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Minvita launches GABA rice range



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Reducing costs, improving safety


INVITA has introduced a range of three Organic Sprouted GABA rice varieties containing over 150mg of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) per 50g serving. The rice is available in three varieties – Jasmine, Black and Jasmine-Green Tea – and is made from high quality Thai organic jasmine and black wholegrain rice and harvested from paddy fields in Sisaket. The rice is soaked for 24 hours – when the maximum nutrition

level is reached – to stimulate germination, then parboiled to lock in the vitamins, nutrients and amino acids, particularly GABA. Minvita uses paddy or unmilled rice for the germination process, then steams and dries the germinated rice before milling to better capture the nutrients in the rice grain. GABA can help with anxiety and depression, stress-related fatigue, memory and cognitive function.

s guardians of a critical resource – the world’s food supply – food and beverage operators rely on predictable, easily replicated packaging, handling and transportation solutions to ensure the safety, quality and abundance of their products. In a globalised market for consumables, operators at every step of the supply chain must leverage cutting-edge robotics to remain profitable,

competitive and flexible. Kawasaki robots can smooth out dramatic fluctuations in raw material costs and product mix and specifications with cost-effective and flexible inprocess handling and end-of-line palletising automation solutions. Contact T 01925 713000 F 01925 713001

Sprinkle this golden idea

The Garlic Farm

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hey are small enough to sprinkle, they have won gold in the BPex Pork Product of the Year competition and they have turned into very big business for Snowbird foods and the Red Tractor approved British pig farmers who supply meat to Snowbird.

3 Cleaning & Hygiene Matters 7-9 Natural & Organic Products Europe Review Top 30

The fully cooked and frozen mini meat bites weigh in at just 1.7g and have joined their bigger brother (4g) as an exciting, new, gluten free ingredient which is ideal to sprinkle on pizzas and as a savoury inclusion for wraps, snack pots, sandwiches, ready meals, quiches and salads.

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The bites are attractive, irregularly shaped pieces of pork, beef, lamb, chicken or turkey – or selected

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combinations of the meats. They are made by a special process which is regarded as a significant technical breakthrough. Early customers included a pan European pizza manufacturer and a British ready meals manufacturer, the latter a supplier to one of the UK’s top five supermarkets. “The bites are proving the ultimate convenience ingredient for manufacturers and our ability to manufacture them economically is a huge accolade to our technical team,” said Snowbird sales director, Roy Anderson. T 020 8805 9222 F 020 8804 9303

Storage & Logistics Matters

Dialight unveils world’s most durable end-to-end LED Linear fixtures Fully sealed wiring compartment, single-extrusion aluminium housing & advanced corrosion protection provide maximum resistance against water, dust & salt spray


ialight, the global innovation leader in LED lighting technology, recently announced the launch of its new End-to-End Linear series providing the most durable and salt-resistant LED lighting solution on the market to replace conventional HID and fluorescent fixtures in a wide range of industrial applications, from

Linde’s driver assistance system G

lobal industrial truck manufacturer, Linde Material Handling, has launched a new driver assistance system to support the safe operation of forklift trucks both in and outside the warehouse. Linde’s new ‘SpeedAssist’ system helps operators move more safely between the indoor and outdoor areas of logistic centres and production halls by ensuring their speed is reduced when entering the warehouse. Linde’s new system uses modern radar technology which operates accurately regardless of weather conditions. Its response times are fully adjustable as is the difference in speed between indoors and out. The system ensures loads are transported to their destination, while helping to protect employees in the workplace. Warehouse and production halls often have set speed limits for forklifts and other industrial trucks as entering a working area too fast can endanger employees, or result in sudden braking manoeuvers that can dislodge the load. Operational reliability is not affected by extreme weather conditions, such as cold, heat or heavy rain, as the system is able to function in operating temperatures ranging between -40 and +65°C. The system’s radar sensors cover a range between 1 and 24m and do not require any additional infrastructure, such as sensors on the racks. This is because the radar sensor both transmits and receives its own signal, which is reflected from the ceiling. This tells the truck whether it is inside a building or not and automatically adjusts its speed accordingly. T 0845 608 5000

Consistently readable

petrochemical and heavy industrial manufacturing to food production. Featuring a fully gasketed enclosure made from an extruded 6063 aluminium housing, the End-to-End linear series, which allows wiring on each end of the fixture, offers the most ruggedised housing for long life

durability against water, salt, dust and vibration. The IP66/67-rated fixture ensures resistance to dust and water ingress with the added assurance of UL1598/A rating that guarantees excellent corrosion resistance in marine and offshore environments. Sealed, integrated wiring compartments on each end provide easy access for installation in low-profile applications and through-wiring capability supports multiple fixture

installation on a universal 120-277V AC circuit. The End-to-End linear series light fixtures are available in 2-foot or 4-foot lengths to suit a wide range of illumination and mounting requirements, each with a minimum CRI of 80 for superior colour fidelity. Lumen output ranges from 3,500 to 7,500 and up to 125 lumens per watt for outstanding energy efficiency and low-cost operation.

Nice and cheesy does it A

cheese producer was faced with the challenge of connecting its up-level processing area to the floor levels of the end of line production area.

Thermal Solutions For Industry

Vacuum packed cheese blocks needed to be transported downwards at a rate of 40 per hour without damaging the plastic and losing any product lifetime. However, because of the enormous de-elevation required, traditional conveyors were not an option. Platform elevators could also not be used because of their low throughput capacity.

Insulation Technology: Insulated covers are developed with the customer to protect items which need to be protected in pristine condition whilst outside of the refrigerated area. This cover can help solve the problems created by shortage of chiller space during daily deliveries.

A spiral conveyor was the ideal solution for throughput and gentle product handling, but the challenge for a spiral conveyor was the minimum space that was available between the construction beams in the various floors. This was found to be too narrow for conventional spirals.

Its insulating properties maintain chill products at the correct temperature for many hours whilst outside the chill room.

However, the AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor SVs platform, which was chosen, has a 140mm wide belt and only requires a diameter of 1240mm, and so fitted in. This machine comes from the Spiralveyor SlimLine programme and is designed with a small footprint to overcome space issues in packing areas. The total elevation required 19.5 spiral windings and that is at the higher end of what is possible. The patented Triple-E conveyor belt technology with 100% rolling friction makes such a number of windings possible in one go with one belt.

1stWebbing find bespoke technical textile solutions in all areas of industry. We supply high quality webbings in any size and colour in Polyprop, Cotton, Polyester Nylon, Carbon. We are specialist suppliers of Spacer Fabric with 650 different grades in the data base. Uses vary from medical to filtration. The many years of experience in this field have lead 1stWebbing to develop a whole range of additional products involving textiles and have had particular success with a range of bespoke logistics products currently in use with mainstream retailers.

Please contact 01763 245721 for more details or email

The solution comes with a stainless steel, welded frame which does not trap any dirt and contains no soft metals like aluminium – a must to handle the aggressive cleaning detergents used in the dairy industry. T +31-229 285 130


oshiba TEC has announced the introduction of two new devices that ensure barcodes have a consistent level of quality and readability. The T-Scan validator and T-Check verifier identify various issues before a barcode enters into the supply chain, avoiding poor traceability and the possibility of fines being issued for incorrectly labelled products. In 2014 The GS1 Label Quality Report, based on a field study conducted in 14 countries, discovered that almost 30% of all pallets reviewed had some form of labelling problem such as poor print quality or wrong serial shipping container code. To combat the problem, Toshiba TEC’s ISO 15416 and ISO 15415 compliant T-Scan and T-Check systems offer two levels of quality grading to confirm barcode readability for a variety of processes and vertical sectors. Used in conjunction with the Toshiba B-EX series of industrial printers, T-Scan checks that barcodes are readable straight after they are printed & validates that the contents are correct. T-Check provides objective measurements of quality towards published barcode quality standards. T 0843 224 4944


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Cleaning & Hygiene Matters

Nationwide catches eye of the city N

ationwide Hygiene Supplies Ltd has been acknowledged by the London Stock Exchange’s as one of the 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain. The report and listing identifies the UK’s fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). In order to be included in the list, companies needed to show consistent revenue growth over a minimum of three years, significantly outperforming their industry peers. Accepting the award on behalf of all the company and staff, CEO, David Scholes, said, “This award is recognition of our continued success and determination to deliver ever improving value to our customers. Nationwide Hygiene Supplies has always placed an emphasis on entrepreneurial and local service throughout its network of 35 branches, with each location managed and operated by investor shareholders and staffed by highly experienced cleaning and hygiene professionals.” The Rt Hon George Osborne MP said, “UK high-growth businesses are leading the charge in rebuilding our economy. These companies are the backbone of the British economy. They create high-quality, well paid jobs, innovate and drive economic growth. This government fully understands the need to support ambitious entrepreneurs and ensure they can access the finance they need to grow.”

A full searchable database of all of the companies along with a downloadable pdf of the publication can be found online at: Contact T +44 (0)844 499 6380

Armstrong re-equips Newcastle hotel laundry on fixed price hire J

esmond Dene House is Newcastle’s only independently owned boutique hotel. With 40 rooms including a number of suites, a busy restaurant and five rooms catering for weddings and other private events, there’s always plenty of laundry. While bed and table linen requiring ironing is sent out, everything else is laundered in house including towels, face cloths, robes, chef’s whites and all the kitchen linen.

PURELL ES™ Everywhere System – Hand hygiene where you need it H

ygiene is vitally important. It plays a significant role in increasing well-being and is paramount in helping to prevent the spread of germs.

aesthetics with the trusted PURELL® Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub, offering innovative placement options, ideal in a variety of settings, with the ultimate in germ-killing effectiveness.

Mike Sullivan, managing director of GOJO Industries-Europe, said, “GOJO continues to be at the forefront of research to develop products that deliver results, but that are also kind to the skin. Our latest system ensures that hand hygiene can be available wherever and whenever it is needed, encouraging healthier hand hygiene behaviour at all times.”

The small footprint of the PURELL ES™ Everywhere Systems provides access to hand hygiene in previously challenging locations such as food handling environments and mobile facilities. Constructed of robust materials, key features include versatile mounting accessories, quick and easy maintenance and long term reliability, giving this PURELL product a unique place in the hand hygiene category.

Designed to bridge the gap between dispensers and bottles, the PURELL ES™ Everywhere System is the smallest, most versatile PURELL system in the market. It combines premium

T +44 (0)1908 588444

Dudley Industries continues to focus on quality and efficiency D

udley Industries operate using the 5s manufacturing technique; this philosophy of lean manufacturing ensures that we produce high quality products as standard. A well organised workplace also results in a safer, more efficient and productive operation. This benefits our customers as we are able to offer short lead times without compromising on quality.

The hotel had a small laundry supplied by Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems consisting of just one washer and one dryer that was installed in 2007 on a fixed price hire agreement. Last year head housekeeper, Linda Collins, suggested that as the equipment needed replacing and occupancy was increasing it would be worthwhile to double the capacity of the laundry. This would enable them to wash the robes which were previously sent out and also provide a quicker, more efficient turn-round on the stock.

ordered and installed. The new laundry consists of two Amazon HSF washers, one 14kg and one 18kg capacity and a Huebsch stacked tumble dryer providing 2x14kg capacity. Once again the hotel has opted for a fixed price hire scheme, which includes all parts and labour throughout the rental period and ensures ease of budgeting for the laundry outgoings.

Having been happy with the Armstrong agreement for the previous eight years, they asked them to come back, and a new laundry was subsequently

T 01635 263410

In April 2015, Dudley Industries was awarded the Rentokil Initial Health and Safety Award for Small Businesses. The award was given by Dean Wilson, Health and Safety Director at Rentokil Initial and was presented to the Health and Safety Committee on behalf of Dudley Industries. It was a great achievement for Dudley to have gone 46 months without a lost time accident, proving that the procedures we have in place are effective. Dudley Industries is committed to continuous investment into its facilities, having invested a substantial amount into new machinery. Last year we invested in a Linishing Cell which improved efficiency due to the manual finishing process, which was a time-consuming process and presented health and safety issues. Having the Automated Linishing Cell now means that

each product meets the high standards demanded by Dudley’s customers, achieving consistently high levels of accuracy with each product manufactured. Dudley Industries has the expertise and knowledge to take on bespoke manufacturing projects. Click here to see some bespoke manufacturing examples. If you would like to speak with Dudley regarding our services, please call +44 (0)1253 738311, or email:

Precision Hygiene P

recision Hygiene has forged a long and successful partnership with Hobart, supplying its superior Ecomax ranges of glass and dishwashers nationwide. Building on strong foundations, the relationship has gone from strength to strength. Precision now offers not only the best ware-washing equipment in the marketplace, courtesy of Hobart, but also a full service solution. From start to finish its dedicated and experienced account managers will consult you on the best solution for your needs. Able to provide bespoke tabling, full installation by Hobart technicians and complete project management, Precision Hygiene really does take the stress out of upgrading your equipment. Hobart’s Ecomax and Ecomax Plus ranges offer a twotiered approach, ensuring that the right size and capacity equipment is always on offer at a price to meet all budgets. By partnering with Hobart, Precision is also able to offer interest-free credit and comprehensive leasing options. For Precision Hygiene, choosing Hobart as its ware-washing partner has been a great move, allowing it to off a unique and personalised service and supply the market-leading ware-washing product at an affordable price. T 0845 287 3120

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Health & Safety Matters

Breakthrough in PD instruments W

ith the launch of a new hand-held instrument, a big step forward has been taken to understand and interpret the measurement of Partial Discharge (PD), a major cause of failure in High Voltage (HV) Electrical Assets.

Unlike measuring Volts and Amps, PD measurements can be difficult due to the sensitivity of the measurement and environmental conditions out in the field. The UltraTEV Plus2 has been designed based on feedback from electrical engineers around the world and the result is a major breakthrough for the use of hand-held PD instruments. The UltraTEV Plus2 tells the

operator if the measurements are real PD or if its noise or interference and can capture measurements and transfer them via Wi-Fi, meaning inspection staff can record data and move on to the next job. All the information is then available for PD and Asset Management experts to analyse the results; making comparisons, looking for trends and integrating the information into corporate Asset Management systems. PD measurement on cables is now possible with the UltraTEV Plus2, also new analytical tools allow greater ability interpret more complex results. T 0151 339 4181

Cirrus Research reveals exclusive offer for new doseBadge® Mark V orders N

oise monitoring specialists Cirrus Research have unveiled some of the USPs and an exclusive offer for clients who order the new doseBadge® Mark V.

Following on from the successful three day event Cirrus is now offering the first 20 orders that are placed for the Mark V will also receive a brand new Android tablet as part of their package.

The latest model has a wide range of new USPs including: increased wireless technology so the doseBadge can be


andsan, Evans Vanodine’s alcohol based hygienic hand rub, has passed European Test Method EN 14476 against Vaccinia virus with a one minute contact time. This indicates effective activity against enveloped viruses, including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Influenza Virus, Herpesvirus and Hepatitis B.

help protect and moisturise the skin. Handsan is ideal for use in medical care establishments and the catering industry, wherever food is handled, prepared or served. Handsan also passes EN 1276, EN 13727 and EN 1500. It is available in 5L, 500ml pump bottle, 75ml spray bottle with clip and 1L sealed cartridge for use in the Evans Evolve dispenser.

Handsan is a fast acting and highly effective hygienic hand rub, with 70% alcohol to ensure no residue or odour is left behind on hands. It also contains added glycerine to

To find out more about Handsan and to download a microbiological profile, visit the product pages on the Evans Vanodine website at:

Golden years M

ark Andrews, global product manager Powered Air, Halfmask & Airline at Scott Safety examines respiratory protection for the ageing workforce. To ensure that Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) will provide adequate protection for the wearer, tight fitting RPE must be fit tested. As people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and as the shape of our face changes with age, weight or the addition of facial hair, it is unlikely that one particular type of RPE facepiece will fit everyone. Regular face fit testing is critical in ensuring that the equipment selected is suitable.

Offering a host of new features, the latest addition to the dosebadge range was showcased at the recent SHexpo 2016, giving delegates the chance to see and experience the latest model for the first time.

The Mark V has been developed by the in-house R&D team, following on from the doseBadge IV that was introduced in 2007. Its compact size hosts a wealth of new future-proof technology but still offers the same tried and tested features that have set the doseBadge apart since its debut in 1996.

Evans Vanodine’s Handsan passes virucidal test

connected via a mobile phone or App on a IOS or Android controlled device; with information being downloaded even quicker using this Bluetooth type of technology. The reader unit is now even more slimline boasting detailed data-logging facilities that can be specified down to the second, rather than the previous one-minute window. Visit to receive exclusive pre-release information.

The cardiovascular system generally declines with age, which impacts upon a worker’s uptake of oxygen. For an older employee in a manual position, these changes in lung function can reduce their ability to do certain active tasks. If also required to wear RPE, additional strain can be put upon the worker so it is vital that the correct mask or respirator is selected to meet their respiratory needs. Unlike PAPR which assists breathing, half and full face masks rely upon the wearer to draw air through the mask which puts additional burden on the respiratory

system. The presence of exhalation valves aid reducing inhaled CO2 and dead-space temperature within the mask to improve the user comfort. In the case of an older worker, the increase flowrate puts far less stress on their respiratory system and could enable them to work for longer periods of time than a worker wearing a traditional mask. Ultimately, whether a worker is fresh into the workforce, or from an older generation, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is fit for purpose and that every worker is individually catered for. T 01695 711711

Compliance software C

temperature, humidity or door status; 24/7.

heckit has partnered with Cambridge City Council to develop its next generation Cloud-based food safety management system. Checkit builds upon the Food Standards Agency’s Safer Food Better Business, enabling all food businesses to replace their paper-based system with interactive digital checklists and automated cloud-based monitoring. The Checkit system includes a hand-held device that displays scheduled tasks to staff, guiding them to ensure they comply with food safety procedures and then

automatically records and time-stamps their actions; handheld temperature probes and wireless sensors that monitor

The data from all checks and temperature readings is viewable by staff and managers via a cloud dashboard providing complete visibility and control and reducing management burden. Checkit is available as a subscription service with packages for every size of business from the small restaurant to a multi-site chain or food manufacturer. T 01223 941450

3M™ Petrifilm™ Count Plates win Top Product of the Year Award 3

M’s Food Safety business has announced that its 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates won a Top Product of the Year Award at the Environmental Leader 2016 Conference in Denver, hosted by Business Sector Media, publisher of Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Today. Scores were determined by a panel of experts in environmental and sustainability management serving as independent judges. “We are honoured to receive this prestigious designation,” said Silvia Perez, Vice President of 3M Food Safety. “It’s our belief that being environmentally responsible and delivering business results do not have to be at odds with each


other. Petrifilm plates serve as a reliable alternative to traditional test methods and allow users to make their testing operations more efficient and less taxing on the environment.” 3M has developed an extensive portfolio of Petrifilm plates that serve as fast, accurate, and efficient quantitative microbial indicator tests. The tests provide food and beverage manufacturers with critical data that enables them to better monitor and control production processes to avoid quality and safety issues. As compared to traditional agar methods, Petrifilm plates are a more sustainable alternative. They offer users a 66%

reduction in waste, use 76% less energy, 79% less water and produce 75% fewer greenhouse gases. Learn more about how Petrifilm plates can help you meet your sustainability goals at: and 3M’s commitment to environmental stewardship at:

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Food Safety & Testing Matters

New 3M™ Microbial Luminescence System Kit 3

M’s Food Safety Business is pleased to announce the launch of its Microbial Luminescence System UHT Beverage Screen Kit, a new rapid test for Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) beverages. This new test expands the application of the 3M Microbial Luminescence System (MLS) from UHT dairy products to a wide variety of UHT and ESL beverages such as fruit juices, caffeinated drinks, coconut waters, smoothies, dairy, dairy substitutes, and dairy/juice mixtures. The system provides a rapid method for quality release testing, reducing the time-to-result by two to three days or more, compared to traditional methods like agar plates and pH measurement. “UHT and ESL beverages and their processing techniques are becoming more sophisticated and diverse. Yet the historical test methods continue to lag behind and are time-consuming and limiting,” said Eric Amann, 3M Food Safety global marketing manager. “This new and improved 3M technology provides a quicker and more reliable way to detect microorganisms in a wide variety of beverages.”

The technology is one of many innovative solutions 3M offers food and beverage industries to help optimise the quality and safety of their products and enable consumer protection. Customers interested in this new technology should contact their regional 3M Food Safety representative, visit: MLS or email: 3M is a trademark of 3M Company.

Laboratory scale spray dryer T

into the chamber to evaporate the liquid content of the sample. On completion of drying, the hot air and solids are separated in a glass cyclone.

he Labtex ESDTi laboratory scale spray dryer is a self contained unit designed to produce powders from liquids in seconds! It is compact in design and quiet in operation. The unit incorporates all parts necessary for the spray drying process and allows control of inlet temperature, liquid sample flow, drying air flow and compressor pressure. The ESDTi spray dryer is manufactured using the highest quality materials including 316 stainless steel, PTFE and borosilicate glass 3.3. A compressor is included inside the unit. How spray drying process works Spray drying involves three fundamental processes: liquid atomisation, evaporation and separation/collection of the dried

Elemental analysis is continuing to develop at a fast pace worldwide with the need for ultimate precision, complex system requirements, and expanding fields of applications for even routine operations. SPECTRO leads the progress advancements in this field by providing new solutions and continuous innovations. Since our inception, over 40,000 instruments have been delivered globally. These include handheld spectrometers for applications such as metal recycling to fully automatic sample preparation and analysis systems for the process control in a variety of industries covering difficult applications.

For more information, please visit our website:

product. The material to be dried is sprayed into a vertical drying chamber. At the same time a large volume of hot air is fed

Applications The most successful drying applications for spray dryers are for solutions, slurries and pastes which a) cannot be dewatered mechanically b) are heat sensitive and cannot be exposed to high temperatures for long periods or c) contain ultrafine particles that will agglomerate and fuse if dried in any state other than a dilution. Spray drying is especially applicable to heat sensitive products due to the exceptionally short residence time in the dryer hot zone. Contact Greg Smith at Labtex on 01484 600200.

Endecotts Ltd E

ndecotts is a renowned manufacturer of high quality laboratory test sieves, sieve shakers, and related laboratory equipment. Their equipment meets demands of a worldwide market in food, agriculture, engineering, mining, pharmaceuticals and other industries. The test sieves are available in a wide range of sizes, according to every standard. Endecotts offers Bostwick Consistometer – a simple, dependable instrument which determines the consistency of various materials by measuring the distance which a sample flows under its own weight. It is used extensively in the food industry for measuring the consistency, flow rate and viscosity of jams, jellies and other highly viscous products such as tomato paste, tomato ketchup, tomato puree, fruit puree, yoghurt, condensed soup, mayo, chilli sauce, mustard, cheese sauce, batters, cake mixes, gravies, sauces, salad dressings, chilled food and ready meals etc. Endecotts Consistometer is available in Standard Length (24cm) and as Extra Long (30cm). T +44 (0)208 542 8121

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Dairy Suppliers Company of the Month

Enabling local supply on national scale F

ood and Drink Matters is incredibly proud to present Cafémilk as its selected Dairy Suppliers Company of the Month. Satisfying the needs of cafés, coffee shops and tea rooms, Café-milk supplies fresh milk daily to independent establishments across the UK. Having worked with local dairies since 1995, the company was set up to provide better prices and better service to businesses both large and small. “The most important thing for any café is to have a daily supply of fresh milk,” commented Tim Marland of Café-milk. “Our many dairies throughout the UK allow us to supply fresh milk as well as other dairy products to coffee shops nationwide. “The UK is home to around 18,000 cafés, half of which belong to the big groups and the other half are independent. Our aim is to help the independent cafés compete with the large groups by providing improved buying power.” Being part of IDC Ltd, a company that works to enable ‘small’ suppliers to offer their products and services to the larger customer, means café-milk is backed by IDC’s renowned services. As well as supplying fresh milk and dairy products,

the company aims to reduce admin and banking through single statement and payment. Customers receive weekly invoices that will allow them to check purchases and with extended credit, are able to enjoy better payment terms as well as improved profit. Café-milk recently joined forces with Booker to cover all your catering and cleaning requirements. This means Café-milk customers are able to purchase from Booker through their Café-milk account for grocery products such as bacon, eggs, cheese, tuna, baked beans and many more. This means reduced admin, improved payment terms and no need for additional Booker credit checks.

concluded Tim. “We aim to support local suppliers and the communities they serve while assisting independent cafés through improved pricing and service. “To enhance our services, our website is currently being developed to feature other café suppliers and café products.” products can also benefit from these exceptional services.

For more information on Café-milk’s products and services, contact the company on 01296 746563 or visit the website at:

“As we continue to grow, more and more customers are joining day by day, reaping the benefits of our competitive prices and unrivalled service,”

Booker offers a fantastic range of grocery products but also supply a comprehensive range of cleaning and sanitary products. There is now no need to waste valuable time going to the Cash & Carry, simply have the products you require delivered, allowing you more time to spend with your customers. Café-milk not only supply fresh milk and other supplies to cafés and coffee shops, places such as restaurants, nurseries, care homes and anywhere that requires such

Specialist Pump Manufacturer of the Month

Passion for pumps F

ood and Drink Matters is incredibly proud to present Verder as its selected Specialist Pump Manufacturer of the Month.

With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, Verder are renowned specialists in pumps and pumping solutions. The family run company supplies high quality equipment and cost-effective fluid handling solutions throughout the world to a variety of industries including Water and wastewater, Printing, Chemical, Food and beverage, Construction, Pharmaceutical and many more. Founded in 1959 by Andre Verder, the organisation started as an entrepreneurial trading company in different industrial and laboratory products. From these humble beginnings Verder grew substantially over the years – now operating worldwide from 27 sites in 20 countries, employing around 1,000 staff with a strong presence in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. “Innovation and technology have been our leading criteria from day one when selecting products and suppliers,” commented Sales Manager, Duncan Brown. “Our exceptional pump technology is very different from anything else on the market as we design our products to tackle specific tasks. “Our customers benefit from their ease of use allowing for fast, efficient


operation, less damage and advanced technology. We put our heart into pumps and ensure each customer is extremely satisfied with the level of service they receive.” New to the ever growing range is the Verderflex Vantage 5000. At the cutting edge of peristaltic pump technology, Vantage 5000 is first in the market with an intuitive touchscreen. The cased tube pump offers superior levels of dosing accuracy, at high discharge pressures exceeding 7 bar (100 psi). Used for water treatment, food flavouring, chemical dosing, pharmaceutical and brewery applications, the system is a gentle pumping solution that has a higher flow than other leading brands and highly accurate stepper controlled dosing.

Its features include a state of the art touch screen through which the system is programmed and a USB port which allows for back up giving the user massive security. Easy to set up, the unit requires no manual which is a major step forward in this industry. The Verderflex Rollit is another notable product in the range. The dry running roller pump is ideal for those who are concerned with contamination. As the pump requires no lubrication, contamination is animated. The intelligent system has high flow rates and is designed to operate at low temperatures. Unlike similar systems, if the Rollit runs dry it will not brake but still run until it is refilled. This saves a great deal of time and money and systems can be costly to fix.

In addition to this quality range, the Verder Service team provides first rate pump repair, maintenance and overhaul services plus end-to-end project management. If you require a chemical dosing or a pumping solution, the Verder Service team can provide consultation, design and drawings, build and installation, commissioning and contract maintenance. “As we continue to expand,” concluded Duncan, “our core aim is to be a successful business which means investing in our growth in both the short and long term. It also means that we care for our customers, employees and suppliers and other business partners as well as for the environment. “Our focus is to continue to make plans as the market stablishes after the referendum. We believe the world of business won’t stop and there will always be a need for people and services. We are confident we will overcome the short term turbulence and continue to provide a great service to our customers.” T 01924 221033

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Natural & Organic Products Europe Review Top 30

10% increase in attendees

Professor Grunschnabel



ince 2003, Professor Grunschnabel has been a slowly but surely rising star in the Dutch foodie scene. The brand has been exporting to other European countries since 2013, and moved into more mainstream retail in 2015 with its Benelux-wide launch in leading supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

April 2016. We found that our Indian Winter (fresh ginger & spices), Brasil Basil Lime (fresh lime, lemon and orange juice with fresh basil), Café el Khatib (coffee & cardamom) and many other cosmopolitan flavours appealed to British palates as well as to those of the very international visitors to the show.

We don’t like to brag & we even blush when others do it for us. Jonny Boer, a Dutch 3-Michelin star superchef, once praised our assortment as “a beautiful range of unique flavours with a perfect balance”.

Our founder, Jonathan Ornstein, likes to provoke people by saying that milk is for babies. Of our 20 flavours, 19 are vegan, the 20th is only 99.9% vegetal. All our flavours are dairy free, gluten free, soy free and egg free. And very delicious! But don't take our word for it!

enowned for attracting a who’s who of buyers from across the health, beauty, food and eco-living categories, Natural & Organic Products Europe – Europe’s leading natural and organic products show – welcomed a record 10,226 total attendees from 86 countries through its doors in 2016 on 17-18 April at London’s ExCeL. Thanks to a 10% increase in attendees for 2016, the 20th anniversary edition played host to the biggest trade showcase (and celebration) of the natural and organic industry that the UK has ever seen. Over two days, Natural & Organic Products Europe transported visitors around the world via 650 exhibiting companies promoting a vibrant choice of natural, organic, fair trade, free-from, vegan, and vegetarian brands from 46 countries. The central exhibition was complemented with a packed programme of expert seminars and live cooking demonstrations. Amazing, impressive, inspiring, engaging, exceptional, and enjoyable – are just a few of the words attendees

have used to describe the show so far; with around 89% of surveyed visitors rating their experience as excellent/good (3 out of 4 visitors said excellent/very good). Natural & Organic Products Europe includes three show sections: Natural Health & Living, Natural Beauty & Spa and The Natural Food Show. The next edition will take place from 2-3 April 2017 at ExCeL London. This is our first pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s show. Further details can be found here and on the next two pages.

Cereal Lovers

again had a lot of international interest at the show – we are so proud of our company going out to the market ahead of the curve with a delicious healthy range of fruit granolas. Please check us out at:

Coconom aunched in 2013, Coconom is an ethical brand on a mission to bring you the highest quality coconut products, straight from nature. We want to help make eating healthy a bit easier for people, and that is where the humble coconut comes in! From sourcing to manufacturing, we keep things simple, so that our products are both kind to the body and to the planet. Always 100% natural, ecologically responsible and free from artificial ingredients, we

Coconom is all about coconut products that do good and taste good too! All Coconom products are 100% Natural, Certified Organic, Chemical Free, Gluten Free, Vegan approved & Paleo-diet friendly. Whether you are a passionate baker, healthy eater or fitness fanatic, you will find our

It began when Chris, who was becoming increasingly frustrated with his food intolerances, began making raw chocolate as a hobby. When he found that he could enjoy his own chocolate, which was sweetened with coconut sugar rather than refined cane sugar, Chris decided to develop his own line of raw chocolate bars. Chris’ enticing range embraces the deliciously vibrant flavours of

Raspberry, Orange, Fruit & Nut, Mint and Lime, and its offering of original chocolate features three strengths: Mild (65%), Plain (75%) and Intense (85%) to accommodate individual taste preferences. Unlike other brands of chocolate which use unhealthy fats, milk, processed sugars and artificial sweeteners, enJoy! Raw chocolate is manufactured using just three main ingredients: raw cacao butter, raw

cacao powder and coconut blossom sugar. Chris and Steph’s chocolate is also approved by the Vegan Society and certified organic by the Soil Association. Please consult the company website or contact enJoy! Raw Chocolate for further information. T 01264 316161

Seed and Bean

never compromise on nature’s perfection. We also insist on an ethical practice, helping to provide better living for the smallscale producers we work with.

products, the perfect choice to fuel your day, naturally! Nothing but natural goodness, direct from the humble coconut!

Because Health is Freedom A

non-optimum health condition can be really debilitating and frustrating; not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. With good health it goes without saying that we are freer to go where we want and do what we want to do – which is the primary ethos of the Holland based company: The Health Factory who has over the last 15 years specialised in the unique process & crafting of extremely pure, 100% bio-available, nano minerals that mimic nature’s own delivery method for minerals.


ince its launch Seed and Bean’s mission has always been to create the most ethical, sustainable and delicious handmade British chocolate. We believe in courageous chocolate, mixing flavours from nature to transform the simplicity of a pure cocoa bean into what we call kaleidoscopic moments of pleasure; some tastes are easy on the palette, some quite unusual while others will rocket your taste buds – all are delicious.

is a unique flavour to the chocolate world: Dark Aromatic Fennel, the sweet liquorice flavour of the fennel sits wonderfully with the smooth dark chocolate – a taste that will tease and please in equal measures. The third new addition is the Dark Sweet Orange and Thyme, the combination of the citrus from the orange and the peppery fresh flavour of Thyme is a delicious flavour blend that will strike a chord with all chocolate lovers.

Summer 2016 sees the launch of 3 new flavours at Seed and Bean to add to our existing 18. We always ensure our flavours are creative and imaginative, without being quirky. This will be our first new flavour launch for over 2 years; first up Rich Milk Caffè Mocha, tastes as the title sounds; smooth, creamy with a subtle hint of coffee for that little pick me up it literally glides over the taste buds. Next up

At Seed and Bean we are proud to say you can trace our chocolate from field to store. We only produce chocolate which has been traded fairly and support the Fairtrade Foundation as much as we can. Seed and Bean is the only 100% ethically accredited chocolate company. We proudly produce chocolate with a conscience.

Chosan unveils relaunched Hibiscus & Baobab Superfruit Drinks

It has been the ambition of the founder of The Health Factory to bring the results of his continuing research and understanding of ancient knowledge and advanced technology together to achieve exactly what Nature intended for us in the first place, and while everyone is different, the results are very encouraging. As the UK importer, Noble Naturals Ltd is unique in that they almost exclusively specialise in and distribute The Health Factory products, which means they are focused and intent on delivering the highest possible service, reflective of the premium quality products they offer. Since Noble Naturals started just over a year ago, there have been people from all over who have found out for themselves and experienced their own remarkable results of improved health of body, mind and spirit. Contact the friendly and approachable staff today for more information or visit their website.

Handmade organic vegan chocolate uxurious raw dark chocolate takes a new form with enJoy! Raw chocolate, a company that was founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Chris and Steph Crutchley. The organisation, which is based in Andover, Hampshire, specialises in the manufacture and supply of chocolate that is completely free from dairy, gluten and soya.

ll at Cereal Lovers are delighted to officially launch our first snack range which has already been a finalist at the prestigious World Food Innovation Awards. The three flavours of snacking granola – chocolate, forest, and sunshine – went down a treat! The interesting combination of flavours and seeds is a brilliant artisanal solution to the snack that both gives immediate satisfaction and then sustains you for some hours to come. We are finding airline pilots, deskfasters, and gym bunnies amongst our clientele.




We also took the opportunity at the Natural and Organic to show our new packaging for our simply fruit granolas. We are proud to be the first, and at the moment, the only commercially produced fruit filled granola with no added sugar and salt. This

We were delighted to delight the visitors at the Natural & Organic Products Europe show in London in

Contact T 01342 457170


ndependent producer, Chosan, unveiled its rebranded organic soft drinks at the Natural and Organic Products Show.

beverages take inspiration from traditional Gambian recipes, with hibiscus and baobab as our primary ingredients.”

Formerly known as Wonjo Hibiscus and Bouye Baobab, these all-natural drinks have undergone an extensive overhaul to become Pure Hibiscus, Hibiscus with Fiery Ginger, Hibiscus with Refreshing Ginger and Baobab Superfruit Drink.

All four drinks in the Chosan range are made with 100% natural ingredients without the use of artificial additives, preservatives or colourings, and are gluten-free and vegan friendly. Along with the natural goodness of Chosan’s drinks, there’s also an ethical element. Five pence from every bottle sold will go to African food producers to help improve their standard of living.

Available in a convenient ready to go bottle, the exotic hibiscus infused drinks are ideally suited for the summer season. They pair well with spicy and barbecued food and offer a refreshing, thirst quenching experience.

Chosan Managing Director, Eliza Jones, said, “We decided to relaunch our drinks to position them more clearly as premium products for health conscious consumers. These

M 07951 113143

is sponsored by Parkers Food Machinery Plus – see them on pages 11 & 16


Natural & Organic Products Europe Review Top 30

Certified organic distillers

Greek Style Sheese: Another successful innovation


ioSpirits BV stood out for all the right reasons whilst in attendance at Europe’s most renowned natural business event, Natural & Organic Products Europe, earlier this year.


Known as the only certified spirit manufacturer in the Netherlands, BioSpirits is the country’s exclusive processor of organically developed materials that are made into the finest spirits courtesy of meticulous craftsmen who are well-practiced in traditional distillery methods. The company, which operates with the motto ‘quality without compromise’, made a significant impression on retailers and distributors alike at the respected natural products exhibition with its aromatic selection of certified organic alcoholic beverages. Although BioSpirits is best known for its spirits (genever, gin, rum, vodka and eau de vie) and liqueurs (whiskey, beer, coffee and Apfelkorn), the

team are currently working on two new lines of premixes and soft drinks. If you would like any further information about BioSpirits, its portfolio of products and distillery methods, then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with the team today. Kennedy’s International Distribution Ltd Contact: Ivan Kennedy, Director M +44 (0)7958 411936


Quinua Real or ‘Royal Quinoa’ is a new range launched at this year’s show. New to the UK, this superfood of the Incas is proving popular in Europe and offers a wide range of quinoa products including grains, flour and flakes to pasta, drinks, risotto, tabbouleh and snack bars. The most unusual of which is a quinoa syrup which is the first and only quinoa syrup available on the market. Ideal as a sweetener or for desserts and flapjacks, it’s packed full of vitamins and essential amino acids. It’s also high protein, rich in fibre and easy to digest.

Exhibiting at Natural & Organic Products this year for the first time under the new name, gave the perfect opportunity to showcase the company’s growing product range alongside its newly obtained agency lines: Celestial Seasonings, Isola Bio and Quinua Real.

Isola Bio or ‘Organic Island’ in its native Italy, offers a range of

speciality milk alternatives that includes Millet, Barley, Kamut, Spelt and Buckwheat drinks. Also available is a coconut water plus coconut, millet, oat, rice and soya creams which are ideal for cooking and desserts. The Isola Bio has a gluten free selection,

Also launching in September are three new Sunita halvas – Espresso Coffee, Chilli & Cocoa and Organic Coconut. T 01234 354783

Strakka Ltd S

The Strakka Estate has belonged to its current family owners for the past 70 years and has a continuous history of olive oil production going back 500 years. It appears on the 1573 map of the island by the famous cartographer Abraham Ortelius, which we use in our logo.

Health benefits Our oil is rich in polyphenols which have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 20g of olive oil.


“We can tell them there is and that no animals suffered in the process.” Greek Style Sheese has been met with industry acclaim, adding yet another

Contact: Mark Crichton, Director T 01700 505357

granoVita leads the field Our extensive and forever expanding portfolio of products currently includes: dairy free drinks, meat free snacks, vegetarian main meals, free-from savoury sauces, vegan pâtés, seeds and grains, organic nutritional oils and Eden juices. The newest edition to our range is Easy Oats, a delicious, gluten-free porridge combined with chia or flaxseeds. This nutritious, energy-filled meal offers a rich source of Omega-3 and fibre, making it perfect not just for breakfast, but as a snack or lunchtime meal. Easy Oats has been produced in single serve sachet form, with specifically designed ingredients to be free-from gluten and wheat, vegetarian suitable with no added sugar. The contents of this convenient packet can simply be created by adding boiling water and stirring for 90 seconds, the mixture will thicken, creating a creamy hearty

porridge with a sweet maple aroma. granoVita looks to develop and launch various new products throughout 2016. Innovation is important to us and we are always looking for new ideas. Our next product range to be launched later in the year will be a range of organic pasta sauces. Contact T 01933 273717

Sourcing and delivering honest Italian food A

ttention to quality of products and level of service has made us one of the leading Italian food distribution companies in the United Kingdom. We distribute in the whole of the UK and our range of products includes cheese, charcuterie, oils, vinegars, pasta, biscuits, preserved fish, honey, vegetables in oil and more. We work with great producers that take pride in what they do and follow tradition; we also have one of the largest variety

trakka Ltd, founded in 1953, is an agricultural company that produces organic extra virgin olive oil and olives from a single estate on the island of Cyprus.

The products ●● Olive Oil – Our olive oil is carefully blended from the Koroneiki, Kalamon and the local Cypriot varieties of olive to produce its unique flavour. Our olives are milled immediately after harvesting to obtain a premium oil. The oil is extracted solely from the first cold press of the olives to ensure that only oil of the highest quality is produced. ●● Aromatic Olive Oil – We produce our oil infused with lemon and orange from citrus also grown on the estate. ●● Olives – We select larger olives as table olives. These include olives of the Kalamon, Amfissa and local Cypriot varieties, each with a distinctive flavour.

“One of the most common reasons people have for not giving up dairy products is that there isn’t an acceptable dairy free cheese alternative that really tastes of cheese,” says director, Guy Crichton.

The new flavour and yet more are available from retailers worldwide or can be ordered direct from Bute Island Foods.

ranoVita is leading the field with natural supplements, specialising in a variety of free-from, vegetarian, vegan and organic products.

is organic, vegetarian and environmentally conscious.

anuary 2016 saw the official merger of George Skoulikas Ltd (1977) and Bedford Continental Wholesale (1956) under the new name, Skoulikas Bedford Ltd.

At the recent FreeFrom Awards 2016 in Germany, judges enjoyed the “delicate Mediterranean feel” of Bute Island Foods’ new alternative to feta, seeing fit to place it on the awards shortlist.

The slight tang and crumbly texture of this soya alternative to feta offers new variety to Bute Island Foods’ catalogue of vegan and kosher certified dairy-free cheese alternatives, advancing them towards its goal “to make it easy for people to eat a diet that is dairy free”.


Skoulikas Bedford Ltd

Celestial Seasonings is an alternative range of natural herbal teas which are created using responsibly sourced ingredients from over 35 countries. The most popular of which – Sleepytime – is a blend of soothing herbs including delicate chamomile, cool spearmint and fresh lemongrass.

seal of approval to Bute Island Foods’ ever-growing portfolio of industryrecognised commendations.

ute Island Foods is proud to introduce the latest addition to its family of non-dairy alternatives to cheese: ‘Greek Style’.

The show, which took place at the ExCeL London from 17-18 April 2016, proved to be the perfect platform for the contemporary organic craft distillery to promote its exceptional range of products.

of Italian organic products in the UK. If you have specific questions or requirements, feel free to call or email us; we will be more than happy to explain further about our products! T +44 (0)20 3735 5155 Facebook – Villanova Food Limited Twitter – VillanovaFood

Conscious Chocolate C Certifications Our products are certified as organic by the Lacon Institute by meeting the requirements of the EU regulation No. 2092/91. Awards ●● The Silver Standard of Excellence for High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the Olympia & Nutrition Awards (2016) ●● Great Taste Gold (2016)

onscious Chocolates are heavenly as well as healthy. Our amazingly scrumptious range of 18 decadent bars is all melt-in-the-mouth, truffle like creations that beg you to relax, linger and enjoy. The whole range of organic, delicious, chocolates is created from premium quality, fairly traded, raw, wild ingredients. We are not only an awardwinning, luxurious dark chocolate but are free from gluten, dairy, soya and refined sugars. We proudly source fairly traded ingredients world-wide for maximum taste and high nutrition. By keeping it raw our chocolate reaches you with all the vitamins and minerals in their highest, most natural state – yes, chocolate can be good for you! Find us in Wholefoods, Planet Organic and most independent Health Food stores. Look out for our exciting new lines – the Lions Raw bar is bursting with citrus zest and we donate 10% to the White Lions Protection Trust so a great cause and great chocolate. This bar was Best New Organic Product finalist at the Natural & Organic Products Europe show 2016. We also

have 3 Liqueur bars which are perfect for Christmas and any celebration, as well as our new 15g mini bars – perfect tasters and snacks. T 01342 313876

is sponsored by BioSpirits – see them on page 8

Natural & Organic Products Europe Review Top 30

Biotona Supergreens B

iotona premium raw, vegan & certified organic superfoods: a delicious way to provide yourself with a daily health boost! Top selling product is the BIOTONA BIO SUPERGREENS RAW, a superior mix of only the very best biological and green raw superfoods! The mix consists of 100% pure green food sources, each with its own range of phytonutrients and other naturally present nutritional substances.

Biotona Supergreens contains the powder of juices made from wheat grass, oat grass, alfalfa, KAMUT® khorasan grass juice and barley grass. In addition, the mix contains chlorella & spirulina, two super-algae that are also an ideal and complete source of nourishment, thanks to their excellent

Shui Me: Luxury aromatherapy reed diffusers

nutritional composition, rich in proteins. Other ingredients include the freeze-dried powder of broccoli, kale and spinach, that are packed with valuable nutritional elements, and seaweeds from Scotland (Seagreens® bladderwrack and knotted wrack), each with a wide and unique nutritional profile.


romatherapy and harmony have a new name, Shui Me. It’s the brand name for a relatively new and enchanting aromatherapy reed diffusers created by Wellbeing Bristol. Officially launched in April of this year, Shui Me is touted as having the capacity to help users achieve a more balanced mood and outlook. The diffusers are formulated from a harmonious blend of 100% pure, organic essential oils and an alcohol-free base oil derived from sustainable sources.

Biotona Supergreens is completed with added pure Matcha, watercress, cultivated in pure spring water and the leaves of Moringa oleifera, which is deservedly named a ‘wonder tree’. USE: add Biotona Bio Supergreens Raw to smoothies or shakes in combination with fruit (juices) or other superfoods, (vegetable) milk, yoghurt or water.


Pure Organic Sri Lankan Coconut Oil V

irgin Coconut provides only the best; pure virgin, organic coconut oil sourced from the Coconut Triangle area of Sri Lanka. The company’s suppliers are USDA and EU Organic, and Kosher certified, meaning they meet all the necessary import documentation requirements.

The company can also provide other quality coconut products including flour, milk, water, desiccated, flakes, chips and coir fibre.

We source the highest quality native Whey Protein Isolate and vegan White Hemp protein and blend them with superfoods like maca, matcha green tea, raw cacao, acai berry, blueberry, vanilla bean and camu camu, which not only taste great but help you nourish your body with their wholesome goodness. To ensure customers are receiving the very best coconut oil and that it is produced to a consistently high standard, product quality is regularly checked and tested. Virgin Coconut has an English partner based full-time in Sri Lanka ensuring a close relationship with their suppliers and a close eye on the quality.

After years of trying many brands of protein powder, we could not find one that would completely satisfy us with its quality and taste. Most proteins on the market are full of artificial flavourings, preservatives, sugars, thickening or mixing agents. Or they simply do not use the best quality of protein and therefore do not taste that great.

For more information or to get your hands on some premium coconut oil, contact Colin at Virgin Coconut on 07944 830929, email: or visit the website at:

We have spent several months sourcing & tasting ingredients from all over the world to ensure that we offer the highest quality product that also tastes great. We truly believe that


appy Coco is a producer of Organic Raw King Coconut water from the tropical island of Sri Lanka, and an amazingly rich and fluffy Vegan Coconut yogurt. Both products are unique and delicious. Raw king coconut water is arguably the best isotonic drink nature has to offer. The King Coconut from Sri Lanka produces a very low calorie water that is the perfect isotonic sport and festival drink. Very fresh in taste and a great remedy for hangovers too! Available in the UK through The Health Store and CLF distributors. Contact

TreeVitalise Birch Water T


●● ●● ●● ●●


reeVitalise Birch Water is both vegetarian and vegan friendly and: Stimulates the body’s purifying and cleansing systems and has micronutrients unique to the birch tree, which are believed to help strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol, and assist with weight loss Is available in three varieties – original, mint infusion and lemon infusion Offers a low natural calorie refreshment – 4-5kcal per 100ml or 10kcal for one bottle Has ¼ of calories of coconut water and is very palatable to be consumed over a meal Is a soft drink created by spring and nature and softly sweetened by the tree, and not by beverage development labs – the different varieties are created by infusing the water with organic mint leaves and lemon Is best enjoyed straight from the fridge first thing in the morning to enhance its detoxing benefits or as a healthy refreshment any time of the day

We are Pure Blend Company e blend seriously delicious pure 100% natural protein blends with ancient raw superfoods. All our blends are gluten-, soy- , nut- & sugar-free, have absolutely no additives, preservatives, thickeners, flavourings (not even ‘natural’ ones!) or anything else artificial.

Love at the first sip!

Whereas the silky and creamy vegan coconut yogurt is as good a yogurt as you’ve ever tasted. Simply irresistible! And made from only a few organic ingredients: coconut milk, tapioca starch, vegan yogurt cultures, and a tiny bit of agave nectar. Simple and pure. Organic and fair trade certified.

Shui Me can be purchased at or http:// Retailers interested in stocking Shui Me and finding out more, please contact Gary Lloyd: M 07952 551003


Known for its fragrance, taste, antioxidants, medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), and vitamins, Virgin Coconut Oil has many beneficial uses. Being Cholesterol free, it is believed to help with health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and weight loss as well as being great for your skin and an excellent cooking ingredient. The Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is packed in 1,000 Litre IBC Totes for bulk exportation worldwide from Colombo – the Totes have integral heaters for easy bottling at destination. Smaller volumes can also be supplied and shipped, bottled and labelled in the Company’s own brand new stainless steel bottling plant. Prices are very competitive and are based on FOB Colombo, CIF UK port or Delivered Duty paid, London.

Shui Me currently has three blends, Relax (lavender, ylang ylang & petitgrain), Purity (citronella, lemongrass & sweet basil) and Uplift (cedarwood & bergamot) – each named for the mood users want to achieve. However, Founder, Gary Lloyd, has greater visions for the brand. He said, “I’m hoping to expand the range starting with companion candles and then expand both ranges to a set of 6 blends.” At £45 per bottle, Shui Me is competitively priced. It

boasts a superior untainted scent, is alcohol-free, ecofriendly and has a lifespan of up to 4 months or more. One customer commented, “My last Shui Me diffuser lasted & maintained its aroma for 5 months. Excellent value for such a product of this quality.”

if you nourish your body with wholesome healthy food and move every day, you will feel and look your best.

Introducing the Dr. Korner brand T

he Dr. Korner brand was introduced at the Natural and Organic Show 2016 where it was selected as one of the Top 20 Exhibitors. The brand offers a wide range of rice cakes products made of high quality whole grains, such as rice, wheat, buckwheat, oats, pearl barley, corn, and millet. Rice cakes by Dr. Korner can satisfy every taste and preference by providing products in various categories: salted and unsalted rice cakes, sweet rice cakes, and thin squared rice cakes, as well as mini snack format. One of the unique products on the UK market is a rice cake made of 100% buckwheat, enriched with vitamins, and is suitable for a glutenfree diet. Buckwheat grain is a great

natural source of B1, B2, B6, PP, folic acid, and iron. Another star in the Dr. Korner brand portfolio is the sweet rice cake with cranberry flavour, the most loved by consumers. Sweet rice cakes, such as apple with cinnamon and ginger with lemon flavours, are great healthy alternatives to cookies and deserts. Salty and unsalted rice cakes are great as a snack on the go as well as a base for a sandwich. The Dr. Korner brand is proud to present products of the best quality, promote healthy lifestyles and guarantee the amazing taste of the cakes. Rice cakes do not contain any artificial colorants, preservatives and artificial enhancers, and promise to be 100% natural. Contact M 07583 080019

iChoc: Vegan organic chocolate F

ollowing a successful first year with over 2 million bars sold, the German vegan brand iChoc upped the ante in February with not one but two new chocolate varieties. The focus lies on vegan alternatives to the most popular types of chocolate among Germans: ‘whole milk’ and ‘whole milk nut’. The new chocolate was presented to the public for the first time at the Cologne sweets and snacks trade fair (ISM).

TreeVitalise Birch Water – the organic drink that is a healthy, sugar-free, low calorie natural refreshment, is now available at Holland & Barrett stores nationwide, as well as several hundred independent retailers and smaller health chains. T 01732 362369

Gone are the days when vegans found nothing for them in the supermarket. In a remarkably short space of time, a true vegan product paradise has arisen there. Even in the chocolate section, which iChoc enriches with six strong milk chocolate alternatives. With the new varieties, EcoFinia’s chief director and iChoc founder, Andreas Meyer, is now relying completely on vegan versions of popular chocolate classics. “It is usually the simple varieties, such as pure vegan ‘milk’ chocolate, that are requested most frequently by our customers. There are simply still huge gaps in supply here. We would like to establish vegan normality in the

food sector with strong products,” explains Andreas Meyer. When it comes to taste, the new varieties are barely distinguishable from their milk chocolate originals.

is sponsored by Parkers Food Machinery Plus – see them on pages 11 & 16


Gourmet Confectionery Specialist of the Month

Lovingly handcrafted marshmallows, especially for you


t Food and Drink Matters we enjoy promoting the hottest newcomers and biggest innovators positively shaping the market and so we are thoroughly delighted to feature Grown Up Marshmallows as our duly deserved Gourmet Confectionery Specialist of the Month. The contemporary company was established in 2015 by founder Janet Thompson, who ironically enough was never really a true lover of marshmallows. Having only previously tried the pink, white and mini mallows, Janet much preferred the texture of cake mixture and subsequently decided to create her own more sophisticated and unique version of the confectionery, incorporating exciting flavour combinations and consistencies. After conducting rigorous research and development processes, Janet decided to give up her full time job to concentrate on perfecting the art of luxury marshmallow production. She since acquired a taste for the squishy sweet treats and become dedicated to the development of ‘Grown Up’ marshmallows

made using tantalising fruit, chocolate, biscuit, cream and alcoholic infusions. The indulgent white cubes are handmade and naturally free from fat, wheat, egg, gluten and dairy products with a soft yet firm texture that is deliciously fluffy and light on the palate. Considered a dessert for adults, the gourmet mallows are lovingly shaped by artisans using only the finest ingredients and are created in accordance with strict quality guidelines to ensure a superior taste and aesthetic appeal. “Quality and natural ingredients are at the core of our philosophy and the result is something special – a superior marshmallow that has been lovingly

created especially for you,” Janet told us. “The role of our company is to provide premier flavoured marshmallows to the general public. “Although the mallows are appreciated by traders that saw me at the Trade Source Show, my local grocery store and my regular customers at the markets, I would like more shops to stock our products, so that Grown Up Marshmallows can become the gourmet mallow of choice for the South West.” The vast array of flavours includes the best selling Sassy Peanut and Salted Caramel with its syrupy sweetness and rich nutty crust and the Fragrant Sweet Violet Meringue, much loved for its distinctive flavour and delicate design.

Exmoor National Park, is currently in the process of updating its branding with a new label which was launched at the Bristol Foodie Festival and the River Cottage Spring Food Fair. These delightfully luxurious marshmallows are perfect accompaniments at dinner parties, weddings and soirées, and make an unforgettable gift for loved ones (or a treat for yourself) in the form of variety boxes, labelled bags and mallow baskets, so check out the range online for a full list of flavours and offers. M 07471 655022

Other popular versions include Ginger Crunch Crumb, Irish Cream, Rippled Raspberry, Pina Colada Cream, Chocolate Dipped Dreams and Clean Coffee, whilst this year saw the introduction of its newest editions, Banoffee Buzz, Cool Spearmint, Classic Coconut, Pineapple Crush, Luscious Lemon Meringue and Luxury Chocolate Orange. The company, which is based in Luxborough and conducts its production and packaging processes on

Food & Drink Products & Services Matters

Bonds of London appoints Neil Haywood as Head of Buying B

onds of London, one of the UK’s leading British confectionery wholesalers, has announced the appointment of Neil Haywood as Head of Buying. Haywood, formerly of Hancock’s cash and carry, recently joined the successful buying team. Neil brings 35 years of experience and a vast knowledge of the British confectionery market to his new role. He commented, “Joining Bonds has created new challenges which I enjoy, I am particularly looking forward to furthering the success of Bonds and the wider Innovative Bites business.” Being paid to buy confectionery is something most people could only dream of, but for Haywood it is a reality, having been lucky enough to turn his sweet tooth into a

successful career. Vishal Madhu, Director of Innovative Bites Ltd, said, “Bringing Neil into the business is a key move in our ongoing growth strategy. Neil brings with him an unrivalled knowledge of the UK and European confectionery market and considerable experience.” Haywood joined Hancock’s in 1982, working on the shop floor before progressing into a buying role. While at Hancock’s Neil was responsible for the procurement of confectionery from most of the UK’s suppliers of bulk weight-out sweets and the majority of the UK’s importers of children’s confectionery items, amounting to multi million pounds at cost. In his new role, Haywood (pictured) has been tasked with extending the Bonds

of London business, consolidating its already established reputation within the confectionery industry and finding new products to enhance its successful formula. T 01623 446001

Gluten free extension O

wned by Northumbrian Fine Foods (NFF), Prewett’s has further extended its range to include milk free biscuits, indulgent all butter cookies and individually wrapped chocolate coated biscuit bars. NFF’s business director, David Wood, says, “These attractively packaged biscuits have been well received by the market. We are confident they will appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers and much of the new range features ‘indulgent’ type ingredients such as Belgian chocolate.” The new offerings, which comprise four varieties of All Butter cookies, four varieties of Milk Free everyday favourite biscuits


and a Chocolate Coated Biscuit bar will allow retailers to broaden their free-from offerings. T 0191 442 4400

is sponsored by BioSpirits – see them on page 8

Manufacturing & Machining Matters

Intrinsically safe infrared temperature sensor T

he New OMEGA OSAT-151-C-LT-05 is an intrinsically safe infrared temperature sensor. It measures the temperature of surfaces in hazardous areas without contact and provides a direct 4-20 mA output. It is certified to ATEX, IECEX and TIIS standards. The OSAT is a small and compact low cost option for temperature measurement in hazardous locations. It uses

intrinsic safety as the method of protection, whereas explosion proof pyrometers typically have bulky and expensive housings. Freephone Sales 0800 488 488 (UK ONLY) T +44 (0)161 777 6611 F +44 (0)161 777 6622

The UK’s Largest Heating Element Manufacturer

Leading the way Elmatic (Cardiff) Ltd is the largest manufacturer of Industrial Electric Heating Elements in the UK. Elmatic Ltd has the widest product range to meet our customers’ requirements. Our product range includes: ●●Mica Heaters ●●Nozzle Heaters ●●Cartridge Heaters ●●Ceramic Knuckle Heater ●●Thermocouples ●●Immersion Heaters ●●Tubular Heaters ●●Square Section Heater ●●Air Duct Heaters.

Entry level bottling equipment for Miller Coors M

iller Coors Beverage Technology & Innovation department has purchased a small, easy to use 4.2.1 compactblock with inline carbonator for their laboratory in Milwaukee, to trial new recipes of beers. IC Filling Systems provided this semi-automatic machine filling 250bph featuring oxygen pre-evacuation and increased ease of use with an automatic crown sorter & CIP (cleaning in place). This great custom compactblock has been designed to assist the packaging of carbonated products in glass bottles with Crown corks from a vibrating cap sorter. It provides 3 phases of packaging in a single steel base, on wheels for use around their brewery. The 4.2.1 Compactblock brings a professional standard to small scale bottling with a 4 pocket bottle rinser, preevacuation for oxygen removal, counter-pressure filling using clean CO2 from bottles, carbonation, closing with Crown corks and cleaning in place to rinse the system. The 300L/hr inline compact carbonator uses automatic valves to simplify the sterilisation & emptying process. T 01865 481444

Please telephone 029 2077 8727 Fax: 029 2079 2297 Email:

Lorien makes key director appointment E

ngineering design and project management specialist Lorien Engineering Solutions has promoted David Mallinson (pictured) to its board as engineering director. David joins managing director Steve Slater, operations director Bill Treddenick, and directors Roy Klek and Steve Turner. Lorien Engineering, based at Centrum 100 in Burton-onTrent, specialises in capital projects for food, brewing, drinks, life sciences, biotech and safety compliance, and sustainability. It also has an office in Wroclaw, Poland & is a division of GP Strategies, a global engineering & technical services organisation headquartered in Maryland USA. During more than 30 years of operation Lorien has completed capital projects totalling more than £1 billion, providing services to client organisations across the UK and throughout Europe and Asia. David has worked at Lorien since 2012 as an engineering manager, having previously worked for the business from 2000 as a senior packaging engineer for four years. He has held senior roles with ADI Projects, Premier Foods and Ishida Europe Limited. David said, “During my time with Lorien, the business has gone from strength to strength both in the UK and overseas, and I’m looking forward to playing a key role in developing our client base and service offering still further, particularly in the sustainable and industrial sectors.”

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Manufacturing & Machining Matters

New from OMEGA the TXM12 series transmitters O

MEGA’s new TXM12 Series of transmitters offer improved performance over conventional In-head transmitters yet are a fraction of their size and weight. Integral M12 connectors maintain IP67 protection and connection integrity whilst allowing for a quick and simple change of sensor. A cold Junction compensation sensor is built into the M12 input connector allowing for accurate measurement from thermocouple probes with uncompensated M12 connector pins. The TXM12-TC transmitter is ideal for use with OMEGA’s M12 range of thermocouple probes which connect directly to the TXM12 sensor input. Freephone Sales 0800 488 488 (UK ONLY) T +44 (0)161 777 2252 F +44 (0)161 777 6622

Advanced hygienic rupture disc Elfab Ltd is now offering an advanced sanitary rupture disc design for aseptic processing


eading rupture

disc manufacturer, Elfab Limited, has enhanced its technically superior Opti-Gard™ and Flo-Tel™ range to suit an even wider range of sanitary applications. NovAseptic (NA-Connect)* compatibility further enhances Elfab’s existing Opti-Gard range, combining a unique 3% tolerance with 95% operating ratio for advanced performance. As an alternative to tri-clamp and ferrule use, new and existing customers of Elfab can now install its OptiGard range to fit within the most sanitary clamping design in industry, NovAseptic connectors, helping to overcome common challenges associated in aseptic processing. By being able to install this technical superior rupture disc into NA-Connect, it widens the use of applications for this industry leading product. The disc will sit directly flush with the vessel wall, allowing for superior cleanliness and sterilisation. Elfab Ltd is the only manufacturer to supply noninvasive detection for aseptic processing applications with its industry leading, reusable ATEX-approved burst detection system, Flo-Tel™. With its noninvasive design, Elfab’s detection system is not affected by downstream pressure fluctuations or corrosion and thus able to operate in all levels of process temperatures and sanitary atmospheres. Contact: Deborah Watson T +44 (0)191 293 1234 F +44 (0)191 293 1200 *NovAseptic (NA-Connect) is a registered trademark of NovAseptic America Inc.


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Manufacturing & Machining Matters

Automation for modern producers F

rom soda bottling plants to dairy processing facilities, Kawasaki’s food and beverage robots meet hygiene requirements and fulfill a wide range of handling processes, including bottle positioning, capping, filling, sterilising and high-speed picking and sorting as well as repetitive but precise food handling operations like the packaging of irregularly shaped items and variety packs. Elsewhere on the production floor, our reliable robots assist with loading and unloading of

packaging and sorting machines as well as palletising of packaged dairy, meat and beverage products for transfer and shipment. Our coldand heat-resistant robots can even execute dexterous materials processing and handling operations as well as packing and palletising processes in adverse working environments

in continuous fashion with speed, enhancing productivity and boosting fulfillment while improving worker welfare. As food and beverage operators demand ever greater precision and safety from their production operations, Kawasaki Robotics continues to develop cutting-edge solutions that reduce waste, boost profit and enhance the safety of the food supply. Contact T 01925 713000

Output pressure transducer N ew from Omega, the PX409S Hygienic USBH Series connects directly to your computer.

The free software makes data logging and charting your readings a simple task. The micro-machined silicon design provides a very stable transducer with exceptional high accuracy of 0.08% typical and a broad compensated temperature range, it is ideal for pressure or level measurement in life science applications.

The Hygienic Series is US 3A approved and available with 1½” or 2” Tri-Grip (Tri-Clamp compatible) fittings to work with most common applications. Contact Freephone Sales 0800 488 488 (UK ONLY) T +44 (0)161 777 6611 F +44 (0)161 777 6622

Hard facts B

owers Group has announced the release of a new range of micro hardness testing machines from Innovatest. The Nova 130/240 series of Micro Vickers and Knoop hardness testing machines offers a versatile and user-friendly solution for a wide range of micro-hardness testing applications. The Nova 130 features a three position turret which includes one indenter position as well as a 10x and 40x objective. The Nova 240 is well equipped for more demanding applications, featuring a four position turret including one indenter position, as well as 5x, 10x and 40x objectives. Both units include USB output, up to nine dial selectable test forces and a full colour touchscreen with interaction dialog support

Nova 130 & 240 series hardness testers are market leaders in their field of application. As advanced, yet traditional deadweight machines, they offer an intelligent dialog system to guide the user through their handling, making them incredibly easy to use and extremely versatile.” Made in the Netherlands, the Nova 130/240 series is manufactured using high quality components for both electronics and mechanics. It is also covered by Innovatest’s two year manufacturer’s guarantee.

which informs the user about the current status of the device, including instructions on performing one or more tests. The user is lead step by step through the handling of the tester by the intelligent dialog system, and the bright colours on the display clearly inform the user of the test results. Bowers Group represents Innovatest’s range of hardness testers in the UK and Ireland, and the Nova 130/240 series is the latest addition to the wide selection of hardness testing machine offered by the Group. Paul Hold, technical sales manager for CV Instruments at Bowers Group, says, “The new

Reduce waste labour costs A

s one of Kent’s fastest growing food companies, Watts Farms has always committed to using the latest products, savings and innovations. When they discovered that they could reduce their waste management costs by 20%, increase their compactor container capacity by 20% and make mill size bales whilst achieving 20% labour cost savings with two new machines it didn’t take them long to make the switch. Caroline Ayears-Johnson, Group Technical Manager at Watts Farm is very happy to tell everyone about the new Gillard Mi3 compactor and Strautmann BalePress 53 machines that have achieved these results. “During a review meeting with Compact & Bale, it became clear that we had outgrown our existing waste machinery supplied in 2007. Due to considerable investment and growth in our business, the types and volumes of our waste had changed to the point where Compact & Bale were able to show us that we were losing hours of labour every week and incurring considerable unnecessary costs. They conducted a detailed review and presented a proposal to replace our old machinery with two new machines,” says Caroline. Contact T 01732 852244

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Catering & Hospitality Matters

Mobile wood fired pizza ovens Do you want to stand out from the competition? You want to share your culinary talent, wherever you are? You do not like to be limited?


herever you arrive with a mobile pizza oven you can be a culinary king, be it an indoor or an outdoor event, giving your customers a new quality catering experience. Enrich your restaurant menu or create a travelling kitchen that satisfies the most demanding of palates.

At Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd we want the high cost associated with this trade and your potential lack of experience not to be an obstacle on the road to your success, equally it’s a professional solution to existing businesses. Our flagship product – a mobile woodburning stove – will generate high profits with small investment. It’s a dream start for beginners in business catering and an excellent opportunity for development and self-realisation.

Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd is the sole UK distributor for this innovative catering product. With its patented design and rigorous build quality you can be assured no detail too small has been overlooked. The mobile catering sector is an evergrowing industry. Taking into account current market trends, our trailer equipped with a professional wood burning stove provides an excellent solution for your catering business.

T 0330 010 1303

Make everyday cooking a pleasure not a chore T

ired of the endless chopping and peeling? Want to inject new life into your tired, uninspired kitchen? Introducing Savisto – a dedicated supplier of ground-breaking kitchen essentials, all designed to make everyday cooking tasks a pleasure, rather than a chore. Specialising in high-quality kitchenware, and with a keen focus on the latest technology, Savisto helps breathe life into any tired kitchen, giving all amateur cooks or culinary experts a new lease of life in the process. Gadgets and kitchen appliances include everything from on-trend spiralisers and hand blenders, to glass kitchen

scales, cocktail-making kits and electronic salt and pepper mills – all manufactured with the highest standards in mind. The must-have gadget of the moment is the spiraliser, and Savisto’s take on the trendy appliance offers superb performance. The Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiraliser has interchangeable stainless steel blades for different shapes and thickness of cuts, making it incredibly versatile – from carrots and cucumbers to the famous ‘courgetti’ which is sweeping the healthy-eating blogs, there’s no limit to what you can spiralise with this hand-operated invention.

The Savisto 3-in-1 Hand Blender is also one of the site’s top sellers. Attachments include a stainless steel blender, a food processor and a whisk, meaning the appliance can be used for anything from healthy fruit shakes to whipping up cake batter. At just £27.95, less than half the recommended retail price, Savisto prove that performance and affordability can go hand-in-hand.


The UK’s largest manufacturer of wooden A-boards, chalkboards and wooden displays


ith state of the art machinery and a huge choice of timbers, plastics, aluminium and foamex, we are sure that we can create the perfect item for you and your business. All of our wooden products are designed and manufactured in house at our UK workshop, where we house an 18,000ft2 factory and design studio. Here we can create any bespoke item, from laser engraved logos to custom made designs. As well as providing top quality wooden displays, MAJIsign also has an experienced design and digital print studio. With a large range of print media available we can design and print all of your point of sale. Every step of production is looked after by our highly skilled experts, ensuring you have the best possible finish to your products. We are very proud of our fast turnaround times. All stock products can be delivered in 1-2 days, with personalised or bespoke products taking only 3-5 days. From a chat on the phone, a written idea in an email or a scribble on a piece of paper, we will create your bespoke item for you. T 0800 7835 887


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Foodex Review Top 20

Foodex crowns competition winners

MyThyme Solutions



oodex, the UK show for the packaging, processing, ingredients and logistics industry, played host at The NEC, Birmingham, 18-20 April 2016 to thousands of visitors, who travelled the country to gain insight into the latest trends and products. Around 350 exhibitors took stands at the event with big names including Reiser, Brook Food Processing Equipment, Efaflex and Mono Equipment among those exhibiting. Such was the success of the 2016 show, almost 50% of floor space has already been rebooked for the 2018 edition of the event. Around 120 customers have committed, including Reiser, Multivac, Bizerba, Unifiller and Ulma Packaging. The show hosted several competitions spread across the three days with the winner of the Great New Idea being

yThyme Solutions demonstrated its end to end ERP system at Foodex 2016, creating a unique virtual factory. The team offered ‘foodies’ the opportunity to create their very own product using real ingredients and then follow the entire process through the business from concept to launch in store.

announced from a shortlist of three finalists on the final day. An antibacterial Bag for Life from Addmaster (UK) Ltd was awarded the Best New Idea accolade. The Biomaster Bag for Life is treated with technology proven to prevent the growth of most common types of bacteria. The next Foodex will take place from 16-18 April 2018 at the NEC, Birmingham. This is our first pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s show. Further details can be found here and on the next two pages.

At-line near-infrared analyzer N

DC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, offers the InfraLab e-Series at-line analyzer for the accurate and reliable measurement of Degree of Bake (DOB) or Brownness in biscuits, crackers, cookies and snack foods. Taste, texture and appearance are all key quality attributes that determine the success of a food product in the market. Testing of the product during the manufacturing process for moisture and colour is important to ensure final product consistency and ‘freshness,’ but testing typically requires the use of multiple analytical technologies which are often located in a laboratory remote from the production line. NDC Technologies has integrated its proven DOB or Brownness measurements into the InfraLab At-Line Analyzer to provide simultaneous

measurements of Moisture, Oil and DOB in five seconds. With no special skill required to operate, the InfraLab delivers process vision far beyond that of conventional testing. This provides unprecedented feedback to the process controller, for improved control of Moisture, Oil and DOB which offers financial benefits such as: ●● Reduced start-up times and scrap ●● Production of more consistent, within specification product (minimise ‘checking’) ●● Improved operating efficiency ●● Acrylamide mitigation The DOB measurement is designed to closely imitate the response of the human eye to changes in brownness and the readings used as highly repeatable and dependable real-time feedback to the process controller.

Visitors were impressed by MyThyme as they develop solutions to clients’ exact needs. MyThyme Solutions works with your existing processes and only changes them if it adds value. It operates in real-time, providing accurate data and visibility across all areas of the business, allowing you to make better decisions. MyThyme Solutions provides an affordable, low cost entry option that avoids large upfront costs. The technical module has been designed with control and compliance in mind providing both forwards and reverse traceability, automated product submission/specification sheets, live nutritional calculations, product costings and has been complimented by some of the highest auditing bodies. Other modules include: ●● Warehousing – Managing the stock and its integrity stock via a fully barcoded system ●● Production – Displaying and reporting real time KPIs on outputs, yields, cost per tonne ●● Sales & Ops – Managing the full process through order

processing, procurement, production and raw material scheduling ●● Accounts – Managing the cash via purchase and credit control, sales margins and purchase price variance Now that’s an end-to-end solution! Its system has revolutionised its clients’ businesses, improving profitability and providing solutions that deliver a rapid return on investment. Contact

Quality industrial food processing machinery F

peelers, mixers, metal detectors, check weighers, dip/surge tanks, dicing & slicing devices, conveyors & elevators and farm equipment.

ountain Food Machinery Ltd has been listed as one of the Top 20 Exhibitors to attend Foodex 2016. The company, which is based in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, impressed at the renowned trade event with its exceptional range of quality food processing and packaging machinery. The visitors who appeared at the NEC Birmingham for the recent edition of Foodex comprised many individuals working within the food and drink processing, packaging, ingredients and logistics sectors. This inevitably meant the exhibition provided Fountain Food Machinery with an excellent opportunity to promote their services and products whilst networking with important industry professionals.

We buy and sell new and used

Cauliflower/Broccoli Floretting Machine

Its vast array of equipment has proven popular with businesses of varying sizes across all segments of the food industry; namely, manufacturers of vegetables, ready meals, meat, poultry, seafood and baked goods. From its dedicated showroom spanning 120,000ft2, the company stocks an unparalleled selection of used and reconditioned food processing machinery such as tanks, vessels, kettles, pumps,

All stock is updated daily

Dolav Tipper – Stainless Steel Call for Price

The machinery selection features new and used components suitable for usage within all sectors of the food industry. As well as providing all makes and models for purchase or hire, the specialist in metal detection employs its own team of engineering experts with the ability to perform onsite calibration and breakdown services. The group also purchase redundant equipment from single items to complete factories. Contact T 01945 773333

Add a ‘Touch’ of smart technology P

otential danger is hiding as food makes the journey to your customer. Introducing a touch of temperature-monitoring technology at critical junctures, however, can improve food quality and help independently owned establishments be compliant with the latest food safety regulations.

The UK-based Comark Instruments recently introduced the new HACCP Touch, an easy and cost-effective system for caterers, hoteliers and restauranteurs to collect, record and store daily temperatures of critical items as they are received, stored, prepped, cooked and held – or at any other point along the way. The tamper-proof HACCP Touch even captures corrective actions that are taken when food temperatures are found to be outside of approved safe zones. Reports are available from an accompanying software solution that is both user-friendly and customisable.

Onion Peeler – Best on Market – Call for Price

Ceia Metal Detector – Full M&S Spec

01945 773333

Users interface with the device through an easy-tonavigate touch screen. It measures temperatures that range as low as -73°C and up to 437°C with an accuracy of 0.5°C. It is also water resistant and highly durable to withstand commercial-grade environments. Interested in adding a touch of smart technology to your operations? Visit: or call +44 (0)844 815 6599 to heat up your temperaturemonitoring intelligence.

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Foodex Review Top 20

J&N Food Equipment Ltd

Riggs Autopack volumetric depositors & filling machines on show at PPMA Total 2016


oodex 2016 was very good for our business, as were previous visits to this prestigious event in the food processing calendar. We met old and new customers, who have an interest in buying the top quality products we provide. We are a family business which has built our reputation by adopting the traditional and proven approach with our customers – by listening to what they want and supplying the best possible solution to their problem. Our experienced team of technicians travels to all corners of the UK to provide a repair service with its specially equipped vehicles. We have established a firm market throughout the world by supplying parts and equipment to customers in Asia, USA, Europe and South America. The core business supplies food processing equipment to butchers, farm shops, bakeries, manufacturers and many more. We are sole agents for a number of reputable

manufacturers including ABM, Mainca, Henkelman and Thompson. Popular products include beefburger machines, sausage fillers, slicers and mincers to name but a few. Based in Yorkshire, our team of experienced staff is there to offer support and guidance to customers utilising our large stock of spares and products, managed by our extensive IT systems. T +44 (0)1427 872186

New 20 Litre Bucket W

hen you scale up a bucket to hold 20 litres of solid or liquid ingredients, the bucket becomes more than just a bucket. That’s why Vikan is especially pleased to announce the new 20 Litre Bucket, a combined mixing station, stackable storage solution, transport system & cleaning vessel that also features state-of-theart hygienic design and renowned Vikan quality and durability. The 20 Litre Bucket has been painstakingly designed for multifunctionality. Its optimised size, tapered shape, spill-proof lip & clever bottom handle make the bucket ideal for ergonomic ingredient mixing and pouring. The specially designed lid & bottom comprise a secure stacking system, enabling customers to double the volume of stored goods per square metre. A dual handle system allows for

iggs Autopack Ltd will be exhibiting a selection of its high quality volumetric depositors and filling machines, transfer pumps and conveyor filling lines at this year’s PPMA Total Show, including an example of its servo drive filling machine. Visitors to the Lancashire company stand on A21 will view a 4 head automatic depositor with conveyor, a semi-automatic filling machine with transfer pump, a micro-fill depositor for small volume deposits, and a semi-automatic bulk depositor for filling catering bags, buckets and jerry cans.

carrying by either one person or two, protecting workers when transporting heavier loads. And the bucket is the perfect size and shape for cleaning and disinfecting utensils & cleaning tools. Hygienic design principles such as smooth surfaces, no acute internal angles and strategically placed drainage holes have eliminated surfaces where contamination and liquids could accumulate, helping customers minimise the risk of crosscontamination. The use of premiumquality materials ensures compliance with EU and FDA food contact requirements and the dependable performance and durability that customers expect from Vikan. Joining Vikan’s 6 and 12 Litre offerings in a complete family of hygienic design buckets, the 20 Litre Bucket is available in 5 colours.


For more information on the new 20 Litre Bucket, please contact Customer Service on +45 9614 2600 or email:

Riggs Autopack’s depositors and filling machines are available as a semi-automatic stand-alone unit for small scale producers, or as an automatic conveyor filling system for medium to large scale manufacturers. They provide damage free depositing of hot or cold liquid, semi-liquid and suspended solid products, and accurately fill most container types or size.

automatic depositing system to accurately fill jars, bottles, pots, tubs, ready meal trays, cartons, buckets, jerry cans, pouches or bags, then Riggs Autopack could have the solution. PPMA Total Show Stand A21 T +44 (0)1282 440040

If you’re investing in a high quality semi or fully

Large enough to deliver… small enough to care P

arkers Food Machinery has been selected by Food and Drinks Matters as one of the top 20 exhibitors that attended Foodex at the NEC, Birmingham earlier this year. Showcasing an exceptional range of products and services, the company wowed audiences and received a great deal of interest as well as many leads. The wholesale food machinery company is a long established business that was founded by Barry Parker and his wife Carol over 12 years ago. Years of experience in the industry has enabled the company – which is based in Bognor Regis on the south coast – to become a seasoned specialist serving its ever-increasing customer base across the breadth of the UK courtesy of its strong network of dedicated distributors.

“With our main quality products (which span across the board) we have the capability to bring a personal service, as illustrated by our motto, ‘Large enough to deliver… small enough to care’,” Barry told us. “We have a dedicated support team who are waiting to deal with your sales, service or repair enquiries, as we are committed to providing excellent service and on-going after care. Being wholesale suppliers, we are a true family-run business with many years of experience in both the food industry and retail sector. “14 years in the trade means we can ably supply machinery and sundries to butchers, caterers, restaurants, hotels and the general food industry. We have experienced substantial amounts of growth


experience within the food sector).

When discussing the organisation’s achievements and future plans, Barry said, “We feel we are a forward thinking company and we have a young team looking to take the company to its next level. We attend large nation shows as well as smaller local events because we are looking to supply to the multiples. We have truly become a nation over these last 5 years and I would like to acknowledge all of the efforts put in by all our staff.

year on year which we have responded to with the employment of new staff – we now have 15 team members – and the development of a strong network of agencies that enable us to maintain a stronger position in the marketplace. Four years ago we appointed our son to grow our sundries division, which is now half of the business! With our good quality products and competitive prices it is no surprise that we have grown exponentially.” The reputable supplier focuses on the quality supply and efficient distribution of new and pre-owned food processing machinery such as vacuum packers, weigh scale labellers & automatic wrappers, sausage power fillers & mixers, slicers & bandsaws and ovens. As the UK’s leading importers and agents for New Diamond Vacuum Packers, Manconi & DEKO Slicers, Ishida Weighing Scales and Dadaux Meat Processing Machinery, PFM is also a renowned expert in vacuum packaging. Its impressive range and concentrated efforts have even enabled the company to become one of the largest providers of vacuum packers in the country. PFM’s vast inventory extends to other associated products in the form of a competitively priced selection of butchers’ sundries. This particular offering comprises butchers

vacuum pouch bags, sausage casings, rusk, sausage seasonings, professional knifes, dried herbs & spices, butchers twine, poly trays, bags and cleaning products, all of which have been developed in line with the highest possible standards.

“Our main aim is to sustain our success with continued development. Our plans going forward in the short term are to keep supplying quality products with quality service at the best prices – we feel this is what the market now demands and what we can supply.”

Providing the complete package – machinery, sundries, spare parts and services & repairs – makes PFM stand out amongst other specialists in the industry. Its competitors generally only provide sundries or machines, so incorporating both makes the group a superior supplier of choice (particularly when you factor in that the aforementioned products and services are strongly supported by the team’s unique breadth of knowledge and

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T 0844 980 2428

Foodex Review Top 20

Multiple benefits of Proseal E-seal® T

he innovative E-seal® sealing system from heat-sealing specialist Proseal, which is available across the company’s range of automatic and semi-automatic tray sealers, offers a highperformance electric sealing solution. E-seal® technology delivers a high-precision seal with an extremely strong sealing force, ensuring every seal has the tightness and reliability to meet the stringent quality requirements of the retail sector. This is achieved while reducing compressed air usage by over 90%, thus also delivering important energy and cost savings. At the same time, retaining pneumatic functions means the machines can also offer additional benefits, such as date coding of pre-printed film.

One major benefit of the ‘e’ design is the machines’ flexibility in being able to handle any type of tray, including atmospheric, MAP, Vacuum MAP, Skin, Skin Plus and Skin Deep. Customers can simply select the format types they require, and these can be added to or taken off at any time. This allows food manufacturers to change their pack formats in line with customer demands and market trends, without having to invest in new equipment.

Production Cannot Stop

Contact T +44 (0)1625 856600 “Providing sustainable supply solutions to the food industry, inspiring excellence and exceeding expectations”


indum understands the impact that the supply of packaging has on your efficiency and profitability. This is why we will work consistently in partnership with you to ensure your ‘Production Cannot Stop’. It is critical to cut cost, reduce waste and optimise the performance of your packaging. From independent manufacturers to multi-site groups, our commitment and promise to improve your efficiency remains consistent. The lowest price does not guarantee the lowest cost-inuse. Lean practise applies to every business and every system. It is the critical process of cutting your costs, reducing waste and optimising your resources to maximise profitability. The Lean Integrated Packaging Survey will help you achieve sustainable cost reduction and your lean objectives through in-depth analysis of usage, waste and efficiency. Lindum can conduct an on-site review of your packaging processes, materials and equipment. Evaluations will identify the cost of your current practise and provide you with comprehensive reports. These recommendations will increase yields, decrease packaging waste and reduce costs without compromising on your product protection. ●● Reduce your costs – Average savings of 21% ●● Improve your performance and efficiencies ●● Reduce your packaging waste – Average reductions of 39% T +44 (0)1469 574480

Industrial chillers, refrigeration & cold rooms 1

COLD has been selected as one of the top 30 exhibitors that attended Foodex at the NEC, Birmingham earlier this year. With over 50 years’ experience, the company provides customers with a complete construction service from ‘concept to completion’ satisfying the needs of those in the food & pharmaceutical processing & manufacturing, temperature controlled logistics & distribution industries. As specialises in the design, project management & construction of temperature controlled environments, the company understands the importance of time scales and that fast reaction to customers’ needs is paramount. Therefore, they take great care and attention to ensure they fully understand customer objectives and when faced with continually changing production demands and schedules, work closely with the client to achieve goals. Its specialist services include the design, manufacture and installation of food processing & food manufacturing facilities, Hygienic & temperature controlled environments, coldstores, chillstores & freezers, climatic & environmental test chambers and clean rooms & laboratories. The hygienic and fire rated products are accredited and have passed the necessary health and safety standards. Striving to exceed customers’ expectations, 1COLD aims to provide an outstanding level of service, quality and value. It prides itself on its flexibility and ability to adapt and respond to the stringent demands imposed by the food and pharmaceutical industries. For more information, contact 1COLD on 01564 702269, email: or visit us at:

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Farm Shop & Deli Show Review Top 20

Visitors from across the industry F

arm Shop & Deli Show, which ran from 18-20 April 2016 at the NEC, Birmingham, attracted thousands of visitors from across the farm shop, deli and speciality food sectors, all looking for information on the latest products, trends and new brands on the market. Such was the show’s success that more than 40% of floor space has already been booked by more than 120 companies. Diverse Fine Food, Pipers Crisps, HF Chocolates and Cook Trading are just some of the names already gearing up for the 2017 instalment. A major draw to the event was the Farm Shop & Deli Awards 2016, which saw 12 category winners and nine regional award winners crowned. The Arthur Howell team won the overall Retailer of the Year award. Six of the category winners also went on to be the regional winners. The awards, in partnership with Olives Et Al, are now in their third year and recognise the best specialist independent retailers in the UK. They celebrate the highest levels of service, product knowledge, initiative, innovation


and community involvement offered by these businesses across the UK. The next Farm Shop & Deli Show will take place from 24-26 April 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham. This is our first pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: Boozy Udders, The Garlic Farm, Inka Snacks, Isle of Skye Sea Salt Co Ltd, Keejays Ltd, Love Food, The Lyme Bar Winery, The Original Cake Company, Portlebay Popcorn, Pure Maple, Ross & Ross Food, Tip Tap & Top & Yonder Berries. Further details can be found on this page and the next. Contact

Keejays unveils new BBQ Sauce K

which is perfect for enjoying all year round, joins a line-up of sauces inspired by travels from around the world: from Italy Tomato Pasta Sauce and Tomato and Chilli ‘Angry’ Pasta Sauce; from Spain Spanish Tomato with Smoked Paprika; from the Far East Taste’s Great Taste Award winning Penang Creamy Coconut and Jong Po (crispy deep fried beef).

eejays Ltd, the expert in cooking sauces for over 30 years, unveiled its new Smoky, Sweet BBQ Sauce at the Farm Shop & Deli Show this April. The launch marks the first new addition in two years for the foodie-focused Taste from Keejays of Suffolk brand. Designed to capitalise on the fast-growing trend for the big, bold flavours synonymous with America’s ‘slow ‘n’ low’ cooking, Keejays has carefully curated a smooth and smoky BBQ sauce, combining tomatoes, onions and smoky spices, which is set to shake up the sauce fixture. The easy to use pouch also taps into consumers’ demand for convenient products that fit their busy lifestyles. That’s where the fresh, authentic-tasting sauces from Keejays come in – they can be used

Taste from Keejays of Suffolk Sauces are available in 220g pouches from East of England Co-operative Society stores and independent retailers nationwide.

to create delicious dishes in just a few easy steps. The Smoky, Sweet BBQ Sauce,

T 01473 827304 Nationwide Distributor Springvale Foods 01473 284111


The Sweet Potato chips join the rest of the range: Roasted Giant Corn and Amazon Plantain Chips. The Inka range has already been well-received, with products being accepted in Waitrose and Holland & Barrett. T +44 (0)208 506 0700

ake a classic cocktail, hand blend lovingly into deliciously rich dairy ice cream, and we give you.... something ‘udderly’ special! Boozy Udders is not just ice cream, it’s an alcoholic cocktail ice cream treat for grownups. With an average ABV of 4.8% it’s a WOW factor pud for any occasion – from an impressive dinner finale to a cheeky late night spoonful by the light of the fridge door! Boozy Udders contains no artificial or funny stuff – just honest, fresh ingredients… and then, of course, there’s the boozy bit! Inspired by classic cocktails, we have 5 flagship flavours available all year round: Margarita, Jamaican Rum Punch, Pina Colada, Chocolate Brandy Alexander and Passion Fruit Martini. There are also our seasonal, limited


Heaven’s Gate Cider, its latest product, is made in Devon with 100% Devon apples and the juice of Dartmoor grown blueberries. It raises the standard for flavour and

provenance in this fast-growing sector. Heaven’s Gate is the name of a beauty spot yards from the field where Nick & Toby grow their blueberries. “We thought very carefully before introducing a fruit cider. We used all of our experience and knowledge to ensure we obtained the right flavour balance between the cider and the blueberries. Not easily done as blueberries have a very delicate taste.” For further information on Heaven’s Gate Cider and their other mouthwatering products, go to: or email: Follow The Blueberry Brothers on

twitter @Blueberrybros, or ‘like’ on Facebook at: TheBlueberryBrothers

The Lyme Bay Winery W

e are The Lyme Bay Winery: a small, dedicated West Country company passionate about producing delicious, award-winning English Wines, Country Wines, ciders, meads and liqueurs from our home in Devon’s beautiful Axe Valley. Everything we do is inspired by traditional recipes but we like to push the boundaries so we use the most up-to-date production techniques and employ some of the country’s most talented winemaking and brewing experts. In 2009 we planted 26,000 vines within a stone’s throw of the Winery here in Devon. We also source grapes from a select group of the best growers in the South of England because we believe that truly special wines are born from grapes with diverse backgrounds. We have seen incredible success across many International Wine Competitions across our range of English Wines. Overall we’ve received one Gold, three Silvers and four Bronze medals from the SWA, Decanter and IWSC. For

still wines this makes us one of the most awarded English wineries, in only our second vintage. Our Ciders are also internationally recognised with our Lyme Bay Sparkling and Vintage M/S Ciders both bagging awards at this year’s International Cider Challenge. T 01297 551355 F 01297 551366

Love Food Ready Meals L

Love Food products only use British meat (with the exception of their Spanish pancetta!) and the company prides itself on offering high quality

expanding its range to include sides and desserts. In addition to this, for every meal bought, it donates one to a child in need as part of its Share The Love campaign.

meals which provide the nutrition and flavour of a home cooked meal, but with the convenience required for busy lifestyles. It currently has 22 meals available which include vegetarian and gluten free options and at the end of this year it will be

Love Food Ready Meals are available across the UK and Ireland and are sold in branded Love Food freezers which can be found in quality farm shops, convenience stores and food halls. Contact T 01243 859420

New premium 100% pure Canadian maple syrup launches in the UK P

Something ‘udderly’ special! T

sing their knowledge gained from growing blueberries, Nick & Toby Hewison aka The Blueberry Brothers have developed an awardwinning, branded range of blueberry products including jams, chutney, beer, chocolates and marzipan. Their Blueberry Brothers Chutney was one of only 25 British products selected by Marks & Spencer in 2015 to be sold nationally in M&S’s range of British artisan products.

ove Food is a frozen ready meal company based on the south coast of England which is dedicated to shaking up the public’s preconceptions surrounding ready meals by making handmade ready meals that its customers can trust, by ensuring that the dishes are flavoursome and contain no artificial or chemical colours, flavours or preservatives. Just 100% flavour and 0% nasties.

Inka Snacks ndependent retailers looking for a different sort of snack to offer their customers can turn to Inka Snacks, a Britishbased company specialising in tasty snacks from South America. Already firmly established in this sector, the company is set to introduce its latest product Sweet Potato Chips at SFFF 2016 STANTD V114.

Heaven’s Gate Cider from The Blueberry Brothers

edition flavours included regularly: Summer – Strawberry Daiquiri, Autumn – The Bramble, Xmas – Cosmopolitan and Whisky Mac Daddy, with a new ‘posh’ Udders – Kir Royale, coming soon. We won Best New Idea award at the Farm Shop and Deli show in April, were runners up as Best Food Producer in the Kent Muddy Stilettos Awards in June, and we are in the final of the Delicious Produce Awards 2016, to be judged later this month. The quality and balance of flavours in our alcoholic cocktail ice cream has been highly acclaimed by many chefs in restaurants and event companies. If you would like to make an order, please call us on 07710 317841 or email:

ure Maple, a new range of 100% pure Canadian maple syrup featuring the latest Maple Syrup grading system from the International Maple Syrup Institute is now available for stock in delicatessens, farm shops and specialist food stores. Working with a cooperative of experienced maple syrup producers in South East Quebec, Canada, Pure Maple is created using the traditional, manual ‘tapping’ process which can only take place during the six week harvesting season. Pure Maple is the first maple syrup brand available in the UK to adopt the newly revised World Maple Syrup grading system from the International Maple Syrup Institute. Graded using a combination of the flavour and translucence of the syrup, the lighter maple syrup grades are produced earlier in the harvesting season when the weather is colder, whilst the darker grades merge later in the tapping process. All Grade A quality, the Pure Maple range consists of: ●● Golden Delicate Taste Maple Syrup, ideal for glazing meats and root vegetables, as well as a sweet addition to cocktails or salad dressings ●● Amber Rich Taste Maple Syrup, the perfect accompaniment for topping porridge, ice cream, fruit or pancakes as a natural alternative to sugar – now also being sold as a Gift Box Proposition as well as

individual bottle ●● Dark Strong Taste Maple Syrup can be used as a sweetener in coffee or as a replacement for honey Great Taste has announced the Great Taste stars of 2016 & Great White North’s Pure Maple brand has been awarded a total of 6 stars across 3 of its pure maple syrups; a coveted 3 stars for its Grade A Golden Delicate Taste; 2 stars for Grade A Dark Robust Taste; 1 star for Grade A Amber Rich Taste.

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Farm Shop & Deli Show Review Top 20

Tap into premium returns with Tip The Garlic Farm Tap & Top from MarRon Liqueurs M Complete on tap kits for liqueurs & spirits at no initial outlay


e know that customers buy when they can try, but offering samples of liqueurs & spirits can be problematic and space is at a premium. Fortunately we have the solution by providing a secure but attractive dispensing system to stimulate interest and boost premium sales. Customers request a taste from a sales person, try, and select a bottle which is filled, tagged and bagged with options to personalise. The system features: ●● Everything needed to make sales: Dispensers in a clear, lockable display cabinet, liqueurs, spirits & spirit drinks, bottles & accessories ●● The Standard Kit of 3

aximising revenue per square foot is critical for independent retailers. The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight has a clear specialism and focuses squarely on, yes, you guessed it, garlic – the heart of all flavour. This concentration captures the imagination and interest of consumers and the revenue results they achieve are incredibly strong.

Dispensers comes at No Initial Outlay and sits on a 30cm x 30cm floor space, ideal to test the market at no risk. Pay only for what is used, payable on re-ordering Larger or multiple Dispenser Kits are available as sales grow ●● Select the Liqueurs/Spirits from our unique and extensive range of 40 flavours, all made by ourselves, samples available on request: • Expect excellent repeat sales and premium returns • Delivery is free on all reorders, subject to a minimum • We give free staff training and continuing sales support

“Product quality and presentation are critical for the speciality food sector, but it is uniqueness that really grabs the attention of customers and supports repeat buys,” says Barnaby Edwards, director. A clear identity is key for any successful product brand and this is especially important in the increasingly crowded artisan food market. People want ‘best in category’ and being the specialist in garlic has been the work of over 50 years for the family business on the Isle of Wight. The Garlic Farm produces and procures a huge variety of high quality garlic and garlic-inspired product including mayonnaise, chutney and condiments. Its


Ross & Ross Food methods. Between them, they have over 30 years’ worth of experience in the food industry.

ine food company, Ross & Ross Food, offers the ultimate gift range for food lovers. Whether you are looking for a culinary curing challenge, unique BBQ products, or a selection of artisan treats, then Ross & Ross has it covered. Based in Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds, Ross & Ross Food specialises in wedding & event catering and handmade British food products. Its ethos is to use high quality produce, source seasonal ingredients and support fellow Cotswolds producers. The two directors, Ross Bearman and Ross Whitmill, have a passion for British food, charcuterie and supporting traditional artisan

T 01983 865378

Isle of Skye Sea Salt Co Ltd

Call Ron on 01673 818478 tip-tap-top


quest for flavour is probably best expressed by its unparalleled hot oak smoked garlic, which is simply glorious!

Ross & Ross Food supplies its products to national food halls, delis and independent retailers and since its launch in 2011 has been recognised for its products, innovation and growth in many regional and national awards. It sells its gifts from its website and has been a partner on Not on The High Street since 2013. You can view the products and services at: or contact them on: and 01608 645503.

e make multi-award winning sea salt using a natural, environmentally friendly process unique in the UK. The pure water of Loch Snizort on Skye is evaporated in our bespoke ‘salt-houses’ using just the sun and wind to create the beautiful sea salt crystals. The natural process retains all of the natural minerals found in the sea giving the salt a distinctive taste and crumbly texture. Described by leading Scottish chef Jim Cowie of The Captains Galley, Scrabster as “the best sea salt in the world” and by Michelin star chef Marcello Tully of Kinloch Lodge as “simply the best”, the quality of our salt has been endorsed with the winning of a Great Taste Award in 2014 and a Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Award in 2015. In January 2016 we were also featured on the James Martin ‘Home Comforts’ series on BBC1. We already work with a number of artisan food producers who love the taste and texture of the salt including Poporopo Popcorn, Coco Chocolate and Equi Ice Cream and are looking for similar collaborations like this in 2016. We are also

expanding the number of retail outlets we supply across the UK and would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to work with us. T 01470 532308

Portlebay Popcorn P

ortlebay Popcorn came into the world back in 2012, when founders Jonty White and Neil Adams left Burts Chips, and joined Steve Wardlaw to pursue their dream of creating a fun, trendy and delicious popcorn brand to rival those in the USA. Four years on, they have nine delicious flavours in production, including Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup, Lemon Sherbet, Chilli and Lime, Wasabi and Sweet Ginger and the latest edition to the Portlebay family, Cappuccino. Portlebay wants to scoop together that happy, carefree feeling and pop it into every bag of

popcorn. What is brilliant is that more than any other snack, popcorn is made by nature; Portlebay uses entirely natural ingredients to make all its tantalising flavours, and mix it all together in the Poppery in Devon. Working on a small-scale, it hand-pops butterfly popcorn in six saucepan-sized pans, and packages it as soon as it has cooled to ensure it has the best crunch – there are no huge conveyor belts of popcorn losing moisture at the Poppery.


Portlebay Popcorn is now stocked in over 400 Tesco stores nationwide, all Booths stores, Wholefoods and has a regional listing with

Contact T 01752 424427

The Original Cake Company T

he Original Cake Company has been baking delicious, hand crafted cakes for over 40 years, and it’s this experience and artisanal approach that make our cakes different from other producers. We continue to follow traditional family recipes that have stood the test of time as people seek proper, traditional cake, baked just as it should be. Baked in small batches by our craft bakers, our cakes are then hand decorated individually before being packed into our luxury gift packaging. We use no artificial preservatives in our cakes, but the excellent ingredients that we pack into every cake ensures a minimum shelf life of 5 months for our fruit cake and

3 months for our chocolate cakes and flapjacks. Not only do our cakes look fantastic, but they taste delicious too! Having recently exhibited at the Farm Shop and Deli Show, this gave us the opportunity to show off our range of great products whilst also allowing visitors to sample the products! We received excellent feedback at the show which is valuable to help us develop new products and ranges. Our cakes can be ordered online at: or feel free to discuss our cakes with us on 01522 694411.

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Print & Packaging Matters

Grandma Wilds can feel the difference

LINPAC’s vented pyramid packs



or over 100 years Grandmother Annie Wild’s famous biscuits have held a special place in both the hearts of biscuit lovers – and their biscuit barrels too.

eading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, has added to its Freshware® portfolio with a new range of innovatively designed vented pyramid packs to meet the changing demands of the consumer snacking and convenience trend.

Four generations later the same methods handed down by the Wilds family are still being used to delicious effect. But even the very best baked biscuits require pack presentation which reflect their premium quality, in a market sector crowded with competition. That’s why, when deciding to renovate the packaging and design for its traditional fruit and lemon, ginger oat and chocolate chip range, Grandma Wild’s came to National Flexible and chose a totally new packaging film where customers can actually ‘feel the difference’ from competitor products. The film, tactile lacquer, is a new process that creates a genuine tactile finish on flexible packaging film without the use of paper. “We wanted something different. Of the many innovations National Flexible brought to the table, the tactile lacquer looked and felt completely different! We were delighted to work with National Flexible in launching this innovative, UK-first pack,” said Ann Scott

at Grandma Wilds. David Daniels, National Flexible’s Technical Director, said, “This is a new pack concept that is difficult to achieve but well worth the effort, it looks great.” Contact T 01274 685566

The new vented pyramid packs have been designed for whole ‘mini-snacking’ vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers and carrots, and tomatoes. Vent holes have been added to the company’s conventional pyramid pack design to allow air to circulate and the food to breathe, eliminating condensation from the packs and extending the shelf life of the food contained within. In addition, the packs have been designed in such a way that the rigidity, and therefore the protection element of the

container, is not compromised. The Freshware range from LINPAC comprises a range of containers for prepared fruit, salads, dips, sandwich fillers, fresh pasta, olives, anti pasti, tapas & dried nuts. Pyramid packs come in a range of sizes and with a choice of domed or flat lid designs. Mini forks can also be included within packs to enhance the convenience function. The crystal clear rPET packs are manufactured using high levels of post-consumer recyclate (PCR), which has been supercleaned in-house by LINPAC, to ensure compliance with all food safety regulations. Contact T +44 (0)1977 692111

M&H manufactures the new Quaffer shot-tail glass for retail A

s its name suggests, the new Quaffer has introduced a fun element to bars and clubs across Europe. Developed from its original glass composition and manufactured in PET by M&H Plastics, the Quaffer glass allows bars to mix various drinks in equal measure with one floating on the top of the other, creating a novel drinking experience and allowing the drink to mix as it is drunk. Sales of the Quaffer have been exceptional with bars reporting up to 600% increase in sales of drink that are suitable for the glass. The use of PET Polymer to produce the Quaffer suits the market well as it provides both a safe and

a glass-like quality. Using PET also allows the customer to easily clean the glass and re-cycle when it has reached the end of its usable life. The design of the new glass has also been developed to accommodate a snap-on cap and separator plunger – enabling a filled retail product to be marketed, whether alcohol based or for mixed liquid condiments. A range of enticing flavour combinations have been created to attract a range of customers including a healthy herbal energy drink. Contact T 01502 715518

M&H Plastics is part of the RPC Group of companies.

Demand for Fuji Alpha VII flow-wrappers P

John Roberts, Managing Director at Paramount Packaging, comments, “Having experienced efficiency and quality issues with lower end form-fill-seal systems, food manufacturers are opting for high performance flow-wrappers like our Fuji Alpha VII models that boast cutting edge technology & well-engineered components. They recognise the value of these more robust machines that can be easily adapted in line with changing trends and the desire for different packaging types and designs. These features combine to ensure a low life time cost of ownership and enhanced operational efficiency.”

aramount Packaging Systems Ltd – exclusive distributor of Fuji Machinery Company’s horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal equipment in the UK and Ireland – is reporting increasing demand for its technologically advanced Alpha VII flow-wrapping equipment with food processors, manufacturers and packers rejecting lower cost systems in favour of performance, speed and the ability to add value to the business in the long term. Small producers looking to automate a line for the first time or major blue chips wanting to improve an existing operation are choosing Paramount Packaging’s Fuji flow-wrappers for the production of more sophisticated packaging styles that offer enhanced integrity. These efficient and versatile systems can handle a


wider variety of materials for wrapping products across all industry sectors, including meat, bakery, dairy, fresh produce and snacks.

Contact T 01252 815252

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Print & Packaging Matters

Plastic packaging: An asset to our green economy Ignorance and misconceptions around plastic packaging continue to hold back the food industry in making inroads into sustainability, food and packaging waste, according to LINPAC director of innovation, Ana Fernandez


riven largely by consumer thinking, some food manufacturers, brands and retailers remain hesitant when it comes to making the switch from other packaging materials to rigid plastic. This is despite significant efforts by industry bodies such as INCPEN and the British Plastics Federation to debunk the myths relating to the environmental credentials and safety aspects of rigid plastic packaging.

pack functionality and performance. She adds, “Fundamentally, food packaging must protect the contents from damage, preserve them so that they reach the consumer in the optimum condition and present them well. Increasingly, it must also meet expectations in relation to aesthetics, innovation, cost, ease of use and convenience. “Plastic is able to respond to these needs with relative ease in comparison to other materials. It is extremely versatile enabling it to be moulded, extruded or blown into limitless shapes and sizes; robust enough to withstand the rigours of the supply chain; and the technology which can be applied alongside plastic, such as MAP and heat sealing, keeps food fresher for longer and protects it from the risk of contamination helping to minimise food waste both at retailer and consumer level.”

“Despite the indisputable benefits that such plastics have brought to society, negative perceptions continue to circulate about the material. “Whilst those in the industry do understand the benefits of rigid plastic packaging, many are quite literally frightened of the potential reaction of consumers, who continue to see plastic as the root of all evil, regardless of how misinformed their concerns may be,” says Fernandez. “Whilst it is clear that there is no one-size-fitsall solution in the world of food packaging, with rigorous recycling and packaging waste targets to meet and a mountain of food waste to tackle, it is frustratingly clear that progress across the supply chain in these areas is being stifled by misinformation.” Fernandez points to the contrasting perception held by consumers about paper and cardboard packaging as an example. Such packaging is seen as good for the environment, with strong credentials to meet the needs of a circular economy. “The reality is far different,” says Fernandez. “When considered over the entire life of the packaging, paper and cardboard embody far more greenhouse gases than its plastic equivalent and is extremely energy intensive to manufacture. On the other hand,

Packaging experts estimate that each pound of plastic packaging can reduce food waste by up to 1.7 pounds.

plastic is light, robust and requires substantially less energy to manufacture, offering a lower carbon footprint when compared to cardboard. “Furthermore, rigid plastics can be recycled many more times than paper. Additionally, paper or cardboard contaminated with food cannot be recycled – something many consumers are not aware of and which can lead to other cardboard becoming contaminated and unrecyclable too.” Fernandez says sustainability and creating a closed loop recycling process is at the forefront of

innovation at LINPAC. The fresh food packaging manufacturer develops plastic packaging containing industry-leading levels of recycled material, in many products this stands at 95%, and internally recycles all materials where possible. The company’s in-house super-cleaning process cleans all incoming recycled materials to ensure the recycled PET it uses in its rigid products meet the most stringent food safety and hygiene regulations for food packaging. Beyond the environmental and recyclability issues associated with different food packaging materials, Fernandez says the ultimate test comes down to

“Rigid plastic packaging has taken such a large share of the packaging market precisely because it is the most cost effective solution to deliver performance,” says Fernandez. “Cost effective means resource efficient and to be resource efficient means to be environmentally efficient too. “Contrary to popular misconception, plastic packaging should be regarded as a valuable part of our green economy and as a solution, not part of the problem!” Contact T +44 (0)1977 692111

Innovia clearly focused on BOPP E

arlier this year Innovia announced the sale of its cellulose films business. Now three months later with the deal closed, Innovia is refocusing its strategy clearly upon building and strengthening its specialty biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films business. It is concentrating its efforts into primary global core markets – high performance advanced polymer solutions for labels, packaging, tobacco, and security films. Internally, Innovia is restructuring to ensure that its BOPP focus is fully aligned throughout the business, people, service and systems. Joe Piccione, Managing Director, Innovia Films, states, “Separating a business that has grown over 80+ years is a challenge in itself. Achieving that in such a short time frame is commendable to all those involved in that process. We are exceptionally pleased with the outcome of this process for our cellulose film employees and customers.” He continued, “We have always been a specialty films business which represents over 80% of our sales. In addition to our unique and bespoke bubble extrusion process, one of our core strengths is surface engineering. We are experts in tailoring films to our customers’ requirements whether that is barrier, thickness, printability, shrink tightening, squeezability or fast sealing films for optimised performance.” T +44 (0)16973 42281

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Fish Sauce

Packaging The UK’s largest distributor of polypropylene, laminates and special films


Scientific Instrumentation

Capillary Electrophoresis


Paraytec is the official vendor for Prince Technologies in the UK and Ireland, with Princetrained engineers to help and support users, as well as decades of CE experience.

T 01904 436620

Vacuum Cleaning



Quality Handling Solutions



Are you passionate about sweets? T 01623 446001

Processing Equipment

Water Treatment



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Hose Fittings

Greaseproof Paper

Toilet Door Catch

Financial Planning

Dixon, started in 1916 and has grown to be a world leader in manufacturing and supplying hose fittings and related accessories to a variety of industries...

The vandal resistant toilet door catch for pubs and clubs

Call: 01772 323529 Visit:

Dulce de Leche

Cleaning & Facilities Services

Mediterranean Foods

Power Transmission

Sari Cakes

Pork Scratching

Premium Dulce de Leche & salted caramel sauces T 0800 021 3773

T +353 (0)57 9330151

Packaging Solutions




Catering Disposals

Tape Application Machines

Self Adhesive Labelling

High Quality Konjac Foods

New Contract Labelling Service Manufacturers and suppliers of labels and labelling equipment Industrial Heating Elements

Analytical Instruments

Retail Solutions

Tel +44 (0)1444 239970

Measurement & Control

Elemental analysis is continuing to develop at a fast pace worldwide with the need for ultimate precision, complex system requirements, and expanding fields of applications for even routine operations. SPECTRO leads the progress advancements in this field by providing new solutions and continuous innovations. For more information, please visit our website:

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Joinery Contractor of the Month

Bespoke joinery contractors be produced in accordance with individual aesthetic preferences, as the dedicated designers from Kreativ Joinery are more than happy to bring creative concepts to life with representative interior visions. In addition, the group are flexible enough to work harmoniously with already established design teams (if preferred by the client).


reativ Joinery has been recognised with our duly deserved Joinery Contractor of the Month profile, we are exceedingly pleased to report here at Food and Drink Matters. The Nottingham-based company, which can be found in East Carlton, is a specialist provider of bespoke interiors for both domestic and commercial customers. Both contemporary and classic styles can

The company was established in 2008 by Managing Director, Stephen Billings, with the support of CoFounder, Doug Stiller, who told us, “We are a bespoke manufacturing provider that works hand in hand with the customer to ensure the designs we produce are tailored specifically to their needs. Whatever the client wants we can provide – be it seating, bar installation or any form of cabinetry – as we can offer a complete interior fit out with our one-off designs, high quality products and specialist services.” Employing an impressive team of professional joinery contractors, the organisation operates extensively across the UK and continental Europe to fulfil the exacting needs of different customers. Its refined range of exceptional services have been

and new clients.

greatly valued by homeowners and businesses alike, as commissions have been successfully completed for schools, railways, restaurants, chalets, inns, pubs and various other domestic and industrial properties. With Kreativ Joinery all interior requirements can be addressed appropriately, as the business prides itself on routinely discussing every aspect of personalised projects with the client. Previous applications have included bar fitting (a core specialism), fixed seating, customised joinery interiors, purpose-made interiors, cabinets, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and shop fittings.

“Overall we have come on in leaps and bounds ever since our establishment, having secured many notable projects in this country and in Norway. We are currently working on the renovation of a bar which is due to open in early august as part of a chain which has the only restaurant in the Michelin guide in Nottingham. We are very excited about this and have already completed many contract & commercial jobs for the license trade (which includes various bars, restaurants and shops). Going forward we are focusing primarily on building upon our consistently manageable workload whilst continuing to supply products & designs to the highest standard.” T 0115 961 7019

Upon discussing the company’s progressive path, Doug informed us of its ongoing success and plans for future equilibrium. “Our growing presence in Norway led to us rebranding in 2013 as an organisation operating in both the UK and beyond,” he explained. “The entirely new business has done exceptionally well from the beginning (despite starting up during the recession in 2008) and we have remained strong as a small company that is constantly busy tending to both existing customers

Catering Equipment Distributor of the Month

Specialised commercial catering equipment B radshaw has been commended for its excellent contributions to the industry by the team at Food and Drink Matters, who are pleased to present the company as its highly prestigious Catering Equipment Distributor of the Month.

With over 40 years of experience, the Bristol-based company has acquired the superior status as one of the UK’s largest importers and distributors of specialised commercial catering equipment. The brand, which forms part of the Plyanemca Group, is also a renowned distributor of luxury domestic appliances and concentrated provider of spare parts and associated accessories. Bradshaw are the UK Distributors of the MENUMASTER range of commercial microwaves and high speed ovens and boast the most contemporary microwave, combination and

steam cooking technology suitable for various types of catering environments. Its innovative range of kitchen solutions is fully supported by the organisation’s dedicated repair and service operation, which is put in place to provide complete customer reassurance. The high speed combination cooking systems available from Bradshaw are perfect for busy sandwich retailers in the 21st Century. Efficiently tending to the needs of expectant customers – who aren’t best pleased when presented with lengthy queues and long waits when popping out for lunch – during peak times is made possible with these super convenient ovens.

“Not many of our competitors do what we do,” declared Bradshaw’s Sales Manager, John Marks. “We provide commercially designed ovens from the outset they are not upgraded domestic appliances. As a trusted brand we serve big name National & international brands as well as the smaller coffee shops and sandwich chains, all of whom find the speed of service and convenience of our products incredibly useful.” Promising a swift service without jeopardising food quality, the high speed combination ovens are available in two varieties: the flagship MXP and JET, both of which combat the problems associated with the more traditional (and notably slower) Panini grill. The energy efficient JET ovens have proven to be a superior choice in commercial applications because they have the capability to bake goods four to eight times faster than conventional brands. The MXP5221 incorporate three technologies (convected air, microwave and radiant heat), which allow the oven to cook up to 15 times faster than original methods, essentially making


it possible for retailers to produce a hot toasted sandwich in just thirty five seconds. Both lines create significant reductions for companies in regards to queues, service times and wastage, and an increase in customer hourly throughput and profits ensures optimum company productivity.

Light and heavy duty microwave ovens can be purchased to seamlessly slot into any foodservice setting; the fact they are manufactured to ‘Level B’ emissions means they are the preferred oven of choice for hospitals and other environments where interference with equipment or Wi-Fi can be an issue. The products, which are ideal for bulk heating and steaming, are stackable for space maximisation and offer a compressed footprint whilst eliminating cold spots with thermo-graphic microwave distribution. The company is currently preparing for the launch of its new Xpress touchscreen (MXP5221T) oven this July. Essentially acting as an ondemand cooking platform, the intelligent display panel illustrates the products via photograph selection and enables employees to cook foods by simply touching the screen (rather than scrolling through a list of items). The up-to-date web app simplifies menu development and allows for the smooth transferral of data via USB port, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. If you would like any further information, please contact Bradshaw today: T 01275 343000

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