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Happy Birthday Mr Resident! They don’t make them much more Ibizan that Tony Pike. From the Wham Club Tropicana video through to Freddie Mercury and Grace Jones, tales of his escapades have taken on legendary kudos. Tony celebrated his 80th

Birthday earlier this year and the irrepressible octogenarian marked the occasion in fine style this week with celebrations starting at the Pikes hotel that bares his name (we’re sure Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes will allow us li-

cense in this context). The party included a special presentation by Howard ‘Mr Nice’ Marks before moving onto Pacha to dance the night away. Not bad going for eighty. Inside we have a candid interview from page 8.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12h June 2014, Issue 738

8 police restrain Drug Brit. On June 1st, the staff at the health centre of San Antonio had to deal with the first episode of violence within the facilities. A drunken tourist, who had probably consumed a trendy new drug - 'Cannibal', which pushes consumers to binge-bite compulsively - came to the health centre in a “tremendously aggressive” state. Even though he had been handcuffed to the stretcher and several policemen were keeping him face down, he squirmed and tried to pounce on the nurse. “The police pulled him to the ground and the drunkard managed to bite an officer in the hand, though fortunately he was wearing gloves and it only caused a haematoma” the nurse who witnessed these events, Matilde Fernández, tells us. “They had to call in reinforcements and eventually there were eight officers of the local police,” all engaged on this drunk-drugged tourist’s case. That same night, a little later, “two others were brought in”. The drunkest of these two had a cut on his forehead. “When I was going to heal him, he gave me a slap and started screaming not to help him. He was super aggressive. He left with an open wound”, added this professional, who fears for the development of this season as it is only starting. Last year was the first time the health centre staff had security guards to protect them,

but "only during the months of July, August and midSeptember," which is why they are asking for surveillance during more months of the year. Fernández explained that during a normal summer, they get six or seven injured who have been assaulted by young drunken British tourists. Bad PR for Drug Dealer. Posing as a PR for a club, a 23 year old man was detained by Police this week on the Arenal Beach in San Antonio for allegedly dealing drugs to tourists. He was caught in possession of sixty two pills and small quantities of other drugs as well as a quantity of self sealing bags supposedly used to distribute drugs. In the same police action other people were detained for minor drug offences and for breaking municipal by laws. Drug Ops. In a police operation called “Open II”, police in Ibiza town apprehended one hundred and thirty one people for drug consumption between the 30th May and the 6th June. The idea of the campaign is to try to prevent the proliferation of small scale drug selling in the town. In the same operation the police detained eight people for drug dealing. One had 200gms of cocaine in his possession and was allegedly selling to people in the port area of Ibiza.

Grass Roots Following our recent report of the Barcelona Cannabis Clubs (Issue 736), it seems the concept has taken root in Ibiza with several clubs now operating on the island under the grey area of legislation. Our inside source said “yeah man, far out, have a toke on this number baby”. No they didn’t, but we thought it would be slightly humorous if we said they did. What they did tell us, in perfectly lucid clarity was that the clubs all require you to join as a member first—you can't just walk in off the street. They went on to say “On the inside you top up an account with euros which is then later deducted after you receive your 'gift'. This means that no cash transaction takes place between vender and customer meaning that no 'deal' has been made and this is where the technicality of the laws comes into place. I don’t want to say where they are, but for those that want to know it is not difficult to find them. One had 100 members from day one and each pay €30 per month solely for membership. It seems a very lucrative business even before any marijuana is exchanged.” Our source then invited us to listen to a Pink Floyd album before popping out to the shop for biscuit supplies. No he didn’t.

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Rainbow Warrior Arrives. Setting off this week from Valencia, the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior will campaign against the proposed oil exploration in the Mediterranean. Stopping at ports in the affected areas, the Rainbow Warrior will give out information about the environmental affects of the planned exploration and was in Ibiza this week. The message was clear that there is no totally safe way to extract fuel from the sea bed. They argue that the ecological damage of extracting, what Greenpeace believe will be a total of only 272 million barrels of fuel (half a years fuel consumption in Spain), is not acceptable. Anyone interested in seeing the boat and getting to know what is being done will have the chance to go on board on their open doors Thursday 12th of June from 12pm to 2pm and from 4pm to 8pm, and on Friday 13th from 10am until 3pm, when the boat will get ready to leave Ibiza for Mallorca. Taxi Chaos. After costing around 1000€ to install in each taxi, the first week of the GPS taxi system in operation throughout the island has been somewhat chaotic. There have been reports of seven taxis arriving at the same hotel for the same fare, taxis already occupied receiving messages about fares

rather than the ones waiting at the ranks and an hour long daily break down in the systems operation. Apparently, as taxis from all the boroughs of the island can pick up all over the island, there are too many taxis queuing for fares at the most popular ranks. Some drivers seem to fear that these are not teething problems and will get worse as the summer develops. Native Tortoise Release. After hibernating on the island and being tagged by the veterinary services, twenty five tortoises (tortuga mora) were released into the wild in the Ses Salinas Natural Park on Formentera. These tortoises existed on the island throughout the middle ages after arriving to the island with other invaders from North Africa and then dying out. In a previous release earlier in the year twenty other tortoises were set free and it is expected that this new group will join this small community and who are now flourishing in the wild. They can be seen by visiting the Can Marroig interpretation centre at the natural park which is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30am to 2.30pm. A&E Under Pressure. With an increase in residents suffering from infections or respiratory problems or heart conditions coinciding with the start of

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12th June 2014, Issue 738

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Ibiza News Long Walk Afternoon Group The Long Walk

"Claire B Congratulations go to the participants and organisers of ‘The Long Walk’ charity event, which took place on Saturday May 31st. At the last count the total amount of money raised on the 30km walking challenge was 9,306€ and the donations are still coming in. Apart from two people, all of the walkers were able to make it from San Antonio along the coast to Cala Comte where a ‘picnic-pitstop’ was planned. After lunch a tough group began the more challenging section of the walk and continued to Cala Tarida before taking on several big hills inland and towards Sant Agustì. As they started on the first hill, storm clouds, which had been gathering for a couple of hours, suddenly burst and soaked them completely. With about 10km left to walk, they ignored their blisters and trudged through mud and puddles to the end point at the church in Sant Josep and the restaurant Sa Plaça. Conceived by the Ibiza Walking Association (IWA), The Long Walk raised money for seven Ibizan charities – opera-

the summer season, the Emergency and Accident Department of the Can Misses Hospital cannot cope. Lacking space and not able to open the 3rd floor of the hospital for the “overspill” from the Emergency and Accident Department, patients are being treated in passage ways whilst those needing more monitoring and care are being kept in the Emergency and Accident Department cubicles. West End Field Hospital. Twelve bars, who are part of the thirty strong “West End Bar Association”, are going to finance a tent based Accident and Emergency unit which will be located at the end of the Calle Santa Agnes in San Antonio. Staffed by nursing professionals from midnight until 5am until the

tions small enough for those who donated to know that their sponsorship money would make a difference. APNEEF have stated that they will be able to buy new equipment to help with the sensory development of disabled children. Care4Cats will be able to catch and sterilise over a hundred stray cats, preventing the births of thousands of unwanted kittens. For the Fertile Roots Foundation, the money raised is just enough to buy a second hand surveying telescope with which they can make accurate contour maps and plan water harvesting earthworks. Rob Smith from the Ibiza Walking Association said: “On behalf of the charities, we would like to use this opportunity to publicly thank all of the participants who put so much hard work into raising money and everyone who generously sponsored them. ” So a big “Bravo!” to all those involved and a reminder that it is not too late to donate money. Go to the IWA website, click on 'The Long Walk' Let’s see if we can get the total raised up to €10,000! Âwww.ibizawalkingassociation. com

end of September and paid for by the bars, the idea is that the centre will treat all those “partying” in the famous “West End” area of the town who feel worse for wear because of any over indulgence or anybody who suffers from another type of medical problem during a night in the town. There will be no charge to the patients and it is hoped that it will reduce the pressure on the A and E department at the state run medical centre in the town which reportedly receives around one hundred and eighty people a night in August for treatment for symptoms which the private run centre will now deal with instead. On average it is thought that only three out of every hundred patients will need to be sent to the local hospital after receiv-

ing treatment at the new centre. The facility will be well equipped and will also be able to give preliminary help to anyone who falls from the balcony of their hotels while practising the dangerous act of jumping from one balcony to another which seems to have become a new extreme craze. With the local police, security at the bars and the 24/7 charity organisation receiving first aid training and assisting in helping potential patients to the new centre, there will be less need for ambulances to enter this crowded area. Whilst thanking the bars for their initiative, the nursing staff at the state run medical centre in the town suggested that without a doctor also on hand, nurses alone could not administer the treatments which were needed. They also said that the tent based Accident and Emergency unit would need a constant supply of ambulances on hand and that these should also be provided by the private sector. Building On The Increase. Investment in private building projects in the “Pitiüses” (Ibiza and Formentera) has increased more than anywhere else in the Baleares. Compared with the 24,4 million € invested in the same period last year, this year there has been an investment of 43,7 million €. Most has been in private housing projects followed by investment in the renovation of tourist establishments but there has also been an increase in business premises which has not been seen for many years since the “crisis” started. Jesus Paved! 2,4 million € will be spent on the new Jesus village by pass of which around 167,000€ will pay for the compulsory purchase of private land to carry out the project. Only a 12m2 warehouse will have to be knocked down to make way for the new road. The focus will be on reducing the speed of the traffic using the road whilst giving the pedestrians and cyclists their own spaces. Gardens will be incorporated in the project as will park-

ing facilities which will all help reduce congestion this growing residential village. Free Theo! Named after a premature baby born with breathing difficulties on the same day as he was found floating close to death in the sea, “Theo” the five year old “Boba” Turtle was returned healthy to the sea this week. After recuperating from pneumonia and “fattened up” for two months at the Aquarium “Cap Blanc” in San Antonio by biologist Elisa Langley, Theo, the turtle, was electronically tagged and released on Sunday using the marine currents to help him make his way to freedom. The event was witnessed by school children, who have seen Theo whilst on school visits to the aquarium. They watched the release from boats accompanying the trip out to an area of sea classified as part of the coastal natural park. Funnily, it seems that “Theo” had a premonition he was getting his freedom as, all morning before his release, he could be seen swimming “fast “lengths” of the aquarium. On average the Aquarium treats 7/8 of these protected turtles a year as it one of the few centres classed as a “Centro de Recuperación de Especies Marinas (CREM)” (Marine creature recuperation centre) in Spain. This low figure doesn't mean turtles are not being injured but it is because the turtle population is declining rapidly and under threat from changes in their natural environment. Theo will have to survive for twenty more years before he can mate for the first time and this slow reproductive rate is not helpful in stabilising the population of turtles. Rubbish From The Sea. The Figueretes beach diving centre “Somni Blau” organised a cleaning day of the inshore waters at the beach in the resort with the help of volunteers. 600 kilos of debris was removed and included tyres, slabs of concrete as well as plastics and rubbish discarded by people using the beach.

Balcony Fall It is believed that at around midnight, whilst his room mate was asleep in the same room, a 30 year old British tourist fell from the second floor balcony of his hotel as he was sitting on the balcony rail. Suffering a broken elbow and ankle that could need surgical intervention, the man apparently discharged himself after 48 hours to return home to the UK for treatment. Hospital sources suggest that the man was possibly inebriated at the time of the accident. New Electricity Connection. Ibiza and Formentera will shortly be connected by an additional electricity cable to help guarantee supply to our smaller sister island as the existing cables are over 30 years old. Music System Sealed. After complaints from neighbours and inspections showing that the bar didn't have the right licenses, this week the local police in San Antonio sealed the music equipment of a bar in the Ses Variades “sunset strip” area of the town. This means that the music equipment cannot be used until the bar in question gets the correct licenses and modifies the music system installation to fit with the law. High Cost Of Madrid Flights. Even though there are more connections than ever, press reports suggest that, when booking a ticket fifteen days in advance, flying to and from Madrid this summer is more expensive than ever. Trying to book tickets for the 1st July to 6th July, a local paper reported prices ranging from just under 150- 300€. Airport Passenger Increase. The number of passengers using Ibiza airport in May has increased 10,4% on last year. For the first time ever over 600,000 passengers used the terminal at the start of the summer season. All types of passengers increased in number but the best news was that 418,181 were international travellers.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12th June 2014, Issue 738

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Painted People

Mums Go Wild

"Carly Sorensen A group of my oldest (in the sense that I've known them since childhood, not that they're octogenarians) and closest friends came here this week to celebrate Frances' Hen Party. As an island resident and mother of a breastfeeding six month old, I'm so pleased they chose to come here as it meant I could join in the fun and frolics and still do my Mummy duties. I am pleased to report that we had an absolutely incredible time...and for me personally, the absence of a hangover made it even more fantastic! All too often the general image of Ibiza is of a twenty four hour party place, full of drink, drugs, dancing and hedonism. However, whilst all of the former are available should you want them, Ibiza has so much more to offer. This weekend is a case in point. We dressed as cowgirls, dined out,

played games and chilled out at Tulp on Thursday, went on a cruise on our boat, swam in the clear waters off Cala Tarida, caught the sunset off cafe Mambo and ate at the always amazing Tapas on Friday and got dressed up and painted as animals for Zoo project on Saturday. All either accompanied by Ela or with me giving her a feed at a restaurant or outside a bar before sending her off with her fabulous father for a few hours. Waiters, barmen and my friends didn't bat an eyelid or mutter a word of complaint at my public feeding or at my bringing my baby to hen party lunches, dinners or the boat trip (probably helped by her relaxed demeanour and smiling face throughout!) and I had a brilliant time with the girls. It made me realise, a) how much I adore these girls and b) just how incredibly diverse and accepting this island is. This diversity was encapsulated

and magnified at Zoo, where we saw people from all ages and walks of life enjoying themselves and interacting. New agers meditated, chanted and drummed whilst drunken partygoers danced around in neon, covered in paint. Throngs of sweating bodies undulated, gurned and stomped to throbbing dance music whilst dancers performed on a platform below. Stilt walkers, acrobats and playful human cats sloped, back flipped and scurried across the floor whilst Indian dancers, rhythmic gymnasts and hula girls took to the stage. Girls in neon mini dresses walked around offering shots of jagermeister, whilst others in flowers and flowing robes offered massages and orange slices and a, frankly mind-blowing, illusionist did street magic. Our group of twelve thirty something mums, marrieds and singles mixed, mingled and participated to varying degrees some joining the throbbing throng to dance, some taking time out to relax (or sleep in the case of a very tired and hung-over member of our group) in Mandala gardens, others dipping their toes in the pool and listening to the music, but all enjoying a good old 'people watching' session and a great deal of laughter. There was no hostility, no trouble, no judgement... ok, maybe some of the 'Oh my god! Did you see the guy in arseless chaps?!' variety, but all good-natured fun. But it's not just Zoo, it's the entire island. The whole place is a massive mish-mash of cultures, beliefs, people, activities, styles, fashions and fun. The general feeling is of positivity and happiness. Whether you're swimming, scuba diving, cycling, walking, eating, drinking, raving or relaxing, you do so surrounded by beauty, sunshine and smiles and it makes you feel happy. Where else could you take a baby and a large group to a busy beachside bar like Ibiza Rocks during lunchtime rush, and not only be welcomed, but escorted to a big comfy table upstairs where you'd have more privacy and quiet for aforementioned baby? Where else could you wander around

painted like a zebra or leopard and have people compliment you on your look instead of carting you off to the nearest asylum? Where else could you find caves, beaches, turquoise waters, dolphins, pine forests, mountains and a plethora of wildlife so close to clubs, bars, hotels, markets and shops? Where else can you see such beautiful sunsets and seas? In the words of one of our hen party, and Ibiza first timer 'I love it here. It is so much more than I was expected. Just brilliant.' And in the words of the hen party's youngest member 'Mamama gaagagaaaa… Ahhhhhhhahahahahahaahahaah Oooooo!!' Both apt descriptions of the incredible atmosphere of this beautiful white isle, I think. Getting Dressed Up

"Helen Adams This week saw the opening of two of Ibiza's biggest excuses to get dressed up and go out: The

Zoo Project at Gala Nights and Flower Power at Pacha! If you’ve not seen people prowling the streets dressed up and painted as wild animals, or hippies wandering by wearing flairs and flowers in their hair, then you can't have been out and about in Ibiza during the past few years! It’s hard to miss the impact that Zoo's had on the island in recent years, with body painters in every bar and on every corner waiting to turn you into a jungle beast! As for Flower Power, it's original perpetrators are what brought tourism here in the first place and the spirit of the 60's still thrives! So, if the deep beats and daytime heat of The Zoo Project aren’t what you're looking for, then head to the Ibiza markets for a haven of 60’s and 70’s inspired gear to get you ready for the fun tunes and nostalgia of Flower Power at Pacha.

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Zoo Project dancer

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12h June 2014, Issue 738

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Whichever way you look at it, dress up and body painting have taken the island by storm and, after both opening parties were busier than ever this week, it doesn't seem like these trends will be disappearing anytime soon! We caught up with Body Painter Rebecca Eastwood to see where she thinks this phenomenon is heading and if it’s here to stay.


long have you been running your team of body painters in ibiza and what do you enjoy about it? “This is my second season with my store kitty kat Ibiza, based in San an bay. I've been bodypainting for six years an just love it. I get such satisfaction being able to be creative, and seeing something in the imagination come to life.”


painting has become massive on the island over the last few years, do you think it's here to stay? “I think body-painting is here to stay, it's adds a different concept to partying in Ibiza now.”

"The Example of Kitty Kat‘s Tiger Designs

zoo and flower power are the obvious choices to get painted up for but are there any other nights/venues

you've been painting for? “Although zoo project and flower power have led the way, people are getting painted for all sort of various nights, it appeals to any category of person, something different can be created for anybody and any night, be it wanting to add sparkle and glam to go to Ocean Beach or getting all tribal for Sankeys tribal session. I have also created new additions to the painting this year by bringing the body-paint to life with 3d masks. They look so

effective and really make you stand out in the crowd. I've also made tribal headbands available for purchase in store, which are great for add-ons to zoo project painting.” Catch the KittyKat team in San Antonio bay, they also have a pop up outlet for painting in BN3 bar in the bay and you will also find them painting in Gatecrasher on a Wednesday night! Zoo Project, Saturdays at Gala Nights. Flower Power, Tuesdays at Pacha

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12h June 2014, Issue 738

When it comes to choosing a pizzeria it seems we are spoilt for choice... Finding an authentic wood fired oven is a different story! Falso 9 (the midfield, striker) is an Italian run pizzeria in San Jose, idyllically set over looking the village. Owner Cosimo gave us a very warm welcome and proudly showed us his hand built wood oven. The smell alone was enough to make you hungry... Not just the pizzas are cooked in the oven but the pasta and meat dishes, giving everything its unique flavour. There was a beautiful selection of authentic starters all of which were in keeping with the Italian philosophy of simplicity, from bruschetta to antipasti. All the ingredients used are of the highest quality… so time to enjoy. We went for a classic melted provolone cheese, smoky from the wood oven & topped with chopped tomatoes and rocket and a homemade chicken liver pâté which was extremely smooth and with a pungent brandy flavour. Main course we opted for a pizza and a pasta both of which were deli-

cious! Pizza with pepperoni (they had a choice of spicy and non spicy pepperoni) and our gorgeously thin pasta was a tortellini stuffed with lamb in a beautiful lamb reduction sauce. We chose the very reasonably priced house red which was a local wine from Santa Eularia and went lovely with our meal. Cosimo was eager to know what our thoughts were on the pizza, especially as I had previously told him that I have my own wood fired oven and I was bitter to tell him that the pizzas were better than mine! We exchanged pizza dough recipes and I admitted through gritted teeth that I looked forward to trying his method. "This is the Neapolitan pizza dough" Cosimo explained.... With many chill out areas, both inside and out it makes for a great start to anyone's evening... A serious contender for one of best pizzas on the island, Falso 9 comes highly recommended and is abundant with Italian flair. On Wednesdays they run a superb promotion of Margherita pizza at 3€ almost giving the pizzas away! We went with our three year old daughter and were happy to see several children at other tables, whom all seemed to be shouting the same thing as our Isabel "pizza, pizza, pizza!" With an extensive terrace, Falso 9 could easily accommodate larger groups and with its gorgeous setting is perfect for couples. Falso 9 carretera San Jose km 11’5. For reservations call 971 800111. (Formerly known as Sa Muntanya.)

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The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12h June 2014, Issue 738

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Food & Drink

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12h June 2014, Issue 738

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The Ibizan: Tony Pike ..

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12th June 2014, Issue 738

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.. Sex, Drugs & "Nick Gibbs Clearly I had been approaching this all wrong. It has been 4 or 5 weeks since I met Tony Pike for the first half/part of an interview in our Ibizan series. I say first part though splitting the interview was not originally the idea. The other interviews in this Ibizan series have taken a single sitting of between 1 and 2 hours. I decided at the outset that all interviews in this series would be conducted face to face. There is an ever growing tendency in the media to interview by submission of written questions and response. OK so sometimes it may be all that is possible in communicating with often very busy people, but I think it can often result in very ’flat’ content. Responses often seem contrived and without wanting to give away too many trade secrets I think it’s possible that just occasionally it might not be the interviewee actually writing the responses. Whether such cynicism is justified or not I decided I wanted these interviews to be real, to be natural and honest. The thing is that when you put that in the context of Tony Pike you must understand that Tony can talk, boy can he talk. After four and a half hours I had to say we needed to halt. I really couldn’t take any more in and he speaks very softly so recording wasn’t possible. In that time we hadn’t really even arrived in Ibiza, and I had set out thinking that, in the context of the huge story that would be Tony’s life and needing to fit to the 2-3,000 words of the interview format, I’d need to steer it to start at his arrival in Ibiza. Easier said than done—but the thing is I want to listen. I love his tales of global escapades, shenanigans, debauchery, fast, loose and pretty well every other way of living that go to make up the character he is. Since this first meet I have turned to my notes several times ready to start and just stared at them blankly without a clue how to get going. Such are Tony’s leaps from subject to subject, period to period, woman to woman, women to women that it just seemed so daunting as to how to start. How could I put it in order? How could I sort it chronologically, or by subject, or by woman (or women)? Then you have the issue of printability (is that a word?— someone look it up please, but I like it I’m leaving it in). I mean so much of what he covers is risqué and forthright at best, extreme and obscene at worst (or best depending on your

outlook). It isn’t even just an issue of considering reader sensibilities, there are many names mentioned in situations that you’d have to question their desire to be named and though we may be but a small local paper there is plenty that could give rise to a lawsuit. With his 80th Birthday celebrations this week (Tony’s actual 80th was February 22nd this year) I again turned to my notes looking for inspiration from above. None forthcoming. Fortunately a few Strongbows did what divine intervention did not, unless of course God’s mysterious ways include speaking through fruit based beverages. Whether I have the almighty or Mssrs H.P. Bulmer Ltd to thank the important thing is that I had my writing epiphany. Quite clearly I had been approaching this all wrong. I mean who am I to try and bring order to Tony Pike’s life? He doesn’t need me to make ’sense’ of it. The whole point of his life-less-ordinary is that it doesn’t make sense, it is unplanned, spontaneous, to put it at it’s most base, it is mad. As for upsetting our reader’s sensibilities Tony does not ask for approval from anybody. He is the ultimate own man, so I am not going to try and portray his story in a way people may find acceptable. And anyway to do so you’d have to remove the best bits. I’ll let Tony go over it to avoid embarrassment on his part, but aside from other people’s names I don’t think he understands the concept of embarrassment. It will be immediately evident how ’censored’ he has made it anyway as I intend to hand him the red pen for the purpose of protecting identities. So in that context here it is. What will we call it? Part 1? The early years? I think one thing I can safely say is that few of the ’big’ and very well known Tony Pike stories are covered. Nor, aside from a glimpse, is his greatest tragedy. Perhaps we’ll get to them in another sitting, perhaps we won’t. What we have got so far is what we have got, so here it is, direct, natural, real and uncensored (except where it’s censored) it is what it is. Talking to Tony Pike is very much like his life; random, full of surprises, sometimes incomprehensible and very, very long; but you know if you hang around there’s another jawdropping punch line waiting just around the corner. Happy birthday Tony.

Warning: Please do not read this if you are easily offended. To be honest it might be best not to read it if you are quite hard to offend, but still get offended . Contains explicit sexual and illegal drug references. Not suitable for minors whether they get offended or not...


Where shall we start Tony? At the beginning I guess. Where are you from originally? I was born in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire. I had a terrible childhood Nick. Awful. I suffered a lot of abuse. I had three brothers and one brutalised me. It’s why I say I’m Australian. I can’t forget what happened to me when I was a boy. I wanted to forget everything about Britain. I joined the Royal Navy when I was 13. That was even worse. I was bullied by this chief officer, Derek was his name. He was a right bastard. So I left and joined the merchant navy when I was 15. They didn’t want me because I was so small. I was a late developer because I was undernourished from childhood. I went onboard a ship heading for South Africa and begged for a job. The officer told me to get lost, we don’t want boys, but I kept on at him. In the end he said I could be their Peggy which is the very lowest job on the ship. Wow, what an adventure that turned out to be. They were right bastards too. Turned out even worse than the Royal Navy. The ship was woeful. The crew were all blacklisted sailors who couldn’t get on anything else. The worst of the lot was this big brute called Noman Pyke funnily enough. We’d only been out at sea a couple of days and he said to me “nice arse boy, I’m gonna have that”. I told him I wasn’t interested and he said “who’s gonna stop me? You’re on your own out here boy”. He kept on pestering me, saying he was gonna have my arse. He kept on and on. I wasn’t sexually experienced at all back then. I had a very small penis. I was a late developer. Now it’s very big but back then I wasn’t developed. Anyway I was more interested in getting some food. I nicked some Pork Chops they’d left out in the galley. The cook chased me all round the ship waving a bloody huge knife, but he couldn’t catch

me because I was so small I could get through places he couldn’t. They used to torture me rotten. He suspended me by my thumbs when he finally got me. It took us 7 days to get to the Canary Islands on this bloody boat, it was so slow. When we got there I thought it was heaven, but when they all went off on shore I had to stay on the boat. That bastard Pyke came after me and I got away and hid in the back of a cupboard. He was standing outside laughing telling me he was gonna have my arse. He was reaching in and couldn’t quite get me and was getting really angry, telling me how bad he was going to make it for me. Then just when I thought I’d had it this sailor called Jock came in and said “what’s going on in here, what’s all the noise about?”. Pyke said “I’ve got the boy in there I’m gonna have his arse” so Jock said “no you’re not” and he kicked him right in the balls. He really started on him too. He hurt him really bad. Jock saved me that day and then things started to get a bit better. It was still tough though. When we went over the equator they do a crossing ceremony. I’ve still got the scar on my leg (shows me). I had my first drink soon after. Half a bottle of red wine. We’d go on shore and they looked after me because I was the youngest. I ended up getting this carbuncle. I had to go to see the nurse. He was Gay and told me he had to make my blood flow by ejaculating so he masturbated me. I didn’t know any better, I was very inexperienced. Blood Flow is why I can keep a hard on for so long now though. I’ve got a double aorta in my chest and it pumps the blood at a much higher rate than normal. I married my first wife Patricia O’Donnel in 1953 when I was 19. This was in Australia. She fell pregnant the first time I had private sex


What do you mean private? Private in that I didn’t pay for it. She was from a very strong Catholic family. I don’t want to be rude but they are a bunch of fucking hypocrites. I don’t have any time for religion but if I did it would be for the Buddhists. They are alright. I stayed with Patricia 7 years but I outgrew her, I left. I met my second wife on a blind date in Sydney, she was called Pat too. I was with her 4 years but she became impossible so I had to move on. My 3rd wife was Robin Fairfax. That was lust at first sight. She had the best arse in Sydney, everyone thought so. I met her through a financier Yorum Polany. Yorum used to have playboy pads in Hong Kong and London. They were the real thing, mirrors everywhere all the drinks you could want, girls, loads of girls, and anything goes. He was holding a party and Robin was there. I saw her across the room. Gorgeous she was. I knew I was going to be with her. The first thing I said to her was “hello baby, you’re going to change my life”. I loved her Nick, I really loved her, real love it was. I am a very loving person, a very open person. After a year with Robin, 1 year 6 days it was, she came home and found me in bed with another man and woman and she left me. Well what happened is we were shipwrecked of Haiti …


of the great things about talking to Tony is these little pearls of one-liners that he slips in here, there and everywhere. To most of us ‘shipwrecked off Haiti’ would be the total focus of a lengthy tale to tell, but Tony will use them for nothing more than a scene setter. In all the times I have talked to him I haven’t really figured out if he knows and/or is trying to be funny with these little gems—for sure he has a very dry sense of humour—

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12th June 2014, Issue 738 (Continued from page 9)

but whether by accident or design I love them—and there is never any feeling whatsoever of their being used to impress or brag. Tony’s tales make me quite genuinely laugh out loud. We slowly meander on the path to eventually reach Ibiza, and by path I obviously mean crossing the seven seas, and spending time in it seems all continents in a charmed existence. Here are a few more of the one liners I enjoyed the most during that journey:“So I hired the ballroom at Raffles” “She was a complete nymphomaniac” “I was living with a 16 year old French girl” “We’d just done the cresta run at St Morritz” “I eloped with an Indian girl” “I was the Winston cigarette man (model/face of) for South East Asia, look it’s on my business card” “So this bloke said he was driving his motorbike to Ibiza and I got on the back”


clue in the last one you might think that we were approaching our final destination. From memory it was at least another half hour before we arrived—but quite an arrival. I arrived on the boat into Ibiza port and drove off the ferry. I just wanted my bed but an Australian mate of mine was waiting for me on the quayside and he’d have none of it. He said well get you a bed we’ll just make sure there’s a couple of Sheilas in it. We were driving in his car and the fiat panda went the other

way. It was a citreon mahari my mate had, one of those little jeep things. There were 2 gorgeous girls in the Panda and so we chased it until it stopped. It was Lynn in the car and I said to her “I’m gonna change your life” I never married Lynn but we were together five years. Basically she was a another complete nymphomaniac and we ended up going around the world swinging. I was in bed with this woman one night and Lynn was with her husband in the other room but she didn’t like him much so she came in with us I said Lynn I’m a bit busy darling. It was only then I had my first coke and with my big cock found I could go for ages. I never had any cash just ideas above my station and when we got Pikes we didn’t really have the money to run it but wanted to extend it. I really loved Lynn but I am a manipulator of women. I manipulate them kindly. I manipulate with care, love and attention. I was in Ibiza one day and saw in a travel agent window they had a Pan Am round the world ticket, it cost all the money I had but I could only get one ticket. I went back and told Lynn that I needed some space and had to get away, She said to me its not about space, your’e getting away to go have sex and I said no its not, but she was right. The first flight I took was to London, I don’t like the English snobs but I copped off with a couple on the first night. At Pikes we only had 2 rooms when we started in 1980. It was the same year Café Del Mar opened. I couldn’t cook at all. I

was so bad I couldn’t charge for the food. I used to do Lamb on the fire, but it always ended up just black and burnt. It was in 1982 this man just walked into the hotel. Said he’d been walking across the fields and he was looking for a place to shoot a music video. He said Pikes was perfect and asked me if I was interested. I said yes but I know nothing about music. Nothing at all. I didn’t know who Wham were. So they all turned up. They only had a £25,000 budget. It wasn’t much anyway, but they left all their equipment in Heathrow airport. I liked them, I just tried to help out as much as I could. George Michael was only 17 but he had the aura of a much older man. You could tell he was going to become a star. Andrew Ridgewell I didn’t like. He was a bludger, do you know what that is Nick, it’s a shirker, a hanger on. So we got the video made and I had a small part in it (Tony is the moustachioed waiter/host who opens the door right at the start of the video) As it worked out that Club Tropicana video made Pikes really famous.


was at this point we decided to break and take a drink. On the way out of Pikes Tony stopped and pointed to the tree and plaque which bears monument to his son who died in tragic circumstances at the hands of some very heavy people several years ago. From what he has told me about the circumstances before you know he must feel pain of responsibility doubling the burden and pain of loss. As Tony was taking this moment of reflection at the tree you could see in his eyes that, as is

Page 10 so often the case, the highs of what many of us would see as the most exciting lifestyle are balanced by the ying and yang of a deeper sorrow than the majority of people will ever know. We went down to Tulp on the Paseo in San Antonio for some beers, a few frikandel and the late afternoon sun. Tony was constantly calling his unresponsive PA Jonty who was receiving many a curse for having disappeared ‘on the lash again’. Jonty and Tony have been together some years now but you will rarely find more of an odd couple—at face value at least. They treat each other like bickering siblings but it seems to work. As we were driving back to Pikes Tony told me another story. I don’t think for one moment he had in any way planned this as a showstopper but as is his way it sure is one. So the England football team had come over to stay at Pikes. There was Lee Chapman, Russell Osmond and the rest of them. They had this minder/manager keeping an eye on them and following them everywhere they went. He was alright, he was only doing his job, but these were my guests and I had to look after them and give them what they wanted to have a good time. A couple of the players had asked me to get them some e, some ecstasy. They were asking me what it was like and what it did and said they wanted to try some. So I didn’t say anything at the time. We went out for dinner and afterwards we ditched this manager. He kept telling me I mustn’t let them do anything stupid but anyway you know when the time is right and we went to Ku or was it Pacha and I

got them some pills. I said to them look you haven’t had them before just have half each and see how you get on but a couple of them wanted more so they took whole pills. Lee chapman, he really went for it. He was completely off his face. I don’t know what happened to him , I couldn’t look after all of them. When we got back to the hotel in the morning, Lesley Ash, do you know her, the actress well she was waiting for us in the car park. She got herself right upset asking me where he was and what he was doing. I tried to calm her down and said he’ll be alright and would be back soon but she wasn’t happy. She packed her bags and got in a taxi and went back to the UK. Next week in all the papers there were all these pictures of Lee Chapman naked and tied to a bed with these two women all over him, it was quite a scandal. Postscript: So Tony didn’t feel the need to censor any of the text. I asked him why he didn’t want to remove the England players names and he said “They are grown men. Anyway I met Lee Chapman with his wife Lesley last week so that all worked out OK”. As I was leaving a woman came into the room. I assumed she was Hotel staff. “That was my girlfriend Ursula Nick”. I asked what had happened to his fiancé, the 60 year old erotic artist he had introduced me to recently, adding that he could make her orgasm over and over. “I’ve just got to touch her and she cums” he said. “Oh I said goodbye to her.” I had to ask. How old is Ursula Tony? “She’s 30 Nick” We smiled.


elcome from me Jezza to the Ibiza Sun World Cup guide 2014. Over the 4 pages of this special pull out section we look at England and Spain's chances and their current news. We have a complete match-by-match wall-chart to follow and complete with local Ibiza kick off times all the way to the final on July 13th. On the back page you will find a summary of each of the 32 countries participating in this, the 20th World Cup, with vital information on the teams, their World Rankings and their route to the finals. I have added my own views on each team’s star player, ones to watch and their chances of progressing in the competition. So now the time has come to settle into over 30 days of international football, enjoy, and may the best team win!


ez Sez! Well, I never like to be so bold, but if push comes to shove and I'm really pressed, here we go! I'll start with my head and if Messi comes alive and shows his true class, I'm going with Argentina all the way, to capture their 3rd World Cup. Why not Brazil, you might say; well, as hosts they haven't had a really competitive match for some time and I just feel that, with all the political and rebellious shenanigans that have been going on in Brazil recently, this may well have an adverse effect on the team. Dark Horses? I have always said Belgium, with all the talent at their disposal, especially all their Premier League players and as for my heart, I would just love it to be England and if not, then it has to be Spain!


et's hope it's a wonderful, vibrant, colourful, exotic, exciting tournament that we can all remember with fond memories in the years to come. Let there be stunning goals, brilliant saves, superb defending—and please footie Gods let all the action take place on the pitch without distraction or interference from outside the beautiful game. Disfrute/Enjoy!

F • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

act File. Below you’ll find lots of interesting World Cup facts and stats, current and past, that you never knew you needed to know.

Italy are the ONLY squad with no English league players; there are 108 in total with Belgium 12, France 9, Spain 8, Brazil and Holland 6 each, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and S. Korea 5 each, Germany 4 and the rest 48! Most appearances: 19 - Brazil Most finals played (player): 5 - Lothar Matthaus (Germany) and Antonio Carbajal (Mexico) Most matches: 25 - Lothar Matthaus (Germany) Most wins: 5 - Brazil Most wins (player): 3 - Pele (Brazil) Most goals: 15 - Ronaldo (Brazil) Most goals in Tournament: 13 - Just Fontaine (France) Only hat-trick in a final: Geoff Hurst (England) Biggest Victory: 10-1 (Hungary v. El Salvador) Most goals in a match: 12 (Austria v. Switzerland 7-5) Most goals scored in a match (player): 5 - Oleg Salenko ( Russia v. Cameroon) Fastest goal: 11 seconds, Hakan Sukur, Turkey v. S. Korea Most consecutive minutes without conceding a goal: Walter Zenga (Italy) Most time played: 2217 - Paulo Maldini (Italy) Youngest: 17 years 41 days - Norman Whiteside (N. Ireland) Oldest: 42 years 39 days - Roger Milla (Cameroon) The Best Goal ever Scored at a World Cup (in my opinion!): Carlos Alberto, Brazil's 4th in their 4-1 defeat of Italy in the Mexico 1970 Final.

Experience, definitely, being the current World and Euro Champions, and ranked Numero Uno, but both were won under basically, European conditions and will they wilt under the pressure that's sure to come their way? I doubt it but no non-South American team has ever won the WC in South America and to do that as well as becoming the third country to successfully defend their crown is a seriously big ask. Spanish football currently is the best in Europe, as proven by their club sides having won both the Champions and UEFA Leagues, as well as having the runners-up in the former, but those teams, Real Madrid , Sevilla and Atletico Madrid relied heavily on non-Spanish players and I just wonder if the national team can put it all together. They should progress from Group B as winners, although their first match with Holland could prove decisive. Potential last 16 teams are Croatia and Mexico if they do win the Group but disaster could await if they come second; Brazil! If the former and either England/Uruguay/Italy would be waiting, win that and in the Semi, any one of Argentina, France, Belgium or Portugal, and then the Final and who knows! Any team that boasts a Real Madrid/Barca midfield axis of Iniesta, Xavi and Alonso, as well as a similar two club defence of Ramos, Pique, Arbeloa and Alba, not to mention Casillas, has to have a real chance, wherever they play; but, and there's always a but, will manager Vicente del Bosque go with “naturalised” Spaniard Costa, backed up by two older strikers in Villa and Torres, or no striker at all, as he did when Spain won Euro 2012. We shall see!

With a blend of experience and youth in his final 23, manager Roy Hodgson appears to have appeased the majority of fans and pundits alike, and although low on expectation, every fan would be delighted for the Three Lions, led by legend Captain Fantastic Gerrard, to progress to at least the Quarter Finals. However, the first step will be to, at best, win Group D and at worst, be runners-up, thereby passing through to the Round of 16, the first knock-out stage. Mind you it won't be easy, as we all know Italy are – well, just Italy! Strong in defence with arguably, one of the best goalkeepers in the world in Buffon, a mercurial midfield general in Pirlo, and, up front, one of the world's great mavericks in Balotelli – if he's on song, then England's back 5 have to be at their best but don't bet against a stalemate in the first game. Uruguay will also be a tough nut to crack, with another sound defence, marshalled by La Liga winner Godin, and of course, they have Suarez up front, albeit only just coming back from injury. And, write off Costa Rica at your peril as there is always a banana skin in any Group, and the Ricans won't believe they're there just to make up the numbers. So, hopefully, out of the Group and where to go – as Winners a likely match with the Ivory Coast, Drogba, Toure et al and as Runners Up, potentially Colombia. Get through either of those and the going gets tough with likely Quarter Final opponents Brazil or Spain, then Argentina /France in the Semi and, who cares in the Final! Not too daunting then, but, hey, all reports suggest that the England camp, based in Rio, is a happy and contented one, unlike South Africa in 2010 under the dour and pragmatic Capello, confidence is high, and you never know as football's a funny old game! So, go on, surprise us, guys, and make us proud, and why not, if Rooney and Sturridge shine and Hart stays injury free. Rule Britannia!

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12th June 2014, Issue 738

Remember the dates and where a game is shown as lish press it will show as F Italy is shown as Sunday 15 Brits would think of th The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12th June 2014, Issue 738

d times are local Spanish so Saturday at 00h, in the EngFriday 11pm. e.g. England v 5th at 00h—correct—but most at as Midnight Saturday. The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12th June 2014, Issue 738

The Ibiza Sun,

BRAZIL World Ranking: 3 World Cup wins: '58, '62, '70, '94, '02 Qualified as Hosts Captain: Tiago Silva Star Man: Neymar (Barcelona) Watch out for: Oscar (Chelsea) Odds: 3/1 Brazil - Everybody's favourites but not mine!


World Ranking: 18 Qualified: 2nd in European Group: 5/10 wins Star Man: Luka Modric (Real Madrid) Watch out for: Mario Mandzukic Odds: 150/1 Croatia - Difficult!


World Ranking: 20 Qualified: 4th in North and Central America, Caribbean; 8/16 wins Star Man: Javier Hernandez (Man Utd) Watch out for: Raul Jimenez Odds: 150/1 Mexico - you never know, somebody's Dark Horses!


World Ranking: 56 Qualified: 1st in North Africa Group; 4/6 wins Star Man: Samuel Eto'o Watch out for: Alex Song (Arsenal) Odds: 500/1 Cameroon: Adieu!

World Ranking: 1 World Cup Wins: '10/ Current Holders Qual: 1st in Euro Group; 6/8 wins Captain: Iker Casillas (Real Madrid) Star Man: Andres Iniesta (Barcelona) Watch out for: Juan Mata (Man Utd) Odds: 13/2 Comment: European favourites.


World Ranking: 15 Qualified: 1st in Euro Group; 9/10 wins Captain: Never sure with the Dutch! Star Man: Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich) Watch out for: Robin van Persie (Man Utd) Odds: 33/1 Comment: Can van Gaal pull them together!


World Ranking: 14 Qualified: 3rd in South America Group; 9/16 wins Star Man: Alexis Sanchez (Barcelona) Watch out for: Eduardo Vargas Odds: 50/1 Comment: Jezza's South American Dark Horses!


World Ranking: 62 Qualified: 2nd in Asia Group; 10/14 wins Captain: Dunno, mate! Star Man: Tim Cahill (ex-Everton) Watch out for: Lucas Neill Odds: 500/1 Comment: Making up the numbers

World Ranking: 8 Qualified: 2nd in South America Group; 9/16 wins Star Man: Falcao (Monaco) Watch out for: Teofilio Gutierrez Odds: 33/1 Comment: Well worth a punt!


World Ranking: 12 Qualified: 2nd in European Group; 8/10 wins Star Man: Giorgos Samaras (ex- Celtic) Watch out for: Sokratis Papastathopoulos Odds: 250/1 Comment: Odds belie their World ranking!


World Ranking: 23 Qualified: 1st in African Group; 4/6 wins Star Man: Yaya Toure (Man City) Watch out for/Captain: The Drog! (Galatasaray) Odds: 125/1 Comment: If Toure/Drogba are up for it watch out!


World Ranking: 46 Qualified: 2nd Round Far East; 8/14 wins Star Man: Shinji Kagawa Watch out for: Shinji Okasaki Odds: 150/1 Comment: Just enjoy the experience! Predicted Group Qualifiers: Colombia, Ivory Coast





World Ranking: 5 World Cup wins: '78, '86 Qualified: 1st in S.America; 9/16 wins Star Man: Loinel Messi (Barcelona) Watch out for: Angel di Maria (R Madrid) Odds: 4/1 Comment: If Leo is on song, gotta be favourites!

World Cup wins: '54, '74, '90 Qualified: 1st in Euro Group with 9/10 wins Captain: Philip Lahm (Bayern Munich) Star Man: Philip Lahm Watch out for: Julian Draxler Odds: 11/2 Comment: Always there or thereabouts!

World Ranking: 7 World Cup wins: '30 Qualified: Just - after playoff, 8/18 wins Star Man: Luis Suarez (Liverpool) Watch out for: Diego Godin (Atletico) Odds: 33/1 Comment: No Suarez, no chance and can't believe their WR!


World Ranking: 28 Qualified: 2nd Round N, Central America, Caribbean; 8/16 wins Star Man: Bryan Ruiz Watch out for: Michael Barrantes Odds: 2000/1 Comment: Hasta la proxima, amigos!


World Ranking: 10 World Cup wins: '66 Qualified: 1st in Euro Group; 6/10 wins Captain: Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) Star Man: Wayne Rooney (Man Utd) Watch out for: Joe Hart (Man City) Odds: 28/1 Comment: Hart, please don't get injured!


World Ranking: 9 World Cup wins: '34, '38, '82, '06 Qualified: 1st in Euro Group; 6/10 wins Star Man: Andrea Pirlo Watch out for: "Mr Sulky" Mario Balotelli Odds: 28/1 Comment: Not the team they were but always there! Predicted Group Qualifiers: Italy, England


Qualified: 1st in Euro Group; 8/10 wins Captain: Vincent Kompany (Man City) Star Man: Eden Hazard (Chelsea) Watch out for: Thibault Courtois (Chelsea) Odds: 20/1 Comment: Strong and my European dark horses!

World Ranking: 21 Qualified: 1st in European Group; 8/10 wins Star Man: Edin Dzeko (Man City) Watch out for: Asmir Bergovic Odds: 175/1 Comment: Don't think so, not this time!

World Ranking: 3 Qual: 2nd in Euro after play-off; 7/10 wins Captain: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) Star Man: Cristiano Ronaldo Watch out for: Bruno Alves Odds: 22/1 Comment: Close if Ronaldo sparkles!

World Ranking: 22 Qualified: 1st in African Group; 5/6 wins Star Man: Nabil Bentaleb (Tottenham) Watch out for: Nabil Ghilas Odds: 2000/1 Comment: Another I cannot believe WR!

World Ranking: 43 Qual: 2nd Round winners, Asia; 8/14 wins Star Man: Ashkan Dejagah Watch out for:Daniel Davari Odds: 1500/1 Comment: Rank outsiders, I'm afraid!

World Ranking: 38 Qualified: 1st in African Group - 5/6 wins Star Man: Michael Essien Watch out for: Kevin Prince-Boateng Odds: 200/1 Comment: Always strong but ageing!


World Ranking: 19 Qualified: 1st in European Group; 7/10 wins Star Man: Aleksandr Kerzhakov Watch out for: Alexsandr Kokorin Odds: 80/1 Comment: Under Capello, dour and strong!


World Ranking: 33 Qualified: 2nd Round North, Central America, Caribbean; 7/16 wins Star Man: Wilson Palacios Watch out for: Roger Espinoza Odds: 3000/1 Comment: Fall guys, I'm afraid! Predicted Group Qualifiers: Ecuador, France

World Ranking: 44 Current African Nations Cup holders Qualified: 1st in Africa Group; 3/6 wins Star Man/Captain: John Obi Mikel Watch out for: Victor Moses Odds: 250/1 Comment: All depends on attitude! Predicted Group Qualifiers: Argentina, Nigeria

World Ranking: 14 Qual: 1st in T/America Group - 11/16 wins Star Man: Tim Howard (Everton) Watch out for: Landon Donovan Odds: 250/1 Comment: Since Donovan has been dropped, no chance! Predicted Group Qualifiers: Germany, Portugal; Dark Horses: USA

World Ranking: 57 Qualified: 2nd in 2nd Round, Asia Group; 8/14 wins Star Man: Park Chu-young ( Arsenal) Watch out for: Yun Suk-young 8QPR) Odds: 400/1 Comment: Sorry, just making up the group! Predicted Group Qualifiers: Belgium; Russia


World Ranking: 2

World Ranking: 6 Qualified: 1st in European Group; 7/10 wins Star Man: Valon Behrami Watch out for: Eren Derdiyok Odds: 125/1 Comment: Cannot believe their WR!


World Ranking: 26 Qualified: 4th in S.America Group - above Uruguay; 7/16 wins Star Man: Antonio Valencia Watch out for: Enner Valencia Odds: 150/1 Comment: Could be dangerous!


World Ranking: 17 World Cup wins: '98 Star Man: Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal) Watch out for: Hugo Lloris (Tottenham) Odds: 22/1 Comment: With star man Ribery out injured hmmm!








World Ranking: 11



The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12th June 2014, Issue 738 San Antonio and its (lack of) cleanliness I hardly ever go into San Antonio especially when the summer months start, being more of a San Jordi/San Jose personHowever decided to meet a friend for coffee in Club Nautico and do a bit of shopping. I hardly ever get further than Thos Green, so it was an adventure for me! I parked just outside the town in the dirt parking on the right so I could walk along the promenade a bit to the centre. I was Shocked at the Filth of the promenade… the ground was disgusting with stains of I have no idea what nor want to know. The concrete rubbish containers were filthy not only in and on but the ground all the way around it. Some kind of animal had relieved themselves, overnight I guess, behind and beside all the stone benches along the route .This was at 10.30 in the morning so don’t know when the last clean had taken place… Certainly not that morning or the one before… San Antonio is supposed to be the biggest tourist town and this is what the tourists are faced with, well I dare say the majority of the dirt is caused/deposited by them, but if this is what is seen every day then there is no example to follow. I can only compare with the town of Benidorm where I did several months work during three winters and was so impressed by the machines that were out early am to clean not only the beach but all the streets. I m glad I don’t pay my taxes in San Antonio as would want to know where the money goes. Next time you’re there have a look at the ground and take a mask. Disgusting and shameful. Patricia Templeton Mackay.

"Since moving to San Anto-

nio I have become quite protective of our much maligned municipality, but it is hard to argue with you on this one Tricia. When compared to areas such as Santa Gertrudis and Santa Eulalia it seems there is far less commitment to keeping San Antonio, Cala De Bou, Figuretes and Playa D’en Bossa clean and tidy. OK these are the areas with much higher volumes of tourists which bring some of the problem with them but surely the tourist factor should make it more important to keep clean, and the revenue to do so. It can’t all be blamed on the tourists though. I thought

dog crap was something I’d left behind in 1970’s Britain but again whereas it doesn’t seem to be a problem in Gerts and Eulalia the prom in Figueretes and streets in Cala De Bou can turn a stroll into an obstacle course. Is it a different approach of the Town Halls or different standards of the local residents? Unfair Test Hi nick can I please have a rant. Just seen the bit in the sun about door man’s failure. Do you know or know anybody who can tell me why we can't do this course exam in English. It's a joke I've worked security at play 2 for 18 years now and because I've not done this exam my job is not really secure—same applies for a lot of my English friends. The majority of doorman failed so what chance do we really have of passing. I thought we were in the EU so people coming from England with their SIA badge should be able to work but no this is Ibiza and we will make up our own rules. I'm sure if a Spanish man went to England they could get work so why can't we? Also 80 percent of the people taking the exam were Rumanian so now the West End has Spanish and Rumanians working the door who can’t speak English dealing with 90% English Tourists. How's that gonna work out. Rant over, thanks Gary Beech


I don’t think many people would see that as a Rant—I think it makes pretty good sense for you to raise the issue both in terms of the effect on your job security and the consequence to maintaining peace and order in probably the toughest area of Ibiza to do so. Eventually there is bound to be a situation kick off that could have been avoided with more effective ‘native language’ communication. Who will be blamed? Of course nobody will look to the new regulations as being part of the problem, it will just be heaped on the Brit tourists. I’ll soon sound like a broken record saying this but it is another example of your, and your friends in the same work, not being considered by those in power because you don’t matter at the ballot box. We all need to register to vote. For example in San An the balance of power is held by 1 member. It takes 400 votes to elect 1 member. If 400 of us register to vote you’ll suddenly find your opinions do matter. Sadly logic and commonsense do not matter, Votes do.

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"The 2 Old Rockers The True Story of Leroy the Kitten with only Eight Lives Left. This is a story of three holiday makers, Paul and Janine Harris and their young daughter Lara from Crawley in the UK. They were recently taking a stroll in Cala Llonga when they heard the distressed sounds of what they thought was a cat trapped under the bonnet, in the engine compartment of a parked car. With the help of one of our semi-residents on the island, (who I shall call Kevin to hide his real identity), he was able to locate the owners of the car and open the bonnet to find a very tiny young kitten trapped way down in the engine block of the car, unable to get out. After fifteen minutes of coaxing, the kitten was finally released and handed over to a very happy young Lara. What to do next? With the help of our local ‘Cat Woman’ who we shall call Annie from the Wild Asparagus Laundry and Corner Shop, who is also involved with care4cats-ibiza, the kitten was taken to the Vet in Santa Eulalia who agreed to stay open late to wait for them to arrive. So off they all went, Kevin, Annie, the Harris family and the kitten. The kitten was given a full medical, injection and flea drops etc, etc and apart from being very malnourished was given a clean bill of health. The Vet also confirmed it was a boy about four weeks old and a very fortunate young kitten. They all piled back into Kevin’s small jeep and back to Cala Llonga. Lara named the kitten ‘Leroy Kevin’ on the way back and they all landed at Annie’s house where

Leroy Kevin with his new family

Leroy was fed and watered and fed and fed again and the start of hopefully a full recovery began. Annie has offered to foster Leroy until either his owners can be located or a permanent home found for him. The story doesn’t, however, end there. The Harris family, with encouragement from Lara, are now seriously considering flying young Leroy back to the UK to live with them after all the paperwork, injections etc., etc. How great would that be? I will keep you informed about what happens to Leroy but if you want to see more photos and follow his journey to full fitness please go to Annie’s Facebook page ‘Wild Asparagus Corner Shop and Laundry’. Good Luck Leroy. Jean Davies It is with great sorrow that we have to report the death of Jean Davies who passed away on Tuesday 10th June at the age of 69 after losing her bravely fought battle with cancer. Jean who was originally from Yorkshire had, along with her husband of almost 40 years Phil, lived on the island for 10 years. Although quite a private person she soon became involved in a number of island based activities, including the walking groups, local keep fit and line dance groups, where she will be remembered as one of the few participants who could remember all the right steps. Jean also featured as Miss October in the Sunshine Girls 2014 calendar which rose over 5000€ for Contra Cancer Ibiza and Formentera. On Monday a service for family and friends was held at the open air church in Cala Llonga followed by a reception at The Terrace Restaurant. In ac-

cordance with Jeans wishes her remains will be transported to Majorca for cremation. We would like to offer our sincere condolences to her family and friends. View from the Pew

"Bill Maxwell A belief is something you hold, a conviction is something that holds you. People generally have too many opinions and not enough convictions. The world at its worst needs the church at its best! Services with the Rev. Bob Short. Sunday June 15th: 10am Choral Communion at San Rafael. Sunday June 22nd: 11am Holy Communion with Praise and Worship.ICS Seasonal Ministry with the Rev David and Jenny Rouch. 10:30am Holy Communion at RC Chapel in Es Canar (behind Rio’s bar) 5.45pm Songs of Praise at Hotel Panorama in Es Canar Letter From Juan

"Juan A friend of mine died the other day, in fact, it was the lady who was reported in last week’s paper as going off the track and tumbling down the mountainside, but although the car did go over the edge into the valley, it didn’t tumble, but just went straight down and it is expected that the autopsy result will show death due to a heart attack or stroke. Anyway just before I went to her funeral I came across a quote the other day in a book that seemed somewhat appropriate, “you can’t prevent the birds of sorrow flying over your head but you can prevent them from making

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The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12th June 2014, Issue 738

Tarotscope 12th-18th June 14.

Doris Loves The World

"By Elaine For Readings Call (34)619813172

ARIES - The Ace of Cups A beautiful card for your week Aries indicating new beginnings; a fresh start and for some a new romance that promises to be more enduring. New ventures begun now are more likely to succeed as you'll be more aware and intuitive of the needs of those you come in contact with. They in turn will be impressed by you. TAURUS - The Wheel of Fortune This card indicates a fortunate turn of events that this week, will leave you feeling more than satisfied about how certain situations turned out. In fact you'll be pleased that decisions where taken out of your hands; if you stayed in the same rut you'd not be enjoying yourself so much as you are now! All’s well that ends well! GEMINI - Ten of Swords Watch health matters this week; don't overdo things or run yourself into the ground. There's a part of you that longs to change some part of your life or a situation, but you don't know how to go about it. This is not the week to deal with any of it. Take heart though, as you are through the worst. CANCER - Temperance The song 'Things can only get Better' by D:Ream, should be on replay; it pretty much sums up your week. This card’s your wake up call to veto anything negative and embrace anyone or anything positive. Artistic or creative Cancerians get recognition of their skills, which could lead to promising opportunities. You succeed by ditching old habits and embracing new. LEO - The Devil You won’t take life seriously and will want to live it up. However, work demands get in the way and if you’re not careful you’ll get pretty stressed out. It’s important to have a good life/work balance; it's not all about making money. An act of selflessness won’t go unnoticed by your associates. So who do you want to help? VIRGO - Princess of Disks You’ll find yourself at a crossroads this week Virgo especially when deciding what's the best way to handle a business concern. Is it really worth the trouble, or should you throw more money at it? Think carefully about your next move and don't be rushed by associates who are pressing for action. Don’t respond with a knee jerk reaction. LIBRA - Two of Swords You had this card last week Libra; you’re obviously in an ongoing process and are still working on recent differences of opinion or life outlook with someone close. You do make progress this week and may even get an apology or peace offering when you least expect it. There’s now hope that this is the end of an exhausting time. SCORPIO - Queen of Disks A woman relative or friend helps you with some sound advice, especially when it comes to relationships. Her counsel is wise, so think twice before ignoring it. Business wise, she also stands for a female boss or powerful colleague who it’s wise to treat with respect. She’ll share her knowledge, but only if she thinks she can trust you. SAGITTARIUS - Judgement Time this week to weigh up what’s important in life and to make decisions that change your life direction. Maybe family and loved ones should become your priority and not work. Or even the reverse could be true. It’s a time to take your responsibilities seriously and to choose wisely; don’t judge or be harsh on yourself or others either. CAPRICORN - Eight of Cups You’ve no energy to sort out others emotional failings, so it would be wise to get the hell off dodge for a while. You don't need to be anyone's emotional punch bag. So don't. A period of being alone will bring some peace. Single Capricorns who are looking for love and had almost despaired of finding it, watch this space! AQUARIUS - King of Cups A love interest for some who’s just such a nice person and yes, they do exist! He’s someone who’s sensitive and in touch with feelings; he doesn’t play games. For others he can be the bearer of good news especially in business and again, doesn’t play games. A straightforward boss or business partner, who’ll help you with an ambition. PISCES – Two of Disks Watch your outgoings this week as it’s seems you just can’t help yourself when it comes to spending all your hard earned cash. This card warns that there’s more money coming out of your bank account than is going in. You are urged you to rein it in, as an unexpected and costly expense is on your financial horizon.

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nests in your hair.” So I have tried to think only of all the good things that happened to my friend and all the enjoyable times I spent in her company. Mind you, I should also follow my own advice, unlike the other day when I foolishly bought a bottle of Spanish white wine without checking the date. I went to drink it a couple of days later and it was “corked”. I checked the date it was 2012 not 2013! Of course on this occasion I had paid cash and had thrown away the receipt so couldn’t take it back! Hopefully I will learn from this mistake and make sure I check the year and keep my receipt. However, with my new positive thinking I thought, ah well, it has at least stopped me from drinking another bottle of wine, the trouble was I still had gin and whisky in the house! No, I managed to resist them and went to bed feeling very righteous. On the subject of accidents and old sayings and their reason for them, I have just finished a book in which it explained why people say “Oops or Whoops” when they have a little accident. It is a superstition passed down the centuries from Roman times when Ops was the ancient goddess of good fortune so when anything bad happens you correct it by invoking her name! Well, here’s hoping you have an accident free week, yours Juan. It’s Good To Talk

"Kate Stillman Dear Kate I have my own business but recently I have lost all motivation to keep it going and feel as if I am on a self destruct mission. Just as things were beginning to start looking promising I am about to mess it all up, I have a wife and small daughter and am not sure how much longer I can expect them to stick around me with this attitude of not caring that I seem to

have taken on in the last 6 months or so. What shall I do? MO Dear MO Thank you for your e mail and I am sorry to hear you are not feeling as motivated as you would like. I wonder what it is about being on the brink of success that makes you “mess it up”, I wonder if the idea of maintaining the success is possibly quite daunting and actually in a way being on the brink of it means that you are always in a positive place with something to look forward to rather then in a place where you have achieved it and either have to maintain it or possibly face the consequences? Does this feel like a pattern? Have you found yourself in a similar position before? It seems as if you are worried about your relationship and if your wife will “stick around” have you spoken to her about how you feel and what you think the blocks might be to you being more motivated? I think you have hit the nail on the head when you speak of your attitude, its not so much the success

Four Funerals and a Birthday Contemplating life and death, buttering me toast, Friends shed mortal coil to join Heavenly host, Dear old Uncle Bernard suffered massive stroke, Such a character he was, always loved a joke, Courage, care, compassion, facing it head on, Dancing queen in Heaven, into light she’s gone Poonie left her body less than forty-nine, She had such a ball, now let’s let it shine! Maya Angelou’s great star rises up above Beaming down for women, civil rights and love, Others I could mention, funerals this week, Gratitude for completion, missions far from bleak, But in midst of sea of grief, best to have a plan, Try to keep it light and happy, sparkle if you can, Might be days you can’t rise, wonder if you will, Don’t think of past or future, that’s a bitter pill, Try to keep it in the day, present, if in pain Nurse yerself with kindness to be whole again, Lying on his deathbed, Steve showed us the way, Smile and giggle, peckers up, remember to play! Even if yer comatosed, catheter in yer willy, Life’s too short for seriousness, so let´s all be silly! In old English that word means to be deeply blessed, So please listen to yer hearts beating in yer chest, Time will come for all of us when it is too late, ‘Til then laugh yer socks off, commit to celebrate! Thankfully amid the tears we ate birthday cake, Candles for a seventieth instead of a wake, Ups and downs, life and death, it’s a mystery, To surrender I’ve been down to the gentle sea, While Ibiza rocks the waves, ferryman appears, And on distant shore, I hear angel cheers, As our dearly beloveds cross that great divide, They are welcomed home at last with hearts open wide! Luv doris, the new age guru x Â or not of the business but what you feel you are putting into it. You have to feel comfortable with your own efforts and sure that you have done all you feel you can, that is the only thing that will allow you to understand the outcome be it positive or not. I hope you are able to take some time to look at what

the blocks maybe for you and consider how you might like to change some of your patters to support working through them. Warm reg`rds Kate. Kate Stillman - Counsellor / Psychotherapist. See my advert for contacts.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12h June 2014, Issue 738

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Seems I can’t deny, some days just don’t feel right, seems I feel much better,

At night Es Paradis: Last of the White Clubs

Take 5: Judge Jules

Nick Gibbs NG: Quite a lot happening since we talked in April? JJ: Yes it seems the last couple of years we’ve been quite late finalising plans. BCM Majorca Judgement Night Tuesdays carries on—business as normal there. NG: Life outside Ibiza; did I see it was number 5 in DJ Mag’s top 100 clubs? JJ: That’s right, it’s a great venue and we have a really long association with them. This year along with Danny Howard Judgement nights include Eddie Halliwell, Aly & Fila and Ferry Corsten NG: We were starting to think Ibiza had lost you, then last week Es Paradis was confirmed for Judgement Fridays. Back to where it all started. JJ: Ha ha, yes Es Paradis and the Clockwork Orange parties back in the mid 90’s. It’s quite funny how it’s all turned out really. We’d been looking at Es Paradis for a while now, even before the changes at Eden. I have always been determined to keep the allegiance to San Antonio. The town has been really good to me over the years and I value that

association. One of the attractions is that of all the big clubs Es Paradis is the one that has retained that traditional Spanish feel. OK Eden has a superb sound system I can’t deny that, but as everything has become more, how can I put it, corporate in the club world, I like that Es Paradis still feels like one of the clubs that attracted us all here in the first place. NG: And of course the water party. JJ: Yeah, brilliant, you can’t get more Ibiza than the water party, you know this has all reminded me what a great venue it is, back to my roots. NG: Will we find you soaking wet at 5a.m.? JJ: Ha ha, if I can find my Budgie smugglers. NG: And talking of back to your roots I see you are headlining the Clockwork Orange anniversary. JJ: That will be a really special night for sure. Â Â Â Â Thanks Jules, and that leads us nicely into …

Take 5: Danny Gould

NG: It’s an overused term in Ibiza, but I think in your case it’s warranted, there’s quite a buzz about the Clockwork Orange 20th Anniversay. DG: Mate it’s gonna be huge, we’ve already sold 500 tickets by word of mouth (this chat was taking place during Danny’s 30 minute walk home back in April) NG: It is a famous name, or should that be infamous, for those that were not around tell us a bit of the history. DG: It started off back in London in 93. We wanted to start a party and we’d been messing around with a few ideas for names—mainly around the idea of “how will it help us pull the birds” but then we walked into a shop and there was this photo of a bloke in a bowler hat and we just looked at each other and said “Clockwork Orange”. After building it in London at venues like Camden Palace we came

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12h June 2014, Issue 738

Seems I can’t deny, some days just don’t feel right, seems I feel much going for it, I said to them “you look really hot girls” and one of them answered “this is nothing, you should see my Mum and Dad” . Brilliant, so we’ll take that as a suggestion for all old skool clubbers, this is the night to take your kids out on the dancefloor. thanks Danny

over to Ibiza and by 98 we were the top promoters—we were pulling in 3,500 with no advance ticket sales. It was huge. We ended up holding 150 parties, but for me it wasn’t about the money, it was all about having fun. I was interested in 3 things only, getting off my head, shagging birds, and doing Clockwork. NG: You are happy for me to print that. DG: Yeah mate, it was a different time. I’ve been sober now 11 years, and I mean sober. I haven’t touched a drink, drugs anything. I’m a married man with a daughter. But back then that’s the life we were living. I was a bit over the top really. I was a biter. Ask anyone who knew me back then, I used to bite people, it was my thing. (I have since asked one or two people who have described Danny exactly as he describes himself, one of the old guard saying “thank God he is sober, to be honest he was pretty hard work”) . NG: But it was all fun? DG: For sure. We used to look at it like Space was for posing and looking cool, Clockwork was for just being happy, having a laugh. Come with a good attitude and you’ll have a great time, guaranteed. NG: So what prompted the return? DG: Well by 2001 Ibiza had changed too much, it was getting like i-vegas, everyone just worried about money, we’d had enough and called it a day. Then years went by and we talked about holding a reunion party in London. It was a blinding success and we’ve done a few of them now. We were out there (Ibiza) on holiday and it was the same again, just started talking and one thing lead to another, before we knew it we were booked up at Es Paradis and raring to go. NG: So what can we expect, will it be a night of nostalgic 40-somethings? DG: Definitely not, sure we’ll hope to see all the old faces but the London parties have been really mixed. Funny thing at the last one we were taking a break outside and these two girls came out, really sweating, y’know you could see they’s been really

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Clockwork Orange 20th Anniversary Ibiza Weekend kicks off at Mambo 25th July at 3pm straight through to Es Paradise from 10pm then followed Sunday 27th by the Clockwork Beach Party at Sands. Â

Ibiza Rocked!

Claire B It sounds like a cliché, and it is, but Ibiza really rocked last Wednesday when Haim headlined at the opening gig of the 2014 season at Ibiza Rocks. Now in its 8th year, Ibiza Rocks has been putting on weekly live bands each summer and providing the island with a welcome alternative to the dancefuelled clubs. The gigs are now held in the middle of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel in San Antonio, underneath the stars and next to the pool – a great setting. First up were South London's Art-Rock band, Breton, who released their first album ‘War Room Stories’ earlier this year. The five piece band’s synth-laden, very danceable tunes provided the perfect soundtrack as a warm Ibizan day drew to a close and turned into night. A backdrop of stunning images added to the atmosphere. Ending with a frenetic strobe-lit finale, it was a memorable climax to a great performance, which warmed up the appreciative audience for what was to follow. Haim’s set started with darkness and flashing lights as their drummer and keyboard player took to the stage first. Then the three Haim sisters appeared, accompanied by much screaming from the crowd, and launched into their single ‘Falling’. From the moment they entered the stage until they left it, they put on a stunning show, with their rockchick chic style, flawless singing, accomplished musicianship, dancing (or as Este called it arse shaking), headbanging and hair flinging.

On record they are much more melodic, fusing pop with soft rock and R&B influences, which belies the band’s live delivery, which is pure, energetic, rock and roll, as the videos at the end of the article testify. The third number in the set saw them ‘jamming’ – something they said they like to do together. Rocking out even more than they had done already, for me, this was one of the (many) highlights of the night (see the video). The sisters have a great rapport together onstage, happily sharing the singing and other instruments as the song demands – there’s no sign of sibling rivalry in their performance. During the set, each of them played drums or percussion at some point. They’re a perfect live band: they sound good, they look good, they put everything into their performance and there’s always something going on to keep your attention. The show ended with them all pounding the drums together (drummer included) – presumably a nod to their drum-playing father – the second great climax to a fantastic performance of the night. What a way to start the summer season of live bands, on now every Wednesday until September 17th. That gig will surely go down in the Ibiza Rocks history books as being one of the greatest, and one that people will talk about for years to come. It has set the bar really high for the rest of the summer – it’s going to be a tough one to follow! Jumping on the ‘Rock and Ride’ minibus service afterwards to The Ibiza Rocks House for the inaugural ‘Rock Nights’ after party, the celebrations continued into the early hours of the morning. All in all, it added up to a great opening night! If you haven’t been to Ibiza Rocks and you like live music, it’s a great venue – you won’t be disappointed. Videos: The finale of Breton’s set: Â ÂHaim take to the stage with ‘Falling’: Â ÂHaim jamming: Â ÂHaim finale: Â

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12h June 2014, Issue 738

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Hard Rock Hotel

Most of the line-up for the weekly live performances at the Hard Rock Hotel on Friday nights has now been announced. The new hotel on Playa D’en Bossa has its opening on Friday June 13th, with Nile Rodgers and Chic kicking things off, which is sure to be a great party. Most of the gigs will be held in the outdoor purpose-built stage area at the Hard Rock Hotel, with the larger acts performing at the nearby Ushuaïa Beach Hotel. June 13th: Chic June 20th: Neneh Cherry June 27th: UB40 July 4th: Robin Thicke July 11th: Icona Pop July 25th: Jason Derulo - Ushuaïa August 8th: Ellie Goulding August 15th: Snoop Dogg – Ushuaïa August 22th: Kylie September 5th: Pitbull – at Ushuaïa September 12th: Placebo September 19th: Closing party, act TBC Ticket prices depend on the act and start at €30, available from: Â

Vinyl junkies Claire B With summer here, there’s nothing better than listening to some cool tunes whilst relaxing on the beach, around the pool or getting ready for a night out. Here’s some new music to come out of Ibiza this summer. Eihi records If you like house music and you like it on vinyl, then read on. A new label has just been launched called ‘Eihi Records’ (named in homage to the god Ihi, who according to Egyptian mythology is the child god of the joy of music). The Ibiza-based label created by DJ and producer Edu Garris will only release on vinyl, and feature musicians and producers from the electronic music scene creating quality house music. Artists on the label include Eddies Matos, Brett Johnson, Jay Tripwire, Justin Harris, Jamie Anderson, Denmarkus Lewis and Deephope – all of whom have worked hard to

Haim in concert at Ibiza Rocks take House music to where it is today. The first two releases are from American dance producer Denmarkus Lewis ‘Beyond the deep’, featuring the tracks ‘Stokin The Vine’ and ‘Sliding In Deep’, and from Deephope a.k.a. producer and DJ David Garcia, featuring ‘Love Loft’ and ‘Day Nursery’. Eihi Records had a launch party at Delano’s on the beach in Playa D’en Bossa on Friday June 6th. Music was provided by Edu Garris, and starred special guest DJ Justin Harris, with live performances from Nestor Morales on percussion and Guaybo! Sax on saxophone. There will be three additional parties later this year at Delano’s. More info at: Â


‘Sketches from an Island’ is by Ibizan resident Mark Barrott, on his own International Feel Recordings, which has been releasing vinyl and CDs for over 4 years. It takes its influences from the music that came together to form early Balearic Chillout music, including the widescreen, afterhours sounds made famous by José Padilla’s sunset DJ sets at the Café Del Mar and Alfredo's legendary sets at Amnesia. ‘Sketches’ takes its references from there and aims to contextualise Mark’s own version of what Balearic sounds like to him. It

features nine tracks, which paint a picture of the island, the people and the magnetic beauty that pulses through it. Recorded in Ibiza's northern hills using “weird percussion, some slide guitars and a few borrowed synths,” it’s a melodic and mysterious representation of a place steeped in a rich and rebellious history. Opening track ‘Baby Come Home’ radiates with carefree tropical sounds and upbeat harmonies. The blues-soaked melodies of ‘Essene’ perfectly navigate the tension between heart-bursting happiness and melancholy, and ‘Go Berri Be Happy’ is like Prefab Sprout gone to Ghana. Its colour smudged hazy emotions swirl between Brian Eno, Penguin Café Orchestra and Compass Point vibes into a freeflowing cascade of live playing and synthesized sound, perfectly epitomised on the future classic 'Formentera Headspace Blues'. International Feel has worked with DJ Harvey, Daniel Baldelli, Todd Terje, Quiet Village and many others and Mark has contributed releases under the names Rocha, Young Gentlemen’s Adventure Society, Boys from Patagonia, Flights of Fancy and Bepu N’Gali. More info at: Â

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12h June 2014, Issue 738

Ibiza Design Opening

San An’s First LGBT Hotel

Over ten years ago DirkMichael Sieper had a dream. Dirk is manager of the hotel brand “Ibizotels – sunset hotels made in Ibiza”. Dirk’s dream was to convert the Laurel Hostel, one of San Antonio’s numerous no-frills hostels, into an innovative gay hotel. Back then the owners did not have the foresight to appreciate the business potential and future changing tourist market. Of course times are changing and when in 2011 a local family of hoteliers set-up the company “Ibiza Feeling”, Dirk felt renewed potential in his dream. Refurbishments of existing properties were first

globally. The crucial difference to other so-called gay friendly hotels is that “The Purple Hostel” is dedicated exclusively to the LGBT market. All 24 rooms have been brightened up with white and purple coloured room furniture and fittings as well as technically modernized with air conditioning, 32” flat screen satellite TV and Wi-Fi. In addition to all these new features “The Purple Hostel” now offers on the ground floor, the new and functional reception-cum-bar and restaurant “A Pinch of Purple”. Furthermore there is an art exhibition and a lounge area made

on the agenda and then Managing Director Antoni Cardona Navas picked up the idea and soon recognised the huge potential and future of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender) market! In autumn 2013 he started with a thorough renovation of the hostel and Dirk-Michael Sieper continued with the marketing and sales activities to promote it in Ibiza and

as a meeting place for all guests of the hostel or local people of the LGBT community. Everybody is welcome to attend two open days on on Thursday June 12th from 12.00 noon till 3.00 pm or Saturday June 14th from 6.00 till 10.00 p.m. See Advert Back Page. Â ThePurpleHostel

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Tuesday 17th June sees the exciting launch of the new store Ibiza Design, formerly known as JustCruizin. From Noon to Midnight. Aperitivos y Cava sin pausa, live music at lunchtime, & Flower Power from 5.30pm. Carrer de Miquel Caieta Soler 7, Vara de Rey / Placa de Parc (pedestrian street behind Hostal Parque next to Sa Brisa, La Buffalina, Los Bodegeros), in Ibiza Town.

Adlib Fashion 2014

A renewed Passeig de S'Alamera in Santa Eulalia del Rio was the perfect gateway for the most fashionable Ibiza scenario: the Adlib catwalk that celebrated this year its 43th edition. After the characteristic photocall, at 9.30pm, with Jaime Cantizano as host of the Gala and the singer Natalia, began the most anticipated fashion show of the whole year. The model Noelia Lopez together with Ibiza model Ana Vide opened the parade on the catwalk with designs Charo Ruiz, on the catwalk you could see black and white toned delicate lace dresses so characteristic of the brand. Dira Moda Ibiza had a cosmopolitan, very comfortable, but always faithful to the adlib design which highlights the female form. Jannine Helbling, with designs inspired in Ibiza multicultural environment, presented a collection in white with transparencies and leatherette applications. Beatrice San Francisco presented a collection of garments in cotton and linen fabrics, crochet details and fringes. Tanit Jeans used supplements by Ariadna Ferrer. Tanit Jeans likes to take jeans beyond common fashion combining them with white fringes, very adlib. Out of Isabel Castellar’s collection, her proposal inspired by the Spanish mourning draper style and romantic touches must be highlighted. Ivanna Mestres conquered the public with her designs in tulle, sequins and lace. BSF Men Ibiza gave the masculine touch (much applauded by the public). Casual designs for the modern man, made with fine knitted cotton combined with patchwork, prints and drawings. Morocha by Marta Raffo presented a beach-chic fashion with turquoise and aquamarine as the predominant colours. Piluca Bayarri also inspired herself on the beachworld for her collection. The sisters Antonia and Lali Riera, designers of Ibimoda, proposed fresh, comfortable and elegant designs. And Toni Bonet used lace on base fabrics like tulle, cotton and cotton, accompanied with complements by Elisa Pomar.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12th June 2014, Issue 738

Sport Jezza’s Sports Report

"Jeremy Parmenter Greetings, fellow Sports fans short on space this week due to our Special 4 page World Cup pull-out, so it's just Sports Snaps this week. Rugby Union: New Zealand 20 England 15. 1st Test Eden Park. What a magnificent game, especially considering all and sundry thought the Red Rose would be stuffed! All to play for then on Saturday, in the 2nd Test in Dunedin! Rugby League: In the Quarters of the Challenge Cup t'was woe for holders Wigan as they suffered their first home Cup defeat for 30 odd matches, losing to Castleford Tigers, who now meet Widnes Vikings with the

other Semi being Leeds v. Warrington. Cricket: England start their Test Series against Sri Lanka on Thursday looking for revenge for the 3-2 ODI Series defeat with a new look team. Hockey: Phew, England's Men just scraped through 3-2 against Belgium in the World Cup, with a penalty goal in the last few minutes, to seal their place in the Semis, where they'll face either Holland or Argentina on Friday to reach the Final. As for our Women, humiliation as having lost all four Group matches, they're now on their way home! Tennis: Also a pretty miserable experience for Our Andy Murray at Roland Garros in the French Open as he was humbled in straight sets in the Semi, only

winning 6 games, by the King of Clay, Rafa Nadal who went on to beat No 2 Djokovic in the Final. That's now 9 French titles for Rafa, and 5 in succession as well as his 14th Grand Slam, equaling Sampras' record and now only 3 behind the Fed. Horse Racing: All hail superhorse Australia in the Epsom Derby last w/end as he won by a length and a quarter, giving trainer Aiden O'Brien his 3rd Derby win prompting him to declare Australia “the best Flat horse I've ever trained!” That's it for this week then, short and sweet, and hope you find our WC pull-out of interest. Come on Stevie G and Co, sock it to them, and good luck (yeah, right!) to the rest!


Gumballers rolling off the ferry in San Antonio Wednesday evening caught by our man on the ground Alec Bettney. The cars all went over to Marina Botafoch where big crowds were expected to enjoy a variety of entertainment laid on by the rally organisers including a skateboard display by Tony Hawk and a DJ set by Deadmaus. Thursday the festivities continue at Destino for a pool party. Â

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F1 Canada Rhian Gibbs Ricciardo in his Redbull stole the show at Montreal on Sunday taking the chequered flag with his team mate Vettel crossing the line 3rd. A faultless performance from the Australian in his first victory and having passed Rosberg with just 2 laps remaining it really was close to wire. Rosberg managed 2nd place despite having problems with overheating brakes, which also hampered and eventually forced Hamilton into retirement on lap 47. Toro Rosso’s Kvyat joined Hamilton in retiring the same lap with drive failure. Both Marussias were lost on the first lap when they collided forcing out the safety car and handing Chilton a three-place grid penalty for Austria. Button had a good race and took home 4th for McLaren with Magnusson managing 9th unable to catch Vergne, who had the best race of his career so far coming 8th. Ferrari had a mediocre race with Alonso ‘lucky’ to take 6th and

Raikkonen struggling with his car for 10th. Williams’ Massa probably had the best chance to take on the front runners when both Mercedes pitted the second time, but in chasing Perez for 4th into the last lap, they collided heavily which sent them both crashing into the wall. Neither driver was hurt, and Perez has been issued a fiveplace grid penalty for this incident which as a result, gave Hulkenberg 5th place. Caterham lost both cars with Ericsson retiring lap 7 due to a possible turbocharger problem and Kobayashi spun out and retired lap 24 with suspension damage. Lotus also had a bad race with Maldonado having to cut his race short due to power loss and Grosjean bowing out with damage to his rear wing. Sutil for Sauber, had a great race and pulled back 13th following his pit lane start (failure to qualify), whereas his teammate Gutierrez retired due to power loss - something which hindered many of the teams.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12th June 2014, Issue 738 loyment : employment : employment : employme UK BRAND PROMOTIONAL STAFF We are looking for promotional staff in Ibiza for June, July and August. Only native UK staff (English only language required). Premium promotion inside the outlet, in San Antonio area, with top UK brands for UK tourists. 6 days per week in shop working hours. Excellent economic conditions. Please contact:

nt : employment : employment : employment : e Pet Chauffeur

Accompany your pets to their new home with experienced animal-carer/driver. Fully licensed service. Denise 952197187/696233848

Apartment For Sale Two bedroom duplex-apartment with garage beneath for sale. Cala Llonga, Pueblo Asparagus, 195000€ ono. Viewing can be arranged. Mobile 07776141078

Caravan for sale Swift Rapid 450/5xl 6m 40 long, sleeps 5, cassette toilet, shower, hot water, 3 way fridge, cooker, oven, 12v 220 electric, very large awning with decking, 2500€ Paul 674939345

Removals Ibiza-UK from 30€ per sq metre, UK-Ibiza from 50€ psq. Regular monthly trips. No load to big or too small. Save money with DIY. Phone Paul on 674939345 or 0044 (0) 7584002658 (no texts please)

loyment : employment : employment : employme ENGLISH SPEAKING CHEF Sought by large hotel/apartment complex in the Bay of San Antonio. Enquiries to tel 669448953

nt : employment : employment : employment : e

Looking for a late Rental? Modern 3 bed/sleeps 4, furnished s/contained apartment near Kumhara's, Cala de Bou, for immediate occupation. Available for rest of Summer or All year. Tel: (00 34) 630 120641

Reg the Van will be doing another return run to the UK 18th June returning 27/28 space available Call Reg the Van on 0034 618497382 / 0034 971807643 or Francesca o 0044 1424810059 for details.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Do your rugs and sofas need cleaning after the Winter Season? We clean mattresses too, all in your own home! (Good for allergy sufferers, removes high percentage of dust mites) Ring Vicky on 639678854.

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Classifieds & Local

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 12h June 2014, Issue 738


Market (s= summer only, a = all year) Mo

Firemen112 Local Police092 Guardia Civil (Police)091 Ib-Salud061 British Consulate902109356

Las Dalias



Small Hippy Market at Playa d'en Bossa


Artisan Market at San Juan


San Juan Sunday Market


Once upon a time Fashion Market, Salinas


Gorila Market








Ibiza Port Market








San Antonio Port Market







Paseo Maritimo Figueretas







Passeig de S'Alamera Santa Eulalia






call 902 102 112 to report crime to the Policia Nacional in English.

Iberia/Air Nostrum902400500 Air Europa902401501 Air Berlin901116402 Ryanair+44 8712460011 Easyjet11899 British Airways902111333 Norwegian Airways902484080

For Details Of Pharmacies In Your Area Including Out Of Hours Visit

Transmediterranea902454645 Balearia902160180 Inserco971322110 Mediterranea Pitiusa971322443

0.816 0.814 0.812 0.810 0.808 0.806 0.804

Formentera Town Hall971322034 Medical Centre971322369 Guardia Civil971322022 Tourist Office971322057 Municipal Police971322201 Taxis971322016

Bes Media Holdings 1999 S.L. CIF B-57852295 Deposito Legal No DL 1-303-1999

11 Jun

26 May

24 May

0.802 22 May

Taxi Stop San Juan971333333 Taxi Stop Santa Eulalia971333333 Taxi Stop San Antonio971340074 Airport Taxi Stop971800080 Radio Taxi Ibiza971398483 Radio Taxi San Antonio971343764 Radio Taxi Santa Eulalia/San Juan971333333


20 May

Consell Insular971195900 Ibiza Town Hall971397500 San Antonio Town Hall971340111 Santa Eulalia Town Hall971332800 San Jose Town Hall971800125 San Juan Town Hall971333003

£:€ 1.2371

Euro to GBP Past Month

18 May

Town Halls


Wednesday 30o

€:£ 0.8082

16 May

Tuesday 28

Exchange Rate Wednesday 11th June 2014


14 May





Locum Chaplain971343383 Vehicle Checkup (ITV)971195906 Ibiza Lighting (breakdowns)971191687 Gesa (breakdowns)971226262 Aqualia (breakdowns)902136013 Aqualia (customer care)902186018 Aqualia (readings)902266026 Endesa (customer care)902530053 Endesa (customer care Tur)902508850 Endesa (electrical breakdowns)902534902


Natural is


Monday 26o


Cala Leña 2nd Hand Market


Sunday 30


San Miquel Hippy Market

Airport (information)971809000 o



San Jordi Flea Market

09 Jun


Artisan Market at San Miguel

07 Jun

Saturday 32o


s s

Medical Alcoholics Anonymous616088883 Narcotics Anonymous902114147 Diocesan Caritas971311762 Homeless Shelter971190966 Doctor and Nurse (ATS) Home Visit971399977 Ambulances971399977 Teatro España (English Cinema)971332519 Ambulances971393232 Ambulances971342525 Red Cross971390303 Rosario Clinic971301916 Red Cross971390303 Del Mar Red Cross Clinic971191212 Can Misses Hospital971397000



05 Jun



Cala Llonga Market

Ibiza Sun Ibiza Sun Office971348271 Ibiza Sun Mobile638923119



Hippy Market - Punta Arabi, Es Canar

Police Commissioner971398831 Guardia Civil Eivissa971301100 Guardia Civil San Antonio971340502 Guardia Civil Sta. Eularia971330227 Guardia Civil San Joan971333005 Local Police Sta. Eulalia971330841 Local Police San Jose971800261 Local Police San Antonio971340830

Friday 33o


03 Jun


Ibiza Market Guide

01 Jun



30 May



28 May

Weather Outlook

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Edificio Playa Bella, Local 1, c/ Jaen, 2, Cala De Bou, 07829, Ibiza Tel 971 348 271 Mob 638 923 119 Editor: Nicholas Gibbs Deadline: Tuesday 4pm Print: Diario de Ibiza

Ibiza Sun 738 eissue 12th June 2014  

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