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West Hull Villages Edition Issue No.10


Inside This Issue: Free Motivational Advice Understanding Credit Scores Travel: River Cruising Hull City to FA Cup Final Hull Folk Archive Gardening Tips for May Fiona’s Food For Thought Easter Nest Recipe WIN Cirque Du Soleil Tickets Crossword & Sudoku Page ...and lots more.


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Hello Hull,

CONTENTS 4 Top Pet Tips 6 Motivation Feature

Welcome to the latest edition of HULLMAG. We have another feature packed magazine for you this month. The new born lambs are arriving daily now and it certainly feels like Spring has finally arrived, so perhaps now is the time to consider booking a short break. Marion Owen covers river cruising in her travel column this month. We have exclusive motivational advice from Pam Featherstone of Action Coach, the UK’s No.1 Business Coaching firm. We have some great insights in to the world of credit scores from the team at Kirk Ella Investments which is a fascinating read.

8 Relaxing in a Bath 4

National Pet Month

17 Gardening in May 18 Travel with Marion Owen 20 Competitions 33 Benefit Street in Hull?

28 Get Involved 30 Local News 31 Trusted Tradesmen

Nic 26 FA Cup Final Beckons Bruce.

32 What’s On Guide 34 Fiona’s Food For Thought

© HULLMAG Ltd. 2014. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be used or reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. All information contained in this magazine is for information only and is as far as we are aware, correct at the time of going to press. HULLMAG Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for errors or inaccuracies in such information. Readers are advised to contact advertisers directly with regards to the price of products and/or services, referred to in this magazine.

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24 Learn New Skills

Happy Easter to everyone out there from the HULLMAG Team.

Contact HULLMAG on: 01964 503 091 or 01482 420 250

21 Motoring 22 Puzzle Page

Don’t forget to visit some of the events that are listed over the Easter break. Our resident cook, Jessica Scrumptious has a fantastic chocolate nest cake that is sure to ‘wow ‘your friends and family, so get baking!


14 Hull Facts 16 Hull Folk Archive

We have a report on the news that a new television documentary is to be filmed in Hull dealing with people on benefits which could have a real negative vibe for the city. Great news! Hull City are through to the final of the FA Cup – let’s hope they beat Arsenal!

10 Credit Scores

34 Useful Numbers

12 Easter Nest Cake

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National Pet Month

2014 is the Silver Anniversary of National Pet Month Since its launch 25 years ago National Pet Month has been promoting responsible pet ownership and helping pet charities across the UK raise thousands of pounds for their organisations. Taking place from April 1 - May 5, this year their theme is Celebrating Our Pets and they would love you to be a part of it. Find out more at:

s at: t c a F stimated Pet 2014 is e

ion in nd 22 t populat illion dogs. e p K with arou U t e e p Th m a 8 n d olds ow cats an 8 million out 1 in 2 househ sh). b a , g fi In the UK owned (excludin althy s et you he p e e million p k t may g a pe systems. stem Ownin immune y s le e b a n t u s m ore octor s have m g your im annual d r e Boostin ught up with pet w fe e bro ners mad Children nd cat ow a g o d t a found th A survey more dog were visits. ir e h t e d e is n rc alk week tha ging exe rs who w Encoura d that dog owne physical activity a un of A study fo ieve 150 minutes eir dog. h c a and for with th likely to alk faster not walk w id s d g o o d h ir homes. owners w walk the regularly r mobility in their o h w le p Older peo ds, and have bette rio e p r longe

Top Ten Tips for Responsible Pet Ownership 1. Think carefully before getting a pet and learn about its special requirements. 2. Ensure your pet is sociable and well trained. 3. Always provide a nutritious and well balanced diet. 4. Provide suitable housing & bedding. 5. Clean up after your pet and worm it regularly. 6. Protect against disease. Your vet can provide you with advice. 7. Prevent unwanted litters and neuter your pet when appropriate. 8. Groom your pet regularly. 9. Control your pet and ensure it is properly identified. 10. Take out pet insurance for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses to cover against unexpected veterinary fees and third party liability.

Do you hate having to put your dog in kennels? Well there is a better way for your dog. PetStay are a local company who have been established since 2005 and have now become one of the largest dog sitting services in Yorkshire but offering local carers. We have an excellent reputation of providing a home from home environment for dogs. “We provide a loving, caring, safe and less stressful alternative to kennels” Your dog would stay with one of our carer’s in their home. We have hand-picked all of our carers to ensure that your dog will have the best care possible whilst you’re away on holiday. Our dog carers are checked, licensed and insured. Vets and groomers recommend PetStay. Would you like to be one of our dog carers? We are looking for New Dog Carers Now. PetStay also now have Franchise Opportunities in the UK

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It’s All About You


SMALL STEPS MAKE HUGE DIFFERENCES If you grabbed a sheet of paper right now, you could probably list at least 20 things you know you should have done, but haven’t. But the question to ask yourself is “Why haven’t you?”

It’s very easy to get caught up in life and not get around to doing the things you most want. You might say it’s because you simply don’t have enough time – but don’t we always make time for the things we really want to do? What is it that’s really getting in the way? Do you want to lose weight? Get fitter? Spend more time with your family? Do you want to be rich, successful, famous? Whatever your goal, you have to have a plan to achieve it. It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic about it you are, how many books you’ve read on the subject or how often you’ve googled it, if you don’t have a vision of where you want to get to and an insight into how you are going to get there, you will eventually lose momentum. That’s why you need to understand that a simple, small change is all it takes to get you started. If you want to lose weight and get fitter, make a pact with yourself to stop

To Contact

snacking between meals and to take the stairs at the office or the shopping centre, You could get off the bus a stop earlier or just walk around the block 3 times a week. If you want to spend quality time with your family, build in a weekly activity to your diary – it might be a weekend bike ride, going to the cinema or making time for a proper Sunday dinner so you can all chat around the table. But if you continue to do the same thing day in, day out, then you can’t expect your life to improve. It’s about taking action. So go on. Choose one of things on your list. Commit yourself to making a small change in your life or business. Write it down, track how well you’re doing it every week and reward yourself when you’ve achieved it. Create new behaviours and habits that will move you toward success. Good luck! To contact Pam please call her on 01482 227060 or 07540 888016. Alternatively, you can email her at

Inspiring self-belief Motivating you into Action Consciously creating your future North UK Coach of the year 2014!

please Email: or Telephone: 01964 503091 or 01482 420250

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House & Home

The Benefits of Enjoying a Warm Relaxing Bath Do you take many baths? If not then now may be the time to start thinking about how a bath can improve your life. In order to make the most of the experience there are a few things that you can do. How to Enjoy Your Bath The first thing that you should do before taking a bath is to make sure that the environment is relaxing and easy on the eye. You may not have the money or the time to re-decorate the room, but there are still things that you can do to instantly make the room more relaxing. Start by clearing out any clutter and ensure that there will be no distractions. One thing that many women don’t get right when they take a bath is it’s temperature. There’s a tendency to have hot baths rather than warm ones. The problem with this is that hot water can actually stimulate you, rather than help you to relax. So try making your bath a little cooler if you usually tend to have a hot one instead. Add bath salts or bubble bath to create a nice scent. Also light candles or listen to soothing music. This enhances the experience and really helps you to relax. If you take at least one bath per week it will help to lower your stress levels, give you a little ‘Me’ time and it will help you to sleep better too.

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Making sure everything goes to plan

A funeral plan leaves nothing to chance and provides peace of mind for you and those you care about. We recommend funeral plans from Golden Charter, the UK’s largest provider of plans to independent funeral directors like us. With a Golden Charter funeral plan you’ll benefit from: • Fixing the cost of our services at today’s prices • Reassurance for your family – no uncertainty or difficult decisions • Complete flexibility to choose the funeral you want

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The UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider

GC-LIFT 5731

Taking out a funeral plan is one of the most thoughtful decisions you could make.

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Understanding Credit

Do you know what your credit score is? You may not have checked your credit score lately, but there’s a good chance someone else has. Whether you’re arranging a mortgage on your next home or buying that new sofa on interest free credit, someone has accessed that magic three-digit number that determines if and how much you can borrow. A credit score is more than just a number in the eyes of a prospective lender. It’s a measure of a person’s financial reputation and the determining factor on whether they will lend and what they will charge. A credit score answers this question for the lender: What is the likelihood that this person will pay his or her bills on time? A high score means a person is likely to pay bills on time; the lower the score, the more likely a person is to miss payments.

l l

A card at it’s limit is worse than two that are at half the limit. 15% of a score considers account age; Older accounts are better than younger accounts. The type and mix of credit makes up 10% of a score. The healthier the mix of credit, the better the score. The number of enquiries from creditors into a person’s score also constitutes ten percent and multiple credit searches can damage your score.

Improving your score: l l l

Make sure all your debts are registered to your correct name and current address to avoid missing important correspondence from the lender. Ensure there are no mistakes on your credit file. Tackle the credit provider to resolve these quickly if there are. Register on the electoral roll, so that your history can easily be tracked.

Protecting your score:

We’d like to think that it’s a human being accessing our credit score, deciding our borrowing capacity and creditworthiness, but in reality the majority of decisions are made by computers! So to avoid the misery of “the computer say’s no”, understanding, protecting and improving your credit score has never been more important. Here are some tips to help you do just that. Understanding your score: l l

The majority of a person’s credit score - 35% is determined by whether they pay their bills on time; missed payments can be very detrimental. Outstanding balances are next, making up 30% of the score. The lower the balance-to-limit ratio, the better the score, so don’t max out on your credit cards;

l Avoid making too many applications for credit in a short period. Watch out for companies that credit score you unexpectedly. Opening a new bank account or even taking a car insurance quote may trigger a credit search, so check before you apply. l Apply for credit only where you have a good chance of being accepted. Read the eligibility criteria. For example if the product says it will not accept those with County Court Judgments within the last 12 months, then avoid applying if you have a CCJ within the last 12 months. l When applying for a large loan, such as a mortgage, seek advice from a professional broker to ensure that you meet the lenders criteria, which is often not advertised. l Make sure all of your debts are paid by direct debit. This creates an automatic payment and avoids late payment issues around dates such as bank holidays. l If you change your address update everyone and make sure that you have a post redirect until it’s done. Deana Lee Independent Financial Adviser

Director (Mortgage & Protection Adviser)

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A Jessica Scrumptious Recipe

Mint and Chocolate Nest Cake with Chocolate Eggs

Eggtastic Easter Cake


150g 5oz margarine
150g 5oz caster sugar
3 medium eggs lightly whisked
225g 9 oz self raising flour
Few drops of mint essence

To decorate:-
Chocolate eggs and mini eggs
Chocolate buttercream
60g 2 1/2 oz margarine
1x15ml spoon cocoa powder
250g 9oz sieved icing sugar
3x15ml hot milk
1x15 ml vanilla essence

 Preheat oven to 180*C gas mark 4
Line and grease 2 18cm Method: 7inch cake tin

Cream margarine and sugar until light & fluffy beat in the lightly whisked eggs with a little flour
Add essence then fold in the remaining flour

Pour in cake tins and bake for 1hr 10mins when cake is ready and firm to the touch take out and cool for at least an hour
While the cake is cooling make the buttercream

Melt margarine blending in cocoa powder stir in the icing sugar milk and essence beat until smooth and thick leave to cool and thicken , then when cake is cold pipe or spread the buttercream all over the top and sides then place the chocolate eggs all over the top so it looks like a nest
This Easter cake is an alternates to a traditional Simmel cake if you don’t like fruit cake
Happy Easter ..

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Bring the Mediterranean

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It’s All About Hull

3 Great Facts About Hull That You Should Know. Hull is bidding to host the award show the BAFTA’s, in 2017. It coincides with the City of Culture celebrations, and could bring in huge publicity to the area. A new, purposebuilt venue would be created, on a derelict site in the centre, for the show. The bid could see Hollywood A-listers, such as Emma Watson and Colin Firth, visit our city. The BAFTA’s (British Academy of Film And Television Arts) is dedicated to celebrating the moving image, and is held in London annually. This would mean that Hull would be the first city, outside of the capital, to host the awards.

From switches to lighting & everything in between. Unit A, Link 63, Brighton Street, HULL, HU3 4XT

01482 971558 YES-1406-AD Hull mag A5 advert 2014 AW JD.indd 1

Hull is set to receive huge investment, as an international business is due to move into a £25 million site. This comes after Siemens announced they had plans to invest £310 million into the development of the city. The new business, set to be named soon, will be based opposite the Siemens factory. It will create over 500 jobs for Hull, and will bring in huge revenue for the city. After achieving the title of City of Culture for 2017, many are hoping that this will be the start of more businesses coming to the area.

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02/04/2014 16:43

Since winning the title of City of Culture, for 2017, it is estimated that Hull has received up to £7 million of positive press coverage. This is quite a change from the publicity it has had before, with Hull once labelled as the ‘worst place to live.’ Alongside this, Trip Advisor has reported a 29% rise in the number of people looking to travel to Hull. A third of these people admitted they would be more likely to visit the city now, due to the title. Museums in Hull have also reported that their numbers are up, and the art industry has stated that there is more investment coming to the city.

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Kitchens • Bedrooms • Furniture


7 UNIT KITCHENS FROM £428 Picture for illustration purpose only*



Telephone: 01482 810 025

Rotterdam Road Sutton Fields Industrial Estate Hull • HU7 0XD Opening Times: Mon - Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Saturday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Local News

Hull Folk Archive From the 19th century ploughlads of Holderness, to the play of Noah, performed in the Middle Ages, Hull and its surroundings have a wealth of traditional lore going back centuries. However, during the middle years of the 20th century the city saw itself at the forefront of a revival of interest in folk music and song. This revival saw some of the most influential folk clubs in the country formed in the East Riding and it is difficult to attend a folk festival anywhere in the UK and not hear people speaking fondly of Nellie’s, or Folk Union One, Freedom Folk, the Processed Pea and the Rugby to name but a few. Similarly, and associated with these, people still speak with great feeling, for example, of the Watersons and Kathy Mitchell whose contributions to the revival were so important.

Although Hull and the East Riding was only a small area in a national upwelling of fondness for folk music, in many respects the influence of the area was out of proportion to its size and location. For this reason, a group of enthusiasts who were there at the time, have formed a group dedicated to preserving the documents and history of that period. The Hull Folk Archive is a collection of memorabilia, documents and ephemera which chart the people, the places and the times when Hull was at the centre of a worldwide phenomenon. Amongst these documents is a vinyl LP which was produced as a record of the resident singers at the Blue Bell’s, Folk Union One, a seminal club which met in the Old Town on a Sunday night. The LP has just been re-released as a CD in support of the Archive project and allows people to listen to the young folk scene as it was in 1969. The Hull Folk Archive has a Facebook page where the group may be initially contacted and where photographs of the ‘old days’ are often posted. The group are still wanting to expand the initial collection and would welcome any photographs, press cuttings, posters etc. that people I the area may have accumulated over the years. The main part of the archive covers the period from 1950 to the end of the 20th century but this does not preclude earlier or later material being included. Please contact us either on Facebook or via the following email if you can help expand this unusual archival project. Email:

The Watersons: Martin Carthy, Norma Waterson, Lal Waterson and Mike Waterson.

Paul Davenport Hull Folk Archive


WIN The Blue Bell Folk CD Turn to page 20

Chauffeur driven 8 seater American Stretch Limousines with LCD TVs, DVDs, CDs & COMPLIMENTARY BUBBLY


What have you done about your WILL? Would you like a FREE consultation, in your own home, to get advice and costs on Power of Attorney and preparing or updating your Will? Jenny Fothergill AIPW, LLB (Hons) Tel: 07796 858289 Email:

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Gardening in May Beware treacherous late frosts and keep vulnerable plants and new shoots protected at night if frost is forecast. Don’t be tempted to put out tender bedding until the middle of the month and even then be prepared to cover it if necessary. Continue with the spring cleaning. Hoe your borders to get rid of weeds before they take hold (ideally on a dry day to desiccate the victims) - annual weeds such as bitter cress and groundsel are enough of a nightmare without allowing them to go forth and multiply by seeding. If it’s dry, attack ground elder and the like with systemic weed killer painted onto the leaves. Remember these systemic weed killers are indiscriminate and will kill anything they contact. Dandelions are a monstrous nuisance at this time of year - if you don’t have time to deal with them terminally, at least chop their heads off before they set seed. Water is a precious commodity - instigate good practices such as using kitchen and bath water (as long as it is neither too dirty, greasy nor full of detergent) for watering, collect rainwater and investigate ways to recycle water for your irrigation. Automatic watering systems are economical with water, as well as convenient! The trick with watering is to water thoroughly once or twice a week rather than little and often (containers need watering every day).

Gardening Mulch away while you can still see what you are doing and before the herbaceous growth really takes off. Use your own garden compost or leaf mould, well rotted manure, the contents of out-of-date grow bags or ready-made soil conditioner. Now the soil is warming up and things are starting to grow, add general purpose fertiliser before covering with mulch especially in borders, the fruit and vegetable patch and containers. If you have already mulched, draw it back (if possible), tease the soil a little, add fertiliser and replace the mulch. Carry on removing moss and weeds from paths, terraces and drives and keep an eye out for pests around the garden. Try to keep the use of chemical controls to a minimum - they may kill off pests, but they also kill off the beneficial insects that prey on them such as ladybirds and hoverfly larvae. Ensure trees or shrubs planted in the last couple of years on lawns or in areas of rough grass have a circle of clear earth around them - this MUST be kept clear or grass will prevent essential moisture getting through. Mulch with bark / compost. Hard pruned clematis should now be growing vigorously - tying the new stems in regularly will prevent a haphazard tangle of new shoots which can break easily. Thin annuals to prevent them becoming spindly and leggy - a gap of 6 inches between seedlings is usually about right. Tidy up spring flowering perennials such as pulmonaria - cut off the old foliage, lift and divide large clumps and replant with plenty of water and organic fertiliser - lift polyanthus and relocate to a nursery bed for planting out next spring.


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Cruisingis oneis one of the mostrelaxing relaxing verRiver Cruising of the most MARION MARION to travelyou allowing you to discover theheart real heart a country. Land Land o travelways allowing to discover the real of aofcountry.

both sides,right mooring right in town allows youwander to wander ashoreatat your your h sides,onmooring in town allows you to ashore own pace. There are so many options available all over world. ace. There are so many options available all over thethe world. a river iscruise low in keycomparison in comparisontoto Ocean Ocean ainmentEntertainment on a riveroncruise low iskey and ships generally shipsless carrythan less 100 than 100 guests.It Itisisvery very rare rare g andcruising generally carry guests. find any cabins windows without windows as ships the ships narrower to ou findthat anyyou cabins without as the arearenarrower to ravelling along rivers & through locks locks and and are are justjust 2 cabins allow travelling along rivers & through 2 cabins wide. wide. have looked at river you will difference If you have lookedcruising at river cruising yousee will aseebig a big differenceinin cost cost en companies and ships. is This dueistodue theto variation between companies andThis ships. the variationofofstandards standards ommodation and services. With our of of thetheriver of accommodation and services. Withknowledge our knowledge river ships ships the rivers difference into into perspective so plyingwe the can riversput we the can put the difference perspectivefor foryou you so ou knowthat what to expect when you step on board. you know what to expect when you step on board. rite Lynne and Lynne I are and sampling a number of river ships. in As I write I are sampling a number of river ships.Lynne Lynne is in e looking over ships which include two super new barges purpose France looking over ships which include two super new barges purpose r canalbuilt cruising offering destinations and and a new experience. for canal cruisingnew offering new destinations a new experience. II re you am may have seen in the past Rick Stein barging in on sure you may have seen in the past Rick Stein barging inFrance France on evisionthe- television well why- well not why try itnotyourself? In 2015 wewehave try it yourself? In 2015 have aa very very l departure Hull SeaSea Ferries special sailing departurefrom sailing fromviaHullNorth via North Ferriesaboard aboard the the built Madeleine, she takesshe just 24 just guests and and selling fast. newly built Madeleine, takes 24 guests selling fast.Why Why not not d havecall a and chathave to find more nownow andand save a chatout to find outplus morebook plus book save£351.All £351.All ve of your drinks and excursions, you can even inclusive of your drinks and excursions, you can evenride rideaa bicycle bicycle the towalong paththe astow your along. pathbarge as yourgently barge floats gently floats along. of the rivers are a are main source of of transport; Many ofinthecentral rivers inEurope central Europe a main source transport; the the is wideRhine allowing to traffic passtoeasily. LittleLittle ferries take is widetraffic allowing pass easily. ferries takepassenpassennd vehicles from one bank to the other, freight is busy, one gers and vehicles from one bank to the other, freight is busy, one conconbarge tainer we saw equivalent to 88 tolorries being bargewas we saw was equivalent 88 lorries beingononthe the road. road. y linesRailway run alongside both banks of theofRhine: they lines run alongside both banks the Rhine: theytoo tooseemed seemed usy especially new cars. Whilst for forpleasure very busytransporting especially transporting new cars. Whilst pleasurecyclists cyclists cyclingwhere along the tow path enjoying a nice flat scenic ride cycling along the tow path enjoying a nice flat scenic ride alongalonghe riverside andthevine hills.cladThis Rhine riverclad and vine hills.year This our yearspecial our special Rhine&&Moselle Moselle cruise for example a mid isrange been chosen River cruise forisexample a mid ship rangeand ship has and has been chosen purepureher itinerary. Noitinerary. overnight sailing,sailing, offering a port richrich itinerary, ly for her No overnight offering a port itinerary, coucouith the pled factwith of the ease of sailing from Hull to toZeebrugge the fact of the ease of sailing from overnight Hull overnight Zeebrugge s only athere fewishours of road travel by coach to reach our ship. only a few hours of road travel by coach to reach our ship. r afieldFurther river cruising to you seetothe way ofoflife afield riverallows cruisingyou allows seelocal the local way lifevisiting visiting villages along with stunning sights with little effort on your small villages along with stunning sights with little effort on your part part thout having to forgo luxury. Next Next March I am ticking and without havingyour to forgo your luxury. March I am tickingoff off one one “to do’s” by visiting Vietnam & Cambodia this is a very inclusive of my “to do’s” by visiting Vietnam & Cambodia this is a very inclusive y combination of land touring, a rivera river cruise andand a a2 2night 16 day combination of land touring, cruise night junk junk (typicalcruise local(typical boat!). It will be a real adventure why not join me local boat!). It will be a real adventure why not join me but but ust be you quick there are there only are 3 cabins remaining as Iaswrite. must be quick only 3 cabins remaining I write.Travel Travel isis ed fromincluded your door for the this isthis a real bargain. from and your door andquality for the quality is a real bargain. g for new farforaway river destinations offering a real Looking new far away river destinations offering a realadventure adventure t loosing your luxury, India & Burma are offering new itineraries without loosing your luxury, India & Burma are offering new itineraries uper quality ships. and super quality ships. your travel arrangements, give my a call, wewe For all your travel arrangements, giveteam my team a call, experienced in all corners of theofworld andand ourour are experienced in all corners the world ment is enjoyment full fillingisyour travelling desires & aspirations. full filling your travelling desires & aspirations. ok forward to hearing you. We look forward tofrom hearing from you.

Marion Marion

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We book all tour operators & all & all We book all tour operators types of holiday. types of holiday.

Exclusive cruises. Exclusive riverriver cruises.

June 0909 June 20142014

Rhine & Moselle Rhine & Moselle 9 nights 9 nights £989£989

Great itinerary no time night time Great itinerary no night sailing lots ofintime sailing andand lots of time port. in port. Sailing Sailing from from Hull Hull Only 1 cabin available Only 1 cabin available

August 2626 August 20142014

Danube Danube

nights 1111nights fromfrom £1689£1689 M/S Mozart - 7 nights 5*5*M/S Mozart - 7 nights

cruise Excursions & Drinks cruise Excursions & Drinks

March 3030 March 20152015

Vietnam Vietnam & & Cambodia Cambodia

days - 3 cabins 1818 days - 3 cabins only only

* From £3495 5 5* From onlyonly £3495

August 2727 August 20152015

French Canal French Canal Barge Barge 8 nights £1999 8 nights £1999

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for details CallCall for details & to & to book book youryour placeplace today today

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Brough Fake Festival will be once more part of the hugely successful Fake Festivals tour, the only touring tribute of its kind. Taking place on Saturday 10th May at its usual spot at Blackburn Leisure Club, the festival will be guaranteed to be a sell out again, and early bird tickets are already on sale from the Fake Festival website:

With a line up boasting the best tributes to Foo Fighters, The Stone Roses and Arctic Monkeys, as well as local support acts, this year’s festival will certainly have the tent rocking out. TO WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS FOR BROUGH FAKE FESTIVAL: Just put your name, address and contact phone number on a postcard and send to: FakeFest Draw. 31 Elm Drive , Cherry Burton, HU17 7RJ • Closing date is May 10th 2014. The winner will be draw randomly from all entries.

Send your Name, Address and Telephone Number on a postcard (before 4th May) to: CDS Competition, 31 Elm Drive, Cherry Burton, Beverley HU17 7RJ

Tickets are on sale now MOTORPOINT ARENA, SHEFFIELD 14th - 18th May 2014 Call the Box Office, on 0114 256 5656

WIN THIS PIECE OF FOLK HISTORY Thanks to The Hull Folk Archive To enter the draw to win The Blue Bell Folk CD: Just put your name, address and contact phone number on a postcard and send to: Blue Bell Draw. 31 Elm Drive , Cherry Burton, HU17 7RJ • Closing date is May 10th 2014.

TD Entertainments Professional Wedding & Corporate Entertainment “Hulls Only Video Disco” Telephone: 07870 168 419 E: To Contact

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Mad for Merxworx Phil Campbell (photographed right), an extremely accomplished Mercedes Benz diagnostic technician, has launched his new business in West Hull. Merxworx, based in West Dock Street, provides unrivalled car services, repairs, and diagnostics with a highly trained team. Phil has over 22 years of experience within the automotive trade, and has Institute of Motor Industry Recognition alongside Automotive Technician Accreditation. Although Mercedes-Benz vehicles are his speciality, for which he proudly displays his many certificates in the customer waiting area, he has worked for main dealers at both Vauxhall, and Skoda. But his knowledge of vehicles extends much further, having worked on varied makes and models over his career. Diagnostics, full repairs, MoTs (class 4 and 7), collection, delivery and loan cars are just some of the services customers can expect at Merxworx, which was set up after Phil left another locally established company. Customers also receive a 12 month guarantee on all work conducted, and the warranty of your car will not be

Please remember to mention

invalidated due to work carried out by Merxworx. The team, priding themselves on their highly skilled workmanship and customer service, will not undertake any repairs without the owner’s full consent. They will conduct a full inspection on all vehicles, and provide a reasonable priced quote, being so confident of their prices they offer a price match upon any genuine written quotation. The high-quality business is currently providing offers, including servicing from £65 and MoTs from £29.50, as well as 10% off any repairs or servicing until the end of May 2014 to celebrate their opening.

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The rules are simple. Place a digit from 1 to 9 in each empty cell so every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

If you like our Facebook page you will get the opportunity to win some great prizes every month. Across 1. Oily or greasy (9) 5. Bet (5) 7. Young eel (5) 9. Land measure (4) 10. Sultry (6) 12. Dairy product (6) 13. Hex (4) 15. Crowd scene actor (5) 16. Hidden drawback (5) 18. Accumulated (9)

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Down 1. Cutting tool (3) 2. Remedy (4) 3. Wildcat (6) 4. Contradiction in terms(7) 6. Article of clothing (7) 8. Findings of jury (7) 9. Of times long past (7) 11. Attack (6) 14. Dull pain (4) 17. Concealed (3)

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Direct Care for You... 24 hour telephone hotline: 01482 679900

Direct Carers offers a range of Care and Support Services to enable you to stay in the comfort of your own home. Examples include: l Welfare Checks l Assistance with getting up l Assistance with going to bed l Washing and dressing l Shaving l Medication assistance

l Food & Drink Preparation l Light household duties l Cleaning and laundry services l Shopping l Night sitting /Sleepover service l General companionship

l Accompanied visits to appointments and social outings Services are tailored to each individual’s needs and wishes and can be provided from half hour visits up to 24-hour support. Direct Carers Limited • Unit 2, Sensor Enterprise Park • Jack Taylor Lane • Beverley • HU17 0RH For more information on all our services please visit our website:


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Pick up a New Skill this Summer Adults will have the opportunity to pick up a new skill and broaden their horizons with a range of low-cost early summer courses starting at the end of April.

 Courses include:

 • Pottery
 • Beginners Painting
 • Dressmaking
 • Cake Decoration
 • Pilates
 • Spanish beginners to advanced
 • Level One Teaching Assistants
 • Introduction to Computers
 • Business Skills
 • …and many more

 Courses run from half a day all the way through to 36 weeks for accredited courses. Costs start at just £10 and reductions/ exemptions are available.

Ruth Braithwaite, Adult Education Manager, said: 

“We have some great short courses available for residents to try out something they might have always wanted to do. For instance sugarcraft is really popular at the moment and our 10-week course gives people an opportunity to try out their cake decorating.

“If people enjoy these courses, we have lots more activities on offer all year round.”

Councillor Rosie Nicola, Portfolio Holder for City Learning, Skills and Equality, said:

“Learning something new, or developing a skill, is both challenging and interesting. It’s fun and a good way of expanding your social

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 “I feel these short courses are an excellent idea, because they provide people with the chance to try out an activity, or discover something different, which could potentially lead to other learning opportunities in the future.”

Easter courses are also available over the next two weeks with offers of pattern cutting, introduction to family tree, amongst many other activities.

 To find out more information contact the Hull Training and Adult Education Centre on 01482 331 680 or email Alternatively visit Did you know: that steam is invisible, as the water molecules are too hot to stick together in visable quantities. When they cool down they stick together forming mist.

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CHIQUITO.CO.UK One free kids meal with every adult’s meal purchased from the main menu. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion including set menus and the lunch menu. Voucher must be surrendered upon redemption. One voucher per table/transaction. Expires 8th September 2014.

This isn’t the Challenge Cup, something watched by a few million at most and just Australasia outside of Britain but one of the major sporting events of the year watched by hundreds of millions across the globe. This will be genuine international marketing for the city of Hull and Hull City AFC. I do not expect the semi-final to be easy and I hope that our achilles heel of a weak forward line does not come back to bite us. With Jelavic and Long I would expect a win but with Fryatt our main threat, Aluko not yet at his peak and Sagbo no doubt suspended it evens things up more than playing with our first eleven. Fingers crossed X.

East Stand Views...

Away from the Cup however Hull City look assured of another Premier League season. The pre-season target set by Steve Bruce was ten wins and a couple of draws. With ten wins, nine point gap and superior goal difference it will take a miracle for some of the strugglers to catch us even on the assumption we should also lose our five remaining fixtures. This is the best ever Hull City team. They have looked at home in this division and have never really struggled in most matches except

maybe against Southampton and the title chasers. We did defeat Liverpool 3-1 however. We won’t forget that and maybe they will rue their defeat in Hull on the final day of the season. Most of the team look completely at home in this division and several have taken the step up with ease. I suppose there maybe isn’t too much of a gap between the top end to the championship and the mini-league at the bottom of the Premier League. Steve Bruce bought well and brought in established players unlike Cardiff and Norwich who have wasted millions.

Curtis Davies will probably be Player of the Season though he would rather be celebrating an England call-up by the end of the season. It looks unlikely that Davies or Huddlestone will make a breakthrough to the England squad but we are just happy to have this quality playing in black and amber. On the subject of Curtis Davies we now need to watch situations at both Tottenham and Arsenal. Allegedly according to media reports Spurs are keen on our star defender and they

would also wish to recall and play Jake Livermore next season. This would be dependent on Tim Sherwood retaining his position and if he is replaced by yet another foreign manager we should have little to fear. Livermore would no doubt be a squad member sold off to finance another over priced Italian. There is no doubt that Curtis Davies is attracting attention elsewhere in the Premier League but European football could help keep him here. This brings us to Arsenal. If we have hopefully defeated Sheffield United then we should have reached the Europa League by virtue of playing Arsenal in the final. Unfortunately Everton may pip them to 4th spot and European football could be dependent of us winning the FA Cup itself (Am I really discussing this!?) Our final fixture is at home to Everton so we may need to defeat them to assist Arsenal!. This week will also see the next stage of the Hull Tigers saga. Only 2,517 voted against this out of 15,000 adult passholders offered the vote but the FA will no doubt dismiss the idea on April 9th. I am not too bothered either way but the future of the Allams is

more of a worry. The club could be put up for sale though I can’t see many bidders with £90 million for a club with no assets besides players. They will only gain a sale once established in the Premier League so they may have to stick with us. They could take a chunk of Sky money and sell the likes of Davies, McGregor and Huddlestone but then we could lose our Premier League place, funding and probably Steve Bruce as well. It is a mess really. We are in a position few could dream of back in the 1990’s but the name

change proposal has caused so much trouble for everyone. One possible solution would be for the Stadium site to made available by the council and the clubs owners could build hotels or offices and redevelop the stadium. That would seem a pipe dream considering the hostility to the council but by 2017 City of Culture wouldn’t it be great if major acts could once again play at the KC Stadium the home of an established Premier League football team. However let’s hope that by the time we are in print that the only thing we need to worry about is getting hold of an FA Cup Final ticket.

Words by Joe ‘Woody’ Mellor

I find myself in the bizarre situation of having to write this before a Wembley appearance but I hope that by the time you are reading this Hull City will be in their first ever FA Cup Final.

East Stand Views...

East Stand Views...

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Step into spring with Dove House Hospice… As the sun begins to shine this spring, Dove House Hospice are encouraging local people to join us at our annual Spring Sponsored Walk on Sunday 4th May. There are three walks to choose from to suit all ages and abilities, families and even your four-legged friends too! From a gentle 4.5 mile Westwood Walk, an intermediate 12 miles to a challenging 21 miles, routes take in the rolling countryside and picturesque villages of East Yorkshire surrounding the market town of Beverley. Fundraising co-ordinator, Amanda Ashburner said “Our annual Sponsored Walk is very well supported by our dedicated walkers; however we would also like to see a sea of new faces for 2014. We are very excited to return to Beverley and hope this will entice local residents to step out into the spring sunshine, enjoy our surrounding countryside whilst supporting Dove House Hospice.” Registration for the walks is free; however we do ask each walker to raise a minimum of £20 to take part in the walk. Registration begins at Longcroft School, Burton Road, Beverley, throughout the route walkers will pass by marshalled checkpoints where refreshments will be available to ensure a safe and enjoyable walk. Dove House Hospice provides specialist palliative care to adults in Hull and East Riding living with life-limiting illnesses. The annual running costs of the hospice is £6.1 million each year, with only the equivalent of 45 days per year funded, it is events like this and the support from local people that enables the hospice to provide care for the remainder 320 days. To register just visit: or you can contact the fundraising team to request an entry form by telephoning: 01482 785 743 or email:

New Kumon study centre opens in Hull The new Kumon Hull, Newland Study Centre is now open and taking enrolments It will offer Kumon’s unique maths and English study programmes, which enable children to develop their study skills and confidently tackle advanced work. Kumon develops children through the acquisition of independent learning skills, rather than teaching in the conventional sense. Your child will therefore be equipped with the ability to learn for themselves so they do not become dependent on – or limited by – the skills and knowledge of others. Your child will initially start at a comfortable level, with a focus on building a strong foundation in the way they study; they will develop invaluable study skills such as concentration, pace and rhythm, before confidently tackling topics they will not have previously studied. Kumon Educational is the UK’s largest supplementary education provider, with over 70,000 students studying at 680 study centres. The Hull, Newland Study Centre is located at Community Church, Bradbury Community House, with classes running on Mondays and Thursdays from 3:30pm to 5.30pm. For more information, contact Instructor Penelope Barlow on telephone number: 01482 762 016 or alternatively you can email:

New Centre now open Kumon’s maths and English study programmes work to build your child’s confidence and inspire a passion for learning. To unlock your child’s potential, contact your local Instructor for a free assessment.

Hull Newland Study Centre Penelope Barlow 01482 762016 Fees vary. Please refer to your local study centre.

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Tempest @ 7:45pm Taking Charlie @ 8pm Formby @ 8pm (Saturday matinee: 2:30pm)

Out & About April: 20th Humber Street Market – Fruit May: 5th Wolf Alice at fruit 16th Kazabian + The White Striped, The Welly, Hull 16th Peter Kay’ Tribute Night Mercure Hull Royal Hotel, Hull 23rd Keb Darge at fruit 29th Singles Night Ritz Showbar And Function Suite, Hull 30th Maroon 4 (tribute act) live at fruit 31st May Ghost hunt fort paull - Fort Paull, HULL Ghost Hunt at Fort Paull with Compass Paranormal

3 May 2014 7/10 May 2014 14 May 2014 10 May 2014 14 May 2014 15/17 May 2014 17 May 2014

James Wilton Dance: Last Man Standing @ 7:45pm Les Miserables @ 7:45pm (Matinee - Sat 2pm) All the Bens @ 8pm Hull Jazz Festival: Eyes Shut Tight @ 7:30pm The Play’s the Thing: The Island @ 6:30pm-9pm Sizwe Banzi Is Dead @ 8pm (matinee Sat, 2.30pm) Gloria - A Pigtale @ 7:45pm

Hull City AFC 20 APR Arsenal 14:05 26 APR Fulham 15:00 MAY: 3 MAY Aston Villa 15:00 6 MAY Man Utd 19:45 11 MAY Everton 15:00

Young Writers Festival: A Brief Moment of Happiness @ 8pm Charlie and Lola’s Extremely New Play @ Thu & Fri: 11am & 1:30pm. Sat: 11am, 1:30pm & 4pm Comedy: Russell Kane @ 7:45pm States of Verbal Undress @ 8pm

Hull New Theatre April: 16th Tap Factory 17th Postman Pat 21 / 26th Evita May: 8th That’ll Be the Day 9th The Bon Jovi Experience: Bon Jovi Tribute 13th/17th Fiddler On The Roof: Beverley Musical Theatre 19th/24th Birdsong 28th Pasha Kovalev & Katya Virshilas: An Evening With Stars From Strictly Come Dancing 30th Showaddywaddy Hull City Hall May: 8th Billy Ocean 10th Hull Philharmonic Orchestra: Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Mussorgsky 16th Daz’s Rock4 Charity 23rd Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra 24th Butterfly Dance Studio 30th Off The Wall: Pink Floyd Tribute 31st Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott

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Hull KR 21 April 2014 Catalans Dragons V Hull K R 6.00pm Sky 04 May 2014 Hull K R V Widnes Vikings 3:00pm 10 May 2014 Salford Red Devils V Hull K R 6.00pm Magic fixtures to be played on weekend of the 17th/18th May 25 May 2014 Hull K R V London Broncos 3:00pm

Hull FC April 17: Hull KR V Hull FC 8.00pm Sky 10: April 21: Hull FC V London Broncos 3.00pm May 4: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats V Hull FC 3:00pm May 9: Hull FC V Wigan Warriors 8:00pm May 17/18: Magic weekend May 23: Leeds Rhinos V Hull FC 8:00pm May 31: London Broncos V Hull FC 3:00pm

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Benefit Street Hull? A Channel 5 documentary could extinguish the fire of Hull’s centre stage moment! The broadcaster has comfirmed to a local Hull Talk reporter that they will be using the city as a platform to highlight the issue of people living on benefits. Hull North MP Diana Johnson confirmed that she has concerns about the programme. In recent months Hull has been on the up with £310m investment from Siemens and Associated British Ports and the successful City of Culture bid the population have good reason to feel optomistic about living in Hull. The prospects for the city have never been better. The city’s economy has been taking positive forward leaps in recent months. Hull businesses are confident that a revival in the employment market is imminent. It’s been nearly a decade since Hull was crowned as the worse place to live in the UK. But the greatest battle has been the opinions of those living in the city. Finally that battle is being won. In the last ten year’s the demographic of the city has changed for the better. More recently research has shown that Hull people are among the most contented in the country.

The success of last years Freedom Festival has finally started to get the city noticed on the bigger regional and national stages and with talk about marketing the city as a serious UK tourist destination we as a city have big ideas. So, the news that broadcaster Channel 5 will be featuring Hull in a new documentary about people on benefits comes as a fly in the ointment raising concerns about the portrayal of Hull’s image to the wider community. Previous documentaries by numerous broadcasters have tended to reflect only on the sensational and negative aspects of the subject. It is therefore a genuine concern that this production will have a detrimental impact on the city. Dave Chapman from Hull Talk contacted the office of Diana Johnson Member of Parliament who gave this statement: “There are people living on benefits in Weybridge, Surbiton and Chelsea. The fact that these so-called ‘documentaries’, of which this is the latest example, almost always seem to pick on northern cities such as Hull gives away the stereo-types that the programme makers want to promote about our City - and their underlying agenda. I suspect that they would film and edit their production to show mostly negative aspects of Hull, glossing over positives such as our locally-won successes on the City of Culture or

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the Siemens announcement. I suspect that we will also see the negatives covered in a shallow and exploitative way that has little to do with reputable documentary-making” The Hull North MP and Shadow Minister has called for a debate in parliament to address what she calls responsible documentary making. Please go to our website to read more about the statement made by Ms Johnston in the Commons. We believe that the city may be used to make substandard television programming. Television shows like this have become very popular in recent years and are undoubtedly very profitable.The question is, are we as Hull people willing to have our city portrayed in such a way? We asked channel 5 if they could confirm if the documentary would reflect a balanced view of the city’s unemployment problem. We received the following statement: “We can confirm we are in the process of filming a show in Hull on the topic of benefits and employment, it will feature as one of several locations in the UK within a series. The programme is in early stages, and will follow people’s lives in these areas of the country. As yet we do not have a confirmed title for the series” This response could be seen as an avoidance tactic and further increases the concern that we have for the true intentions of the broadcaster and the programme. HullMag and Hull Talk would like to challenge Channel 5 to produce a programme that reflects the true nature of the issues faced by those seeking employment. Many people in Hull are trying very hard to better their lives and support their families through employment and self employment. Unless this documentary can demonstrate a fair and balanced view, the programme may only become a divisive tool to further widen the perceptions between north and south cities. Failing to focus (if only in part) on Hull’s many positive aspects it could also leave the city cleaning up the mess long after the production company has left. This documentary has the potential to damage future investment in the city which will ultimately affect the population of Hull and also people living in the fringe villages of the East Riding who also reley on jobs in the city.


If you’ve been approached by Channel 5 in regards to this programme please contact Dave Chapman at Hull Talk. You can text or email him on: • Txt 07547 527 515 •

please Email: or Telephone: 01964 503091 or 01482 420250

FIONA’S FOOD FOR THOUGHT By Fiona Dwyer, broadcast journalist, PR & media consultant, slave to 2 children and a husband. HULL IS ON THE UP!

There are exciting times ahead for Hull and anyone who tries to be negative about the city’s prospects anymore are way out-of-date. Not only have we had the fantastic news that Siemens is coming, creating 1000 jobs (as well as all the extra business that will come to Hull and surrounding areas through the supply chain), Hull is also one of the prime places in the country for the digital sector, we are the City of Culture 2017 and the Sunday Times even named Hull as one of the best places to live in the UK. It’s a far cry from when Phil and Kirsty branded Hull the worst place to live back in 2005. On top of that people will start finding it even easier to visit here now that we’re getting faster trains in and out of Hull through the electrification of the rail network. Things are a’changing! Let’s be proud of where we live and let’s show the world why they should take note of what’s happening here! ARE MUMS OBSESSIVE?

I thought my head might explode the other day when I was trying to work out all the things I had to remember during a single week. There was a school trip (and packed lunch to sort out), 2 birthday parties (and presents and cards to buy) after-school activities, a parents’ evening, homework to supervise and, oh yes, that thing called work! So it got me thinking about why mums tend to be the ones to sort out all the ins and outs of their children’s lives. It’s not that dads don’t help, they do. I just think mums are either more tuned into it and/or are just expected to take care of things. Or perhaps it’s just that we worry obsessively and so take it upon ourselves to ensure every eventuality is covered. Whatever the reason, I thank God for my Gruffalo wall calendar in the kitchen. I’ve probably mentioned it before (you know, the one with a column for each of us?) Without it, I’d be a complete disaster! GETTING RID OF GENDER SPECIFIC TOYS

What do you think of retailers who are dropping the labelling of toys as either just for boys or just for girls. It’s mainly down to the campaign group Let Toys Be Toys which has lobbied major brands to change their ways. They say children should just be allowed to play with whatever interests them – and I couldn’t agree more. But it shouldn’t mean that pink and camouflage should be banned outright. If girls want to be pink princesses, then that’s exactly what they should be. But if they want a dinosaur, a train set or a football, let them have that instead. And I say that as a mother whose daughter is a tomboy! Pink just doesn’t work in our house! Just let children be children. They grow up soon enough!

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