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Copenhagen, October 2024 –


In 2024 Denmark is hosting the 23rd triennial NKF Congress. The congress host rotates between the member countries of NKF (Nordic Association of Conservators, IIC Nordic Group): Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. It marks the end of each country’s three-year presidentship of the association.

Since 2021 the Danish organization under NKF has been working on finding the right theme and scope of the 2024 congress, and measuring the resources needed to succeed. The decision has been made for a two-day congress in Copenhagen in October 2024.

Congress theme

The title of the congress will be Resilience, with the subtitle How we adapt heritage-preservation to future challenges. With Resilience as title, we will focus on preservation in a changing world. We would like to create a space to discuss the resiliency of the conservation field and how it should adapt to changes in climate and biodiversity, international political structures, colonial dynamics and much more. How can heritage-preservation contribute to a change of conduct amongst people, institutions and society?

The congress has four main sessions, each focused on a different theme:

Resources & sustainability. Subjects to be discussed: Volunteering, interdisciplinarity, sustainable architecture and building, climate and environment, underwater archeology, rewilding etc.

Co-creation & collaboration. Subjects to be discussed: Activism, ownership, responsibility, volunteering, interdisciplinarity, representation, inclusion etc.

Conflict & care. Subjects to be discussed: Repatriation and representation, anti-colonization, digitization, armed conflict, recovery, activism, inclusion etc.

Change & persistence. Subjects to be discussed: Education, heritage skills, legislation, heritage communities and organisations (ECCO, ICOMOS, ICOM etc.), digitization, climate change etc.

We would like to invite speakers and attendees from all over the world coming from a conservation or another heritage profession background. We invite themes with both a theoretical and practical view, and contributions will be peer-reviewed.

NKF XXIII Congress will show the newest research in heritage preservation from the IIC-Nordic Group and invite international researchers to bring their knowledge to northern Europe. We believe in the importance of knowledge sharing and new perspectives to open our eyes and dare look into the sore subjects of a changing future.

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