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FW17 favorites! Gucci, McQueen, Prada, Dior, Basso, Cain & newcomer Irina Dzhus


Statement sleeves, over the top florals, functionally fantastic handbags, take everywhere makeup & scientific anti-aging

FALL 2017

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2 . FALL 2017



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ON OUR RADAR The many personalities of the statement sleeve that ruled Fall 2017 designer runways.


EDITOR’S NOTE Seasonal inspiration.


FASHION FIX Textures and colors we can’t live without for fall.


ME, PART TWO Editor’s look Inside the world of scientific aging.

82 6 . FALL 2017

WHAT’S IN MY BAG? Brittany’s 5 beauty buys you really need to try.


EMERGING DESIGNER Inside the exceptionally artistic mind and Tectonic collection of fashion designer, Irina Dzhus.


A FANTASTICAL COVER STORY Florals are a raging fashion trend for Fall 2017. Our feature shoot (and cover story) takes it to a whole other dream state.


THE ULTIMATE GIRL’S GUIDE TO HEALTHY, HAPPY DAYS NICHE magazine’s first ever special feature on everything you need to live your best life! 42 pages of MUST read articles for the modern woman with an emphasis on the three elements that keep everything in balance - emotional, physical and financial health.

FASHION TRAVELS The artisan jeweler and her Balinese journey.


FASHION FORWARD 3 designer collections that are beyond words.


SKIN PERFECTION Skin care products that turn back the clock.


CLOUD NINE A sneak peek at the stunning Fall 2017 collection by Marchesa that will have you blushing.

FALL 2017



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Romantic Fantasy Fall Fashion Editorial & Cover Story

Zena Amundsen, Ksusha Belskaya, Christina Benty, Kristen Bovee, Jennifer Costanzo, Jane Cross, Rose Davis, Elizabeth Dean, Tracey Drake, Lusy Duke, Irina Dzhus, Patrick Ellison, Tatsiana Ermakova, Brittany Gray, Eric Himel, Dana Hutchings, Maria Jennyfer, Janet Kinosian, Anastasia Kolenkova, Dr. Mark Lupin, Kari-Lyn Owen, Elizabeth Parsons, Carmelia Ray, Catriona Ross, Charlene Sanjenko, Rebecca Smith (, Sylvia Tennant, Julia Terentyeva, Angela Thurston, Erin Treloar, Heather White, Flavia Desranges Van Der Linden, Sybil Verch PHOTOGRAPHY

Adobe Stock, AG Hair, Dennis Basso, Bally, Caudalie, Chapung Se Bali Resort, Marc Cain, Cosmedica Laser Centre, Clarins Group, Chanel, Dermablend, Steve Drake, Eminence, Everett Collection, FashionStock. com, Fashion Wire Press, Tom Ford, Anastasia Fursova, Gaiam, Getty Images, Glo Minerals, Go Runway, Green Kiss, Dana Hutchings, Paule Ka, Alana Kumar, La Prairie, LIERAC Paris, Lesha Lich, Marchesa, Anton Oparin, Emilio Pucci, Rag & Bone, Lev Radin, Nata Sha, Shutterstock, Styleograph, Temperley London, TopFoto, Versace, Vivienne Westwood, Zorah S A L E S & C I R C U L AT I O N D I R E C T O R STEVE DRAKE

A D VE RT I S I N G I N Q U I R I E S | A l l r i g ht s re s e r v e d . No p a r t of N IC H E m a g a z i n e m ay b e c opi e d , re pr i nt e d or re pro du c e d w it h out pr i or w r it t e n c on s e nt f rom t h e pu b l i s h e r. For p e r m i s s i on re q u e s t s , c ont a c t N IC H E m a g a z i n e s a l e s @ N IC H E . s t y l e C opyright © NICHE magazine 2012-2017

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from the


Let’s get right to the heart of this fall issue of NICHE. Make yourself a Chai latte, curl up in your favorite comfy chair and get ready to be inspired with our first ever special feature on everything you need to live your best life. The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Healthy, Happy Days [p22] is 42 pages jam packed with thought provoking articles written by trusted emotional, physical, wellness and financial health experts - including Oprah Winfrey!

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Of course it’s also fashion season!

Marc Cain, Temperley London, Club Monaco, Marchesa, Leorgofman and newcomer Irina Dzhus [p76] are all waiting for you inside this issue. Two experiential features in this issue that are must-reads! I’m sharing part two of my first-hand inside look at the world of facial rejuvenation treatments at Cosmedica [p72]. NICHE columnist Sylvia Tennant continues on her Balinese journey in search of crystal inspiration [p84].

I am thrilled to share with you the ultimate



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Photography: Alana Kumar Wardrobe: Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren, Alfani

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The style team at NICHE magazine is sharing our favorite designers, collections and trends of this season. On Our Radar [p12], Carry Me Away [p28], Runway Awe [p66] and Fashion Forward [p88]. Designers Alexander McQueen, Prada, Market Canvas, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Anna Sui, Dior, Dries van Noten, Dennis Basso,

From everything you wear, to all that you are - NICHE wants to help you make this your best fall season ever. Fall into it...

Tracey Drake, E D I T O R - I N - C H I E F

NICHE magazine

by Jennifer Costanzo Now that summer is behind us, it is time for change. With the days getting shorter and the nights getting cooler, you can’t reach for that cold shoulder top anymore. However, there is a new trend in town and it is the exaggerated sleeve. The sleeve trend started with the cold shoulder and one shoulder trend and now it has trickled down to give us the statement sleeves. The statement sleeve was seen on numerous fall runways, from J.W. Anderson, Balenciaga and Gucci, to Simone Rocha and Anna Sui. The exaggerated sleeves are a nod to the Romantic period where fashion designers have reworked old styles for the modern era, making attentiongrabbing sleeves steal the fashion spotlight for fall. The trend quickly made its way to the streets, seen on models and bloggers alike. It is not only for the

ANNA SUI Fall 2017

12 . FALL FALL 2017 2017


Fall 2017

catwalk, but also the high street, which caught on to the style almost the second it left the runway making this trend an accessible one for all. For an instant fashion forward look, pick up a top or sweater for fall with an interesting sleeve and it will instantly transform your look. This trend is perfect for the cooler season because it is the perfect party piece, especially when the holidays hit. The trend, although at first glance may seem a little over the top to some and impractical to others, it really doesn’t have to be. From bell to bishop sleeves, to flounce and ruffle sleeves, there is a statement sleeve for everyone. This season the bohemian styles have gone and instead the exaggerated sleeves are modern and utterly chic. From sleek dresses, to cool tops and even knits, the exaggerated sleeve adds a unique dose of fashion to even the simplest of outfits. Remember though to keep the rest of your outfit minimal. A simple silhouette in a neutral color palette paired with an attention-grabbing sleeve is all you need to finish the on trend look.

STATEMENT SLEEVE: dominated FW2017 runways



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14 . FALL 2017


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THE LOOK Dress, Anoki. Footwear, No. 21. Tights and cuff, Vedovka.

16 . FALL 2017



Anastasia Fursova @anastasiafursova


Julia Terentyeva @julia_terentyeva_


Ksusha Belskaya @ksubelskaya

MAKEUP ARTIST Lusy Duke @lusy_duke


Tatsiana Ermakova @ermakova_tatsiana


Decor - Nikolaj Chumakov @nikolaj_chumakov Flowers - SIA @sia_minsk Lighting - Smart Studio @smartstudioby


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Floral dress, Leorgofman. Sword belt, Vedovka. Boots, Strategya.


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THE LOOKS (opposite page) Floral culotte pants, Vivetta. Cargo sleeveless dress, Equipment. Sneakers, Fendi. Accessories, Rinart. (this page) Floral culotte pants, Vivetta. Black sweatshirt, Vivetta. Sneakers, Fendi. Accessories, Rinart.


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FASHION | MONEY | HEALTH | FAMILY | SEX | CAREER | BEAUTY| SELF-CARE Welcome to NICHE magazine’s first ever, very special feature on everything you need to live your best life! Get ready for 42 pages of thought provoking content for the modern woman, written by carefully chosen experts on topics that range from style and beauty to achieving work/life balance, with an emphasis on the three elements that keep everything else working - emotional, physical, and financial health.

22 . FALL 2017

the ultimate



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OPRAH by Catriona Ross

Oprah Winfrey's beginnings, as she likes to remind people, were decidedly unpromising. The unwanted result of the chance meeting of Vernon Winfrey and Vernita Lee under an oak tree, she was born into rural Mississippi at a time when black women were secondclass citizens. But she always knew she was destined for a different life to that of her mother and grandmother. Now, Oprah is one-woman proof that self-belief and determination can give you wings with which to rise above circumstance and become something great. In her working life, she celebrates the hard-won lessons learnt by celebrities, by ordinary people who've achieved the extraordinary, and by herself along the way.





'What you should be doing with your life comes to you in a whisper, then a message, then a crisis, then a disaster,' Oprah once told an audience in Johannesburg, South Africa. How often have you looked back at a relationship that turned abusive, a job that left you drained, an investment scheme that seemed too good to be true, and thought, 'Deep down, I had doubts all along'? One of Oprah's mantras is 'Doubt means don't': when something doesn't feel right, don't rush forward. Listen instead. F I N D YO U R PA S S I O N .


Oprah tells the unusual story of an American woman who discovered that her true passion in life was...plucking eyebrows. Now a sought-after eyebrow guru who charges substantial dollars to pluck imperfect brows into shape, she uses her talent to the service of others and makes thousands of women feel like movie stars. Which just goes to illustrate one of Oprah's core beliefs: not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great. We all have a God-given gift and a passion, and it's our job to find out what this is and use it.

24 . FALL 2017

ULTIMATE GIRLS GUIDE to healthy, happy days

S T AY I N T H E M O M E N T .

This is one of Oprah's favorite stress-busting tools. Instead of expending emotional energy on worrying about what should have happened or what might happen next - stay focused on the present. Try to keep your energy for right now. The present moment is where you have impact and choices, whereas you have no control over what is past or what is to come. Try her method for getting centered when you start feeling stressed: go somewhere quiet, take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds, and release it. Continue slowly inhaling and exhaling. As you focus, surrender to what's beyond your control, and concentrate on what you're presented with right now.



One of the reasons Oprah Winfrey is a household name today is because, deep down, she always believed she was worth more than the package life initially offered her. You become what you believe, she says. Growing up in Mississippi in the 1950s, she was expected to grow up poor, with few prospects, but, she says, 'I never believed that would be my life.' When she was four, her grandmother told her to watch and learn how she boiled clothes in a giant pot and hung them out, because she'd have to do this too one day. Oprah remembers thinking, 'No, I won't.' If you believe you'll never be happy, never be a success, never find a job you love, you'll inadvertently make that your reality. Your beliefs can either propel you forward or hold you back, Oprah maintains. Pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs, and create a vision for what you want.




Life is complex and offers many things, difficulties, lessons, pain, rewards but it can also be tremendous fun. Every day, Oprah believes, is an opportunity to laugh, sing, kick up your heels and dance. You're frequently presented with moments in which you can feel the wind on your face and the exhilaration of being alive. Don't miss those moments.


get up there and live it.


NICHE magazine



OWN IT! by Sybil Verch

EVER NOTICE HOW CONFIDENT PEOPLE ATTRACT SUCCESS? Confidence is feeling comfortable in your own skin and believing in yourself. You do not need to be the smartest, the fastest, the strongest, the best looking or the most talented individual to exude confidence. You just need to be you! No one can give you confidence, it comes from within, and there is no secret weapon to obtain it. Confidence is like a super power when you realize what it can do for you. Confident women have more opportunities in life, whether it’s landing your dream job, increasing your income, succeeding in business, finding your soul mate or embarking on new adventures. Confident people come in all different shapes and sizes. A young woman I grew up with was full figured and plus sized. While some plus sized women feel insecure, she didn’t. She owned her body type and rocked it! She always looked like a million bucks.




Her wardrobe was flattering to her body type, her hair and make-up styled just right without appearing overdone. She felt good about herself and it showed. Her confidence made her stunning and allowed her inner beauty to shine through. Her charismatic personality was a magnet; attracting people and opportunities. So how do you build your confidence? I have five tips to share: 1. PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Make a list of your best qualities, talents and skills then ensure that you are in a position to showcase them as often as possible. 2. SET SMALL GOALS AND ACHIEVE THEM. Whether you want to exercise 3 days a week, get up in the morning without hitting the snooze button, learn something new, or complete a task you’ve been procrastinating on; make little promises to yourself and stick to them. Do what you said you were going

Conceive. Believe. Achieve. Sybil lives by this motto and took charge of her own destiny at a young age. Sybil’s financial expertise has been highlighted in many publications such as The Globe and Mail and Investment Executive. She is host and executive producer of the national television show, The Wealthy Life; a talk-show aimed at helping Canadians make smart financial decisions. As an advocate for gender equality, Sybil authored a female empowerment book entitled The Female Edge. Through mentorship, sponsorship, charitable support to non-profits and speaking engagements, Sybil looks to change the status quo and empower women to seize opportunities. Sybil is positive, optimistic and enthusiastic and believes you can accomplish whatever your heart desires. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT LITTLECAYMAN.COM 26 . FALL 2017

ULTIMATE GIRLS GUIDE to healthy, happy days

to do. When you fail to keep promises to yourself, you begin to doubt yourself and erode confidence rather than build it. 3. DRESS THE PART. People judge. The sooner you realize and accept that fact, the sooner you can use this realization to your benefit. If you are going for a job interview, be mindful of how you want others to perceive you. I’m not saying to be someone you are not; be authentic and put your best self forward. Fashion is an expression of yourself, your creativity, your personality. What does your wardrobe say about you? What do you want people’s first impressions to be? When you wear something that looks good on your body type, and is appropriate for the occasion, you will feel good. When you feel good, you’ll notice you stand taller, feel happier and exude confidence. Confidence isn’t derived from what you wear, but wearing the right outfit can give your self-esteem a boost. 4. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Try something new that makes you feel uncomfortable. When done, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel. The more you do this the more confident you will

be as you realize that you can do amazing things you never thought possible. 5. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCES. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but not feeling in control of your finances creates stress and negatively impacts your confidence level. Spending less than you earn is the first step in taking control of your finances. Avoid the temptation to buy expensive things you can’t afford in an attempt to shape other people’s perception of you. This will not build confidence; it will put you in a weak financial position and only temporarily mask low self-esteem. Bonus tip: Fake it until you are it. Be mindful of your body language and facial expressions. Stand tall, put a smile on your face and make direct eye contact. Let others see the version of yourself you want to be and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you start to believe it yourself. Now that you know how to build your confidence, own it - it truly is your best outfit!


NICHE magazine



We’ve had a few seasons where mid-range bags were uninspiring, lacking craftsmanship and just plain predictable. Personally, I’ve been pining for a quality leather bag that speaks to me - functional, fashionable, a design without an identity crisis that is ready to go on any adventure, planned or spur of the moment. The brainchild of leather designer Julie Boocock, Market Canvas Leather is a snip of a business that is tucked away on Canada’s wild west coast in Tofino, British Columbia. Thanks to the internet, the genius of Market Canvas can be added to your fall wardrobe by online order at 28 . FALL 2017

by Tracey Drake

Each Market Canvas product is made to order and Julie loves the challenge of a custom order - whether you need to modify an existing design or want something altogether you! The current collection, which includes more than twenty different pieces, echoes sophisticated modernism through minimalist designs, carefully considered structure and decidedly stylish silhouettes. What I love about Market Canvas is the quality of the leather hides, which are ethically sourced, often from British Columbia. Handcrafted, no two bags will ever be exactly alike, which I must admit I really love! I travel a lot and because of the natural state of the finished products, my Flip bag and Weekender will age gracefully and develop more and more character as my journey continues.



ULTIMATE GIRLS GUIDE to healthy, happy days





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THE POWER OF PLEASURE by Angela Thurston For many years, I deceived myself into thinking that the loss of my sexual appetite was only

We live in a culture in which exploring our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual natures is fairly mainstream and acceptable. Yet, there is still much shame and disregard shrouding our sexual natures. This is very evident to me, as a result of my own personal journey, and because when sex and

It wasn’t until many years into the journey of resurrecting my marriage that I realized that not only was my lack of sexual interest affecting this sacred union, it was affecting my health, my relationships and my overall well-being. This wasn’t about partner sex and saving my marriage at all — this was about me, saving myself.

masturbation become the topic of conversation — which is bound to happen when conversing with me — people are either captivated, intrigued, hungry for more or they become uncomfortable, embarrassed and the walls of separation instantaneously appear.

affecting the status of my marital bliss. Other than saving my marriage, it really didn’t matter that I didn’t ever want or desire sex. I could not have been more wrong.

Most of us are not taught that pleasure is our birthright. The importance of women’s sexuality

has been diminished by church and state over many thousands of years. Through the generations, we have been delivered a distorted, imbalanced, corrupt version of our bodies, of love and of our sexuality. It is a systemic, insidious problem.

30 . FALL 2017

The majority of women are not tapping into this powerful, natural resource that resides within our bodies. Most of us don’t even consider factoring in sexual pleasure to the equation of our health, our well-being or our personal growth regimes. We seek out and pay huge sums of money on coaches, therapists, alternative practitioners, fitness classes, online programs, mindset trainers, and on, and on

ULTIMATE GIRLS GUIDE to healthy, happy days

the list goes — and at the end of it all we still wonder why we are not joyful, fulfilled or exuberantly radiant. The reason for this is simple. We are not experiencing and deeply feeling the sensual effects of soul riveting pleasure.

The disassociation and discomfort we have with our deliciously sexual bodies contributes to the suppression of our becoming fully embodied, powerful women. This is why it is imperative for us to include sexuality into our model of self-love and care. It is the powerhouse that fuels the whole structure and organization of who we are. It is the sun of our solar system. When we hang out on the periphery — only visiting our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual selves — we are missing out on the internal force that feeds and connects the entirety of our beings. The magnitude of juice, energy and power of which we have the potential to generate — with our sexual pleasure — has a direct correlation with the ways in which we nourish our relationships, finances, careers, health, and creative endeavours. In order to cease the struggle, we need to consciously bring awareness, intention and relationship to the physical and energetic fecundity of our sexuality. And it all begins with our sexual relationship with ourselves. It is the foundation. When we engage in the sacred ritual of self pleasuring and orgasm we release dopamine, opioids/endorphins and oxytocin; we dissolve physical tension and stress;

we strengthen our muscular system, which in turn supports our organs; we experience deep, intimate aspects of self-love; and we learn how to commune, journey and co-create with spirit. When I emerged on the other side of my psychological excavation of exploring why I no longer wanted to have sex, and I stripped away all that I had been taught and had experienced about my body and my sexuality, I began to create my own reality — based on how I actually desired to feel about it. How do you desire to feel about your sexuality? When we explore our sexual natures, engage the power of pleasure and discover what truly turns us on, it results in genuine confidence, keen insight, captivating presence and the ability to create and sustain the lives that we envision for ourselves.


is a sexuality writer, speaker, and educator who leads women in creating a potent relationship with their bodies and their sexuality. She arouses new paths of inquiry, breaking up the congestion of long-standing belief systems around womanhood, love, sex and relationships. CONNECT WITH ANGELA:

website: instagram: @angela_thurston facebook:


NICHE magazine


Call me crazy but I love Mondays. I get excited about new beginnings: the start of the day, the week, the month, the season, and the year.

either serve us or they don’t. I like my habits to serve me. In order to get back on track, my habits need to be intentional.

I am especially eager when the fall arrives because it always symbolizes the season of launching and learning with the return of routine. So when fall rolled around, I was surprised to find my usual energy and enthusiasm waning. Like a tire with a slow leak, I felt flat and uninspired.

Philosopher Morpheus said “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”. If you truly want to be a leader, then you better lead your own life first. Leading your own life means embracing the notion that your primary and ultimate responsibility is to intentionally take charge of self. That means your habits. I preach it, I teach it and I believe it. I knew I had to look myself in the mirror, and gently give myself some of my own advice! This fall, I needed to ADAPT. Maybe you do too?

It was a busy summer, and I spent most of it doing the dance of insanity. I am still in the early years of a thriving new business and plenty of opportunities coming my way. All very exciting! However, it also means burning the candle at both ends physically, mentally and financially. With too many balls in the air, too many people to please, too many rabbit trails to follow, I found myself buried in a tsunami of my own making. But the real tsunami was the story inside my head. I indulged the bad habit of repeating a selfdefeating message of overwhelm and I was starting to believe it. Habits are a redundant set of thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that get repeated over and over again. They

CHRISTINA BENTY Christina Benty, MA is the former mayor of Golden and the owner of the consulting firm, Strategic Leadership Solutions. She uses her superpower to assist individuals and teams in building cultures of excellence in leadership and governance. She can turn any conversation into one about living with intention and leading from the soul. Christina can be reached for speaking, coaching and facilitating at www. Check out her TED Talk on leadership here:

32 . FALL 2017

It may mean going back to the basics:

ULTIMATE GIRLS GUIDE to healthy, happy days


SK Be the curious scientist in your own life. Ask yourself lots of questions. Honest inquiry uncovers your current reality. What beliefs are you tolerating that don’t serve you? What needs to change? What is your super power? When do you feel like your best self? What do people thank you for?


And there you have it. My cheesy acronym ADAPT is going on my bathroom mirror to remind me that my powerful rituals are what support my health and fitness, business and personal goals. Most importantly, it brings me back to alignment with myself and my belief that leadership is an inside job. When I look in the mirror, I want to be the kind of leader that I want to follow.

The power of aspiration is greater than the power of desperation. Now that you know yourself, what do you want? Not what does your mother want or your children want or your world expect. Get clear about what you want and set your intention. When you know what you want, you have what Danielle LaPorte calls ‘goals with soul’.


CTION Does your behavior match your intention? Do your actions align with your goals? Create an action plan by reverse engineering it. A key piece to playing at your absolute best is to ensure that your daily habits, rituals and activities reflect your intention. What are the steps needed to move you toward what you desire? Break them down and write them out.


RIORITIZE Do those things first before anything else, and when you are doing them – be fully engaged. Push back against busyness because you can be busy or you can be intentional but you can’t be both. As Robin Sharma reminds us, ‘Rather than doing many things at mediocrity, do just a few things with mastery’.


RUST Be patient and let go of your need for instant gratification. Trust that it is the small incremental steps that will move you forward. Life is not a race, it is not meant to be conquered. Life is a journey and it is meant to be savored, to be experienced, to be embraced. Sometimes you get to learn the same thing over and over, and that is OK.



NICHE magazine

WHO YOU WANT TO BE IS WHO YOU ALREADY ARE by Heather White The world of self-help and self-improvement is at an all-time high. Add the internet, a 21st century perk to the industry, and you could spend 24 hours a day working on tweaking your existence just ever so slightly to be more…well, improved. But here’s the fundamental problem with the self-help and selfimprovement space, and this is coming from a poster child for the industry: YOU are perfect. Yes, YOU. With all your imperfections, quirks, flaws, and shadow side. You don’t need to be fixed and you don’t even need to be helped. Frankly, what you really

need is to be revealed. It’s subtle, but trust me when I tell you there’s a big difference between improving and unveiling. From the self-help lens, we begin on a journey of exploration to discover the things about us that need to be changed in order for us to be happy and fulfilled. The trouble is, this model has a fundamental flaw. It perpetuates the malware in our inner software which is programmed to believe our starting point is deficient. In theory, it sounds great; you’re not quite right, you need improvement. Here - read this, learn this, then change that, and voila, you will be new and improved AND this new and improved version of you will be endlessly happy, happy, happy. BUT… And it’s a big but. When we pop this blue pill and sink down the rabbit hole of self-help without upgrading our dos software programming, regardless of what we learn, or how we change or what incredible improvements we are able to achieve, we are still running the old system with that pesky little belief that will still be robbing us of our true joy. The one about “who I am is deficient and therefore I must improve to be worthy and capable of happiness.” WRONG!


wants to live in a world where people bring their souls to work (and life). A sought after Authenticity Advocate, Business Advisor and Coach, Heather’s sage advice has been featured in The Vancouver Sun, Fresh Magazine, Under 30 CEO, The Daily Love and on Entrepreneurs TV. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada you can find her online at 34 . FALL 2017

I am a huge fan of self-help and self-improvement. But, we must begin at the beginning. Missing the first and most fundamental step is the true culprit that robs us of our happiness. The first thing we must change, before we do any improving of self is the point of view from which we are looking at ourselves. Here’s what I mean... Instead of thinking you have to improve to be worthy and happy, what if, your worthiness and happiness were lying dormant inside you. In other words, they were not things you had to go out and get. They were not rewards for your hard work or gifts for being an especially good human. Instead they were birth rights, unequivocally yours for the experiencing. What if your

ULTIMATE GIRLS GUIDE to healthy, happy days

job was less about improving, and more about revealing your essence? Kind of like when Michelangelo would go to the quarry and get a slab of marble. He explained the statue was already inside. He described his role as removing all the excess marble that was blocking the view of this extraordinary piece of art locked inside. What if you are an extraordinary piece of art already? What if you were to start from that premise? When we engage in personal development from a place of curiosity, versus our usual stance of harsh self-criticism, the entire dance changes. We choose differently. •

Instead of self-disciplined, imposed changes that rigidly block us from engaging in bad habits, we choose life affirming, soul stirring, joyful activities that light us up from within. Instead of a calorie restricted diet, and no food after 7pm, we choose a nutritional 7-week cooking class where we learn to buy, prepare and enjoy, delicious, healthy, life affirming meals. Instead of mandating a 30 minute sitting meditation practice, because ‘that’ is the path to

enlightenment, you stop at the beach on the way home from work every day, because those 10 minutes in nature tune your inner rhythm to a place of peace and harmony and you walk through the door with an open and gentle heart. Which by the way, was what the meditation was supposed to do, except it left you with a sore ass and a stiff back and even more uptight than when you started. The truth is no one knows the path to your happiness, except for you. People write books about the method that worked for them. Allow that to be an affirmation that happiness, joy, and fulfilment is alive and well in the human experience. But, before you read one more book, take one more course, go to one more retreat, consider, you are already who you want to be; an exquisite work of art. Instead of trying to ‘improve’ yourself, what might you do to reveal even more of your exquisite essence into the world? CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY. CHANGE YOUR DANCE.


NICHE magazine


is a health & wellness coach who focuses on helping women feel healthier, happier, less stressed and more confident. She is the founder of Raw Beauty Talks and has interviewed over 200 women in a series that combines raw talk about beauty, confidence & self-love with images of the women without make-up, editing or filters. CONNECT WITH ERIN:

website: instagram: @rawbeautytalks photo credits: Brit Gill (above), Jena Lenzi for The MAMAS Project (right)



We step on the scale and feel disappointed. We look at ourselves in that picture and cringe. We scroll social media and suddenly feel like our own life is lacking. I once lived trapped in the belief that only when I looked a certain way or reached my goals would I attract the things I coveted most in life: love, happiness and confidence. It took an eating disorder and a roller coaster of highs and lows to learn those things will never come from something as superficial as your appearance, a promotion or your relationship status on Facebook. Love, happiness & confidence come from within and we must work to uncover and cultivate these feelings so that they elevate every other aspect of our life. It all starts with self-love. It seems like we hear about self-love everywhere these days but what does it really mean? I think of it as having a strong understanding of what makes you thrive and then making space in your life to

36 . FALL 2017


by Erin Treloar

practice and honor those things. It doesn’t mean life will always be picture perfect and it’s not as simple as standing in front of the mirror repeating “I love you” to yourself. It simply means that you understand what allows you to feel your best and you aim to live from that space as often as possible. It’s a balance of nourishment, movement, personal growth and selfcare. Below are four self-love practices that have significantly helped me on my journey to health, happiness, less stress and more confidence: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY If we want to make peace with our body we have to start working with it. The first step is learning how to listen to all the messages it is sending us throughout the day. A body scan is a quick way to check in. Find a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down. Start to slow your breath, and focus on breathing deeply into your belly. Notice the thoughts passing through your mind. Slowly scan


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your body from your toes to the top of yyour our head and get curious about any ssensation, ensation, emotion, tension or pain yyou ou may be feeling. Imagine sending yyour our breath to any spots that feel tight or sticky. Are you happy, tired, nervous, excited, sad, hungry, thirsty? You might feel uncomfortable at times and feel the urge to get up but stick with it and ask your body, “What are you telling me?” Learning to listen to your body and acknowledge what it is asking for is one of the greatest ways we can practice self-love. CREATE A PERSONAL NOURISHMENT MENU Make a list of things that fill you up or give you energy. Avoid listing things that you think “should” give you energy. Instead think about what you would do if all your “to do” lists disappeared and you had an hour to yourself. Think reading, playing tennis, taking a nap, making a beautiful meal, hanging out with friends or writing. There are a billion people on this earth and everyone’s list is going to look a little different. It’s all about recognizing what nourishes you.


CARVE OUT TIME FOR YOU Now that you have your personal nourishment menu the next step is actually making space in your busy calendar for the items on the list. Easier said than done in this overcommitted world that often has us sacrificing our own health and wellness to keep others happy. The reality is we can’t show up as our best selves when we’re running on empty. It’s lose/ lose. Look at your calendar: Cancel or reschedule one thing that you already know is not going to fill you up or ask a loved one for support so that you can create some time for you. GIVE GRATITUDE Energy flows where attention goes... and nothing makes appreciation grow more than appreciation itself ! Most of us have a terrible habit of focusing on all the things lacking in our life instead of


celebrating all that we have. Creating a ritual around giving thanks encourages us to look for the good in our lives. The more we look for it, the more we start to see. Try starting a gratitude journal or create a ritual around dinner where everyone says something they are grateful for. I believe the number one needle mover in creating a life you love is living from a place of self-love. When you learn to appreciate, embrace and leverage all the incredible things that make you unique, you unlock the ability to change your entire life. You can love the person staring back at you in the mirror, feel amazing in the body you’ve been given and have a life you love. THE PRACTICE STARTS HERE xo


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A softer, gentler form of yoga seems to be quietly on the rise. From Los Angeles to London, so-called yin yoga is increasingly being taught at studio classes and yoga retreats, not to mention via books and DVDs. The power or “yang-styled” yoga forms so popular in the West -- with their fast shifts between poses and emphasis on sweat -- have left a gap for more meditative, longer-held stretches, says Paul Grilley, a martial arts and yoga practitioner who helped develop the yin yoga style along with fellow proponent Sarah Powers. He says yin yoga is not a new form, but rather a return to more meditative, traditional yoga. Slower forms -- such as restorative yoga -- already exist, he acknowledges, relying on props to aid with poses and encouraging students to stop when they start to feel discomfort. But with yin yoga, he says, the emphasis is not on a lack of pain, but rather on how to feel discomfort, stay with it and move through it. Yin yoga relies on several core poses that, on first look, do not appear difficult. Most focus on the lower half of the body, such as the hips, pelvis, inner thighs and lower spine. The difficulty lies in the length of time the poses are held without shifting or movement. Each pose is held from two to up to 20 minutes, and long, deeply held breaths coincide with the stretches. This provides for a meditative and mind-clearing practice that helps practitioners learn how to focus on the moment, proponents say, thus reducing anxiety, tension and stress. 38 . FALL 2017

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Some yin poses are similar to their yang counterparts, such as “corpse pose” and “child’s pose,” though most have been altered and renamed. The faster paced yang-style yoga, such as ashtanga or vinyasa, targets lengthening and strengthening the muscles, says Grilley, who teaches yoga internationally and wrote Yin Yoga: A Quiet Practice. Taoist-based yin yoga targets the connective tissues, ligaments, joints and synovial fluid and the energy channels or meridians that the philosophy hypothesizes runs through them. Adds San Francisco-based Powers: “This means that instead of coming into a pose for a short amount of time and hugging the bones close together by engaging our muscles, [one] needs to pull the skeleton apart nonaggressively and with appropriate pressure and then remain stationary a while, allowing the muscles to remain stretched but without engaging them.” Yin poses are not an attempt to stretch the ligaments and connective tissue but to load them appropriately, she says. Kelly McGonigal, a yoga instructor and psychologist at Stanford University and the editor of the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, elaborates. “The fourth minute [of a stretch] is not like the first. If you pull something fast and hard, you don’t get a benefit; but if you keep applying moderate, slow and longer pressure, it will eventually relax.”

EMOTIONAL IMPACT Yin yoga’s proponents say the physical effects can have a profound emotional component as well, by teaching practitioners how to handle discomfort and strong sensations. For that reason, yin yoga is being used in addiction and trauma recovery programs. Dina Amsterdam, a San Franciscobased yoga teacher who teaches yin retreats nationwide, says she’s found that this form of yoga has emotional and spiritual benefits that “really outweigh what you’d think the benefits could be for a seemingly simpler practice like yin yoga.” The centered and contemplative breathing seems to help release

emotion, much like thawing ice, she says. Also, because much of the stretching is done when the body is cooler -- as opposed to yang yoga, in which the muscles have been warmed up -- the resulting discomfort helps train the nervous system to be less reactive to the stress of a stretch. Molly Lannon Kenny, founder and executive director of the Samarya Yoga Center in Seattle, says this form of yoga is especially rewarding for eager-to-recover addicts and trauma survivors because of the need to work through the discomfort -- basically waiting it out.


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Gaiam (named from Gaia, Mother Earth) is doing beautiful things with yoga and fitness apparel. Garments are well made, soft to the touch but crafted with purpose for hard working fitness enthusiasts. Gaiam activewear is fashionable, functional and affordable.

(this page) NIRVANA yoga tunic in purple heather, with strappy comfort back detail and mesh hem (available in regular and plus sizes). (opposite page) OM black soft, quick dry yoga pant with slimming stay-put waistband (available in regular and plus sizes). GAIAM yoga duffle bag with 8 pockets, secure yoga mat holder, and a roomy 20” wide. Shown in heather grey/lime green.

40 . FALL 2017


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“For addicts, when they feel that overwhelming, I-have-to-have-that sensation; i.e. I have to have that cigarette, food, drink, drug or whatever, they learn to feel it, sit with it and see how this challenge unfolds, and see that it [both the physical discomfort and the emotional tension] can indeed pass, safely,” she says. As for the injury potential in muscles that aren’t warmed up, South Bay yoga instructor Via Page says: “Yin yoga poses are long, held stretches so no warming up is necessary -- actually the yin yoga poses themselves are essentially a warm-up practice.” RELEASE STRESS As for those emotional benefits, they’re not limited to those who have suffered trauma, Page says. “I’ve had many students tell me it’s helped them learn to become more deeply relaxed and less angry and stressed-out all the time.” That doesn’t mean yin yoga stress on inner destressing will overtake the hotter, sweatier yang. “Yin yoga might be a hard sell in an environment where students want a real cardio experience,” Page says, “but -- despite this -- yin is, and will continue, to grow. Once students get started they can easily see the benefits of adding yin yoga to the mix.” It’s important to remember that we need both yin and yang, she points out. “Yin makes us very flexible and helps us with a more spiritually-meditative way of doing things, but we need strength-building, as well.


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Kari-Lyn and husband Shawn on a giving back contribution trip to Nicaragua

when women transform...

WE TRANSFORM THE WORLD by Kari-Lynn Owen I’m on a mission to transform a generation by nourishing the hearts, minds and bodies of women and their families, because this is the way we’ll transform the communities we live in. This is my journey. BEFORE. Life circa 2008 was great! I was married to my college sweetheart and love of my life, Shawn. We had a beautiful home, two healthy children and great friendships. I was the owner of a graphic design business and Shawn was a top executive for a big distribution company, traveling extensively. At the time, we thought we had it all and were doing life right. Little did we realize we were on a slippery slope, on a path of near destruction that could have easily wiped us out. We had our heads down, working hard towards our big dreams, while in reality we were burning out, stressed out and moving further away from the things that mattered most to us. I am thankful, every day, for that painful awakening moment when we asked each other, “is this really living?” We were apart so often, working as hard as we could, but the distance was growing between us and our dreams. But it’s actually in those difficult times that we truly get the opportunity to grow our dreams. THEN. To reach the balance we craved, we needed to became crystal clear on the things that mattered most to us. Being together with our kids was at the top of the list. Along with that, being healthy and happy, always growing personally and professionally, and being able to contribute and make a difference in our families, our communities and the world. So, we created a plan that would bring Shawn and I home from our jobs, and allow us to design a life that ticked all the boxes—a plan built around a scalable but secure business where we support people with lifestyle and sports nutrition. It made sense to us because we had just completed a 30-day nutritional cleansing and weight loss

42 . FALL 2017

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program together using the same system. We felt so great, we were hooked! Lighter and leaner, we had more energy than ever. Better still, we felt reignited and hopeful about our future. That made us realize just how long we’d been “running on empty”. Filling up our tanks with some much-needed nutrients, not only helped our bodies (and waistlines!), but also our mental clarity and sense of wellbeing. We couldn’t turn back. Over the years since then, we have immersed ourselves in a personal growth journey. We realized that to grow our business, we had to overcome the limiting beliefs we’d taken on about ourselves over many years. The beliefs that keep you stuck in the “way it is”. We still get excited that we get to share what we’ve learned with others so they can go for their dreams, too. Helping people succeed is addictive! To be honest, at first we thought a network marketing model was not for us. But who are we to argue with the facts? We are living the life we designed. And we have seen firsthand what the model has done for so many families we know. We couldn’t have afforded to start up a company of our own, with all the risk, so we leveraged a global business with great products, in pockets of our time, and grew from there. Knowing what I know now, I’m so crazy grateful that I stayed open to the possibility. N O W. Looking back to 2008, we never could have imagined the direction our life has taken. We now have a global business that serves over 190,000 people. As I write this article, we

have just returned from a beautiful trip. We take our kids traveling around the world (including Noosa, Australia pictured above) and get to experience so many wonderful things. Best of all, we get to model this for our children; teenagers who are immersed in a culture where it is normal to believe that anything is possible if you plan, back yourself and work at it. NEXT. My mission is to transform a generation by nourishing the hearts, minds and bodies of women and their families. I came to my mission late but, really, just in time! Each of us has the opportunity to lift one another, to create freedom and a lasting legacy. Now is the time and it starts with me, and it starts with you. When women transform, we transform the world. Our children, our families, our communities, our world. I’m looking for all the “perennials” -- women around the world who want to elev8 and live strong to live long by growing their health, wealth and wellbeing.

KARI-LYN OWEN is an entrepreneur dedicated to nourishing women and their families to transform our communities by balancing heart, mind and body. From humble beginnings, she’s built a scalable income, foundational to elev8, her new venture for “perennials” -women who live strong to live long with health, wealth and well-being.

“Kari-Lyn is a full-hearted, full-throttle example of a woman creating change.” ~ Megan Gilmour

CONNECT WITH KARI-LYN: website: instagram: @kl_owen


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My career was beginning in finance and my life was becoming the place to practice my passion. I have learned things along the way from books, courses, professional designation, but more importantly from practice. And while I can’t claim that my husband and I are perfect when it comes to money and relationships, I can say that we have come a long way. We have shared our money journeys and we have come to understand and honor each other’s money mindsets. We worked hard and our goals and values have aligned. One of the biggest causes of dispute in relationships is the lack of communication around your differences in values, goals, and habits when it comes to money. Everyone has a unique money history, story, and belief set that can overshadow our partnerships and cause disagreements.

44 . FALL 2017

by Zena Amundsen Everyone has a money story. What is it? It is your relationship with money. It is all the pain and all of the joy with some fulfilment, all blended with the history of your life. Your strengths and challenges, the past intersecting with the present. It is vulnerable to confront the memories and put them together. Becoming familiar with our own unique story means honoring the past, learning from it and then creating a new story, with abundance. This process is a powerful tool that will challenge your beliefs and help you transform your present day money story. This is the first step to creating a positive story that has you in control and feeling positive and powerful. Recognize and move past the feelings that are limiting your prosperity and your happiness.

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My first money memory that had to do with the concept of money was from when I was about 4 years old. I remember shopping at the Salvation Army. I can still smell the mustiness and visualize the dark packed racks and shelves of used items. My mom was a struggling, poor single mom and we shopped at the Salvation Army for school clothes and shoes. I knew that we couldn’t afford a lot. I knew that Fridays were a treat of fries and gravy at the Tasty Freeze. I thought that the 3-foot Christmas tree and homemade cut out holiday cards as decorations were beautiful. But, the used shoes from the Salvation Army that didn’t fit properly, and especially the smell of those shoes, has haunted me. I knew that we couldn’t afford the brand new light-up runners the other children had. I was embarrassed by my shoes. My first memory is one of scarcity, meaning I felt like I didn’t have enough. FAST FORWARD 35 YEARS... That memory helps me to explain why over the years I have too many new shoes that I may never wear. It has only been since coming to terms with my relationship with money that I realize that there is an underlying reason why I have piles of shoes everywhere. I don’t necessarily ever wear them, some still have price tags and some don’t even fit properly. I have finally been able to put together my mindset behind buying them. I now stop and ask myself why I am truly buying these shoes or feel the need for more.

What is the true WHY behind this purchase? What hole or void am I trying to fill? Now don’t get me wrong. I have not cured my shoe problem 100%. I have noticed that every once in a while a few shoes creep into my closet. I recognize that this correlates with when I am feeling vulnerable and my scarcity mindset slithers around. I have even recognized when I overcompensate with my daughters and try to buy them shoes. Somewhere my money memory and scarcity kicks in and I retaliate without checking in with myself. There is an Ice Cube rap song I heard my teenagers listening to once and it goes like this: Check yourself before you wreck yourself. That is now one of my mantras. I have learned to connect my memories and money stories to my present self. Have you acknowledged your money story? Can you honor your story and use it to transform your present day relationship with your money? Start off this fall with a positive and abundant mindset.



Zena is an author, speaker and certified financial planner trying to change the financial world by adding heart to business and money. She is the founder of Astra Financial Services and author of The Heart of Your Money - A Woman’s Guide. Zena inspires women to take control of their finances by nurturing a connection to money. Understanding family money values has been a part of her own journey to financial freedom, and she now uses her education and her passion to educate individuals on financial topics. CONNECT WITH ZENA:



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A SECRET WORLD OF COSMETIC REJUVENATION by Rose Davis Your friends are talking about it and it was once one of the world’s best kept beauty secrets. Cue the internet; the secret is out! Cosmetic tattoos have gone mainstream and the results can be astounding. In the world of beauty enhancements, we already know that a needle can be our friend (hello Botox!), but cosmetic tattooing and its lessor known counterpart, micro-needling, are quickly becoming modern staples of self-care. Yes, needles are scary to some,

but not to worry, topical anaesthetic is used during the procedures to significantly minimize discomfort. Even so, you may be wondering, why would someone elect to do such a thing? We are going to delve right into it! Cosmetic tattooing is the practice of implanting semi-permanent pigment into the skin to enhance physical appearance. Unlike traditional tattoo ink, the pigment used for cosmetic tattooing is semipermanent. Over time, the body will naturally break down the pigment; the tattoo will fade and eventually disappear. The length of time the semi-permanent pigment will last varies by individual, but typically ranges from 1-5 years. The advantage of the pigment being semi-permanent is that as your features change with time, the style of the cosmetic tattoo can be adjusted accordingly.

LET’S TALK COST The expression, “pay less, pay twice” should come to mind when shopping for your provider. There are certain things in life you should bargain hunt for; this is not one of them. Cosmetic tattoo and microROSE DAVIS is a professional artist and founder of needling services must be rendered in a professional Victoria Rose Cosmetic, a VIHA approved setting with proper sanitization and sterilization clinic and salon in Victoria, BC. She offers procedures. Contact your local health authority to a full range of cosmetic tattoo and microfind out if the establishment you are considering needling treatments, and specializes in has been formally inspected and authorized. Ask the micro-blading and hyper-realism areola artist about their cleaning procedures; find out where tattoo. She is known for her artwork and attention to detail. the artist received their certification; ensure that the artist carries professional insurance; and ask to see CONNECT WITH ROSE: pictures of the artist’s own work. Regulations have not yet caught up with the industry boom. Doing research Website: will allow you to select a provider who upholds health Instagram: FOR MORE@victoriarosecosmetic INFORMATION, VISIT LITTLECAYMAN.COM and safety standards to keep you protected while Facebook: @victoriarosecosmetic enjoying the many benefits of cosmetic tattoo.

46 . FALL 2017

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Treatment: MICRO-NEEDLING Purpose: To drastically improve the appearance of scars caused by acne, trauma, surgery or burns, hypopigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, loose skin and old piercings. Micro-needling is the practice of creating hundreds of tiny punctures in the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin to induce collagen production. It’s an incredible treatment that harnesses the body’s natural injury response to improve skin integrity and/or release scar tissue tension. After a session, your body delivers collagen and elastin to regenerate the treated area for up to 9 months. Treatment: MICRO-BLADING Purpose: To enhance eyebrow shape, symmetry, and colour. It’s not a trend; it’s a revolution! This method of tattoo simulates the appearance of individual hairs, allowing the artist to create an ideal brow shape with almost undetectable natural results. This procedure is especially helpful for people with asymmetry, vision loss, alopecia, over-tweezed eyebrows, hormonal hairloss, trichotillomania, scars, and hypothyroidism. Everyone looks better with beautiful brows. Treatment: LIP BLUSH Purpose: To enhance lip shape, symmetry, and colour. Choose a vibrant colour or neutral shade to add definition to your lips and conceal imperfections.


Treatment: EYELINER/LASH ENHANCEMENT Purpose: To create definition along the lash line. Whether you prefer thin and crisp or soft and smoky eyeliner, say goodbye to smudging and raccoon eyes. For a natural look, consider a lash enhancement; pigment is deposited between the natural eyelashes to simulate density. Treatment: AREOLA RESTORATION Purpose: To enhance or restore symmetry and colour of the areola(s) and/or nipple(s). After breast reconstruction surgery for cancer, patients are often left without a nipple or areola. 3D Areola restoration tattoos use shading to create the illusion of nipple projection on a flat tissue surface. Areola tattooing is also used for concealing breast lift, reduction, or augmentation scarring. Treatment: CAMOUFLAGE Purpose: To minimize the appearance of scars or hypopigmentation. Flesh toned pigments are blended to minimize the appearance of vitiligo, skin grafts, burns, and scars from mole removal, surgery, or trauma.

Cosmetic tattoo clients proclaim: “It’s the best thing ever! I wish I did it sooner.”


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There’s an under-representation in the Penthouse that we need to change.

As ambitious women, we cycle from the ground floor up to the 10th on infinite repeat. Ground floor to 10th. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


Programs, coaching, and books for women continue to play into this cycle of the same 10 floors. And when we reach the 10th, bash our heads on the glass ceiling searching for more answers - we are simply led through the endless cycle all over again. The overall participation of women in the labor force continues to grow.* • •

Women made up 47.3% of the total labor force in 2016 compared to 37.1% in 1976. Between 1976 and 2007, employment for mothers with children under six years old more than doubled from 31.5% to 68.1%.

However, women’s progress in reaching senior management positions has stalled. More women are being attracted to leadership, yet the challenge remains that the top decision-making roles are not being filled by them. Men are two to three times more likely to be in senior management positions than women who hold only 34.8% of all management positions and 37.1% of all senior management positions. SAME 10 FLOORS.


Builder of Strong Women Who Lead. A proud Canadian woman of First Nations origin. In 2000, Charlene left her National Marketing Manager role for an investment firm to build a Media House for Canada’s most powHERful women,, utilizing media to mobilize, coordinate and communicate collective action for impact.


48 . FALL 2017

interactive media initiative is designed to encourage a dialogue amongst Canadian women regarding the importance and timing of doing things differently. We’re dedicated to catapulting ourselves and our potential up and over that glass ceiling as we Punt Our Way to The Penthouse. My beef with the same 10 floors is a deeply held belief by most women that we are somehow inadequate and in need of further ‘learning, developing, coaching, mentoring, help’ before we are ready to move up and forward with strategic ACTION. It is this very belief that is holding us back. Here’s the thing: We do our best learning when we reach, stretch, and grow into all of who we are becoming. We’re never ‘there’, and we never get ‘there’. The entire step-by-step process of owning who we are as leaders involves stepping outside of our comfort zone, growing as a result and preparing to take the next step.

ULTIMATE GIRLS GUIDE to healthy, happy days

REPEAT AFTER ME: “I am a woman who is up to EPIC SH*T in the world. I am a leader. I have a huge impact to make. I am talented, capable, and worthy. I am ready to be great!”


OTENTIAL Decide where you are operating currently, where you want to be operating optimally, and what you need to ASK for in order to get from here to there. If you get stuck, ask an honest friend who has no problems calling you on your cr*p to give you some perspective.


We have a PowHERhouse saying, “Dig deep to differentiate.” Put the time and effort in to get superclear on who you are, what brought you to this point (your story), what sets your apart, and how it all threads into what you are here to do and offer in service as a leader in this world, i.e. your IMPACT.


AVIGATE Know what you are ready for. Commit to a strategy, break it into doable steps, and set those steps into action with a simple, consistent daily practice. Persistence, perseverance, and patience are your running-mates. Surround yourself with whatever and whoever you need to stay focused, inspired, committed and on task.


RUST All of this takes incredible courage. It is far easier to stay small and comfortable and continue to circulate through the same 10 floors. But I believe you were put on this Earth for much more and I represent a collective of PowHERful women who agree. We don’t have it all figured out – none of us do, but we continue reaching and growing into the leaders we are becoming. We are Finding Our Voice and Taking Our Lead. Are you in? At PowHERhouse, we are PUNTING IT TO THE PENTHOUSE and would love for you to join us! Read the extended version of this article, learn more about our work and our powHERful women’s media collective, Women WE Celebrate, online at


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MODERN DATING 2.0 by Carmelia Ray

I started working in the dating industry in 1992, before went live and well before social media. It is very clear dating has moved to mainly digital meet ups, online connections, mobile dating apps and online dating. In today’s dating environment, you have to know how to navigate the virtual dating waters in order to successfully make a real-life connection and there’s great news for ladies dating online today. According to’s annual Singles In America Survey, 68% of men online admit they want to find love. Men also agreed (38%) the number one turn-on for men are female entrepreneurs. Go #bossbabes! If you’re going to be online, here are some important do’s and don’ts to consider to help you find your match in the digital dating world.

CARMELIA RAY is an author, speaker, television personality, celebrity matchmaker and Canada’s most sought after certified dating coach and online dating expert. With over 25 years of experience and a passion and dedication to matchmaking, Carmelia has established herself as the go-to authority for finding singles their true love. In her career, she has helped over 7,000 clients and interviewed over 65,000 singles in North America discussing real life dating and relationship challenges. Currently, Carmelia stars in the second season of the hit award winning television series Mom vs Matchmaker airing on Myx TV and broadcast in over 72 countries. CONNECT WITH CARMELIA:

50 . FALL 2017

website: instagram: @carmeliaray

ULTIMATE GIRLS GUIDE to healthy, happy days

CARMELIA’S TOP 5 DATING DON’TS 1\ DON’T make demands on your profile.

Men appreciate a strong woman, they just don’t want to be in a relationship with one 24/7. There’s always a time and place to be assertive and making demands on your online dating profile by listing a laundry list of “shoulds” would scare any man. This type of profile reads as “high maintenance.” 2\ DON’T include a negative “need not apply” laundry list.

CARMELIA’S TOP 5 DATING DO’S 1/DO post an attractive profile photo.

I would say the single most important way to stand out and get noticed online is by posting an attractive online dating profile photo. Your profile picture says everything about you. In fact, your photo screams for men to either CLICK here or SWIPE left.

2/ DO write a catch-worthy bio.

While some men may not always read your entire profile, many men do. The right guy WILL read your profile because he is interested to see if you have things in common and if you are someone he might potentially click with in real life. Consider your online dating profile bio as your personal ad. 3/ DO create a personalized username.

In the sea of online dating profiles, the second most important consideration after your profile photo is your username. When you take the time to personalize your username, it helps to attract attention as well as potentially initiate a conversation around it. Creating an interesting and personalized username also helps with filtering and weeding out the wrong types. 4/ DO highlight your best self.

There’s a big difference between bragging about yourself and genuinely being proud of who you are. If you won Entrepreneur of the Year or you were your school’s valedictorian, then own it! Be proud of your accomplishments and it will attract the right mate that will be impressed with your achievements. 5/ DO be feminine, funny & flirty.

My three favorite F-words online are feminine, fun or funny and flirty. When you are able to write about yourself with these characteristics in mind, you’ll have the perfect recipe for success.

When you make a list of all the DON’TS, you may come across as high maintenance. You can also appear very bitter when you write things like, “must NOT be broke,” “must NOT be a cheater,” “must NOT be a liar” and so forth. You subconsciously look like someone who has been burned in the past and will bring that negativity to your next relationship.

3\ DON’T be a negative nancy or debbie downer on your profile.

This seems self-explanatory but I feel it’s so important to reiterate. It is much better practice to share who you WANT to meet and describe your IDEAL partner rather than talk about who you would rather not be with. Putting out positive thoughts in the dating world is like putting out positive vibes in the Universe. Good attracts good. A positive profile will attract the right guy and weed out the ones you should not be with. 4\ DON’T showcase old, blurry pictures.

Enough said. One of the biggest turn-offs for men and women is meeting someone IRL who looks nothing like their profile. No one wants to be kitten fished.

5\ DON’T assume all men are the same.

Online dating is a process and a journey. You may feel like you’re on a dating roller coaster which is totally normal. What’s important is that you DON’T paint all men with the same brush when you’ve had a bad experience. Taking your worries, insecurities and judgements on any date will ruin your chances of having a good time and set yourself up for failure.


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How does the world

SEE YOU? by Eric Himel


is a resident STYLE EXPERT for NICHE magazine, a widely known celebrity stylist, fashion and media personality. Himel attended Parson’s School of Design and trained under Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, then moved to Los Angeles and began his styling career, expanding his business across North America. Himel’s roster of celebrity clientele has included Jenny McCarthy, Giuliana Rancic, Pete Wentz, and Gabby Douglas. He’s best known for his signature CLOSET PURGE and now leverages the online landscape offering VIRTUAL STYLING SESSIONS. CONNECT WITH ERIC: website: instagram: @erichimel

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Growing up in Toronto in the 70’s (North York to be exact) I was living in a small idyllic community not dissimilar to Leave It To Beaver. I was shy and reserved and not terribly outgoing. I was always the shortest boy in my class, skinny to the point that if anyone tells me I look skinny today, I get worried instead of taking it as a compliment. I was also very pale from my diet of lots of sugar and no vegetables and had extremely buck teeth from sucking my thumb until I was 10 years old. I remember when I was about 12 or 13 and by then living Dallas, I was on the precipice of puberty and became hyper-aware of how people looked and of my clothes and my hair. When I was about 14, I announced to my mother that I wanted to go to a ‘real’ hair salon and start shopping at places like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. She said, “get a job if you want to shop there”. So I did. My very first makeover was done on myself and became the basis of what I do when styling people today. I experienced a mini transformation

through a good haircut, a good wardrobe, 3 1/2 years of braces and growing into my face and body. I noticed people who had never given me second glance were now looking at me and I received many compliments. On one hand, this felt great. On the other, I knew I was still the same person on the inside which made me sad. But, upon further reflection, I realized the power of how you present yourself to the world and how you can use it to your advantage. That is when and why I became a stylist. Today, I understand that while the outside is superficial on it’s own, it is just as important as working on your inside, so you present the best you both inside and out, inviting people to get to know who you are on the inside. The number one quality that I consistently try to infuse and teach my clients is confidence through how they dress and present themselves. True personal style and confidence should be intrinsically connected but getting there on your own is not always an easy task. Here are six things that you can do on your own to take charge of your personal style and have your outer look mirror your inner confidence.


In this age of social media and celebrity, it has never been harder to find your true self. Messages in the media constantly tell us who we should be or why we’re not good enough, all in the name of trying to sell something. Ask yourself these questions:


From a style point of view, I always start by asking a client to try to describe themselves using adjectives - are you conservative? preppy? edgy? alternative? feminine? androgynous? These kinds of things serve as a starting point to finding your style, a style that reflects who you are on the inside and what you are comfortable with. Identifying who you are on the inside, and what types of style you relate to is a great launching point for figuring out who you are stylistically.


These days, age is just a number, so don’t worry about dressing your age. Age appropriateness, is another matter altogether. 30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30 and so on… but you don’t want to dress like your daughter and you don’t want to dress like your mother did at your age, so what’s a gal to do? My advice is to do a major closet purge every new decade, and reassess where your body is versus your age and where you are in your life. My personal style mantra is that each decade should see you have quality or quantity of items in your closet, don’t be a slave to trends and invest in luxury items. Remember, this doesn’t mean you have to be boring.


Buying fabulous clothes just because you love them isn’t necessarily the best approach to creating your own style. There is a practical element to your personal style as well, namely what your lifestyle

Club Monaco Fall 2017


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dictates. Where do you live? Do you have kids? What kind of work do you do? Do you travel? What are the actual realities of your dayto-day life? Take a good look at these factors before really investing and indulging in your wardrobe. If you have small children and don’t go to black tie events, don’t bother investing in formal dresses. If you spend 60 hours a week at work, put a lot of your budget into your work wardrobe and make it fabulous. If you travel a lot, make sure that your clothes work for all types of places and climates that you venture off to.


Christian Dior Fall 2017

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The term ‘off the rack’ is misleading. One person’s size 6 may not be another person’s size 6. With misleading sizing these days, one can no longer state with absolution that you are one size. There is a definite time and investment in trying things on as you may be a size 2 in one brand and a size 6 in another or a small in one brand and a large in another. While shopping online can be highly convenient and with brands liberal and easy return policies, where items were made, what season they were made in and who designed them, etc., can make you a different size within the same brand. On top of that, identify your body type and be honest about it. Are you short-waisted? Pear shaped? Have no waste? Plus size? Petite? Have extra long arms or legs? These are all things to be hyper aware of when looking at clothes and identifying the pieces. Once you get this down, this is half the battle for establishing a great style.

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Dressing to please oneself is lovely and fine but could be antithetical to what you’re actually dressing for. When it comes to dating, work and social events, you really need to ask yourself, ‘Who am I addressing for?’ in order to get the best results. That is not to say you should be a slave to other people’s expectations, but it just makes sense that if you work in a conservative environment, take that into consideration when picking outfits for work. If you’re going to an afternoon wedding on the beach, don’t wear a long black gown and heels. If you are going on a vacation where you will be walking a lot on cobblestone streets, you can still be practical in your outfits and footwear and still chic. Part is establishing your own style and using it to your advantage and any specific situations in life.

Ralph Lauren Fall 2017


By now, anyone who has read any of my style do’s and don’ts or has seen me on TV knows that I never stop talking about proper tailoring. People seem to think tailoring is a luxury and not a necessity. Unfortunately, most of us are not fit models and because of that, all our bodies are different and very often need tweaks via tailoring. Whether it’s shortening a hem, raising a shoulder, shortening a sleeve, taking in a garment at the waist or narrowing a dress or skirt, tailoring is the number one most important thing that anyone can do for their personal style. It can be the difference between shlumpy and chic. And remember, buying an inexpensive garment and tailoring it is a good investment — remember, you are saving money on the garment itself so invest in the tailoring which will take an inexpensive common piece from regular to fabulous. Trust me, it’s worth the investment.

Gucci Fall 2017


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Advancing Medicine: IV NUTRIENT THERAPY by Kristen Bovee Imagine sitting in a comfortable recliner chair with a fuzzy blanket over you. It’s the middle of the day and you are resting nicely in a calmly lit room with gentle music in the background. You have one hour to take a rest, read a book you’ve been meaning to start, or peruse a magazine, all the while doing something excellent for your health and well-being. No, you are not in your living room trying to catch up rest where there are a million other things you should be doing. You are in an IV Wellness Lounge, being infused with nutrients that are doctor prescribed specifically for you to improve your health. As a naturopathic doctor, I have been trained to administer intravenous and intramuscular injections of vitamins, minerals, homeopathics, and botanicals for many medical situations. Intravenous administration of nutrients is not a new part of medicine but it is an essential approach to integrative and advanced medicine that has advantages over other approaches when treating chronic or acute conditions or simply optimizing health. Why is IV therapy used instead of oral administration? When nutrients are infused into a vein or injected intramuscularly, a few things happen biochemically: 1. 100% administration of the dose enters the body. This is necessary for people with absorption issues such as celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disorders, digestive enzyme deficiencies, chronic diarrhea, or for those who are depleted from disease or infection. 2. Biochemical changes take effect immediately. Our cells can utilize nutrients and water more efficiently. Taking a supplement or consuming nutrients orally are first sent to the liver once absorbed through the gut wall. This means we may process nutrients before it gets to our tissue. 3. Higher doses of nutrients can be infused in a shorter amount of time. This is important for when therapeutic doses such as vitamin C is needed. High dose vitamin

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C therapy is used naturopathically for cancer treatment and its effectiveness is based on its elevated concentration in the blood stream. Who should therapy?




There are many cases where vitamin therapy can benefit. It is safe, mostly painless and easy to administer. In less serious situations, people can use IV therapy to rehydrate themselves after an athletic event, a long flight, or after too much alcohol consumption - the hangover cure. It is also effective for people who want a quick energy boost, need to boost their immune system when fighting an infection, help to optimize their nutrients during an athletic event, treat headaches, or help with hormone balancing. One of the best benefits I see in IV therapy is for rehydration; our bodies work best when optimally hydrated. In more serious cases, IV therapy is used in cancer treatment, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, celiac disease, cardiovascular disease, mental disorders, and for detoxification of toxins, drugs or medications. These conditions require closely monitored care with a naturopathic physician. What should I expect during a visit? For your first IV therapy visit, a naturopathic doctor will do a short health intake to identify any contraindications with any medical conditions you have and medications you are taking. They will perform a screening physical exam and suggest any testing needed prior to treatment. They will formulate an IV specifically

for your case. The intravenous is administered by a doctor or IV nurse and you are monitored throughout your treatment, which typically take about one hour to administer. For quick ‘boosts’, intramuscular injections of nutrients at lower doses (usually B 12, B vitamins, homeopathics, and or amino acids) are used, and these take only a few minutes. For more complicated medical conditions, you may be required to work long term and closely with a naturopathic physician to monitor your safely. There are many benefits to IV therapy and is the reason why I have been using this approach with my patients since I began practice 15 years ago. It helps patients feel better faster, gets to the root cause of disease, and supports detoxification of our cells and organs to optimize their function. IV therapy can be administered to most people of all ages and conditions; the basic improvement of hydrating the body will make one feel better almost instantly. This is the beauty of advanced naturopathic medicine.

DR. KRISTEN BOVEE is a practicing naturopathic physician who has been using IV therapy with her patients for over 15 years. She works at iHealth in Royal Oak, Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic and will soon be opening up a new clinic “Hydrate IV Wellness Center” in the fall of 2017. More information about her services can be found at:, CONNECT WITH KRISTEN:


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We are all on the hamster wheel of life. We pride ourselves in our ability to multi-task and get things done, rarely asking for help. The truth is that this could be effecting our productivity in a negative way. Studies have now shown that by always having a forward-thinking brain, your focus is less productive. While you are working on one task and mentally checking off another, neither one is really being completed properly. I know we all think we are so great at checking off our lists and that we can do it all ourselves. No one else could do it better, right? On the surface it certainly appears so, but beneath the surface we are proving to be more stressed, have lower immunity & higher cases of insomnia and anxiety. The pressure is about to explode. What can we do to prevent this catastrophe? ONE SOLUTION... TIME

Time is a commodity we have so little of in our multitasking professional lives. A treasure so rare that sitting down to take a moment feels guilt ridden and fleeting. Controversially, studies have shown that women who make time for themselves feel more appreciated and productive. Think of the last time you had a vacation. Wasn’t it awesome to just unplug and unwind from

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by Elizabeth Parsons your daily routine? Think of how long you looked forward to that ‘carrot’ and how hard you worked so you could truly relax once the time arrived. What if we took mini breaks for ourselves every month? Imagine the reward of self-care. Take a deep breath in for a moment and savor the idea of true relaxation. Time that is reserved just for you. You could have an hour booked off, just for you. Every time you meet a deadline at work, or surpass one of your goals, reward yourself with time that is just for you. I know what you are thinking… Believe me – the question is not how can I afford this time? The question is how can you afford not to make the time? What does it cost you when you are sick? What does it cost you in missed production deadlines? How does your family feel when you are stressed to the max? You deserve time and self-care… and the extra bonus is that it will positively affect the other peripherals of your life – family, relationships, and career.

ULTIMATE GIRLS GUIDE to healthy, happy days


Even taking a moment in our day to have a deep breath brings oxygen and energy to our overworked, deprived brains. Like I do, an increasing number of women (and men) are using daily mediation to calm our busy minds and regain focus and creativity. The powers of a calm mind are endless and are now being celebrated, as more of us finally understand the real connections that happiness and health are deeply rooted together.

meditation facial I created as the ultimate treatment in self-care – encouraging flow of life, that balances well-being, mind, and skin. MY BEST ADVICE Know what makes you happy, make happiness your goal and prioritize it. Bring calm and wellness to your being – on a very regular basis. Your body, mind & family will thank you for it - trust the science.

I urge you to begin an intentional plan of self-care. For some of you, that means fitness; for others that means time spent with a good book; and for some it is pampering at the spa. The power of touch combined with time is a very effective tool in reaching a state of deep relaxation. Holding powers, have for centuries, been known for healing and improved well-being. Imagine a precious piece of time where you could be touched and guided through a still mind meditation all at once. This is something I pride in offering my clients at my business, Heaven the Spa on the Rock – including a signature guided


is owner and spa practitioner at Heaven the Spa on the Rock in Victoria, BC. As a wife, new mother and busy entrepreneurial professional, she struggled personally with finding a work/life balance and creating an intentional path of self-care. After finding her own balance, Elizabeth wanted to help others and created the Guided Meditation Facial – a highly specialized and effective experience that enables her to consult with clients, understand their desired outcomes and help them achieve optimal levels of self-care that allows the flow of life back into everyday existence. Elizabeth is also the wisdom and energy behind Spiritual Mom Boss, a blog that inspires women and mothers to smile and be happy. CONNECT WITH ELIZABETH: website: blog: instagram:


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is a business woman, writer, TV media personality and self-professed glamazon who found out the hard way what happens when you are not intentional about what you put on your skin. Read about Dana’s Journey to Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics on our website at CONNECT WITH DANA: website: instagram: @danahutchings

YES, these ingredients are used to embalm cadavers. Not only that, it’s also likely in your makeup. Makes you want to go wash your face, doesn’t it? As the #NICHEnatural columnist, it’s no secret that I am an advocate for green products, but the question I get asked all the time, “How do I make the switch? Where do I start?” Women tell me that they love their traditional products. Trust me, I get it. But it is actually easier than you might think. First, head to your kitchen!

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Many people are cooking with and using coconut oil these days. If you have a vat of coconut oil, that is one way to take your first step. I use it to moisturize dry skin and to remove makeup as well. Multi-purpose, natural and a little reminder of Pina Coladas never hurt! Argan oil, avocado oil, even olive oil. They all do the trick.

a growing number of grassroots green skin care lines adhering to being 100% safe and free of toxins. Green is moving into the mainstream. Larger beauty companies are taking notice too. Hair care giant AG is launching a natural line, with products such as the AG Rosehip Balm is 98% plant based, vegan and cruelty free.

I’m definitely not alone in making the switch. Far from it! The green beauty industry is taking off. Megan Johns, owner of TheGreenKiss. com says she is seeing a change in her customers too. “Now I get the beauty lover, I wasn’t seeing the beauty lover come in the door this time last year.”

The options are endless, like anything it’s a readjustment. I know, I know, you likely have a long term relationship with a lipstick you can’t live without. Well if it’s time for a break up, there is truly no better time. I say that as I sit here typing while wearing Glow Jar Restore Clay Mask. A new fave I would never have discovered if I hadn’t started exploring what’s clean and green.

So how do you know if your makeup and skincare products are green? There are many resources available right at your fingertips. The app Think Dirty lets you scan the bar codes on your favorite products, learn what’s in them and understand the potential health implications from their ingredients.

Products: GLOW JAR Restore Clay Mask AG HAIR Natural Rosehip Balm SAPPHO New Paradigm Organic Lip Gloss

Dr. Anna Sylwestowicz spent 20 years as an anaesthesiologist and concerned by the number of friends who were getting sick. She started to explore the chemicals and toxic preservatives added to skincare and makeup. “My background in organic and physical chemistry allowed me to explore and understand the complicated ingredient labels and I decided to do something about it!” Dr. Sylwestowicz began her Cielo Skin Care line. It’s one of


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! r e v o m a m o r f 5 tips F O R A by Patrick Ellison



is the general manager and operating partner of You Move Me Vancouver Island. Patrick loves the business of moving because he can take a tall order from clients and turn it into an amazing experience. He is passionate about developing his team, and providing clients with a level of empathy that has not been seen in moving before. “To have three strangers show up with a truck and coffee in hand for the customer, and finish the day with a housewarming plant and new friendships is something you can’t find in any other industry. You Move Me moves people, not just their boxes.” CONNECT WITH PATRICK: website: Facebook: youmovemevancouverisland/

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Whether you are moving for an exciting new opportunity or due to unforeseen circumstances, moving can be a taxing event. Leaving your neighborhoods, friends and your home, as well as the memories attached to it, can bring up feelings you didn’t even know you had. But the good news is moving doesn’t have to be stressful — and if you can anticipate logistical challenges as well as your emotions, you can make moving almost fun! From years of moving experience, I have compiled 5 tips to help you complete your move stress free.


The number one way to alleviate moving day stress is to create a game plan and give yourself as much time as possible. There are lots of resources out there to help, like our moving day checklist that takes the guesswork out of what needs to be done. Even if you’re a procrastinator, you can quickly check off all of the boxes and make sure you don’t miss anything important. If you are hiring a mover, call early

for an estimate and get answers to your moving day questions. Planning ahead will also give you time to properly say your goodbyes if you’re moving to a new city. Not rushing your farewells will help you feel less emotional and stressed come moving day.


If you are having a tough time staying positive during your move, try to change your mindset and be optimistic. Moving can be a great opportunity for you to declutter your life and rebuild your space exactly how you want it. Psych yourself up about the chance to get rid of old items you haven’t used in years. You can even donate them to a good cause. You’ll have less to move and will feel good about your contributions.


When you are tired, it can affect your emotional and physical wellbeing. You can become easily agitated, impatient and forgetful, which is not what you want when you are finishing those last minute moving details. Make sleep a priority and turn the lights out

ULTIMATE GIRLS GUIDE to healthy, happy days

early the day before your big move (and in the weeks prior). Waking up refreshed will make the day less stressful and keep you clear-headed to accomplish your moving day goals.



Knowing you have properly protected your items will help relieve stress. Newspapers are good for packing your less fragile items (but keep in mind that regular newspaper can bleed ink, so white packing paper may be a better option for more delicate pieces). For your fragile items, bubble wrap is the best choice. You can also use packing peanuts to fill in empty spaces in your moving boxes to prevent shifting and damage in transit. Moving blankets are a good idea for big ticket items (such as

furniture and appliances) to keep them scratch free. If funding allows, invest in proper moving boxes to ensure the integrity and cleanliness of your boxes. They will be easier to load into the truck because they will all be the same size.. New boxes are also a clean slate which will make your labeling clear. There will be no confusion about what is breakable and where it goes when you arrive at your destination.

Lastly, don’t shy away from asking for help. Reach out to your friends and family to support you during your move. Having a support network will alleviate some of your emotional stress during your move. If you are a do-it-yourselfer and don’t want to reach out to friends and family to do the heavy lifting, be sure to hire movers. Research your mover and make sure they can handle not only the logistical aspects of your move, but the emotional ones, too. When you have a professional that genuinely cares about your personal well-being and the safety of your belongings, your move will be almost fun. Leave the logistics to the professionals and use your extra time to properly say your farewells as you embark on your new adventure.



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The end of summer is always bittersweet. The long, sunny days get colder and shorter. Lucky for us, the fall 2017 runway shows managed to get us excited to reach for those warm layers in anticipation of winter days. There were four quintessential fall shows this year: Prada, Alexander McQueen, Dries Van Noten and Coach 1941. Although all four of these designers are very different from one another, there was an underlying theme that ran through each of their collections and that was the modern woman. There was a sense of empowerment and self-determination within each collection, while still remaining true to fashion. These runway shows did not only leave you wanting the clothes off the runway but also left you with a powerful message of feminine power. Dries Van Noten celebrated his 100th runway show with his FW2017 collection. Instead of throwing a party, he chose to make a feminist statement through fashion. The collection was an international reunion of 54 models that had previously walked for him since 1993. He dressed each model to play up their strength, both as individuals but also as a gender. Not only were

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the models a retrospective of his past shows but the pieces too. There were prints from his past collections that he remixed into modern styles. The tailoring really spoke for the collection with well-cut pantsuits, generous coats and jackets. This collection was less about the clothes and how to wear them but rather about the woman who was wearing them. The fall 2017 show was in itself a powerful women’s march, representing strong, ageless and impressive women in unison but at the same time completely individual. Sarah Burton brought a modern feel

to the magic of McQueen with her fall 2017 runway show. The show had a message of self-determining women and the powerful female warriors of Britain’s past. The inspiration behind this show came from a trip to Cornwall Burton took with her team. It was an exercise in returning to nature and understanding British history. They discovered ancient stone circles and the paganism of the past and specifically the “cloutie” tree. People would tie rags and ribbons to these trees with wishes and mementos and this idea could be felt throughout the collection. There were dresses with beaded trees, stars and suns traced in black and imagery of medieval tapestries. Long trailing threads fell from pieces. Youthfulness filled the runway with loose hairstyles, flat, studded booties and sneakers. Alexander McQueen could still be felt within the shapes and styles of the pieces but Burton brought youthful energy and female power to it.


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Miuccia Prada has always been

politically minded, and her fall 2017 collection had an underlying message of feminist issues and the way women are perceived. The collection was inspired by the 1960’s and 1970’s with cord flares, patchwork leather, knits and snakeskin coats. This led to a more seductive look of cocktail dresses adorned with crystals and feathers topped with coats galore. There were prints and colors everywhere on the runway. Heavy fabrics like tweed, fur and corduroy were perfect for fall. Miuccia’s idea of the collection was a smart seduction: how to be a woman who is not only beautiful but also intelligent and an image of a truly modern woman.


70 . FALL 2017

Stuart Vevers. Creative Director of

Coach 1941, has a deep appreciation for everything Americana, which could be seen at his fall 2017 show. He returned to his starting place as the designer for Coach 1941 with the shearling coat and his outerwear definitely stood out this season. The look of the collection was thoroughly modern but it had personality to it. Vevers source of inspiration was the Great Plains which you could be seen through the set of a broken down house frame, tumble weeds and prairie grass. Although there were fairly feminine dresses sprinkled with sequins, and trimmed with lace. They were paired with cozy shearling lined sneakers, baseballs caps and mini handbags. The designer managed to pair feminine pieces with more masculine items, with a tomboy feel as a major reference point. Proving that powerful and strong women could be seen on the runway at Coach 1941 as well as many others like, Prada, Alexander McQueen and Dries Van Noten. As you look to the fall runways for inspiration for your own personal wardrobe, think of how a piece is not only for fashion but also speaks to another level of your feminine individuality and strength.


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face time. M E . PA R T T WO .

I’m taking an honest and inside look at the world of modern anti-aging, and over three issues of NICHE magazine, I will share my personal experience with several facial rejuvenation treatments under the care of world renowned dermatologist and anti-aging expert Dr. Mark Lupin of Cosmedica.

by Tracey Drake

I can honestly say that I feel younger now at fifty three, than I did two decades ago, at thirty three. Back then, I was raising young children, building a new business, and working hard at keeping my relationship on track. It was utterly exhausting! I didn’t have time for myself nor did I make “me” a priority. I was caught in the vortex of the superwoman syndrome. I tended to everyone else’s needs - often working late, sleeping poorly, and neglecting my skin. After all, when you are in your 30’s, you think your vibrant, dewy, healthy looking skin is going to (a) take care of itself and (b) last forever. Wrong on both counts! After turning 50, I started to notice the tired, lackluster look of my skin. Friends would ask me if I was feeling under the weather. It shocked me because inside, I felt young and


— has no — August 2016


72 . FALL 2017

alive! I knew I wanted to make some changes. But there are lots of things about my aging skin that I love and although I wanted rejuvenation, I didn’t want to take drastic measures. After a very frank conversation with Dr. Mark Lupin at Cosmedica, a plan was carefully created for me. He listened to everything I had to say, asked me important questions about my lifestyle and what I wanted to improve upon. Cosmedica is one of those very safe places. Not only is the interior beautiful so you feel that you have arrived somewhere special, but the expert team at Cosmedica always makes you feel like you are one on a million; a rarity in today’s world.

In part one (NICHE summer 2017 issue), I talked openly about the first two treatments I had - Botox and Coolsculpting. In this issue, I am excited to share my experiences with Ultherapy and Dermal Fillers.


I continue to take GliSODin skin nutrient supplements daily, which alleviates fluid retention and improves the clarity of my skin. Also, I cannot live without my Skinceuticals products! Even if you don’t try dermal fillers or Botox, or your skin never needs laser treatment, do yourself (and your skin) a favor and check out this advanced skin care collection. It will change the way you think about morning and evening skin care.


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Ultherapy As we age, skin begins to fall and droop, brows and eyelids become heavy, and facial contours lose their shape. Ultherapy is a non-surgical treatment to lift and tighten the skin in specific problem areas like the neck, chin, brows and jawline. It is a unique treatment that uses focused ultrasound energy to target deep layers of the skin and boost collagen production. As a result, skin is naturally lifted and tightened, for a more youthful appearance. As the only FDA approved treatment for non-invasive lift, Ultherapy is quick and easy with no downtime and long lasting results. DR. LUPIN ON ULTHERAPY

“For skin toning, tightening and lifting, my patients really appreciate Ultherapy® for its natural, positive results and lack of any downtime. Utilizing non-invasive focused ultrasound waves, old collagen is removed and new collagen is stimulated for gradual skin rejuvenation. Ultherapy® is the only FDA approved, non-invasive treatment for lifting and tightening the neck, chin and brow as well as helping to improve crepey skin on the chest. As one of the first Ultherapy® providers in Canada, we have been fortunate to offer this great technology over many years and celebrate beautiful results with our patients.”


“Nurse Maureen, Director of Nursing Services, performed my Ultherapy treatment. I was more than a little scared before this treatment. I thought it was going to be painful - it was not. I thought it was going to leave me with swelling and downtime - it did not. In fact, it was completely non-invasive and the perfect opportunity for Maureen and I to catch up on our girl chat specifically about grandchildren. I don’t get a lot of quiet time in my job, and this was like a mini retreat for me. I knew the results would not be immediate, so now I am waiting patiently for my collagen to regenerate and the skin on my face and neck to lift and tighten. I will provide an update in the next issue! ”

Disclaimer: With any treatment, results vary. It is important to choose a physician and clinic that are reputable, experienced and where you feel comfortable, Ask for credentials. 74 . FALL 2017

Dermal Fillers It is a common misconception that dermal fillers inject foreign chemicals into the face. In fact, hyaluronan is a normal component of the skin’s dermal makeup. Hyaluronan is the same naturally occurring sugar molecule that is found in your body and it’s job is to hydrate, support and assist with biological processes. As we age, its natural effectiveness diminishes, causing skin to become sallow and creased. For my treatment plan, dermal fillers are part of an overall approach to restore lost volume, lift the cheeks, fill in hollows around the eyes, and restore support to the underlying skin structures. There is no downtime, although some experience minor bruising or swelling - I did not.

glo- .minerals


“One of the highest satisfaction treatments is application of dermal fillers to address aging concerns such as ‘the tired look’, and achieving a younger look. These multipurpose fillers work to restore lost volume by lifting the skin and contouring about the cheeks, nose and jawline. They help strengthen the skin by stimulating our bodies’ natural ability to make its own hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, and they are fundamental to help erase surface lines and even out acne scars. Full face contouring, approaching and sometimes bettering the results of what used to be only the province of surgery, can often be achieved. The results are immediate and long lasting. Fundamental to creating beautiful, natural results is taking care to know and respect each person’s particular needs and appreciate the fine differences in anatomy. In Canada, we are fortunate to have over 20 years’ experience with the most popular hyaluronic fillers. Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, Teosyal, Revanesse and Princess are good examples. Some of the happiest moments that brighten my day are the ‘wow’s and tears of joy that my patient’s express when they look in the mirror to see the magic of dermal fillers.”

Although it does take a few weeks or months to see the full effects, I love that with dermal fillers, some of the results were immediate. The deep apostrophe marks (an editor’s curse) between my eyes and at the sides of my nose are gone. The sunken hollows below my eyes are visibly lessened, my cheekbones have gained a slightly new definition and the youthful little upturn at the corners of my mouth is back all in a very minimalistic, natural looking way.”

in this article:

Cosmedica | Ultherapy®

Dermal Fillers GliSODin Skin Nutrient Supplements Skinceuticals Advanced Skincare glo minerals Makeup


is a worldrenowned dermatologist, clinical instructor and lecturer in the field of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. With many publications to his name and often quoted as an expert in the media, he is dedicated to the advancement of best practices. Director and founder of Cosmedica Laser Centre, Dr. Lupin is uniquely qualified both in Dermatology as well as with additional training in Neurology. He has studied at Indiana University, the University of Southern California, Dalhousie University, University of Toronto and UBC, and has sub-specialty training in Photodermatology (interaction of light and skin) from prestigious St. John’s Hospital in London, England.


“I don’t like needles - let’s get that straight. But as far as needles go, this was very tolerable - easy in fact. I felt the pricks and needle pressure more in the most sensitive skin areas around my eyes and mouth. WWW.NICHE.STYLE . 75

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76 . FALL 2017


the designer:

DZHUS is a conceptual womenswear brand launched in 2010 by Ukrainian designer and stylist Irina Dzhus. Avantgarde yet utilitarian, DZHUS is known for innovative cut, multi-functional transformer garments and austere industrial aesthetics. Inspired by the complex structure of the ambient, Irina Dzhus delivers unique experimental garment construction.

the collection:

Tectonic is dedicated to the evolution of Earth, from a newborn planet to a stronghold of civilizations and technologies. The tectonic process has been interpreted in the architectural cut of the garments in this collection: like the continents split and reunite, the construction of the fashion forward collection disintegrate into modules, which then reorganize into new forms, celebrating the infinite cycle of nature. By changing their shapes and silhouettes, the pieces adapt to different purposes and weather conditions. The zoomorphic configuration of the outfits pay tribute to the phenomenon of the terrestrial life’s generation and development. Associated with fossil prehistoric organisms, the collection carries a message about fragility of the material existence, value of remembering the roots and importance of living in synergy with nature. Website: Instagram: @dzhus.conceptual.wear

DESIGNER/ST YLIST Irina Dzhus PHOTOGRAPHER Lesha Lich MODELS Maria Jennyfer for PM Management Intl Anastasia Kolenkova


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TECTONIC T R A N S F O R M E R C O AT Soft woolen felt coat featuring 6 transformation options: the structured hood easily changes into different variations of a collar and a cape. The item fastens on the front, with a metal zipper.

78 . FALL 2017

DEVELOPMENT M A X I C O AT 100% wool maxi coat with complex structured details. The piece is made of two-side wool. It fastens on the front, with 2 metal zippers.


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CYCLE T R A N S F O R M E R C O AT Denim coat with textured knit sleeves. Features a detachable hood that transforms into a handbag. The coat fastens on the front, with two metal zippers.


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Brittany’s makeup bag

It’s time to get layered - not just in your fall wardrobe but your makeup too - but who has the time? My top five #WhatsInMYbag favorites for fall 2017 focus on practical beauty products that help you look your best all season long, with minimal effort and maximum result.

by Brittany Gray




GUERLAIN Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer

OSIS Refresh Dust

TOO FACED Born This Way Foundation

What I love about this bronzer is the matte and warm tones without being too orange or ashy. I apply it with a big fluffy brush anywhere the sun would hit and voila! I look like I’ve been to the beach and remain glowing, long after the summer sun has gone.

Let’s be honest, who has the time to wash and style their hair every other day? Not me. I swear by this dry shampoo and use it in-between washes, at least every other day - sometimes every day. It leaves my hair bouncy, smelling good and fresh to the touch!

I’m HOOKED on this fab find. This foundation gives amazing coverage but doesn’t feel cakey or heavy at all. It works brilliantly on all skin tones since it doesn’t make the face look dry and lifeless. The best part about it? It lasts all day and night.

82 . FALL 2017

B R I T T A N Y G R A Y is a beauty expert, entrepreneur and nationally recognized actress and television personality. She is the founder of Fancy Face Inc., a top luxury mobile beauty companies, specializing in hair and makeup services for weddings, special events, entertainment industry functions, and celebrity glamour. Online at




HOURGLASS Obscura Palette

LADY LASH CLUB Mink Lash Subscription

I use this palette every single day and I love it because it is compact and fits easily in your makeup bag. The colors are neutral so they match every lip color and every fabulous fall outfit you decide to wear. I love using it with a little bronzer in the crease of the eye to add that touch of seasonal warmth. You can create a natural look or a smoky eye in seconds!

At Fancy Face Inc., we are obsessed with this awesome Vancouver, Canada based company. They offer a monthly mink lash subscription, where you get a box of lashes each month at an affordable price. The company is cruelty-free (which I love) and they have the most flattering variety of styles from everyday natural and night on the town to all-out red carpet ready!



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by Sylvia Tennant

NICHE columnist, jewelry designer and unapologetic fashionista, Sylvia Tennant is creating her newest crystal jewelry collection, and NICHE has the exclusive story that begins with an inspirational journey to the Indonesian island of Bali, and concludes with the fulfillment of a dream...

In April of last year, my boyfriend and I found ourselves on a long, hot road in what we heard was a silversmith village just outside Ubud on the Indonesian island of Bali. It was barely 9am and we felt late already, as the bustling markets and villages of Bali had risen hours before the sun. My goal was clear – I wanted to find a silversmith and design a collection for my jewelry brand, Zaleska. However, based on the mere uncertainty of the situation and the newness of these weaving, artisan-filled alleys, this seemed unattainable. I had no expectations as we walked along the main jalan, jumping gutters, weaving through home studios,

84 . FALL 2017

and ultimately hoping for a sign that I wasn’t sure I’d find. It was a serendipitous moment when I met a smiling young man named Made, who invited us in after being greeted by his rooster, koi fish, and barking (but decidedly friendly)

brimming with intricate designs. He told us that the giant turquoise and silver rings (which I instantly set aside for myself) could be sized in 30 minutes, and that he would drive us to find breakfast at a local warung while we waited. The

I WAS LIVING IN A DREAM STATE, WATCHING MY SKETCHBOOK COME TO LIFE RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES. [day in the life] dogs. His studio, located inside his family compound, was lined with heavy wood and glass cases

energy of this experience shifted the course of my business and set off a whirlwind chain of events.

When we returned from lunch, I designed a collection within 2 hours, and it was handmade by his wonderful team of artisans in 7 days.

My Return to Bali I went back to the village a few months ago to begin this process once again. This time, I was armed with a plan, over a thousand gemstones, and my lovely mother, Mercedes, who guided me through the overwhelming moments and important decisions with grace, patience, and (sometimes) tequila. I was living in a dream state,

watching my sketchbook come to life right before my eyes. Once I approved the samples, production was underway. We took this time to retreat to the beautiful Chapung Se Bali Resort, which was surprisingly close to Ubud, considering how exclusively remote it felt. I sensed a mental shift within seconds of witnessing the incredible jungle views blanketed in thick tropical foliage. Nestled on the edge of the Osh Valley, this luxury resort sits with modern grandeur. We stayed in a private


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plunge pool suite, which was generously spacious and recently built to accommodate a growing demand. The custom furniture was designed by the owner, who had each piece handmade on the island from reclaimed iron, wood, black marble, and brick. We soaked in the luxuriousness of the spa where ponds, unparalleled views, and uniquely designed treatment rooms are the backdrop to an inspired menu of offerings for mind and body. During the day, we read in daybeds next to the infinity pool at Junglefish Bali, the “no-beach beach club� conveniently located steps from our suite. Bali has long attracted

86 . FALL 2017

visitors seduced by its varied landscape and cultural opulence, and Chapung Se caters to the vast majority of luxury travelers. In addition to this experience, we had the pleasure of staying at my favorite local refuge, an Ubud bungalow called Merthayasa 2. The first thing one notices upon entering the hand-carved doorway is that it’s magically immune to the bustle of the surrounding chaos that is tourist season. Orchids hang from flowering trees and property staff harvest jackfruit and papayas from the family garden. The pool is private, the complimentary breakfast is delicious, and the price is right: $35 per night for a simple but immaculate suite with strong Wi-Fi. Alit and Wayan were wonderful hosts and offered transport, delicious homemade corn fritters, and even lent my mother a kebaya (a traditional Balinese lace top worn with a sarong) throughout our multiweek stay. This familial warmth is the essence of the Balinese and the reason I return each year to build my business with them.


Part three [the finale] of Sylvia’s Bali adventure includes local inspiration and a look at her Balinese jewelry collection! Inside NICHE - Holiday 2017 issue.


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WORDS f/w 2017 If you follow fashion week (even a little bit) you know that collections for FW2017 are breathtaking. Saturated colors, exceptional fabrics and imaginative designs. There are no words to describe the elegance and beauty of our three favorite collections. We’ll let the pictures do the talking.



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90 . FALL 2017

beyond WORDS


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92 . FALL 2017

beyond WORDS


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beyond WORDS


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S K I N [ perfection] CAUDALIE VINOPERFECT TWO- STEP SYSTEM The effectiveness of a glycolic acid-based composition and white peony extract for complexion evenness and a healthy glow. Step one is the Concentrated Brightening Essence and step two is the Radiance Serum Complexion Enhancing. $50/$89 |

96 . FALL 2017

] ] by Tracey Drake

Wasn’t summer amazing? But if you are like me, the hot season leaves behind skin that is less than perfect. Heading into fall, I am so excited to share these six brands that have newto-market products; each offering real and immediate results for a variety of facial skin issues. Get ready to treat, diminish and banish redness, scars, sun damage, wrinkles, visible blood vessels and uneven skin tone.

editor’s edition

EMINENCE ORGANIC SKIN CARE MARINE FLOWER PEPTIDE EYE CREAM With Smart Collagen+ Complex, this ultra-rich, uniquely formulated cream is specifically for the delicate eye area, It uses naturally derived plant peptides and innovative algae extracts to reduce the visible signs of aging including wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. $116 |

LA PRAIRIE SKIN CAVIAR ABSOLUTE FILLER Infused with potent Caviar Absolute, this anti-aging product is one of the best I’ve tried to effectively target the loss of volume. It restores tone and density for visibly enhanced fullness and works hard to refine facial contours. La Prairie is a trusted leader in antiaging skin care, and this product is definitely worth the investment. $775 |

DERMABLEND PROFESSIONAL LIQUID CAMO FOUNDATION & SETTING POWDER Naturally looking, medium coverage camo foundation with SPF protection. Hides blemishes and skin imperfections. High performance pigments, fragrance free, allergy tested foundation and setting powder. Maximum, buildable coverage available in 15 shades for every skin. $42/$34 |

LIERAC PARIS ROSILOGIE REDNESS CORRECTION CREAM A highly effective, scientifically proven cream with neuro-calming peptides that treats three types of skin redness: sudden and temporary redness, general redness, and redness with visible blood vessels. Corrective green pigments visibly neutralize redness and even out skin tone. $40 |

ZORAH BIOCOSMETIQUES LIFTING PURE ARGAN SUPER LIFT SERUM This product is vegan, eco-cert natural and still packs a big punch. This pure argan serum visible lifts and renews skin. By activating fibroblasts under the skin which increase collagen production, wrinkles and fine lines are quickly diminished. On the skin’s surface, it attaches to skin cells which offers an instant smoothing effect. $75 |


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The fashion world is having a love affair with that sweet barely there pink, fondly referred to as blush. From dresses and handbags, to trench coats and stilettos, the color is everywhere for fall 2017. But no one is doing it better than Marchesa, who paid gentle homage to the color in every fabric and treatment imaginable. Soft florettes of silk tulle, exquisite beading and appliquÊs and Hollywood worthy flowing gowns - all blushed with Marchesa beauty. Check out NICHE magazine’s full coverage of this collection at

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Niche style fall 2017  

The style team at NICHE magazine is sharing our favorite designers, collections and trends of this season. From everything you wear, to all...

Niche style fall 2017  

The style team at NICHE magazine is sharing our favorite designers, collections and trends of this season. From everything you wear, to all...