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OUR PURPOSE To educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community.

OUR CORE VALUES Respecting and Caring for Each Other Being Dedicated to a Culture of Excellence Openness in Communication Acting with Integrity Being Passionate in What We Do Creating Enjoyable Environment

OUR VISION Nexus International School will be an internationally minded learning community that nurtures and supports every child’s emotional, physical, creative and intellectual needs in order that they can achieve academic success and become globally responsible citizens. We will accomplish this by celebrating diversity and challenging minds.

OUR PROMISE To foster the gifts and talents that reside in everybody through careful mentorship and guidance based on respect. To provide a nurturing environment for these talents; one that is innovative, progressive and grounded in trust, compassion and respect.


Annual Review 2017

WELCOME FROM THE PRESIDENT OF TAYLOR’S SCHOOLS Nexus International School Malaysia in 2017 continued to demonstrate the highest level of education it provides. As mentioned in Ms. Alison Hampshires welcome address, NISM was again rated a Mastering practitioner of IPC Curriculum and an Apple Distinguished School for South Asia for 2016 – 2018. This makes us only one of two who have been renewed as a Mastering school in the world. As for our International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, we were re-accredited and received very positive responses from IB. We are especially pleased to celebrate with a learner who achieved full 45 points; quite a feat indeed. To think all that Nexus has achieved in the nine years is indeed mind boggling and heart-warming. To ensure that we continue to build on our achievements, we have continued refining our Nexus Way together with Nexus in Singapore so that we can continuously build on what we have achieved thus far. I am confident through the Nexus Way our learners do become lifelong learners and are empowered for the future. They become passionate creative innovators, critical thinkers that are able to

think outside the box. I believe our learners will become relevant and responsible 21st Century citizens for the global community. I would also like to share with the Nexus Malaysia community the progress that Nexus have made in Singapore. In 2017, Nexus Singapore started the construction of its campus on the land they won in a bid from the Singapore Government. They won the bid amidst very stiff competition from some of the best International schools from around the world. The main consideration by the panel was quality and relevance to the Singapore economy. We were delighted to have won as that is indeed a major endorsement to our Nexus brand. The campus is currently being built and will be completed in mid-2019 for occupancy in January 2020. Certainly, an event to be celebrated by both the Nexus schools. In 2018, Nexus Malaysia community will be celebrating its Tenth Anniversary and here’s wishing all a fruitful and productive year ahead. BK Gan President of Taylor’s Schools

Annual Review 2017


WELCOME FROM THE PRINCIPAL 2017 was a year of celebration for Nexus. Building on from our work around the Nexus Way - which articulated what we believe in [Mindsets, Inclusion, Relationships, Innovation and Learning] - we achieved outstanding results on several fronts. Teachers work on several self review studies that required evidence of good practice to meet the benchmarks set out by IPC, IB, the Council of International Schools (CIS) and Apple Education Inc. as we submitted our reports to those awarding bodies and underwent an IPC visit.

IPC Curriculum was rated as outstanding against the new more rigorous standards again. This was a significant achievement. We are only the second school in the world to be reaccredited Mastering for our delivery of the IPC Curriculum.

Our IB Diploma Programme review was re-accredited and our CIS one year progress report was praised. “CIS was impressed by the school’s positive approach to the recommendations contained in the March 2015 Visiting Team Report and pleased to learn that there has been considerable progress in many areas since the Team Visit.”

Apple renewed our Distinguished School status for 2016-18 External accreditation and inspection are important as our professional peers validate and confirm for us that we are on the right path and that our philosophy and practices for teaching and learning are effectively developing the young people in our care. Our IB results in 2017 were the best ever with an average score 35.5 points and 100% pass rates.

Beyond the Curriculum 2017 saw many wonderful performances throughout the year such as the Y3 Learner showcase of learning “Feel the Force”and the Year 9 drama “The Container”. The first “Party in the Park” (Mr Tim’s


Annual Review 2017

brainchild) was supported by the PTA who had many stalls that added to the music festival atmosphere. Thanks to the hard work of the Performing Arts team and many others we sang our way to the end of the year with “The Musical The Wizard of Oz” and in Primary “Cinderella Rockafella”. To support academic learning we had Science, Maths and Languages weeks where learners were exposed to many activities that deepened their learning in these areas. We had a team enter the International Formula 1 competition for the first time this year where they used their design skills in an authentic context and won 1st prize. We continue to encourage the development of the skills and competencies that young people need to become leaders in a global world. The secondary learners held a very successful 4th NISMMUN Conference and some of our Primary learners participated in a MUN Conference in Singapore. Two teams of Year 10 learners participated in the World Scholar’s Cup and after getting through the regional competitions, one team went to Yale University for the world finals. We had a week of Slavery Awareness led by learners in preparation for the 24 Hour race when Nexus learners demonstrated their resilience and teamwork with three of the four teams winning for the third consecutive year. Our annual run at the end of the year was to raise money for Shelter Box and was a great event culminating with a picnic and stalls run by Secondary learners. The International Award leaders arranged several expeditions for all three programmes and 50 learners successfully completed their adventurous journeys to the Cameron Highlands (Bronze) canoeing around Langkawi (Silver) and sailing from Port Dixon (Gold) Celebrating our diversity is important and increasingly our curriculum days are a community event, learning about and celebrating our different cultures. This year we marked Mother Tongue Language Day with an International Parade of flags from every country our learners are from. Alison Hampshire Principal



























Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017


What I love about Nexus is that my child is excited about learning each

day. Nexus Parent


Nexus is a learning focused school empowering self regulated learners through the Nexus Way Mindsets




Nexus learners demonstrate an open and creative mindset that encourages deep inquiry and critical thinking. By investigating concepts, learners develop a growing understanding that enables them to explore interconnected ideas.

Nexus learners thrive through effective learning-focused relationships in an ambitious and collaborative community. A restorative culture of respect and high expectations drives all that we do.

Nexus learners develop a strong understanding of themselves and a true empathy for others. They benefit from a world-class, learner-centred education that empowers them to discover their passions and achieve personal excellence.

Nexus learners are challenged through authentic, technologyrich and transformative learning experiences. Our innovative learning environments, together with our dynamic approaches to learning, put us at the forefront of global educational practices.

STRATEGIC GOALS REVIEWED 2016-17 Mindsets • Introduced PASS questionnaire to inform teachers about learner attitudes. • Kagan Structures Professional Development Workshop delivered for all staff in August 2017. Teachers in Secondary and Primary trialled and developed the use of these in lessons to explicitly teach critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving. • Challenge Week launched.

Inclusion • Focused on ensuring rigour and challenge is planned for all to ensure that the highly able are stretched. • Continued to develop the use of differentiation strategies (based on the differentiation continuum) so they are consistently employed across the school.

Relationships • Involved the community in curriculum delivery for Global Goals and other projects. • Developed structures to enable, empower and engage Middle Leaders to ensure consistent application of the Nexus Way practices.

Innovation • Introduced i-pad programme in Year 4 after year 3 trial pervious year. • Maker Space opened to promote design thinking and robotics.

Learning • SCOPE system developed so that we can extract a curriculum overview from year 7-11 in Secondary • Developed whole school processes to track learner performance year on year in order to identify patterns and thereby address any issues identified. • Embeded consistent use of concepts as the basis for connecting learning across the secondary curriculum.

Accreditation • CIS 1 year report submitted and approved. • IBO 5 year review submitted and reaccreditation approved. • IPC Mastering status reaccredited. • Apple Distinguish Schools status reaccredited.

Facilites • Multipurpose Room extended. • Changing rooms improved.

Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017



Nexus Learners who passed at Diploma Level




90% 82%


up 10%


of Nexus Learners Passed at IGCSE Level





IBDP Average Points Scored Nexus Average 50


Global Average 2014







Number of Nexus Learners taking IGCSE exams

30 20 10 2016 (26 Learners)


2017 (46 Learners)

2016 10










Number of A*/A grades 276

300 250


227 171

200 150 100 50

Top IB Score






The only learner in Malaysia who scored full points was Jerrell Ong

Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017

PRIMARY SCHOOL HIGHLIGHTS Mindsets ‘My Learning Journey’ books were introduced to all Primary learners to help learners to value and celebrate their time at Nexus. These diary style books will be kept throughout a learner’s school career and will presented to them when they leave. Each year, new experiences will be documented in these books. At the beginning of the academic year, all year groups were taught about how we learn best. Developing a growth mindset was a big focus across the school and was regularly reinforced through the teaching of the personal goal resilience. Parents were asked to capture videos of their child displaying personal goals in action to further support the development of personal goals beyond school. The personal goals were further developed during the residential trips. Learners were able to experience being away from home and to use their adaptability and resilience. Furthermore, communication and collaboration skills were enhanced through team tasks and group problem solving activities. International Mindedness was further developed when learners took part in the World’s Largest Lesson 2017. Primary learners focused on different areas of the goals like Gender Equality, Climate Change and Reducing Inequalities through Fair Trade. They connected with Sakhalin International School in Russia to share their learning.

Inclusion A new programme has been implemented to provide support for International learners coming into Primary with little English language but high academic potential. In August we welcomed a new inclusion teacher to support within Early Years. The ‘zones of regulation’ have been introduced throughout Primary as a way of teaching the children about managing their emotions. This has had a positive impact in class and the theories behind it and techniques were shared in a well attended parent workshop. A sensory room was developed to help learners to develop their senses and self expression.

Relationships This year we developed our focus on learning through parent workshops. Termly overview of parent workshops were shared with parents at the beginning of each term covering a range of subjects identified by the Parents or the school improvement plan.

All workshops were linked to the Nexus Way to further develop parent’s understanding. Translated parent workshops were introduced to be more inclusive towards our Chinese community and we had our annual workshop to promote parental understanding of Restorative Practice.

Innovation The 1-1 ipad programme was reviewed for Year 3 learners and has been fully implemented in Year 4 based on parent, learner and teacher reviews of the trial programme. Seesaw guidelines have been developed with teachers to ensure a best practice model of Seesaw is being used. Through Seesaw parents are able to access examples of their child’s learning and give feedback. Opportunities to develop creativity have been further developed through the use of the Maker Space room. Primary learners have been able to use the space to develop technology skills including designing and making models as well as learning the skill of sewing. MP2 & 3 have also embraced the use of Google Classroom, it has enabled teacher to distribute personalised activities in digital format to their learners. The ‘Hand in’ feature allows work to be tracked and marked by teachers, then handed back with feedback and next steps.

Learning The school focused on developing ‘understanding’ and depth within subjects. Learners shared their learning and reasoning online with their parents. MP3 learners have been showing this visually with the creation of ‘Understandometers’. Teachers and learners are able to see how opinions and understanding are developing and discuss this with the learners. This has gone in tandem with the development of ‘Big Questions’ that are shared at the start of each IPC unit. The Primary school gained Mastering Status for the second time from the new IPC accreditation. We were only the second school in the world to gain Mastering status through the new and extremely rigorous accreditation. Nexus continued to develop its status as a learning hub beyond the community when it hosted its first Taylor’s Newly Qualified Teacher Teach Meet. The event feedback was that it was extremely successful and the teachers enjoyed sharing their learning and the learning of the Nexus teachers.

Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017



The beginning of the year saw the launch of the revised PATS-ATL model. The model was simplified and aligned with the IBDP to ensure consistency throughout the secondary school. All secondary staff received training and shared resources for successfully planning for and supporting learners to develop their mindsets and competencies. Leilah Zahedi is leading a Professional Learning Community to further explore embedding PATS-ATL in the curriculum.

This year has seen the introduction of Seesaw in the middle school. Subjects have been developing their use of Seesaw for learner reflections. Google Classroom has been revisited, looking at how we can ensure a consistent approach to the setting and assessment of electronic assignments. Our Makerspace has been opened to our learners, giving access to robotics, electronics and 3D printing. The space is now being developed to be run by our IB learners, taking on the responsibility to train new learners and manage the space to be used by learners for exciting, creative projects.

Inclusion This year we have a number of learners who have joined us from China. They have little English but high academic potential. Learning a new language is no easy task. Trying to learn all academic subject in that language makes it even more challenging, but this is the case for many of our learners who come to Nexus from non English speaking countries. In August 2017, Kevin Wang, a year 7 learner from China, arrived with very little English and was having a hard time settling. Nonetheless, he showed a remarkably positive attitude and willingness to dedicate himself to developing his English. Six months later, having attended our Intensive English Programme, Kevin has shown an amazing improvement. He is now accessing the full curriculum in all his subjects and no longer in need of EAL support. A fantastic turn around in such a short time. His dedication and effort is an inspiration for all our EAL learners.

Relationships This year we developed the role of the Head of Year (Year 7-11) to focus on academic tracking (via CAT and PASS data analysis), alongside pastoral monitoring. Year 9 ran their service projects: a food drive and a soup kitchen visit; where the whole year group volunteered for a day. Year 10’s service projects were ShelterBox and the Lost Food Project. Year 7 had their residential trip in Broga Hill in October. Year 11 have been focussing on preparing for their upcoming iGCSE examinations. They took part in an IB taster day and have learnt about stress management and mindfulness techniques. Alongside their tutors, Year 8 have been focusing on areas such as social skills and setting themselves targets to work towards. They have initiated their own norms and protocols for the best use of learning spaces and have organised and improved the layout of the Learning Hubs.

A first for Nexus was in September, six Year 13 Physics learners competed in the Malaysian finals of the international F1 in Schools competition. Working collaboratively, the learners were challenged to create an F1 car of the future to rigorous design specifications and race it against their competitors. However, this event is more than a simple race. Learners were assessed on their ‘brand presence’, the verbal presentation skills, their ‘pit display’ stand where they showcased the evolution and creation of their design and finally their design portfolio was reviewed. The learners were proud to be the first from Nexus and won the prestigious Engineering Excellence award for their designs.

Learning Developing our learner’s global outlook and international mindedness is core to what we do at Nexus and with this in mind we had a two day project where learners from Early Years up to Year 10 had the chance to investigate the UN Global Goals as part of the World’s Largest Lesson 2017. In secondary, the timetable was collapsed and learners were given a choice of ten learning pathways each with a focus on different Global Goals. These ranged from a visit to a zero-waste business in KL, to a pathway which used drama to explore the experiences of child refugees. In another learners applied physics and musical knowledge and built musical instruments out of recycled pipe, some wooden pallets, and some old table tennis bats. In addition to hosting our learners at her business, Claire Sancelot also attended the closing assembly, and in her speech encouraged our learners to think carefully about how they could move towards producing less waste by applying the 5 Rs at Nexus (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot).

Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017

IB DIPLOMA PROGRAMME 2016 - 2017 was a good year for IB at Nexus as individuals in the newly established IB Team cemented their roles and improved processes and systems that benefited the learners. For example, shared calendars for both learners and staff managed workloads and expectations; long term planning of IB Professional Development for staff; the teacher and learner shared use of Managebac for the storage, tracking and uploading of final work, which assisted in the utilization of IBIS for exam registration, along with clearer and more timely arrangements for the payment of IB bills to parents, all of which helped streamline the administrative side of running IB. Learner and parents access to Higher Education and Careers information via University visits, one-to-one meetings with the HE/Careers Coordinator and the use of a new university application database system meant that learners and parents

were very well informed, felt supported and thus, could manage this very involved process more confidently. This cohort of learners applied to a much wider range of universities across the world than previous years. Nexus was particularly proud of having its first learner accepted into Oxford, with others getting into top flight universities; such as, Imperial College and UCL. A highlight was the inclusion of parent led workshops on specific career choices which gave learners first hand narratives of the journey that a career path can take. The ongoing development of a mentoring system by a dedicated Mentoring Coordinator meant that learners were supported by a wide community of people, which added a further safety net of support for learners as they learnt to cope with a very demanding programme and further

developed teacher / learner relationships. Similarly, the inclusion of the IA Gold award into the CAS programme, where learners sailed a yacht up the coast of Malaysia, meant that learners could gain on many levels from being involved in activities beyond the classroom. A particular highlight was the use of the dedicated IB Hub for informal and formal events; a space where both learners and teachers have easy and regular interactions. These, and many other factors, led to our final set of IB results being the best yet, and very pleasing overall - not just due to those learners who scored 40+ points, but also those who were pleased to have acquired a Diploma, or completed their individual courses, with sound grades.

Ms Maureen Forsyth Assistant Head IB Years.

Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017

ALTERNATIVE PATHWAY This year Alternative Pathway learners are submitting their first portfolios of evidence for the ASDAN Bronze / Silver / Gold Accreditation. Year 10 & 11 have been working across a multidisciplinary curriculum, with engaging topics focussed on practical life skills. In ASDAN Life Science, through an enquiry based project, learners have produced a learning journal which investigates the use of robots in today’s culture, assessing the impact upon society. The learners discovered a cafe in Ipoh which replaces human staff with robots so they decided to visit and assess the practicality of robots completing every day jobs first hand. As part of the ASDAN sports modules, learners have also been snorkeling and SCUBA diving. As they progress into years 12 & 13, we aim for ASDAN modules to develop into work related learning qualifications or stand alone qualifications such as the PADI Open Water.

The Alternative Pathway also offers the International Award as part of its curriculum. Learners volunteer at the Fungates Soup Kitchen and care for animals at the SPCA. This opportunity to help others has enabled them to gain experience and apply a variety of skills in a workplace environment. Our learners have also been making connections with the Autism Cafe Project. Through these connections learners have volunteered both in and out of school, practising customer service skills and money handling through running and manning of refreshments stalls. Promoted by Alternative Pathway staff, the Autism Colour Run 2018 was another opportunity to give back to the community. Over 30 members of the nexus community ran to promote Autism Awareness, raising money for the Autism Cafe project. One of the Alternative Pathway talented runners, Jun Lin finished the 5km run in 7th place out of over 500 runners!

INTENSIVE ENGLISH Reflection on the programme by Charlotte Arrowsmith, intensive english programme teacher.

In my first term at Nexus and in the Intensive English Programme I have seen some fantastic work and some great personal milestones. The learners arrive into the Programme with a low level of English and spend 15 hours a week with me in small groups with other Programme learners from years 3 to 6. The aim of the Programme is for the learners to reach a confident level of English so that they can comfortably integrate into their mainstream classes. Being able to form a question, or write a sentence or form single vowel sounds are just some of the challenges that the learners face and some are also doing this at a new school, having to make new friends, relocating from their home country and feeling overwhelmed with all the new challenges facing them every day at school and at home. My main aim with the Programme was to encourage a sense of reading for pleasure and this term we have seen Lele, Rich and Harry in Year 4 who now pick up a book and

will relax and read with no encouragement from their teacher. I can see how reading has enabled these learners to produce longer and more detailed sentences both verbally and in the written form and they have an interest now in books which is extending into their home life so that they aren’t overwhelmed with the prospect of reading or see reading as a chore. Owen in Year 6 volunteered to go on stage to take part in a school production, saying his lines with a clear, loud voice. This was a big moment for him as he arrived at Nexus at the start of the 2017/18 academic year with no English. There has also been great improvement with Jerry and Kevin in Years 3 and 5 who also came to Nexus at the start of the 2017/18 academic year and are now more confident to speak in English, work in groups sharing ideas and are writing clear and full sentences and short paragraphs. Two learners left the Programme at the end of Term 1 after achieving the necessary grades to move form 15 hours a week of English to 3 hours a week. Both Rain and Lita showed that hard work, dedication and the right attitude lead to fantastic results.


Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017

BOARDING Boarding at Nexus continues to flourish with steady numbers and a record roll of 75 boarders recorded earlier in the year. Our Pioneer Boarding Scholars, Ling Ann and Aiman were recognised at our Leavers’ Dinner, finally graduating having joined the Boarding House since its inception in 2011!

This year we welcome our first Year 5 boarder. Miles Lee from Korean.

The multi-culture boarding community have celebrated and had great satisfaction tasting the variety of delicacies during International Day, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya and Malaysia Day.

What do you like most about boarding? I can spend a lot of time with my new friends.

All four floors in the Boarding House were officially named giving more sense of belonging and identity. The names deriving from those who hold a legacy within and who have made a massive contribution to Nexus School itself. Add Photos? Boarders and staff took delight with participating in the many activities throughout the year. Such trips to Broga Hill, Crab Island, The Swiss Dream Circus and Mah Meri Cultural Village and of course Wacky Sunday, an afternoon of fun games and team building exercises on the first Sunday of the academic year, remain memorable occasions for us all. Boarders continue to remain committed to not only their academic studies, but also the extra-curricular activities that are on offer such as MUN, Music, Drama, Sport, International Award and Service. Our children of today realise that tertiary institutes and employers are more interested in the ‘allround individual’ therefore our boys and girls are encouraged and willing to try new things as often as possible. We have witnessed our boarders display massive dedication and heartfelt commitment to the 24 Hour Race which Nexus learners not only test their physical limits, but also their mental extremities during this most challenging endurance event, which proceeds from the many fundraising ventures are donated towards human trafficking and modern slavery charities. Boarders have also participated in the ‘Run for Shelter’, a worldwide charity helping people that have been plunged into crisis after disasters and/ or conflict. We also continue our direct association with Rumah Keluarga Kami, a nearby home for underprivileged children, who have visited our own Boarding House for a day of games, laughter, conversations and dinner! Many of us visited the children at the end of term one to deliver ‘Secret Santa’ gifts and sing Christmas carols. Nexus Boarding continues to enrich each individuals development which will assist them as they embark on a new phase of their life at the completion of their school education.

Profile How long have you been a boarder? 5 months.

Tell us your funniest incident in boarding so far? The Boarders’ Christmas Dinner where I had to sing as part of my floor choir. Also seeing Santa give out presents was funny. What are your favourite subjects in school? All of them What extra-curricular activities do you do? Trumpet, swimming, water-skiing, football, badminton. Describe boarding life using three words. Just Do It. We also welcomed two new houseparents, Daniel and Sarah.

Daniel What’s your background? Asst. Director of Learning Commons, Asst. Head of House, Year 7 Form Tutor, Teacher, Mentor & Coach. What is your favourite thing to do in your free time? I would have to say Travel & Cooking. For me, traveling is one of the most important things to do in life. Visiting new places, experiencing different cultures and opening your eyes to the diversity of the world. Cooking for me is a passion and an escape. What’s been your favourite weekend activity since joining? ATV Jungle Adventure Ride. This was an extremely fun and challenging day for all involved.

Sarah Where are you from? Cornwall, South West England. Why did you want to work in boarding? I really enjoy the rapport you get to build in boarding, you get to support boarders outside of the classroom in a fun, family environment and teach them skills that they will have for life! What’s been your favourite weekend activity since joining? When I first joined we went to the Breakout Room in KLCC, it was the first time we all went out on an activity together so it was good to do something fun as a group.

Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017




Anti Slavery Awareness week 24 Hour Race

Hosted KLISS at Nexus

The Container Performance

Year 3 Showcase of learning “Feel the Force”



IA Bronze Cameron Highlands Y12 CAS trip to Pulau Carey

CNY curriculum day - many new parents involved.

MUN conference in Singapore for Primary MUN team.

IB Taster Day

International Parade and Mother Tongue Language Day

ADS re-accreditation

Year 6-7 transition morning.

40 Iranian Headteachers visit Nexus

Learner Led conference

Spring concert

UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge IA Gold Sailing Expedition

Exam Pop up help desk


Year 6 trip to Gombak river


5th NISMMUN Conference




Year 1 visit to Petronas Twin Towers

Elevate Education - Study skills workshop Y12

Nexus teachers lead workshops in Singapore for the IPC Festival of Learning

Y13 IB Assembly

Year 6 residential trip to Tioman

Y7 LOTE day with ALice Smith

Maths challenge team in Penang.

Secondary Prom

Shelter box charity run followed by whole primary picnic.

Nexus Community Movie Night fundraiser

AIMS Primary orchestra performing at Desa Park City.

Nexus Triathlon

World Scholar’s Cup Qualifying round win Y12 Careers Day

CIS feedback on Progress good. IPC Mastering Status awarded

Asian Day of Languages Year 8 Drama Performance June

Science week IB Graduation Interhouse Bake off

Sports Awards Afternoon Primary concert Y4 residential Janda Baik

PTA Flea Market Shelter Box, Charity Run Party In the Park PTA Self Defence Workshop

Basketball Tournament to Phuket ASEAN Medal winners Aliyah and Aidan Yoong Summer Break

UKMY 60 years Art Competition -2 runners up Zi Tong & Sena Jung National Google Competition winner - Kai Wei Ch’ng Malaysia Smart Achiever Award - Qi Xuan Khoo


Kagan Training

University fair

Parent e-safety workshop

TOK Presentations September

Geography Trip European day of Languages

Meet and Greet sessions

Global goals - World’s largest lesson Celebrated Malaysia Day

Young Inventor’s Challenge Year 7 residential Broga Hill IA Silver Langkawi October

AIMS KL Science and Technology Showcase at Petrosains

Year trip to Dinosaur Alive exhibition.

BETT School visit

Y12 Female Boarder collected all the medals at the ISAC Swim Gala November December

Y9 Skype with Researchers at University in Denmark over the Ice Man project.

Year 4 trip to Young Chef’s Academy Super Cycling Man Christmas curriculum day.

Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017

SPORTING HIGHLIGHTS Basketball In May Nexus Under 15s basketball attended a 3 versus 3 basketball tournament in Thailand at the British International School, Phuket. The standard of play was extremely high, with some amazing talent on show. Out of twenty teams from across South East Asia both Nexus boys and girls teams won a Silver medal. The U11 Boys played wonderfully throughout their KLISS tournament season and went on to play in the finals. After a vaillant display we were beaten in the final and were runners up - a wonderful achievement. The U11 Girls basketball team won the ISAC competition finishing first place out of ten schools.

Swimming This has been the most successful year so for the Nexus swim program. Nexus learners been given increased opportunities to train which has a resulted in a record number of medals obtained by the school this year. Zhuo Jun Lim won a school record five medals at the ISAC swim gala. She won Gold in 100m Breaststroke, Gold in 50m Freestyle, Silver in 50m Backstroke, Silver in 50m Butterfly and Bronze in 50m butterfly .

In the KLISS Primary swim gala the team accumulated a record 18 medals. Christian Sireau won a school record with 6 medals.


successful year in sport. Malaysian records holder in women tricks, slalom & jump, Six (6) times gold medal winner in SEA Games 2011, 2015 & 2017. Young sportswoman of the year.

The Nexus girls under 13 and under 15s teams had great success this year. The under 13 girls team won a Silver medal in ISAC. The under 15s team won Gold medals in both ISAC and KLISS.

In Equestrian Ayla Looms was National Junior Reserve Champion in Dressage and Shaq Shahril wasin the top 10 riders to pass the vet check and the finish line for his 50km event.

The U15 boys were victorious in the 2nd division of the ISAC football leagues and were crowned champions. The U11 girls also won Gold at the ISAC tournament at KLASS.

Arsh Johany was Senior Asian ViceChampion and Senior Malaysian Champion in motor sports for his age group and his brother Armand was round 4 Malaysian DD2 Champion,round 5 Malaysian DD2 3rd place and round 6 Malaysian Junior ViceChampion

Netball The number of learners attending the netball CCA has significantly increased compared with last year, especially with the older year groups. We now have fully established second teams in both the U13’s and U15’s age groups, with an additional year 7 only team. All teams have accessed the four training sessions per week two morning, one lunch and one CCA. The U13’s won the EPSOM cup in March 2017.

National Sporting Successes Aaliyah Yoong has had another incredibly

Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017

ARTISTIC HIGHLIGHTS As in previous years the Music and Drama departments worked hard to create opportunities for our learners to showcase their talents. This year saw our first outdoor festival of music, food and other stalls - Party in the Park. This event was very successful thanks to the support of the learners and the PTA. The Art Department had its first exhibition for younger learners in addition to the IB exhibition this yea. In English learners created films for the film festival on the theme Change.

FLIES LORD r o i n Se pring S

The Spring Concert is the annual Showcase Concert for the Music Department at Nexus


3rd of April 2017 6.30pm

Tickets are available from Student Services Adult – RM15 Concessions (Staff/Learners/Children under 16 years old)–RM10


Thursday | 30th March 2017 | 7pm in the Nexus Theatre Tickets are available from Student Services Adult – RM15 Child/Concession – RM10 Family Ticket (2 Adults 3 Children) – RM50

Here are a selection of posters created in 2017. Not recommended for children under 8 as there are some scenes of violence

Date: 15 Jun 2017 Time: 3.30pm Venue: Theatre Entry: Free You don’t want to miss this! Nexus’ Got Talent | Rock Concert | Comedy Acts Open Mic | Lucky Draw and many more.... Be sure to get your FREE ticket at student services counter and we will see you there! Thursday | 18th May 2017 | 3.30-9.30pm | Nexus International School

Year 9 English Film Festival Presents

Film For Change Wed 14th June 4.30pm Donation for Shelter Box Charity

Cindeerrfeellla la Rock Primary Music CCA Performance Presents

Thursday, 14th December 2017 Nexus Theatre | 5.30pm Free Entry

Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017


Date/ Room


Thursday 22nd March in Year 7 Learning Hub 4th Floor


MP1 For parents of Year 1 and Year 2 children MP1 Supporting your child with their reading Whole School Positive Behaviour Management Find out about the strategies you can use at home to manage behaviour in a way that encourages positive relationships and life long skills of resolving conflicts Whole School Positive communication with your child

Friday 31st March MPR

6th April MPR



Whole school Child Protection - what does CP mean? How we keep your child safe mention how to report a concern as a parent. What we do at school

Friday 28th April MPR


How do you keep your child safe? Whole School

Thursday 4th May MPR

Learning English as an additional language

Sandra and Karine


Primary Assessment For Learning (Repeat of assessment and rigour workshop from early term 1) What does AFL mean? The impact of AFL. What is peer and self assessment? Have a go at setting next steps.

Friday 19th May MPR


(I have a presentation/ workshop that could be adapted a bit and used again) Whole School Encouraging your child to be healthy Whole School E safety - How to ensure your child is safe on line. Primary Supporting your child in Maths

Thursday 1st June (World Children’s Day) MPR Friday 16th June

9-10.30am 9-10am

November (In Mileposts)

Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017

FACILITIES UPGRADED 2017 • Created new PTA room • Refurbished Boarding House Common room • Upgraded the changing rooms with learners input from #Hack Nexus • Upgraded the Music Department (new flooring, workroom and instrument storerooms) • Installed new flooring in the Dance studio • Installed new projectors in the Theatre • Installed tiled flooring to upgrade some classrooms 223 224 • Resurfaced EY playground paths • Created two Inclusion rooms and a sensory room on Level 3 • Removed ceiling tiles and metal framework in Maker Space and Sports Hall. • Installed new air conditioners in several classrooms • New Top Up Kiosk

PLANNED IMPROVEMENTS 2018 Facilities • Resurface Tennis courts • New Primary Art room • Upgrade flooring Secondary Art rooms • Upgrade Cafeteria • Roof and gutters to be repaired by PJH. • Extend the Multi Purpose Room to create more indoor play area and room for cater for Y11 and Y13 numbers for external examinations • Move the facilities office • Upgrade the counselling room • Install second batch of new air conditioners in several classrooms

Annual Review 2017



Annual Review 2017


Parent overall satisfaction 93%

Learners overall satisfaction 84%

Top 5 satisfied areas (over 90%):

Top 5 satisfied areas (over 90%):

Head of the School provides effective leadership


Teaching and Learning

Safe environment


Academic Staff are professional


Nexus is a safe environment for me to learn in (emotional)


A variety of teaching methods


Technology assists me in learning


I can communicate with the school whenever I want


Least Satisfied below 80%

up 4 to 90%

I enjoy going to school


Nexus learners are respectful to each other


Least satisfied areas below 70%

Sufficient range of CCAs



Quality of food


Changing rooms

up 7% to 64% 44%


Most Improved

down 7% to 35%

Most Improved

Bus services 2016

up 9% to 88%

Familiar with school’s values


up 5% to 89%

Participate in at least one CCA per term

My child is appropriately challenged

up 6% to 94%

Teacher provide feedback on my learning

up 18 to 85% up 14% to 90% up 10 to 85%

STRATEGIC PLAN 2018 Mindsets • Use of PASS and Conexus data to build a hoiistic learner profile along with benchmark (CAT) data and progress data from teachers • Develop the use of Kagan structures to develop co-operative learning • Implement and review a Challenge Week

Inclusion • Further challenge those highly able learners who would benefit from personalised curriculum opportunities • Continue to develop the use of differentiation strategies (based on the differentiation continuum) so they are consistently employed across the school • Use the EAL/SEN stages to better target intervention by Inclusion integrators

Relationships • Explore community involvement/case studies in curriculum delivery building on work done with the Global Goals • Review leadership structures in Secondary School SLT and IBDP team

Innovation (Technology) • Investigate the impact of the 1:1 iPad programme in Year 4 and move into Year 5 • Use the Maker Space to promote design thinking • Embed the agreed ICT learning goals across subject planning in Secondary

Learning • Develop explicit teaching PATS-ATLS throughout Secondary and through the new IB Core programme

Annual Review 2017


Nexus International School Malaysia Annual Review 2017  

International School Annual Review 2017

Nexus International School Malaysia Annual Review 2017  

International School Annual Review 2017