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High Protein Dog Food Will Get Your Dog Fit And Trim High Protein Dog Food _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Relaiv - High protein dog food must have meat as their primary ingredient. Meat is what gives the food the protein. A dog can live on a meat or vegetable based diet but they will not be their healthiest. They will only be surviving. Dogs need meat to be healthy.We dog lovers and owners only want what is best for our dogs. We know that we need to meet all of our dogs needs. There are times when we can't get the most expensive high protein food. Don't feel that the highest priced is always the best, it's not.

Learn More About High Protein Dog Food If you see grain as the protein that is listed first on the food label, do not buy it. Grains only have a minute amount of protein. This can cause your dog health problems such as dry skin, being overweight, low energy, no way to fight infections, and brittle hair.

If fish or meat is listed first on a high protein food label it would mean that the food is of high quality. It will also cost more. But it might save on vet visits later if that is what your dog needs. If you are going to make a high protein homemade food you can add these things as necessary.People used to think that a high protein level in your dog would cause kidney failure. This is untrue. Even the tests that were done to try and prove this were not done on dogs but rather rats. So don't worry if the vet says your dog needs a high protein food, they will be OK.

There are so many articles out there about different kinds of proteins that you can get dizzy just looking at them. They try to explain the different amino acids and the balance between what your dog makes on his own versus what he gets from food. If you are confused about this just ask your vet they can give you a simple answer.

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