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Inside This Issue: Spring Wedding Feature House & Home Feature Travel: Cruise Feature Hull City Fanzine Fiona’s Food For Thought Health & Recipe Pages WIN Premier League Darts Tickets WIN Keep It Cash Concert Tickets Crossword & Sudoku Page ...and lots more.



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Hello Hull,

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Welcome to the latest edition of HULLMAG. We have another feature packed magazine for your this month. We have now expanded the circulation in to the West Hull Villages so we are delivering just short of 20.000 magazines in these areas, Thankfully with our own distribution team and help from Rob Brown of Browns Distribution it is not as daunting as one might initially envisage it to be.

10 The Property Ladder 6

Paint your house bigger

So, I think I should firstly welcome all our new readers to HullMag and hope that you find the magazine both useful and entertaining, It is our longer term goal to eventually deliver the magazine free to every home and business in Hull and the surrounding areas. Well we have not really experienced any bad winter weather yet and we are running our Spring Wedding Feature!! I do hope that we are not tempting fate and the onset of snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures with it.

12 Help To Buy 16 Local News 17 Technology 18 Health Feature 20 Competitions 21 Jessica Scrumptious


Spring Weddings

22 Crossword 23 Dining Out

We have a large number of advertisers in the House & Home Feature who are waiting for you to either call them or pop into their premises and start those jobs that we all keep putting off, So if you need a conservatory, new windows a bit of plumbing or electrical work you need look no further as Hullmag is full of reliable trades and craftsmen who will get the job done for you.


24 Spring Wedding Feature 28 Get Involved 30 Hull City Fanzine Page 31 Trusted Tradesmen


30 East Stand Views...


34 Fiona’s Food For Thought

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32 Million Pound Lady


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uising Cruising a choice, a whole world of oceans and rivers

What a choice, a whole world of oceans and rivers you. awaits you. at Marion Travel havewespecialised in in HereOwen at Marion OwenweTravel have specialised g for 20cruising yearsfor and firsthave hand of of 20 have years and firstexperience hand experience hips! The style of cruising and size of the ships 150 ships! The style of cruising and size of the ships tremendously for example:varies tremendously for example:cruising: The ships are smaller, very rarely carrying River cruising: The ships are smaller, very rarely carryingmore more 50 guests andguests generally less than You You areare always than 150 and generally less 100. than 100. alwaysinin f land sight and of activities boardonare low land and on activities board arekey low in keycomparison in comparisontoto cruisingocean - I will cover in more in another issue. cruising - I this will cover this indepth more depth in another issue. cruising: is aThere ship istoasuit it is itjust a case OceanThere cruising: ship everyone to suit everyone is just a caseofof ng the choice is right for you. ensuring the choice is right for you. size - when you -stay a hotel youdoprefer a resort style Ship size wheninyou stay in do a hotel you prefer a resort styleororaa ue style? The Mega ships are all singing and dancing boutique style? The Mega ships are all singing and dancingwith with choices and activities (flow(flow riders, climbing lotsofofentertainment choices of entertainment and activities riders, climbing ice rinks etc.) up to up 5000 guests. Smaller walls, ice carrying rinks etc.) anything carrying anything to 5000 guests. Smaller of around guests to tend be a quieter and ships1000 of around 1000tend guests to little be a little quieter andmore more al but still offer more than enough to do on board. personal but still offer more than enough to do on board. eal sailing you could opt for ship For aexperience real sailing experience youalways could always optafortall a tall shipororaa Yacht - mega interested? We can furnish you with Yacht - interested? We can furnish you details. with details. h style British of cruising: Fred Olsen, & Maritime, Voyages style of cruising: Fred Cruise Olsen, Cruise & Maritime, Voyages Discovery, Sagaare & P&O are all priced in sterling board.The The covery, ofSaga & P&O all priced in sterling on on board. majority of be guests will beand British the language on board English. y of guests will British theand language on board English. P&O offer larger withchildren’s good children’s facilities, whilstthe the offer larger ships withships good facilities, whilst others mentioned cater more for adults focusing on discovering mentioned cater more for adults focusing on discovering and a more experience enriching experience your destination. and a culture more enriching of yourof destination. There are many American ships the plying the seas boardthey they are many American ships plying seas and and on on board vary from a morestyle relaxed style of cruising withfancy no fancy Blacktie tie ry fromcan a more relaxed of cruising with no Black for dinner which to Cunard still some enjoys some formalities. Norwegian ner to Cunard stillwhich enjoys formalities. Norwegian Cruisea Line offer aMega relaxedship Megastyle ship of style of cruising withnonoset set Line offer relaxed cruising with you canwhen choose when and where you wish to eatwith withaa so youdining can so choose and where you wish to eat choice of up to ten restaurants! like a holiday resort! of up to ten restaurants! Just likeJust a holiday resort! What is cabin? an insideThis cabin? is without a window - withno no s: WhatCabins: is an inside is This without a window - with natural daylight. These are the cheapest cabins on the ship, great daylight. These are the cheapest cabins on the ship, great ifif are to onlyget going to get changed & sleep Outsidecabins cabins e only you going changed & sleep there.there. Outside have a window or a porthole for natural light but some can be a window or a porthole for natural light but some can be obstructedthis - usually is by a lifeboat! Balcony’s offer freshair air cted - usually is bythis a lifeboat! Balcony’s offer fresh and your own little haven to perhaps enjoy breakfast each morning, ur own little haven to perhaps enjoy breakfast each morning, which me on to food. brings me onbrings to food. All is of your food ison included boardcruise your cruise for breakfast,lunch lunch our food included boardonyour for breakfast, & dinner. Most cruise lines also include room service, afternoon tea er. Most cruise lines also include room service, afternoon tea midnight too! dining Served venues dining venues as well buffet idnight and snacks too!snacks Served as well as as a abuffet options are available. s are available. As you can see I have hardly scratched the surface on cruising,not not u can see I have hardly scratched the surface on cruising, even mentioning the many cruise destinations around the world from mentioning the many cruise destinations around the world from the Arctic to Antarctica, which I am privileged to have experienced ctic to Antarctica, which I am privileged to have experienced both. Over the coming months I will talk about destinations along Over the coming months I will talk about destinations along various lines shipping the meantime hesitate toto arious with shipping - inlines the- in meantime don’tdon’t hesitate contact Lynne or myself if you are looking to book that well deserved t Lynne or myself if you are looking to book that well deserved 01482 211913. Tel:holiday. 01482Tel: 211913. To Contact


Sample departures, optional Sample departures, optional travel available travel available fromfrom your your frontdoor door & drinks package. front & drinks package.

July 1313 July 20142014 Norwegian Fjords 7 nights Norwegian Fjords 7 nights Sailing from Newcastle Sailing from Newcastle £765 £765 Single outside Single outside cabincabin £1049£1049

02August August 2014 15 nights 02 2014 - 15 -nights Baltics Latvia & Poland Baltics incinc Latvia & Poland Sailing from Liverpool Sailing from Liverpool £1259£1259 Single outside cabincabin £1729£1729 Single outside

2828 September 20142014 September France, Spain & Portugal France, Spain & Portugal Southampton 11 nights £969 £969 Southampton 11 nights Single outside cabincabin £1109£1109 Single outside 1111 October 20142014 October Black SeaSea 28 nights Black 28 nights Sails from Liverpool £2204£2204 Sails from Liverpool 09 2015 - 15 nights 09February February 2015 - 15 nights

Caribbean & Cuba Caribbean & Cuba

fly (Manchester) £1859£1859 flycruise cruise (Manchester) Atol Atol 5016 5016

11May 2015 - 13 -nights 11May 2015 13 nights Madeira’s flower festival Madeira’s flower festival Sails Southampton £989 £989 Sailsfrom from Southampton

Call for for details & & Call details book your place todaytoday book your place

Tel 211913 Tel: 01482 : 01482 211913

oror callcall in person to to in person 23 Street, HULLHULL 23Portland Portland Street, Monday Friday 9am - 5pm- 5pm Monday - Friday 9am BOOK LOCAL & KNOW WHO WHO BOOK LOCAL & KNOW YOU BOOKING WITHWITH ! YOUARE ARE BOOKING ! Prices are are fromfrom per person Pricesquoted quoted per person based on 2 sharing other than singles based on 2 sharing other than singles & subject to availability & subject to availability when booking. when booking.

please Email: or Telephone: 01964 503091 or 01482 420250


House & Home

How to make your house look and feel bigger Does your home feel too small? As the population increases so does the cost of property, we all live in smaller spaces than we used to. Don’t despair if the answer to the above question is yes. Oscar Dane has some good, practical tips to make the very most of your space. Space-enhancing wall colours

Choosing the right colours for your home isn’t just about your personal taste; they’re also used as a technical device to help change the perceptions of space and light. Dark, light-absorbing colours should be avoided in large areas if you’re trying to make spaces look and feel bigger. There are also colours that look closer to the eye than they really are – these are referred to as Advancing colours - red, yellow, orange and the hues that have these colours in.

That’s not to say you can’t use dark colours anywhere if you’re trying to make a space feel bigger. One room can be made to feel larger than it really is by using a darker colour in the room before it; a hallway into a sitting room for example. The contrast in light levels between the two will deceive the eye and make the larger room feel more open and bright than it actually is. Also, a dark colour in an otherwise light room can be very effective if you want to play with the perception of the space. If you have a rectangular room then making the end wall darker will bring the wall forward effectively squaring the room up. 

Pale colours make rooms look and feel bigger, and in the same way that you can use dark colours to alter the perception of a space, so you can use pale colours. Putting a paler shade on a long wall will widen a narrow room.

Using a colour on the ceiling that is paler than the walls will make it feel higher than it really is. And for skirting boards and architraves, paint them a lighter shade than the walls to create the illusion of space.

Flooring for small rooms

Flooring plays a big part in how rooms appear, so avoid dark carpeting – it’ll highlight the boundaries of the room. Busy patterns are also a no-no. If your preferred flooring has a line through it (in the carpet design, or even the joints in wood or laminate flooring), you can make a long room feel shorter and wider by laying the lines across the space. 

There are some exceptions: a very dark floor will work to making a space look bigger providing it has a high gloss finish that will bounce light around and maximise any daylight coming into the room. And if you are painting a floor then choose a colour close to the wall colour as the boundaries become blurred. Using striped runner carpets are a great way to lead the eye from a narrow hallway into a bigger area, either along a hallway or up your stairs.



U A S CA N TO LL D D G A ct nd ET Y ed co V A D nd i gi O iti on ta U sa lT C pp V H ly. pa E As ck R k Whatever your individual needs, ag us fo es rd call us for expert, independent advice Te r

Get Digital TV installed just the way you want it










NO unsightly cables LISTED





For tailored installations or advice on the best Digital TV package for you, you'll find all the expert advice you need, right here. Expert advice from your local satellite specialist Personal, friendly service




Help and information about tailored installations



continued on page 8

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House & Home



01482 866660

Visit our website:

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House & Home Window treatments

Light really is the deciding factor when making rooms look and feel bigger – the more you have of it, the better the end result will be. Although there are a myriad of choices within each style, window treatments boil down to two categories: curtains and blinds.

Curtains can help prevent draughts but they won’t make spaces feel bigger. If you are determined to have them make sure they open wider than the window to allow light in, extending your pole or track to allow for this. Blinds are simpler, contained to the window size and you can easily regulate the light levels.

Whichever you use, clever use of fabric designs will help alter the perception of the window space – vertical stripes will make a low window seem taller, horizontal stripes will make it seem wider. 

Planning your furniture

Sofas and chairs with open arms and exposed legs will keep the appearance of an open and free space as it allows light to filter under the furniture, making the room appear airier. Don’t block walking walkways with furniture and accessories – it’ll mask a view into a room and it’ll look cramped. 

Make sure your furniture has two functions: a chest that can be used as a coffee table, beds with drawers for storage or folding tables for example.

Floor to ceiling built-in shelving goes a long way to making a room feel bigger as it frees up floor space where free standing shelves might have been and draws the eye up – the trick here is to keep them as slim as you can. Using some pieces of furniture (like shelving units) the same colour as the walls will help blend them in and widen out a room.

Other visual tricks

Allow your furniture to breath! If you can, pull sofas and chairs at least 6 inches away from walls – you’ll be amazed with the difference it makes to a room.

Mirrors, or any highly reflective surfaces, are very useful in bouncing light around - a wellplaced mirror will help get light into the darkest corners and brighten up the dullest room. If you can create a reflection of the garden or view then so much the better.

Consider your lighting. Use two table lamps in opposite corners of your room – it offers more interest and makes rooms look and feel bigger. Placing light sources out of view around corners (so the light spills into areas you can see) tricks the brain into thinking there is more space there than there is.

Try and maximise the views in rooms to take the eye further – an interesting picture on the back wall of an adjoining room will make a small space seem much larger. A diagonal line across a small room will always be the furthest view, so add points of interest to draw the eye.

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STEPHEN RICHARDSON PLUMBING, HEATING & GAS SERVICES Time Served Plumber • Ex-British Gas Technical Engineer


Gas Central Heating Boiler Replacements Gas Servicing Breakdowns, Repairs Bathroom Suites Systems Powerflushed Systems Upgraded Oil Boilers Serviced, installed and maintained.

Beat Rising Gas Prices Have a New Condenser Boiler Fitted NOW

All Plumbing Work Undertaken

Tel: 01482 876145 Mobile: 07779 887769 33 St. Margarets Avenue, Cottingham, East Yorkshire HU16 5NQ

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House & Home

What are young people sacrificing to get onto the property ladder? Just over a third of non-homeowners aged 18-34 are hoping to buy a property in the immediate future and are making changes to their lifestyle accordingly, says a new report.

compared to 34 per cent in 2012). However, the number who have no intention of buying has doubled over the same period, from five per cent to 10 per cent.

According to the Post Office, the number of young people looking to buy a first home is fairly static (36 per cent in 2013,

In order to raise enough money to buy their own home, the five main compromises young people are prepared to make are l Not having a property that is fully ‘ready l to move into’ (44 per cent)

Total Peace of Mind...

l Not buying new furniture and appliances l (33 per cent)

...with the Classical Gas Care Plan

l Not living in a trendy area (35 per cent)

For fast boiler repair, whatever the weather, choose a local company with real people answering the phone (no call centres!) Thousands of local households trust us to make sure they have heating and hot water 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We keep our promise – to attend emergencies within 24 hours whatever the weather. One low cost monthly payment* gives you:  Priority call out for emergencies  Choice of cover – boiler only or full system cover available  Unlimited call outs – repair of your boiler and central heating system including all parts and labour*

Includes annual boiler service and safety inspection *Subject to contract chosen, Terms & Conditions Apply


on From


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Classical Gas Ltd 60 New Village Road Cottingham HU16 4NE

Stan can... all the jobs you need doing: friendly, fast & efficient service for a fair price.

All Electrical inc. Sockets & Lighting Painting Interior & Exterior General Plumbing inc. Tiling and Radiators All Joinery: Internal and External • Flat Pack Furniture Assembly and Shed Erection • Flat Screen TV Installation & Set-Up / On Demand Wi-Fi and Telecoms/Internet Sockets & Installation

l Not having original features in the l property (37 per cent) l Not living close to family (26 per cent) l For many people owning their own home is a dream they are determined to make a reality. Since the recession in 2008, people have taken extra steps to save money for a deposit. However, the launch of the Government’s Help to Buy scheme and a raft of affordable loans on the market look to have rallied optimism amongst first-time buyers.” The survey reveals that young men and women have different reasons for buying their own home. Of those young women looking to buy, 30 per cent say they are driven by the desire to settle down and 30 per cent are tired of renting, while for young men the strongest motivation is buying property as a good financial investment (29 per cent). When cutting back to save money, the first thing to go are takeaway meals (57 per cent) and going out at the weekend (51 per cent). Around 43 per cent say they’d consider cutting back on food shopping and over one in ten would forego saving into a pension. Other savings areas include making their own lunch for work (50 per cent), not buying new clothes/shoes (47 per cent), not going on holiday (43 per cent), and giving up their morning coffee (42 per cent).

Would you like an Honest, Reliable & Affordable Cleaner to clean and care for your home?

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House & Home


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House & Home

How ‘Help to Buy’ Could Help Hull to Move Up The Property Ladder

By Liz Green, Sales Director at Shepherd Homes What is Help to Buy?

What it means for Hull?

Help to Buy is a government-backed scheme that makes it possible for homebuyers to purchase any property under £600,000, via two different routes.

The scheme is great news, not only for homebuyers but also for the local economy as a whole. House buying has become affordable again and is giving the property market a much-needed boost.

The first route, known as ‘Help to Buy Equity Loan’ was originally launched in April 2012 and aims to help homebuyers (both first time and existing) to purchase a new-build property from approved, participating house builders. The government lends the buyer up to 20% of the value of the new house via an equity loan, which is interest free for the first five years and can be repaid at any time or upon the sale of the home. This means that a buyer only needs to secure a 5% deposit and a 75% mortgage to purchase a home. The second route, known as ‘Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee’ was launched last year and brings back the 5% deposit on all pre-owned and new build properties. The government have guaranteed repayment of the mortgage to the lender so that they can securely offer 95% mortgages without the associated risks if payments are not maintained.

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In addition to this, the support offered by house developers and significant price reductions on offer are also expected to help. Shepherd Homes, for example, has reduced its house prices at Newland court, by up to £50,000, offering buyers huge savings in 2014. The exclusive development, which is located just off Cottingham Road, has a variety of great reductions, including £50,000 off an executive 5 bed Epsom home and £30,000 off a luxury 4 bed Beningbrough. With so many excellent price reductions available at Newland Court, homebuyers that are interested in investing in a luxury new home in Hull’s city centre are spoilt for choice. For more information on Help to buy, Newland Court and Shepherd Homes, please see: or call 01482 772874.

please Email: or Telephone: 01964 503091 or 01482 420250

House & Home


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House & Home

Now is the time to install our







Generate your electricity from sunlight with solar power


Heat your home with energy absorbed from the air around you

Works down to -20˚C

Cashback available on Heat Pump installations until March 2014

• Renewable

Advice, installation and back-up from a Heat Incentives from reputable, local company you can trust. available Spring 2014!

Phone us today 01751 476989 or visit for more info.

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House & Home


Visit the Lighting Showroom at our HULL Branch

We’re Ope n to

Trade & Public

Unit A, Link 63, Brighton Street, HULL, HU3 4XT

01482 971558 To Contact

please Email: or Telephone: 01964 503091 or 01482 420250

Local News Wine tasting evening for Dove House Hospice

An evening of wine tasting has been planned to raise money for Dove House Hospice. The “What’s Your Style?” event will be held at The Cellar Door award-winning wine shop in Melton, which is House of Townend’s head office, on Thursday, February 27th at 7pm. It will enable those who attend to try wines from around the world and learn more about them.Various stations will be set up to try the wines and there will be a guide on how to taste them, as well as a small buffet of cheese, olives and bread. Tickets for the event cost £10 and all of the money will be donated to Dove House Hospice, which provides specialist palliative care to adults with life-limiting illnesses. Katy Wood, fundraising coordinator at Dove House Hospice, said: “We have an excellent relationship with the staff at The Cellar Door and manager Stuart Shenton, who has very kindly agreed to organise this special event for us. We are incredibly grateful for their support. “This event is something a little bit different and potentially a nice treat for those who spent January hitting the treadmill. I look forward to seeing as many people as possible at what will certainly be a wonderful event for Dove House Hospice.” Ten per cent of sales on the night will be donated to Dove House Hospice and a raffle will also be held. To book tickets, please call 01482 638899, or e-mail stuart.

Golden Charter Funeral Plans from H Kemp & Son Ltd

Making sure everything goes to plan

A funeral plan leaves nothing to chance and provides peace of mind for you and those you care about. We recommend funeral plans from Golden Charter, the UK’s largest provider of plans to independent funeral directors like us. With a Golden Charter funeral plan you’ll benefit from: • Fixing the cost of our services at today’s prices • Reassurance for your family – no uncertainty or difficult decisions • Complete flexibility to choose the funeral you want

H Kemp & Son Ltd 259 Hallgate, Cottingham, East Yorkshire HU16 4BG.

(01482) 844695 Please remember to mention

The UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider when calling our advertisers. Thank you.

GC-LIFT 5731

Taking out a funeral plan is one of the most thoughtful decisions you could make.


Could Google be your next best friend? Everyone knows about ‘Googling’ to find information on the Internet - after all Google IS the new Yellow Pages! But Google has more to offer than a great search experience - Much more! Opening a free Gmail account is the first step into an Aladdin’s Cave of free applications, software and time saving tools that will save time and increase productivity. The set up process is simple and can be located here Once we have an account opened, we can look at a couple of simple tips.

straight into the phone and vice versa, just by adding your Google account details to the phone - Got an Iphone? No worries - download the free Google app from the ITunes store and it works for you too! Lost or changed your phone? No problem just set up your Google account on another phone, and your stuff syncs right down for you - automatically. Happy Googling! Words: Steve “Old Googler” Elliott E:

Tip #1 - If you have more than a couple of email accounts - Get Gmail to pick up all your email from all of your accounts. It’s a straightforward matter to get your emails collected using the settings tab located beneath the gearwheel at the top right of your Gmail page. You also get the option during this process to set up ‘send mail as’ this will allow you to send and receive mail directly from your Gmail account as if you were logged in to any of your other accounts. Google allows you to operate this service with up to 5 external email accounts you own - What a time saver! Tip #2 - With an Android phone you can now synchronise all your Google Contacts / Calendar items and Emails


18323 CHCP WM Hull Mag half page advert_Layout 1 22/01/2014 17:18 Page 1

e er Ov ston the n 00 u l l i ar , 4 H 1 i n ye t t los las

FREE local services

Save money Contact us to find out which one suits you.



lose weight

Active Lifestyles

01482 335209 Text ROUTES to 61825* Web

To qualify for HealthyRoutes you must be aged 18 or over, have a BMI of 25 or over and be registered with a Hull GP. Other exclusions may apply

*(normal network rates apply)

ONE-TO-ONE / GROUPS / ONLINE / DROP-IN Please remember to mention

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Health Squirrels know a good thing!

Apart from Christmas time and viewing television programmes on nature showing squirrels eating nuts, nuts as a food do not feature in our lives very often. More is the pity for medical studies have shown that by eating nuts we can protect ourselves against all kinds of illness and diseases. Various studies suggests that people who eat a handful of nuts every day live longer than those who do not eat them at all. Studies have come to this conclusion after analysing data on nearly 120,000 people collected over 30 years. They also showed that the reduction in risk of death by eating nuts once a week was linked to an 11% reduction, two to four times a week to a 13% reduction, five to six times a week to a 15% reduction, and seven or more times a week, to a 20% reduction. Results of studies over the years have also found that people who eat nuts regularly tended to be slimmer than those who do not eat nuts putting to bed the idea that eating nuts leads to weight gain. Neither is eating nuts related to causes of death as studies show a reduction of 29% in deaths from heart disease and a significant reduction of 11% in the risk of dying from cancer. Previous studies have also shown links between eating nuts and lower risk for many diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, colon cancer and diverticulitis. Eating lots of nuts has also been associated with lower cholesterol, reductions in inflammation, oxidative stress, body fat and insulin resistance. Studies have also found that the reduced risk of death was similar for both nuts that grow on trees, such as cashews and Brazils, and peanuts, which

grow under the ground. Other types of tree nut include almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts. And while some small studies have linked higher nut consumption to lower death from all causes in certain populations, none has examined the effect in a large population in such detail over a long time. In the meantime, darling, can you please pass the nut bowl.

with our help in 2014 Call 0800 915 5959 or text Quit to 61825** or visit *Terms and conditions apply **Normal network rates apply

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Competition Page



“Europes No.1


Johnny Cash Tribute Band”


at Beverley Minster on Friday 14th March 2014 Send your Name, Address and Telephone Number on a postcard (before 3rd March) to: Keep It Cash, 31 Elm Drive, Cherry Burton, Nr. Beverley HU17 7RJ

Send your Name, Address and Tel Number on a postcard (before 8th March) to: Premier League Darts, 31 Elm Drive, Cherry Burton, Nr. Beverley HU17 7RJ

Tickets are on sale now in person at the venue Box Office, on 0114 256 5656

Direct Care for You... 24 hour telephone hotline: 01482 679900

Direct Carers offers a range of Care and Support Services to enable you to stay in the comfort of your own home. Examples include: l Food & Drink Preparation l Welfare Checks l Light household duties l Assistance with getting up l Cleaning and laundry services l Assistance with going to bed l Shopping l Washing and dressing l Night sitting /Sleepover service l Shaving l General companionship l Medication assistance l Accompanied visits to appointments and social outings Services are tailored to each individual’s needs and wishes and can be provided from half hour visits up to 24-hour support. Direct Carers Limited • Unit 2, Sensor Enterprise Park • Jack Taylor Lane • Beverley • HU17 0RH For more information on all our services please visit our website:

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Recipe Page

21 Hi, I’m Jessica Scrumptious – a local lass with a passion for sugar, spice and all things nice! I love sweet treats! Actually I love food in general and that’s why I spend all of my time – outside of work that is – baking and creating and cooking and dreaming of cakes, cupcakes and moreish morsels! I never thought that my little passion would turn into a real life job I could do as a career! And so Scrumptious by Jessica was born! Its been a slow and steady climb up and I am dreaming big and baking bigger so hopefully sometime soon I can become a full-time kitchenista! Much love and cakey kisses and enjoy the cupcakes. JS xxx


For the Sponge: 150g Margarine 150g Caster Sugar 3 Medium eggs – lightly beaten 225g Self raising flour 150g Bar of white chocolate – grated

For the Frosting: 200g Butter 400g sieved icing sugar 100g Cocoa powder 1 packet Love Heart sweets


Pre heat oven to 180 degrees/gas mark 4. SERVES: 12 Have ready 12 paper bun cases, pink or red. Cream margarine and sugar together until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs and white chocolate. Fold in the flour to the creamed mixture so it is all combined. Spoon the mixture in to the bun cases and bake in the oven for 25 minutes. When cooked, remove the cakes from the oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes. Combine butter and icing sugar together in a bowl until smooth and silky. Add the cocoa powder and mix well. Place frosting into a piping bag and pipe a generous amount on to the top of the cakes, then top with love heart sweets and serve.

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A Jessica Scrumptious Recipe

White Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting



All Weather Garden Rooms


The rules are simple. Place a digit from 1 to 9 in each empty cell so every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

Across 1. Tempest (5) 4. Perplexes (7) 8. Fall back (7) 9. Portion (5) 10. Boasts (5) 11. Compared (7) 12. Pact (6) 14. Pique (6)

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17. Certify (7) 19. Meeting place (5) 21. Mountain range (5) 22. Flair (7) 23. Passed by (7) 24. Begin (5) Down 1. Bush (5)

2. Indignation (7) 3. Encounters (5) 4. Improved (6) 5. Crevice (7) 6. Jumped (5) 7. Thin (7) 12. Kind of syrup (7) 13. Despots (7) 15. Cure-all (7)

16. Assisted (6) 18. Play (5) 19. Planet (5) 20. Happening (5)

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Spring Weddings On Saturday 1st March, 2014, Beverley Minster will once again open its doors to the Spring Wedding Fair. Seating will be removed and in its place the Minster will be transformed into a ‘Wedding shopping arcade’ for all ‘would be’ brides and grooms. We have a wide and varied range of exhibitors attending from across the local region offering great value products and a wealth of help and advice. We can offer you assistance in booking your reception venue, flowers, cakes, wedding transportation, the all important dress, menswear, wedding favours, invites, photographers, rings, in fact you name and it will be available. Outside the Minster we hope to have a range of wedding cars and coaches. Brides – why don’t you bring your dad and husband-tobe along and leave them in the ‘Man creche’? Yes, once again we have secured the services of the F1 Simulator Car, so the boys can play (I do hope that I get a faster lap time than my husband!!) while you have fun checking out the dresses or enjoying a cup of tea whilst watching the cat-walk show!

We have two great cat-walk shows for you this spring, 12.30pm and 2pm. Each show will offer a fantastic range of bridal wear and menswear. There will also be a touch of vintage on the cat walk and we are delighted to have a collection of hats by local designer, Allen Crawford, which are sure to be show stoppers!

In between the cat-walk shows, we will have live music from the region’s best wedding singers and entertainers, who would be happy to discuss with you how they can help to make your wedding, a perfect and memorable day for you and your guests. The Wedding Fair is open from 11am until 3pm and is free to attend. We very much hope to see you all there!

Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Saturday 12th 2013 Saturday 1st October March 2014 11am - 3pm




To exhibit please telephone Jane on: 01964 552 470 or Email: Please remember to mention

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Spring Weddings Feature

The best questions to ask venues Some venues have more hidden charges than Ryanair one of my friends had to pay extra to hire a cake knife. So before booking, pose as many questions as possible and get important answers in writing. Here are some of the key questions to ask before signing - hopefully they’ll help you find a suitable but cheap wedding venue: • How much is corkage? • Does the price include VAT? • Are there any extra staff costs? • Is there a minimum headcount or charge per person? • Is the cloakroom free? • Are there extra costs for lighting? • Is there a marquee hire charge? • Is service included? • Any charge for tables, crockery, glasses, linen or chairs? • Will we get exclusive use or are there other weddings • there on the same day? • Do they give reduced room rates for your guests?


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Spring Weddings Feature

DJ Included??

Would you allow a total stranger to choose your wedding dress or honeymoon destination??

TD Entertainments Professional Wedding & Corporate Entertainment

So you’re planning the biggest day of your life “Your wedding day” but what about the evening celebration? The part where you will entertain the most guests! The part your work mates and family friends will attend as well as your family!

“Hulls Only Video Disco”

Some people get lost in the a sea of pretty things, the dress and suits, Flowers, Cakes, Table decor and chair covers etc and because the celebration (Disco, Band or Both) happen at the end of the day it can often be overlooked.

Telephone: 07870 168 419 E:

We hear so many stories of wedding nightmares that can be easily avoided by taking a little care and asking the right people for help in choosing who should work for you on your big day. Many of the hotels are offering package deals that will “take the strain off ” but it could give you nightmares for years to come! If you are meeting the Photographer, the florist, the cake supplier etc you are dealing direct, feeling comfortable with your choice, having a contract in your hand that says “I Mr Photographer will personally shoot your wedding”, and having seen some of his past creations you are no doubt going to feel comfortable nothing will go wrong and quite rightly so. However choosing to use a DJ recommended by the hotel and even worse supplied in the package by the hotel could have upsetting consequences according to a recent survey. Venues are there to make money and they take a cut from all areas including the DJ Booking. The moral of the story is “if the venue and the Disco agency take a cut what’s left for the DJ and will he be a good one for such low money?” Think about what you would expect from a good quality Disc Jockey. Book him/her direct, take time to meet your DJ, Make sure they offer you a signed contract, Ask to see credentials (Awards, Web site, photographs, recommendations, ask other wedding suppliers who the best ones are). Don’t fall for a cheap job it’s your wedding! Good Luck! Tony Dunn - TD Entertainments

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Contemporary Indian Cuisine Available for Wedding Receptions and your Stag Night or Hen Party Ve Raj • Shipton Lane • Shiptonthorpe • YO43 3PL Telephone: 01430 873 351 to book your big day. when calling our advertisers. Thank you.

Spring Weddings Feature Everyone wants their big day to be memorable, so what better way to make an entrance than arriving in a beautiful vintage coach? Local company East Yorkshire Coaches have several vintage vehicles available for special events. “Our vintage vehicles are really popular with wedding parties,” says EYC Manager Ken Sims. “Arriving in our lovely 1949 Bedford OB coach makes a great first impression, especially as we can decorate it in ribbons and flowers to match your wedding colour scheme.” A popular choice for local weddings is East Yorkshire Coaches’ 1956 ‘Beverley Bar’ double decker bus. This vehicle, with its special domed roof, is an iconic sight in our region, and is sure to bring back memories for older guests. Hiring a bus or a coach can also be the ideal way to get your guests between the ceremony and the reception venue. Instead of hiring individual cars it can be more cost effective to use a coach, or even double decker buses for short journeys. East Yorkshire Coaches also have some vintage open top buses which are perfect for summer weddings! To find out more about wedding hire please telephone East Yorkshire Coaches on 01482 222 444 or email:

Vintage vehicle hire & group travel East Yorkshire Coaches, ideal for any special occasion.

Something old...

Something new...

Make your big day one to remember!

Want something more up to date?

Add the sparkle to your special occasion by hiring one of our vintage vehicles.

We have a fleet of modern luxury coaches ranging from 33 to 53 seats. We can also provide double deck buses.

Complete with the services of a professional driver and tastefully decorated, our vehicles are bound to create a lasting impression!

Our team of trained and highly experienced drivers will ensure that your big day goes as smoothly as possible.

Speak to us today about how we can help you with your special occasion...


Arrive in Style!

Contact us for a free no obligation quotation: tel: 01482 222 444 e-mail:

Comprehensive choice available for Plus Size Brides


It’s All About The Dress has been in business now for over 5 years and within that time we have noticed a growing amount of dissatisfied fuller figure ladies, who struggle to even find a dress to try on in their size let alone have a choice of dresses. In addition to our current designers we now hold one of the largest collections of plus size gowns in the Hull and East Yorkshire area in sizes 16 – 30, and coming soon the new collection from Callista Bridal. Beautiful gowns created specifically for the fuller figure bride, to support, flatter and meet the needs of us larger ladies who need that little extra. Book your appointment now for our Special Preview Launch weekend in October and see the whole collection on display for you to choose from. (See our advert below)

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GET INVOLVED & JOIN OUR CLUB Mother, Toddler and Child Groups: Children’s Information Service, St Andrew’s, Baker St, Hull. Telephone: 01482 318318

Hull Badminton Club – Tel: 01482 652384 Hull Golf Club – Tel: 01482 660970 Zumba Class – Rachel Garth – T: 07921 561143 St Aidans Church, Lorenzo Way, Southcoates University of Hull Sports & Fitness Aveunue, Hull ABC meets Wednesday 9.15-10.45 Centre – Tel: 01482 466234 am -term-time only. Toddler Time meets Thursday Hull Zingari Cricket Club – T: 01482 342156 1.30-2.30 pm term-time only £1 per family, incl. East Hull Harriers Running Club – Tel: refreshments 07595015841 Little Angels, New Life Church, Hull. Tel: 01482 White City (Hull) RRC - a friendlly, social run610705 Meet Thursdays 10am – 11.45am ning club please contact: Little Stars Children’s Centre, 95 Preston West Hull Ladies Running Club email: Road, Hull. 01482 790277 Clifton Children’s Centre, Burslem Street, Rileys Pool, Snooker & Darts Club – Tel: Hull. 0148 228220 01482 215015 Wheeler Children’s Centre, Rainbow Ctr, Dad’s Five-a-side Football Winifred Holtby Wheeler St, Hull. Telephone: 01482 502466 School – Tel: 01482 828901 Improve Fitness – Circuit training and KetOctogon Children’s Centre, The Octogon, Walker Street, Hull. Tel: 01482 594324 tlebell class– Tel: 07958 001526 Estcourt Children’s Centre, Estcourt Street, Slimming & Weight Watchers: Weight Watchers, Tel: 0845 345 1500 Hull. Tel: 01482 224336 Slimming World, Tel: 0844 897 8000 Windmill Children’s Centre, Burnham Road, Interest Clubs: Hull. Tel: 01482 642684 Hull Budgerigar Society club secretary Gary Bird on T: 01405 766487 Parent & Toddler Messy Play Session Zoo Cafe (upstairs), 80B Newland Ave, Hull HU5 3AB F4 Photographic Group – King William 1V, Every Fri, 1pm - 2pm, £3.00 per session. Cottingham Meet Thursdays, 7.45pm. Email:emo@ Adult & Children Swimming Lessons: Albert Avenue Pool – Tel: 01482 318562 Brooklands Photographic Society – Beverley Road Baths – Tel: 01482 318563 Tel: 01482 645233 East Hull Pools - Tel: 01482 331303 Hull Chess Club Sports Clubs & Leisure Centres: E: Ennerdale Leisure Centre – T: 01482 318565 Hull & District Chess Association – Woodford Leisure Centre – T: 01482 331136 Email: Hull Athletics Club, Costello Stadium, Hull. Tel: Youth Groups: 01482 503537 Youth Club – Pennine Rambler, North Bransholme Hull Judo Club, Ennerdale Leisure Centre, Hull. – Wednesday 7pm – 9pm (13 – 19 year olds) Tel: 01482 797580 Hull & East Yorkshire Boys Brigade – Karate Club, Ennerdale Leisure Centre, Hull – Tel: (Girls & Boys, 5-18years old) Tel: 01482 229613 01482 898095 Hull & East Yorkshire Girls’ Brigade – Taekwando, Ennerdale Leisure Centre, Hull – Tel: This is for girls 4years - 18yrs. Some companies have 07712 889758 boys in them. Tel 01482 218161 East Hull Bowling Club, Woodford Leisure Over 50’s & Over 55’s: Centre, Hull. 01482 799953 St Stepehen’s Neighbourhood Centre – Karate Club, Woodford Leisure Centre, Hull. Tel: 01482 781223 Garden Village FH research group for 07976 696690 the over-50’s Tues afternoons, 1.30pm, in the Judo Club, Woodford Leisure Centre, Hull. Tel: Clubhouse, The Oval. T: 708104 and ask for Carol. 07983 581942 Hull YPI Lawn Tennis Club Tel: 01482 348142 Over 55’s Club – Apollo Pub, Holderness Road.

Mon:12pm till 4pm – Tel: 01482 703908 Over 55’s Club – Goodfellowship Public House, Cottingham Road – Tel: 01482 342858 Over 55’s Carpet Bowls – Freedom Centre. Alternate Mondays 12pm – 1.30pm Over 50’s Fitness Club – Edinburgh Street Community Centre. Thurs 12noon. Tel: 01482 328959 Over 50’s Fitness Club – Maurice Rawling Community Centre. Bean Street, off Anlaby Road. Thurs: 10:30 -11:30am. £2 per session. Call Jane on Tel: 07806 802145 Over 50’s Fitness Club – Garden Village Community Centre. Elm Avenue Wednesdays – 10am - 11am £3 per session. Call Jane on Tel: 07806 802145 Age UK, Healthy Living Centre, Hull – Tel: 01482 591548 Tea Dance – Edinburgh Street Community Centre. Fridays 1.45pm – 3.30pm Over 55 – Hull U3A (University of the third age) Continued learning - Tel: 01482 214311 SWANLAND Bowling Club – 01482 634309 Thursday Bridge Club – 01482 631718 Library – 01482 634896 Wild Life Group – 01482 634583 Lawn Tennis Club – 01482 634681 Swanland Village Association -01482 631424 Women’s Institute – 01482 632543 Building Bricks Pre-school 01482 632198 NORTH FERRIBY Library – 01482 632227 Gardener’s Club – 01482 632282 Ferriby & Swanland Scout Group – James Richardson 01482 632080 Royal British Legion Club – 01482 634864 North Ferriby united Club house – 01482 634601 WELTON Wednesday Ladies Club – Prue Rockett 01482 634433 Welton Memorial Hall & Social Club – 01482 667156 HESSLE Rugby Union Football & Cricket Club – 01482 643430 Hessle Lawn Tennis Club – 01482 649010 Hessle pre-school – 01482 643565 Ex-Servicemen’s Club – 01482 643122 ELLOUGHTON & BROUGH 1st Brough (All Saints) Rainbows – 01482 668728 1st Brough (All Saints) Brownies – 01482 665123 2nd Brough (All Saints) Brownies – 01482 669788 3rd Brough (All Saints) Brownies – 01482 667985



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I have supported Hull City nearly 40 years but frankly I’m far more worried about Assem Allam pulling out and someone having to find £100million to preserve our club than a name change which may or may not happen can be reversed after a season or changed if a buyer can be found. Being cynical it’s a very blunt instrument to attract investment or a takeover from the east as something never really reported from the fans meeting with the club’s owner was the revelation that not all his family may be as keen as him to have their inheritance invested within a football club. Older City fans remember Harold Needler who built the club and Boothferry Park and son Christopher who would rather be in the south of France than at his father’s stadium. We may be a long way from this scenario but you cannot see the Allam funding to continue forever. One day we must be self sufficient and little by little they recoup their investments. With no likelihood of commercial development on the stadium site there are few options besides replacing ‘Cash Converters’ as club sponsor next year. We have a loan from the parent company Allamhouse and who knows if we could pay this back if it gets called in though I suppose that wouldn’t happen immediately as he’s responsible for both and the only assets we possess are the players. We may get a buyer as an established Premier League club but at the moment I just want everyone to just concentrate of remaining in the division.

I don’t want a name changed but if it happened there will still be a club in Hull . Who knows what could happen if Assem Allam is thwarted. We saw the David Lloyd tantrum a few years ago yet he only required a £2million payoff. It’s a different ball game now we have nearly been wound up so many times over past 35 years and Assem Allam is the one local businessman has put serious cash into the club over this time. Only at Hull City !! However back to the season itself

“This season has been brilliant in so many ways”. We went up will little credit from the media or football world and we regarded as relegation certainties. However the so called experts never saw the real Hull City . Following the loss of both Fryatt and Aluko the team appearing on Sky tv from March onwards was one lacking a cohesive forward line and they battled out 1-0 victories through break away opportunities. City fans knew the real team and the side which came together in the autumn of 2012 would have taken the title if it actually had a goalscorer. Sides were comprehensively outplayed home and away and the bulk of last season’s stars such as Brady, Meyler, Aluko, Elmohamady & Chester remain with the addition of several key players to add to the mix. Cardiff City threw millions at so called stars with their transfer budget. Steve Bruce brought in quality at bargain prices. We signed McGregor one of the best goalkeepers in the division for less than £2 million, Davies one of the best English Central defenders

for a similar fee and Sagbo a raw centre forward with potential for £1.5 million. As if this wasn’t good enough two players were brought from Spurs 72 hours from our first fixture. Tom Huddlestone is one of the best players in our history and has an outside chance of playing in the World Cup whilst loanee Jake Livermore has been key to our midfield. I just pray Spurs do not recall him by the end of the month. We began the season as underdogs but despite some expected defeats at Chelsea and Manchester City we were holding our own. We could match the big name opposition within the midfield battles, our defence was strong and we continued our passing football, though up an additional gear through the mighty Huddlestone. As ever we were weak up front, Aluko looked to be fit at last and getting noticed at Premier League level but this lasted a month until he was clattered by Barry at Goodison Park and injured ever since.

At the time of writing we sit in 11th position and how many people expected this? We are relatively strong at home but struggling away from home though it could be argued that we have played teams from our ‘minileague’ at home and visited some of the bigger clubs. It all changes over the next few weeks however with six of the eight remaining home games against higher teams and the more winnable fixtures being away. We are more or less six points clear of the relegation places but its getting closer by the week with sides like Sunderland on the rise. We require 17 points to be safe so its time to get some away points. To achieve survival we have speculated another £10- 14million on Jelavic and Long who are established Premier League forwards and over the coming weeks we should hopefully see the return of Aluko and Brady to provide much needed pace and width to the team This team should achieve a mid table position but the next six weeks will be key to our survival with trips to Palace, Sunderland, Cardiff and West Ham. Victories are required, defeats unthinkable. We now have the quality just show it away from home.

Words by Joe ‘Woody’ Mellor

We are now without doubt watching the best team in Hull City ’s history. We may have climbed to the top of the Premier League during the autumn of 2008 following legendary victories over teams such as Arsenal but I believe most fans would feel that we currently have the best team to wear the black and amber in out 109 year history. However only at Hull City can we have the best football in our entire history and yet once again people’s attention is drawn to off field issues. The Hull City Tigers / Hull Tigers issue has rolled on since the summer and frankly I am sick of this subject. On one side it’s the club’s history or lack of it if brutally honest and on the other someone pumping in or rather loaning millions to bring Premier League football and the quality players we possess.

East Stand Views...

East Stand Views...





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Hull New Theatre FEB: 12th 51 Shades of Maggie 13-15th Some Girl I used to know 18th Chuckle Brothers 19th Psychic Sally – on the road 21st Verdi Nabuicco 22nd Verdi Aida 24th – 1st March Blood Brothers MARCH: 3rd – 8th Mouse Trap 11th – 15th Robin Cousins Ice 24th – 29th Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story Hull Truck FEB: 17th Jack at the beanstalk café 19th Grisly tales from Tumble Water 21st The Fish’s Wishes 26th A Play, A Pie and a Pint – Campaigner MARCH: 7th – 8th Edusi Soup 10th Chris Ramsey 13th -14th Hammer and Tongs 13th Three Little Pigs 15th Ruby Turner 18th Verve 14 Hull City Hall FEB: 14th Land after Midnight – Circus of Horrors MARCH: 12th – 13th Home Bird UK Tour – Sarah Millican 15th Roaring Forties – Ed Byrne Beverley Minster 14th March Keep It Cash - No.1 Johnny Cash Tribute Markets FEB: 16th Humber Street Market at Fruit MARCH: 7th Trinity Open Market, Trinity Square, Hull 16th Humber Street Market at Fruit Hull City AFC 17th Feb Hull V Brighton (away) 22nd Feb Hull V Cardiff (away) 1st March Hull V Newcastle (home) 8th March Hull V West Ham (away) 15th March Hull V Man City (home) Hessle Town Hall 8th Feb Martin Turners Wishbone Ash 17th – 21st Double Vision Art Exhibition 1st March Fabric Sale 7th March The Strawbs in Concert To Contact

Thick ‘N’ Thin - Comedy Hypnosis Show Friday 21st Feb Goodfellowship Cottingham Rd Hull Doors open 7:30 Tickets only £5.00 (includes disco till midnight)

ELEANOR RIGBY ARTIST TO APPEAR AT GOOLE MUSEUM Hull artist, Leonard Brown, created ‘Eleanor Rigby: The million pound bag lady’ from one million pounds of shredded notes from the Bank of England. Goole Museum is currently housing the unusual sculpture, which was inspired by the Beatles song, Eleanor Rigby, and members of the public are invited to meet the artist at the museum on Wednesday, 12 February from 5.30-6.30pm. The creator wanted to draw attention to the relationship between wealth and poverty, to make people wonder what all that money bought when it was in circulation and how a poor person like Eleanor Rigby could survive without it. Leonard will happily meet and talk to visitors about the inspiration behind the sculpture, and any other questions they may have about his work. The million pound bag lady will be at Goole Museum until the end of February. The museum is open Tuesday to Friday 10am-5pm; Wednesday 10am-7pm and Saturday 9am-4pm. It is closed for lunch from 12noon to 12.30pm (Wednesdays 1.30-2pm). Free admission and lift access is available.

Tel: (01405) 768963.

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Tickets also on sale at Cost Cutter Cherry Burton • For Postal Applications Tel: 01964 552 470

FIONA’S FOOD FOR THOUGHT By Fiona Dwyer, broadcast journalist, PR & media consultant, slave to 2 children and a husband. NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS - WORTH IT OR NOT?

Most of us make them, but do any of us keep them? Whether it’s exercising more, losing weight, making time for yourself and your family, stopping those nasty habits (smoking or drinking too much alcohol), being more organised or deciding to help others by volunteering – they all seem achievable, but do we really believe we’re actually going to succeed? The key, as in most things, is to have a plan. Set your goal and decide how you’re going to make it happen – and if you hit a hurdle, know how you’re going to get over it and continue on your journey. If we all did just one thing to improve our life and the lives of those around us, it would do us all the world of good and motivate us to do more. So congratulations if you’re abiding by your New Year’s resolution! But if you’ve already given up, try again – and take it step-by-step. Mine was trying to go to bed before midnight! I’ve failed dismally so far – but I’m not admitting defeat just yet! WHEN YOUR CHILD CAN’T GET TO SLEEP

I’m sure we’ve all experienced this and trying to fathom out what you can do to help is frustrating to say the least. We’re going through this at the moment with one of ours. We’ve tried everything. We always read bedtime stories, so that’s a given. We’ve tried a soothing bath, warm milk, no screen time for at least an hour before bedtime – the list goes on and on. It’s not that they’re trying to be naughty by not sleeping or trying to angle to sleep with Mummy and Daddy. Sometimes they simply don’t seem to be able to switch off. I’m hoping it’s just a phase! Any suggestions are more than welcome! WHAT’S GOING ON WITH THE WEATHER?

This seems to be one of my favourite topics of conversation at the moment – sad but true! And I know I‘m not alone because we’re all wondering the same thing! I thought we’d been told we were going to have one of the worst winters in living memory – but at the time of writing we seem to be having an extremely mild winter (I think I’ve only had to scrape my windscreen three times so far), interspersed with some bitter cold wind and occasional downpours. On a purely practical level, it also makes it extremely difficult to know what to wear every morning because the temperature changes dramatically from one hour to the next. And no snow, despite various claims in the press. I don’t know about you, and I’m not one to bet, but I’d like to know the odds for a white Easter!

Fiona x To Contact

HULL USEFUL NUMBERS: EMERGENCY NUMBERS Police / Fire / Ambulance Electricity (Supply Failure) Gas (Emergencies) Water (Emergencies) Police (Non-emergencies) Child Line Crime stoppers

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FM @998KC /998KCFM

Bonus Electrical Superstore

WINTER SALE From your local independent electrical retailer WE DELIVER. WE INSTALL. WE CARE... That’s why thousands of customers choose Euronics.

7Kg Vented Tumble Dryer

1400 Spin 7kg Washing Machine



• Exclusive • C Rated • Reverse Action • 2 Heat Settings • 140 Minute Timer • Dimensions: H85xW59.6xD53cm

• Exclusive • A+AA Rated • 16 Programmes • Delay Start • Cold Wash Option • Dimensions: H85xW60xD40cm


.99 149 Great Low Price



Great Low Price BOUR LA

.6 CuFt .1 CuFt es, 2 Salad

W60xD65.5cm 30














60cm Frost Free Fridge Freezer

12 Place Settings Dishwasher



• Exclusive • A+ Rated • Fridge 214 Litres / 7.6 CuFt • Freezer 88 Litres / 3.1 CuFt • 3 Safety Glass Shelves, 2 Salad Bins 12 Place Settings • Dimensions: H187xW60xD65.5cm Dishwasher • Was £399.99 Save £30

• A+AA Rated • 4 Programmes • Load Sensor • Anti Flood Protection • Dimensions: H84.5xW60xD60cm

• A+AA Rated • 4 Programmes • Load Sensor • Anti Flood Protection • Dimensions: H84.5xW60xD60cm

.99 369 £319.99 Big Winter Sale SMS40C02GB


Great Low Price

.99 319 Great Low Price £

Your local store...

Grange Park Lane, Willerby, HU10 6EB Tel: 01482 659888

T & C Apply: "sold as an agent for Euronics Limited” Prices correct at time of print. Delivery And Installation Charges May Apply

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