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ISSUE 65 April 2014

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National Pet Month Feature House & Home Feature Spring Gardener Top 5 Nutrition Tips Common Sense is Dead Local Clubs & Groups Useful Numbers Puzzle Page WIN ‘Fake Festival’ Tickets & ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ Tickets And much more...

From simple bookcases to fully fitted studies, libraries, kitchens or bedrooms, all our furniture is made in our own workshops from solid hardwoods/softwoods or high quality real wood veneered boards. Call Glyn or Trevor for a free no obligation quote.

We also make and fit replacement kitchen doors & worktops etc

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DNfourteen April 2014

The Antarctic Link Page 4 National Pet Month Page 7 Gardening Feature Page 12 House & Home Page 16 Competition Page Page 22 Common Sense Dies Page 25 Puzzle Page Page26 Technology Page 27 Nutrition Tips Page 28 Local Groups & Clubs Page 30 Specialist Services Page 36 Fiona’s Food for Thought Page38 Useful Numbers Page 38 Please note that whilst we take care to be accurate, no liability will be accepted under any circumstances should any of the content of this magazine be incorrect. The views expressed in the articles are not necessarily those of the publisher. All rights reserved. Published by DN14 Magazine. Printed by Daltonspire Ltd.


Hello Readers Welcome to the April edition of your DNfourteen magazine and it finally looks like Spring has arrived with buds on the trees and hedgerows full of daffodils and spring

flowers. Perhaps now is a good time to get out in the garden and have a good tidy up in readiness for the summer. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at the April Gardening feature. Don’t forget, the inside of your house too, with loads of local tradespeople who can help transform your house into the home of your dreams! Just for fun we have a great puzzle page, so grab yourself a coffee and a pen and see how well you can do! While you are at it, why not enter this month’s competitions with great prizes to win to suit all ages. Did you now that April is National Pet month, so what better way to promote this then with our very own pet’s feature. If you have a beloved pet, why not spoil them this month, or perhaps now is a good time to be thinking of adding a pet to your family, either awy you will find helpful advice in this feature. With Easter rounding off the month, may I take the opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Easter Weekend and lets hope the sun shines! Until next month Kind regards,

Jane Gough Editor

For all enquiries call JANE on

01964 552470 or EMAIL

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Marshland Connections: Antarctica Members of the Marshland Local History Group had been busy researching every house in the marshland villages of Reedness, Whitgift and Ousefleet. During this research they have often wondered how the properties acquired their names or titles. A little cottage named “Ordnance Cottage” was owned by the Etherington family and Frederick Etherington was a retired Ordnance Land Surveyor as was his father George Etherington who had been described on the census of 1881 as a Sapper and miner

The members also wondered about a farm known as “Ross Farm”, why was it named this when, from 1881, it had been inhabited by the Pindar Family. Research undertaken at Wakefield Registry of Deeds where a document, dated 1875, the Rev James Coulman Ross had inherited the property through his mother Dame Ann Ross. She was the daughter of Thomas Coulman of Whitgift Hall and in 1843 she married the famous Arctic and Antarctic explorer Sir James Clark Ross(Pictured). He located the North Magnetic Pole and has the Ross Sea, the Ross Gull, the Ross Seal named after him. In 1841 that he named an island in the Antarctic, Coulman Island, for his future fatherin-law Thomas Coulman. He also named Cape Wadworth on Coulman Island for his uncle Robert John Coulman who had owned this Farm in 1832.

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Another piece of interesting information relating to the Antarctic is that on Scott’s Antarctic expedition, of 1910 to 1913, he was to take with him a dog named “Whitgift”, given to him by Whitgift Grammar School in Croydon. This school was founded in 1596 by John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, whose family originated from the Marshland village of Whitgift.

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DNfourteen April 2014

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6 20

Keep Trade Local Countdown to Christmas

Everybody loves a great wedding and it is every girls dream day so we have put together some little words of advice as well as the best wedding suppliers in the East Repairs to all brands of LCD and Plasma TV’s Yorkshire area toofhelp you realise your dreams. All Kinds electronic repairs undertaken

DNfourteen April 2014 DNfourteen Dec 2013 / Jan 2014

Yourall local agentthe for perfect HUMAX Free-view, It’s NOT about wedding You-view and Free-sat boxes. TooWe many workreconditioned through a wanna-have list –20” a film star stock TV’s from to 60”. If in doubt, call Henry dress, flowing champagne, platinum rings, a five-star 309 6812 or 01405 761149 honeymoon.0776 Only then, they ask how they’ll pay for it.

One disgruntled father told us: “I asked my daughter what her budget was. She asked me, ‘Dad, how can I work out my budget until I know what I want?’”


So, instead, ask “what can we afford to spend on our wedding?” Then work out how to have the best do possible within that budget. A picnic CALL TODAY FORinAa park with close friends l 10% OAP Discount can beFREE just asQUOTE magical asON: a blingy bash for 300.


01405 659402


l Digital Aerials

l Phone Lines Play the wedding prioritisation game l CCTV Installations l Catch TVhow Callyou Gary on:your 07850636902 Once know budget, the aim’s to workupout

much you can actuallyRUN afford to spend on different areas FAMILY BUSINESS

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Welcome to National Pet Month!

Hello and welcome to National Pet Month - a haven for pet fans across the UK!

Pets provide us with so much love and companionship so we think it’s time to repay that kindness. Please join them and let’s celebrate life with our pets! Our nation’s beloved pets are counting on you!

2014 is the silver anniversary of National Pet Month and Here in the DNfourteen Magazine we have a great selection we would love you to help us celebrate in style! of advertisers in this feature that pride themselves on not Since its launch 25 years ago National Pet Month has only providing great products and services to cater for our been promoting responsible pet ownership and helping pets every need they are all passionate about animals and pet charities across the UK raise thousands of pounds pets too. for their organisations. Every advertiser is available to discuss and help you with Taking place from April 1 - May 5, this year our theme any issues that relate to your animal and would encourage is Celebrating Our Pets and they would love you to be a you all to give them a call if you need any help or advice. part of it. After all, they have between them probably come across every pet or animal problem or question that you might So, please register at: as an NPM supporter (it’s free and only takes a minute) think of. So please do give them a chance to help you and share their expertise and professional insights with you. and get your free poster. Thank you for reading this and please do take a minute to Then join them by either staging an event or attending visit the National Pet Month website, also please let our one. Simply check out the interactive map for details advertisers know that you saw them in this magazine. and join in the fun!


National Pet Month Feature

DNfourteen April 2014

Top Ten Tips for Responsible Pet Ownership

1. Think carefully before getting a pet and learn about its special requirements. 2. Ensure your pet is sociable and well trained. 3. Always provide a nutritious and well balanced diet. 4. Provide suitable housing & bedding. 5. Clean up after your pet and worm it regularly. 6. Protect against disease. Your vet can provide you with advice. 7. Prevent unwanted litters and neuter your pet when appropriate. 8. Groom your pet regularly. 9. Control your pet and ensure it is properly identified. 10. Take out pet insurance for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses to cover against unexpected veterinary fees and third party liability.

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DNfourteen April 2014

National Pet Month Feature


Pet Facts The UK pet population in 2014 is estimated at: 8 million cats and 8 million dogs. In the UK, about 1 in 2 households own a pet with around 22 million pets owned (excluding fish). Owning a pet may keep you healthy Boosting your immune system Children brought up with pets have more stable immune systems. A survey found that dog and cat owners made fewer annual doctor visits. Encouraging exercise A study found that dog owners who walked their dog were more likely to achieve 150 minutes of physical activity a week than owners who did not walk with their dog. Older people who regularly walk their dogs walk faster and for longer periods, and have better mobility in their homes.

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DNfourteen April 2014

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DNfourteen April 2014





The Spring Gardener

DNfourteen April 2014

Lest we forget

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DNfourteen April 2014

The Spring Gardener


Gardening Jobs to do in April General tasks and garden maintenance Beware late frosts and keep vulnerable plants and new shoots protected at night if frost is forecast. Don’t be tempted to put out tender bedding until much later on in the month and even then be prepared to cover it if necessary.

Deadhead daffodils and narcissi, give them a liquid feed or sprinkling of bonemeal and then let them die down. Don’t cut off the leaves as they are necessary to replenish the bulb for next year. Keep deadheading spring bedding to keep it looking neat and encourage new flowers. Continue with the spring cleaning. Hoe your borders, getting rid of weeds before they take hold - annual weeds such as bitter cress and groundsel are enough of a nightmare without allowing them to go forth and multiply by seeding. If it’s dry, attack ground elder and the like with systemic weed killer painted onto the leaves. Mulch away while you can still see what you are doing and before the herbaceous growth really takes off. Use your own garden compost or leaf mould, well rotted manure, the contents of out-of-date grow bags or readymade soil conditioner. Now the soil is warming up and things are starting to grow, add general purpose fertiliser before covering with mulch especially in borders, the fruit and vegetable patch and containers. If you have already mulched, draw it back (if possible), tease the soil a little, add fertiliser and replace the mulch. Carry on removing moss and weeds from paths, terraces and drives. Make new beds and borders - mark the shape with sand trickled from a bottle, remove the top layer of growing vegetation and dig the ground over, incorporating as much organic matter as possible. If you are making a bed

The secret to a beautiful lawn Our lawn experts use the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time. They kill weeds, control the moss, and work with you for a beautifully lush and healthy lawn. Free consultation and lawn surveys UK’s leading professional lawn service for over 25 years No contracts to sign, pay as you go service Specialist feeds exclusive to GreenThumb Cheaper than D.I.Y. From £15 (inc VAT) per treatment

01482 880082

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The Spring Gardener

DNfourteen April 2014

Quality garden machinery, top brand names, quality for lasting value Ride-on & Lawn Tractor mowers. From £1395. Pedestrian lawn mowers from £199 Petrol strimmers from £189 Husqvarna Chainsaws from £179 New bars & chains, sharpening equp. Selection of used lawn tractors

John B Backhouse High Street Airmyn Goole DN14 8LD Tel 01405 762876

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The Spring Gardener

DNfourteen April 2014


Clackna Farm, East St, Kilham, Driffield 01262 420226 & Boothferry Rd. Howden 01430 430624 in the lawn, remove the turf – if you dig it in the buried grass will regrow and regrow and regrow and... Clean and repair your garden tools, book the lawn mower in for a service and check garden furniture for any rot. When it is warm enough, treat sheds, fences and trellis with wood preservative; brushes and rollers are fine for most things, however a sprayer is well worth buying for tricky projects such as woven panels! Now is the time to wage war on slugs and snails. They love tulips and delicacies such as the delicious young shoots of delphiniums and the like, so use pet-friendly slug pellets, drench the ground around hostas with liquid slug killer to exterminate slugs below the surface. Keep an eye out for snails and pick them off - what you do with them is up to you. Birds are your friends here - flat stones artfully located are useful accessories for birds to practise their snail bashing techniques.

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House and Home

DNfourteen April 2014

S.J. McCrory Karndean Specialist We will beat any Quote! Call Simon for a Free Brochure

T: 01405 780683 M: 07999 049001


Now is the time to install our





Generate your electricity from sunlight with solar power


2014 range of carpets N O W A V A I L A B L E



Heat your home with energy absorbed from the air around you Works down to -20˚C

• Renewable

Advice, installation and back-up from a Heat Incentives from reputable, local company you can trust. available Spring 2014!

Phone us today 01751 476989 or visit for more info.

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House and Home

DNfourteen April 2014




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House and Home

DNfourteen April 2014

Where beauty & luxury go hand-in-hand‌

Local family business but now the official

retailer in this area

Visit our factory showroom displays and see for yourself the quality workmanship & finish – get the feel of what could be your perfect kitchen design with expert advice right on your doorstep...

Call us on:

01405 815446 Unit A3, Thorne Enterprise Park, King Edward Road, Thorne, DN8 4HU

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DNfourteen April 2014

House and Home

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7 UNIT KITCHENS FROM £428 Kitchens • Bedrooms • Furniture



Picture for illustration purpose only*


Telephone: 01482 810 025

Rotterdam Road Sutton Fields Industrial Estate Hull • HU7 0XD Opening Times: Mon - Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Saturday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Competition Page

DNfourteen April 2014


WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS FOR BROUGH FAKE FESTIVAL Brough Fake Festival will be once more part of the hugely successful Fake Festivals tour, the only touring tribute of its kind. Taking place on Saturday 10th May at its usual spot at Blackburn Leisure Club, the festival will be guaranteed to be a sell out again, and early bird tickets are already on sale from the Fake Festival website,

Send your Name, Address and Telephone Number on a postcard (before 30th April) to: CDS Competition, 31 Elm Drive, Cherry Burton, Beverley HU17 7RJ

Tickets are on sale now MOTORPOINT ARENA, SHEFFIELD 14th - 18th May 2014 Call the Box Office, on 0114 256 5656

Cirque du Soleil is pleased to announce that its signature production of Dralion, will be touring UK arenas in 2014: visiting Sheffield Motorpoint Arena 14-18 May. This is the first time that Dralion, which celebrates its 15th Anniversary next year, will have toured arenas in the UK. Fusing the 3000 year-old tradition of Chinese acrobatic arts with the multidisciplinary approach of Cirque du Soleil, Dralion (pronounced “Dra-lee-on”) draws its inspiration from Eastern philosophy and its never-ending quest for harmony between humans and nature. The show’s name is derived from its two emblematic creatures: the dragon, symbolizing the East, and the lion, symbolizing the West. In Dralion, the four elements that govern the natural order take on a human form. Thus embodied, each element is represented by its own evocative colour: air is blue; water is green; fire is red; earth is ochre. In the world of Dralion, cultures blend, Man and Nature are one, and balance is achieved.

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With a line up boasting the best tributes to Foo Fighters, The Stone Roses and Arctic Monkeys, as well as local support acts, this year’s festival will certainly have the tent rocking out. “We always look forwards to coming Brough as it’s such a great atmosphere at the festival,” says Jez Lee, founder and owner of Fake Festivals. “We’re delighted how Brough has embraced the whole festival fever in its own town, and we’re so happy to be back again this year with another fantastic line up which I’m sure you will enjoy.” After a record-breaking year in 2013, Fake Festivals will be hosting a special three day festival in September, The Big Fake Festival. If you buy a ticket to Brough Fake Festival, or any of the festivals on the 2014 tour, you automatically get a free ticket to The Big Fake Festival at Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire from 5th to 7th September. TO WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS FOR BROUGH FAKE FESTIVAL: Just put your name, address and contact phone number on a postcard and send to: FakeFest Draw. 31 Elm Drive , Cherry Burton, HU17 7RJ • Closing date is May 1st 2014.

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Support Your Local Economy

DNfourteen April 2014

J. Rotherham

Memorials Est. 1927

• Specialists in supplying and installing new Headstones, Plaques and Vases • Experts at Renovating Older Memorials • Additional Inscriptions • We can create a completely unique design for your Loved One • 50 Memorials on display Showroom Open 8am -5pm Monday to Friday, Saturday by appointment

TEL: 01430 861 047

Quality Memorials at Reasonable Prices

Members of the National Association of Memorial Masons




Keeping Trade Local

DNfourteen April 2014


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12346•ADVERT IN DN14 PUBLICATION /126X190mm.indd 1

24/03/2014 14:04

DNfourteen April 2014

Keeping Trade Local



and the burglar could sue you for assault. Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, after a woman failed to realise that a steaming Common Sense, who has been with us for many cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since launched a lawsuit and his birth records was promptly awarded a were long ago lost huge settlement. in bureaucratic Common Sense was red tape. He will preceded in death by..... be remembered his parents, Truth and as having Trust, his wife, Discretion, cultivated such his daughter, Responsibility, and by his son, Reason. valuable lessons as: He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers; Knowing when to come in out of the rain; I Know My Rights Why the early bird gets the worm; I Want It Now Life isn’t always fair; Someone Else Is To Blame And maybe it was my fault. I’m A Victim Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial Pay me for Doing Nothing policies (don’t spend more than you can earn) Not many attended his funeral because so few and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in realised he was gone. charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar in your own home

COMMON SENSE is not so common

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APRIL CROSSWORD & SUDOKU PUZZLES Across 1. Oily or greasy (9) 5. Bet (5) 7. Young eel (5) 9. Land measure (4) 10. Sultry (6) 12. Dairy product (6) 13. Hex (4) 15. Crowd scene actor (5) 16. Hidden drawback (5) 18. Accumulated (9)


Down 1. Cutting tool (3) 2. Remedy (4) 3. Wildcat (6) 4. Contradiction in terms (7) 6. Article of clothing (7) 8. Findings of a jury (7) 9. Of times long past (7) 11. Attack (6) 14. Dull pain (4) 17. Concealed (3)

Chauffeur driven 8 seater American Stretch Limousines with LCD TVs, DVDs, CDs & COMPLIMENTARY BUBBLY


The rules of Sudoku are simple. Place a digit from 1 to 9 in each empty cell so every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

Last Months Solutions

Solutions will be printed in next months issue.


DNfourteen April 2014

Support Your Local Economy



No matter how good we are and how well we look after things, disaster can strike – and when it affects your computer data it can be crippling. A recent survey showed that over 70% of small firms who suffered a complete data loss went out of business within 2 years of the event. Here’s how you become one of the 30% who can retrieve their data – no matter what hits them! There are a number of great online backup services available that make the process a real no brainer - Dropbox, Google Drive and Skydrive come to mind immediately. But for price and features you can’t beat the new offering from Logmein. com . Their new offering is called Cubby [] and has some advantages for the novice user. First off you don’t need to change the way you work – Cubby adapts to you, not the other way around – you simply indicate which folders on your computer you want backing up and cubby does the rest, automatically. Next, it works completely in the background – you don’t need to remember to move files to a special backup folder or manually start a process at regular intervals – as long as your machine is on – it’s backing up! Finally you do get 5GB of storage for free – that’s a lot of space for the average user, unless of course you have masses of video and music files, in which case you can buy a massive 100gb of storage for around £3 a month – cheap as chips for all that peace of mind! Just one word of caution – if you use Outlook to deal with your email you will need to backup the outlook.pst file to save your data – find it by doing a search for *.pst on your computer – then get cubby to back up the folder where it’s located. And remember Outlook needs to be turned off for the file to be backed up properly. Don’t forget, the hard drive in a computer is a mechanical device – it’s not a question of if it will fail – it’s a question of when! Happy Googling! Words: Steve “Old Googler” Elliott E:

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Looking After You

DNfourteen April 2014

NUTRITION: Top Five Tips 1. Fill up on vegetables Vegetables are a low calorie/high volume food. This means you can eat a lot of vegetables without consuming a lot of unwanted calories and you will feel full because they take up a lot of room in your stomach. When eating vegetables, avoid adding sauces and oil, which will add more total calories to your meal. Aim for fresh or steamed vegetables when possible.

2. Take it easy on the fruit While fruit is a great source of fiber and natural sugar, some people tend to go overboard and eat too much. In turn, this keeps sugar and carbohydrate intake sky high. Rather than ditching fruit all together, try pairing one piece of fruit with almond butter, nuts or a source of lean protein. 3. Be wary of nutrition/protein bars

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Looking After You

DNfourteen April 2014


While the marketing on most of these products claim these bars are the healthy alternative, most of these bars are high in fat, carbohydrates and artificial preservatives. Some of these health bars also pack a similar nutritional punch as a traditional candy bar. Do not be fooled! Read the label and check out what is really going into these products. 4. Up the protein If you feel like you are constantly hungry, try adding a bit more protein to your meals. Ttry eating the protein portion of your meals before having the side items which are higher in carbohydrates and fat. 5. Drink more water Water aids your body in digestion and keeps your skin looking youthful and hydrated. On days where you are training or outdoors for a period of time, be sure to consume extra water. Drinking 12 ounces of water before your meal will also fill up your stomach and may prevent you from overeating.

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39 DNfourteen April 2014

Local Groups & Clubs

KINGSWAY Children’s Centre Monday : Let’s Get Playing 10.15 – 11.45am Walking to 3yrs. Fun toddler session for parents/carers and their children. Contact the Centre to book. Bumps to Babies 1.00 – 3.00pm A six week rolling programme for new parents to be. Contact the Centre to book. Child Health Clinic 2.00 – 3.30pm Come along and have your baby weighed, with a Health Visitor present to answer your questions. Tuesday: Infant Massage 10.30 – 11.30am Relaxing infant massage for you and your baby. Contact the Centre to book. Workshops 1.15 – 2.45pm Language; Sleep; Behaviour; Home resources and much more. Contact the Centre for more information and to book. Wednesday : Babies Playing incorporating ‘Feeding? Any Which Way….’ 10.00 – 11.30am Birth to crawling. For you and your baby to play and socialise. A chance to get together, share experiences, tips and advice, whichever way you have chosen to feed. Contact the Centre to book. Creepy Crawlies 1.30 – 3.00 pm Crawlers to toddlers. Fun play session. Thursday: Young Parents Drop-in 1.00 – 3.00pm Children 0 - 5 years. Informal play session for Young Parents and their children. Friday : Little Stars Goole Leisure Centre 11.15 – 12.15pm Children 0 - 5years. Fun & Fitness. Term time only.

Carlton Railway Society, Model Rail Show Saturday 29th March at The Courtyard Goole. DN14 6AE 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Over 20 Layouts in Various Gauges with Trade Support. Admission, Adults £4 Concessions £3. Family Tickets Available. Refreshments.

HOOK IN BLOOM Are hiring Hook Memorial Hall for Monthly Table Top sales. Hook Village is located between Howden & Goole exit Junctions either 36 or 37 from M62 or Satnav DN14 5PG All are invited to rent a table to sell a selection and a variety of goods, plus local produce. This is open to villagers from the local area, charitable organisations and small businesses. Table cost: £4 Anyone raising money for a Charity Table cost: only £2 Space outside also available for Carboots cost £4 per car Booking essential Trading times 9am to 12 noon Refreshments will be available.

13th April, 11th May, 8th June, 13th July, 10th August, 14th Sept, 12th October, 2nd November 14th December (Christmas Fair) RING BARBARA ON 07971686046 & BOOK YOUR STALL

Rawcliffe Bridge Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association 2nd Tues of the Month. 7pm in the Gospel Hall, Rawcliffe. Visitors welcome. 01405 839546

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JUNE 2013 Local GroupsDNfourteen & Clubs 31

40 LOCAL GROUPS AND CLUBS DNfourteen April 2014 OUSEFLEET TUMBLE TIME on Wed 1.30-3pm Ousefleet Community Centre term time only RAWCLIFFE Thursday 9.15-11am in Rawcliffe Village Hall REEDNESS RASCALS Mon 1.30-3pm term-time Reedness Primary School STAY & PLAY (fortnightly) Fri 10-11.30am at Laxton Village Hall, under 5’s, term time 01430 432145 SWINEFLEET Tue 9.30-11.30am Swinefleet Village Hall for all under 5s term-time 01405 761287 HOOK STEP-UP GROUP every weekday for 3 & 4 year olds - morning, afternoon and full day sessions at Garth Lane, Hook 01405 766953 MARSHLANDS weekday mornings 9am-12noon at Marshlands Children’s Centre for over 2s 01405 762614 RAINBOW 9.15-12.15 Mon, Thur, Fri & 9.152.15 Tue/Wed for age 18m+ at Goole Central Methodist Church School Rooms 01405 720859 EASTRINGTON BUSY BEES PLAYGROUP Mon/Tue half & full day sessions 9.15-11.45am & lunch club 11.45-12.30pm, 12.30pm-3.15pm + Fri half and full day sessions 9.15-11.45 & lunch club 11.45-12.15pm, 12.15-3.15pm. Held at Eastrington Busy Bees Janette on 01430 410394 FAMILY LEARNING Mon 1.15-3pm at Marshlands Children’s Centre please call to book 01405 762614 LET’S GET 8 week rolling programme for parents & carers of children from 16-36months Mon 10.15 11.45am at Kingsway 01405 761287 & 1.15-2.45pm Shire Hall, Howden 01430 432145 MUSIC TIME Mon 9.30-10.30 & 2-3 term-time at Shire Hall Howden age 6m-4 yrs Daryl 01430 432727 RIVERBANK CRECHE Mon & Fri 8.30-12.30 at Marshlands.To book call 01405 762614 - charges apply YOUNG PARENTS Tues 9.45-11.45 & Fri 2-4pm at Marshlands Children’s Centre (for young & expectant parents). Thursdays at Kingsway Children’s Centre 1.00-3.00pm. 01405 762614 19TH GOOLE GUIDES Mon 7-8.30pm Goole Guide HQ, Clifton Gardens. term-time girls 10-14. 07709 91239. Details of local Rainbows, Brownies, Guides & Seniors 07709 912437 1ST GOOLE SCOUTS Meet at Scout Headquaters, Dunhill Rd, Goole. Beavers age 6-8 Thurs 6.30-7.30pm. Cubs age 8-10 1/2 Wed 6.30 - 8.30pm. Scouts age 10 1/2 - 14 1/2 Mon 6.30 - 8.30pm. contact 07845585217

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1ST HOOK SCOUTS Monday at Hook Primary Beavers - 5.45-7.15 • Cubs - 6.30-8.30 - Scouts 6.30-8.30 01405 764782 1ST HOWDEN ST PETERS SCOUTS Howden Senior School. Cubs age 8-101/2 Wed 6.30 - 8pm. Scouts age 101/2 -14 Thur 7 - 9pm. Explorers age 14-18 Wed 8-9.30pm. Now also Beavers age 6-8 Tue 6.30-7.30 Eastrington Village Hall 07970 207309 2357 (GOOLE) SQUADRON AIR TRAINING CORPS Wed & Fri 7-9.15pm at TA Centre, Goole GOOLE ARMY CADET FORCE Mon & Thu 7.159.30pm at the Drill Hall, Pasture Rd, Goole UPDATE HOOK YOUTH CLUB Tue 6.30-8pm in Memorial Hall term-time only - for school year 5 upto 16 years. £2 annual membership + £1/week 01405 769043 HOWDEN BOWLS CLUB Outdoor Bowling at the Ashes Playing Field, Season runs May to September , New members welcome Contact: Mrs D. Westerman (Secretary), 01430 432196 AIRMYN WI 3rd Wednesday 7.00pm - Airmyn Park School SNAITH WI 3rd.Tues. in the month. Eadon Place Residents Lounge 7:15pm BARMBY ON THE MARSH WI 2nd Mon 7.15pm Institute Hall HOOK WI 2nd Monday 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall HOWDEN WI 2nd Tue 7.15pm Methodist Chapel, Howden MARSHLAND YORKSHIRE COUNTRYWOMENS‘ ASSOCIATION 2nd Wed 7.30pm in Swinefleet Village Hall Visitors welcome 01405 762664 READS WARBLERS SHOW CHOIR Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm at Central Methodist Church, Goole Jenny Read 07731307669, Natalie Walker 07599523335 GOOLE MENS BADMINTON CLUB 16+, Ladies Welcome Mike 07951811641 SUGAR CRAFT CLASSES monthly at Rawcliffe Village Hall. Contact Maureen for more details at Buzz Bakes 01405 839361

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32 Local & Clubs 01964 552470Groups or Email:

DNfourteen April 2014 41

GOOLE SOLO CLUB Every Tue 7.30 - 11pm now meets at Spire Community Centre, Church Street, Goole Roy 01405 767057 HOWDEN PROBUS GROUP Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month, 10am – 12noon at East Riding Council Offices, Hailgate, Howden. 01430 432057 THE ODDFELLOWS (Manchester Unity Friendly Society) 2nd Mondays 7.30pm 176 Boothferry Rd, Goole 01405 765356 B52’S SCOOTER CLUB BOOTHFERRY FAMILY & LOCAL HISTORY GROUP 2nd & 4th Mon at 7pm, the Courtyard, Goole. 01405 762608 or 720460 CARLTON RAILWAY SOCIETY Mondays Model Railway group & Branch of Historical Model Railway Society Mr. J W Farrell 01405 861018 CASTAWAY MUSIC THEATRE Wed eve & Fri term-time for adults with learning/physical disabilities 01405 768468/07835 000550 Also CASTAWAY SHIPMATES MUSIC THEATRE Mon 4.30-6.30 term-time for disabled & non-disabled age 8-18 COME & SING Thur 1.15-2.45 at Courtyard term time 01405 837100 CRAFT GROUP Fridays 12.30-2.30pm at The Courtyard GO READ A BOOK 1st Thur of month 7-9pm Dunhill Rd Community Centre 01405 764327 GOOLE ART SOCIETY Mon 7-9pm Goole College 01405 768747 GOOLE & DISTRICT MCC (WOBBLY GOOLIES) GOOLE MODEL BOAT CLUB Every Sat and Wed afternoon. Public welcome to visit GOOLE WARGAMES 2nd Sunday of month 9-1 at Scout Hut, Dunhill Rd, Goole. Historical, Warhammer, Fantasy games 01405 766986 HOOK ART CLUB 2nd Wed 7pm Memorial Hall 01405 764729 HOOK GARDENING CLUB meets on the Last Friday of the Month (no meetings June & July & Dec) - Hook Memorial Hall 7-9pm Free Refreshments - Plant & Seed Swap and Monthly Raffle No Annual Membership fee just ‘PAY AS YOU VISIT’ £3 per person. Jan 31st speaker: PAUL ROBINSON TALK – SEWERBY GARDENS Contact Justine 01405 769725 or 07743460357 HOOK IN BLOOM VOLUNTEERS Meet every Wednesday at Heppy’s from 7pm (September - March) and from 7pm down on the Allotment and 8pm at Heppy’s for an informal Chat to discuss new village projects or what’s happening on the allotment. Volunteers also meet every Sunday 9.30 - Noon either down on the Allotment, or planting, weeding, tidying & litter pick or projects around the village. If you’d like to join us and can spare an hour everyone is welcome.

HOOK IN BLOOM monthly committee meetings 2nd Wed in month 7.30pm Heppy’s (High Street, Hook) Justine on 01405769725 / 07743460357 WHIST DRIVE Every 3rd Friday in the Courtyard, Goole

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HOWDEN & DISTRICT U3A offer a wide range of interest groups and activities for people retired from full-time employment. New members welcome. Trish Arnold on 01430 431222 HOWDEN CAMERA CLUB HOWDEN CIVIC SOCIETY 1st Wed 7.30pm in Masonic Hall, Howden. Indoor mtgs Sept - April 01430 431282 HOWDEN DOLL’S HOUSE & MINIATURE CRAFT CLUB 4th Sat 12noon - 4pm in Hook Memorial Hall 01430 431305 HOWDEN HISTORIC MOTORCYCLE GROUP 2nd Wed at Bowman’s Hotel, Howden Brian Gould 01430 430777 EAST YORKSHIRE CANOE CLUB Saturday mornings 10am-12noon at South Ings Lane, Off Newport Road, North Cave. Come & try sessions £4 Irene on 01430 422933 INTERNET CAFE Every Friday 10am-2pm at the Courtyard for people with no experience 01405 837100 JUST SEW Thursday 7-9pm at Newport Village Hall. Cath 01430 410403 MARSHLAND LOCAL HISTORY GROUP Meet last Tuesday in month 7.15p.m. in Swinefleet Village Hall. For information about the details of meetings and events see website or contact 01405 704512. LINE DANCING Airmyn Village Hall, Monday 7pm-9pm price £3.50 01405 760722 NORTON OWNERS CLUB - EAST YORKS 3rd Thurs 7.30pm at Kings Arms, Newport see our new website Anna Jeanette Dixon 01430 430831 RADIO & ELECTRONICS SOCIETY Wed 7.30 ring for details of venues Ken 01757 638539 RAWCLIFFE HARMONICS CHOIR Mon 7-9pm Rawcliffe Gospel Hall Diane Edwards 01405 839804 READS WARBLERS POP CHOIR Tuesdays 7.308.30pm at Central Methodist Church, Goole Jenny Read 07731307669 RSPB Blacktoft Sands Sat 16 March - Improve your Birdwatching £4 01405 704665

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42 LOCAL GROUPS AND CLUBS DNfourteen April 2014 SING FOR YOUR LIFE Tue at the Courtyard 10-12noon. Older people singing with children 01405 768468 SIR WILLIAM PENNYMAN’S REGIMENT OF THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR SOCIETY Re-enactment group based in Howden ST PAUL’S PLAYERS Thursday 7pm at the Briarcroft Hotel, Clifton Gardens John 01405 763024 ACTIVE IN AGE WALKING GROUP Our 30 minute walking groups run fortnightly every other Monday starting from 67 Boothferry Road, Goole followed by tea, coffee and a chat afterwards. The walks will start at 1.30pm 0800 9177752 ACTIVE IN AGE CLASS (gentle exercise) 10:30am start (every Monday) at the Trinity Methodist Church Hall, Clifton Gardens, Goole 0800 9177752 BALLROOM & LATIN DANCE For adult beginners 1st 2nd & 4th Thurs 7- 9pm at The Memorial Hall, Hook For children Sat 10.15am -1.30pm at Guide Hut, Clifton Gardens, Goole Wendy 01405 7602999 BUTTERFLY DANCE STUDIOS Carlisle Street, Goole 01405 780626 DANCING Sequence Dancing with Cliff and Maureen every Saturday at Airmyn Village Hall 8-10.30pm. £2.00 incl. refreshments & raffle. All Welcome. GENTLE EXERCISE CLASS Mondays 11.1012noon at the Courtyard £2 01405 837100 GOOLE & DISTRICT RAMBLING CLUB 01405 720668 HOWDEN & GOOLE RAMBLERS 01430 431766/430712 MARGARET HARNESS SCHOOL OF DANCE 01405 762271 PILATES Tuesdays - 6.30pm - 7.30pm The Shire Hall, Howden. Thursdays 6.30pm - 7.30pm The Courtyard, Goole Drop in Class £4.50 per session. Contact Val on 07801 954474 REALLY ACTIVE CLUB for all ages, abilities, families 01405 762608 SLIMMING WORLD GROUPS Tuesday - Howden – The Masonic Hall, Selby Road 9.30am, 5.30pm & 7.30pm Wednesday - Riccall – Regent Centre 5.00pm & 7.00pm Thursday - Snaith – The Sports Hall at Secondary School, Pontefract Road 5.00pm & 7.00pm Doreen 07725 003417 Monday 5.30pm and 7.30pm at the Courtyard Goole, Leanne 07592 664524 Tuesday 9.30am, 11.30am, 5.30pm and 7.30pm at the Courtyard Goole. Mandy 07962 258111/ 01405 780742 Wednesday 7.00pm at the Courtyard.

JUNE 2013 Local GroupsDNfourteen & Clubs 33 STEP & TONE Thur 10-11 term-time Shire Hall, Howden 01757 630713 YOGA Mon 7 30-9pm Sothern Arms Function Room Hook. Thursday 7-8 30pm Courtyard Goole. New Tuesday 10-11 30am Ilkeston Community Centre Goole. Wednesday 7 15-8 45 Parkside School Hall Goole. Contact Linda Dunne 01430 432278 for all above classes ZUMBA Mondays Parkside School 6pm Tuesdays 7.30 Goole High School Wednesdays 6pm at Howden Senior School Laura 07855879867 ZUMBA GOLD Wednesdays Airmyn Memorial Hall 10am, Thursdays Ilkeston Communiy Centre 11am Laura 07855879867 ZUMBATOMIC for children Tuesdays 5.30-6pm at Goole Gymnastics Centre, First Avenue, Goole 01405 769259 KETTLERCISE Mondays Parkside School 7pm Tuesdays Goole High School 6.30pm Laura 07855879867 BOKWA Wednesdays Goole High School 7.35pm Laura 07855879867 ARAMIS SUB AQUA Diving club. Thur 9pm at Goole Leisure Centre 01405 720154 BACK TO NETBALL For ladies 18+ Thur 7-8pm Goole High School Val Bentley 01405 764813 BOOTHFERRY BADMINTON at Goole Leisure Centre Jun 8-16 yrs & Ad 18+ 01405 765570 COBRA ARCHERS For adults & juniors Goole Leisure Centre 01405 765347 GOOLE A.F.C. 1st division UniBond League. Also members of the West Riding F.A. GOOLE & DISTRICT BOWLING ASSOCIATION GOOLE GYMNASTICS For adults & juniors (age 4 years+) at Goole Goole Gymnastics Centre, First Ave Peter 01405 769259 GOOLE JUDO For adults & juniors (age 4+) Goole Leisure Centre John 01405 769987 GOOLE MARTIAL ARTS TRUST Victoria St 01405 720740 GOOLE MOUNTAINEERING GOOLE RUGBY Seniors plus U16s•U15s•U14s•U13s, U12s•U11s U10s•U9s•U8s•U7s & Girls - U14s • U17s GOOLE NETBALL For adults & juniors (age 7+) at Goole Leisure Centre & Goole High School Pat 01405 769336 GOOLE SQUASH CLUB For adults at Goole Leisure Centre Valda 01430 410262

Tracy 07969 654067


01964Local 552470Groups or Email: 34 & Clubs GOOLE STRIDERS Wed eves at the Rugby Club GOOLE TANG SOO DO Guide Headquarters, Clifton Gdns, Goole, or Swinefleet Village Hall GOOLE TENNIS CENTRE GOOLE TOWN CRICKET CLUB Westfield, Carr Lane, Rutland Rd, Goole. Juniors U9s, U11s, U13s, U15s, U17s & 3 Senior Teams. Clubhouse available for parties, weddings, christenings, funerals, meetings etc. Contact Elza 07545 191899 GOOLE TOWN GIRLS & LADIES FOOTBALL coaching & match play for girls and ladies 8 years upwards. 01405 764772 or 077510 52984 or email: GOOLE TOWN TIGERS JUNIOR FOOTBALL Run teams from U6s to U13s. Home fixtures South Park, Old Goole HOWDEN & DISTRICT RIDING seniors and juniors 07840 861224 email: HOWDEN & GOOLE KARATE Adults & juniors at the Shire Hall, Howden & Goole Leisure Centre Mike 01430 860649 HOWDEN TOWN AFC Coaching & matches for ages 6-15 + senior team WOODLAND SQUASH CLUB junior development club at Goole Leisure Centre with Level 3 adv county coach Derek Norris 07882 440329 NEW BLOOD DONORS ARE NEEDED across the Hull area. Please contact 0300 123 23 23 to register as a donor and make an appointment today. Or visit COURTYARD ACTIVITIES Open Doors 3rd Wednesday of each month 7pm-9pm Support for those affected affected by emotional and mental distress and their families and friends Parkinson’s Disease Support Group First Tuesday of the month 1.30 – 3.00 For those living with Parkinson’s Disease or caring for someone living with Parkinson’s My Fibro & ME (Goole) First Tuesday of the month 1.30 – 3.00 Support for sufferers and family members, carers & friends

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43 DNfourteen April 2014 MARSHLANDS CHILDREN’S CENTRE Contact 01405 762614

9 - 12 every day - Pre-school - For children aged 2 and upwards to enjoy socialising in a fun, friendly and stimulating environment. Costs apply. Monday 9.30 - 11 - Chat and Chill with your baby Join us for a drink and a chat whilst your baby plays, share experiences and advice with other parents and a community nursery nurse. Tuesday 9.45 - 11.45 - Young parents. For young parents / expectant parents 25 and under to share experiences, support and learning opportunities. Contact the centre for more information. Creche provided Tuesday - Let’s Get... playing with Chatter and Rhyme For parents and carers with confident toddlers up to 5 years to share play experiences focused on developing and supporting children’s early language skills with songs, stories and imaginative play. Tuesday 1 - 3 - Family links - 10 week nurturing parenting programme for parents and carers to increase their confidence and parenting skills and make the most of family life. Contact the centre to book. Creche provided Wednesday 1 - 3 - Young parents - For young parents / expectant parents 25 and under to come together for advice support and fun with our young parent worker. Contact the centre to book on to the session. Creche provided Wednesday 2 - 3.30 - Babies playing - A relaxing and stimulating session for parents and carers with babies birth to 12 months to socialise, share experiences and gain information about child development. Wednesday 2.30 - 3.30 - Child health clinic - Opportunity to have your baby weighed and discuss your child’s health and development with a local health visitor. No appointment required. Thursday 9.30 - 11.30 - Taking care of you - An emotional awareness session for parents and carers to come together and take time to discover their own thoughts and feelings. Contact the centre for more information and to book onto the programme. Creche provided. Thursday 10- 12 - Antenatal clinic A midwife lead, appointment based clinic for expectant parents. Contact the midwifery team to book. Thursday 1.15 - 2.45 - Let’s Get... For parents and carers with confident toddlers up to 5 years to share experiences, play and have fun. Friday 10.30 - 11.30 - Baby Massage A 5 week course for parents and carers with babies who have had their 6 week check. Massage promotes bonding and relaxation and can aid sleep and ease colic. Contact the centre for more information and to book onto the programme. Tuesday 10 - 11.15 - Let’s get... playing in Snaith a Fun play session for parents and carers with children under 5 to come together to share experiences and play, Held at Snaith Community Sports Hall on the High School Campus. Thursday 10 - 11 - Baby massage in Snaith A 5 week course for parents and carers with babies who have had their 6 week check. Massage promotes bonding and relaxation and can aid sleep and ease colic. Held at Snaith health centre. Contact the Children’s centre for more information and to book onto the programme.

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USEFUL LocalNUMBERS Groups & Clubs

DNfourteen April 2014

WHAT’S ON MIXED ACTIVITY GROUP IN RAWCLIFFE Those wishing to meet new people, as well as old friends, can join a free mixed activities group at Rawcliffe Gospel Hall taking place every Tuesday from 1.30-3pm. Various activities will be available to try, as well as New Age Kurling and Soft bowls. Everyone is welcome and refreshments will be provided. For more information call Sam James on 07881 843197 or email

CAR BOOT SALES The Shire Hall in Howden, East Yorkshire is a registered charity and we are always looking at ways to keep our wonderful building up and running. This year in partnership with the Ashes Playing Field Trust we are holding three car boot sales. Saturday 26th April 2014 Saturday 24th May 2014 Saturday 28th June 2014


is NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FOR THIS SUMMERS EVENT ON JULY 20th at Brantingham Park HU15 1HX Over 10,000 visitors anticipated Book now if you’re a: Market Trader • Food Vendor Fun Fair Ride Owner Arts & Crafts Seller Entertainer or Musicians Indoor & Outdoor Pitches Tel: 01964 552470 Please mention


0800 375675 0800 111999 0845 6060222 0845 1242424


01405 762300 01405 752902 01405 861600 01405 86149


01405 767711 01430 430318 01405 726140


01405 720720 01724 282282




£25 PER 1k


Quote YOU for DESIGN & PRINT Too

01430 410294 01405 769646 01430 430320 01405 763467 01405 762995 01405 839361 01405 839330

LIBRARIES GOOLE Carlisle Street, Goole 01405 762187 DN14 POSTCODE AREA COVERED INC: HOWDEN The Shire Hall 01430 430378 GOOLE • HOWDEN • OUSEFLEET SNAITH 27 Market Place 01405 860096




TEL: 01964 552 470


0145 764255

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DNfourteen April 2014 DECORATING ______________________________

Doing business with us will be a pleasure...

To book your space just call Jane today on

01964 552 470 BUILDERS _________________________________

DECORATING ______________________________

DECORATING _______________________________ ELECTRICAL ________________________________


GO or


Also • Bu find

DRAINAGE ________________________________

FREEPHONE 0800 542 3205

Tel: 01405 761 664 M: 07711 521 732

• Blocked Drains. • Drains Repaired. • Water Jetting. • Steam Cleaning. • Graffitti Removal. • Septic Tanks. • Gutters Cleaned. • Surface Water • Drainage. • Domestic, • Industrial and • Commercial. • And Much More • FREE Estimates • Friendly Advice

GAS SUPPLIES ______________________________

stay warm & cosy

this winter with portable gas we stock cabinet and space heaters along with all your gas supplies FREE local delivery for fast & friendly service call

GOOLE GAS & WELDING SUPPLIES or 01405 762511 or 07719 924355 Stockist of LPG Auto Gas Also commercial & industrial • Butane • Propane • Welding Supplies find us at Andersen Road, Goole

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Agent for


Tradesmen You Can Trust


HOME MAINTENANCE ____________________________________________________________________

HOUSE CLEARANCE ________________________ PLUMBING__________ ROOFING ____________


CALL: 01482 420 250 35 Years Experience PEST CONTROL ____________________________

WOOD ___________________________________

KEEP WARM THIS WINTER Kindling: £3.00 per bag or 4 for £10 Eco Logs: 10kg sacks £3.50 or 4 for £12 Bulk orders welcome. Tel: 07866 100 589

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By Fiona Dwyer, broadcast journalist, PR & media consultant, slave to 2 children and a husband. GAMING AND TABLETS

USEFUL NUMBERS EMERGENCY NUMBERS NORTHERN POWER GRID 24 hour 0800 375675 GAS 24 hour escape calls 0800 111999 GOOLE POLICE STATION 0845 6060222 YORKSHIRE WATER 24 hours 0845 1242424 DENTISTS DENTAL SURGERY Clifton Gdns 01405 762300 GOOLE CITY HEALTH DENTAL 01405 752902 YOUNGS DENTAL PRACTICE Snaith 01405 861600

I have been thinking DOCTORS about the subject BARTHOLOMEW MEDICAL GROUP 01405 767711 HOWDEN MEDICAL CENTRE 01430 430318 of connecting with MONTAGUE MEDICAL CENTRE 01405 726140 people, how many of your children play games on HOSPITALS & HEALTH the Xbox, Playstation, Wii or iPad? And do they GOOLE DISTRICT HOSPITAL 01405 720720 SCUNTHORPE GENERAL HOSPITAL 01724 282282 hook up to “join” their schoolfriends while each is HELP & ADVICE sitting in their own house? It’s something that’s ALCOHOL & DRUG SERVICE 01405 608210 BOOTHFERRY ACCESS ADVISORY GROUP 763428 come up for me recently and I’m investigating BOOTHFERRY GINGERBREAD 01405 763138 the safeguards at the moment. For instance, if BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION 01430 430462 CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU 0300 3300888 my son joins in a game with a friend online, and CRUSE Bereavement Care 01405 767676 COALITION OF PHYSICAL DISABILITIES 837113 that friend is playing with GOOLE & DISTRICT RSPCA 07599 087527 GOOLE & DISTRICT TALKING NEWSPAPERS 769855 someone we don’t know, how HOME-START family support 01405 769966 does that work? There are HULL & E YORKS MIND 01405 837130 KINGSWAY CHILDREN’S CENTRE 01405 761287 also games where you’re, in R.A.T.S. 01405 837127 RELATE 01482 329621 effect, text messaging each WRVS 01405 769133 other, rather than actually POST OFFICES EASTRINGTON VILLAGE SHOP & PO 01430 410294 talking. Who keeps an eye on what’s being said? HOOK PO & VILLAGE STORE 01405 769646 My point is, it’s so easy for these gaming devices HOWDEN POST OFFICE 01430 430320 GOOLE POST OFFICE 01405 763467 to become our “childcare”, in that they keep the OLD GOOLE POST OFFICE 01405 762995 RAWCLIFFE VILLAGE NEWS & PO 01405 839361 children entertained while we get on with other RAWCLIFFE BRIDGE POST OFFICE 01405 839330 things – whether it’s housework or replying to LIBRARIES emails! I don’t think any parent would disagree. GOOLE Carlisle Street, Goole 01405 762187 HOWDEN The Shire Hall 01430 430378 But it’s really important to keep an eye on security SNAITH 27 Market Place 01405 860096 – and put any blocks in place that you deem OPTICIAN SPECSAVERS Boothferry Rd, Goole 01405 760699 necessary. That way our children can enjoy what CHIROPODIST they’re doing, but stay safe at the same time. GOOLE FOOT CLINIC, Goole 0145 764255 Fiona x THE COPY DEADLINE for the MAY EDITION is MONDAY 21st APRIL

Keep Trade Local

DNfourteen April 2014




chartered architects interior design urban design landscape design housing specialists commercial surveying project management extensions refurbishment conservation


Office: 5 St Ninians Walk, Ella Street, Hull, HU5 3BQ Tel 01482 342054, Mob 07980821274 Email Studio Office: Briar Cottage, Clementhorpe Lane, Gilberdyke, HU15 2UB Tel 01430 448385, Mob 07870503730 Email Beverley Minster



celebrating 10 years in business

Contact us on Facebook or Telephone: 01964 552 470 to book a stall at the event on: Saturday 18th October 2014

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