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Lose Weight Now Five Simple Ways Of Losing Weight And Keeping It Off - Weight Watchers Pedometer _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Peter - Despite what just about every person who has a little bit of extra weight on them thinks, it really is very simple to lose weight, all it takes is getting started! What follows are five simple ideas that can help you easily lose five or ten pounds quickly and easily, all it takes is a bit of commitment and "stick-toitness".Drink more water. It's been proven time and again that drinking more water helps us lose weight. How you might ask? Well, water helps increase the metabolism of fat by providing a transport stream, for want of a better phrase, for the fat to be processed and eliminated by the liver. Click Here

Start with 8 eight ounce glasses - 2 quarts or about 2 liters - of water, but if you're more than 25 pounds overweight, you can try and double that amount. Spread the consumption out over the day, and it won't seem like that much.Walk. Go to the local sports store and purchase yourself a pedometer. Try and get in 10,000 steps every day, and you'll be burning a good amount of extra calories every day. Try and schedule a 30 minute walk every day.

Not only is the exercise good for you, but getting outside is great for stress relief.Remember something that I learned from Weight Watchers - every single calorie is exactly the same. It doesn't matter if it's a carb calorie, a fat calorie or a protein calorie, there is no magical calorie. What matter is the size of the portion of fat, protein or carb. If you aim to get say 2000 calories every day, it doesn't matter if that 2000 calories comes from lettuce or from cake. Obviously, if you waste your calories on cake, you're going to be hungry as you won't be able to eat as much, but if you remember this tip, it will make things a lot easier.

Set yourself achievable weight loss goals. A goal should be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Based. This means that your goal should be something like - I want to lose 20 pounds by Christmas Day. Saying that "I want to lose 125 pounds" is an admirable goal, but not a SMART goal, because while it's good to aim high, you need to be able to achieve along the way.

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Weight watchers pedometer  
Weight watchers pedometer