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Vol. 2, No. 1

Jan. 8, 2014

A fond farewell to 2013

Mudpuppy night in Oxford Mills see page 2

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Our history is like a reel of film, and each moment, each event, is like a frame of film passing by so quickly we seldom have time to take it all in. There’s an exciting new year ahead, full of new scenes. But here’s a few selected frames from 2013 to bring back memories and

remind us of the past year. It was a Year of Anniversaries: North Grenville itself turned 15! The Salvation Army celebrated 125 years here! There were fun events like Canada Day and the Dandelion Festival; fund raisers and cheque presentations - enough to fill this newspaper

if we wanted - openings, closings, arrivals and departures of all kinds. St. Mike’s recreated the trenches from World War I, but the construction on Clothier and George Streets had more mud! There were Heritage Awards, Civic Awards, even national awards for local

businesses. And then there were the really serious news items: a threatened eviction at Fetherston, which was thankfully prevented, road accidents, business closures, wetlands drained away. Yes, it was quite a year, full of colour and events, just like the NG Times!

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The ‘Tween-ager, the Taxwoman and the Sandman Graeme Waymark "Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return" (Genesis 3:19) Each year we celebrate new births of babies and blossoms as Spring awakens rosebuds in our cheeks, revealing twinkles in our glistening eyes. Moistened by miracles of joy, tears are invoked by the sheer potential of life itself. I had a new grandchild, Owin Grant, this Christmas who brought to me such joy… On the other hand, the pathos of our lives and of our community is the compelling demise of all and everything sooner or later. Nothing stops the inexorable aging mechanism but fortunately there is glue that holds together each year comprising many memories of passionate pursuit, unfailing pride, and serendipitous awe. Nothing ignites acceptance of this unstoppable process better than the fuel of consumable happiness and flame of ingestible delight. LIfe is like that: awe, delight, happiness, and pride a dose of faith, charity, a roller coaster ride. ‘Through sickness or health’ a code not just for marriage; ‘Twill guide acceptance astride - a social carriage. There comes a time in one’s life when education is done and experience well worn; where most moun-

tains will be climbed, oceans crossed, and the list left in life is reduced to items under a rubric, many of us are calling a bucket list. It is what one wishes to do between now and then. What is now? When is then? This is a question many senior citizens face. I call this period euphemistically: The ‘Tween-Age Years … To me, the ‘tween-age years are those that exist after year ‘X’ and before year ‘Y’. My notion also includes the year ‘Z’ as in, D-day: Death, or Dust to Dust. Thus: ‘Y’ is the age where one is very much alive and probably of reasonably sound mind, but not mobile and perhaps unable to care for oneself or make all vital decisions. ‘X’ is the age one finds oneself after retirement from a career - as many citizens of a certain age now find themselves. To give an example, working backwards: If one would die at age 92 (Z) and say, enter a home for assisted living at age 89 (Y); and if one’s current age is 69 (X), then the ‘tween-age years of that hypothetical person would be (Y-X) resulting in twenty years. (Y-X=20 yrs). With 2014 commencing, those born in the last few months of World War II are now approaching seventy years of age, with somewhere between one and two decades of ‘tween-age years (ten to

twenty years) remaining to them – that is to say, if my working hypothesis above is seen as reasonable by readers of this article. Younger folks than that, are called the ‘Baby-Boom’ (BB) generation, followed by the ‘generation X and Y’. This BB generation is healthier, stronger, more able and capable than perhaps any other generation in history and they have the means to live life in a multi-faceted exploration of events and experiences that many are including under a new rubric: The Bucket List. It is a list self-delimited by factors such as: health, resources, determination, will, and supports and in a few cases limited by others such as partner, family or other demands. Whatever, the BB generation stands to have the longest ‘tween-age period than any other generation. The most important notions regarding the ‘tweenage years and a bucket list are: Senior citizens usually can make the determination of when those years will apply individually to oneself and/ or partner. Others will or can see one’s parents and grandparents in the spotlight of ‘tween-age years and want to know how to support them during that time Professionals such as financial planners fully understand how best to assist a

Mudpuppy Night in Oxford Mills Discover one of the natural wonders of North Grenville! By popular demand, Sustainable North Grenville once again invites its members and the public to gather at Maplewood Hall in Oxford Mills at 6:45 pm for 7 pm start. Young and old may come and enjoy an entertaining and informative slide show and talk by renowned artist/biologist team Aleta Karstad and Dr.

Jan 8, 2014

Fred Schueler. Following the short presentation, participants will hike outdoors to a special observation spot below the dam to hunt for the giant Salamander known as Mudpuppies. This is a great opportunity to see Mudpuppies at the only place in Ontario where they can be easily viewed during their winter activity. Warm, outdoor clothing and rubber boots or water-

person or a couple, but may require a tool to determine those years as they will differ for each client In determining what those years will be and getting the most out of them, it will mean, for friends, family, financial planners and caregivers: 1. Using requisite resources to continue one’s life well managed past the ‘tween-age years; 2. Budgeting to ensure as many of any bucket list wishes are fulfilled or complete; and 3. Planning, to ensure that senior citizens are not confined to nursing or senior ‘homes’ too early. In summary, 2014 gives us the opportunity to provide for ourselves the ability to celebrate new births of both baby and blossom as Spring awakens the rosebuds in cheeks of senior citizens and opens twinkles in the glistening eyes of the aged, with or without cataracts! We seniors have the potential to thoroughly involve ourselves in all miracles of joy invoked by the continually repeating potential of life itself, even while life passes and it is not the ‘sandman’s dust’ that we see accumulating in our eyes. I hope this article will stimulate many to re-frame how they look at their retirement years, what they wish to experience, how and when.

Friday, January 10, 2014; 7pm.

proof footwear are recommended, as the observation area is along the shore of the creek. A bright flashlight (with fresh batteries) would also be useful. Don’t want to brave the weather? Stick around! At 8 pm, the Oxford Mills Community Association’s regular Game Night kicks off, with a variety of tabletop games being played til about 11:30 pm. Admission is free and open to all. A donation jar will be available to offset

the cost of renting the hall. To get to Oxford Mills, follow County Road 18 south from Kemptville. Maplewood Hall is just over the bridge, on the right-hand side, (not far from the Brigadoon Restaurant). More information: visit, http://www. SustainableNorthGrenville. ca Or




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Let’s Connect…

Here we are in 2014! It was great getting together with family and friends over the holidays. As the New Year approached people started talking about New Year’s Resolutions. Last year I made a resolution to conquer the Hula Hoop after having great fun trying over the holidays with my two daughters. As with all resolutions the intent was good; however, the memory of even making the resolution faded quickly as the daily activities took over. It would have been a great accomplishment, great exercise and great fun! I am going to work on it this year… I think a great resolution for all of us is to remember to have fun and look after ourselves: in essence, to practice self-care. There are

many who are Caregivers to a frail loved one, looking after children or grandchildren, or a combination of all of these. Some may have health concerns of their own. From my own experiences in Caregiving, I know that self-care is often at the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list, versus at the top of the list. It makes a huge difference when we get it right! What is self-care? Self care has similar components for each person such as eating properly, keeping up with regular medical checkups and adding in some form of exercise. We all know the things that we are supposed to be doing that keep us healthy. That is why these activities so often get on our New Year’s Resolution list. Self-care should be in our

physically. I recently had the great pleasure of reconnecting with my friend Sally whom I hadn’t been in touch with in over 10 years. Sally took the time to connect with me, and also to set up a time to get together for a coffee. What a gift this was! How often do we find ourselves making excuses, saying that we will call that person later, I am too busy this week. We even put off the offer to get together as we always have a myriad of things to attend to. Had I put off the offer of a coffee, I would have missed the opportunity for a spot in my spirit to be filled. My challenge this year for all of us, is to allow ourselves the pleasure of accepting an offer from someone, whether it is a coffee, a drive, help in the home, or even an opportunity to get out. We so often put off the very things that will give us a reprieve and joy. At the Cheryl J. Brown Centre, we offer a variety of activities that provide an opportunity for new learning and new friendships. Please stop by this year to say hi! Happy New Year to everyone! Susan Smith, Executive Director Kemptville And District Home Support Inc. The Cheryl J. Brown Centre 613-258-3203

common language as one of the ‘large stones’ that we put first into our life ‘container’. The smaller stones, also important, will fill in around the larger ones. The sand, the activities that may or may not be necessary will filter in around the small and large stones. If we do it this way, what is most important to us will be in our lives and all of those other activities will be there as well, or perhaps we can let some things go by the wayside. One of the most important components of self-care is connecting with others. When we are stressed or tired, we often overlook the necessity of this. Often, by nature of this connection, we find ourselves doing better emotionally and even

The Voice of North Grenville

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Calling all Blood Donors in Kemptville! The recent winter storms and the holiday season have both led to a decline in blood donations across Eastern Ontario. Canadian Blood Services needs to fill 15,000 appointments nationally. To ensure hospital demand can be met, people are encouraged to give blood on January 9th in North Grenville. There are still 15 appointment slots to be filled in this clinic. Please give blood and encourage others to do so. Book your appointment online at or by calling 1-888-2-DONATE.

Janurary 8, 2014


The North Grenville Times

Another Year Over... sible way. The courage and tenacity of the residents, not to mention their general unity in the face of such a threat, was admirable and one can only hope that no other issue is neglected by the authorities to such an extent again. Some stories continue to bubble almost unnoticed. The people in South Gower are still organising and campaigning against another pit in their neighbourhood, and their progress to date has been remarkable. They have had Steve Clark M.P.P. present a Petition on their behalf at Queen’s Park, and have held meetings at various levels of government over the past year. They have a real concern that another pit on Bennett Road would have a massive impact on both property values and the environment. The potential disaster which would happen should the aquifer in this area be contaminated by pit operations would affect all of us. The same issue has been raised regarding the proposed TransCanada oil pipeline, part of which would run under the Rideau

by David Shanahan ...and a new one just begun. So, how was your 2013? Memorable? Forgettable? It was the first full year of the NG Times and I must say it flew past. I have been waiting for the weekend to start since last January, and I’m still waiting! But it was quite a year for North Grenville, full of stories, events, interesting people and construction. Especially construction. This week, we’re looking back at 2013 and remembering some of what went into making it what it was. They say that every picture tells a story, and our production manager, Maggie, loves pictures (she is an artist after all), so we have a lot of pictures to share from last year. There were some big stories. The entire Fetherston Park crisis was serious, at times heartbreaking, and is still not completely settled. But at least people are still in their homes and the Municipality has finally engaged with the residents in a proper and respon-

The Voice of North Grenville

River as it entered North Grenville. The effects of any spill on a World Heritage site, not to mention the ecological nightmare it would create in the Municipality, have been described at public meetings over the past few months and these concerns have not been eased by a very slick and pointless (in every sense) presentation by TransCanada. These topics will continue to be addressed in 2014. Oddly enough, one of the most popular things in 2013 was the official motto of North Grenville: “Green and Growing”, but not necessarily for the reasons the farmers might have expected. Given the amount of development taking place here, added to reports of wetlands being destroyed in the Northwest Quadrant, the motto has been used in sarcastic, even cynical ways, to decry what at times appears to be a lack of planning and thought in the Municipality. There is an issue with the water supply in Kemptville, for example, and has been for many years. Brown water, low pressure, bad taste, all have been reported over

and over again. New water facilities are needed, as everyone agrees. Yet there will be new homes going into the Northwest Quadrant that will have to tap into (no pun intended) the current system because the new one won’t be built before the houses. Exactly what the condition of the water system is in Kemptville is unclear, even though it was a major issue in the last municipal election, when all the candidates (including the current Council) groaned loudly about its sad and distasteful state. Which brings us to 2014. Elections next October will see a different Council elected because two of the current crop are retiring and one may be running for Mayor against David Gordon. What will the year bring in terms of new candidates and, hopefully, new ideas? Sometimes I think that any idea would be new, given the seeming lack of ideas over the last few years. We could do with some new blood (preferably still pumping in active hearts). We lost some good people in 2013, but I will just

mention one if that’s ok. Peter Sadler died on November 17 after a long fight which he waged with grace, courage and faith. He and his family are the kind of people North Grenville needs. He provided employment here, supported so many good causes in his community, and had a loyalty and commitment to the people here that was sadly missing from those he worked with at the Source. That company treated him, and other store owners, shabbily and without honour, and the people of North Grenville showed their support for Peter through an amazing Facebook campaign launched by Mike Morin. Peter and his wife, Linda, along with Mike, showed what North Grenville is at its best. I have said many times, and repeat with genuine feeling, that the greatest things we have going for us are the people. This is a place that people are moving to, not because the house prices are so good (they are certainly not), but because there is a lot to offer newcomers here. We have a great history, and hopefully a great

future. The foundations are in place, if we can just get some more jobs for our young people and at the same time not cover every green space with concrete. That will be the job of our next Council. That means we have to think seriously and carefully about the issues that matter to us and will define our future over the next ten months, so that we can have the right candidates running in the election, the right issues discussed thoroughly and not superficially, and the right men and women on Council to lead. It is my deep hope and trust that the NG Times will be there to talk about these things, to support and, where necessary, question the new Council. We will continue to be the Voice of North Grenville as long as you, the people, speak through its pages. They are yours to fill every week, your only local newspaper, owned and staffed by local North Grenville residents. It makes the coming year look quite exciting! Happy New Year to each one of you. May we be here together to celebrate next year.

the smallest number we are allowed under provincial law....we have about a quarter of the elected representatives that used to be needed... before 1998. The fastest growing municipality in still getting along with the fewest politicians we can possibly manage." How can this be a good idea? Mr.Carmichael? Any ideas? Anyone? Why has there been so few letters to the Editor about this? This is important. Municipal politics, and the decisions these people make, impact us every day. If you don't speak up, the powers that be will be happy to maintain the status quo. As I have written here before, the Councillors have stated that they are busy every night of the week and cannot take on any further

committee duties. And yet, they have also stated, in this very publication, that they are in favour of maintaining their present numbers (or at least some of them have). And speaking of politicians who don't like to upset the apple cart.... Just before Parliament broke for its 6 week Christmas recess---did they use the actual word 'Christmas' or 'Holiday'? We must be politically correct after all--a private member's Bill was introduced that would initiate political reform. It would empower voters and their elected representatives to take away some of the sweeping powers of the PMO and of the political party organizations. Now, wouldn't that be refreshing? How about more of the same provincially? And, of course,

municipally. Our parliamentary democracy is modelled after the Westminster Model. Out of the U.K., Australia and New Zealand and Canada, Canada appears to be the most conservative in terms of being reluctant to make changes that will improve the government's effectiveness. Every election sees fewer voters voting, just as every year at this time we see the ubiquitous 'Happy Holidays' instead of the more appropriate 'Merry Christmas'. Is this not evidence enough that you'd better register your discontent or else you are going to get run over by other people's decisions? Happy Holidays! Bah! Humbug! MERRY CHRISTMAS Peter Johnson

Dear Editor and Valerie: I am not sure why you thought I was “city people moved to the country and start to complain about farm smells”. I have horses and the barn smell is well known to me, never would complain about that. My family and I moved to Osgoode Township back in 1977 from the suburbs of Vancouver, B.C. to be near our families. We built our family home in Osgoode Township and watched the village over the 30 years expand to our doorsteps, plus amalgamate with the City of Ottawa. Circumstances changed in my life and my sons and I moved to my current address. Life goes on and we will learn to cope with anything. I want you and Doug to know that I have witnessed the goodness and kind heart that Doug has for his neigh-

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Mr. Editor: My response to a reader's response to my previous letter, I would like to ask, "Is that it? Whether or not there were non-Conservatives elected in the area in the past was undoubtedly the least important point that was put forth.' Gentle Reader, D.Carmichael took the time to make the point that he was 'surprised' that the paper would print a letter that had such a 'glaring error'. The horrendous oversight on my part was this statement: 'the united counties have never elected anyone from any party, other than the Conservatives'. I should have used 'rarely' instead of 'never', then Mr. Carmichael would not have been so offended. Yet, again, I ask: "Is that all that you have to say?" Is this point not more

important "we are being governed by a gang of thugs — secretive, high-handed, unprincipled gusting to unethical, and openly contemptuous of such quaint notions as democratic accountability..." (A. Coyne Nat. Post) than blustering about the lack of factual accuracy regarding number of rare moments when nonConservatives were elected in this area. My point being, if you are going to get 'surprised' by something---enough to get off your duff and write a letter to the editor about it, make it something important. Pay attention---I'll demonstrate: Dr. Dave's Editorial: "Into The Last Lap"---'As it stands, we still have four Councilors and one Mayor,

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Being prepared for winter weather In many cases, weather forecasts can predict severe weather with some advanced warning. The Medical Officer of Health encourages the residents of Leeds, Grenville and Lanark to be aware of the weather conditions and provides the following tips to help with preparedness: • Understand the difference between weather watches and warnings. Weather watch means that the conditions are favourable for certain types of weather events; while weather warning means the event is imminent or occurring and you need to take immediate shelter.

• Be prepared by having an emergency kit in your car, home and work place. Plan ahead; if travel conditions are forecasted to be dangerous consider re-scheduling activities. • Ensure your cell phone is fully charged each day and have important numbers in your contact list. • Keep your gas tank filled, as during severe weather events power outages may result in gasoline not being available. A blanket, shovel and first aid kit should be kept in your vehicle. • Keep a supply of non-

perishable foods that don’t require cooking and water in the event of a power outage. • Ensure an adequate supply of medications is on hand. • Keep some cash on hand for emergencies. • Ensure you are dressed appropriately for the weather including footwear even if you are just driving. You could be caught in road closures for a prolonged period of time and may need to turn off the car to conserve gas. • Plan for the safety of your family, so while you are at work you are confident that they know what

The Voice of North Grenville

By-Law Services Division Relocation to do to keep safe. • If you have vulnerable family members or neighbours check in on them. • Consider your pet’s needs (food, medication and shelter). M O N I TO R Y O U R LOCAL MEDIA FOR S E V E R E W E AT H E R WARNINGS OR VISIT: THE WEATHER NETWORK: ENVIRONMENT CANADA WEATHER: ca

Please be advised that the Municipality of North Grenville’s By-Law Services Division has relocated to the North Grenville Fire Station, 259 County Road 44, as of Wednesday, December 18, 2013. The By-Law Officer may now be reached at 613-258-2438 ext. 6 or by email at Office hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information: Paul Hutt, Director of Emergency & Protective Services/ Fire Chief - Municipality of North Grenville - 613-258-2438 ext.2 -

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Annual General Meeting of the North Grenville Historical Society

The Annual General Meeting of the North Grenville Historical Society will be held on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 15 Water Street, Kemptville. The door to the Courthouse will open at 7:00 pm and the meeting will begin at 7:30. Following the business portion, Dr. David Shanahan will give a presentation entitled “Canada’s Apartheid: First Nations in Ontario”. Canada’s First Nations are governed by

an Act of Parliament – The Indian Act – which places them in a unique position within the country. The system which led to this legal limbo was first formulated in Upper Canada, and the Government of Ontario, after Confederation, played a significant role in defining the rights and restrictions which governed First Nations in the Province. David’s talk will trace the history of the “Civilization Policy” which lay at the

heart of this form of Canadian Apartheid between 1830 and 1950, and in particular the experience of the Ontario Anishinabek. Dr. Shanahan has been working in the field of First Nations history for the past quarter century, with an emphasis on Ontario history for the past fifteen years. He has contributed to a number of scholarly journals, First Nations newspapers and books, and published a history of the Spanish Indian Residential School. In addition to extensive work on land claims and treaty issues, David has visited many of the reserves

across Canada, presented papers at conferences and studied the parallels between the experience of Canada’s First Nations and other colonised peoples, particularly the fascinating links with the people of his own homeland of Ireland. It is his considered opinion that the people of Canada remain unaware of the history and current state of the Aboriginal peoples of this country, and would, in fact, be outraged if the facts were generally known. Our meetings are open to the public. A warm welcome is extended to all - old friends and new.

letters to the editor continued bours. I observed Doug going out of his way to make sure another elderly neighbour’s lane, walkway and deck where clear of snow and ice morning and night so that they could get out if they had to. Doug’s back wasn’t in the greatest of shape but he still hand shovelled the walks, deck and stairs for them year after year. He obviously tried to help with this other gentleman next door to stop the sheep back then but met resistance. “Live and Let Live” you might say, but now the situation has turned worse and the livestock is much more dangerous than one might think. I walk my dogs up that road and have watched the herd protector snort and almost break down the roadside fence to get to me and the dogs. I now cross to the other side of the road when coming Janurary 8, 2014

upon the fields of this home. I no longer stand and watch these magnificent creatures. I walk quickly pass them, not wanting to disturb them. I would not like to experience your fears for your family when they are in your own backyard. That is extremely scary. This reminds me of a cousin up Renfrew way on his 200 acre farm with sheep and cows. Across the road is a lake where cottages were built but of course “city folk” owned them. Every summer he would have their dogs chasing his cows and sheep. He also tried the “please keep your dogs tied up or fenced in their yard” but was ignored and then verbally bullied; many complaints to the township, but nothing ever happened. This went on for about 4 years also. His children were playing in the fields

one year and the cows being chased almost ran them over. He was a patient farmer but the next time the dog came across the road to his fields, he got his rifle and shot the dog. He was well within his rights but I don’t think this is the solution. From having to fence my fields to keep my horses safe and not roaming the township, I know the difficulties that the bedrock presents in putting up fencing. I had only hoped to stir the community into helping out or getting together to make the Township act NOW as this situation needs to be rectified. Family is very important and I would like to help in any way that I can so that yours is safe and meets no harm. If the need is to start harassing the township to do what must be done, then let’s get together and do this now. Deborah

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Taking Stock By John Barclay, BIA Coordinator

At this time of year I always get reflective; I like to review the year just past and think about the direction I’d like to take in the new one. The BIA is no different; it’s produced an annual report (“2013 The Year in Review”, available online at http://www.oldtownkemptville. com/about-bia) and is conducting a survey of members and associate members in order to evaluate 2013 and to plan for 2014.

Jan 8, 2014

I've been privileged to have been involved in most of the activities downtown since last April; to have been on the street daily meeting merchants and their customers, and to have been on the front lines for most of the battles the BIA has waged in its efforts to retain business and expand cultural activities in Old Town. Here are some of my personal thoughts about Old Town in 2013 and in 2014. The biggest challenge in retaining and expanding business downtown last year was handling the multiple road closures and detours due to construction. Support from the community was clearly evident in their response to these obstacles. Whether in comments online, in letters to the local papers or more importantly, their spending, Old Town Kemptville enjoyed the loyalty of a solid customer base whose patronage just might have made the difference to a number of merchants downtown. They all suffered financially but none of the businesses have closed as a result of road closures (yet). Yes, there's been movement and changes downtown but not because it isn't a viable commercial location. In fact, in the past two or three months we've seen - the opening of The Captain's Sea Selections on Sanders Street, the arrival of the Kemptville Small Business and Investment Centre located at the newly established Co-Work Junction (above the Branch), renovations begun on Kemptville Convenience & Clothing on Clothier, new owners taking over the Fabric Shoppe (also on Clothier) and a new tenant setting up in the formerly vacant Advance Building on Prescott (details to come). It's evident that Old Town Kemptville enjoys an incredible amount of goodwill in the greater community; it has loyal customers, supporters and even, boosters - but to survive and thrive it needs more people to discover the downtown. Businesses need to do their part, too. They have to give customers more reason to shop downtown besides the satisfaction of saying they've “shopped local”. They need to focus on creating more curb appeal and attractive in-store displays. If they can't compete on price, they have to beat the competition on the quality of their customer service, their one of a kind product offerings and their convenient, consistent hours. Finally, it became clear in 2013 that the key to holding successful events downtown is merchant participation and volunteer commitment. Both need to grow in 2014, if we are to strengthen the downtown as a key commercial and cul-


tural hub in North Grenville. The Old Town Kemptville Business Improvement Area does more than just organize and promote events happening downtown. The BIA also represents its merchant members in a number of groups that are developing strategies to expand business and cultural activities downtown and advocates on behalf of its merchants and residents. Please join other Friends of Downtown online by liking our Facebook page (, following us on Twitter (@OldTownKemptvil) or bookmarking our website (

The North Grenville Times

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2013 The Year of Anniversaries The Municipality of North Grenville celebrated its fifteenth birthday in 2013. It is fifteen years since the old entities of Oxfordon-Rideau, South Gower and the Town of Kemptville were amalgamated into our new community.

B&H Your Community Grocer Celebrated 50 YEARS serving the Community

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Old Kemptville Police force May, 1998, a respected institution changed Canada turned 100 years old! In forever, as the old Kemptville Police force was The organization celebrated 100 years of changing the lives of young Canadians through mentoring and looks forward to 100 more.

Scotiabank first arrived in Kemptville one hundred years ago, in 1913.

absorbed into the Ontario Provincial Police. After generations of policing by locals, the O.P.P. began their contract to police North Grenville, just a few months after the Municipality came into being.

Nature’s Way Select Foods: 20 years and counting

Tenth anniversary of the book fair

Jim Beveridge, so dear to the hearts of many, and the Kemptville Lions, also celebrating 55 years of rewarding service to our community, jointly hosted a thank you complimentary BBQ September 28

Salvation Army celebrated 125 years of service

The Lasting Legacy Project

The Salvation Army celebrated 125 years of service in North Grenville. A number of events took place to mark that important anniversary in the community

Janurary 8, 2014

Lasting Legacy was a unique fundraising project, spearheaded by Bill and Jean Kilfoyle that grew out of the library’s highly successful Room to Read Campaign. The idea behind Lasting Legacy was to reach out to former North Grenville residents, business people and school mates and ask them if they would consider a donation in memory of a friend or family member. Along with a cheque, Bill and Jean asked donors for a few memories and a photo that would allow them to put a face to the name. These memories and photos have been collected in a book, Lasting Legacy.


To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the book fair, the organizers invited the public to a cake-cutting ceremony on Friday, October 18 at the Ferguson Forest Centre.

Kemptville 73’s celebrate 40 Years

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Prices effective: Friday, January 10 to Thursday, January 16, 2014 “We reserve the right to limit quantities to reasonable family requirements”

Jan 8, 2014


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At a special part of the Council meeting held in the Municipal Centre theatre on February 11, two residents of North Grenville were presented with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. Sharon Ruth campaigned for eight years to have parents of seriously ill children granted paid leave to care for, and be with their children. Harry Pratt was chosen by Steve Clark and Gord Brown to nominate candidates for the Jubilee medal in North Grenville. He has been a fixture in our community for decades, and has given a tremendous amount in time and energy to the people of North Grenville.

Legion Member Aubrey Callan receives Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

Heritage Awards Night 2013

Samer Kandalaft, Harold Tompkins. Jim Heppel, Phil Gerrard and Owen Fitz’Gerald accepting Heritage Awards from the North Grenville Historical Society

Janurary 8, 2014


Cheryl Brown retires from Kemptville and District Home Support

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2013 Sports highlights Mike Shultz’s Manotick Rink wins NGCC Senior Men’s Cash Bonspiel. Sixteen teams from Ottawa, Perth, Smith Falls, Manotick, North Grenville, Prescott and Brockville competed in the seventh annual North Grenville Senior Men’s Bonspiel held at the club on January 18, 2013.

The Voice of North Grenville

2013 Events Historical Society’s Archaeological Roadshow a great success. The North Grenville Historical Society joined forces with the Ontario Archaeological Society to put on a special event to set up displays of archaeological and historic artifacts, documents and photographs, and invited the public to bring in their own finds for discussion and identification

Bronze medal in Spear Throw

Carol Durie Memorial Golf Tournament raises over $200,000 over the 3 years they have organized the event.

Mustangs find Silver in Halifax The St. Michael Senior Boys volleyball team added more hardware to their collection as they captured the silver medal at the Dalhousie Invitational tournament in Halifax, Nova Scotia in October.

Helen MacGregor competed with the Knights of Valour in the International Jousting Championships in Colorado September 5 – 8, bringing home a Bronze Medal in Spear Throw.

Aidan Kerr takes Silver in Fruitbowl Regatta Local NGDHS student Aidan Kerr takes Silver at the coveted Hudson Yacht Club Fruitbowl Regatta on the Ottawa River in Hudson, Quebec.

Project Jesse

St. Michael's hosted their annual Turkey Trot cross country meet. Grade seven and eight students surpassed all expectations as each runner accomplished their personal best run

Lyndsay Fumerton gets Gold medal in Archery North Grenville District High School student, Lyndsay Fumerton, shot her way to a gold medal at the Canadian National Archery Championships held in Woodstock, New Brunswick

Response from the community to help with "Project Jesse" in making home accessible was overwhelming. Jesse was diagnosed when he was 8 years old, with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy called Friedreich's Ataxia. Humidification Installation of Duct work HRV cleaning Air Filtration Dryer Vent Cleaning Sanitization (our own specially formulated eco-friendly product!)

Joe Plunkett

613-258-0663 Toll Free: 1-866-880-5397 Jan 8, 2014


North Grenville Author pens trivia book Our good friend Pat Babin recently published a book on American Presidential trivia.

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5th Annual Ye Olde Kemptvillian Medieval Festival Bringing History to Life: Knights on their horses, archers and jugglers, musicians and falconers bring history back to life at the 5th Annual Ye Olde Kemptvillian Medieval festival held on March 23, 2013 at University of Guelph Kemptville Campus.

15th Annual North Grenville Community Sweetheart Brunch

Kemptville Youth Centre’s Jail and Bail Cathy Sheppard was locked up for a good cause on Family Day, February 18. Local celebrities participated in the Kemptville Youth Centre’s Jail and Bail event to raise funds for local Kemptville and area youth.

The Sweetheart Brunch, one of the biggest events of the year in North Grenville, once again pulled in a crowd of over 900 people. The event raised over $15,000.

Big winner at Soupfest

Annual Honours and Awards Dinner

Anniversary Park opening Situated in the Ferguson Forest Center, the park features a sheltered picnic area and floating docks for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Brigadoon wins big at Soupfest. Cheryl Mackie, Westley Evans and Stephanie Mackie, representatives from "Brigadoon's", took 1st prize in all categories at Soupfest held March 2 at the Municipal Center: Best Soup, Best Creative, Best Presentation and People’s Choice Award. The North Grenville 6th annual Sustainability Fair, held to celebrate Earth Day in April, is a free family-oriented event that features local businesses and organizations that promote sustainable living, products and services. The Annual Bishop’s Mills Community Day was held on May 18. Hosted by by the Bishop’s Mills Community Association, the Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute, and the St. Andrew’s United Church Women, treasures were to be found at community-wide yard sales as well as baked goods and many quality “Made in Bishop’s Mills” crafts. Janurary 8, 2014


The Legion Branch 212 Kemptville held their Annual Honours and Awards Dinner on May 4 to celebrate and honour the many deserving men and women who have served in the military over the years.

Nestle Down B&B

Ellen & Allison Miller 613-258-7778

4101 Highway 43 E Kemptville, Ont.K0G 1J0

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Health Unit reminds you to be cautious during cold weather

The Leeds Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit warns people to take appropriate precautions during the cold weather. Cold weather can cause very serious health conditions and even death. With a wind chill of -25oC or colder, unprotected skin can freeze in as little as10-30 minutes, and the risk of developing hypothermia is very high. During very cold weather, everyone is at risk, however the elderly, infants and children, people taking certain prescription medications, and people with pre-existing health conditions are in greater danger. There is also an increased risk of hypothermia for outdoor workers and people living without adequate heat or shelter. During these cold temperatures, the Health Unit strongly encourages the public to check on a neighbour or friend who may be isolated, disabled, or living alone and have a greater risk of suffering cold weather related injuries. The Health Unit also encourages homeless people to get in from the cold. During cold weather everyone should take the following precautions: Wear layers of warm dry clothing including a hat, mitts, and a layer to block the wind Drink warm non-alcoholic beverages Cover exposed skin surfaces when outdoors Maintain a heated environment of around 20oC/ 68oF Be aware of how your medications, or health conditions may increase your risk Be aware of the early signs of frostbite and hypothermia Be aware of the dangers of using an oven or space heater as a heating device. For more information on how to protect yourself during extreme cold visit the Health Unit website at: or go to en.html or For specific cold weather questions call the Health Action Line at 1-800-660-5853 or 613-345-5685.


Ride to Ottawa , Riverside and Huntclub area Mon. to Fri. from Kemptville or South Mountain area contact, Tylerrose24@gmail. com


Jan 8, 2014


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Korean War Veterans Korean War Veterans were honoured at a luncheon held at the Brigadoon Restaurant on May 31. Roy and Cheryl Brown were the hosts and the event was their brainchild. Roy has put a lot of work into preserving the memory and the historical records relating to the veterans in our Municipality.

Pirates Day AAaarrr, Mateys! September’s Pirates Day in Old Town Kemptville!

Fetherston Park, one of the big stories in 2013

Years of work recognised On May 8, Dr. Bill Adams, recently-elected President of the North Grenville Historical Society, honoured and expressed appreciation to Dr. David Shanahan, Archivist, for his five years of service as President of the North Grenville Historical Society and his ongoing commitment to the preservation of the history of North Grenville.�

Jan 8, 2014

Hey Day is still going strong

2013 marks the 53rd year it has been held. The event always takes place the second weekend in June, filling the North Grenville Curling Club arena on Reuben Crescent in Kemptville.


The Voice of North Grenville

BMWI News January Rotary Honours Christmas 2014 pledge to KYC Women’s Institute Auction Success!

Ahoy! The Kemptville Sea Cadets are now recruiting! Sea Cadets is for boys and girls age 12 to 18. Being a cadet builds self-confidence, fosters leadership skills, and develops a sense of community and self-respect. As a Sea Cadet you can learn to sail, join a drill or sport shooting team, travel, join a competitive team, go to a summer training camp and more. Imagine all that for absolutely free…Yes for free! Come aboard and join us! New training starting January…. For more information please visit: RCSCC DEFIANT #338 25 REUBEN CRES., 'Old Fire Hall' Kemptville, ON 613-2583318 or Monday evenings from 1830 hrs (6:30 pm) to 2130 hrs (9:30 pm) Saturday mornings from 0830 hrs (8:30 am) to 1200 hrs (12:00 pm)

Submitted by Jeanne Lambert, PRO Bishop‘s Mills Women’s Institute The 2013 Christmas Fundraising Auction was hosted Wednesday, December 11 by the Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute in the Community Hall. Local WI members and others from around the Leeds and Grenville District attended. In addition to the Bishop’s Mills members, there were many local community guests. Once again, over $600 was raised through the efforts of the less than 30 women in attendance. Auctioneers Jane and Vicki Graham kept the group laughing and the generosity flowing. The Bishop’s Mills branch of the WI has been hosting a fundraising auction annually for over 25 years. This year, the proceeds are being distributed between the Lazarus House and Beth Donovan Hospice. Many delicious snacks were served and a variety of items went to auction. There was Christmas baking and Christmas décor, gently used kitchen items and flower vases, crocheted snowflakes and handmade heritage

aprons, a flannel quilted baby quilt and lovely pine and dogwood arrangement. The new sandwich board sign was set up on display at the hall as people arrived for the evening. The new sign for the front of the hall will be installed when the weather improves. T h e B i s h o p ’s M i l l s Women’s Institute has been involved in the community since 1985, including documenting the history of the village and encouraging positive change. The Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute holds monthly meetings and welcomes new members interested in meeting their neighbours and getting involved in their community. The next meeting is Thursday January 9 at the home of a member Trish Habberjam. If you are interested in finding out more about WI, see the Provincial organization’s website: www.fwio. . For information about attending local meetings, please contact President Sheryl McKim 613-926-2472 or Jeanne Lambert at .

Rotarian Daren Givoque (left) presents a cheque for $2,500 to Sid Boettger, of the Kemptville Youth Centre (KYC); Jennifer Franssen, president of KYC—also a Rotarian; and Robin Heald, KYC Executive Director. This is the third year the Rotary Club of Kemptville, a longterm partner, has made a similar Christmas donation to pay down the principal of the KYC mortgage. In its third year in its own space, the youth centre has just under $150,000 left to pay. 

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Kid’s Christmas Shopping emporium benefits Hospital

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Su Sally, Chair of the Old Town Kemptville BIA, presents a cheque for $300 to Mary Boucher, Director of Development, Kemptville District Hospital Foundation. Fees collected from the Kid's Shopping Emporium at the North Pole during Old Town Christmas were ear-marked for the important role KDH plays in the community.

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"Puck Control"

The NG Photography Club

73’s start 2014 with a bang!

Photography by Jancy Watkins the third, the 73's took advantage of a power play opportunity to draw within one of the lead. Brandon Seatter from the left point sent a pass into the circle to Dean Galasso. Galasso found Erik Brown on the Grads doorstep and he put it into the top corner. With about a minute and a half left in the game, Cody Hendsbee and Brandon Cole combined to break up a Cumberland rush and Seatter rushed all the way down the ice. In the face off circle, he let a hard shot go that found the far top corner and the game was tied at 3. Kemptville came close in the overtime period with a shot that rang off the post but it had to go to the shootout to declare a winner. Matt Tugnutt was the only one of the six shooters to score. Kemptville came away with the 4-3 win. Brandon Seatter and Erik Brown were named first and second stars. The game scheduled for Sunday in Pembroke has been postponed until February 18 due to the terrible driving conditions. Next weeks action sees the 73's play the Nepean Raiders on Friday night in Kemptville. Game time is 7:30. This game is “St. Mikes Night” which is sponsored by Harvex. On Sunday, Kemptville travels to Carleton Place to battle the Canadians, the CCHL's first place team. Then, on a special day, the Cumberland Grads are back in town on Wednesday, January 15 for a 7:30 start. Catch the Junior A fever! Hockey with edge!

73's Control the Puck Quinn Wichers (4) takes the puck away from a Grads player as Dean Galasso (13) gets ready to go the other way @ rinkrat The Christmas break is over and the 73's are back on the ice. The last game of 2013 was postponed due to inclement weather. It has been rescheduled for January 15 at 7:30. The 2014 part of the schedule kicked off with a bang with the team playing three games in four days. On Thursday, Kemptville visited the Cornwall Colts. The first period was full of fast paced, end to end action with neither team able to gain an advantage. The second period saw Cornwall take control and build a 3-0 lead. The Colts were given a major penalty and the 73's started their comeback. The puck came back to the point on a pass from Erik Brown to Cody Hendsbee. Hendsbee let a hard shot go right on net

Jan 8, 2014

and Piccolino made the save but gave up a juicy rebound to Dean Galasso, who buried it. Still on the power play, Hendsbee at the point sent a pass down the left wing to Brandon Seatter. Seatter found a seam across the slot and found Quinn Carroll sliding down from the right point. Carroll let a one timer go that found the back of the net with just two seconds left in the period. Trailing 3-2, Kemptville was coming on strong. A great check behind the Colts net caused a turn over that Matt Tugnutt sent to the front of the net and Brown pounded it home from his knees and tied the game with over twelve minutes left. Tugnutt won a face off in the Cornwall end and Brown picked up the puck from his right wing position and walked right to the net and beat Piccolino cleanly to put the 73's up 4-3. With

The Voice of North Grenville

a minute left in the game Cornwall pulled their goalie in favour of an extra attacker. Brown and Tugnutt combined again to strip the puck from the Colts players and Galasso found the empty net. The 73's were victorious by a score of 5-3. Erik Brown was named first star with his four points and Matt Tugnutt was named third star with his three assists. The next night saw the 73's host the Cumberland Grads. Much like the night before, early in the second period, Kemptville found themselves in a 3-0 hole. After a dump in into the Grads zone, Olivier Chabot, from the right wing, chased it into the corner where he fed Quinn Carroll coming in from the left wing. Carroll found the trailer on the play, Alex Row, who made no mistake with a blast from the circle to put Kemptville on the board. Trailing 3-1 going into


Arctic like temperatures cause ice to build up along the river’s edge in Burritts Rapids

Recent frigid temperatures caused this latch, on the inside of a barn door, to frost over in Burritts Rapids

January 8th 2014, #1  
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