresh fruits and vegetables we wanted. I even bought some fresh dill pickles from a man who said his wife made the best around. And they were delicious. Fresh peach cobbler, fried green tomatoes, and boiled peanuts were on the menu at our place.

The Market was fun for Northern Girls.

All in the family. The makings of some delish enchiladas!


Sunset time! Most evenings we loaded into the golf cart or van and headed to the beach or the nearby boat harbor. A band played outside, so families could gather on the lawn. Kids played while the adults enjoyed the music.

Family time on the lawn!

Preferred mode of transport. Sunrises and sunsets were spectacular.

Patriots Point has a renowned Naval and Maritime Museum where the U.S.S. Yorktown aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Clamagore submarine, the U.S.S. Laffey destroyer, and other military displays are open to the public.

U.S.S. Yorktown Aircraft Carrier.

Fighter plane on the carrier deck.

U.S.S. Clagamore Submarine.

The H.L. Hunley Submarine operated between 1863-1864. Although all of its crewmen were lost, it was the first sub to sink an enemy ship in combat. The sub was found off the coast of Sullivan’s Island and is being restored in fresh water at a University of Clemson facility in Charleston. For more info go to: http://www.hunley.org/

The Hunley Tour Begins.

Amazing to see the ghost ship.

Here we are in a movie replica.

A ghost tour’s a good way to see Charleston without the crowds, and it was exciting (and spooky) to hear about some of the city’s ghosts!

Waiting for our ghostly tour!


Beautiful old buildings in the eerie light.


Everyone loved the Folly Beach area with its miles of beach and excellent 1,045’ pier over the Atlantic waves. And the downtown area reminded me a little of Key West---lots of shops and eateries. We had the best meal at a crab shack on the main strip. The shrimp was voted number one by Southern Living Magazine!

Cousins reunited.

Shacktacular seafood restaurant.

Father & daughter stroll in the surf.

And what trip is complete without great restaurants?

Shrimp & Grits at Thomas Cafe. Georgetown, SC

Katie-Date nite with Denny at sunset! Charleston, SC

Repeat customers at The Crab Shack. Tybee Island, GA

Our connection to family history was satisfied by trips to Georgetown, where our grandma was born; Marion, where our ancestors dating back to the 1700’s on our maternal grandfather’s side, were from; and Savannah, where our mom grew up and where we were born. It was especially meaningful to my sister and I because we took our daughters to see some of those areas together.

My sister and I with our daughters in the old library area of Grandma's high school. Georgetown, SC

With our daughters and my sister's grandsons in front of Grandma's house. Savannah, GA

Us with our daughters on the stairs of Grandma's high school. Georgetown, SC

We did so much on this trip it’s impossible to share it all in this article. Fond memories of South Carolina will always be with us. But the best memories of all are of reconnecting with family and close friends.

Note: A special thanks to our niece and nephew, Katie & Denny Eenhuis, for making our wonderful stay at the Isle of Palms possible.


by Shelly Aristizabal of Healthy Living Concierge

Health & Wellness Q: What Great Snacks are under 200 Calories?

Here is a great list for when you're craving sweets: A: If you're craving salty here is a great list: * 5 olives (any kind) (45 calories) * 1 small handful pretzel (50 calories) * 2 oz turkey breast wrapped around 2 pickles (80 calories) * 1/4 cup hummus, 3 carrot sticks (80 calories) * 1 small wedge swiss cheese & 3 crackers (85 calories) * One 1-oz package tuna jerky (90 calories) * 1 oz buffalo mozzarella, 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes (94 calories) * 1 bag Baked! Chips (100 calories) * 15 rice crackers (110 calories) * 1 cup unshelled edamame (120 calories) * 50 Vegetable Chips (130 calories) * One 1-oz package almonds (130 calories) * 1/4 cup salsa, 18 baked tortilla chips (140 calories) * 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds in shell (143 calories) * 2 pieces (30 grams) prosciutto, 4 dried figs (154 calories) * 1 turkey breast wrap (190 calories)

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1 package Fruit Crisps (50 calories) 1 cookie (90 calories) 1 Jelly Belly 100-calorie pack (100 calories) One 100-calorie pack chocolate graham cookies (100 Calories One 100-calorie protein bar (100 calories) 2 Dove chocolate squares (84 calories) 2 graham crackers (120 calories) 1/2 banana rolled in 1 tbsp frozen semisweet Chocolate chips (123 calories) 2 tbsp peanut butter, 4 stalks celery (124 calories) 1 mini bag kettle-corn popcorn (126 calories) 2 Annie's Chocolate Chip Bunny Graham cookies (140 calories) 1/3 cup lowfat granola mixed with 1/3 cup mini-m&m's (145 calories) 1 yogurt parfait (160 calories) 1 container Greek yogurt 2% fat yogurt, 2 tsp honey (173 calories)

For more information visit www.healthylivingconcierge.com

Sauce Fish .5 x 2.5 in. Limited Edition Small enough to be used YOYO LIP as Gloss a sauce dish but, large enough to be used as a decorative spoon rest.


by Nicole Flothe

Emma and Presley were photographed in this vintage style by photographer Brooklyn McDermott. She captured the sweet essence of friendship and children having fun in the outdoors. I happen to be a fan of Brooklyn McDermott Photography on Facebook and fell in love with the cover photo. The combination of the white dresses, the pearl beaded necklace and adorable head bands give the photos a true vintage feel.

dant ousin, confi c , d n ie fr st er, be Beautiful sist

Brooklyn has been photographing for the past eight years. She has an eye for family photography that goes way beyond the traditional posed studio setting. She's not out to create the "flawless traditional portrait." Life isn't flawless. She's looking to capture your authentic connections. Her work has been described as spontaneous and real. She thinks of it as quirky, emotional, and happy. She is a Mama to twin boys, Boston & Bailen, and her precious baby girl, Presley. They have graciously showed her what the value of life is! She is also a wife to a man that shows her everyday what commitment and love is. Brooklyn McDermott Photography is located in Cleveland, TN serving clients in Dalton, GA; Athens, TN; Chattanooga, Knoxville; Nashville and surrounding areas in Southeast TN. Website: www.brooklynmcdermottphotography.com


by Tina Ervin

My son Austin Ervin gets to do artwork and crafts for some of his rehab at Kennedy Krieger Rehab Facility. They offer many different types of crafts. He can paint a train with an arm assist and he

also selects the colors to make beautiful crayon art. All these crafts allow him to use his imagination and creativity, something that is very important.

This stand alone device is called the Bantam Stander it promotes the ability to build muscle and release pressure from the body. The weight bearing will increase bone mass through the natural standing mechanics during its use. Austin really enjoys using this piece of equipment and having the advantage to use the tray to do crafts and get therapy while standing.

Austin is painting by using a mobile arm support.

Austin was on Channel 13 News about Dog Therapy! To read more visit BelieveAustin.com


Recipe Corner

Note: Some of us ate this with coleslaw on the side, others put the coleslaw on the barbequed pork in the bun.

by Cheryl Flothe

Denny's Crockpot Barbeque Pulled Pork My nephew recently made the most delicious pulled pork I’ve ever tasted and served it at our family reunion to 13 people with leftovers! It’s really good and very easy. Ingredients: 4 pound boneless pork butt roast 2 cups water (or enough to fill crockpot 2/3 full) 16 oz. bottle of your favorite barbeque sauce Salt and pepper (or season to taste)

Instructions: 1. Season roast with salt and pepper. 2. Put roast in crockpot, cover with water to 2/3 of top of pot. 3. Cook on high for 1 hour. 4. Turn down, and cook on low for 6 hours. 5. Remove from crockpot, cool meat to touch. 6. Cut off fat and shred with fingers or fork. Discard water from crockpot. 7. Place roast back in crockpot, cover with barbeque sauce and stir. 8. Cook covered for 1 more hour on high, checking to make sure pork doesn’t dry out. If it starts to get dry, add a little water and stir. 9. Serve on large, crusty buns with additional barbeque sauce, as desired.

Photo by: Nancy’s Pantry (Food.com)


by Cheryl Flothe C. Reserve a big building or room that will accommodate the whole family.

We recently had a two-week family gathering at a rented home in Charleston, SC. With our family together again for the first time in years, I realized this was a true family reunion, even if we weren’t calling it that. After doing some research about family reunions and talking to family at our own reunion, I came up with some good tips: 1. Compose a list of who will be invited. 2. Set a date as early as you can so everyone has time to plan. 3. Decide where to have the event and how long it should last. The longer the reunion, the more space you need so everyone doesn’t feel cooped up. If booking a hotel or home, make sure everyone has a bed to sleep in! 4. Pick the “style” of the reunion:

D. All-inclusive: Booking a family cruise or staying at an all-inclusive resort saves on organization and food preparations, but this would be the most expensive option. 5. Choose a menu and determine what and how meals will be served (potluck, cooked on-site, catered, etc.) & how they’ll be paid for. 6. Plan event activities: Games, family tree info exchange, etc. and locate nearby attractions or events family can participate in. Leave free time if the reunion is more than a few days. 7. Decide if t-shirts or other memorabilila will be produced. Group pictures are important so take them early! 8. Develop a budget for meals, location, activities, and incidentals and include costs in reunion invitations so each family can plan and contribute in advance.

A. Home-hosted: Good for less expensive travel, people who live in the same area, and family with older relatives. At one family reunion, we camped on a relative’s property.

9. Send out the invites by mail or electronically with specific instructions, contact information, and costs. Our family recently used the Event Planner on Face Book, which worked well. There are others online to choose from, as well. Make sure everyone RSVP’s by a certain date so you can plan accordingly.

B. Camping at a Park or other location: Reserve enough space for everyone to camp. Those who can’t camp could stay at nearby hotels or in motor homes at the campground.

10. Reserve the reunion site and keep in touch with the facility to make sure all will be a go at that location and time. 11. Have fun!

*Refresh & renew with color & pattern *Accessorize *Add functional decor *Bring home cinnamon sticks


September Apps by Nicole Flothe

Into Tomorrow's Use Your Tech to Stay Alert! by Beth Gatrell Emergency situations can arise in the blink of an eye, and what better way to learn of them than your tech? Since 2012, Americans have had the privilege of using a national emergency alert system to send messages to their mobile devices alerting of natural disasters, Amber alerts, and Presidential alerts. These alerts are most commonly known as WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts), CMAS (Commercial Mobile Alert System), or PLAN (Personal Localized Alerting Network). They are provided free of charge so you can stay notified without any extra expense. Statistics show the first three hours after an abduction as the most critical in recovery, quickly engaging the public in the search can help law enforcement bring that child home safely. The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration) provides mobile users the option to be notified of severe weather conditions as they occur with a text alert that can save you from driving into horrific conditions. There are many mobile apps available to download like the one from The American Red Cross which will alert you of emergency conditions in your area and what to do before, during, and after them. If you don't have a mobile device or aren't able to keep it handy, you can visit sites like FDA (US Food & Drug Administration), FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), and The Emergency Email and Wireless Network, which all give information on emergency alerts as well as allowing you to sign up for email alerts. You can also check your favorite social networking apps since most have alerts you can follow especially your local law enforcement and news stations. Thanks for joining us "Into Tomorrow" as we keep all of our friends safe.


This month was a random selection of some of my favorite apps. Bloglovin, Udemy, Blogilates, and Tadaa 3D are super fun! Video Frames allows you to put multiple videos in one frame. The InStatus is a really cool app, you can shake the phone and it gives you a random quote. I really love the Food Holiday app, so far we've celebrated Peanut day and Cheeseburger day by creating fun family meals with the suggestions. Lastly, the Studio app is great to get font ideas and layouts for photos! Enjoy!

To view more information about iPhone apps visit

www.heartbeatmag.com, What's on my iPhone.

Featured Foundation by Nicole Flothe My friend Jennifer Tutino helps advocate for Project HELP here in Naples, Florida. She sent me an email recently asking if I would share about an upcoming charity event this November. Please join them if you can. It will be a fun-filled night out with shopping, hor d'oeuvres, cocktails, desserts and more! Project HELP is a non-profit organization of professional counselors and advocates committed to providing hope, empowerment, and healing to those affected by sexual violence, sudden death, and other crimes. Along with the free counseling and advocacy services, Project HELP serves the Naples community with a 24Hour Crisis & Referral Hotline at (239) 262-7227. Project HELP has served Collier County for 27 years, and they are available for support when needed!

Project HELP has a newly formed Grief Support Group “Healing Hearts.� This is an open and on-going monthly group. They meet the first Monday of every month 6:00pm - 7:30pm. Healing Hearts will provide grief information and peer counseling support in a safe, comfortable, and confidential atmosphere. We provide an opportunity to explore your grief with others who have also experienced loss. Who Should Join Healing Hearts? Healing Hearts is for individuals who: *Wonder if they can survive in the world without their loved one. *Need to know what is "normal" in grief. *Feel their world is shattered and out of control. *Have experienced sudden loss *Need someone to listen *Have tried to bury grief and need support of caring trained professionals to help with the journey of healthy grieving. www.projecthelpnaples.org


13 Unique Sea Life Light boxes

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Hi, I'm Austin Ervin and I'm recovering from a car accident I had in Alaska. I was diagnosed with Atlanto-Occipital Dislocation. I had to have spinal surgery at Seattle Children's Hospital and now am at Kennedy Krieger Institute for Rehab. I'm on a breathing tube and have to get assistance with moving. My Mommy & Daddy are raising money to help support my care now and in the future. Your donations help with: extra expenses, extra therapies, and so much more. Visit www.believeaustin.com

So you don't think your kids will eat their veggies? Think again!

A delicious gummibear supplement that will have your kids asking for more! GEORGE GABOUREL INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATE

RVL Weight Management


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