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Transplants for Children empowers families to

MASTER LIFELONG CHALLENGES of pediatric transplantation

We accomplish this through: n Peer to Peer Networks for children and their parents to create a sense of “normalcy” and acceptance, and to keep families together n Transition Program from pediatric to adult medical care that prepares transplant recipient youth to survive into adulthood n Patient Navigation & Direct Services to help families overcome the complex demands of transplant care cycles




n Advocacy & Parent Education to eliminate barriers to critical services and assist families to succeed long term

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a t


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’ s.

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Like the great old bars of the past, we dispense classic

bartenders practice their venerable art behind a

cocktails, exotic beverages and good cheer in a

46-foot bar of reverently polished cherrywood. The

civilized setting. Join us for drinks and hors d’oeuvres,

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then come upstairs to Bohanan’s Prime Steaks and

of the baby grand piano.

Seafood for the best steak you’ve ever had.

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- Ron Nirenberg - Promotion Physical Therapy

14 a better you

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26 indoor fitness

- The new lifestyle standard in fitness

28 success stories

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44 fit for style

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2013 contents

- A shining star in the Lone Star State

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- Fitness around San Antonio


LYND president and COO

David Lynd shares how he takes a

balanced approach to life, family and success. NFIT MAN march / april 2013



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A Leader Emerges


Ron Nirenberg explains why passion, principle and collaboration drive him in District 8. by Kelly Hamilton Photography by sarah brooke lyons



nnovative, authentic, passionate. These are three defining words for an artist, or perhaps a born leader – one who is intuitively aware that the lifeblood of any successful organization is through the marriage of vision and follow-through. As associate general manager of Trinity University’s KRTU-FM, Ron Nirenberg embodies the qualities of such a leader. He credits his personal and professional background with an unwavering belief that San Antonio deserves the very best each person can give. He’s worked with municipal governments and schools, he’s been a neighborhood leader and a small business owner, he’s been a competitive athlete and he’s a father and husband. And Nirenberg has recently chosen to answer the call of civic duty by launching his campaign for City Council District 8. Raised in Austin, Nirenberg received a B.A. from Trinity University and an M.A. from the prestigious Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, where he met his wife, Erika Prosper. After he completed his graduate work, he and his wife returned to San Antonio, where he continued to work on nationwide civic engagement initiatives for the Annenberg Public Policy Center. In more than 20 cities across the country, Nirenberg worked with municipalities and citizens on community issues and creating programs to teach students why it is important to get involved. “For me, this work (at Annenberg) solidified the notion that every person has a right and responsibility to be involved in the affairs of their government,” Nirenberg said. “Our greatest challenge at any level of government is to re-engage our community, and


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

we can only do that by restoring the public’s trust.” In 2009, after nine years of working with Annenberg, a position opened at Trinity. KRTU-FM, which serves both a teaching function at the university and a broadcast audience in the San Antonio market, had adopted a professional jazz format in 2002. Nirenberg recognized a great opportunity to help his alma mater, leveraging his public affairs background and administrative experience. “As a broadcast entity operating in the public sphere,” Nirenberg said, “the opportunity presented through combining my experience at Annenberg with the position at KRTU was a dream come true.” One thing that keeps the dream alive for Nirenberg is the collaborative work he has been able to initiate with KRTU and other organizations. Encouraging cooperative and collaborative spirit at the local level is readily visible throughout San Antonio’s business community, especially in District 8. Companies such as USAA, Valero, NuStar, H-E-B and local universities are successful, Nirenberg says, not just because of their core business savvy, but because they have a community mission that’s baked into their culture. Nirenberg has worked to bring that same collaborative spirit to his space in noncommercial radio, which has typically just focused on the business of staying afloat in an increasingly competitive broadcast industry. As a way of celebrating its 10th anniversary in the format, KRTU launched its Year of Jazz initiative in 2011, a collaboration of more than two dozen nonprofit organizations united under one platform. “Each of the participating organizations helped create a single movement for the San Antonio community that

collectively, brought the city positive international exposure, and individually, helped each organization grow its own audience and present unique arts programs,” Nirenberg said. “If we link arms, share interests and work toward common ends, we all get what we want. It takes an unselfish and community-focused mentality that can work in any sector – business, government or otherwise.” Nirenberg’s desire to build on San Antonio’s success does not stop with the arts community. Having grown up in Austin, he is also driven to prove to others what he already believes: that San Antonio is the most desirable city to live in Texas for all ages and demographics, from retirees to young professionals. Since the Census 2000, San Antonio has experienced a booming 16 percent pace of growth. Nirenberg says that in his District 8, the growth is twice that pace. That suggests that it is important to make sure San Antonio still offers a high quality of life for all kinds of people. He and his wife, Erika, have a young son, Jonah, and they moved to the Summerfield neighborhood looking for a place to raise their family. “An obvious reason people move here is the cost of living,” Nirenberg said. “Keeping the cost of living affordable while helping the city grow is an important challenge.” A primary focus for Nirenberg in District 8 lies within its tremendously diverse community. With a divided voting history, he says the challenges within District 8 mirror the entire city. “One of most important things an honest representative can do is make sure they are representing everyone within their district fairly,” he said. “There is not enough emphasis on working together in politics, and nowadays, with a pendulum of partisanship that swings back and forth, the onus is on the elected official to facilitate compromise to the benefit of their entire constituency.” The future councilman points out that he learned early on the difference between a politician

and a statesman, and that he has no desire to be a politician. He credits his father with teaching him the difference. Through principled governance, practicing compassionate leadership and focusing on transparency and accountability, Nirenberg desires to focus on what is right, not what is politically advantageous. Just as he was taught how to behave ethically in society, it is Nirenberg’s desire for his son to grow up learning through example and seeing his father actively engaging in the betterment of our city. “We need people to step up and be a positive example through civic involvement,” Nirenberg said. “It’s not only about voting or serving in your neighborhood, but being willing to take on a potentially thankless job, make tough decisions and provide leadership for the next generation.” Aside from the ever-important issues of job growth, water and fiscal responsibility, Nirenberg’s beliefs are rooted in limited government. “If it’s not vital for the business of our city and our residents’ quality of life, it probably doesn’t need


“Every person has a right and a responsibility to get involved in the affairs of their government.” to be done,” he said. “The council office is merely a board of directors for our people’s business, and it is incumbent upon members to be responsive advocates for their community, always asking, ‘Is it fair, responsible and ethical?’” Health and fitness are important aspects of life for Nirenberg both personally and in his view of the city. He believes the incorporation of the linear park system is a huge development for local residents, as the push for wellness and physical activity is encouraged in both the public and private sectors. We are learning that fitness cannot be looked at as just leisure

activity any longer. It needs to be incorporated regularly into daily life since San Antonio is one of many cities that suffers from high rates of disease rooted in lifestyle decisions made by each individual. “We need to continue growing and improving the park systems, as they are a core service of the city,” Nirenberg said. “Simultaneously, we as leaders need to encourage outdoor activity and healthier lifestyles.” Nirenberg also expressed the dire need for bike safety and education as San Antonio expands its cycling population. “We need better safety and awareness on the part of drivers and cyclists. It all

goes back to what our competitive advantage is when we are marketing the city.” Through Nirenberg’s broad experience in bringing people and organizations together, combined with his keen focus on principled governance that encourages development for all residents to enjoy, should he win the May 11 election, politically, San Antonians are in for a breath of fresh air. ■ For more information on Ron Nirenberg and his campaign for City Council District 8, visit www. or www.facebook. com/voteron8. NFIT MAN march / april 2013


ď Ż feature

o t o the g g roup

on Physical results. ti o m o r P t a d m le and his teathat focuses on service an a d n ti r a M n ti nfit special to tad st for Dr. Jus py, a committed practice r fi e m o s r c Je ts n in Patie Thera y by Rob otograph Ph


NFIT MAN march / april 2013


n a six-year timeframe, Promotion Physical Therapy has grown its practice to three clinics in the San Antonio community. In addition to physical therapy, Promotion Physical Therapy offers other services, including injury prevention and strengthening through Sportsmetrics and strength training programs. They have seen a variety of athletes from youth athletes, triathletes and professional athletes to your average weekend warrior. Dr. Justin Martindale, president/owner, draws from his own life experiences with physical therapists. He played basketball, but in the course of his career, he badly injured his knees. The pain was so bad that at times he couldn’t climb a single flight of stairs. So there he was, a teenager meant to be in the prime of his life, but walking like a geriatric. For 13 years, he bounced from therapist to therapist, and none of them provided the answer. He finally met a highly educated and skilled physical therapist who explained that the others had been treating his injury incorrectly. Every type of tissue has to be approached differently. Six weeks after he initially met with this therapist, Martindale was pain-free for the first time in 13 years. It is Martindale’s own success story that drives him to recreate that moment for all of the patients who walk through the doors at any of the Promotion Physical Therapy clinics. Because of this experience, the education each therapist has and maintains is very important to him. Every therapist either has completed a fellowship or is in the process of completing it. Each therapist is also a doctor of physical therapy (DPT), the highest collegiate degree obtainable for physical therapists. Four years ago, NSIDE magazine featured Martindale as one of San Antonio’s upcoming medical practitioners. After Martindale completed his doctorate in 2007, he made some big plans. One of those plans was to open several clinics over the next few years so he could offer the San Antonio community unparalleled physical therapy services. No one could really have foreseen the recession that was to follow in recent years. Yet as of 2013, Promotion Physical Therapy has three clinics scattered throughout the city. Aside from its original North Central location, Promotion Physical Therapy has two other clinics – one near SeaWorld and another in the Medical Center. Recently, the Medical Center clinic added aquatic therapy for patients who cannot stand the physical strain of therapy on land; that office also added vestibular therapy for those with balance issues due to inner ear problems or post-concussion therapy. How did Promotion Physical Therapy

achieve growth when most people were either downsizing or doing their best to keep their heads above water? “Two words: service and results,” Martindale says quietly. “I preach this to every single one of my team members.” What does this mean, though? What does “service and results” look like to a patient coming through the doors of Promotion Physical Therapy for the first time? It has to start with service. Every patient wants to go to a medical practice where the staff is professional, pleasant and knowledgeable, and meets all of their needs. If the staff does not deliver the service on the initial phone call, the staff has no opportunity to get patients in the door to give to them the results they need. The goal for Promotion Physical Therapy is to give each patient an amazing experience. Because the majority of patients are seen more than once, it is important to build rapport and trust with each patient. “Many times, after our patients have met their goals and graduated from physical therapy, they will just stop by to say hello to our team because they have missed us,” Martindale says. “When that happens, you know that we have succeeded with giving the best service and

is simple, but detailed: “The education our therapists receive is not just to put a string of credentials behind their name, but to gain expert knowledge and skills to get our patients better. The physical therapy doctorate and the orthopaedic fellowship are profoundly practical. As a result, our patients receive top-quality care. “We get better results for our patients, and we can do it in less time than other therapists. If we can get the patient back to their normal lives in fewer visits, then we have saved them valuable time and money.” As part of Promotion Physical Therapy’s commitment to service and results, it is important for each patient to be treated by the same physical therapist during each visit. “We want continuity of care,” explains Martindale, who knows after 12 years of practice that nothing slows the healing process more than not having consistent care by highly skilled physical therapists. “Consistency in who takes care of the patient is paramount, so we schedule the patient to be seen by the same therapist each visit,” he says. “Our patients come first. That’s why we offer early morning and extended evening hours, as well as weekends: to accommodate their

“Our patients come first. We accommodate their schedules so they can get better faster and live their lives again.” results – exceeding their expectations.” Next, Martindale explains how he and his team get such positive results. Promotion Physical Therapy invests thousands of dollars in each physical therapist they employ. Each physical therapist has five or six times the required education of a therapist, as they all undergo the same rigorous fellowship Martindale undertook: the Fellowship of the American Academy of Orthopaedic and Manual Physical Therapists (FAAOMPT). “This advanced education is what allows Promotion Physical Therapy to deliver the most effective treatment for all the different diagnoses we treat,” Martindale says. “Caring for people who are broken, hurt and in pain is why I wanted to practice physical therapy. Seeing people walk out of our doors smiling, feeling great and able to get back to what they used to do or can now do – we just helped make their life better! There is no greater reward than that.” When asked why he is so intent on all of his therapists furthering their education, his reply

schedules so they can get better faster and live their lives again.” After patients are thoroughly evaluated, the therapists explain their goals and objectives on the physical side of their recovery. This is where their expansive education comes into play. “I want Promotion Physical Therapy to be the ‘go-to physical therapist’ for all our patients and hopefully improve their lives as much as that one physical therapist changed mine,” Martindale says. “I try to inspire and educate my team so that they can do the same for their patients.” With six full-time therapists in the three locations, Martindale and Drs. Belrose, Kenroy, Kichura, Martens and Verostick have set Promotion Physical Therapy as the “go-to” group for athletes and those needing physical therapy. ■ For more information on physical therapy or to schedule an appointment at Promotion Physical Therapy, please call 210-479-3334 or visit NFIT MAN march / april 2013


ď Ż a better you

Be Healthy with b-cycle San Antonio has become an increasingly bike-friendly city, thanks in part to the municipal bike-sharing program that advocates for fun and healthy transportation. by Deborah M. Martin

the municipal bike-sharing program that started on Earth Day (April 22) 2010 in Denver, Colo., has made its way to San Antonio. As a result, thousands of Alamo City residents and visitors are enjoying B-cycle fun and healthy transportation. San Antonio B-Cycle Operations Manager Daniel Trevino explained that the city initiated the program as part of the SA2020 plan to make San Antonio a healthier and more sustainable city. Federal stimulus


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

dollars to prevent obesity started the program in March 2011. And, Trevino said, with nearly 2,000 members, the program has been so popular that this past December, City Council approved a $1 million expansion to add 15 more stations over the coming year, thanks to funding from a federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant. There are currently 30 B-stations, each with an average of 10 bikes


The city initiated the program as part of the SA2020 plan to make San Antonio healthier and more sustainable.


Original 7500 NG - Build Muscle - Lose Fat - Stay Toned

for rent, including posts along Mission Trail, at The Pearl, Main Plaza, HemisFair and the Liberty Bar and in parks and other locations in downtown and Southtown. Trevino said his team is working to have the first expansion phase done in first quarter to increase density in downtown. Also look for new stations this year at the San Antonio Zoo and Brackenridge Park. Bikes require minimal maintenance, but are kept clean and in good working order by the pros with San Antonio Bike Share, the local nonprofit agency that manages the program. Trevino pointed out the program is not run by the city: “Operations and acquisition of new assets for expansion are funded through grants, purchased memberships and private sponsorship.” So how can I get a B-cycle? One-day passes, seven-day passes and annual memberships are available for riders aged 18 and older. The first half-hour is included at all levels, and each additional 30 minutes is only $2. However, due to liability issues, every trip must be linked to a credit card. All levels of membership may be purchased online at You may also purchase a 24-hour pass with a credit card at B-stations. B-cycles are easily accessible from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day to make short trips and sightseeing more fun and active. The bikes may be used for round-trip transportation or returned at any time, 24/7, to another B-cycle station at your destination. (In case you were wondering what to do if you try to return a bike, but find no empty slots, there are system maps at each location with information about open docks at nearby stations, and riders can get 15 free extra minutes to get there.) Created by Trek Bicycle to comfortably fit people of all sizes, the cruiser-style cycles have front and rear lights, a basket and a built-in lock so you can secure them at stops along your route. Another neat feature is that mileage is tracked with an onboard computer, as well as calories burned and the volume of carbon emissions saved. Members can log on to their personal pages to view and monitor individual statistics. To keep up-to-date on the locations and learn about other program particulars, visit Also, plan to attend the Y’s Síclovía on Sunday, April 7, for a chance to ride your bike, walk, jog, skate or otherwise play in the street when Broadway is closed to cars and B-cycle stations will be accessible along the route. Visit for details. ■ With strategic communications, collaboration, lifelong learning and a healthy lifestyle, Deborah M. Martin is making a positive difference in our community. For more information, you may contact her at


Antler Velvet


Ng Formula


For More Information: NFIT MAN march / april 2013


 a better you

FITNESS MATTERS Always maintaining a focus on healing the whole person, HealthCrave Medical Centers takes it to the next level and welcomes football star Lenny Walls to the team.

by Cedar Joiner


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

HealthCrave Medical Centers, a division of Orthopaedic & Spine Medical Centers, is excited to add a new fitness center to their multidisciplinary wellness facility. The addition of our new fitness center will bring HealthCrave to a total of 12 centers. From primary care, aesthetics and skin, weight loss, nutrition, vascular and plastic surgery to sports psychology, antiaging and orthopedic rehabilitation, massage and sleep, our centers focus on the primary health of the whole person. Heading our fitness center will be Lenny Walls, a former professional American and Canadian football cornerback. Walls was signed by the Denver Broncos as an undrafted free agent in 2002. He played college football for the Boston College Eagles. Walls has also been a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, the St. Louis Rams, the Baltimore Ravens, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the Edmonton Eskimos and the Calgary Stampeders. Walls helped the Stampeders win the 2008 Grey Cup. After signing with the Denver Broncos in 2002, Walls became the tallest cornerback in the NFL at 6’4.” His best season came in 2003 when he started all 16 games and ranked fifth on Denver with 68 tackles, recorded one interception and led the team with 20 pass breakups. In October 2011, Walls established Walls Next Level Fitness after receiving his certification from the

Your decision to live a

healthier lifestyle

is perhaps the most important decision you will ever make. National Academy of Sports Medicine. His integrated program designs provide safe and effective methods for helping clients reach their goals. With Walls’ hands-on experience as an elite athlete, he has dealt with some of the top trainers in the country. In turn, this gives him a unique touch in the health and fitness industry. Although specializing in speed, agility and quickness training, Walls Next Level Fitness will focus on using the optimum performance training model to help clients and patients build lean muscle mass, lose weight and increase energy levels. At HealthCrave Medical Centers, you can be assured that you are getting treated by the best doctors and trainers in the country. We are honored to add Walls to our HealthCrave team. His love and care of helping people become healthier is a perfect fit. At HealthCrave Medical Centers, we realize the importance of preventive care and the need to be able to offer as many services to our clients

as possible. Each individual is different and has different needs. Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds or just wanting to remove some sunspots, we can help! Your decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle is perhaps the most important choice you will ever make. We offer preventative care programs all under one roof, servicing you to enhance your overall well-being. Let your journey to a healthier, beautiful you begin here. â– For information on our centers, call 210-GETWELL or go to NFIT MAN march / april 2013


 a better you

The proper nutrition will help ensure your success in – and enjoyment of – longdistance rides. by Suzanne Parker

r u o Y d e s u Buil o h e r o t S c i l o b Meta

Whether you are a seasoned rider or on a mission to do your first century ride, longdistance cycling will deplete your blood sugar reserves. There are, however, several steps you can take to build your metabolic storehouse to enjoy long rides without bonking. First, as you build mileage, you need to increase the amount of carbohydrates in your diet. Secondly, if you pay close attention to the timing of your refueling, you will maximize your glycogen reserves while avoiding fat


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

deposition. And third, snacking on the bike is essential during long rides to avoid protein catabolism (aka muscle breakdown). Building your glycogen reserves is critical during the weeks of your training in order to build your metabolic endurance. How many carbohydrates to add is the question since you also do not want to overdo it and contribute to fat stores. Once you determine how many calories you burn per hour, plan to consume 30 percent of that total during your rides. That

way, you will have a slow, constant flow of calories to maintain blood sugar and allow for fat burn to dominate the fuel mix. It is best to use simple carbohydrates such as a diluted glucose solution (Quench). If you are also trying to gain muscle strength or mass, a product that offers some protein is also desirable – look for a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein. Once the ride is completed, a deeper refuel is achieved with a mix of easy-to-digest carbs and protein and abundant hydration. Examples

Snacking on the bike is essential

during long rides

to avoid muscle . breakdown

Just prior to the event, topping off the tanks with a day rich in carbs will maximize your long-term energy stores. With hill climbs and harder terrain rides that demand work above 60 percent VO2 max, it becomes more important to avoid eating in the four-hour pre-ride interval to avoid GI distress. A good goal is to shoot for 300 grams of carbohydrates the day or night before your ride. So there you have it. No blood doping necessary – real food, the right meal timing and smart training deliver the endurance athlete’s success. ■

Suzanne Parker, R.D., L.D., CPT, is a corporate health and wellness coach with H-E-B. For more information, call 210-938-8409 (office) or 210-722-8464 (cell), or email parker.

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FHA and VA Loan Specialist


include fruit, nonfat dairy and yogurt smoothies. Two hours post-ride, follow with complex carbohydrates and protein, plus healthy fats. This meal could include foods like beans, sweet potatoes, grilled veggies and avocado and lean meat or fish. At this stage, you are reinforcing glycogen buildup, along with critical vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 fats – all of which are required for rebuilding and repairing tissues in muscle and tendons, as well as supporting a strong cardiovascular system.

Looking for some excellent carbohydrate choices? Try some of the following power foods:

15 Years of Mortgage Lending Direct Line: 210.833.9359 NMLSR ID: 906262



■ 2 cups pasta or 1 large sweet potato (60 grams of carbs) ■ 1 cup sauce (red – 36 grams of carbs) ■ 2 cups steamed veggies (20 grams of carbs) ■ 2 slices sourdough bread (40 grams of carbs) ■ 1.5 cups oatmeal (25 grams of carbs) ■ 8 ounces almond milk (20 grams of carbs) ■ PureSport (46 grams of carbs) ■ 1 large apple (30 grams of carbs) ■ 1 large banana (25 grams of carbs) Information is accurate as of date of printing and is subject to change without notice. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. ©2011 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All Rights Reserved.

NFIT MAN march / april 2013


e n fi a balance No excuses: As the president and COO of a multimillion-dollar corporation, David Lynd maintains balance in his life and always incorporates his own health and fitness into his busy schedule. by Aaron Seaman Photography by Michael Giordano


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

NFIT MAN march / april 2013


A Although he is president and chief operating officer of a multimillion-dollar corporation that bears his family’s name, David Lynd faces the same problems many of us do. “My biggest challenge is trying to make time for work, family and taking care of myself,” he says. His company, LYND, has diversified and expanded its footprint over the last 33 years. From managing multifamily properties in San Antonio and purchasing and developing nearly $2 billion in real estate across the United States to owning a professional sports franchise with the San Antonio Talons, it would be understandable if he didn’t make it to the gym occasionally – that is, understandable to everyone except Lynd himself. “Balance is tough to maintain, and it would be easy to focus on work and neglect myself,” Lynd confesses. “Fitness and working out help me to maintain balance and give me the energy to conquer my days.” With such a demanding schedule, Lynd makes it a priority to do his workout early in the morning, normally starting at 6 a.m. He admits he struggled at first to keep up with his health when his business started to take off, and with both work and family obligations, the only way to stay fit was to get up before everyone else. “Working out in the morning really helps me start the day right, clears my mind and helps me feel confident and motivated,” Lynd says. “If you are a professional that works at a very demanding level, your schedule is not your own. The only time I find that you do control is when nobody else is awake, which is the early morning.” Lynd admits it takes both commitment and


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

discipline to wake up early and exercise, but he shares that it is a great time to do some critical thinking and reflection. When asked about his routine, Lynd reveals that he played high school football for years, but a wrist injury prevented him from playing on the team at Southern Methodist University. His routine at that time consisted of lots of heavy weights and very little cardio. When Lynd turned 30, he had a muscle pull and treated it the same way he would have before, but it got worse. He discovered that he ended up having two bulging discs, and as his condition deteriorated, his was told he would need surgery. In a final effort, his doctor sent him to physical therapy to see if the body might be able to heal itself. It was then that Lynd started to do lots of cardio and core exercises. Today, Lynd starts his routine by focusing on core exercises, including lots of stretching and Pilates-type movements. After 30 to 45 minutes of that, he does about 30 minutes of cardio, which includes the stationary bike, the treadmill, the stairs or the elliptical, followed by 30 minutes of weight training. He tries to do this routine at least four to five days per week. “Cardio can get a bit boring, so I try to mix up what I do from one day to the next,” Lynd says. “I get bored easily, so it helps to break up the routine.” With his ever-expanding business, Lynd says his constant travel provides its own set of challenges. “I have an extensive travel schedule, so I try to always stay in hotels with workout facilities,” he says. “Diet becomes the other issue, especially with so much time spent in airports and so few healthy food choices.” Lynd confesses that in the first half of his life, he could pretty much eat what he wanted. However, that changed after he turned 30. “What you put in your body is very important, and I have my own set of tricks that help me manage my busy schedule.” Some of the habits he utilizes include eating a light breakfast such as egg whites or cereal. Lunch normally consists of soup, salad, vegetables and something with protein, while dinner is usually light, maybe including chicken breast and a salad. He says he tends to eat late, so he makes a special effort to keep his dinners light.

What about cheating on his diet? Lynd says that in order to maintain his balance, he has to cheat every now and then, but he stresses that he does so in moderation, and is careful about choosing when to do so. Like many busy professionals, he admits his diet is harder to monitor as opposed to his fitness, but he tries to make healthy choices, especially in airports. “I tend to eat lots of Subway when I am traveling,” he says. When asked about the company’s culture and if wellness is promoted throughout the office, Lynd shares that the LYND culture is unique. “Our company culture [at LYND] is one where people brag about the long hours they are working or pulling all-nighters to get a job done,” he says. LYND is experiencing a high-growth trajectory, and most of the executives are young professionals between the ages of 35 and 45, but Lynd cautions them that everyone hits the dreaded wall. He recalls hitting his own wall and realizing that he needed to change his routines if he were going to be able to meet his demanding schedule. “I learned that my back problems were the result of all the sitting I was doing when traveling,” he says. “I told myself that if I am not in good shape, both mentally and physically, I am no good to the company. I told my executives the same thing – that this is a marathon, not a sprint.” Now, Lynd says LYND employees try to find activities to do as a group. For example, the office participated in Race for the Cure. As far as family goes, the Lynds are very much like most families with children. Lynd and his wife of 13 years, Angela, have three children ranging in age from 11 to 18 years. Lynd says his children are very involved with sports, so weekends are consumed with games, some of which Lynd coaches. The Lynds also try to do activities together, whether just walking their dog or scheduling trips with the family that include some sort of physical activity. For example, the family enjoyed a skiing trip during the Christmas holidays. Like many busy couples, David and Angela do their best to make time for each other and their children. “Family time is important, as is time with Angela, so again, this speaks to the balance that I strive to maintain in my life,” Lynd says. With 1,100 employees who report to him and are responsible for delivering returns to their investors, Lynd says mental well-

NFIT MAN march / april 2013


“Working out helps me maintain balance and gives me the energy to conquer my days.”

ness is as important as physical. Constantly working to meet numbers, and identify and develop new investment opportunities is very stressful, and Lynd is a firm believer that the mental part of stress is directly linked to physical


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

well-being. He says if you aren’t prepared to handle that stress, you are going to have problems. “The only time I have to think alone and clear my mind is when I workout,” Lynd shares. “My mental wellness revolves around

my family and when I am alone at the gym. It’s hard to have good perspective if you don’t have alone time, and I find that my time in the gym is critical to that.” Lynd mentions that he also enjoys driving on the open road and just

thinking, with no music or talking. He uses that time just to reflect. It would be easy to understand if Lynd didn’t make it to the gym regularly, given the incredible demands of his growing company and dynamic schedule. However, he says he is not big on excuses, and that he was raised to always ask what he can do different without blaming someone else. “There are a million excuses to not workout,” Lynd offers. “We have one life, and just one shot at it. Incorporating fitness and wellness into your life directly impacts your quality of life, and the fitter you are, the better the quality is.” For Lynd, the biggest challenge – yet one that yields the biggest reward – is finding the balance between fitness, family and professional life. “Find the motivation that keeps you going, whatever it is. Just find it and use it to keep you going every day.” ■

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“Incorporating fitness and wellness into your life directly impacts your quality of life.�

NFIT MAN march / april 2013


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The New

Lifestyle Standard In Fitness


Build a better life for yourself that lasts well into your senior years with high-intensity interval training. by Dr. Charles Webb

If you wish to become more fit and live a healthier life, just spend more time on the jogging trails, on your bike or in the gym with your cardio or body-shaping workouts, right? Not so fast! If you’re interested in what 21st-century scientific findings say about lifetime fitness strategies that work, you’ll slow down, take a deep breath and pay attention. This is doubly advised if you want to devote less time to exercise and more time to creating a better life for yourself and your family. Today’s subject is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). I’ve kept up-to-date with fit-


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

ness training and exercise science not only because I’ve had a personal, lifelong passion for fitness, but also because it’s so very important that my patients get the best possible information about gaining and preserving wellness. So here’s a list of recent findings about exercise that can help you build a better life well into your senior years. Plenty of information is now available about HIIT. I also have much to say about it in my book, “Metamorphosis,” especially as it applies to resistance training. Do explore!


Generally, an HIIT session consists of a warm-up segment, followed by six to 10 high-intensity intervals that alternate with medium-intensity intervals. Everything ends with a cool-down segment. Each high-intensity interval is done at close to maximum intensity, leading to an anaerobic state. This may last around 30 seconds. The medium-intensity interval, requiring about 50 percent intensity, descends into aerobics. This may last about 90 seconds. Then back to another high-intensity interval, followed by a medium. The number of repetitions and length of each depends on the form of exercise. The goal is to perform


activities may be added during the week, too.


HIIT is more effective for fat burning than steady state aerobics, yet it provides all of the aerobics you need for a healthy heart and lungs. More so, in fact. If performed before meals, it burns off excess glycogen and shifts your body into fat-burning mode. Yeah!

You can creatively apply HIIT to almost any form of exercise.


HIIT stimulates your metabolism for a day or more after your workout ends, burning calories for longer periods. This is not true of low-intensity exercises such as jogging.


Training at higher intensities and speeds improves sports performance for those interested in such achievements. It also engages, challenges and grows quicktwitch muscle fibers that are simply never engaged with more sedate workouts. This benefit is greatest for resistance training or any “explosive-movement” training, but it applies across the board.


six to 10 cycles, and to have the entire HIIT session last at least 15 minutes, but generally not more than 20 (resistance training sessions might last a few minutes more).


You can creatively apply HIIT to almost any form of exercise, including resistance training, running, biking and swimming. Two or three sessions a week is all you need for health and fitness. Example: Instead of steady state jogging, alternate sprinting with brisk walking. It’s more effective, and it takes less time. Same thing on a treadmill. The benefits are amazing. Other enjoyable, less intense

HIIT creates more positive stress on the cardio system, skeleton, musculature and other lean tissues than other forms of exercise. If such stress is not overdone (called overtraining) and you get plenty of rest between workouts, the body adapts by building a stronger heart and lungs, stronger bones, greater endurance, greater muscle size and shape and stronger ligaments and tendons. Contrary to myth, HIIT becomes even more important as you grow older, especially when integrated with resistance training.


Most of the benefits of properly executed HIIT come from the pituitary’s release of the human growth hormone, hGH (not to be confused with the synthetic HGH), which helps maintain tissues and organs throughout life. It’s the positive stress of HIIT that stimulates natural release of hGH, which has a reputation for slowing the aging process, increasing exercise capacity, decreasing body fat and increasing bone density and muscle mass. It’s true that hGH secretion slows as one

ages, but HIIT stimulates its release so more of its benefits can be realized. Aerobic exercises do not do this because the stress just isn’t there. The body needs certain levels of stress to function well … but not too much.


If your HIIT sessions fail to make you sore in a day or two (or three), either your intensity is not high enough or you’re working out too frequently to get the hGHstimulating benefits. You won’t be getting the best benefit from your exercise time. Two or three times a week is all you should be working out unless you’re an athlete who depends on endurance and continued adaptation – then, maybe every other day. But with that, your challenge becomes making sure you get enough rest to avoid overtraining and injury, which is common among athletes. In fact, if you overtrain, you will be “pumping up” with the human stress hormone, cortisol, instead of hGH. Then you will pay the price in terms of reduced performance, muscle shrinkage, inflammation, injury and an impaired immune system. Before beginning high-intensity workouts and interval training, use common sense. Visit your physician if you have any concerns or conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, asthma, abnormal blood profiles or a history of stroke or seizure. ■

Charles Webb, DM(P), is a wellness mentor, functional wellness practitioner, national speaker and architect of the Reclaim 24 Lifestyle Enhancement Program, for which he has written the books, “Reclaim 24” and “Metamorphosis.” His professional education practice includes doctor of chiropractic, functional endocrinology and functional neurology. He is also president and clinical director of his Imagine Wellness Functional Medicine Center, located at 115 Gallery Circle, Ste. 209, San Antonio, Texas 78258. For more information, call 210-7989322 or visit www. Webb is also a licensed provider for the Pastoral Medical Association, and he serves members seeking non-invasive, natural methods for gaining and preserving wellness. NFIT MAN march / april 2013


 success stories

y e n r u

o h J t l A o Hea t ent y Vinc



J Tapia

y uing mof s r u p nd lp hter a and the he g i l s n nd 72 pou k, dedicatio . m ’ I w o ife or ight. N ith hard w h and my l e w r e t ov al .W l and rtification both my he l i s a ce ,Iw ed In 2011 al trainer ue, I chang n perso que Physiq i n You






With the right plan and

change of lifestyle,

you can change your health and your life.


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

In November 2011, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and I was put on five medications to try to control these issues. With a horrible family history of these illnesses, I realized that I had to do something about it. I weighed in at about 285 pounds at the start of my exercise journey, and I was able to get down to about 260 pounds on my own. I began to get frustrated and wanted to give up because I was stuck.

» I was then introduced to Sonya at Younique Physique. She met with me to see what my goals were. Even though I have a difficult work schedule that puts me out of town often and I am allergic to many “healthy foods,” she was able to come up with a meal plan that was easy to follow even when I was out of town. Sonya taught me to make healthier food choices and to plan the meals I could. She also set up a workout plan that I can do at any gym I could get to. I met with her once a week for a personal training session to make sure I was exercising and eating properly, and she was always just a phone call or text away when I got discouraged. I am now down to 213 pounds and off of all meds completely. I am healthier than I’ve been in a very long time, and I couldn’t have done it without Sonya and Younique Physique. Thanks, Sonya! ■

Younique Physique is located at 7460 Callaghan Road, Ste. 200, San Antonio, Texas 78229. For more information, call 210-3482990.

A Word From Sonya Vince has been such a pleasure to coach, and he easily met his goals because of his dedication and commitment to following the plan. Vince not only changed his life and health – he has transformed his body, losing 72 pounds and adding more than 25 pounds of lean muscle. He lost seven-and-a-half inches from his waist alone. I am so excited he will be getting his personal trainer certification and joining our team at Younique Physique. He will be a great asset to Team Younique, and he has hopes of helping inspire others like him that there is hope: With the right plan and change of lifestyle, you can change your health and your life. Vince is currently training once a week for the coaching and accountability. Currently, I have Vince on a workout and nutrition plan that fits his specific needs and work schedule. It’s designed to help him reach his goal of reducing body fat and building lean muscle. I periodically change up his plan to keep him progressing and shocking the body.

The “Future of Fitness” is here. ✓ Custom Exercise ✓ Custom Nutrition ✓ Amazing Results

Koko FitClub is the first to bring strength training, cardio exercise and nutrition planning together, customizing it precisely to your body and your goals. It’s fast, motivating and so effective, it’s patented. It starts with our Koko FitCheck system that privately and precisely measures your lean muscle level, each time you come in. Using your FitCheck results we create a custom Koko exercise program for strength and cardio and a nutrition plan to fuel you for the fastest results. The Koko Smartraining system of customized exercise and customized nutrition means being fit and healthy doesn’t have to be that hard anymore.


Visit to schedule your complimentary Koko Smartraining Session.

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 senior men’s fitness

How’s Your



The experts speculate that contrary to popular belief, testosterone levels may not decrease entirely as a result of aging. by Dr. Guy R. Banta

You see numerous ads on TV, at the gym and on billboards recommending that “senior men” should check their testosterone levels, also referred to as “T levels.” It is fairly well-known and accepted that as a man ages, his testosterone levels seem to decrease. This decrease in testosterone is reportedly associated with: »» Low interest in sex


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

»» »» »» »» »» »» »» »»

Tiredness Muscle weakness Small or soft testicles Erectile dysfunction Weight gain, particularly around the waist Reduced bone density Depression Anemia

Studies also suggest that there is an associa-

tion between low testosterone levels and a higher prevalence of coronary artery disease, insulin resistance diabetes and a decrease in cognitive abilities. All of these symptoms (some more than others) send us senior men running to varied testosterone replacement products – unregulated supplements or short-term acting prescriptions for testosterone, which may, in fact, be jumping the gun or even dangerous.

Stay lean and muscular and

avoid becoming fat,

and your testosterone will not fall with age.”

These symptoms are, indeed, reported in men with low testosterone levels. However, science is now suggesting that the decrease in testosterone in men is not totally due to aging. Science Daily reports (June 2011) recent studies stating that it is now believed that testosterone levels do not decline dramatically with age, but more likely as a result of a man’s behavioral and health changes. This suggests that not all of the symptoms previously identified are caused by low testosterone, but unhealthy conditions that contribute to the low testosterone levels. It’s sort of like, “What came first: the chicken or the egg?” Scientists in these studies found that serum (blood) testosterone levels did not decline with increasing age in older men who reported being in excellent health. As reported in Science Daily, David Handelsman, M.D., Ph.D., and professor and director of the ANZAC Research Institute at the University of Sydney, states: “The modest decline in blood testosterone among older men, usually coupled with nonspecific symptoms such as easy fatigue and low sexual desire, may be due to symptomatic disorders that accumulate during aging, including obesity and heart disease. It does not appear to be a hormone deficiency state.” The message here is unless you have been diagnosed with diseases of the pituitary or testes (hypogonadism), there may be other means of correcting low T levels. What are these other means? I suggest living a healthy lifestyle consistently as we age. According to CBS News, “The recipe for men for slowing testosterone loss with age is comprised of the ingredients for general good health: Don’t smoke and keep excess weight off … To keep their biological clock from speeding up, doctors say men should try to keep their midsection trim. Excess belly fat seems to break down testosterone more quickly, speeding many of the symptoms that characterize the aging process.”

Testosterone therapy has been shown to increase muscle mass, sharpen your memory and concentration, boost your libido and improve your energy level. However, it is also reported to be short-acting (less than six months). When answering the question about whether or not testosterone replacement therapy is safe, according to CBS News, doctors “have not been following patients undergoing the process long enough to say it is completely safe.” There are some reports suggesting testosterone therapy increases PSA levels and should not be used in men with prostate problems, for example. Health advocates for senior men are saying, “stay lean and muscular and avoid becoming fat, and your testosterone will not fall with age.” Studies have shown that higher levels of testosterone in older men are associated with reduced loss of lean muscle mass and less loss of lower body strength (reported in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, November 2011). And according to sports literature, “lifting weights and gradually increasing the resistance on a consistent basis can increase testosterone levels.” So, my fellow senior men, if you think you have a low testosterone level because you have some of the listed symptoms or had a recent blood test that shows low serum testosterone, see your doctor. With your doctor’s guidance, ask yourself the “chicken or the egg” question: Is my T level low because I have a disease condition, or is it because of a less than optimum healthy lifestyle? I think more often than not, it is because of your lifestyle choices. See you at the gym! ■ For more information, contact Guy R. Banta, Ph.D., MPH, at or

The Next Level

To boost your testosterone level, some of the experts suggest the following: »» Include in your daily exercise aerobic and anaerobic workouts (short-distance speed work). Testosterone is linked to lactate levels. »» Avoid anxiety and stress. This reduces cortisol buildup. »» Rest and maintain good sleep habits.

»» »» »» »»

Get plenty of vitamin D. Eat fresh, pastured animal products. Avoid foods that raise blood sugar levels. Get sufficient zinc consumption (eat seafood).

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 mind, body & soul

The Right Combination Achieve your fitness goals and get great results by incorporating your ideal combination of the top four supplements on the market into your routine.

»»»» by Sean Burton

s 1. Multivitamin

There is a lot of talk and questions about supplementation. The most common question I’ve heard is, “Do they really work?” Truth be told, the answer varies with each person and each supplement. Think of your supplement regimen as a turn-dial padlock: Only the right combination will work. With that in mind, I want to bring to your attention what I believe are the top four supplements that everyone can benefit from, regardless of your fitness goals or routines. Keep in mind: Supplements do take time to work, and the results vary, as well. However, once you find what works, you will love the results you reap from them.


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

These are by far the most important piece of the health and fitness puzzle. A good quality multivitamin will go a long way in your long-term health. You might want to look out for the following: »» You want to make sure your multivitamin serving is more than just one pill. The idea of a single small pill containing all of your daily value of vitamins and minerals is ridiculous. More pills per serving is a good sign of a quality product. »» Never take a multivitamin without food or plenty of water. The body needs both to help break down the supplement and deliver it throughout the body properly. »» Read the labels. Some multivitamins contain extras like digestive enzymes, branch chain amino acids, etc. The more, the merrier.

2. Protein You cannot build muscle without protein. It doesn’t matter what your goal is – protein needs to be in your diet, and it needs to be a good amount. Although protein usually comes from a few sources, there are a few things you need to look out for: »» Always look at the label. Check how much protein you get per serving of the supplement. The body can only absorb so much protein per serving. You want to get about 15 to 25 grams of protein per serving. »» Pay close attention to the grams per serving. Check the amount of grams per serving with the amount of grams of protein you get. If the serving is less than 50 percent protein, don’t invest in it. You want your serving to have 50 percent or more protein. »» If you are allergic to milk, soy or peanuts, please check the label. Some proteins include these, and it would make for a bad situation if you found out the hard way.

3. Amino Acids These are the building blocks of muscle, and they are a must in any protein supplement. There really isn’t going to be a lot to look out for when it comes to picking the right amino acid supplement. They come in pill or powder form, and it comes down to personal preference. There are few things you want to keep in mind, though: »» Price doesn’t always reflect quality. You don’t need to break your wallet for the best you can get. Amino acids are derived from the same sources, and the supplement company can add a little bit to the complex, but it won’t take away from the aminos themselves.

4. Healthy Fats Healthy fats are overlooked often and sometimes misunderstood in what they actually do. Healthy fats help provide you with a clean energy source and help break down fatty tissue in your body, and they can help provide a natural lubricant for your joint tissue. They’re often made up of Omega 3, 6 and 9. Sometimes you will find them compromised of flaxseed oil, as well. They usually come in pill form, and you don’t have to break your wallet for top quality. As long as they’re in your regimen, you’re doing great.

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Price doesn’t always reflect quality.

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Please keep in mind that if you do not take these supplements consistently, they will not work. If you do not give them time to work, they will not work. If you don’t follow the directions, they will not work. It will take a little trial and error, but like I said, once you find the perfect combination, you will love what you see. ■ To learn more about supplements or if you’re curious about any supplement on the market, please feel free to contact me at 325-650-7538 or NFIT MAN march / april 2013


ask  expert talk

“Expert advice from your trusted BHS Physicians Network.”

the experts

It Takes a Village to Combat Obesity

According to Dr. Sveta Singh, physicians, patients and even politicians play important roles in dealing with the obesity epidemic. special to nfit Q: What is obesity, and how common is it? A: Obesity is defined as being more than 30 percent over an ideal weight based on gender, height, age and build, and it is an epidemic in American society. Obesity can increase some health risks. No one person can combat obesity. As the epidemic spreads, there are projections of 50 percent of Americans being obese by 2030. Obesity is a vicious cycle in American society. It is a symptom of problems in our society. With today’s extremely fast-paced lifestyles, and with both parents often required to work to make ends meet, the result is that people get no exercise, eat out three or more times per week for convenience, maintain intense stress levels with no outlet for that energy, develop irregular sleep patterns and often fail to do the simplest things such as drink enough water. The inevitable result of this cycle is the creation of a lifestyle that makes it easy for people to gain weight, and in turn, for our children to learn these behaviors from us. The discord between learned/lived behaviors and the popular media depiction of the ideal man/woman only further the negative psychosocial impact, adding to the cycle. The epidemic calls for participation at every level to break this cycle.



Q: how can physicians help their patients live healthier lives? A: We, as physicians, can take a leadership role in helping people take an active role in their own health because they are worth it, and because their lives – and their children’s lives – may ultimately depend upon their attitudes about themselves and their levels of self-esteem. We are in the position to guide our patients to make self-care a priority, and to encourage them to boost their children’s self-esteem and take a handson approach to teaching their children proper self-care (i.e. modeling behavior known most effective). This does not necessarily mean lecturing them on losing weight. Just five minutes of stretching can have extremely positive mental and psychological effects that equal or override the physical effects of the activity. But it does mean we can encourage them to feel good about themselves now, as they are, and educate them on developing a healthy lifestyle that may help them lose weight, and that will improve the quality of their lives even more. I think so often of what grandfather said: “Healthy mind, healthy body.” A healthy mindset will do a great deal in determining overall body health; conversely, a healthy body will do wonders to improve mental health. Many times, obese patients present with fatigue and depression. Depressed patients are less likely to eat healthy, exercise and engage in life. It is often difficult to know which came first. We can guide them and begin to educate them on simple, healthy habits they can work into their lives. As they see the impact in their lives, they will search further, too. It is our job to start the spark. As physicians, it is our role to encourage our overweight and obese patients, and even to get them excited about proper self-care and healthier lifestyles. As physicians, we can work together with our patients to help them first think in a more healthy way, to counsel them on the impact these changes will have on their lives and to guide them toward a healthy lifestyle that will allow them to lose weight and make good choices. Remember Richard Simmons? His pure sense of joy at losing a large amount of weight was contagious as he transformed himself into a fit celebrity. And what about his energy level? Q: how important is education in combating obesity? A: Education for overweight and obese people goes a long way. For example, first-time mothers must be educated that large amounts of weight gain are not the norm for pregnancies. Also, the elderly population should be taught that weight gain is not an inevitable condition of growing older. Fitness can be maintained at any life stage and during any life event such as pregnancy. The Centers for Disease Control has a plethora of public information on its website, links to related websites and statistics to help educate us, as physicians, as well as our patients. In addition, we, as physicians, can help educate and encourage patients to initiate simple changes in family lifestyles such as deleting fruit juice from the diet (a move that will also improve dental health, especially among children) and sitting at the dinner table to eat meals. Just

sharing meals together as families can help change the general cultural mindset about food and eating. Q: how do we, as doctors, define and help patients find a healthy lifestyle that works for them? A: I am a vegetarian, but I am not advocating that everyone rush out and become vegetarian or vegan. I choose this way of eating because it is best for me. But people have to know themselves. Not every program of exercise or type of diet is right for every person. But if people keep looking and keep trying to learn about themselves and their habits and preferences, with their physicians’ guidance and encouragement, they will find a solution to help them improve their health. A huge initial financial investment is not necessary to begin a fitness program once patients are approved to exercise by their physician. Each of us must find an exercise routine to which we are committed. Then people can think about joining a gym or buying a piece of fitness equipment once they have established their commitment to fitness. The biggest initial investment all of us must make to combat obesity is showing interest in our own health. Q: do you have any final thoughts on obesity? A: Obesity does not have to be a permanent state. I have seen lovely cases of people losing weight in a healthy way and keeping it off. A healthy lifestyle does not have to be extreme. We can all begin by making small changes, then fine-tuning these changes to fit our lifestyles and preferences. With physicians taking the lead, we can help obese patients find their own road, find what works for them and begin to improve their lives, starting with a healthy attitude and mind, which is ultimately the source of a healthy body. ■

Sveta Singh, D.O., M.S., is a board-certified family practice physician at Westover Hills Clinic, located at 3903 Wiseman Blvd., Ste. 100, San Antonio, Texas 78251. For more information or to make an appointment, call 210-681-0126.

obese patients often present with fatigue and depression. NFIT MAN march / april 2013


ask the experts Rich Foods Can Come at a Cost Gallbladder problems are common, especially in San Antonio with its plethora of rich, fatty foods. However, indulging can lead to serious health problems, according to Dr. Craig See. special to nfit


since most americans have a relatively fatty diet, gallbladder complications are common in this country.


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

Q: How common is gallbladder surgery? A: Of all the surgeries I and my general surgery partners at STAT Surgical perform, laparoscopic cholecystectomy (minimally invasive gallbladder removal) is the most common. Perhaps it is because San Antonio has such a selection of delicious fatty foods, which can lead to many medical conditions, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and several forms of gallbladder pathology. Q: What are symptoms of gallbladder complications? A: The gallbladder’s function is to store and concentrate bile, which aids in the digestion of fatty foods. Most Americans have a relatively fatty diet, and thus, gallbladder complications are common in this country. Gallbladder complications like gallstones can be serious because it is easy to overlook the presentation of symptoms, even for physicians. The most common symptom of the biliary or “bile system” is crampy pain in the upper right or mid-upper abdominal quadrant after meals. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, changes in bowel movement and jaundice. If left untreated, gallstones can lead to cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder), choledocholithiasis (blockage of a bile duct), cholangitis (inflammation of the bile duct) and even pancreatitis.

Q: How are gallbladder problems dealt with? A: Detecting gallbladder complications such as gallstones is actually a simple process. First, patients have simple blood tests (a complete blood count and liver function tests). If abnormalities display, they undergo an abdominal ultrasound to examine the gallbladder itself. Unfortunately, because the symptoms of gallstones are so common and can easily be attributed to other conditions, a diagnosis is often late in coming and only results when patients present to the emergency room with a severe attack with all of the classic symptoms, plus fever and an elevated white blood count, and possible other health complications. Q: Is gallbladder removal complicated? A: Removing a gallbladder generally takes under one hour, and many patients can go home the same day surgery is performed, thanks to minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques. Most patients can return to work in one to two weeks. Cholecystectomy is generally a safe procedure even for those with other health conditions, with some prior planning and optimization of patients’ chronic health issues. Q: Do you have any final thoughts on gallbladder health? A: I and my three professional partners are all prior military surgeons. We do a variety of procedures that include surgeries on the gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract, hernias and breasts, and we are trauma surgeons for the North Central Baptist Hospital Level 3 trauma center. This season, if tamales or turkey with gravy causes you or your patients to be nauseated, to vomit or to have severe crampy pain in the upper abdomen, you or they may need a simple work-up and referral to a general surgeon for biliary surgery. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry. ■Craig See, M.D., FACS, practices general surgery in Baptist Health System hospitals through his offices at STAT Surgical, located at 8715 Village Drive, Ste. 608, San Antonio, Texas 78217, and 502 Madison Oak, Ste. 320, San Antonio, Texas 78258. For more information or to make an appointment, call 210-657-2100 or visit NFIT MAN march / april 2013


ask the experts Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart Women have gender-specific issues that can lead to cardiovascular disease, and according to Dr. A. Landon Wellford, some of the recent findings are surprising. special to nfit

Q: how common is heart disease in women? A: It’s official. The rate of cardiovascular disease in women now exceeds that of men. In fact, cardiovascular disease is the top killer of women. While one out of 25 women die of breast cancer, one out of two die of cardiovascular disease. And 42 percent of women who have a heart attack die within the following year. In cases of sudden cardiac death among women, two-thirds have no warning whatsoever. Q: What are symptoms of a female heart attack? A: Symptoms for a heart attack in a woman include sleep disturbances and shortness of breath. However, 43 percent of women have no pain during a heart attack. This is dangerous because they may not seek care right away. Women who seek care after they have had a heart attack often receive less aggressive treatment, and their risk of dying doubles over that of women who receive treatment during a heart attack. Q: what are risk factors for cardiovascular disease in women? A: A number of conditions and behaviors, including family genetics, create risk factors for women to develop cardiovascular disease. They include: Smoking Obesity Diabetes, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by three-fold Autoimmune diseases such as lupus Eclampsia and pre-eclampsia Migraines Hypertension Hormone replacement therapy Q: How can women reduce their risk of heart attacks and developing cardiovascular disease? A: Research on women and cardiovascular disease also has turned up good news for women. For example, the longer a woman breastfeeds her baby, the more she reduces her risk for developing cardiovascular disease.


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

Women taking hormone replacement therapy have an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, breast cancer and ovarian cancer for the first couple of years of therapy, but the risks begin to taper off after about two years. And for smokers, the good news is that the risk of developing cardiovascular disease drops by 50 percent after one year of being smoke-free. It takes a decade, however, for the risk of developing cardiovascular disease to return to normal. Q: Do women really listen to their doctors about the risks for heart attacks and developing cardiovascular disease? A: One woman I recently spoke with (a woman with a good weight who exercises, but smokes between one and four cigarettes on average daily and has just begun taking hormone pills) was horrified by what I told her about the connection between both of these factors and the risks of developing cardiovascular disease and sudden cardiac death. I made sure she understood that stopping smoking immediately would lower her risk by half, and I looked at her and asked her to go home and gaze into a mirror. I asked her to test her resolve. “Who’s this person staring back at me? Is she strong enough to quit smoking? Can she do this to improve her health?” Based on her reaction to my information concerning her increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and also on some things she told me she had already been through in her life, I feel confident what her answers to the above questions will be. Q: what is ideal cardiovascular health? A: This new concept for women can help them live a heart-healthy lifestyle. It is a multi-faceted approach to focused, directed actions and behaviors. First, women should develop hearthealthy behaviors such as getting regular exercise that includes cardiovascular movements. Women should also maintain a healthy weight based on their height. A primary care physician can give women the

optimum range within which their weight should fall. And women should not smoke. Just one to four cigarettes daily can triple the risk of developing heart disease among women, especially younger women. A healthy, balanced diet also goes a long way to developing good cardiovascular health. Vegetarian and vegan diets are ideal examples of ways to eat that can help lower cholesterol and promote heart health. These diets have come a long way in a short time, and tasty, hearty, meat-free recipes are available everywhere, including in free online downloads. Eating a vegan diet actually can be quicker and easier for women because a handful of walnuts or hazelnuts can fill them up, supply vital nutrients and energy and possibly help lower their cholesterol. But women who choose to eat meat also can keep their vascular system healthy by limiting their intake of red meat and eating more lean sources of protein such as chicken and fish. Women, including the woman I recently urged to stop smoking, are strong. They are capable of making lifestyle and behavioral changes that will reduce their risks of developing cardiovascular disease and help ensure they will be around a long time for those who love them. What could make a heart happier than that thought? ■

the rate of cardiovascular disease in women now exceeds that of men.

Dr. A. Landon Wellford practices cardiology and internal medicine at the Heart & Vascular Institute of Texas, located at 1933 N.E. Loop 410, San Antonio, Texas 78217. For more information or to make an appointment, call the institute at 210804-6000. For more information on the BHS Physicians Network, go to or email Julie Minnick at jaminnic@ NFIT MAN march / april 2013


 corporate wellness

Corporate Health Fairs

Change Lives

A human resource manager finds inspiration after her company’s health and wellness fair and changes both her lifestyle and her life. by Lenore Kaiser



There is no

magic pill, potion or secret to a healthy life.


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

Before Over the years, I have heard many positive stories from employers who have utilized Kaiser Medical Management (KMM) for their health and wellness programs. This is about Laura Martin. I met Martin when KMM was contracted to coordinate a health and wellness fair for her employer. She was a bubbly human resource manager who seemed to have struggled with weight issues since she was a teenager. Always reverting to “quick fix” methods, she lived a life of yo-yo dieting, which resulted in dead ends. Part of the health fair was a weight-loss company that provided individuals the opportunity to change their rollercoaster dieting to a healthy lifestyle of healthy eating and behavior habits. Martin engaged in conversation with the service at the health fair and was inspired to finally

make some real changes. At home, she took a hard look in the mirror and knew she could not represent her employer and its wellness goals being 100 pounds overweight. So she took action. She joined the weight-loss company’s program, which taught her a new way of looking at food, what to eat, what to avoid and how to eat, and in time, she lost more than 96 pounds. Not being a “workout” person, she managed to still make time to walk on a treadmill or outside. She knew her main focus to maintain a healthy weight would be the challenge of eating properly. She kept inspirational messages and pictures of how she wanted to look and feel on her refrigerator door for encouragement. A couple of years went by when I received a call from Martin. I was surprised to hear from her and learn that she no longer worked for the company where I met her and actually worked for a weight-loss company. She was calling me to participate as a vendor service. I went to her location to meet her, and there was a moment of disbelief. She had completely transformed herself into a healthy and happier person. The one health fair KMM coordinated for Martin took her on a path of self-discovery and a journey to help others just like her. She finally realized there is no magic pill, potion or secret to a healthy life. It is sheer determination to live it. “It is no longer a chore – it is a choice,” she said. “The best part of losing weight is getting compliments from my husband and him saying he feels like he’s with a new woman.” As one of her favorite quotes from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe says, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do!” That, she did! ■ Lenore Kaiser is the owner and wellness director of Kaiser Medical Management. To learn more, call 1-800-764-0418 or visit www.

Experience matters. The Urology and Prostate Institute provides the most experience in robotic surgery for the treatment of prostate cancer in Texas. UPI Director Naveen Kella, MD, who has performed more than 2000 robotic prostatectomies, is committed to a compassionate and comprehensive approach in the treatment of every patient. “Dr. Kella’s experience with robotic surgery, and his reputation within the community reassured me that I made the right choice. I believe he is the best surgeon to do the procedure.” - Joseph Diaz, MD Prostate cancer survivor

Division of

MEDICAL CENTER Naveen Kella, MD 9102 Floyd Curl Dr. San Antotnio, TX 78240 (210) 591-7171 Fax: (210) 201-1140

STONE OAK William Schuessler, MD 540 Madison Oak, Suite 330 San Antotnio, TX 78258 (210) 496-7147 Fax: (210) 337-2104

PECAN VALLEY William Schuessler, MD 4243 E. Southcross, Suite 201 San Antotnio, TX 78222 (210) 333-9010 Fax: (210) 337-2104

A HEALTHY, ATTRACTIVE SMILE gives you a look that exudes confidence and success, no matter how old you are. BRAD D. BRUCHMILLER, DDS DEVIN S. COCHRAN, DDS, MS AMY JACKSON, DDS, MS • 14855 Blanco Road, Suite 109, San Antonio • 7629 Tezel Road, San Antonio • 15900 La Cantera Pkwy, Suite 20260, San Antonio • 3820 FM 3009, Suite 180, Schertz • 3421 W William Cannon, Ste 143, Austin


Faster and in fewer office visits.

210-549-0388 Most insurance accepted and filed NFIT MAN march / april 2013


PHOTOGRAPHY kmk photography sa

ď Ż foodies

Turkey Chorizo with egg whites 42

NFIT MAN march / april 2013


1/4 pounds ground turkey breast (99/1 percent) 1 cup egg whites Taco seasoning 1 package La Tortilla Factory whole-grain corn tortillas


1/ Cook turkey: Choose a medium frying pan for ground turkey meat. Place pan over medium high heat and spray pan with cooking spray. Stir in turkey and let cook over heat for about two to three minutes before adding taco seasoning, stirring often until meat is fully cooked. 2/ Add egg whites: Remove pan from heat and reduce heat to medium. Add the cup of egg whites. Continue stirring while frying turkey and egg whites until done. 3/ Assemble and serve: Warm tortillas in a separate pan or microwave (whichever is easiest). Prepare and serve with pico de gallo or avocado slices. This recipe should make four to six tacos.


Go Airborne!

Broadcasting citywide, the leaders in business, medicine, real estate and good health. SATURDAYS AT 10 A.M. ON

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photographed by michael giordano


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

I am a native of San Antonio and a graduate of Southside High School.

Athletics and academics challenged me. I achieved All-District and All-City honors in football, as well as All-District honors in baseball. Academically, I ranked fifth in my class. I attended Texas A&M University and completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Biology. After college, I moved to a small town in Southeast Texas, where I taught science and coached football, baseball, basketball, golf and power lifting. My interest in science and medicine led me to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals. I have been in the industry for 17 years. I have marketed many injectable and oral drugs throughout my career to multiple specialties of physicians. I specialize in managing hospital accounts with a focus on infectious disease and pulmonary products. I strive to achieve a balance to be healthy spiritually, mentally and physically. My personal relationship with God enables spiritual health. My job is intellectually stimulating because there is always something new to learn in medicine and the disease states my products help improve or cure. My physical health is accomplished by hard work in the gym and close attention to nutritional details. Fitness is a lifestyle choice, and I choose to live it on a daily basis.

David Stallcup NFIT MAN march / april 2013


 nonprofit

A Shining Star in the

Lone Star State Boys Town Texas continues to save children and heal families with a wide variety of programs more than 20 years after its inception. by Terry Hyland

Ten-year-old Jacob was in the principal’s office – again. This time, it was for shoving a classmate to the ground. A few days earlier, it was for scrawling obscenities on his desk. Jacob was angry and acting out, and no one really knew why. At home, single mom Diana was desperate. She sought advice from several experts. But no one had an answer. Jacob remained defiant, anxious and depressed. Acting on advice from a friend, Diana scheduled an appointment with the Boys Town Texas Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic. At his first counseling session, Jacob immediately connected with his Boys Town therapist. Now he and his family are receiving the kind of help that will bring lasting positive changes to their lives.

{ 48

When it comes to helping hurting children and families, Boys Town Texas is the shining star in the Lone Star State. Boys Town Texas has been serving children and families in the San Antonio area through a wide variety of programs since opening its doors in 1989. Boys Town Texas understands the needs of local children and families because it is a good neighbor in the community. Its professional staff knows children are suffering abuse and neglect, families are falling apart and parents are struggling with their kids. And they know the best way to help kids and families find the life-changing results they need. As part of one of the country’s largest child and family service organizations, the site can offer services no one else has, mainly because of its unique integrated continuum of care. These include: In-Home Family Services, where trained family consultants work with families who are struggling to stay together or are in danger of having a child removed from the home. Consultants work right in the parents’ home, helping them create a safe, nurturing home for children.

Boys Town Texas understands the needs of local children and families because it is a good neighbor in the community.

NFIT MAN march / april 2013

Community Support Services, which connect children and parents with a wide variety of resources to learn how to help themselves through advice from our experts. Most resources focus on prevention rather than intervention. Outpatient Behavioral Health Services, which use Boys Town’s research-proven methods to provide specialized care for children with serious behavioral problems and counseling for their families. Foster Family Services, where foster parents who are trained and supported by Boys Town Texas open up their homes in the community to children who need a safe place to live. Children also receive foster care in five family-style homes at the 26-acre Boys Town Texas campus in San Antonio. When children can’t return to their homes, foster parents may choose to adopt them, providing a permanent loving family. Boys Town Texas also provides parenting classes, and children and families can find help and

Call: 210.385.7404 or Visit

Boxing improves coordination, endurance, and confidence. Learn how to box at ChampionFit Gym in a group setting. We have classes for men, women, and children. Come try a class and we will have you boxing like a pro! Train like a Champ, with the Champ!

NEW LOCATION: The Ridge Shopping Center (Lockhill Selma and 1604) 4553 N. Loop 1604 West

advice through the Boys Town national hotline (800-4483000) and a number of online resources like Every year, these continuum services touch the lives of 81,000 people in Texas. When children and families need real help with real problems, Boys Town Texas is there. ■

If you would like to support our mission, please join us for the third annual Boys Town Texas Race for the Prevention of Child Abuse on Saturday, March 23, 2013, at Valero Energy Headquarters. The event begins at 8 a.m. To register online or to get more information, please visit texas, or contact Joyce Horner at 210-271-1010 or joyce.




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fitness Around San antonio Events in the San Antonio area in March and April 2013

March » March 2 / 7a.m. 29th annual UTSA Diploma Dash UTSA Main Campus Come out in support of Diploma Dash as a runner, walker, fan, volunteer or sponsor. Remember, the Diploma Dash is the 5K city championship, and it is a chip-timed race for competitive runners. The dash will take place at Bauerle Road, Parking Lot 3, in the UTSA Main Campus. » March 2 / 7 a.m. Third Annual Rock-Y 5K-Trail Run YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow Test your skills and conquer the hills during the Rock-Y 5K-Trail Run at YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow (CFA). » March 2 / 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Farmers Market at The Cibolo in Boerne The Herff Farm at The Cibolo The nonprofit Cibolo Nature Center Farmers Market will continue to offer Texas-produced, organically or naturally grown food and products through the winter. farmers-market-cibolo» March 2 / 9 a.m. Walk MS AT&T Center Walk MS connects people living with MS and those who care about them. The dollars raised support promising research to stop disease progression, restore function that has been lost and 50

NFIT MAN march / april 2013

end MS forever.


March 2 / 10 a.m. MLA Long Mile 3 St. Mary’s University This is a 5K run/walk and 10K run to raise money for the local San Antonio area Fisher House organizations at Lackland, BAMC and Audie Murphy. The race is chip timed. More information will come as we get closer to race day.

» March 3 Alamo City Running Festival The Alamodome The half marathon is at 7:30 a.m., the 10K is at 8:15 a.m., the 5K is at 8:25 a.m. and the kids classic is at 10 a.m. » March 4 / 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Fitness Booty Camp for Women Parman Library at Stone Oak Booty Camps are all about hitting the areas men could care less about for themselves. We burn and firm not only the booty, but all of our personal favorites: back arm jiggle, bra strap bulge, the “pooch,” hips/thighs and more! » March 6 / 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Rackspace Mid Week Farmers Market Rackspace Parking Lot Rackspace invites friends, families and the community out every Wednesday for our Mid Week Farmers Market! Cost: free. events/rackspace-mid-weekfarmer-/

» March 9 / 7 a.m. SARR 12th Annual Prickly Pear 50K & 10 Mile Trail Runs McAllister Park This trail race has two events: a 50K, which starts at 7 a.m., and the 10-miler, which starts at 8:30 a.m. The 50K is 3/10-mile loops with a short out and back to an aid/drop bag station in each. The 10-miler is a 1/10-mile loop. » March 9 / 7:30 a.m. Center for Refugee Services Leon Creek Green Way This is the first year for this event to support San Antonio’s Center for Refugee Services. The 5K will be for runners and walkers, with a T-shirt for all registered athletes. events/center-refugee-center-5k-/ » March 9 / 8 a.m. Hope for the Future 5K Archdiocese of San Antonio Join us for the sixth annual 5K Hope for the Future Run at the Archdiocese of San Antonio. » March 10 / 8 a.m. Hope, Steps & A Cure 5K Wheatley Heights Sports Complex Hope, Steps & A Cure 5K is in its second year. This event is hosted to increase awareness of aplastic anemia and MDS. » March 10 / 8 a.m. Petco 5K9 Walk Run Presented by Purina Pro Plan Petco Headquarters on Richland Hills Drive Come out and show your support for animal welfare with the whole Petco family. There will be a full expo and tons of great goodies for you and your friends.

» March 23 / 8 a.m. 5K Wine & Beer Run – Culinaria The Shops at La Cantera Because we cannot live on food and wine alone, Culinaria continues to promote health with this 5K run. This event is the perfect balance between fitness and nutrition while offering wine, beer and food samples after the scenic 3.1-mile stroll around The Shops at La Cantera. » March 23 / 8 a.m. 2013 Race for Prevention of Child Abuse Valero Energy Corp. The third annual Race for Prevention of Child Abuse consists of a 10K, a 5K and a one-mile fun run. The 10K and 5K routes will be timed by Redemption Race Productions. The purpose of this event is to raise funds and awareness for Boys Town Texas, a local organization that works to prevent child abuse. » March 23 / 8:30 a.m. 4E Run/Walk & Health Festival Mission Reach San Antonio River This is a 5K/10K run and festival benefiting the SAISD Foundation. » March 24 / 7:45 a.m. Second Annual ALAMO 13.1 300 Alamo Plaza  Blast off with the boom of an historic cannon start at the Alamo for the exciting second annual ALAMO 13.1. Experience the essence of an original classic with the charm of a local run. » March 27 / 6 p.m. Run from the Sun 5K UTHSCSA Track With your help, San Antonio can win the race against skin disease! All proceeds will go toward the Travis Park Dermatology Clinic in downtown San Antonio, where students and physicians donate their time to

treat patients who have limited access to care. The event will be held at the UTHSCSA Track, located alongside Gold’s Gym at the Medical Center.


March 28 / 11:15 a.m. San Antonio Medical Foundations Annual Event Oak Hills Country Club The San Antonio Medical Foundation will hold its annual special event featuring Dr. Gail Wilensky, an economist and senior fellow at Project HOPE. In her address, Wilensky will shed light on the popular question, “How healthy is our future health care system?”

APril » April 4 and 7 / 7 a.m. Valero Texas Open Competition TPC San Antonio Join us at TPC San Antonio for the Valero Texas Open Competition. »

April 6 / 8 a.m. American Lung Association Fight for Air 5K Run/Walk SeaWorld San Antonio Refreshments and entertainment will be provided. There will not be a packet pickup for this event. Run and walk participants will receive a bib on event day. A ticket includes all-day park admission to SeaWorld San Antonio (the park opens 10 a.m.), and an all-you-can-eat buffet from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch will be served at Ports of Call, which has seven covered pavilions and private restroom facilities exclusive to us. SeaWorld’s executive chef and catering department will prepare an unforgettable meal. There will also be door prizes and giveaways, along with a special appearance by Shamu from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. And until park closing, enjoy the many nighttime shows and attractions

SeaWorld has to offer. An $18 credit can be applied toward the purchase of a 2013 annual pass or fun card.

» April 6 / 8 a.m. Youth Orchestras of San Antonio Beethoven 5K/10K Alamo Heights area Enjoy the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio Beethoven 5K/10K. The event will take place in the Alamo Heights area, but the exact location is still to be determined. »

April 6 / 9 a.m. 5K Foam Fest Cycle Ranch Motocross Park (Floresville) All roads lead to foam! The 5K Foam Fest is the newest and craziest race to hit the nation. The fest is an amazing mix of foam, mud and obstacles, thus making it a lot of fitness fun. Whether you like it dirty or clean, the 5K Foam Fest has something for everyone.

» April 7 / 9 a.m. Run Wild For Brainpower 5K &10K Run/Walk University of the Incarnate Word All proceeds will benefit the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) track and cross-country teams for travel and equipment. It is a flat, fast course through the beautiful UIW campus. The run starts behind Ann Barshop Natatorium and runs along the San Antonio River, through back trails and around campus. » April 13 / 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Any Baby Can’s Ninth Annual Walk for Autism AT&T Center Any Baby Can’s Walk for Autism serves as an awareness walk to support families with individuals of all ages diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The two-mile walk is for the entire family, and it supports programs such as counseling, parent training classes and case management.


April 13 / 8 a.m. Northside Education Foundation 5K Run/Walk Farris Athletic Complex The 5K run/walk will benefit the Northside Education Foundation to support classroom grants. The foundation’s mission is to foster community involvement in innovative educational programs by generating and disbursing funds and other resources to provide enrichment for Northside students.

» April 13 and 14 / 8 a.m. 2013 Hoop It San Antonio Nelson Wolff Stadium Join us for the 2013 Hoop It San Antonio at Nelson Wolff Stadium. » April 13 / 8 a.m. San Antonio Oral Cancer 5K O.P. Schanbel Park The purpose of this event is to increase awareness of oral cancer, celebrate survivorship, promote the importance of early detection and prevention, remember lost ones and take part in a free oral cancer screening. All proceeds will benefit the Oral Cancer Foundation. » April 20 / 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Fiesta Mission 10K Run Mission County Park, Pavilion No. 2 Get Fiesta 2013 off to a running start by participating in the San Antonio Roadrunners’ Fiesta Mission 10K Run. Join us as we celebrate Fiesta by running the gently rolling hills through scenic Alamo Heights. Music and refreshments after the race will be available for all participants, family and friends. » April 20 / 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. 10K Walk: Caminada de Fiesta Fort Sam Houston Bring the whole family to the 29th annual Caminada de Fiesta. This Fiesta walk is a Europeanstyle volksmarch through historic

Fort Sam Houston. Walk the 10-kilometer (6.2 miles) route, and enjoy a bit of the Army post’s history.

» April 20 and 21 / 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Fiesta Women and Co-Ed Soccer Tournament STAR Soccer Complex The Women’s Soccer Association of San Antonio is proud to announce its 35th annual Fiesta Women and Co-Ed Soccer Tournament. Women’s and co-ed teams from Texas and other states will compete at all levels. Food, beverages and T-shirts will be for sale. » April 20 / 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fiesta Lacrosse Tournament St. Mary's Hall High school, junior high and youth teams from across Texas converge to play in the 39th Fiesta Lacrosse Tournament. Lacrosse is not only the oldest game in North America – it is also the oldest team-sporting event in Fiesta. » April 27 / 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fiesta Rugby Tournament Alamo City Rugby Football Club (Brooks Field Park) This year, the tournament will feature an “Old Boys” division with players ranging from 35 to 62 years old. A college division will be included featuring both the University of Texas at San Antonio and St. Mary’s University. A division for high school teams will also be incorporated, with players under 19 participating. » April 27 / 8 a.m. Parkinson’s Optimism “Shake, Rattle and Stroll” McAllister Park Join us for the Parkinson’s Optimism 5K “Shake Rattle and Stroll” at McAllister Park.

NFIT MAN march / april 2013


“Is WordPress Right for Your Business?” WordPress is used to power nearly 58 million websites around the globe. Conventional wisdom has it that it is an easy-to-use, SEO friendly, all-in-one content management solution. But Boss Creative—a San Antonio web design and online marketing firm that has thrived since 2005—contests the popular “wisdom.”


NFIT MAN march / april 2013

San Antonio Web Design Firm

Boss Creative Bucks Conventional SEO Wisdom boss Creative, a san antonio Web design and online marketing firm, shook up the marketing blogosphere with a blog post titled “is WordPress right for Your business?” the popular online marketing firm bucked the conventional wisdom that WordPress is a good fit for almost any business. WordPress is a popular web development platform that was released as blogging software in the spring of 2003. since that time, it has become the go-to content management system for both amateur web hobbyists and professional web development companies alike. both clients and developers like the software because of its almost infinite design templates, flexible functionality, robust support communities, and ease of use. the platform is so popular, in fact, that the official WordPress statistics site claims there are nearly 58 million websites being run on WordPress! but boss Creative says that the easiest route is not always the best. in fact, they say, the easiest route may not be as easy as many people think. “Unless you happen to be gifted in the areas of HtML code, Css, or PHP, (that’s development speak for “knowing how to program”), then using WordPress to create your business website will likely be more headache than help,” they state in their post.

in fact, they think that using WordPress can hinder a business’s lead generation and branding capabilities, saying that its one-size-fits-all nature leaves little to no branding flexibility when it comes to professional websites.

By: Boss Creative

it’s not that the firm hates WordPress. in fact, they claim to even use it for some of the sites that they develop for clients. the company’s main objection is simply that it is not a “magic bullet” when it comes to online marketing, branding, and search engine optimization. “We here at boss utilize WordPress for a number of websites, but we do so in conjunction with a multitude of other solutions, such as online marketing and search engine optimization,” says the firm on its official blog. they implement these solutions “in addition to applying [their] expertise in business web development and other graphic design capabilities.” in other words, the san antonio web design firm doesn’t believe that WordPress is an adequate online marketing solution straight out of the box. What they advise business owners is to avoid looking at the platform as a quick-and-easy solution.

A bout Boss Creative Boss Creative has no small amount of knowledge about the field. Established in 2005, the firm has carried on a strong presence in the San Antonio market. It has successfully weathered the recession— even thriving—by way of advanced marketing techniques and frequent referrals. They have even won three advertising awards from the American Advertising Federation. To learn more about the San Antonio web design & online marketing firm, or simply get online marketing tips for your business contact them at: Contact Name & Title: Charles Pilkilton (Managing Partner) Contact Agency/Company: Boss Creative Address: 18402 U.S. HWY 281 N Suite 201 San Antonio, TX 78259 Contact Telephone: (210) 568-9677 Contact Email: Website:

NFIT MAN march / april 2013























NPRINTsolutions 18 4 0 2 U.S. HI GHWAY 281 N , S TE. 2 01


SA N A NTO NI O , T X 78259

I 210.2 9 8 .1761

NFit Man March/April 2013  

To be the premier comprehensive guide for San Antonio women and men on their transformational journey toward health and wellness.

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