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Relaxed as never before! Welcome in the Wellness-Worlds of the Ahr-Resort in Bad Neuenahr

Ahr-Resort: the new

Wellness Dimension

The Ahr-Thermal Springs – marvellous Relaxing Bathing in crystal-clear Mineral Water Ten bubbling Pools waiting for you

Everything under One Roof The Ahr-Resort with the Ahr-Thermal Springs and the historical Thermal Bath in Bad Neuenahr has created novel facilities for your health and relaxation that are unique in quality and dimensions.

In less than two Minutes in Bath Robe from House to House

A delightful meal vitalizes you in between. In the restaurant you enjoy fresh food complemented with fine salad buffet in relaxed holiday atmosphere – an effective mix of interesting coaching facilities for nourishment or relaxation – all for your well-being.


The particularities of the volcanic region and its characteristic medicinal plants have shaped the wellness and health concept of the Ahr-Resort and lend it a distinctive natural charm. Beauty Farm La Fontaine

The Ahr-Resort offers you everything under one roof: a thermal bath landscape, a sauna landscape, a beauty farm, a Medical Fitness Centre with state-of-the-art equipment for analysis and training, medical fitness courses in water and on land, physiotherapeutic facilities, natural fango and Kneipp cure, restaurants and boutiques. And, if you wish, you stay in the comfortable Steinberger Hotel under the same roof. Sauna Landscape with eight Saunas

Everything in the Green Zone

Fresh Food in the Restaurant

High-tech for Analysis and Training Medical Fitness Centre


Medical Wellness, the Difference

Kneipp Cure – simply elegant

Pleasant Feeling in Hands of the Experts

Queen of Waters The unique mineral water of Bad Neuenahr has attained world fame as “Queen The World Famous Mineral Water from Bad Neuenahr

of Table Waters”. Here, you can swim in this aerated water with natural warmth that rises to the surface from the volcanic depth of 359 meters. It stimulates blood circulation and metabolism and relaxes your musculature. The thermal water checks enzymes that break down the hyaluronan – and is therefore a true fountain of youth!

Relax naturally Totally new therapies have been developed for the Ahr-Resort: the unique “Herbal Fango Treatment” of Bad Neuenahr consisting of natural fango, medicinal herbs, and the famous thermal water of the region; and special applications with the valuable ingredients of the chosen wines of the Ahr valley.


applied on the skin directly and pure? In other places it is applied in a foil or it is mixed with paraffin. In this region, it is extracted from 40 million year old mineral-rich volcanic ash and mixed with the thermal water of Bad Neuenahr. The Natural healing Power of the Ahr-Wine

The vino-therapy acts as a natural antiaging therapy: polyphenols (secondary plant products) from the skin and the kernels of grapes combat free radicals, they have an antipflogistic effect and make the complexion shining.

Calm down by the Warmth Did you know that Bad Neuenahr is one of the very few places in Germany where the natural remedy fango is

Attendance of Specialists in Leisure-Time and at the Rehabilitation or High-Performance Sport

Here are Experts for your well-being We guarantee you the highest quality with our team of physiotherapists, sport trainers, certified masseurs, wellness consultants licensed by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), Kneipp health trainers, certified aqua fitness trainers, medical bath attendants, and gymnastics teachers. You will be provided with high quality medical counselling and treatment. The Ahr-Resort offers you services on the highest level, certified by the Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV). The applications of the Ahr-Resort have been approved with the cachets “Wellness in Spa” and “Prevention in Spa”.


Medical Fitness – will suit you! Guaranteed! Medical Fitness Courses Everyday for Everyone

Improvement in Performance – not only for high Performers

Circuit Training keeps You Young


You always wanted to reduce weight and foster your fitness, isn’t it? You are therefore looking for a fitness studio with an extra elegant atmosphere and user friendly and very comfortable training equipment. Then our Medical Fitness Centre on about 600 m² is exactly the place you are looking for. Our equipment combines cardio training and strength training with an increased calorie consumption. The comfortable and effective training facilities are suitable for beginners, convalescent patients, senior citizens as well as for competitive sportsmen.

Personal Training Personal Training is the right steppingstone if you are in Bad Neuenahr only for a few days, alone or as a pair, and would like to gather sport tips for an active and conscious life. After an initial check-up you are given useful tips and tricks for proper training – sport activities specially tailored for your individual wellbeing. Or, perhaps, you know this too: you really want to work out but your ambition lasts only for six weeks. Then you should reserve your own fitness coach, that motivates. At our resort Personal Training sometimes also means discovering new energies in peace – with the help of a relaxation therapist.

Aqua Fitness: complementary for Visitors of Thermal Springs

Your Stamina is determined on a Cycle Ergometer or a Treadmill in the Cardio Check

Reviving Aqua Fitness

Your Fitness Check to go!

Aqua Fitness brings stomach, legs and buttocks in super form. Due to the direct impact of warmth and the feeling of lightness, the Aqua Fitness is beneficial also to cure grievances of locomotor system. Primarily, it increases stamina – and gives pleasure.

In the Cardio-Check the personal stamina is determined on a cycle ergometer or a treadmill on basis of your anthropometric data. The Back-check provides you with a multifunctional, mobile measuring system; thus existing muscular dysbalance could be determined as the

Exact Analysis of Power of different Groups of Muscles

case may be. On the basis of evaluation we give you individual suggestions for effective improvement in performance. Medical supervision of your training is available on request.


Ample Space for Reflec tion, Sense & Sensuality

Imitate the Finns: You break sweat at 90° C in the Gallery Sauna

Strokes for the Soul – Herbal Fango: • ARNICA: acts analgesic und antiinflammatory in case of injuries such as. haematomata, bruises, contusions, and rheumatic muscle und joint complaints. • CAMOMILE: its healing and inflammatory qualities are known already since the antiquities. • HORSE CHESTNUT LEAF-MINER: increases the pace of blood circulation of venous return, tighten the widened veins and acts inflammatory und anticonvulsant. • ROSEMARY: useful in the supportive therapy for rheumatic ailments and vitalizes the nervous system and circulation. Rosemary is considered to be activating and effective against debilities.

Warm-up for the Soul At the Ahr-Resort you can relax in eight saunas. A tempting choice of ceremonies offers additional heat stimuli – sensual aromatic waters poured on the rocks, massages and peelings, enriched with gifts from our region: red wine, honey or natural Eifel-fango.


Refreshment with Crushed Ice at the Sauna Site

• LAVENDER: the oils contained in the blossoms act soothing and invigorating on the nervous system and ensure a quiet sleep. • JUNIPER: possesses qualities to purify and stimulate the organism and the psyche. It acts detoxicating, antiseptic and anticonvulsant. Juniper is helpful to cure rheumatism, lumbago as well as skin inflammations. • AHR-MARC: whatever remains after the grapes are squeezed stimulates blood circulation and acts enlivening. It is full of minerals, flavonoids and aromas. • EIFELGOLD: Special, warming and blood circulation stimulating additive from the traditional premium herbal liquor with fine-aromatic tantalizing fragrance. • EIFELGEIST: distilled from a choice of melissa, this herbal brandy acts marvellously soothing.

Get carried away Take time, by all means, for our wonderful feel-well compositions and for extensive relaxation at beauty and wellness treatments. Our massages promise you a feel-well guarantee and offer you more and more variations – sometimes gentle, sometimes hefty, with marvellous aromas and specific grips. They stimulate blood stream and circulation and overpower you with intense feeling of satisfaction. And, while you are

Herbal Fango of Bad Neuenahr

getting on a roll, the stress hormones are reduced and muscles relaxed. Massages with fragrant aromas promise you sheer pleasure.

Simply beautiful The Beauty Farm at the Ahr-Resort offers you a large choice of facial and body treatments. Let your senses be indulged by a beauty program personalized for you individually. Our Beauty Farm is recommended as a specialized institution for anti aging and fruit acid treatments.


Favourite Spots to catch a Breath

Vitamin-Snack at the Sauna Bar

Relaxation pure in the Sauna Pool

Pampered by Nature Nature – sometimes the external stimuli are required to find inner peace. The historical Spa Gardens are a perfect

Tempted to stay on

Panorama-Spa Gardens

supplement to the facilities at the AhrResort. Treat yourself to a couple of sunny moments.

The attractive landscape of the Ahr Valley with the facilities to wander, to cycle, and to play golf invites you to stay on. Complement your visit in the Ahr-Resort with a stay at the Steinberger Hotel Bad Neuenahr, a hotel in the beautiful Wil-

Concert Square in the historical Spa Gardens

helminian style and much grand hotel charm. The direct access from the AhrResort with all its feel-well offers to this first class hotel is one of the outstanding comfort features of your Ahr-Resort visit. Steigenberger Hotel Bad Neuenahr

Enjoy the Spa Gardens that great landscape architects have designed in the course of 150 years. A garden with soul and character – here you find calm – good for the soul! Optimal for your wellness-stay.


Inspired by Water Breath the freshness of the Ahr Valley. Draw a deep breath and exhale. One would love nothing better than to relax in the numerous pools with the warm thermal water the whole day long. And now and then one takes rest on comfortable loungers in the sunshine. 11

Everything under One Roof: Here you are going on Holiday Entrance Thermal Bath Landscape and Sauna Landscape: Mon - Thr: 9 a.m. - 11 p.m. Fri - Sat: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Sun: 9 a.m. - 11 p.m.

Entrance Historical Thermal-Bath: Mon - Sun: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Mon - Sat: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sun- and Holidays: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

10 € 12 € 14 € 15 € 5€

12 € 14 € 16 € 17 € 5€

Extra Charge for Medical Fitness Centre



Onetime extra charge for sauna use per day

Onetime extra charge for studio use per day

Evening Ticket

(Reduced from 7 p.m. onwards) (4 to 14 years) Day Ticket

Senior Citizens (60 years onwards)

valid Mon. - Fri., 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., excluding holidays

Relax-Ticket for school children, Students,

11 € 13 € 10 € 12 € 10 € 9€

Conscripts and in Community Service, So. - Do. 7 p.m. onwards


2 days Ahr-Resort all areas

Bonus Cards Reserve Your Appointment Now:

Valid from Fri 7 pm - Sun 7 pm as well as before and Holidays from 7 pm - 7 pm

2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours Day Ticket Extra Charge for Sauna

(sometimes longer, please enquire) Children

Medical Fitness Centre:

Weekend rate

We issue Bonus Cards for any amount you wish. Ensure your discount on admission to Bath, Sauna and Studio:

49 € 100 € onwards = 10% 250 € onwards = 15% 500 € onwards = 20%

Prices and Conditions (state as at October 2010)

Tel.: +49 (0) 2641 801-100 are subject to change without notification.

Give the „Ahr-Resort“ Experience as a Present: You can purchase our Wellness-Gift-Coupons for an unforgettable wellness-experience in the Ahr-Resort Bad Neuenahr to any amount you wish easily and directly online at, pay by credit card, and print them out online or send them by e-mail. Round the clock, also at nights or on weekends. If you do not possess a credit card, you can order the Gift-Coupons online to be sent by post. You receive the Gift-Coupons within a few days. Or you call us up: +49 2641 801-100.

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as never before! Relaxed Welcome in the Wellness-Worlds of the Ahr-Resort in Bad Neuenahr