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ACADEMIC EXPLORATION PROGRAM A Powerful Educational Experience The Academic Exploration Program is a national awardwinning academic program at Niagara University that aligns the interests and talents of undecided students with potential fields of study and career paths. AEP provides students with a personal advisor that helps them research NU’s more than 80 majors and 55 minors – and related careers. Students also develop a four-year plan with their advisor so that they can sample classes and still know exactly how to stay on track to graduate on time. Approximately 20 percent of the university’s freshman class typically participates in AEP, making it Niagara’s largest academic major for new students.

A Cutting-Edge Approach AEP uses a methodical approach to aid students in discovering and selecting a major that supports their long-term goals. Through one-on-one advisement and targeted exposure to NU’s academic offerings, students make informed decisions that are in line with their interests, aptitudes, and career aspirations. Students also build confidence through experiential learning, research, and volunteering, participating in academic clubs, and by taking advantage of the Office of Career Services, especially by attending career fairs and related events.





Ninety-two percent of Niagara University seniors will graduate in the declared major (or a related major) they chose through AEP.

Students benefit from individualized and personalized advisement, and a supportive environment that encourages knowledge and self-discovery.

Students stay on a fouryear graduation track, saving time and money. NU offers generous meritbased scholarships, awards and grants to qualifying first-year students.

ACADEMIC EXPLORATION PROGRAM “AEP definitely helped me as a student. Going into college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Based on assessment tests, shadowing in several classes, advisors encouraging me to participate in certain extracurricular activities like student government, among many other things, AEP allowed me to discover that I had a passion for leading. This ignited the spark for pursuing a major in which I could tailor and develop these leadership skills, which ultimately led me to choose business management.” Cristopher Denz, ’11 Executive Director Jonesboro Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

“AEP helped me tremendously as a student. Coming into college, I was completely unsure of what I wanted to do. This program gave me the opportunity to take different types of classes before making a decision. It was great to have the flexibility to explore different majors and still be able to graduate in four years.”

“When I first enrolled, I wanted to major in several things and I couldn’t make up my mind. Not only did my AEP advisor help me register for classes, but she helped me easily transition to the university. She made me feel confident about my choice of being in this program, while my peers had declared majors. “I declared as a marketing major during my sophomore year and I never had to switch it. My AEP advisor got me access to meet with professors and professionals in the area of business and, because of that, I gained a lot of knowledge that ultimately helped me declare my major.” Isaac De Los Santos, ’15, MBA’16 Assistant Vice President M&T Bank

Courtney Davies, ’11 Director of Marketing Recruitment DeBellis Catherine Morreale Staffing

NU’s AEP program was chosen for the Outstanding Advising Program Award by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).

About Niagara University Founded by the Vincentian community in 1856, Niagara University educates students in the highest academic tradition so that they graduate with the confidence, clarity of direction, and heightened sense of purpose to excel in their careers and be change leaders in their field. The university has received accolades from U.S. News & World Report, Colleges of Distinction and Money magazine for its ability to offer students a high return on their educational investment.

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Academic Exploration Program  

Academic Exploration Program