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ph to AWA R D S 2014 Finalists

After much consideration we’re pleased to announce the...

2014 Yen Geckos Adventures Photo Awards Winner, People’s Choice and some of our other favourites. (in order of appearance)

Roger Stonehouse Pigeons of Jaipur Janaka Rodrigue Rêverie Lydia Trappenberg The Little Ones Marguerite Moloney Seattle Sunrise Lauren Elise Cassar Snack Time Dominique Felicity Chapman Smoke Brigid Moloney Elation Caitlin Lennard Rock N’ Ice Aaron Smith Mother Africa Ariana Gillrie Abandoned Lanterns Tom Condon Fish Smiles James Frost Cabin Porn Natalie Cottee Crocs and Chocolate Claire Plush Golden Offerings Oliver Dauncey Forgotten Falls Lahni Tomlinson Mexico Emily May Gunawan Made in Turkey Melanie Tjoeng The Moon Michelle Knowles Agra Fort Damien Milan Autumn Light, Olkhon Island

2014 Winner

Pigeons of Jaipur 2014

By ROGER STONEHOUSE About this photo... In India, feeding the pigeons is not something you can do; it’s something you must do, to add to your store of merit for your next reincarnation. It’s always easy to find someone to help - by selling you pigeon food. On the street, sellers line up between different grades of grains and old scales. Most people who pass by buy a plate. For just ten rupees, you can have your karmic problems solved. About me... I am 25 and I live in the ACT. I’ve been taking photos for a few years. I love to the capture the uncommon in everyday scenes.

2014 people’s choice winner

Rêverie 2014

By Janaka Rodrigue About this photo... Let the sea flow in your veins till you are clothed with the waves and crowned with the stars. Taken in my home town of the Gold Coast, just off the coast of Coolangatta in the middle of winter. No matter where I travel I always seek out the ocean or the water. When you submerge yourself beneath the surface you travel to another realm where gravity can be defied and you can fly. About me... I am fashion and underwater photogrpaher passionately absorbed with pushing my boundaries and skills as a photographer every single day. I love to photograph, I’m in my element with a camera in my hand whether its the latest digital SLR or a 50 year old medium format film camera. I want to capture a sliver of the human experience visually. To record what it’s like to be there in that one tiny moment of existence. To have a record of the sight, sound, smell, feel, and emotional response of that impossibly short, fleeting moment when everything is absolute… when time stops for that 1/100th of a second. I have been taking photos for close to ten years now – it’s a great job and a wonderful lifestyle. So far it is the best work I have come across for my personality, unless I figure out a way to get paid to drink green tea and eat sushi….!

The Little Ones 2014

By Lydia Trappenberg About this photo... I took this photo in Myanmar (Burma) on a trek through the mountains. Everyone wears a smile on their face and has enough optimism and love for life for most westerners to share. About me... I never went to school for photography and I think that that’s the best way. I love capturing light in a way that can give anyone a feeling of the moment it was taken in.

Seattle Sunrise 2103

By Marguerite Moloney About this photo... This photo was taken when I was travelling on the ‘light train’ from Columbia City to the Seattle airport. I love how travelling alone really allows you to develop an individual perspective of that particular place. Before arriving in Seattle, I actually knew quite little about the city. It really surprised me with the beautiful nature there; the lakes, the large pine trees and pictured here, the earl morning fog. I can’t wait to visit again! About me... I am a Graphic Designer residing in Melbourne. I have not had any formal training in photography, but it has always been an passion of mine, and one which I have explored more since travelling last year through the US, Canada and Mexico. I find myself most inspired when nature is interacting with man-made objects in an interesting way - whether it be sunlight falling on a road sign or a vine growing wildly along a brick wall. To see more of what inspires me visit my mood board:

Snack Time 2013

By Lauren Elise Cassar About this photo... I captured this photograph with my film camera in Tokyo. I was on the look out for a quiet corner to sip my aloe vera tea, and as I walked towards the exquisite kimono wrapped women, I had to stop and take a breath. I simply let the pastel hues envelope over me. That special moment, one I will remember forever (of which I snapped with my trusty old Canon) encapsulates the most venerable nation of Japan. About me... My name is Lauren Elise. I am an illustrator, textile and graphic designer inspired by natural textures and hues. I take my photographs with my grandfathers film camera, which I carry everywhere. I like the winter and talking warm.

Smoke 2013

By Dominique Felicity Chapman About this photo... I took this travelling through Bali, Indonesia while walking through the rice fields of Ubud. I love it because it shows a different side to the normal tourist ridden Bali. About me... Portrait and travel photographer from Perth, Australia. Currently I’m studying my certificate in travel writing and photography and have been capturing the world for a little over 3 years. I love photographing beautiful little moments filled with colour and honesty.

Elation 2014

By Brigid Moloney About this photo... Taken in India at the annual religious celebration Holi, a man revels in the joy of the festivities. The euphoria he is feeling appears to be literally rising up out of his chest, as he breathes in the electric atmosphere of the surrounding chaos. About me... Travel is always worth it. I think you have to heavily invest in the experience if you want to get something out of it, and for me a big part of that investment is being dedicated to having a camera with me at all times. I started getting into photography once I started traveling a lot. The diverse people and places outside of my normal life and environment, are what inspired me to start clicking and the process became secondary to me on all my trips. I’m not a technical or professional photographer, I’m a point and shoot kind of girl… that’s all I think you need, and with some good timing.

Rock N’ Ice 2013

By Caitlin Lennard About this photo... For me, travelling is so important because it has the ability to open my eyes to the bigger picture - it allows me to look outside myself and my small problems, and see the world on a bigger scale. It helps me realize how tiny my place in within our planet actually is , it gives me perspective. This photo was snapped during one of these perspective-changing travel moments, whilst I was on a trek up Fox Glacier in Westland Tai Poutini National Park on New Zealands South Island. From this image alone it’s size isn’t evident, but if people were to be inserted into the picture they’d be around the size of an ant. The glacier falls around 2,600m on its 13km journey down to New Zealands West Coast. It was a size I just couldn’t fully comprehend until I was standing smack-bang on its rock-hard, icy, surface and being warned to keep vigilant watch for falling boulders…. boulders larger in size than 56-seater charter bus. “They’d be hard to miss.” I thought to myself. About me... Just a girl with a camera, and a passion for nature, the world and all the cultures and landscapes within it. I’ve had no photography training, I just love to snap the scenes that captivate me as a way document the world, and bring my adventures and discoveries back home to those who couldn’t be there to experience it for themselves.

Mother Africa 2012

By Aaron Smith About this photo... This was shot in Limpopo which is the northernmost province of South Africa and is characterised by traditional capture and exceptional wildlife. I was traveling with my uncle at the time which he knew the family very well, so we stopped in to say hello before heading to Zambia. About me... Sup im 28 and started photography when i was 14. I have been shooting for over 13 years now and i mainly shoot on film, as it is what i started with. I love nothing more then the feeling of waiting to see my shots. yew

Abandoned Lanterns 2010

By Ariana Gillrie About this photo... This was shot on an island off the coast of South Korea; which I found when I spotted something glittering in the horizon. According to locals, there had been a lantern festival years before, and instead of tearing it down, they left it there to decay, hidden beside a stretch of beach. About me... I am a born adventurer, and have travelled, moved, gotten lost, and come back home again all with my cameras in tow. I fell into photography shooting bands for a local magazine just to help out, and then found myself quitting jobs, moving countries, and planning my trips around where I would like to shoot. Photography isn’t the most lucrative in the beginning, so that has meant living and working as I went, learning new languages to get by, and hitchiking far more than my parents want to hear about, but this method has taken me to places that most people don’t get to, and getting shots of people and places you might not have heard of before.

Fish Smiles 2013

By Tom Condon About this photo... I took this photo on a holiday at Lord Howe Island. Whilst I was snorkelling, I discovered that the fish are very curious and cheeky! I was lucky enough to get a shot of this guy as he was checking me out. About me... I love to travel to new places every year. Although I have no formal training in photography, I enjoy taking photos of wildlife. It’s so satisfying getting that one great candid shot of some animal in it’s natural habitat. My favourite animals to photograph are birds and native Australian animals. I also enjoy night sky photography.

Cabin Porn 2014

By James Frost About this photo... This was shot on a hike though the middle of Iceland it reminds me of how i want to live one day. About me... I am James Frost. I live on the south coast of NSW. Although i now call many places my home having been blessed with the opportunity to shoot around the world. Writers use words. I tell stories through my lens. My passion for photography has been with me from a young age. I believe i have always seen the world through different eyes. I see beauty where it may not exist.

Crocs and Chocolate 2013

By Natalie Cottee About this photo... Taken in the back streets of a local area in Havana, Cuba. About me... Self taught fashion photographer but my first love will always be travel photography.

Golden Offerings 2013

By Claire Plush About this photo... This photo was taken when I was invited by a Balinese family to take part in a Hindu ceremony. Wearing the traditional attire, I remember feeling completely at peace as the priest blessed me with a sprinkle of rice and water on my head. This photograph was captured a moment after the ceremony had ended when the beautifully dressed locals were dispersing and the temple was awash with golden light. About me... I am a writer and photographer specialising in lifestyle and travel. I’m constantly inspired by people I meet along the way, and lush, natural landscapes. I’d rather live like a local when travelling than stay in posh hotels and eat only at restaurants (street market-food always wins).

Forgotten Falls 2013

By Oliver Dauncey About this photo... I was shooting photo for my folio for uni and I found this waterfall it look like no one had been down to the waterfall for years the foot walk had trees all over it that made it hard to get to but it was amazing when I got to it so I shoot this photo with a Pentax me 35mm film camera About me... I am a Melbourne photographer I have been taking photos for 5 years now and love it

Mexico 2014

By Lahni Tomlinson About this photo... We decided to do a self tour to a waterfall in the mountains of Mexico. We got into the back of an old ute with this beautiful couple. Us not speaking Spanish and the both of them not speaking a world of English although it felt like we had the most beautiful conversation I had been apart of. About me... I started playing around with film cameras back in year 10 and haven’t been without a camera in my life since. I haven’t had any formal training I just play around with different styles I guess. I love to shoot portraits in black and white at the moment. Everyday something new inspires me, I never want to stop capturing moments in my life.

Made in Turkey 2012

By Emily May Gunawan About this photo... Taken in Cappadocia, Turkey. This is also the location of a Star Wars movie shoot. About me... Emily May Gunawan has a big passion towards colors, graphics, movies, music, and everything artsy since her childhood. But among all of them, she finds that photography is what delivers her unspoken words. “I don’t want to photograph people who just want to be pretty. Show me your brutally honest emotions then I’m in love.” Published Works & Clients Cleo, Cosmo Girl, Design Scene, Dewi, Fashion TV, Fashionising, Garuda Indonesia, Girlfriend, In Style, JAX, Marie Claire, Maxim, Maybelline, Nylon, Trend Hunter, The Australia Times Press Actually Mag One’s To Watch, Adalah Kita, Asia Fashion Inc, Fashion TV Backstage Video, Girlfriend, Grafis Masa Kini, Marie Claire 2013 Rising Stars Exhibitions “Chroma” Solo Exhibition - August 2013, Brno, Czech Republic “Indonesian Arts Festival” - May 2013, Singapore Far Magazine Soft Launch - October 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia Open Call for “Chiobu Movement” - August 2012, Singapore

The Moon 2014

By Melanie Tjoeng About this photo... I went to Kaua’i, on a soul journey. I stared at mountains and valleys and deep blue seas which were all breathtakingly beautiful. But I was moved so much by the way my friend and her baby girl interacted and the bond a mother can share with her daughter. We took a drive into a green valley and I took this photograph of them. This reminds me of Kaua’i; quietly strong and eternally beautiful. About me... I am an avid traveller and storyteller, photographer and an eternal island child.

Agra Fort 2013

By Michelle Knowles About this photo... This image was taken from Agra Fort looking towards the Taj Mahal (which is just out of shot on the left). For me, this photograph captures everything romantic and enchanting about India. The afternoon light was golden and beautiful exotic birds were resting on the railings and turret. It appears calm and still, yet outside of the fort the busyness and chaos of Indian street life continues. About me... I am a portrait photographer and visual artist residing in Brisbane, Australia. I have practiced as a visual artist for several years and in recent years my love for art has manifested into a passion for photography, particularly portrait photography, and I’ve been consumed with making beautiful images ever since. I enjoy creating beautiful portraits with a touch of fantasy, that reach beyond the mundane and reveal the heart of the subject.

Autumn Light, Olkhon Island 2013

By Damien Milan About this photo... Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal (Siberia) is mostly populated by Buryats who still adhere to shamanism today and believe the island to be a spiritual place. I took this shot while exploring the south of the island in that small van that you can see in the bottom left corner of the frame. About me... I am a Belgian-Australian photographer, visual storyteller and light interpreter. I was born in Belgium with a big passion for traveling which eventually led me to move to Australia in 2007. Today I live in Sydney where I work as a wedding photographer with a sense of adventure. My approach is mostly instinctive as I trust my heart to tell stories through their most spontaneous and honest moments. I make the most of available light to give a unique perspective to each photograph I take. I also love rock climbing and exploring the outdoors where I find lots of inspiration.

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Yen Geckos Adventure Photo Awards 2014 Finalists  

2014 Yen Geckos Adventures Photo Awards Winner, People’s Choice and some of our other favourites.

Yen Geckos Adventure Photo Awards 2014 Finalists  

2014 Yen Geckos Adventures Photo Awards Winner, People’s Choice and some of our other favourites.

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