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Get Sweet Returns with Stickpack Packaging for Sugar On restaurant tables, vending machines or hotel rooms, those small pouches of sugar, coffee & dairy whitener are just waiting to be torn open and poured into your cup! Order a soup or pizza at your local café, and you’re sure to get those skinny pouches of salt, pepper and seasonings. Yes, in urban India, we see more and more of them every day – the everpresent stick packs! Stick packs draw their lineage from the unit packs. Today, as trends change and so do customer preferences, stick packs, those long, thin, flexible pouches that can hold everything from food powders to medicine potions to face creams are selling like hot cakes in the market. Today stick packaging seems to be leaving conventional packaging behind. Markets & Markets has recently predicted a market worth of $316.61 million by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 6.26% during the review period. The growth is driven by growing customer demands for convenience, quality assurance and portability that stick packs offer. For airlines, food chains and the hospitality industry, stick packs offer unmatched convenience, hygiene and economy. They’re easy to store, dispense and carry; they provide serving accuracy and reduce wastage. On a global scale, sticks are replacing sachets as they use up to 40% less film than rectangular sachets, which translates into significant per-unit savings. They offer ease of use by controlled opening and dispensing without spillage, and since the stick pack is smaller, the carbon footprint is lesser compared to other forms of packaging. The small size also means that stick pack equipment tends to run at higher production speeds than sachet making equipment.

Nichrome’s Multilane Stickpack with Volumetric Multi Cavity Filler is a stick pack pouch packaging machine specially innovated for sugar, salt, pepper and mouth freshener sachet packaging. It is equipped with a CE certified PLC controller that makes it easy to operate and provides the necessary flexibility for product and format changes while maintaining the efficiency of the process.

Nichrome’s Multilane Stickpack Bagger is made of high quality stainless steel, and has pneumatically operated bag length control with table draw-off system. The volumetric piston filler is pneumatically operated with adjustable product volume for dedicated single range. It has the capacity to pack small stick packs for free flow solids in weight ranges of 1-3 g, 3-7 g, 5-10 g, and the number of lanes goes up to 10 with a speed of packaging 450-500 packs per minute. The pneumatically operated ten cavity rotary drum type volumetric cup filler is equipped with a product hopper of approx 25 kg capacity. The see-through window facilitates checking while the mesh at the product inlet prevents entry of foreign particles, ensuring product quality. Nichrome’s state-of-the-art technology has enhanced the quality of stick packaging making it an effective tool of marketing for leading products and brands. As the universal acceptance of stick packaging continues to grow, be if coffee, spices, salt, pepper, creamers, cosmetics, detergents, pharmaceutical products or motor oils, stick packaging is proving to be a preferred choice for nearly all sorts of goods, consumer or industrial.

Get sweet returns with stickpack packaging for sugar  

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