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22 BECKY PORTER Prophetic Word For The Soul

25 SINGLE SANCTUARY Consistently Consistent By Pastor Adela Prejean

32 COINS CORNER By Tajuania Dawkins

35 MARRIAGE MATTERS Why Do We Settle By Johnnie & Tonia Fosyer


37 GERALD COLSON Faithfulness, Do You Have It?

OUR CREW-PRODUCTION TEAM Dr. Nia Gee - CEO/Founderr Omekia Mceal - COO/Acting Editor In Chief Gerald Colson - Atlanta, GA ASAP Errand Girls - Huntsville, AL Inquires Contact: BY ANDRIA NEYMAN Belinda Gail Management 3 | UNTOLD CHRONICLES belindagailmanagement@gmail.com

Untold Chronicles showcases the diff icult issues, life changing events and experiences of leaders, men and women of God that caused them to want to throw in the towel, stop going to church and for some utimately leave God. However, God has a different idea and each featured guest narrate their account of deliverance, while demonstrating to those also affected, there is a way out (solution). Untold Chronicles deals with the immensely hard issues we endure so as to offer, establish and maintain a connection with others who have similar testimonies or experiences. Through steps, sacred writings and supplications, they look to offer guidance on how to obtain, regain and restore relationships with Christ, while also learning to trust again.

Unconventional, unorthodox, and unapologetically me when it comes to ministry. She believes the Word of God as stated in Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” However, she knows that the changes in society and time mean that we must change how we convey the Word of God to this new generation. Nia’s ministry is to the downtrodden, the outcasts, and to those the church has given up on. She has a strong love and compassion for these types of people; she understands that deep feeling of rejection all too well. At one point, it was her. Her mission is to engage millennials with uncommon practices in ministry—practices that actually appeal to them. She then equips them with The Word of the God and all the necessary armor that they need for today’s battles. Finally, she sends them forth, empowered that they may bring others into the Kingdom of God.


CHOW TIME #ucchowtime


ou cannot go wrong with chicken! The South hands down does it best yet there are countless entities that do an outstanding job of serving it up. Now understand that there is an art to the preparation and the great thing about it is simple salt and pepper can blow it out to the water. From California , Chicago, Alabma, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri all the way to Miami and somewhere in between fried chicken can be found. Prepared in the right way (millions of ways) it can be juicy or tender ranging from sweet to salty or hot to mild. All across the nation whether fancy, in a club type setting, diner or restaurant chicken is an all-time favorite. No two places are the same and it is guaranteed to be an argument over who does it the best. reparation to fry chicken ranges from a few minutes to a few days depending on how serious the cook is about his or her craft. Some keep it simple and others have a very elaborate routine when it comes to the taste and look of their bird. Seasoned batters and mixes make up the savory flavors created to ensure customers return and or trave from all over the world just to have a seat at the table. Main events like the Super Bowl, draft parties and other passtimes are deemed incomplete if there is not some form present, be it wing, leg, thigh or breast. Let's look at some of those establishments some have been around for many years whereas others are up and coming.








HAROLDS'CHICKEN SHACK (Chicago, Illinois) "Called "The Fried Chicken King" late Mr. Harold Pierce established a place for great fresh cooked chicken that has been around for more than 70 years. Two loctions in the Chicago area and remote locations in Atlanta, GA.

SWEETIE PIES (St. Louis, Missouri) Owner and founder Ms. Robbie Montgomery was once a backup singer for the famous Ike and Tina Turner. The finished product is a taste to die for, a hint of sugar, hot sauce, lemon juice and butter.

What are some of your favorite spots to get great food and service? Untold Chronicles wants to know. Send them to belindagailmanagement@gmail.com


ROSCO'S HOUSE OF CHICKEN & WAFFLES (Los Angeles, California) The cook-to-order establishment has been in business for over 40 years and is said to be a trailblazer in the fried chicken and waffles arean. Cooked fresh and tastes the best when paired with that golden waffle.

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GREEN ACRES (Birmingham, AL) Serving the community starting in 1958 the family decided to expand in 1994 and now have four (4) locations. The fried chicken is served with your choice of condiments (ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, etc) right on top.


CHAMPY'S (Chattanooga, TN) Open since 2009 yet a reciepe that dates back 40 years. The family owed business is also famous for signature dollar bills tappeed nicely over the walls. Cooked to order with delicious fixings on the side.





verett Drake is an award-winning gospel artist and televison personality from Nashville, Tenessee. For over 35 years you have seen him on television’s longest running show BET’S BOBBY JONES GOSPEL and BOBBY JONES PRESENTS on Impact Television Network, working with the who’s who of Gospel Music, from Pastor Shirley Caesar, Bishop Rance Allen, and Bishop John P. Kee to Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, BeBe & CeCe Winans, and many more. In addition to his travels with AMBASSADOR DR. BOBBY JONES, Everett’s voice can be heard on many recordings of Gospel and Country, which led to tours with Country Music’s DONNA FARGO, crossover giant LYLE LOVETT, and Pop Sensation’s NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. With acclaim from his debut CD, Everett has garnerd the title of MR. AMEN GOES RIGHT THERE! As an independent artist, he has channeled his passion and experiences into this exciting new moves to help educate and empower new inspired Gospel Artist. As we all know KNOWLWEDGE IS POWER!


My greatest triumph over the enemy was overcoming fear and doubt, and not allowing others to discourage me in following my own dreams. It can be paralyzing dealing with fear and doubt! I went to school to be an accountant and began work with the State of Tennessee. I was still singing, and had been gone one time too many, when I called in to my supervisor to let them know that I would be in that Monday morning. I was told that if they had not heard from me, they were going to have to terminate me. I did know that as long as you did not get fired from a State job, you could always go back and get one. I prayed to GOD saying, You said you would give me the desires of my heart, and my desire is to sing! I went in to work, sat down at my desk and wrote my resignation. In about two weeks, I received a call from Country Star DONNA FARGO, who gave me my first job working as a professional singer. I sang on many of her recordings in the 70’s and was excited about the opportunity! I just believe that if I had not taken that leap of faith, I probably would still be working there today, if not retired It was my FAITH that helped me make the decision to cast fear and doubt away and walk in my purpose!

“It was my FAITH that helped me mae the decision to cast fear and doubt away and walk in PURPOSE.” 9 | UNTOLD CHRONICLES

Many times it is the people around us that promote these things! So many times our family and friends are the very ones who try to discourage us from following our dreams. Always remember, people on the outside really don’t have access to you. They can’t get to you or get in your head! It is the people close to you who have your ear and can cause the most damage! After being on BET’S BOBBY JONES GOSPEL for over 25 years, I became concerned about my future, knowing that the show certainly could not last forever. I did not want anyone to ask me what I did for a living and not have any music to present, representing all these years of my life devoted to music! Yes, I had toured with DONNA FARGO and LYLE LOVETT & HIS LARGE BAND for years, in addition to work with AMBASSADOR DR. BOBBY JONES, but I had no recordings of my own to show who I had become as a singer. I had tried to get something happening many times, but never could get any support. It wasn’t until a few years ago that it was made possible through my producer, Derrick Lee, and Executive Producer, Mario Hambrick! Even then people would

say cruel things like, “I can’t believe you are going to record a cd. Who do you think would listen to a cd by you?” My response was, “I don’t know, but surely there is two or three people out there, after being on tv for so many years, that would like to hear some music by me.” We cannot allow others to dictate what we can or cannot do! If you know that GOD has called you to something, don’t be swayed by what others think about your dream! NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! I credit three (3) people as my Musical Mentors, Country Star DONNA FARGO, Crossover Giant LYLE LOVETT, and Gospel Icon, AMBASSADOR DR. BOBBY JONES! They all allowed me to practice my craft as I watched these consummate professionals at work in every show as I sang BGV! From these experiences, I now travel promoting my own music, as well as musical plays, and now a television show on BGNTV, EVERETT DRAKE N-TUNE WITH INDIES! In addition to all of this, I am a featured vocalist for BOBBY JONES PRESENTS on the IMPACT TV NETWORK! In the next few months I will celebrate my 9th ANNUAL BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION here in Nashville, host an event for the RHYTHM OF GOSPEL AWARDS (Birmingham, AL), receive an award at the S & M INDIE GOSPEL AWARDS (Rocky Mount, NC), and present award named in my honor, the EVERETT DRAKE DISTINCTION IN RADIO AWARD, at the SPIN AWARDS (Atlanta,GA)! My advise has always been pray, practice your craft, and associate yourself with people who are doing what you want to do!

An informative talk show designed to educate and impower our new inspired gospel artist. As this Gospel Music Industry continues to evolve, many artist are entering into the aren without necessary knowledge to be successful. We will provide repatable professionals with whom our Independent Artist can feel comfortable in making investments in their careers! Target areas include: Songwriting, publishing, production, recording, management, booking, radio & radio promotions, marketing, social media and distribution.

www.everettdrake.com 10 | UNTOLD CHRONICLES


Authors Corner Preaching Under the Influence: A Minister's Struggle Author Brandon Holt has written a masterpiece that provides a glimpse into a story of recovery and victory. Through truth and transparency, he provides the reader with a real-life testimony that God is able to reach us in our darkest places and raise us to purpose and destiny.

Nobody Ever Told Me. As the Phoenix rose from the ashes, so did Michelle! Determined not to allow a life of mental, physical, and sexual abuse to imprison her, Michelle broke the chains and freely exclaims, “I Know Who I Am”. In her new book, Nobody Ever Told Me. 12 | UNTOLD CHRONICLES


COVID-19. COVID-19 continues to be a growing concern around the world, we thought of reaching out to you. We suggest you follow the best self-care practices, which, includes taking care of your body and your surroundings. However, it is more important that you take excellent care of your mental and spiritual health because that’s where disease starts. It’s necessary to be aware of what’s going on in the world around you, but do not increase its frequency by just keep thinking about it. Shift your thoughts to a higher frequency and think about the outcomes you desire. The fear of COVID - 19 is sure to be up because it’s unfa-

miliar. I offer you the best and reliable steps you can take to push back against the global anxiety - CORONAVIRUS: REMEMBER TO BE IN THE MOMENT - It’s important to know that this problem will soon vanish and become curable. Don’t get obsessed with the news. Identify that when the information gathering about COVID 19 becomes problematic. Remember the big picture because if you don’t, it could have the unintended effect of driving up your fear more! HEROES LED IN REAL FIRELIGHT - Personal leadership starts with emotional intelligence to help understand and manage reactions. Leaders, heroes, certainly do different things when they are suddenly under the fire. Now

is the time you can show leadership, mastery and impart positivity amongst your circle of relatives or friends by educating the best and guided preventive measure by WHO about COVID - This is the tough time and you can greatly represent yourself as a hero who led in real firelight! DEVELOP THE BASELINE HABIT - Optimize, organize, your personal life, productivity, eating habits, hygiene, your business, and passion. It’s a staple of a healthy immune system. An optimized morning routine lowers pressure and noise in our lives and our CORTISOL HORMONES go up which increases stress and destroys our immune system sooner or later. PRACTICE MINDFUL PRACTICES - "Expanding mindfulness and information about your own psychological well-being is constantly a plus point. The more you KNOW your triggers and how your tension presents itself, the simpler it will be to talk yourself through an assault. Try not to depend much on nutritional supplements that are not homemade. Intake nutrients, minerals, proteins, and trust regular wellbeing physicians and get a personalized way to deal with eating nutritional



facebook.com/untoldchronicles 13 | UNTOLD CHRONICLES

nourishment for your explicit wellbeing needs. Likewise, stretch, tone, cleanse your brain, body with yoga and intercession rehearses like meditation. INTENSIFY GRATITUDE EVERY DAY - Gratitude can be summarized as a perspective where you recognize what you have and be grateful for it, instead of concentrating on what you don't have. That seems like a simple activity, yet it's most certainly not. Our brains are increasingly disposed to concentrate on what's turning out badly. This is the reason why we don't embrace the value of what we have and underestimate it. That is the reason huge numbers of us live in a condition of disappointment. You should be thankful even in challenging situations because gratitude has various invigorating, constructive outcomes and why you should heighten gratitude day by day is that gratitude is the antipode to fear. I hope this information helps you so Stay strong. Lead well. Keep your head up and heart open. We’re all in this together. From your travel desk! Thank you Brenda Walker





"NOW FAITH IS THE SUBSTANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR, THE EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN." HEBREW 11:1 Felicia Day - CEO and Founder has Managed NDAMIX Music Group using a collection of business skills, particularly to the music industry. Felicia determines the general direction of the marketing, music distribution and talent search. As CEO of NDAMIX Music Group, Felicia has managed to build a solid reputation in the Indie Gospel Industry. She believes that if you keep God NDAMIX of all you do you will succeed. She drives herself by living her life Hebrew 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Separation for me came in 2019, many unfortunate experiences came in with God removing me from a job and like the children of Israel he sent me away, I said Okay God I see what you’re doing you want me to lean and be dependent on you only. By the summer I had found out that my mother was sick July 17th we admitted her to the hospital and my July 26th my mother was called home to Glory this

time was something unexplainable. I had experienced grief before when I was a young woman I had a stillborn at 9 months and I asked God never let me feel that kind of pain again. I felt like my soul has been ripped I felt like I have been scooped out and had nothing left inside. I felt that feeling once again once my mother was called home to Glory. I said to God I begged you never to let me feel like this again. As a mother of three, I wanted my children to bury me so I would never have to experience that kind of grief again. When my mother passed and I heard the Holy Spirit say, “to me this is what true grief feels like when you have lost someone that you truly love.” As an Ordained Minister, I am the spiritual Cornerstone for my family. I had to be strong for my two Sisters my Mother’s grandchildren, her Sisters, Nieces, and Nephews. The


ADVICE FROM MS. FELICIA "NEVER be afraid of NO. It’s one of the first words we heard as children and no one has ever dropped dead from hearing No. If they tell you NO find out what you must do to get a YES. Remember to keep GOD NDAMIX of all you do." question was asked who will we get to do The Going Home Service. I told everyone I would. The day my Mother saw me preach my 1st Sermon, she gave God all the Glory. She told me that it was one of the proudest moments in her life. I would honor my mother for the last time with her Going Home Sermon. As I funeralize my mother and I felt like something inside of me was being ripped away. I was confident that she was happy in the hands of the Lord but the overwhelming pain that I felt thinking about her our last moments together on May 15, 2019, my mother called me and said: “ I like to go to breakfast tomorrow”. The next day I went to pick her up at she and I went to Golden Corral and have breakfast and for the love of God and everything holy I cannot remember what we talked about. Had I known that was going to be the last breakfast I would ever have with my mother I would have said so much more during. The

week when my mother was transitioning she looked so weak. My mother was such a strong woman and she said to me I’m afraid and I looked her in her face and I said Mama God did not give you a spirit of fear. While coping with the loss of my mother another devastating blow came to my family my mother’s brother O.D. My mother and my uncle

were extremely close. My uncle had substance abuse but for years he was clean and sober. Once my mother passed he relapsed. Thru out the tragedy, I found joy in my family realizing that no one is promised tomorrow. It has been through God’s grace my family and I remain strong. My mom would always greet her family saying Hey and I Love you. We all knew that she loved us she like God left us the most precious gift of all LOVE.


HOW DID YOU GET HERE? I got into this business by accident while collaborating on a project for PGA, with my now partner. According to their guidelines, the product had to be marketed and packaged perfectly. All of the designs that the corporate office would create were unacceptable. I was introduced to my partner and he came in and he did graphics and the PGA loved everything that he touched and I asked him how did he get involved in this? He told me that he was doing graphics for music some artists in Jacksonville was known as the 904 Click and label called Money Over Everything MOE. I did a case study and with the result NDAMIX started as an Indie Music Label evolving from that to now artist consultations, business management for the artist’s event promoter.

EXPERIENCE THUS FAR Its been an amazing experience the NDAMIX success is not because of me. Its because I dedicated my skills to putting Music out to God’s children to encourage them to find their way back into his grace. I know that is why NDAMIX has had the opportunities and success thus far.

WHO INFLUENCES YOU? My influences were the likes of Henry Harris, Dr. Pastor Shana Wise, Dr. Mark Rogers, James L. Patterson, Dallas “Tony D” Frazier, Benita Bellamy and Mr. Greg “Uncle G” Lyons.

NEXT FOR YOU? NDAMIX Music Group is now NDAMIX Entertaiment which will begin producing shows and Inspirational Authors Network and its first award show in 2021.

A CHALLENGE Finding an artist that would identify the business part of the music industry and a budget to support .


NEVER be afraid of NO. It’s one of the first words we heard as children and no one has ever dropped dead from hearing No. If they tell you NO find out what you must do to get a YES. Remember to keep GOD NDAMIX of all you do.

CHARITY/COMMUNITY Community Boxes of Love during the holiday season I work with this organization to give food to needy residents. Charity

Glorious Angels Reentry I am the Executive Director, Sisters Network NE FL Chapter (Former Board Member)






Prophetic Words For The Soul

I Am The Fountain Of Life Within You BY BECKY PORTER

There is a newness of life on the in- side of you, and it I hear the Lord saying: Things are about to will spring forth as a never-ending pick up speed in a way that will startle and fountain of life that will satisfy the thirsty, the hungry, amaze you! Things you have hoped for, and the weary. I will bring those to you who are in prayed for, and stood and waited for are need, and as they begin to share their SUDDENLY going to come to pass! Harvest hearts with you, it will tap into the rich wells of life I time awaits you – the harvest doors are have placed within you, and those Living Waters will about to be opened, and oh, the begin to pour forth in ways that will surprise, amaze, abundance of harvest blessings that await and delight you! You will immediately recognize that I you! Your steadfastness and tenacity have Am The Fountain paid off – I am well pleased with your Of Life within you, and I Am the One who gives the progress and your “stick to it” attitude – you people what they need. Without Me you can do did not give up, even in the midst of great nothing, but with Me, you can do ALL THINGS! As you adversity. Well done, My good and faithful continue to spend intimate time in My Word and in one – well done! Your rewards will far My presence, you will have an outweigh all of the difficulty that you have abundance of fresh and Living Waters continuously walked through, and all that you have pouring forth from your learned and gleaned from those innermost being. experiences has positioned you and prepared you for what lies ahead. If you had Scriptures to keep in mind not walked through those great difficulties and adverse circumstances, you would not Psalm 36:9 For You are the fountain of life, the light be equipped for the destiny and future that by which we see. I have prepared for you. You have learned much and you have grown much – there is a wealth of knowledge on the inside of you John 7:37-38 that is a fountain of life that I am going to On the last day, that great day of begin to pull up and pour out on those who the feast, Jesus stood and cried out saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him have need of it. The wisdom I have placed come to Me and drink. He who inside of you far exceeds your natural age believes in Me, as the Scripture and I will use that wisdom to minister to has said, out of his heart will flow the young and the old, the learned and the rivers of living water.” unlearned, those who have position and rank, and those who do not. It is a Proverbs 13:14 supernatural fountain of life that will spring The instruction of the wise is like forth from deep within you and pour into a life-giving fountain; those who the desert places wherever you encounter accept it avoid the snares of death. them. Do not pay attention to the giants in the land, for wherever there is new territory, there always new obstacles to overcome, Proverbs 18:4 Wise words are like deep waters; but remember that I have placed within wisdom flows from the wise like a you every single thing you need for every bubbling brook. situation you will ever encounter you22 lack | UNTOLD CHRONICLES absolutely nothing!


w ww.h ar m i n i p r o d u c t i o n s . c o m 23 | UNTOLD CHRONICLES



ADELA PREJEAN Be not willing 2 settle for less than your Godly-Purpose deserves! Don’t allow your flesh and your desires of companionship convince you to make decisions that God has not ordained. In your seasons of PRE-parednes, there will be many times that the enemy will press on you in areas where you are weak. NOW is the time for you to strengthen those areas! In preparing for the arrival of “THE-ONE” showing up you won’t find yourself having to overcome things that you know should’ve been handled before their arrival. Things such as: FEAR, WORRY, LACK OF TRUST, UNFORGIVENESS, SELFISHNESS, PAST HURTS, CONTROL ISSUES, BAD LISTENER, CREDIT ISSUES, SELF CONFIDENCE, NOT SAVING MONEY, COMPLETING EDUCATION, PURCHASING A HOME, STARTING A BUSINESS, But most of all STRENGTHENING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD is key… Do you and your future relationship a huge favor by not dragging in unnecessary baggage. These are things that only God can heal. If you don’t allow God to heal these unresolved issues you carry that burden into the next relationship.  Remember, joining with another imperfect person has enough challenges in itself. Now is the time to process through those things so that you are healed, whole and ready to fulfill your calling and duties unto the Lord and in your relationship. When you are at the right PRE-pared stage they are going to show up. “ He that

dwells in “the secret place” of the Most High”, where are you dwelling? I come against every demon, every witch, every warlock, every unclean spirit, every spirit attempting to manipulate, delay, derail, stop or hinder your destiny. I CANCEL it NOW in the name of Jesus. I plead the BLOOD of Jesus over you, your assignment, your destiny and your purpose! In the Name of Jesus! Amen…Postponed, Delayed and NOT Derailed... God’s plan in action. For a righteous man falls seven times BUT rises again. God is a God of 2 nd chances. Second chances and one hundred chances. Moses was a murderer, YET God used him. I’m not perfect, yet, God is and He has used me. Settling is an ugly and depressing word. Few people would suggest outright that you should settle for less than you want and deserve in a relationship. Settling for Mr. or Ms. GoodEnough is a danger and a trap the enemy will use to derail, delay and or STOP your destiny… Don’t fall for the fleshly desire, wait on the Lord and He WILL renew your strength during your PRE-paredness season. Fear (worry, panic, anxiety) of being alone can sway your desires as well as the feeling or pressure to settle can be very real. The desperation of the flesh will try and convince you that you need what Mr. or Ms. GoodEnough has even when it is very clear it is not enough. During this time, knowing your worth is huge. Singles (after a cer-


tain age) may be seen as as too picky, but after living through many incompatible relationships you begin to reprioritize your choices, your value and most of all your worth. Don’t fear being single! It is that fear that will cause you to settle for something that’s not ordained by God leaving you at some point right back where you started with more baggage to unpack. Waiting on God isn’t a curse nor are you not good enough for anyone’s approval stamp. It’s that you’re so unique that it’s taking time to get “them” perfected just for YOU! Allow God to perfect His work in you and in them too. We as children of God have a kingdom assignment that must be carried out in and through the earth. God has provided and equipped us with gifts, talents and a calling to fulfill our created purpose here onearth. He has also given us blueprints/road maps with insight, power and authority. The power over the enemy and the kingdom of darkness to accomplish His plans for His Kingdom. We cannot do this with just anyone. You have an ordained partner that’s on the way. Be patient and be faithful to your first love and relationship with God!  Be Consistently Consistent and not settling. God is most certainly perfecting those things that concernth you, in you, through and for you. Favored!




"One of my favorite Stellar performances was the year Anthony Brown and Group Therapy opened the Awards with a medley of Trust in You and I Got That."


Dentist, musician, Pastor, husband, father, entrepreneur and community advocate all describe Dr. Leonard S. Scott, the founder and CEO of the nation’s oldest black-owned and operated gospel recording company, Tyscot Music & Entertainment. Tyscot has been home to superstar recording artists John P. Kee & New Life Community Choir, Deitrick & Damita Haddon, Dr. Bobby Jones, Briana Babineaux, the legendary Rance Allen Group, Anthony Brown & group therAPy, Shirley Murdock and many other gospel greats. Dr. Scott, as a pillar in the gospel music community, received,


EONARD OTT in 2017, the Stellar Honors Hall of Fame Award and the Gospel Music Association Legacy Award. In 2019, Dr. Scott’s album Jesus Love Legacy was nominated for the Traditional Album of the Year at the 50th Annual GMA Dove Awards in Nashville, TN. In addition to his music ministry, Dr. Scott has successfully served his community as a dentist at Scott Dentistry in Indianapolis, Indiana for over 40 years. He pastors the Rock Community Church in Indianapolis, Indiana and has traveled throughout the United States and overseas proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Along with his business ventures and ministry endeavors, he has honed his skills as a musician and writer, recording several albums and writing three books. Soaring with Eagles and Be Lifted Up were published by Evergreen Books and Black Card Books published his third book in 2017, The Ultimate Boost from Within: 31 Days to Health, Wealth, Wholeness and Happiness. His ministry is one of encouragement, instruction, salvation, enlightenment, deliverance, worship and praise. His testimony is that nothing is impossible

to those who believe and that nothing is too hard for God. Dr. Leonard S. Scott’s latest single “Holy Spirit” is from his new project Jesus Love Legacy. All of Dr. Scott’s music,

CHALLENGES It was a challenge learning about the industry and how it worked. Back then we did not know of any schools that taught about it. We learned and grew by attending music conventions and meeting people in the industry. It was challenging getting radio announcers to play our new music and artists and stores to stock our products. Through prayer and persistence, we were able to get acquainted with influential people and make headway into becoming viable and effective. Back then the greatest influence for gospel music was Rev James Cleveland’s Gospel Music Workshop of America. They had a Radio Announcer’s Guild that attracted many of the announcers and others in the industry. We were able to forge many relationships, some that still exist today. As the world has changed and become more visual we are doing more video and film projects. One piece of advice is to remain faithful, don’t give up when things get hard, and burn no bridges. Back in the early 1990’s, Tyscot had the number one gospel artist and recording in the nation, We Walk by Faith by Reverend John P. Kee and the New Life Community Choir. Our distributor went bankrupt on us and left us without the finances to pay our responsibilities. It was a devastating moment. They owed us $300,000 with which we would pay our artists, writers, publishers, manufactures, etc as well as have the capital to do future projects. We trusted God and He made the way by way of the relationships we had with our artists and others in the industry.


Tyscot Records was incorporated as a recording label for our church choir to record its first album, “Feel Good”. It grew as other artists sought us to join the roster. Raised over $10,000 for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society as Man/Woman of the Year for research to help end blood cancers after my middle daughter won her fight with Leukemia by way of a Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant (BMSCT) from a new born baby’s umbilical cord.


On May 19th at The Caring Place in Indianapolis, Indiana, I will be doing a live hymns recording gospel music’s finest and all are welcome to attend In preparation for the live recording, I have been doing monthly Hymn Challenges on social media. This year, we are bringing those challenges to our youth by opening it up to schools through my school hymn challenge. For information, you can visit my website at www.bishoplscott.com/schoolhymnchallenge

CONTACT DR. SCOTT If you text your email address to 8646LSCOTT, that's 8646572688 or BishopLScott to 22828 you can get a free download! You'll also get direct links where you can purchase my Dove nominated project "Jesus Love Legacy" and my book "The Ultimate Boost from Within: 31 Days to Health, Wealth, Wholeness and Happiness" where I give you easy steps to living a more healthy and fulfilling life.



I N D I E A RT I S T O F M A R C H 2 0 2 0







D R. NI A’ S TOP 4






In today’s world many people settle for jobs they don’t like, salaries beneath their worth, vehicles they don’t enjoy, etc. We have also found that many people tend to settle in their relationships. Why is this? Many who are in relationships where they’ve settled tend to have a few common issues: self-esteem problems, constantly battle internal struggles from childhood traumas, and prior relationships tat were emotionally and/or physically abusive. Instead of truly weighing their options, they settle for what appears to be best for them even for the sake of the individual who is not their suitable mate. To settle means to resolve something, to reach an agreement deal, accepting significantly less than what you want because you don’t think you can get what you want. HERE ARE SOME OTHER REASON WHY WE SETTLE 1. Loneliness -An empty feeling, it’s a feeling of isolation and or exclusion. The thought of being alone or without company. This spirit is stemmed from the need to feel and be loved. 2. Acceptance- the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group. Ephesians 1:6 to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved. (NKJV) The need to be accepted is a major issue in many marriages. Why? Because somewhere down the line rejection entered in; either in their childhood, relationships, coworkers, etc. and the spouse yielded to it. How can I be healed? How can my spouse be healed? First by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Recognize you are a sinner and that you need Him. Come to the reality that you have issues in these areas. Decide if you really desire to be healed. Last but not least, receive and accept that Jesus has you and you are never alone. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Pray and study His Word and apply it over your life.







On The Road To

Success By: Gerald B. Colson

Faithfulness Do You Have It?

By: Gerald B. Colson

Many men proclaim his own loving-kindness and goodness but a faithful man who can find? (Proverbs 20:6) In order to know what faithfulness is you have to understand what it means to be faithful. Webster defines it as Faithful (adjective): 1. obsolete : full of faith 2. steadfast in affection or allegiance : LOYAL 3. firm in adherence to promises or in observance of duty : CONSCIENTIOUS 4. given with strong assurance : BINDING <a faithful promise> 5. true to the facts, to a standard, or to an original <a faithful copy>

I recently had a conversion with myself. Actually it was the Lord and I having a conversation. Before you even start allow me to point out an interesting point. You and I often talk to ourselves sometimes in your mind or even out loud audibly where others can hear us. How many times have you been asked a question in your mind only to answer it out loud and you ask yourself why did I say that or do that? You did that because when you think you’re talking to yourself you are often talking to the Lord and yes he will answer you in a voice that sound just like your own. If you do not believe me read Genesis 18:14 where the Lord asked Abraham a question “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” If you don’t know the answer, allow me to help you out “NO”. During our conversation I was asking why it felt like a dam had been erected in my spiritual life. At one point the Lord and I was talking almost every day and often multiple times a day. He was constantly giving me God Given ideas for business and for my personal spiritual development. He was showing me amazing things to come in my life not several years down the road but something was happening right before my own eyes. I was constantly writing down these ideas or recording them on my recorder for me to later write down. It was absolutely amazing. Then something happen and we began to converse less and less. It was a gradual in the beginning so I did not notice it but I did notice something though. The ideas that had been coming to me as such high frequency had slowed down and were far and few in between now. I know you’re probably wondering what happen? Well just like in math to have to parts to an equation. You have the God side of the equation and you have the Man (My) side of the equation. It is already a given that God does not change therefore the fault must lie on my side of the equation and it did. Recently I had to teach our children’s ministry at church and most time my department head has a lesson plan that we teach by. The previous week she was not feeling well and did not make it to service so I had to come up with my own lesson. I had felt very strongly in my spirit to teach the children about Faith and what it meant to have Faith. The lesson went extremely well but this week I did not feel anything in my spirit to teach. I liken it to you having a blank piece of paper and you asking the paper what you should write upon it. Most days I would be teaching I would let my wife drive so I could prepare myself for the lesson but this Sunday I drove. The whole way I was asking God what should I teach but He gave me no lesson plan and I was nearing my destination. As I turned on the last rode to the church I asked myself this question “Why does it feel like a spiritual dam has been shut in my life”? I asked myself was I mad at God since I have been going through some trials in my personal and business life and the answer was “NO”. Was God mad at me for worshiping some idol instead of Him and the answer again was “NO”? Finally I asked what have I not done or been doing. I got an answer “Faithfulness”. I thought to myself but I am Faithful. I trust God with my life. Jesus is the head of my life. I faithfully attend church and almost every event that needs my help I help out. I do many different things for the ministry without seeking financial reward. So to say I was a little confused was an understatement. Then the Lord asked me have I been Faithful in the reading of my Word and it struck me like a lightning bolt. I had been slacking in my reading of God’s Word. Then I remembered that the time when the Lord and I were communicating constantly I was reading more frequently. After church Faithfulness kept ringing in my head. I have to be Faithful in my reading just as I am Faithful in other parts of my life. Jesus taught us through a parable that said he that is Faithful in little will be Faithful in much. God is telling me that I must be Faithful in my reading now while things are slow so I will be Faithful in my reading when things really become busy and the will trust me.

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