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Refreshing Packaging Solutions for the Tea Industry When it comes to the packaged tea industry in India, Nichrome has been a trailblazer. The first ever four-line seal, standup pouch for tea packaging was adopted by Tata Tea in 2005 when they invested in Nichrome’s tea packaging machine. This new technology proved to be a cost-effective solution as it eliminated the old manual process and automated the pouch formation, filling and sealing process. There is a wide variety of tea produced in India; from Green Tea to CTC tea to the aromatic Darjeeling tea and the strong Assamese tea, the range of tea available in India is unparalleled. Regardless of the type of tea, preserving its special flavor and freshness is critical. Tea leaves are delicate and must be packed with care so that the aroma and flavor is maintained. Modern packaging protects tea from moisture, odors, UV rays and punctures which could adversely affect the freshness of the tea. Moreover, modern packaging offers limitless opportunities for attractive designs that stand out on retail shelves and induce customers to buy. In an industry that saw record tea production in FY 2015-16, with exports of 232.9 mn kg (valued at INR 4493 crore), packaging acquires even greater importance. Indeed, Indians take a lot of pride in their tea industry because of the pre-eminence of the industry as a significant earner of foreign exchange and a significant contributor to India’s GNP. Within the country too, tea consumption is huge and continues to grow. With increasing disposable income and awareness of product differentiation (aroma, origin, taste, etc), the loose/standard tea is making way for more premium variants and flavours. At the same time, the increasing consumer health quotient is boosting sales for green tea and its variants – mint, lime/lemon, classic, etc.

Taking the lead in packaging solutions for the tea industry is Nichrome. Ever since 2005 when Nichrome supplied tea pouch packaging machines to Tata Tea, other tea companies have followed suit. Today, among tea packaging machines, Nichrome’s Sprint 250 PLUS INTELLIGENT ELECTRONIC WEIGH FILLER is a trend setter. It offers 2 pouch formats - CSPP and Gusset pouch, and packs up to 2 Kgs at a speed of 120 packs per minute. It helps preserve the freshness and flavor of the tea while delivering a smart package that is not only easy to store and transport but stands out on the retail shelf. Sprint 250 Plus can also be used as a coffee packaging machine, and is also suited for other granular products such as sugar, pulses, grains, spices, etc. Apart from the four-line seal pack, Nichrome offers a variety of pouch styles for the tea industry. From regular pillow pouches to handle-cut pouches, standy pouches, pouches-inbox, and even stick-like pouches which can be used like tea bags – Nichrome has packaging solutions for all types of tea – CTC, dust, long leaf and others. Nichrome also offers Project Integration solutions for the Tea industry. Whether you require standard industrial packaging solutions or custom-made alternatives, consumer-sized packaging or bulk-sized packaging, Nichrome aligns and integrates different machines, stages and processes into a seamless chain. Nichromes complete turnkey packaging lines include Pre-Packaging Solutions consisting of Intermediary storage equipment, Product cleaning & grading equipment, Blending equipment, processing equipment for tea, and Conveying accessories. Post-Packaging Solutions include Food safety equipment, Pouch collation, conveying accessories, On line check weigher, Cartoning/ baling. Proven in the industry, Nichrome’s capabilities in turnkey Project Integration solutions ensure tea companies reduce operating costs and improve overall operating efficiency. So for players in the tea or coffee industry, Nichrome is the go-to packaging specialist, offering not just the latest technology and integrated packaging solutions but one-stop-shop convenience as well. More information visit: -

Refreshing packaging solutions for the tea industry  

Gallery of tea brands packaging solutions provided by Nichrome Machines. More info visit:-

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