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niagara artists centre Niagara Artists Centre (NAC) is a not-for-profit, charitably registered, memberdriven collective formed by and dedicated to serving the working artists and community of Niagara. Founded in 1969 as a collective of working artists, NAC is one of the oldest artist-run organizations in Canada. NAC provides a forum for the development, exhibition, and appreciation of contemporary art by providing facilities, equipment, professional expertise, and a supportive atmosphere for arts research, advocacy, and dissemination. NAC believes that the arts and a critical dialogue on the arts are integral to a healthy community. NAC is striving to educate and contribute to a community that gets excited about art, that supports and recognizes local artists and cultural institutions, and that understands an investment in the arts is an act of enlightened self interest. NAC gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of St. Catharines, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Niagara Community Foundation, and Delta Bingo players. NAC was incorporated in 1974 under the legal name, Niagara Artists’ Company. Our charitable registration number is 0625-46-2216, our business registration number is 10777 3053 RR0001.

354 St. Paul Street St. Catharines ON L2R 3N2 t 905-641-0331 f 905-641-4970 Cover drawing by NAC Member John Carruthers

membership “Become a NAC member and you join an energetic group committed to having a self-determining artistic voice for Niagara. NAC supports contemporary visual artists. We provide the means to produce work and the venues to share it. We work to make the visual arts a rewarding part of life for everyone living in Niagara.”

- Stephen Remus NAC’s Minister of Energy, Minds, and Resources

NAC is a grassroots membership organization for both artists and art enthusiasts

artist / art enthusiast | $35 • • • • • • •

Subscription to the eNews (electronic newsletter) Discounted admission on special events Discounted admission to affiliated galleries of the Ontario Association of Art Galleries ( Use of Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery, an exhibit and project space Use of NAC’s in-house production facilities and equipment Access to resource library of contemporary art periodicals and NAC archives Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting (students excluded)

arts supporter | $100

benefits of art enthusiast membership plus: • • •

Recognition on NAC’s website An additional complimentary $35 membership Charitable tax receipt in the amount of $65

arts patron | $250

benefits of art supporter membership plus: • • • • •

Two additional complimentary $35 memberships Charitable tax receipt in the amount of $215 A complimentary gift Guided tours of exhibitions (by request) Early invites to NAC special events / reserve seating

benefactor | $251+

benefits of arts supporter membership plus: • • •

A limited edition print commissioned by NAC A directory of NAC member artists A warm and fuzzy feeling

submissions The Show Room

The Show Room is NAC’s main exhibition venue. It accommodates installation, two-dimensional, performative, and media art work. NAC presents a program of local, national, and international artists.

Plate Glass Gallery

The Plate Glass Gallery is a street level storefront exhibit space with a high public profile on St. Catharines’ main street. Submissions must take into account the physical characteristics of the window space. Selected proposals will be exhibited for a minimum of three months.

Flea Market Gallery

The Flea Market Gallery is a booth (8 foot by 8 foot) in the peninsula’s most popular flea market. NAC exhibits two-dimensional work, installations, and video work by local and national contemporary visual artists at the market. The Flea Market Gallery is open every Sunday from 9am until 4pm. NAC pays CARFAC recommended rates, as well as travel and transportation costs for exhibits in the Show Room, Plate Glass, and Flea Market galleries.

Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery

The DTMG is available for exhibits, installations, performances, and screenings by NAC members. It’s a DIY space and all presentations are produced, promoted, and installed by NAC member. There is a 15% commission on any sales.

Submission Requirements • • • •

Ten images (digital), video, or other appropriate documentation A description of the proposed show (one page or less) A statement about the work (one page or less) A resume and/or bio of the artist (three pages or less)

Selection Criteria •

• •

Artistic merit As determined by a panel of objective, professional NAC artists familiar with national standards and regional interests Community relevance As defined by the ability of the work to resonate within the regional community and inspire grassroots artistic development Equitable representation By regional artists, national artists, and cross-cultural artists Qualities l l Transcending the academic Original and innovative l l Lacking in pretensions and artifice Engaging and compelling l l Appropriate to the gallery space Challenging to the intellect l Stimulating to the imagination l Multi-faceted in its ability to communicate

workshops NAC offers a wide range of professional development workshops in fields such as digital video, 16mm film, digital and analogue photography, physical computing, bookbinding, and screen-printing. Workshops are led by fellow NAC members who are experts in their field. To guarantee an intensive, intimate learning experience the number of participants is limited. For more information on upcoming workshops, visit our website at and hit the workshop tab.

oac exhibition assistance About Exhibition Assistance

NAC is a recommender organization for the Ontario Arts Council’s Exhibition Assistance program. The program provides grants of $500 to $1,500 to assist individual artists with costs related to presenting their work in a confirmed, upcoming exhibition. The program aims to reflect the range of artistic practices in the visual arts, media arts, and craft communities and to support excellence, regional activity, linguistic and cultural diversity, and Aboriginal and Franco-Ontarian identity. A jury comprised of NAC board members and members of our Programming Committee use NAC’s selection criteria as well as guidelines from the Ontario Arts Council when making recommendations.

Eligible Expenses •

• • • • •

Materials to prepare / install your work, including framing, hardware for mounting and installation, construction of structural elements specific to installation, etc. Note: The purchase of materials to create the work is not eligible. Audio-visual equipment to present your work, including rental or purchase of monitors, projectors, cables, synchronizers, computers, etc. Purchase of audio-visual presentation equipment is eligible where rental is not feasible. A detailed explanation must be provided to support purchase requests. Purchased equipment remains the property of the artist, not the gallery. Crating and transportation of works of art Fees for assistance in installation of the exhibition, including technical assistance Exhibition promotional expenses, e.g. design, printing and mailing of invitations; web-site posting; paid advertising (in print or on-line) Fees and rental costs, e.g. rental of exhibition space, booth fees Insurance, e.g. for transportation of work, for the exhibition venue

For more information visit the OAC’s website at

Film and Video Production

Cameras Sony HDR-CX110B HD flash memory Handycam (X3) $20/day l

1920 x 1080 Full HD video recording, 25X optical zoom

Canon EOS 10S analogue SLR Camera (X2) $20/day Canon EOS 7D digital SLR $40/day 18 MP with 15-85 EF-S USM IS Lens l

16mm Reflex Bolex Film Camera (X2) $30/day Flip HD Video Cameras (X6) $5/day l

8GB, 2hrs of recording

Support Tripods and light stands $5/day Manfrotto Autopole with clamps, paper backdrop $20/day Azden Lavaliere wireless microphone $5/day Boom mic kit $15/day

Includes Rode NTG-2 shotgun microphone, Rycote InVision boompole, shockmount, remote audio handgrip, deadcat wind protection.

Shure FP33 three channel stereo field mixer $15/day

Film and Video Post-Production and Presentation Equipment Mac Pro $20/hr l l

Two 19” monitors, 2.66GHz Duo, 9GB memory Applications include: Office, CS5, Final Cut Pro 7

Apple iMac $20/hr l

27” 3.2GHz, 4GB memory


Applications include: Office, CS5, Final Cut X

MacBook (X 5) $40/day l l

13.3” 2.4GHz Duo, 2GB memory Applications include: Office, CS5, Final Cut Pro 7

MacBook Pro $50/day l l

15" 2.2 GHz, 8 GB memory Applications include: Office, CS5, Final Cut X

Epson 2450 photo scanner (slide, negative, and reflective) $10/hr One-on-one tutoring $35/hr

Services Video editing $35/hr VHS and Beta to DVD dubbing $10/hr Darkroom rental $10/hr l

B&W processors and enlargers

Portable Screen Draper cineplex rear projection screen $75/day l l

12 feet x 9 feet Indoor or outdoor use

Projectors BenQ LCD Projector - MP610 $25/day l l l

2000 ANSI lumens Display resolution SVGA (800 x 600) Weight 3 kg

BenQ Joybee - GP1 $50/day l l l

100 ANSI lumens SVGA (858 x 600) Dimensions 136 x 54 x 120 mm

Optoma - PK301 $50/day l l l

50 ANSI lumens Native WVGA (854 x 480 Dimensions 120.1 x 29.7 x 69.8mm

View Sonic HD Projector - Pro8100 (X 2) $70/day l l l

1000 ANSI lumens Display resolution 1080p HD Weight 9 kg

Eiki LC-X85 Projector $250/day* l l l

7000 ANSI lumens Display resolution UXGA (1024 x 768) Weight 12 kg

16mm and 8mm film projectors (X 8) $20/day Kodak Carousel 5600 slide projectors (X 4) $10/day l

35mm slide with standard 80 and 140 carousels

Take Home 16mm Film Package

Includes projector and up to three films from NAC’s 300 title library $25/wk

Framing Workshop

Commercial mat cutting table and glass cutter (materials not provided) $10/hr

Printing and Design Services

Colour laser prints - letter 40¢, legal 60¢ and tabloid $1 Epson archival inkjet prints - $5 each (paper not provided) Graphic print and publication design, please inquire

20% discount for student members All rentals must be paid for in advance and are booked on a first-come, firstserved basis. Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance. Production equipment and facilities are available to members in good standing. Borrowers must demonstrate competency with the equipment to the satisfaction of NAC staff. Borrowers are required to leave an item of value with NAC. You must describe why this item is of value to you in fifty words or less and leave it as a desposit when borrowing equipment. Examples of vaulable items include childhood blankie, hockey card collection, family photo album, etc). NAC will return valued items when equipment has been returned in original working order. * Borrowers must prove advanced technical competency to use this projector, otherwise an additional $150 fee will apply for technical support.

NAC gratefully acknowledges the support of our funders

NAC gratefully acknowledges the support of our partner organizations

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NAC gratefully acknowledges the support of our sponsors

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