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Honor Roll of Donors a 2020


Bison Strong

In a year filled with uncertainty, the loyal support of our donors has been one of the few constants. Amid a global pandemic, when Nichols was forced to abruptly pivot to remote learning and upend a traditional spring semester on the Hill, our donors – many of whom faced health and financial concerns of their own – continued to give. Your gifts served as words of encouragement and votes of confidence at a time when the campus community was sorely in need of both. For your recognition of our efforts to ensure the success of our mission during a challenging and unsettling period, we offer ours in this 2020 Honor Roll of Donors. Your rallying support was especially noted during this year’s March Match, the annual month-long matching challenge sponsored by Trustee John McClutchy Jr. ’72. When the pandemic struck at the campaign’s midpoint, we wondered if we could reach the $100,000 goal. Once again, our donors exceeded the goal, in addition to the $50,000 goal set in September 2019 for our first annual athletics-only Bison Blitz matching campaign. In the 2020 honor roll, you’ll read more about the year’s giving highlights, including a $2 million gift to the college’s endowment. One of the more inspiring stories comes from the Class of 2020 who, despite the many disappointments they faced during their final semester at Nichols, opted to donate their class gift to the Bison Care Fund to aid fellow students. A gesture that attests to the resiliency of our Bison. As we prepared for the worst this year, you have continually shown us your best. We can face uncertainty with the assurance and generosity of our donors behind us.

Susan West Engelkemeyer, PhD President

President’s Society Scholars’ Society Gifts of $25,000 or more Fred C. & Katherine B. Andersen Fdn. Keith T. Anderson Anynomous Wayne J. Archambo Randall V. & Donna Becker David G. & Ellen S. Bedard James W. & Nancy Coghlin Sr. Fred Harris Daniels Fdn. Davis Educational Fdn. Irene E. & George A. Davis Fdn. John H. Davis Stephen A. Davis Edwin B. Donahue and Karen Jankowski Estate of Willliam S. Edmunds Gerald & Marilyn Fels Fidelity Charitable Funding For Teams LLC Robert B. Kuppenheimer Estate of John D. Kurtz Peter L. & Madeline Lynch Morgan Stanley Gift Fund Thomas H. Niles Raymond C. Pecor Jr. Schwab Charitable Fund Robert E. Stansky

Trustees’ Society Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999 Jon Altpeter Atlas Distributing Inc. Jane T. Birckhead Community Fdn. of NC East Deloitte William E. Fredericks George F. & Sybil H. Fuller Fdn. Thomas J. Hall Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Barry D. Hogan Alfred D. Houston Robert D. Keller E.J. Landry III Thomas S. & Terri Lodge Robert P. MacPherson Jr. Martin J. & Shelly Power Earl S. Prolman Alvah O. & Susan Rock Michael J. Runyon R. Joseph Salois James D. Wagner C. Curry Wilford Tammy A. Wolf YourCause LLC (New York Life)

President’s Green Circle Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999 Constantine Alexander Marty Allen Richard W. Anderson Richard H. Bauzenberger Mrs. Herman F. Becker Robert E. Beckwith

Alice C. Belden Richard A. Blankley James C. Brown Carolyn J. Burke Francis J. & Dawn I. Carlo Kevin Chrobak Helen C. Cleary Patrick J. & Maureen Colgan Susan West Engelkemeyer PhD FM Global Samuel R. Haines John M. Harrison Patricia A. Hertzfeld Calvin A. Hills Jonathan H. Ives James H. Jackson Jeff R. Johnson Juster Pope Frazier Architects LLC James W. Kerley Michael A. Lukasek Ernest Pekmezaris Charles E. Sage Robert L. Savage Ronald Schachter Ronald L. & Nina Schmitt U.S. Charitable Gift Trust UBS Donor-Advised Fund Webster Five Fdn.

President’s Gold Circle Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999 Michelle B. Austin Jonathan M. Birtwell Jonathan D. Blake Stephen P. Chernock Jr. Larry G. Crooker Raymond F. Essig Gentex Optics, Inc/ Essilor of America Inc. Kurt E. Grimmelmann CFP Gary S. Guglielmello Peter H. Johnson J. Donald MacNair John D. MacPhail Edward P. Mazzetta John A. Murphy Jr. William F. O’Connell Jr. The Prudential Richard K. Robertson Robert T. Sanford Richard F. Shields Henry P. St. Cyr George T. Tucker George E. Withington Charles Zabriskie Jr. Christopher W. Zabriskie

President’s Silver Circle Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499 William J. Arias Bruce R Barton John T. Barton Jr. Marc D. & Andrea C. Becker Herbert B. Beeson Eric A. Bernard Bradford H. Blaser Donn E. Bleau William L. Boffi

This report reflects gifts to Nichols College from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020.

Pamela J. Boggio Steven L. Boynton Peter M. Brusman Robert A. & Janet Bullard Brian W. Calabro Kerry Calnan Lee A. Cappola Gail E. Carberry EdD Career Moves LLC Eugene P. Cenci Ross H. Chambers James E. Coley III Phillip E. Collins James E. Comer Matthew C. Corcoran Nancy B. Cordell Cornerstone Bank Timothy P. Cowles Robert D. Craig Jr. Marc K. Creegan Henri M. David Jr. Dexter-Russell Inc. Albert A. DiDomizio John B. Dirlam Philip B. Donnelly Michael E. Doyle Charles W. Dragon Dream Bat Bombers Baseball Club Robert C. Dublin Jr. Exsel Advertising Inc. David J. & Kristina M. Finnerty John E. Finnerty Jr. Follett Thomas E. Franzese David A. & Charlene M. French Paul S. Friedlander Michael W. Frisbie Francis & Lisa Gerzabek Guy Giantonio L. Robert Gould James F. Goulet Goulet, Salvidio & Associates PC Joseph F. Grimaldo David G. Hale David S. Hammond Hanover Insurance Group Richard L. Hilliard John M. Hills Glenn C. Hood Jr. Jeffrey P. Innis IPG Photonics Corp. William F. Keats Hugo A. Keesing Judith Keyser Gregory B. King Morgan J. Knudsen Robert H. Kullas Kevin P. Labonville Robert LaVigne David F. & Susan D. Lombard Thomas A. LoRicco James A. Maguire Jr. William K. Mahler Jr. Leo V. Marshall Timothy Mayo John H. & Janet McClutchy Jr. Peter G. McGivney Sandra McIntosh Lee A. McNelly

Keith D. & Tammy N. Meehan Andrew Michienzi Benjamin A. Minardi III Fredric C. Montfort Richard T. Moore Bryan J. Morrissey Robbie P. & Holly M. Munce Edmund J. Murrah Dave & Celeste J. Nelson Nichols Academy Scholarship/ Greater Worcester Community Fdn. Matthew B. O’Connor Keith A. & Dena O’Hara Michael J. O’Mara Ronald E. Osimo Donald S. Parsons Alan S. Peppel Henry H. Peterson William C. & Lana Pieczynski PIMCO Investments LLC Joseph M. Pirrone George A. Quinlan Cara M. Revett Bryant & Heather L. Richards Lloyd M. Roth Peter F. Sennott Barry W. Silver Eric W. Smyrl Kenneth R. Snell CFA, CFP George F. & Shannon M. Spitz Richard M. Suitum Kent Tarrant Matthew R Taylor Arthur B. Tozzi ❖ United Way of North Central MA Inc. Vanguard Charitable Paul M. & Susan D. Veshi George E. Vogel Paul J. Washburn Jr. Webster Five Cents Savings Bank John F. White Paul G. Wigglesworth YourCause LLC (Symantec Corp.) Jack E. Zacks

President’s Society Now Classes 2011-2015: Gifts of $500 Austin J. Nagle

Classes 2016-2020: Gifts of $250 Carmen A. Garcia Arthur J. & Rae Lynn Glispin Sean R. Hoey Ryan Hunter Daniel J. Jezierski Dominic V. Librandi Lynn S. Looby Matthew V. Menta Mario A. Turner

❖ Deceased

Honor Roll of Donors 2020


Alumni Donors Class of 1956

Class of 1960

President’s Silver Circle

President’s Silver Circle

Lloyd M. Roth n

Paul S. Friedlande n

Amasa Nichols Society

Amasa Nichols Society

Robert I. Handler ♦

David L. Stephen

Hilltoppers’ Club

Hilltoppers’ Club

Academy Associates

John P. Durney l Arthur L. Fries n Tom Keith n

Kenneth B. Beyer l Robert T. Evertsen l John Pepe n

Gifts of $250 to $499



Hilltoppers’ Club

David C. Bidwell n Robert M. Swaney Jr. n Glenn M. Terrill n

Bruce S. Collett n

Gift Clubs Scholars’ Society Gifts of $25,000 or more Trustees’ Society Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999 President’s Society Green Circle Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Gold Circle Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999 Silver Circle Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

Class of 1941 Supporters Charles L. Garvin l

Class of 1942 Scholars’ Society Estate of John D. Kurtz

Class of 1948 Academy Associates Townsend T. Mink n

President’s Society Now Graduates of the Last Decade Classes of 2011-2015: $500 Classes of 2016-2020: $250 Amasa Nichols Society Gifts of $500 to $999

Gifts of $100 to $249

Supporters Gifts of $1 to $99

Class of 1953

Class of 1957

Hilltoppers’ Club William E. Dillmeier Jr. n Paul Z. Haus Jr. n P. David Junkin II n Stanley W. Kunzman Jr. l Warren C. Rowe Jr. n

Amasa Nichols Society George S. Butler n

Academy Associates Walter Urtz n


Hilltoppers’ Club Richard S. Beck l Donald Claprood n John T. Kelly Philip K. McNiff n H. Logan Page III l

William W. Koerner n

Class of 1954

Richard D. Marsden n

Kent Tarrant n

Charles W. Dragon n

Chester N. Beauregard l Francis L. Lemay n Howard A. Raphaelson n Edson C Taylor l

Academy Associates

President’s Silver Circle

President’s Silver Circle

Hilltoppers’ Club

Class of 1961

Class of 1958

Supporters William T. Corbett n John S. Priest Jr. l Edward J. Grenke ♦

Class of 1962 Scholars’ Society Estate of William S. Edmunds

Academy Associates

President’s Green Circle

Hilltoppers’ Club

Eugene B. Collard Jr. n Allan M. Cooperman

Calvin A. Hills n

Earl S. Prolman n

John L. Sullivan Jr. n

Hilltoppers’ Club

Hilltoppers’ Club

George E. Withington n

James E. Burnet III n Richard P. Clinton n Gerald T. LaMarque John J. McCabe Jr. l Davies Tainter Jr. n

William K. Dunbar III l Howard J. Kack n

Amasa Nichols Society

Class of 1949

Class of 1950 Hilltoppers’ Club David P. Michaels ❖ l Archie E. Mitchell Jr. n

Supporters Milton L. Hallowell n Homer W. Jones Jr. n

Class of 1951 President’s Silver Circle James E. Coley III n

Class of 1952 President’s Silver Circle Robert A. Bullard n Academy Associates Robert V. Trudel n

Hilltoppers’ Club Daniel E. Berman n Jerre C. Budd n Charles C. Haggerty n Roger M. Parker ♦


Nichols College

Trustees’ Society

Supporters Robert A. Brilhart l Bruce S. Buttinghausen n Richard B. Shanklin n

Class of 1955 Hilltoppers’ Club Fred K. Lindsay l Carlton S. Littell n

Supporters George A. Barbieri l Robert A. Skenderian ♦ Frederick W. Wiseman Jr.

Supporters Steven M. Fisher n

President’s Gold Circle

Charles N. Howe n Richard C. Knoener n Richard C. Makin n

Academy Associates

Class of 1959 Scholars’ Society

Robert L. Colombo l Frederick E. LaVergne l Charles J. Montante Jr. l

Raymond C. Pecor Jr. n

Hilltoppers’ Club

Trustees’ Society

R. Allen Elliott n Bruce E. MacDonald n Jenness L. Robbins n John A. Turro Jr. n Thomas D. Vangel ♦

James D. Wagner n

President’s Silver Circle L. Robert Gould n Morgan J. Knudsen n Leo V. Marshall n

Academy Associates Frederick L. Pease n

Hilltoppers’ Club Elliot P. Putnam n Howard J. Rubin l Sandy Tuttle l

Supporters John H. Bowles n Michael L. Daley n Nelson D. Durland l Peter M. Zona n

Class of 1963 Scholars’ Society Thomas H. Niles l

Trustees’ Society Alvah O. Rock n

President’s Gold Circle Raymond F. Essig n

President’s Silver Circle Herbert B. Beeson ♦ Peter M. Brusman n Eugene P. Cenci n Ross H. Chambers n William F. Keats n Arthur B. Tozzi ❖ l

Amasa Nichols Society Donald W. Hick Jr. n

Academy Associates Hugo Pagliccia Jr. l Robert J. Sharp n Peter H. Smith n Robert L. Therrien

Hilltoppers’ Club John T. Carey ♦ Peter K. Chamberlin l Gordon K. Eustis Robert G. Falkenstein n James H. Feindel n Eric L. Hofer ♦ Frans J. Keesing ❖ n Donald L. Mafera l James A. Oates n Edmund S. Shepard n Bruce I. Siegal n Charles R. Smith n Louis A. Stroller n Edward K. Stropp Jr. l Henry A. Taylor III n

Supporters George A. Pagnotta Jr. n Frederic J. Potter IV n

Class of 1964 President’s Green Circle Robert E. Beckwith n

President’s Gold Circle Edward P. Mazzetta l

President’s Silver Circle Robert D. Craig Jr. l Henri M. David Jr. n Philip B. Donnelly n Henry H. Peterson n

Amasa Nichols Society


Richard D. Callahan

Richard A. Barker Kenneth G. Burr Jr. n Daniel R. Clark n Ward B. DeKlyn Jr. n Daniel M. Hastings ❖ n George R. Lazar l Thomas D. Pearsall l Charles L. Potter n

Academy Associates William F. Bufalino n Paul L. Ceccarelli n Edward W. Nichols n Diran V. Tashian l Steven A. Thorn l

Hilltoppers’ Club Philip Bebchick n Warren C. Bender n K. Dexter Cheney n David C. Doe n William J. Dyer n Robert M. Fenn II n Rufus S. Frost III n Ronald E. Regan l David B. Ruddock n Daniel P. Tomassetti n

Supporters Donald G. March l Richard L. Williams n William R. Wright III n

Class of 1965 President’s Green Circle Richard A. Blankley n Charles E. Sage n Ronald L. Schmitt n

President’s Gold Circle John D. MacPhail n Robert T. Sanford n Richard F. Shields n

President’s Silver Circle Bradford H. Blaser ♦ David F. Lombard n Benjamin A. Minardi III n George A. Quinlan

Amasa Nichols Society James W. Dalton l Charles E. Evans n Lewis P. Gelman l Thomas C. Hiller n James E. Robinson n David A. Rowe n

Hilltoppers’ Club Henry M. Aldrich Jr. ❖ n Robert W. Grady n Charles T. Kaull Jr. n Wayne E. Nigro n Bradford R. Sweet l Richard C. Werstak n

Class of 1966 President’s Gold Circle Stephen P. Chernock Jr. n J. Donald MacNair l Henry P. St. Cyr n

President’s Silver Circle Phillip E. Collins n Robert C. Dublin Jr. n David S. Hammond n Peter G. McGivney n

Amasa Nichols Society John Cygielnik n James B. Moriarty n Donn H. Norton ♦

Academy Associates Thomas J. Bergin Jr. n E. Paul Herbert n Robert T. Hildebrand n Richard F. Moran l A. Barry Paletta n Jesse J. Rulli n Bernard L. Smith Jr. l W. Bruce Wallin n

Hilltoppers’ Club David M. Adrian l Bradford C. Babb n Barry R. Gibbs n Roger A. Knipe n John C. Mason n David E. Medlyn ♦ Kenneth C. Scott l Ralph A. Stuart l John F. Sweeney n John D. Watson n

Supporters David H. Blake n Robert A. Feinstein n Mark A. Fursman ♦ Robert E. Heald l R. Towner Lapp n

Class of 1967 Scholars’ Society James W. Coghlin Sr. n Gerald Fels n

Trustees’ Society William E. Fredericks n Barry D. Hogan n Michael J. Runyon n

President’s Green Circle Jonathan H. Ives n Ernest Pekmezaris n

President’s Gold Circle Larry G. Crooker ♦ Peter H. Johnson n

President’s Silver Circle Bruce R. Barton n Robert H. Kullas l Fredric C. Montfort ♦ Edmund J. Murrah n Donald S. Parsons n George E. Vogel l

Amasa Nichols Society Dwight W. Gesswein n Charles N. Piazza l William S. Weaver l

Academy Associates Raymond W. Hencir n David B. Jones n Mark G. Scolnick n Peter H. Walker n

Hilltoppers’ Club Richard C. Attardo ♦ Samuel R. Bailey III n E. Hunt Coracci n John S. Ferro n Peter B. Franzen Joel C. Grossman l Mark S. Harris n David R. Lenti l Rhinard D. Parry Jr. ♦ Michael T. Pelletier n Gary A. Penniman n C. Richard Piasecki CPA l Thomas J. Riley Jr. l

Supporters Alan S. Close n William C. Dean Jr. n Everett J. Ramsdell Jr. n

n Donor to Nichols College for 20 or more consecutive years l Donor to Nichols College for 10 to 19 consecutive years

♦ Donor to Nichols College for 5 to 9 consecutive years ❖ Deceased

Honor Roll of Donors 2020


Class of 1968 Trustees’ Society Jon Altpeter President’s Green Circle John M. Harrison n President’s Gold Circle Richard K. Robertson n President’s Silver Circle James E. Comer n Glenn C. Hood Jr. ♦ Barry W. Silver l Amasa Nichols Society William M. Treffinger n Academy Associates Robert F. DeFonce l Jeffrey P. Gould l Paul A. Rasmussen l William L. Shaw n Richard T. Speath n Hilltoppers’ Club Michael G. Ash n John A. DeCamp III l William R. Fox n Jon H. Haggerty n Tom Jones IV l Arthur B. Klei l George T. Smith l Jack G. Wille n Donald S. Wright n Supporters Robert M. Champagne n Steven J. Gollis ♦ Fredrick P. Magnus n Robert L. Rulli l Charles J. Slavis Jr.

Class of 1969 Scholars’ Society Robert B. Kuppenheimer n Trustees’ Society Thomas J. Hall n Robert D. Keller n President’s Green Circle Richard H. Bauzenberger n James H. Jackson n James W. Kerley n Robert L. Savage l President’s Gold Circle Jonathan D. Blake n President’s Silver Circle John M. Hills n James A. Maguire Jr. n Lee A. McNelly n Amasa Nichols Society Donald A. MacQuarrie n Jay Sherwood n Richard L. Whitman l

Academy Associates Henry Howard II n Daniel W. Ivascyn n Peter F. Lofgren n Robert H. McPhee n William J. Shaughnessy n David C. Weyant n Hilltoppers’ Club Peter A. Lunsford n Douglas E. MacMillan n Gilbert G. Rochon n John J. Rogers Jr. ♦ Scott L. Shank l Bruce E. Splaine n David K. Thomas n William L. Wood l Supporters Vincent P. Giracca n David L. Krasnov n Robert P. Lucas Robert J. Meagher n Douglas L. Richards l Matthew A. Sparks n

Class of 1970 President’s Gold Circle George T. Tucker l President’s Silver Circle Jeffrey P. Innis l Amasa Nichols Society Peter F. Garrell n John A. Ritacco n Douglas S. Stirling n Academy Associates Richard G. Merrill n Brian M. Mullen n David E. Stuart n John H. Wheeler Jr. l Hilltoppers’ Club Joseph P. Batthany ♦ Bruce B. Brown Jr. n David R. Carroll l Brad C. Child n Burton L. Corkum III l Thomas E. DiGiuseppe n Richard D. Doughty l Edward R. Leonard n Thomas J. McCaughey n James J. Mulcunry III n Thomas W. O’Brien l Richard H. Parmenter l Peter A. Scandone n Robert C. Toth n Bruce T. Underwood n Supporters Philip A. Boucher n Henry J. Ciak n Rodney P. MacPhie Jr. n Robert G. Smet n

Class of 1971 Trustees’ Society Robert P. MacPherson Jr. n C. Curry Wilford n

n Donor to Nichols College for 20 or more consecutive years l Donor to Nichols College for 10 to 19 consecutive years

♦ Donor to Nichols College for 5 to 9 consecutive years ❖ Deceased


Nichols College

President’s Silver Circle Timothy P. Cowles l William K. Mahler Jr. n John F. White n Amasa Nichols Society Frederick B. Callanen Jr. l E. Timothy Danahy III n Kelly Kincannon n Philip Pettinelli n Martin Schwab l Academy Associates Donald E. Allison Jr. n David W. Cuffe n David E. Irons n John V. McCarthy l Douglas A. Newman n Hilltoppers’ Club David J. Guarnieri Thomas T. Klebart n Kevin F. O’Connor Sr. n Stephen J. Piascik n Supporters Harold G. Hathaway III ♦

Class of 1972 Scholars’ Society John H. Davis n Edwin B. Donahue n President’s Silver Circle Steven L. Boynton n James F. Goulet n John H. McClutchy Jr. l Michael J. O’Mara n Peter F. Sennott n Jack E. Zacks n Amasa Nichols Society Dennis A. Albano l Henry B. Wainer n John D. Copeland n Hilltoppers’ Club Mark B. Alexander n Richard A. Bacon n Jeffrey B. Berselli n Robert B. Coleman n J. Paul H. Gauvin n Gregory P. Johnson n Donald S. Labonte n Stephen McDermott l Thomas R. Schaeffer Jr. ♦ Kent C. Wahlberg Supporters Brian T. Canty Brian F. Clark l

Class of 1973 President’s Green Circle Samuel R. Haines n President’s Silver Circle Donn E. Bleau n Gregory B. King n Amasa Nichols Society Arthur Z. Greenseid n Jay Reese III n

Academy Associates Roberto O. Alvarez n Thomas J. Craig Jr. n Francis B. Keefe n Andrew J. Rich IV l Hilltoppers’ Club Ronald J. Barry n David F. Biron n Michael C. Bousquet n Charles J. Collins l Joseph S. Colodin l William Courter John A. Hachmann l Stephen A. McKeown l Stephen W. Page n Gregory Pogue l Royal F. Turner Jr. n John A. Vita ♦ Supporters Stephen J. Shaffer ♦

Class of 1974 Scholars’ Society Peter L. Lynch n President’s Gold Circle Kurt E. Grimmelmann CFP n President’s Silver Circle Ronald E. Osimo n Academy Associates John W. Threlfall III l Hilltoppers’ Club William H. Collins II n Richard L. Goldsmith ♦ Supporters Robert N. Anderson l Richard E. Flagler Jr. n Henry R. Keene Jr. n Gregory S. Vangel l

Class of 1975 President’s Green Circle Marty Allen l President’s Gold Circle John A. Murphy Jr. n President’s Silver Circle Thomas E. Franzese n David G. Hale n Amasa Nichols Society Norman R. Fougere Jr. n John P. Maffeo n Academy Associates Marc A. Emmi l Hilltoppers’ Club F. Wick Dudley ♦ Brian P. Foley n Robert J. Keating n Kevin J. Parker n Daniel M. Prouty ♦ Supporters Thomas W. Ellis l Thomas J. Komorek n

Class of 1976 President’s Silver Circle David A. French n Amasa Nichols Society Robert B. Saunders n Academy Associates Richard J. Bates n Bruce H. Russell l Hilltoppers’ Club Michael E. Bird l William F. Bishop III David A. Blanchard n Stewart K. Ellis William P. Lefebvre l David Pailler n Matthew Towle ♦ Robert C. Wood ♦ Edward J. Zavaski Jr. ♦ Supporters Joseph F. Bullan n Gary S. Buma l Paul J. Gannon n C. Barry Walker l

Hilltoppers’ Club Bruce C. Crossman l James A. Dupre n Gregory Laboissonniere l Steven F. Sabacinski l Scott E. Wallen l

Hilltoppers’ Club Edward P. Deary l Michael W. Mastricola n

Supporters Michael J. Bassett n Marc P. Dupuis n Brian J. Fitzgibbons n Donald A. Henderson Jr. n Judith M. Sarkisian n

Amasa Nichols Society Allen W. Dillaire n

Class of 1979 Trustees’ Society Thomas S. Lodge n

Hilltoppers’ Club Peter A. Boltruczyk n William F. Bouvier n Randy L. Heitin n David R.G. Smith n

President’s Gold Circle Gary S. Guglielmello n

Supporters Dean J. Largesse Sr. n

President’s Silver Circle John T. Barton Jr. l Charlene M. French n Joseph F. Grimaldo ♦

Class of 1977

Amasa Nichols Society Timothy P. Garrison n Robert R. Nault n

President’s Gold Circle Michelle B. Austin l

Academy Associates Melanie A. Hoey ♦

Amasa Nichols Society George E. deRedon n

Hilltoppers’ Club Roger E. Pontbriand l James E. Rossini l Stephen J. Stagliano n

Academy Associates James E. Mahar n David P. McKeon l Hilltoppers’ Club Michael Keefe n James B. Ryder n Supporters David H. Grenier Fred S. Mezynski n David A. Zalewski n

Class of 1978 Scholars’ Society Robert E. Stansky n Trustees’ Society Martin J. Power n President’s Gold Circle William F. O’Connell Jr. n President’s Silver Circle Brian W. Calabro n Thomas A. LoRicco n Amasa Nichols Society Stanley J. Casillo n Terence M. Farrell l Joseph F. Fillo n Thomas G. Sleasman n Academy Associates Patrick J. Hoey ♦ Frank S. Paradis n Phillip A. Robinson l

Supporters Thomas R. Borzino n Jeffrey S. Freeman l Edward G. Poirier Jr. n

Class of 1980 Scholars’ Society Stephen A. Davis n Amasa Nichols Society Andrew W. Higgins l James C. Norcross n William J. Robinson n Academy Associates Richard T. Horigan Jr. l James H. Stewart n Hilltoppers’ Club Eugene J. Kerrigan n David W. Rice l Charles O. Zettergren ♦ Supporters Laurie E. Nossair ♦

Class of 1981 Scholars’ Society Keith T. Anderson n Wayne J. Archambo n President’s Silver Circle Marc D. Becker n Matthew C. Corcoran n Francis Gerzabek ♦ Bryan J. Morrissey n

Class of 1982

Academy Associates Bernard P. Gagnon Jr. ♦ David A. DiPilato n

Class of 1983 Scholars’ Society Donna Becker n Randall V. Becker n Hilltoppers’ Club John H. Allen n Thomas C. Baker n Edward A. Dixon l Beverly M. Milano CPA n Supporters Ronald P. Laliberty n

Class of 1984 Academy Associates Charles S. Nikopoulos l Francis E. Reh ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Lisa C. Chesson-Baker n Bruce S. Dodge n Robert A. Hoey CFP n David M. LaFleche l Richard C. Mikolajczak l Jean S. Parent n Robert E. Pierce n William A. Potter l Priscilla A. Rooney n Gayle P. Teixeira n Supporters Dermot P. O’Brien Michael S. Pantos n Michael E. Wowak ♦

Class of 1985 President’s Green Circle Alice C. Belden n Amasa Nichols Society Robert C. DeRubeis n

Kenneth A. Wood l

Supporters Robert J. Cournoyer l Guy G. Guarino l Lawrence J. Kerwin III n Barry L. Kromer n Albert J. Moquin Jr. ♦ Patricia M. Motyka n

Class of 1986 Scholars’ Society David G. Bedard n Trustees’ Society E.J. Landry III l President’s Green Circle Richard W. Anderson l President’s Silver Circle Andrew Michienzi l Paul G. Wigglesworth n Amasa Nichols Society Diane M. Page n Academy Associates Wayne M. LaMalva l Charlene L. Nemeth l Matthew M. Zalk Hilltoppers’ Club Robert J. Amico n Kenneth P. Bergeron Jr. l Lisa M. Cremonini n Laurence B. King n Cheryl A. Kopas n Douglas J. Lojko ♦ Dorinda M. Richetelli ♦ Matthew J. Walker Supporters Jeremy B. Coullard n Carolyn Kelley ♦

Class of 1987 Scholars’ Society Ellen S. Bedard n President’s Green Circle James C. Brown n Michael A. Lukasek n Academy Associates Cynthia A. Begin l Hilltoppers’ Club Paul Blasewitz l William M. Demers l Mark G. Foster ♦ Craig S. Johnston n Paul L. Pomerleau Jr. n Supporters Sandra M. Imbrogna

Academy Associates Dennis F. Bruning l Roy T. Grafton n Hilltoppers’ Club Salvatore A. Esposito n John J. Kunkel Kevin M. Richetelli l

Honor Roll of Donors 2020


Class of 1988

Class of 1991

Class of 1994

Class of 1997

President’s Silver Circle John E. Finnerty Jr. n

President’s Silver Circle Kenneth R. Snell CFA, CFP n

Trustees’ Society Tammy A. Wolf n

President’s Silver Circle Joseph M. Pirrone

Amasa Nichols Society Scott A. Jeamel n Peter J. Rowden n

Academy Associates David C. Kane l

President’s Silver Circle Tammy N. Meehan ♦ Keith D. Meehan ♦ Eric W. Smyrl ♦

Hilltoppers’ Club Jon D. Anderson n Sarah E. DiGeronimo ♦ Ronald S. Liston n Kurt H. Schoenberg II ♦

Academy Associates Eric A. Tashlein n Hilltoppers’ Club Jocelyn L. Bouvier n Elisabeth A. Cangemi n Melyssa M. Johnson l Scott A. Johnson l Laura C. LaBrack n Christopher J. Martin

Class of 1989 President’s Silver Circle Judith Keyser l Kevin P. Labonville l Amasa Nichols Society Scott C. Farland ♦ Shannon M. Heap ♦ Academy Associates Christopher S. Billis l David L. Kirchthurn l Hilltoppers’ Club Stacey M. Kiely l Jan A. Kopas n Michael J. McFadden l Martha Plotczyk n Elizabeth A. Provost-Rynda n Gary M. Shultz n Supporters Sandra L. Aramony Carol J. Cacciapouti ♦ Brian C. Cacciapouti ♦ Maria A. Jezierski l

Class of 1990 President’s Green Circle Dawn I. Carlo l Francis J. Carlo l Jeff R. Johnson n President’s Silver Circle Michael W. Frisbie l Richard M. Suitum l Amasa Nichols Society Brenda M. Bianculli n Peter V. Caruso l Sherry E. Engh n Mary C. Heap ♦ Stephen P. Jackson Jr. Academy Associates Dina M. Sabo l Michael P. Sabo l Hilltoppers’ Club Kimberly M. Casasanto l Supporters Karen L. Silvia ♦


Nichols College

Hilltoppers’ Club Dawn M. Clark ♦ Joanne J. Rapuano Laura J. Standrowicz l Ruth A. Sullivan l Supporters Alex K. Kirk ♦ David J. Mayotte l

Class of 1992 President’s Green Circle Carolyn J. Burke n President’s Silver Circle Eric A. Bernard Lee A. Cappola l Nancy B. Cordell Paul J. Washburn Jr. l

Amasa Nichols Society Michael R. Ehlers Christopher W. McCarthy n Kim M. McCarthy n Donna M. Whynott n Clifford D. Whynott Jr. n Academy Associates Shannon D. Gurek n Dale L. Gurek n Keith T. Hofbeck n Sarah R. Mitchell n Hilltoppers’ Club Joanne B. Grzembski l John G. O’Connell n Tracy A. Perron Supporters Rebecca A. Coffin n Lisa M. Larson n

Class of 1993 President’s Silver Circle Matthew B. O’Connor ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Christine J. Becotte Lisa P. Cone n Irmine M. Farmerie l Mark A. French l Deanna V. Fruci l Jennifer Katori l Kevin C. Katori l Supporters Erik C. Godaire l Jeffrey R. Guyette l Doreen E. Kiley Barbara A. Larson n Joan M. Meagher n Colleen M. Menis n

Amasa Nichols Society Sandy L. Perrotti l Patrick T. Warner Hilltoppers’ Club Kimberly R. Abercrombie William C. Becotte Michelle M. Brockney Dino Campopiano ♦ Susan E. Daly William P. Daly Jr. Tammy J. D’Amato l Vincent F. D’Amato l Anthony M. Fruci l Jason L. Goldaper ♦ John E. Hlavaty Peter J. Lenza Sean P. Lyons l Christopher M. Maher ♦ Kimberly A. McKinney Kirk R. McKinney Frank A. Michienzi l Tracy L. Rovezzi Jennifer H. Wojcik Supporters Carol A. Clouthier n Julie DeMauro Sean J. Devlin Cheryl M. Fredericks l Eric W. Gaylord Lisa A. LaFratta Paula J. Lavergne Andrew G. Marsh Bruce A. Morey Suzanne S. Pingeton Danielle A. Sprague ♦ Jennifer M. Sultaire

Class of 1995 Amasa Nichols Society Edward G. Perrotti Jr. l

Class of 1998 Trustees’ Society R. Joseph Salois n President’s Silver Circle Alan S. Peppel l George F. Spitz ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Glenn F. Racicot l Michael D. York Supporters Owen P. Devine Christopher J. Joaquim Robert E. White Jr. n

Class of 1999 President’s Silver Circle Holly M. Munce n Robbie P. Munce n Shannon M. Spitz ♦ Amasa Nichols Society Anthony M. Volpone Academy Associates Paul G. Miedzinski l Ruben E. Robinson III Hilltoppers’ Club Patrick S. Curtis l Melissa E. Leonard Elisabeth A. Oakes ♦ Supporters Lisa M. Antonson l Scott A. Antonson l Vincent S. Salamon l

Supporters William G. Blasius Jr. l Yvonne R. Gibilisco Clifford A. Livernois l Joseph A. Mazzarelli l Robert P. Pingeton Jr. Daniel T. Venis

Class of 2000

Class of 1996

Academy Associates John M. Tangstrom ♦ Michael F. Allard l Cynthia E. Curtis l Wendy J. Gamble ♦ Melissa A. Jameson ♦ Sean J. Jameson ♦

President’s Silver Circle Andrea C. Becker n Hilltoppers’ Club Shawn C. Wolfe Supporters Thomas J. Fredericks l Paul A. Manzi Danette M. Mazzarelli l Wayne M. Ronchetti

President’s Silver Circle Cara M. Revett ♦ Amasa Nichols Society Aida M. Volpone ♦

Class of 2001

Class of 2005

Class of 2009

Class of 2013

Amasa Nichols Society Aric E. H. Friend ♦

Amasa Nichols Society William D. Checkosky ♦

Academy Associates Jillian E. Coyle

President’s Silver Circle Marc K. Creegan

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Academy Associates Matthew P. Krumsiek

Hilltoppers’ Club Terrence M. Mayrose ♦

Hilltoppers’ Club Kerry M. Cole l Nicholas S. Lynch ♦ Steven A. Trzcinski

Supporters Leonard K. Harmon l Heather M. Magowan Stephen P. Mochun Caitlin M. Nugent Diane J. Perry l

Academy Associates Taylor W. Ross ♦ Emily A. Widdison

Supporters Gary D. Fountain ♦ Matthew J. Goulet ♦ Todd A. Rosen Stephanie A. Zaccaria-Clune ♦

Class of 2006

Class of 2002

President’s Gold Circle Jonathan M. Birtwell ♦

President’s Silver Circle Michael E. Doyle l

Hilltoppers’ Club Brendan M. Hall l William M. Ward

Academy Associates Jane T. Domings Thomas W. Gorski l Kevin G. Johnson CPA l Amahl H. Williams ♦

Supporters Jose G. Lora Kristen E. Renaud

Supporters Jennifer G. Brown Jessica L. Jewell Paul J. Karam l

Class of 2007

Class of 2003

Hilltoppers’ Club Loretta C.H. McHugh Bryan P. Urquhart

President’s Silver Circle Albert A. DiDomizio l

Academy Associates William J. Domings

Amasa Nichols Society Allison M. Brady

Supporters Gregory J. Bellavance Stacey A. Hejwosz Matthew D. Shogren ♦

Academy Associates Kim J. Krumsiek

Class of 2008

Hilltoppers’ Club Kathryn M. Ewen l Michael D. Simonian Supporters Andrew J. Cossar Cindy G. Woo

Class of 2004 Amasa Nichols Society Michael B. Dyer ♦ Academy Associates Matthew C. Chapman Michel H. Jasmin

Academy Associates Brian C. Labrec Kristin M. Powers Ronald O. Powers III l

Class of 2010 President’s Silver Circle William J. Arias Hilltoppers’ Club Russell K. Bozek ♦ Alison M. Cranshaw Danielle M. Sukis Supporters Lisa M. Bellavance Alexander R. Cordeiro Kate F. Logan ♦ Loren M. Rozanski

Class of 2011 Academy Associates Brianne S. Ross l

Supporters Max C. Curto Alexander J. Rheinbolt

Class of 2014 Academy Associates Anna Dyakiv ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Patrick R. Flanagan Daniel F. Hyatt Rick W. Medeiros Supporters Abby M. DePasquale Nicholas J. DePasquale David J. Lavoie Emalee M. Watkins Cynthia C. Williams n Dylan T. Woodring ♦

Hilltoppers’ Club Gerald M. Bojanowski Ashley P. Coffey Supporters Anonymous Krystin A. Kerekes ♦ Rachael M. Tenz

Class of 2012

Hilltoppers’ Club Stephen J. Van Loan ♦

President’s Silver Circle Heather L. Richards

Supporters Donald P. Brown Jr. ♦ John H. Easley Jr. ♦ Kristen M. Shogren l Matthew L. Turski Jennifer L. Zajac ♦

President’s Society Now Austin J. Nagle ♦

Supporters Darlene A. Bomba Jeffrey T. Norwood

Hilltoppers’ Club Sharon C. Berry Lynda Holmes ♦ Stefany C. Mendez Garrett A. Miccile Paula A. Pelusi ♦

Academy Associates Amy E. Sposito Hilltoppers’ Club Thomas R. Amico ♦ Kimberly M. Cummings ♦ Evan D. J. McHugh Supporters Kathleen M. Ells ♦ Dominique E. Goncalves Susan M. Harney Katelynn M. Mochun ♦ Cynthia E. Payne

n Donor to Nichols College for 20 or more consecutive years l Donor to Nichols College for 10 to 19 consecutive years

♦ Donor to Nichols College for 5 to 9 consecutive years ❖ Deceased

Honor Roll of Donors 2020


Alumni Participation Top 5 Classes (by decade)

The ’50s

’59 21.95% ’53 21.43% ’54 21.43% ’57 20.51% ’56 19.51% The ’60s ’63 44.29% ’67 36.89% ’64 33.78% ’65 33.71% ’66 32.04% The ’70s ’73 17.19% ’70 16.98% ’72 16.91% ’71 15.27% ’78 13.92% The ’80s ’86 13.10% ’84 9.55% ’85 8.75% ’89 6.90% ’80 6.80% The ’90s ’94 18.23% ’92 8.37% ’90 7.29% ’99 7.10% ’93 6.51% The ’00s ’02 5.93% ’01 4.49% ’08 4.46% ’00 3.96% ’03 3.78% The ’10s ’15 7.78% ’19 5.20% ’17 3.79% ’16 3.74% ’13 3.52% 8

Nichols College

Class of 2015 President’s Silver Circle Matthew R. Taylor Academy Associates Philip E. Baldyga Hilltoppers’ Club Gaetano P. Deplacido Patrick J. Hoey Brett D. Jackson Supporters Dylan J. Austin Kylie-blu Crawford Mataiah I. Crossley Rachel A. Dalrymple Alexandra M. Euglow Avery Q. Fuertes Joseph P. Gallant Katie A. Gorman Andrew L. Haas Margaret Haidas ♦ Shannon E. Heafey Cameron P. Lewis Michael J. O’Brien Taylor E. Pons Michael J. Ricci II Brandon M. Roode Erika A. Rothberg Matthew D. San Clemente ♦ Michael M. Schwartz Jennifer L. Townsend Kimberly A. Whalen Robert J. Whittemore Jr.

Class of 2016 President’s Silver Circle Christopher W. Zabriskie President’s Society Now Sean R. Hoey ♦ Daniel J. Jezierski ♦ Mario A. Turner Hilltoppers’ Club Robert G. Costa Jr. Supporters Mitchell W. Cole Nicholas V. DiMille Steven R. Lecey Quentin P. Lewis Jaime L. Miglionico Lindsey E. Oliver ♦ Barry T. O’Neil Paul D. Prescott Nicolas B. Saint Jean Jr. Michael J. Warrino

Class of 2017 President’s Society Now Carmen A. Garcia Rae Lynn Glispin l Lynn S. Looby Hilltoppers’ Club Timothy D. Ford Matthew V. Marcantonio Robert E. Orell Sean P. Swansen

Supporters Alycia Allard Megan P. Faulkner Nicole J. LaBrack Lauren A. Noga Jade A. Palladino Gina M. Petruzzi Donald B. Rudd Daniel J. Sullivan

Class of 2018 President’s Society Now Arthur J. Glispin ♦ Ryan Hunter Dominic V. Librandi Hilltoppers’ Club Brianna Dell’isola Christopher M. Deming Supporters Emily E. Barden Cameron J. Cook Wellesley B. Kosak Joseph F. Mason Jillian T. Riches ♦ Matthew P. Stinchfield Erica B. Sullivan

Class of 2019 President’s Society Now Matthew V. Menta Hilltoppers’ Club Daniel Iasenza James A. Singletary Supporters Callie A. Andrews Mikayla R. Castro Cassandra A. Goyette Kathleen A. Hamilton Meghan A. McClure Corey J. McEvoy Ryan A. Nesbit Paul Parks III Lorenzo Secola Katherine M. Shannon Ian J. Spencer Jaryd N. Tellstone

STUDENTS Hilltoppers’ Club Madison E. Bakos Patrick Colgan Tyler J. Kenney Supporters Amanda M. Alioto Jake A. Alpert Brodie N. Altiere Taylor N. Antoniou Jennifer M. Banks Blake T. Beliveau Christopher A. Brainard Julianna R. Brissette Meghan E. Campbell Gretchen R. Carlson Christopher A. Chambers

Kevin M. Chetwynd Taylor M. Commesso Zachary E. Conlon Keanu J. Cummings Donnecia N. Dalton Jenna E. Delorenzo Grace M. Deneault Elizabeth M. Doherty David A. Egan III Emily M. Faist Alfred Farina Jr. Kelly E. Ferreira Nathan R. Foster Michaela E. Gamache Adam W. Goss Katharine E. Gover Ann Marie Graves Owen P. Hamel Samuel W. Hanscom Kelsey N. Horn Chad J. Hunt Justin M. Hurley Callie Jackson Kash K. E. Jackson Rebecca C. John Kayla A. Kern Meghan R. Kesilewski Rebecca R. Khachikian John D. Lane Christopher M. Lawrence Alexis R. Lima Ashley E. Ljunggren Laura E. Lyons Nicholas J. Mangone Leundra K. Marsh Jared J. Maymon Michael F. McCann Jr. Mackenzie L. McDonald Taylor P. McIntosh Sachelle Mercado Brooke A. Misbach Christian J. Naccari Megan Nathanson Nicholas H. Nieuwhof Margaret E. Noelk Julia M. Paladino Eliza R. Phillips Maria A. Pierson Michael J. Pina Jr. Aaron J. Reed-Coward Lyanna M. Rose Heidi T. Rousseau David E. Roy Jr. Carlie A. Rudzinski Mallory R. Russell Samantha J. Schechter Amarie Settiwongse Miranda H. Smith Sarah A. Soltys Ashley E. Tarantino Thomas M. Thames Courtney F. Tomolo Christopher T. Uzzo Hunter A. Walker Taylor V. Ward Evan Ware Michael R. Welti Carly M. Wilson Alexander C. Wornham Francis P. Zak II

n Donor to Nichols College for 20 or more consecutive years l Donor to Nichols College for 10 to 19 consecutive years

♦ Donor to Nichols College for 5 to 9 consecutive years ❖ Deceased

The Colonel Conrad Society Leaving a Legacy Nichols College is grateful to the members of the Colonel Conrad Society — individuals who have documented a bequest to Nichols through their estate or who have remembered Nichols through a planned gift. (Names in bold indicate new members.)

 Norris G. Abbott III ’51 ❖

William S. Cleary ’63 ❖

Richard L. Hilliard

Anonymous ’75

James W. ’67 & Nancy Coghlin Sr.

John M. Hills ’69

Anonymous ’64 ❖

Frederick P. Currier ❖

Charles N. Howe ’62

Richard H. Bauzenberger ’69

Bradley M. Damon ’71 ❖

Mary Jane Ingraham ❖

Martin J. Power ’78

Mrs. Herman F. Becker

Henri M. David Jr. ’64

B. Everett Jones ’56 ❖

Michael J. Runyon ’67

Robert E. Beckwith ’64

John H. Davis ’72

Herbert F. Kaupe ’43 ❖

Richard I. Schachet ’56 ❖

David G. Bedard 86

William E. Dillmeier Jr. ’61

Robert D. Keller ’69

Jay Sherwood ’69

Ellen J. Bedard 87

James L. Dunbar ’51 ❖

Robert H. Kime ’65

Stearns H. Smalley ’34 ❖

George P. Belba ’62 ❖

William S. Edmunds ’62 ❖

Robert B. Kuppenheimer ’69

Bruce E. Splaine ’69

Alice C. Belden ’85

Gerald Fels ’66

John D. Kurtz ’42 ❖

Robert A. Stewart ’48 ❖

Jane T. Birckhead

Alfred R. Fishel ’41 ❖

Donald A. MacQuarrie ’69

Davies Tainter Jr. ’54

Oliver W. Birckhead Jr. ’42 ❖

William D. Fowler ’49

Duncan M. McInnes ’57 ❖

Robert L. Therrien ’63

Richard A. Blankley ’65

Matthew R. Fox ’01

Lee A. McNelly ’69

James D. Wagner ’59

Edward G. Brodeur ’53

John L. Gaylord ’61 ❖

Frank Mickel ’70

David C. Weyant ’69

Robert A. Bullard ’52

William H. Gunther Jr. ’43 ❖

Thomas H. Niles ’63

Amahl H. Williams ’02

Raymond M. Burnham

Robert R. Gurnett ’34 ❖

Ronald P. Noyes ’65 ❖

Tammy A. Wolf ’94

Eugene P. Cenci ’63

David G. Hale ’75

Alan S. Peppel MBA ’98

Paul E. Zimmerman ’62

Donald E. Chalmers ’59 ❖

John M. Harrison ’68

Rudolph C. Planeta Jr. ’54 ❖

R. Mildred Zuckerman ❖

Nichols remembered with two generous bequests In the past year, Nichols College received gifts totaling more

a mobile teletype encryption unit in France during

than $1 million from the estates of two alumni. Each of the

World War II, an interest he would later develop as an

gifts, which are among the largest bequests made to the

amateur radio operator.

college, is the culmination of a lifetime of loyal support to a Bill Edmunds ’62, a native of Vermont who died in January

beloved alma mater.

2019, worked for 50 years as an advertising specialty agent John Kurtz ’42, who died in October 2018, ran the

for Brown and Bigelow. His interests included collecting

family’s furniture and appliance business and later managed

both toy and full-sized cars, going to car shows, and eating

a building his family acquired in Brooklyn. He worked until

at diners. According to a family member, Edmunds loved

the day he died, according to a close friend, and lived his

Nichols, where he was “taken under the wing” of Colonel

life well. “At age 96 he enjoyed dining out and having a half

James L. Conrad, founding president – a familiar story to

dozen oysters and a prime rib steak,” he says. Kurtz served on

a generation of Nichols graduates.

We are humbled by the generosity of these two individuals who not only quietly and consistently supported Nichols during their lives but left a tremendous legacy that is sure to have an impact on today’s students. Bill Pieczynski Vice President for Advancement

Honor Roll of Donors 2020


Other Donors CORPORATIONS & FOUNDATIONS Scholars’ Society Fred C. & Katherine B. Andersen Fdn. n Fred Harris Daniels Fdn. l Davis Educational Fdn. l Irene E. & George A. Davis Fdn. l Morgan Stanley Gift Fund Fidelity Charitable # Funding For Teams LLC Schwab Charitable Fund #

Trustees’ Society Atlas Distributing Inc. ♦ Community Fdn. of NC East ♦ Deloitte l George F. & Sybil H. Fuller Fdn. n Hewlett-Packard Enterprise ♦ YourCause LLC (New York Life) ♦

President’s Green Circle FM Global l Juster Pope Frazier Architects LLC ♦ U.S. Charitable Gift Trust UBS Donor-Advised Fund Webster Five Fdn. n

President’s Gold Circle Gentex Optics Inc./Essilor of America Inc. ♦ PIMCO Investments LLC The Prudential n

President’s Silver Circle Career Moves LLC ♦ Cornerstone Bank Dexter-Russell Inc. ♦ Dream Bat Bombers Baseball Club Exsel Advertising Inc. ♦ Follett l Goulet, Salvidio & Associates PC ♦ Hanover Insurance Group IPG Photonics Corp. Nichols Academy Scholarship/ Greater Worcester Community Fdn. ♦ United Way of North Central MA Inc. Vanguard Charitable ♦ Webster Five Cents Savings Bank l YourCause LLC (Symantec Corp.)

Worcester County Deputy Sheriff’s Assoc. Inc. YourCause LLC (Synchrony) YourCause LLC (Wells Fargo)

Academy Associates American Steel & Aluminum LLC Labrec Realty Solutions LLC LRB Inc. Northeast Security ♦ R/T Performance Marketing LLC ♦ Roland’s Tire Service Inc. Sun Life Financial United Technologies Corp. n Verisk Analytics ♦ Wilson Language Training Corp. ♦

Hilltoppers’ Club Aegon Transamerica Alden H. Vose Fdn. ♦ Botello Lumber Co. Daniel Doke Photography DG Concrete Construction Services Dudley House of Pizza & Restaurant l Healthy Living Market & Cafe Healy Electrial Services LLC JA Polito & Sons Inc. Kerrin Graphics & Printing Inc. National Grid l Oracle ♦ Proficient Driving Instruction LLC Roy’s Auto Glass Santander Bank Sentry Insurance l South Boston Check Cashing Inc. TIAA Charitable Vermont Mutual Insurance Co. Vibram Corp. l W.L. Courter LLC YourCause LLC (Dell)

Supporters AmazonSmile Fdn. ♦ Dudley Charlton Teachers Assoc. Hayden Pond Assoc. Raytheon Co. n Voya YourCause LLC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP)


Amasa Nichols Society

President’s Green Circle

Bank of America n Citizens Financial Group Inc. CPH Inc. Eagle Cleaning Corp. l Eventbrite Fidelity Bank Go Time Restrooms Harrington Healthcare System ♦ Microsoft l Ocean State Outlaws Price Chopper Siemens Industry Inc. South Windsor American Legion Baseball League Southbridge Credit Union Travelers United Way of Rhode Island l

Susan West Engelkemeyer PhD l Patricia A. Hertzfeld n Ronald Schachter ♦


Nichols College

President’s Silver Circle Andrea C. Becker n William L. Boffi ♦ Pamela J. Boggio l Kerry Calnan ♦ Marc K. Creegan Richard L. Hilliard n Robert LaVigne l Timothy Mayo William C. Pieczynski l Bryant Richards Heather L. Richards Shannon M. Spitz ♦ Susan D. Veshi n

Amasa Nichols Society Edward J. Kolek Jr. n Cynthia J. Lafortune n Lynn S. Looby Christopher Traina ♦

Academy Associates Chris Colvin Maryann Conrad ♦ Rae Lynn Glispin l Eric Gobiel Roy K Gurnon Liz Horgan l Timothy J. Liptrap EdD l Megan M Nocivelli DBA ♦ Dale S. Olmsted K. C. Poplawski n Jason A Price PhD l Molly Thienel ♦ Mary A. Trottier n Edward G. Warren PhD n Sarajane Warren n

Hilltoppers’ Club Jacqueline A Baker l Jean Beaupre ♦ Sharon C. Berry Craig H. Brady l Leslie H. Brooks n Paul O. Brower Rachel D Ferreira Deanna P. Foster Brittany L. Jacobs William J Keefe ♦ Heather Korzec Kristan D Mallet ♦ Brian T. McCoy EdD n Janet L. Newman l Robert E. Orell Paul J. Perry l Charlyn A. Robert l Donald Sandstrom l Catrin Weimbs Luanne V. Westerling l

Supporters Abby M. DePasquale Peter DiVito ♦ Megan P. Faulkner Jared Hamilton Leonard K. Harmon l Kenneth M. Lapan l Katelynn M. Mochun ♦ Jillian T. Riches ♦ Kathy M. Sandstrom l Pauline Sroczynski l Michael Stanton l Christopher Tousignant Jennifer L. Townsend Maryellen V. Watson l Cynthia C. Williams n

FRIENDS Scholars’ Society Anonymous Karen Jankowski Madeline Lynch ♦

Trustees’ Society Jane T. Birckhead l Denise B. Hall ♦ Alfred D. Houston n

President’s Green Circle Constantine Alexander n Kevin Chrobak ♦ Helen C. Cleary David Engelkemeyer l Rosemarie Ives Nina Schmitt

President’s Gold Circle Charles Zabriskie Jr. n

President’s Silver Circle Janet Bullard CFA, CFP l Gail E. Carberry EdD John B. Dirlam n Hugo A. Keesing Janet McClutchy Richard T. Moore l Lana K. Pieczynski ♦ Paul M. Veshi n

Amasa Nichols Society Michael J. Conrad Peter M. Engh n Lee & Maria Goss Roberta J. Greenseid Richard B. Hardy n Stephen A. Rock George Shuster l

Academy Associates Anonymous Jessie Burgess Kellie Cavalier E. Bates Craver n Melanie Fleming ♦ John Hennessey Melanie King Daniel Kinley Thomas D. Kinley Lisa Olmsted Jennifer Olson Susan Pond Nancy Potter David Rock Elizabeth Shanahan ♦ Joe Thienel ♦ Elizabeth S. Wagner

n Donor to Nichols College for 20 or more consecutive years l Donor to Nichols College for 10 to 19 consecutive years

♦ Donor to Nichols College for 5 to 9 consecutive years ❖ Deceased

Endowed Funds Endowed funds enhance opportunities, provide tangible benefits for students, and help support operations at Nichols College. Below are the college’s endowed funds listed by the levels of support they have received as of June 30, 2020. (Names in italics indicate new funds.) $1,000,000


Class of ’86 Endowed Scholarship

Joan Fels Endowed Scholarship

Col. James L. Conrad Memorial Scholarship

Class of ’94 Endowed Scholarship



Thomas H. Niles ’63 Endowed Scholarship

Keith T. Anderson ’81 Endowed Scholarship

Dillmeier Family (William Jr. ’61 and William III ’90)

Class of ’57 Endowed Scholarship

Class of ’66 Endowed Scholarship

Ed Donahue ‘72 & Karen Jankowski

Class of ’68 Endowed Scholarship

James L. Dunbar Endowed Scholarship

J. L. Dunbar Family Endowed Scholarship

Russell E. Fuller Endowed Scholarship

$500,000 Stephen A. Davis ’80 Endowed Scholarship Endowed Educational Enhancement Fund James D. Wagner ’59 Endowed Scholarship

in Criminal Justice

James ‘67 and Nancy Coghlin Endowed Scholarship Rick DeCrosta ’‘72 Endowed Scholarship Endowed Scholarship Endowed Scholarship


Faucher Family Endowed Scholarship

James C. Gahan IV Endowed Scholarship

Randy ’83 MBA ’96 and Donna ’83 Becker

Thomas and Denise Hall Endowed Scholarship

William and Lynne Gillen Endowed Scholarship


Jeffrey A. Halprin Liberal Arts Endowed Scholarship

Gould Generational Scholarship

Class of ’63 Endowed Scholarship

Hermann Foundation Scholarship

G. Arnold Haynes ’50 Endowed Scholarship

Class of ’67 Endowed Scholarship

Hertzfeld-Moore Faculty-led Student

Hertzfeld Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship

Faculty Professional Development Fund

Justinian Council Seniors ‘65 Endowed Scholarship

Leadership Development Fund

Pat and Al Houston Endowed Scholarship

Professor John Katori/Class of 1955 Scholarship

Claire & Shelly Power Endowed Scholarship

President’s Endowed Scholarship

Lafayette Keeney ’49 Endowed Scholarship

The Rock Family Endowed Scholarship

Keller Family Endowed Scholarship

R. Joseph Salois ’98 Endowed Scholarship

David F. Lombard ’65 Endowed Scholarship

Richard W. Scheffler ’63 Endowed Scholarship

Kathleen M. MacPherson Endowed Scholarship


$150,000 Professor Keith Corkum Endowed Scholarship

in Economics

Michael J. and Joan F. Vendetti Endowed Fund $100,000

Travel Fund

Alexander/Sargent Endowed Scholarship Wayne Archambo ’81 Endowed Scholarship

Board of Advisors Endowed Scholarship

Robert E. Beckwith ’64 Endowed Scholarship

Class of ’64 Endowed Scholarship

Bedard Family (David ’86 and Ellen ’87)

Class of ’65 Endowed Scholarship

Class of ’69 Endowed Scholarship

Oliver W. Birckhead ‘42 Endowed Scholarship

Peter B. Dixon Scholarship

Hal Chalmers/Elks Scholarship

Robert C. Fischer Scholarship

Helen Chrobak Endowment for the

Barry D Hogan ’67 Endowed Scholarship

Raymond C. Pecor, Jr. ’59 Endowed Scholarship

Class of ’54 Scholarship

Marilyn & Earl Prolman Endowed Scholarship

Class of ’78 Endowed Scholarship

Endowed Scholarship

Institute for Women’s Leadership

in Business Administration

John H. McClutchy, Jr. ’72 Endowed Scholarship Military & Veteran Student Scholarship Patel Family Endowed Scholarship Philip Pettinelli ’71 Endowed Scholarship Charles E. Sage ’65 Endowed Scholarship Christopher R. Scott Endowed Scholarship Southbridge Chairmen Endowed Scholarship President Debra Townsley Scholarship Robert J. Vaudreuil ’77 Endowed Scholarship Tammy Wolf ’94 Endowed Scholarship Deb & Paul Zimmerman Endowed Scholarship

Honor Roll of Donors 2020


Hilltoppers’ Club Kevin A. Abreu Brian Adams Raymond Adams Anonymous Robert B. Audette ♦ Kathleene Austin George & Lisa Avedisian Dara J. Bachand Susan M. Baraniuk-Albano Eric Barry Alan G. Beardsley Pamela Beckvagni William D. Bissonnette Vincent Bonazzo Heath D. Boote ♦ Alma Brambila Christine Bussone Harold Christianson Steven A. Cole Linda L. Cookson Charles R. Cutler Jr. Ralph R. Dodd Veronica Donahey Patricia A. Donahue Jeffrey R. Donofrio Francesco Federico John N. Finnerty Daniel C. Ford Jill Forti Gary & Sandra Garcia Thomas & Patricia Garcia Charles F. Grant George Gurnee Gaynelle M. Johnson ❖ Michael Kinley Michael Kleinhenz Ellen Kushi Amber Lambert Bradford Maher Shiobhan Maher Russell Mayhew Jr. Matthew M. Mayo Donald Nesbit Estelle Nicholson Franklin T. Olive Jr. l Nelda O’Neill Andy Ozmun Roberta S. Passardi

Constance Post Rhonda Proulx Stephen Putnam Brian Quinlan Wolf Rausch Susan Ray Casey Reagan ♦ Lisa Rogers Diane Saco Susan Scott Guy S. Senia Sebastian Senia Lani M. Seymour Eugene Starzee Jon P. Sullivan Gerald & Dorothy Szymansky Steven J. Testoni William Tracy Aida E. Valentin-Martinez Sandra R. White John P. Wojciechowski

Supporters Tayla Abell Robin A. Ardito Anonymous (3) Lucas Beaney Teresa Begnal Arthur Bertini Laura Bieren Doreen Bliss Maureen T. Boutwell Nick Boyle Janice B. Brady Joan Brown Sharon L. Brown Grace P. Cain Lynne Cinella Connell P. Clark Nicholas Commesso Nora Curley Cynthia Czarnecki Rob Daigneault Claire D’Elia Patrick P. Doherty Sean Doherty Aline M. Douillette l Brian Duke Mary Dupre Omer & Jacqueline Duval ♦

Adele Falkner Fredericka H. Fellows Jeffrey O. Fellows Alexander Ferguson Susan Ferris Edward W. Forman Olivia Fraser Arlene Gagnon John Gambale Joseph H. Garcia Carolyn N. Garthwait Kathleen M. Gauches Nancy Graham Laurel Grigalunas-Mahon Kyle Gurnee Robert & Catherine Guyette l Mathew Hernandez Donald Hinckley Robert Hinckley Roger Howes Cynthia Hudock James Husar Lori Jahoda Timothy S. Jerome Daniel E. Johnson ♦ Kyle Kennedy Ann Kleinhenz Marianne Kolodziej Leonel & Marie Konicki Sr. Peter J. Kretschmar Charles D. Laws ♦ Wayne R. Lawson l Robert Lemay Michael Lindros Henry R. Lipp Brenda A. Ljunggren John Lloyd Lori Maher Donald Mangini George Manning Cis Marsh Joseph Mayotte ♦ Diane Mazzadra Dena McCabe Kristin L. McCarthy Michael E Meehan Georgia Merlina Karen Michaud Stephanie Michaud John D. Morton

Alysyn Mullen Karen Murphy Mikayla Nixie Chris & Darcy Palmer Christopher Paolillo Charles Pekala ♦ Nancy A. Perron Pierre Perron Ann E. Piechowiak Marlene Plaza l William & Teresa Popek l Jennifer Richardson Nancy Richardson Allen & Joan Romanish Chantal Roussel Marianne Sacramone Susan A. Saez Ronald E. Schleicher Robert E. Seabury Joanne M. Seymour Debbie Sheridan Edward Sherman Frankie Sherpo Thomas Simco Karen Simmons Marjory Simmons Thomas Sobieski Frederick H. Sokolowski Leonard & Nancy Spooner l Leonard & Sadie St. John Linda Stefanski Eugene L. Sullivan Jr. John Sullivan Leonard F. Suprise l A. B. Szczygiel ♦ Richard T. Szczygiel ♦ Melissa M. Talamini Diane Talanca Jennifer J. Tanguay Carolyn H. Taylor Lisa Treska James C. Turner Louise M. Valeri Vincent Valeri Kristen A. Vangsness Peeranut Visetsuth Richard & Cindy Yuris David & Ursula Zdrok ♦

Graduation gesture kicks off Bison Care Fund Members of the Class of 2020 didn’t quite get the final semester they imagined. All the rites of spring – countdown socials, Bison Fest, a formal graduation – were lost to the restrictions of an unimaginable pandemic. What seniors found, however, was the compassion to help their fellow Bison who needed it most. In April, soon after the college launched the Bison Care Fund to support additional financial aid needs for Nichols College students hardest hit by the impact of the COVID-19 12

Nichols College

By June, more than


was raised to help those students whose financial circumstances have been greatly affected by the pandemic.

pandemic, the graduating class offered to designate all donations raised toward a senior gift to the fund. This gesture, in turn, inspired other alumni to contribute. By June, more than $200,000 was raised to

help those students whose financial circumstances have been greatly affected by the pandemic. The Class of 2020 has left a legacy of generosity and may even one day be remembered for starting a new spring tradition at Nichols.


(Past and current) President’s Green Circle Mrs. Herman F. Becker l Patrick J. & Maureen Colgan President’s Gold Circle Charles & Star Zabriskie Jr. n President’s Silver Circle Marc D. & Andrea Becker n David J. & Kristina M. Finnerty Francis & Lisa Gerzabek ♦ Guy Giantonio Sandra McIntosh Lee A. McNelly n Dave & Celeste J. Nelson Keith A. & Dena O’Hara l John F. White n Amasa Nichols Society Anonymous Paul L. & Lisa A. Callahan Scott C. & Laurine Farland ♦ Jay & Cindy Harasyko Guy Johnson Robert J. & Lee Ann Kluger Cynthia J. Lafortune n Todd & Lynn S. Looby Joseph M. & Simona Nerney Ora Nyhus Michael & Nancy E. Patitucci Edward G. & Sandy L. Perrotti Jr. l James E. Robinson n James A. & Debra Roche John ❖ & Susan Turrini Patrick T. Warner Academy Associates Kristin L. Bourgault Raymond & Lucy Brown Paul & Lori MacKay Carroll Robert L. Colombo l James & Martha Deming Joseph & Holly Evers Sr. Kimberly Ferris Bernard P. & Paula Gagnon Jr. ♦ Jeffrey P. & Laura Gould l Brian C. Labrec Vincent & Nancy Marcantonio Joseph & Clare E. Morin Melvin Olson Phillip A. Robinson l Hilltoppers’ Club Kevin G. & Kerry Adams Anthony & Christine Alioto Mark & Jacqueline A. Baker l Christopher O. Bakos Carmen M. & Imelda Baldino John K. & Sharon C. Berry David C. & Margaret Blanford William & Lisa Bouchard Craig H. & Kelly Brady l Leslie H. Brooks n Alan & Heidi L. Carpenter Richard & Barbara Case Raymond Cerri Jr. David W. & Anne M. Cole ♦ Silvano & Libra Crivello Anthony J. Detarando II Marc J. & Michelle Diloreto Jody Doherty John & Christine A. Duffy Mary T. Durney Sherri L. Edwards

William L. & Katherine Ewen l Paul & Rhonda Fraser Dennis & Patti Gauthier Eric & Geraldine Hamel Debra M. Harmon l Heidi Hartman Robert A. & Mary C. Hoey n Howard & Kristine Irish Faith D. Kenney Jan A. & Cheryl A. Kopas n Ronald & Susan Kostek David & Laura LaBrack Robert & Lynn Ljunggren Douglas J. & Deborah Lojko ♦ Stephen & Robin Lyons Stephen P. & Doris Mackowiak Christopher D. Mayhew Daniel F. McCarthy James McNeil Paul & Mary Menta Joseph P. & Clare Morin Elizabeth P. Naccari James C. & Mary Nesbitt Edward J. & Barbara A. O’Connell Doris Ortiz Audie L. Ortiz Leon A. & Karen E. Pedruczny Jr. Bryan Pelletier Stephen R. & Tracy A. Perron Nancy B. Sargent Nicholas C. & Courtney V. Schiavone Martha H. Shoemaker Bradford R. Sweet l Shelley Vetter David G. & Kelly Winand Kenneth A. & Janice Wood l Francis & Theresa Zak

Supporters Joseph & Kim A. Altiere Anonymous (2) Scott A. & Lisa M. Antonson l Richard J. & Lisa Astle Jeffery A. & Jane E. Baker Sr. Derrick & Patricia Belin Ana Bernier Troy & Gina Boggs Deanna Botelho Scott R. & Tammy L. Brissette Linda S. Card Raymond & Susan Cerri Betty T. Chin Jeno A. Commesso Karen M. Dmohowski Shannon Gurnee Daniel P. & Maria A. Jezierski Dennis R. & Diane Keohane Steen & Barbara A. Larson n Quentin P. Lewis Stephen S. & Eileen P. Light David J. & Janet Mayotte l Roxanne McDonald Linda A. Miller Jason R. & Kristin Ouellette Edward Patenaude Victor J. & Rosa Rivera Gary & Lori Roy Ernest & Marnee Saltalamacchia Jr. Theresa M. Silva Robert & Rebecca Stanton Tim L. & Laurie L. Sullivan Amy Tarantino Michelle Thier Ihor & Lynne M. Tinyszin Sandra E. Valeri Michael & Ellen Ward Gary & Sandra Wilga Cynthia C. Williams n

Nichols College receives $2 million gift to boost endowment In February 2020, Nichols College received a $2 million contribution toward its endowment from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. Funds generated from the gift will be designated to a scholarship for local students and a variety of academic initiatives. “We are so grateful to the donor for this display of enormous generosity,” said Susan West Engelkemeyer, Ph.D., president of Nichols College. “This gift will advance our mission of transforming lives through expanded educational and experiential opportunities for our career-focused students. It ensures our continued success as a college of choice for business and leadership education.” The gift will support experiential learning, such as the professional consulting projects students undertake with regional businesses, and an endowed scholarship for students in southern Worcester County. Additional support provided by the donor will augment the Student-Managed Investment Fund, which was created last fall through donations from three alumni. “This generous gift will provide critical endowment support and solidify our position of strength at a time of uncertainty in higher education,” said John H. Davis ’72, who is the chair of the Board of Trustees and co-chair of the Bicentennial Campaign. “Most importantly, it will increase experiential opportunities for our students to give them a competitive edge.”

n Donor to Nichols College for 20 or more consecutive years l Donor to Nichols College for 10 to 19 consecutive years

♦ Donor to Nichols College for 5 to 9 consecutive years ❖ Deceased

Honor Roll of Donors 2020


Memorial and Tribute Gifts Nichols College received gifts in honor/memory of these individuals and named funds:

Gifts to Named Funds Alexander/Sargent Endowed Scholarship Constantine Alexander Professor Jack Armstrong Endowed Scholarship for Excellence in Accounting Brenda M Bianculli Richard L. Hilliard Robert E. Beckwith ’64 Endowed Scholarship Pamela Beckvagni Robert E. Beckwith Richard L. Hilliard Bedard Family (David ’86 and Ellen ’87) Endowed Scholarship David G. & Ellen S. Bedard Oliver Birckhead ’42 Endowed Scholarship Jane T. Birckhead Board of Advisors Scholarship Michelle B. Austin Alice C. Belden Lee A. Cappola Francis J. & Dawn I. Carlo Peter V. Caruso Jillian E. Coyle Michael W. Frisbie Go Time Restrooms Richard L. Hilliard Jeff R. Johnson E.J. Landry III John P. Maffeo Lee A. McNelly Robbie P. & Holly M. Munce Anthony M. & Aida M. Volpone Bob and Heather Brown Memorial Scholarship James C. Brown Helen Chrobak Endowment for the Institute for Women’s Leadership Kevin Chrobak Juster Pope Frazier Architects LLC Class of ’54 Endowed Scholarship John J. McCabe Jr. Davies Tainter Jr. Class of ’57 Endowed Scholarship George S. Butler Donald Claprood John T. Kelly Kent Tarrant Walter Urtz Class of ’63 Endowed Scholarship Herbert B. Beeson Peter M. Brusman Eugene P. Cenci Peter K. Chamberlin Ross H. Chambers Helen C. Cleary Raymond F. Essig James H. Feindel Thomas H. Niles George A. Pagnotta Jr. The Prudential


Nichols College

Alvah O. Rock Edmund S. Shepard Bruce I. Siegal Charles R. Smith Peter H. Smith Henry A. Taylor III Robert L. Therrien

Class of ’64 Endowed Scholarship in memory of Patrick E. Donnelly Warren C. Bender William F. Bufalino K. Dexter Cheney Robert D. Craig Jr. David C. Doe Philip B. Donnelly William J. Dyer Fidelity Charitable Edward P. Mazzetta Michael E. Meehan Edward W. Nichols David B. Ruddock Steven A. Thorn Daniel P. Tomassetti Class of ’65 Endowed Scholarship Richard A. Blankley Robert W. Grady Edward J. Grenke John D. MacPhail Benjamin A. Minardi III Thomas D. Pearsall David A. Rowe Robert T. Sanford Richard F. Shields Class of ’66 Endowed Scholarship David M. Adrian Phillip E. Collins John Cygielnik Robert A. Feinstein Mark A. Fursman David S. Hammond John C. Mason Richard F. Moran Donn H. Norton Henry P. St. Cyr Ralph A. Stuart John D. Watson Class of ’67 Endowed Scholarship Richard C. Attardo Bruce R. Barton Alan S. Close James W. & Nancy Coghlin Sr. E. Hunt Coracci Larry G. Crooker Deloitte John S. Ferro William E. Fredericks Mark S. Harris Raymond W. Hencir Jonathan H. Ives Peter H. Johnson David B. Jones David R. Lenti Edmund J. Murrah Rhinard D. Parry Jr. Ernest Pekmezaris Gary A. Penniman C. Richard Piasecki CPA Charles N. Piazza Michael J. Runyon Schwab Charitable Fund William S Weaver

Class of ’68 Endowed Scholarship (in memory of Sgt. Mark W. Grigsby) Alden H. Vose Fdn. James E. Comer William R. Fox Steven J. Gollis Jeffrey P. Gould Jon H. Haggerty Glenn C. Hood Jr. Paul A. Rasmussen Richard K. Robertson Robert L. Rulli William L. Shaw Barry W. Silver George T. Smith U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Class of ’69 Endowed Scholarship Richard H. Bauzenberger Thomas J. Hall John M. Hills James H. Jackson James W. Kerley Robert B. Kuppenheimer Robert P. Lucas James A. Maguire Jr. Gilbert G. Rochon John J. Rogers Jr. Robert L. Savage Scott L. Shank William J. Shaughnessy David C. Weyant Richard L. Whitman Class of ’70 Endowed Scholarship Joseph P. Batthany Bruce B. Brown Jr. James J. Mulcunry III Richard H. Parmenter John A. Ritacco Douglas S. Stirling Robert C. Toth Bruce T. Underwood Class of ’78 Endowed Scholarship Terence M. Farrell Patrick J. & Melanie A. Hoey Thomas A. Loricco Phillip A. Robinson Thomas G. Sleasman Scott E. Wallen Class of ’86 Endowed Scholarship Robert J. Amico Richard W. Anderson David G. & Ellen S. Bedard Career Moves, LLC Fidelity Charitable Carolyn Kelley Wayne M. LaMalva Andrew Michienzi Diane M. Page Matthew J. Walker Paul G. Wigglesworth Matthew M. Zalk Class of ‘94 Endowed Scholarshp Kimberly R. Abercrombie William C. & Christine J. Becotte Michelle M. Brockney Dino Campopiano William P. & Susan E. Daly Jr. Vincent F. & Tammy J. D’Amato Julie DeMauro Sean J. Devlin

Thomas J. & Cheryl M. Fredericks Anthony M. & Deanna V. Fruci Eric W Gaylord Jason L. Goldaper Thomas J. Hall Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Robert B. Kuppenheimer Lisa A. LaFratta Paula J. Lavergne Peter J. Lenza Sean P. Lyons Christopher M. Maher Andrew G. Marsh Kirk R. & Kimberly A. McKinney Keith D. & Tammy N. Meehan Frank A. Michienzi Edward G. & Sandy L. Perrotti Jr. Robert P. & Suzanne S. Pingeton Jr. Jillian Taylor Riches Tracy L. Rovezzi Edward Sherman Eric W. Smyrl Danielle A. Sprague Jennifer M. Sultaire Daniel T. Venis Patrick T. Warner Jennifer H. Wojcik Tammy A. Wolf

James ’67 and Nancy Coghlin Endowed Scholarship James W. & Nancy Coghlin Sr. Col. James L. Conrad Memorial Scholarship Michael J. Conrad Richard L. Hilliard Charles N. Howe

Professor Keith Corkum Endowed Scholarship in Economics Richard L. Hilliard Stephen A. Davis Endowed Scholarship Stephen A. Davis Fidelity Charitable Rick DeCrosta ’72 Endowed Scholarship Vincent Bonazzo Arthur Z. & Roberta J. Greenseid Donald S. Labonte William F. O’Connell Jr. Ed Donahue ’72 and Karen Jankowski Endowed Scholarship Edwin B. Donahue & Karen Jankowski Donahue/Jankowski Graduate Leadership Initiative Edwin B. Donahue & Karen Jankowski Dean Robert H. Eaton Memorial Scholarship Richard K. Robertson Fels Community Outreach Initiative Gerald & Marilyn Fels Robert C. Fischer Institute Christopher S. Billis Follett Keith A. & Dena O’Hara

Fuller Scholarship George F. & Sybil H. Fuller Fdn. James C. Gahan IV Endowed Scholarship Richard L. Hilliard

Thomas and Denise Hall Endowed Scholarship Thomas J. Hall

Jeffrey A. Halprin Liberal Arts Scholarship Ronald Schachter John M. Harrison ’68 Endowed Scholarship John M. Harrison Hertzfeld Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship Patricia A. Hertzfeld Richard W. Anderson Francis J. & Dawn I. Carlo Ashley P. Coffey Nancy B. Cordell Fidelity Charitable Follett Matthew P. & Kim J. Krumsiek Robbie P. & Holly M. Munce Keith A. & Dena O’Hara Joseph M. Pirrone Amahl H. Williams Barry D. Hogan ’67 Endowed Scholarship Barry D. Hogan Pat and Al Houston Endowed Scholarship FM Global Alfred D. Houston Hubbard Scholarship Richard L. Hilliard Jeff Johnson ’90 Endowed Scholarship Jeff R Johnson

Justinian Council Seniors ’65 Endowed Scholarship John D. MacPhail James E. Robinson Professor Katori/ Class of 1955 Scholarship Aegon Transamerica George A. Barbieri Norman R. Fougere Jr. Kevin C. & Jennifer L. Katori James B. Moriarty Gregory Pogue Jesse J. Rulli Robert A. Skenderian Stephen F. Wentzell Keller Family Endowed Scholarship Robert D. Keller

Kathleen M. MacPherson Endowed Scholarship in Business Administration Robert P. MacPherson Jr. M. Marcus Moran Endowed Scholarship James W. & Nancy Coghlin Sr.

Warren C. Bender Melanie King Edward W. Nichols David B. Ruddock

William S. Cleary ’63 Peter M. Brusman

Nichols Academy Scholarship Nichols Academy Scholarship/Greater Worcester Community Fdn.

Ronald Conway Jr. ’08

Claire and Shelly Power Endowed Scholarship Martin J. & Shelly Power

Vincent Bonazzo

Marilyn and Earl Prolman Endowed Scholarship Richard L. Hilliard Earl S. Prolman YourCause LLC (New York Life) The Rock Family Scholarship Alvah O. Rock David Rock Stephen A. & Melissa S. Rock

John H. Easley Jr.

Rick DeCrosta ’72 Jimmy Gahan ’04 Matthew C. Chapman

Joan Hick Donald W. Hick Jr.

Frans J. Keesing ’63

Samara L. Hod ’20 Alma Brambila Kaci C. Johnson Harold Christianson Sam J. Kluger Robert J. & Lee Ann Kluger Albert R. LeBlond ’21 Linda S. Card Timothy M. Mayo Connell P. Clark Nichols College Advancement Team Leonard F. Suprise Nichols College Faculty Follett Keith A. & Dena O’Hara

William F. Keats Hugo A. Keesing

Rachel O’Hara-Ferreira Follett Keith A. & Dena O’Hara

Donald M. Leonard Jr.

Kate F. O’Hara-Logan ’10

Robert B Saunders

Follett Keith A. & Dena O’Hara

Mike and Chris Runyon Scholarship Community Fdn. of NC East Michael J. Runyon

John Prenguber ’73 Thomas J. Craig Jr. R/T Performance Marketing LLC

Jacqueline Panek ’11 Casey Reagan

R. Joseph Salois Endowed Scholarship Atlas Distributing Inc. R. Joseph Salois

Marjorie Rapuano

Dylan T. Passardi ’23 Arlene Gagnon Roberta S. Passardi Melissa M. Talamini

Richard W. Scheffler ’63 Endowed Scholarship E. Bates Craver Arthur Z. & Roberta J. Greenseid Richard L. Hilliard William F. O’Connell Jr. Anthony M. & Aida M. Volpone Maryellen V. Watson Southbridge Chairmen Scholarship Martin J. & Shelly Power Michael J. and Joan F. Vendetti Endowed Fund Michael Keefe Martin J. & Shelly Power C. Curry Wilford James D. Wagner ’59 Endowed Scholarship Schwab Charitable Fund James D. Wagner

Tammy Wolf ’94 Endowed Scholarship

Joanne J. Rapuano

Arthur B. Tozzi ’63 Herbert B. Beeson Peter M. Brusman

Michael J Vendetti

Bill Pieczynski Arthur J. & Rae Lynn Glispin

Tribute Gifts

Chase M. Rancourt ’23 Kathleen M. Gauches

Abigail F. Bassett Gary & Sandra Garcia

Alvah O. Rock ’63 David Rock Stephen A. Rock

Brent Broszeit William M. Ward Coach Paul Brower John T. Carey Dale R. Brown ’21 Warren C. Bender Alexis A. Dupree Sharon L. Brown Brad W. Ellis ’23 Carolyn H. Taylor Dr. Susan West Engelkemeyer Follett Keith A. & Dena O’Hara

Memorial Gifts

Samantha Fallon Brenda A. Ljunggren

Margaret M. Brooks Janice B. Brady Leslie H. Brooks Dudley Charlton Teachers Assoc. Hayden Pond Assoc.

Michael A. Lukasek Scholarship Michael A. Lukasek

Amy Carberry

Taylor Patitucci ’23 Michael & Nancy E. Patitucci

Larry G. Crooker

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Tammy A. Wolf

Thomas and Terri Lodge Endowed Scholarship Thomas S. & Terri Lodge

Howard K. O. Chong Jr. ’64

Alexis M. Finnerty ’23 Lani M. Seymour Jacob T. Grant ’23 Proficient Driving Instruction LLC

Maegan Roy ’23 Gary & Lori Roy Roy’s Auto Glass Tyler D. Schiavone ’23 Nicholas C. & Courtney V. Schiavone Amalia R. Sessoms ’23 and the Women’s Soccer Team Anonymous Amanda Simco Robin A. Ardito Eugene Starzee MaryLynn Skarzenski Guy Giantonio Andrew Tkacik ’54 Jean S. Parent Victor M. Valentin-Cabrera ’22 Aida E. Valentin-Martinez Matthew P. York ’22 Susan M. Baraniuk-Albano

Gail E. Carberry EdD

Honor Roll of Donors 2020


Volunteer Boards Board of Trustees

Trustee Emeriti

Constantine (Gus) Alexander Joseph T. Bartulis, Jr. Randall V. Becker ’83 MBA ’96 David G. Bedard ’86 Alice C. Belden ’85 MBA ’92 Jane T. Birckhead Jonathan M. Birtwell ’06 James C. Brown ’87 Carolyn J. Burke MBA ’92 Jennie L. Caissie MBA ’00 James W. Coghlin, Sr. ’67 John H. Davis ’72, DBA (Hon.) ’99 Chair Stephen A. Davis ’80. DBA (Hon.) ’99 Edwin B. Donahue ’72 Anna Dyakiv ’14 Asuman Göksel Samuel R. Haines ’73 David G. Hale ’75 Thomas J. Hall ’69 Robert B. Kuppenheimer ’69 Thomas S. Lodge ’79 Peter L. Lynch ’74 John H. McClutchy, Jr. ’72 Stefany C. Mendez ’13 MBA ’16 Senator Richard T. Moore Thomas H. Niles ’63 Alvah O. Rock ’63 Tammy A. Wolf ’94`

John B. Dirlam, DBA (Hon.) ’09 Gerald Fels ’66, DBA (Hon.) ’07 Richard B. Hardy, DBA (Hon.) ’90 David F. Lombard ’65, DBA (Hon.) ’02 Robert J. Vaudreuil ’77, DBA (Hon.) ’15

Board of Advisors Mark B. Alexander ’72 Richard W. Anderson ’86 William J. Arias ‘10 Michelle B. Austin ’77 Bruce R. Barton ’67 David F. Belanger ’89 Eric Bernard ’92 MBA ’98 Brenda M. Bianculli ’90 Jonathan D. Blake ’69 Brennan R. Campbell ’06 Lee A. Cappola ’92 Francis J Carlo ’90 P ’22, Co-chair Peter V. Caruso ’90 Ashley P. Coffey ’11 Nancy B. Cordell ’92 Jillian E. Coyle ’09 MBA MSOL ’16 Brian Dardy ’09 Henri M. David, Jr. ‘64, DBA (Hon.) ’09 Heidi DeGrazia ’95 Scott Farland ’89 MSOL ’15 Jack Finning David Fox ’97 Michael W. Frisbie ’90 Bernard P. Gagnon, Jr. ’82 MBA ’88 Veronique Gourene ’05 Joseph Grimaldo ’79 Kurt R. Harrington ’74 John M. Harrison ’68 Robert Hoey ’84 MBA ’01 Patrick B. Holland ’88

12% 28%



11% 25%


n Alumni

n Unrestricted

n Student, Parents,

n Endowment

n Restricted

Friends, Family & Staff

n Corporations / Foundations

11% Nichols College


Giving by Purpose

Giving by Source


Jeff R. Johnson ’90, Co-chair Judith Keyser ’89 Matthew P. Krumsiek ’05 E.J. Landry ’86 William J. Laplante, Jr. ’90 Melissa Leonard ’99 MBA ’05 Nicholas S. Lynch ’05 John P. Maffeo ’75 Steven J. Malcolm ’01 Amber D. Martin ’09 Christopher W. McCarthy ’92 MBA ’97 Lee A. McNelly ’69 Robbie P. Munce ’99 MBA ’01 Thomas J. Nicalek ’89 William F. O’Connell, Jr. ’78 Matthew B. O’Connor ’93 Keith O’Hara P ’10 Ryan T. Paradis ’10 John T. Peculis ’01 Ernest Pekmezaris ’67 Philip Pettinelli ’71 Joseph M. Pirrone ’97 William A. Potter ’84 Daniel M. Riendeau ’07 MBA ’14 Stephanie Jacques Riendeau ’07 Taylor W. Ross ’13 Christine D. Scarafoni ’06 MBA MSOL ’16 George Shuster Nathan K. Smith ’89 Kenneth R. Snell ’91 Shannon Spitz ’99 MBA ’02 Richard M. Suitum ’90 Jason P. Sweet ’04 Mario A. Turner ’16 MSOL ’17 MSC ’18 Aida M. Volpone ‘00 John F. White ’71 MBA ’79 Amahl Williams ’02


Class Endowed Scholarships

Dollars Donated in Thousands

300 250 200 150 100 50 0














Class Year

Endowed Scholarships 10-year growth 80 75 Number of Scholarships

70 65 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5





















0 Year

The Nichols College Office of Advancement works to ensure the accuracy of the Donor Honor Roll. If you note an error, please contact us at 866-622-4766 or Also, please let us know if you would like your name to be listed differently in future editions. Thank you. This report reflects gifts to Nichols College from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020.

Honor Roll of Donors 2020